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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  February 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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this was a domestic violence call that happened here earlier to the shooting happened on the ground floor unit of an apartment complex. you see, right here behind me. we can't video of the actual shooting itself. we won't show you the video. it's very jarring to watch. but we will show you parts of it. we blurred out the actual shooting itself. but you can see the man that police shot he came out of an apartment unit with a knife and then you will hear the gunfire. listen. so that was about eight gunshots here. here's what police tell us happened. this began to unfold around 11 59 this morning. police officers came here after receiving a report about a domestic violence call. we are told that officers spent a few hours trying to talk the guy. i talked to the guy and get him out on the scene here getting out of the apartment complex and around 3 39. the man came out of the unit. he looked over at officers. he had a k bar knife in his hand. now initially, there was one loud gunshot, a very quick pause and then several rounds of gunfire and repeat succession. the part of
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the video we cannot show you is the man on the ground covered in blood. he died at the scene. and as you heard in that video, you can hear people screaming in the background. as we said, this is a residential area and there were witnesses. i just saw the guy walk out. and i can't tell you what he had or didn't have in his hands. i only saw him from the waist up. but as soon as i saw him, i mean he was shot immediately. it went down, that's all. he walked out and got shot. she just came out and he had a knife in his hand. so maybe he was trying to harm himself. i don't know, but i didn't see no aggressive move. so that is what police are trying to figure out that right now what calls? it might have come out of the unit with a knife as we said they were called her initially reported a domestic violence call, they received a report from someone alerting them to him, and they came out here to speak to him. now we're told that two officers actually fired all those bullets. their identities are not being released, and neither is the identity of the man who was shot and killed her by pleasant and police. they say they will remain on scene here
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for a little while longer, and they will have updates for the rest of the community that live in the area that want to know exactly what happened here coming out later tonight. live and pleasant and i'm andre senior ktvu fox student, andre. thank you for that report. knew it. six dozens of chp officers charged with fraud, california's attorney general announced today that 54 current and former highway patrol officers have been charged with racking up more than $225,000 in phony hours in an overtime front ski the charges stem from a criminal investigation out of southern california, prosecutors say between 2000 and 16 and 2000 and 18. the officers recorded phony hours or four hours of phony over time. the highway patrol says the agency takes allegations of misconduct seriously. turning the page to the next chapter in the story of california and covid lates afternoon, the governor laid out the next steps on what life will be like as we now live with covid ktvu is greg lee breaks down the plan. by all accounts,
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california will still take a cautious approach, moving forward, the state's top health officer, dr marc galle, described it as moving forward, not moving on from the virus. these guide posts coming up a day after the state's indoor mask mandate for vaccinated people expired. the state calls this plan. it's smarter plan, an acronym that stands for a focus on shots. ramping up of vaccine delivery, especially focus on getting them to younger children as they get approved. masks governor newsom says they may be brought back if needed. the state still recommends them and indoor spaces now, awareness and readiness the state is committing to having resources available in the event of an outbreak. testing and education , focusing on giving schools the tools they need to stay open for in person instruction, and the r is for rx or treatments to help people. who do get infected. here's the bottom line. state health leaders say they are
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shifting the lens through which they see covid-19 looking at a quick response over those mandates. the states also stocking up with 75 million masks thousands of ventilators bringing in 30 million over the counters, tests and the ability to search hospital staffing by 3000 people in a couple weeks if needed. governor newsom said he's confident in the state's ability to deal with the virus moving forward, moving away from a reactive mindset in a crisis mindset to living with this virus. we have all come to understand. what was not understood at the beginning of this crisis that there is no end date. that there's not a moment. where we declare victory. despite so many the metaphors that were used during this pandemic, the war metaphors where we said we will defeat this virus. there was some suggestion that that was a destination. that that was a place when in fact, we now know it's more of a direction. just
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today, the state senate set a date to have a hearing on the matter that is set for march. 15th. in the newsroom. greg lee ktvu, fox two news the series is facing renewed pressure to alter its mask recommendations. this is face coverings become optional in more states foxes gillian turner has more. covid-19 hospitalizations are plummeting across the us and new infections are down to, according to johns hopkins. the seven day average for new cases stands at 136,000 that's down from about 453,000 just two weeks ago as the omicron surge subsides. now, public health officials are preparing to transition the country from what they call the pandemic phase. to the endemic doctor. anthony fauci though, says how and when that transition happens , is still very much up for debate. you don't want to be reckless and throw everything aside. what's the balance?
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really being strict to prevent any kind of infection or the negative impact on society of being too restrictive. over the last week, governors and about a dozen states in the mayor of washington, d. c announced an end to statewide masking policies as well as other restrictions. on wednesday, virginia's governor, glenn young, can signed a new law giving parents the power to let their kids opt out of school mask mandates as well. people who want to wear a mask. please wear one, please. and for folks that believe that for their children, the right thing is not to wear one. then you have a right today in virginia to make that decision. the cdc now facing increased pressure to revise its own mass guidelines, the agency had signaled that could be soon, but says it will take into account community transmission and hospitalization . rates moving from this pandemic will be a process led by science and epidemiologic trends, and one that relies on the powerful tools we already have. the seed continues to recommend wearing face coverings in areas with high transmission rates in washington, julian turner fox news. the former vice
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president is here in the bay area tonight. first speech at stanford mike pence tweeted out earlier today how excited he was to speak to that sold out crowd . the event begins in less than an hour. and ktvu elissa harrington. is that stanford alyssa understand. and i can hear you got quite a crowd behind you already. that's right. you know, the lecture begins at seven o'clock, and right now we have a lot of protesters gathered outside dinkel spill auditorium on the stanford campus. you can see one of the organizers is up in a tree with a megaphone. this group has been shouting. we are the woke left. also they say that they do believe in free speech. i did ask them about that. but they say that pence promotes hate speech. now again, he is set to speak at seven o'clock tonight. you can see, the protesters are beginning to champion. if we move the camera, it looks like they are beginning to let some people in side there's a lot of security here. we have seen them doing sweeps with police dogs. there are barriers up. and what you're
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looking at right now are some of those members of security and also people heading into the dinkel spill auditorium here at stanford. the event is being called how to save america from the woke left. this event with mike pence was organized by the stanford college republicans. it is a sold out crowd so again, mike pence is expected to speak at seven o'clock tonight. a lot of protesters out here. most of them are students, and they say that they just feel that the university should have thought about how people feel about pence being here. based on what happened during the trump administration, they believe that he promotes hate. and they just don't want this going on at all. since it is they're out here, making a lot of noise reporting live at stanford. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. all right, alison. thank you. there are troubling new developments in the russia ukraine crisis. russia expelled
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the second most senior us diplomat in moscow today, which is being considered as an escalatory move by the state department. president biden says he believes in invasion of ukraine could happen. quote within the next several days. and at the u. n today, u s secretary of state warned that russia is planning to manufacture a justification for an attack. and that it has not withdrawn troops despite moscow's claims. i am here today. not to start a war. but to prevent one we've been clear. along with allies and partners. that our response will be sharp. and decisive. tensions also spiked in eastern ukraine along the line that separates ukranian forces from russia backed separatists. separatists excuse me, both sides are accusing each other of intensive shelling, which is reportedly caused injuries on wall street. financial markets ended the day down due to anxiety over the possibility that russia could invade ukraine. the dow fell 622 points. the nasdaq was down 407
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and the s and p finished the day down. 94 points. coming up an important vote on the future of the oakland a's debate going on right now, that could be a major step toward a new stadium. wow another nice day out there more nice weather, sunny and warm. coming our way but changes on the weekend. you want to hear about it after the break. already bill and if you had to guess, where do you think the rudest uber passengers live? you've got a couple of minutes to think it over. we'll give you the top or worse. 10 after the the top or worse. 10 after the break, and there is one area care coalition, where are we on alaska airlines? we found that people are raving about their customer care. i mean, take a look at this! wow! [dog barks] says here they have the most flights from the west coast.
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dramatic video showing the very moment of high speed train of florida slammed right into a car splitting that car into it happened earlier. yesterday
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morning of west palm beach county in florida. the driver reportedly drove around the crossing barriers and into the train's path. that driver by the way was seriously in. uber has released new information about their customers specifically which city has the rudest drivers or riders. alright, here we go, according to uber new york city, taking the top spot, or should we say the bottom spot ? uber says they launched a new feature that breaks down ratings drivers and the writers. hoping to customers can see that information it might encourage positive experiences between writers and drivers. well the top five rudest cities new york seattle, d. c. boston and the twin cities. are there any barriers? cities you ask? well yes, it turns out that there are rounding out the top 10 for the rudest passengers. san francisco philadelphia l, a baltimore and chicago. excuse me, boston says there so we need to fix fix that
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one twice. well there are steps that riders can take to stay off that rudy's list and talk more to your driver. take your garbage out with you. and as for the city with the nicest riders good, old home state of texas san antonio, there you go waving your flag. very nice. well the fbi has a new warning out about a specific type of scam. it's called sim card swapping, and anyone with a cell phone is a potential victim here, officials say the scammers go to the mobile carrier and either tricked them are hacked them to transfer your cell phone number to asem card. now, once they have that sim card, they can access your calls texts. another data meaning forget passwords or mobile verification to get into your accounts, and we'll go all to the bad guys. there are ways to protect yourself, though. consumers should also make sure that even though it may be convenient to use the same password for every account, and every situation, that's you know, an easy way not to forget. that is how bad guys that's how
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scammers can take advantage of you very quickly. the fbi says last year alone, they received more than 1600 complaints about sim swapping with more than $68 million lost california's drought conditions and the warming climate of the state's water management system, making big changes to deal with unreliable supplies. but as tom vacar shows us despite conditions, the marin municipal water district is actually relaxing. some water use restrictions. we went from historic rain in october, um to warm and dry temperatures in november more historic storms in december and then absolutely record dry conditions in january and february, the california department of water resources now sees precipitation coming in fits and starts. with atmospheric river delusions. no longer can we rely on it coming steadily over the rainy season, computer and other prediction
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tools based on an al bygone climate situation no longer truly provide accurate information or facing a lot of new extremes and expect to as the world continues to warm so too far better forecast how weather works and how it affects the state's water supply. the state will vastly expand the number of above ground and underground aquifer sensors. far more aircraft and satellite imaging will look above and below the ground for more precise information, literally down to the square foot and to tie all of this together. lightning speed artificially intelligent supercomputers are now being developed. and deployed or developing machine learning and physically based models. and more importantly, even the expertise to run those models. by contrast, thanks to the so called atmospheric rivers in october and december. phoenix reservoir in marin, almost dry last fall, is part of the marin
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municipal water district. small network of reservoirs now 95% full 110% of the historical average for the same date. outdoor irrigation will now be allowed twice a week, so it's use it or lose it. to evaporation from the reservoirs , but restrictions on driveway, car washing, power washing street or sidewalk cleaning does control connections for newly installed landscaping. filling of empty or new swimming pools, as well as other prohibitions remain in effect. we have water security through the next year. um and even you know, the year beyond. no one really knows if that will hold, which is why marine continues to explore a pipeline from the east bay. over the sin rafael bridge. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. and again. moran is unique because in 77, they got burned. they didn't have enough story water storage
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and they had to. at that time run a pipe under the center fell. richmond bridge from from richmond over and under the bridge was actually strapped under the bridge to get water. they were in severe. ah severe issues are severe drought. and if you ever go to marine, go to terra linda, drive around and look at all the yards. they're all like rock gardens. lot of eichler homes, but they pulled all their lawns back in 77. they had no water. so it comes. you know what's old is new again, so they've got done a great job getting their reservoirs going after that prompted them and now there are unique situation. the rest of us don't have that luxury where you don't have excess of water. okay along the coast. more water. we've got some surf. it's been kind of big last couple days. it's not crazy out of control giant, but it's big enough that you get you in trouble. and the reason we bring it up is because again where you live. there's a lot of us that live close to the water, so a lot of people go to the water, especially when the weather gets warm. like today and tomorrow
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and the next day, so be careful . swell drops off a bunch tomorrow and then kind of mellows out. but still, the water temperatures are really cold, so hypothermia not hard to get 10 15 minutes would be hard to get that live camera shot. golden gate bridge. beautiful sunset. great crystal clear visibility. it's gonna be kind of cold tonight. though the winter dying down, i'll see you back here with that in just a few minutes. that is a beautiful shot bill rapid cal, and that sunset, an important meeting and a decision expected tonight on the future of the a's and whether they'll say in oakland plus really exciting to be back brings a lot of good joy. happy faces were all excited. that is the word excitement. it's back, and it's growing coming up next to look at a listen to one of the most popular traditions for the big chinese new year's yep, it's go time on the most reliable network. you get unlimited for just $30 bucks. nice! but mine has 5g included. yep, even these guys get it. and the icing on the cake?
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parades return. that also means the fame lions dance is back as well. the lunar new year tradition is meant to bring good luck and fortune in the new year. ktvu gregory introduces us to the bay area group that's brought the same symbol to life for more than 50 years. welcome sight. san francisco's chinatown , a lion dance performance, helping to kick off lunar new year celebrations at the flower market fair. a large crowd, albeit masked, gathered around some with phones out to capture
6:23 pm
the moment, others marveling at the athleticism of the performers and the promise of good fortune. the dance symbolizes for me, my family. it's like a tradition. we don't even know how long i feel like i've been a little kid since i've been coming tradition. raymond tai and thousands of others missed the last year. like most things, covid-19 forced the cancelation of in person. chinese new year events in san francisco with those celebrations, including the lion dance returning tie, believes the year of the tiger is off to an auspicious start. lion dances like when you have it, it kind of scares the bad spirits away. and then it brings in good luck and my fortune and joins the new year. it's really exciting to be back brings a lot of good joy. happy faces wereited group drivit of these performances beyond white crane , dragon and lion dance association for more than 50 years, the school's preserved and passed on the ancient traditions to generations of students. students as young as
6:24 pm
eight all the way up to seniors . that just brings a lot of joy to see that culture is still relevant here in the states, seeing as if this was a chinese culture and everything calvin's ends performed with white train for 13 years, there are staples and fan favorite, the annual chinese new year parade. performing the lion dance on the ground and high in the air on poles. a lot of high level difficulty. um stunts, acrobatics, stuff like that. even some of the line dancing requires a lot of, uh, martial arts background to get some foundation, then the grand finale, the golden dragon. the illuminated dragon, bringing wealth, prosperity and strength to the crowd. it coils and chases the pearl of wisdom, sending best wishes for more luck and wisdom for all each performance, striking all and inspiring new generations to learn, cultivate. and carry on the story traditions. that's one
6:25 pm
of the best feelings because i hope that in the future that those kids that are watching and then enjoying big, big and be part of the team in the future down the line and keep the culture alive while the return of in person events for the lunar new year may still be tempered by the ongoing battle against the coronavirus crowds of people returned to chinatown , hungry for treats, a sense of community and for some blessings after a difficult two years, the lion dance is more than just a performance for the small business owners and community here. it's a symbol of joy, good luck and revival for this historic neighborhood. you hear the drum. it's like rolling back . so like you could you could. you could get the feel like even you standing here. you feel like chinatown is gonna roar back. it's gonna come back stronger and better in san francisco's chinatown. greg lee ktvu. fox two news. you know, the san francisco chinese new year parade is just days away. you can see it live and in person to saturday, ktvu was a proud sponsor. and then a week later
6:26 pm
will air a special on the parade. you can watch that on the 26th. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30, a rude awakening for folks and one bay area neighborhood later in sports canon curry still the show last night before the warriors game dance step reflects on his sense enthusiasm and where the warriors are at in the nba all star break. and there is plenty of wildlife in barria parks, but one slavery animals spotted in an east bay park, but it shouldn't be there. the search
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police shot and killed a man following an hours long stan . it happened at an apartment complex near owens driving willow road. police say the standoff began after officers went to the home to investigate a report of domestic violence. the situation escalated and officers opened fire when the suspect came out of the apartment and governor gavin newsom this afternoon rolling out the state's new covid strategy. officials are saying california is moving forward, not moving on from the virus. state is calling this. it's smarter plan, an acronym for stands for a focus on shots, mass awareness, readiness testing, education and rx are prescription treatments to help people who do get infected. former vice president mike pence
6:30 pm
, is scheduled to deliver a speech at stanford university tonight. the evening is entitled how to save america from the woke left. it is the third stop on the former vice presidents campus tour. pence says he's teamed up with stanford college republicans and the young americans foundation to make the case for freedom, free markets and traditional values. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. keeping the a's in oakland hinges on a critical vote, and the discussion is going on right now at the oakland city council meeting. it is a big night, council members are looking at the final environmental impact report on the proposed ballpark at the howard terminal. the council needs to okay, that report in order to move forward with the plan. ktvu is ron broth has both sides of this very heated debate. accurate workers from the court of oakland gathered downtown thursday. you ready to fight? they're hoping to convince the oakland city council to reject the environmental impact report, or e i. r on the proposed new ballpark for the oakland a's it
6:31 pm
howard terminal inject lindon square and the massive development that goes with it. support workers, including the longshoremen, say the ballpark in tens of thousands of fans on game days will disrupt their operations, and you've got all of these fans walking around downtown and you got trucks trying to get into the ports as well as longshore workers. trying to discharge and load cargo. it's not going to be a good thing. oakland mayor libby schaaf supports the proposal is urging city council members to approve the e i. r. the ports is gaining space, not losing it. we believe we can reconcile the cohabitation of our incredible maritime uses and the mixed uses of areas like jack london square . besides the ballpark, the proposed $412 billion project includes about 3000 housing units, many of them classified as affordable hotel office space
6:32 pm
in an art venue and parks. the planning commission is already approved. the more than 3400 page report, which outlines environmental issues, such as toxic waste and identifies ways to fix such problems. yes vote will allow the a's and the city to enter into a binding agreement. the council will also be considering community benefits of the project and details regarding the development. those votes will likely happen later. the ayes have threatened to move the team to las vegas. if it can't reach a deal at howard terminal. you'll have 1000 thousands and thousands of. beer drinking fans , you know, walking across the railroad tracks. there's nowhere to park. i mean, it's just a disaster waiting to happen, really a once in a lifetime opportunity. two. give the waterfront back to the people to save our last major league sports team, but really to create a new neighborhood. a new
6:33 pm
community benefits even if the city council approves the e i r . a downtown ballpark is not necessarily a done deal, but it's an important first step. in oakland. rob roth, ktvu fox two news that city council meeting is still going on, will likely be going on into the evening hours and again. a vote. today is not the final word, but it is another step forward. the man who attacked in oakland chinatown leader was sentenced today to a three year term but won't be in state prison. james ramsey was sentenced to 18 months at santa rita jail and dublin but because of time served already accredits. he will only be there for three more months. he will then be on supervised probation. for an additional 18 months, ramsey attacked chan in oakland's chinatown last april. i'm glad it's over. but i'm still worry and concern. not only for myself for my own safety, but i'm truly
6:34 pm
concerning about the public safety, the safety of others ang that you know he will be getting all the necessary treatments and he would receiving it. so that you know there would not be any more incidents. ramsey will appear in court at a later date for a progress report. a richmond man is behind bars after being arrested on several charges related to the abuse of a victim under 18 years old. investigators say 61 year old anthony orosco was acting inappropriately while circling sylvia mendez elementary school in berkeley yesterday on ellsworth street. when officers pulled him over, they say they found a knife, duct tape, gloves and zip ties inside of his car. he was taken into custody without incident. the california highway patrol says they've made an arrest in a freeway shooting on highway 24 near the caldecott tunnel back in september. chp says 20 year old troy nicholson jr of castro valley was arrested yesterday. he faces charges of
6:35 pm
attempted murder, shooting at an occupied vehicle and assault with a deadly weapon. the shooting happened september 16th at 3 30 in the afternoon. the chp says they responded to reports of a road rage incident. luckily, no one was hurt. palo alto police are trying to figure out what constant woman a crash your car into a holloman suzanne drive this morning as ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary explains the street. has no history of previous accidents like this one. thursday morning offers a rude awakening for neighbors in one palo alto community. i just heard this loud sound. i was still in bed, and it sounded like a bomb just after 9 30, the driver of a white ford suv. barrelled into the side of this house in the 4200 block of suzanne drive to call, so i came and looks like the car ran over in the house. uh damage the corner bedroom. the small one story property sits on a right
6:36 pm
angle turn as suzanne drive leads into suzanne court colder sac at the end of the block. the driver of the vehicle was transported to the hospital code three. with no other injuries to the family of the residents. she was unconscious. and the lady next door. she called the police and an ambulance. palo alto police department is investigating the incident. fire officials say this stretch of street is safe with no previous incidents. neighbors say the same so quiet. this is yeah, no crime? no, nothing. it's very quiet. that's why it's really shocking when something like that happens. the home's owner says his ex wife lives here now and she's away on vacation in india. now he's contemplating how to explain the red tag on one corner of the home and the heavily damaged bedroom on the other, trying to figure out the logistics now i'm ready to board up the house first. then the insurance companies its inception. enter we cannot get our belongings out right now.
6:37 pm
palo alto jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. called to duty u. s soldiers volunteering, but this time it is not to fight for their country. it's to teach and there are snakes here in the bay area. you can find them in parks and wilderness areas, but not this kind of snake. and now the search is on to catch it after it was spotted. in an east bay park.
6:38 pm
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long way from home. on sunday, a hiker spotted a non native snake presumed to be a red tail boa or a ball python on the side of big bear, trail inn anthony chabot regional park in castro valley. the snake is not been seen since that original, citing the snake is not venomous, though, and it's not a threat to the public , but it could be in danger as it is not native to the bay area climate, which is much colder than its native habitat of warm tropical forests or grasslands. it's possible the snake could have been someone's pet. park officials say that since the pandemic began, they have seen an uptick in people abandoning pets in the parks. well it has happened yet again. another dog stolen this time on a busy street in oakland, our crime reporter henry lee spoke with cocos owners who say they are just worried sick. 74 year old leonard morgado is heartbroken. please don't care who you are. bring my dog. his beloved dog.
6:41 pm
coco was stolen from his car parked on busy broadway near piedmont avenue in oakland. that's my life, my family. i have human myself. i need my dog he's might support it happened tuesday afternoon surveillance video from a nearby honda dealership shows someone walking up to mar gatto's acura. the person reaches through the window and then steals cocoa market has been circling the block in his wheelchair, handing out flyers with pictures of his dog cocoa's a seven year old pomeranian sheltie mix. margarito a retired machinist, says one person he spoke to on his rounds upset him with his comments. he was saying, well, you know if you wouldn't have left the dog in the car, you made other arrangements. and that wasn't right. how bout little empathy, morgado says he had a nine am doctor's appointment that day, but it got bumped to 11. he didn't have the money to pay for the parking garage. his son, ralph, moved their accurate to a spot on broadway. i wish i never would've did that, because when we parked out here on the street that was all it took. they took a look in soft cocoa grabbed him and took off. especially worried
6:42 pm
because coco isn't too friendly . he's got a bad attitude, and i know he's been somebody i know. he helped. they're hoping the thief didn't just dump him somewhere randomly. they're offering a reward for the dogs safe return. no questions asked. they are giving up their search for cocoa, and we are going to find this dog. we're all gonna find all that. we are. father and son are desperate for cocoa to come back home. anyone with information is asked to come forward in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news. and we are tracking that warm weather more of it to come tomorrow but changes this weekend. i'll see you back here with that. bqe bill and let's go to ktvu. is alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on the plus, alex. all right, frank. thank you. coming up new tonight. a new study aims to use plants to combat climate change. we'll hear from the california scientists that's working to make this happen. plus san francisco. pride is set to return for an in person celebration this year after going virtual for two years
6:43 pm
during the pandemic and coming up tonight we will talk live with the president of pride's board of directors about what it means to bring these events back to the city. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus thank you, alex. but first after the break soldiers serving their country in a different way. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me (friends laughing) you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh what are you doing here? it's anna gomez!
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homeless count. it's called the everyone counts 2022 point in time homeless count, and it's scheduled to take place next wednesday. homeless guides, volunteers and county staff will be working in small teams to count everyone who was sleeping
6:46 pm
outside, organizers say the idea is to get an idea of how many people are experiencing homelessness throughout the community on a given night. the account allows us to really understand how many people are experiencing unsheltered and sheltered homelessness and allows us to determine how we should align resources what the demographics are of those individuals experiencing it really get a good sense of how we need to approach this crisis. elevator county is required by the united states department of housing and urban development. it's scheduled to begin at five o'clock in the morning wednesday and should be completed by 10 o'clock. am well, national guard troops are proving they are always ready to answer the call , even if it takes them back to school foxes. ashley strohmeyer has more on how these soldiers are helping during the teacher shortage. yeah. harada's don't
6:47 pm
care. i'm not gonna allow this kind of nervous because, like, you know a man in a uniform, buk to the classroom for dozens of new mexico's national guard troops as the men and women in uniform trade in mission briefs for lesson plans for the governor called upon its guard, both error and army to step in and assist. you know where citizenship soldiers. we serve our community and this is another way for us to help serve our communities. soldiers are at the head of the class in 36 in new mexico's 89 school districts. helping to fill much needed substitute positions as many full time teachers quarantine after testing positive for covid 19. while the plan enforced by governor grisham has kept students engaged and inside the classroom , some educators argue, sourcing substitute teachers from different fields is not helpful. padding individuals in the classroom who have other duties or responsibilities outside of working with students. you know,
6:48 pm
during some of these, you know, difficult times. it's just it doesn't help learning, but the soldiers called to serve say they are willing and able. after receiving the appropriate training. i personally already had my certificates. which just kind of sped things along for me, but the other guardsmen. erin army. i had to take classes get certified. and then have briefs. the shortage and educator spans much farther than just new mexico. a recent jobs report claims there are nearly 600,000 school employee positions open nationally. ashley strohmeyer fox news. all right, let's take a look at some of these springtime temperatures in february, 73 in santa rosa, 70 and fairfield highs tomorrow going to be a little bit cooler. just more of the same, really, really, really, really, really nice weather. but not what we want, which is it's hard. it's actually difficult to enjoy
6:49 pm
because we all know what we need , and we're not getting it so hopefully things change around. we will see some changes coming. as we head into this weekend, and i've been alluding to it and the idea that the heil will get nudged a little bit when that high gets nudged from that load to the north, you'll see it come up over the horn there. comes up over the high when it comes in, it cools us off. it kind of opens the door for some instability. but the problem is it starts from you see the northern league path at that low takes its up here in the alaskan area up, you know, in the very cold regions, it drops straight down. it's a lot of cold air. cold air doesn't do well with water at all. it's dry, right? so you're gonna anything that falls is going to be light. anything that falls in the mountain snow wise, it will be low snow levels, probably, but it'll be pretty late, too. some breezy conditions out there now. 16 miles now on mount diablo. the winds have really died down over the last couple of days. so instead of the thirties and
6:50 pm
forties that we saw last night the night before we're down. at the higher elevations down to, you know 15 20 at the surface levels, single digits, so that's pretty good. so winds have died down with the winds dying down. you'll note a little cooler tonight. and that's when the things will notice without low to without low gets here on sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, we're going to see freezing and even below freezing temperatures, so that impacts folks who are planting um, i'm not a huge gardener, but i do know freeze. it's not good for tender crops, and especially since we're going to have a lot of buds on trees because spring has sprung a little bit early around here, so we're going to see some very cold temperatures it could cause some problems overnight. we're going to find 34 in santa rosa, but you could find it freezing number 35 in napa 38 fairfield, the real cold gets here. weekend 68 in santa rosa 65 in napa. for tomorrow. these temperatures are running slightly cooler than they were today, and that's what to be expected. and then tomorrow next day and the next
6:51 pm
day are all going to be about the same and then temperatures drop off big time on sunday, monday and tuesday and that will be as that low comes in. now, you see, there's not a lot of clouds on monday and tuesday. that has a lot to do with the origins, the low it's a cold, cold core system, so it's not going to produce a lot of cloud cover. hopefully something comes along to infuse it with some some moisture, which could happen. get a little plug a moisture in there that could change things around. but in the meantime, changes coming this weekend sunday best day on the weekend or saturday, best day of the weekend. sunday, you'll see some clouds. i'll see you back here at 10 and 11 tonight. all right, bill. thank you for that up next in sports. tiger woods one year after his car wreck. what the all time great is saying about his possible return? to the pga tour coming
6:52 pm
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and after you've achieved all that, you take on what's next.
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second loss to denver, the warriors they're still in pretty good shape heading into the all star break. 42 17. that's the second best record in the nba. though it's i would say unlikely they'll catch the phoenix suns, who lead the warriors by 6.5 games with just 23 to go before the playoffs. stefan currie, breaking the all time three point record and clay thompson's return from injury. i would say
6:55 pm
that too big headlines from the what they call the unofficial first half of the season and with draymond green out with a back injury since early january , we still haven't seen steph clay and draymond on the court. together at the same time, they'll expectations are that he and james wiseman will be back at some point after the break and the warriors at full strength a scary prospect for the rest of the league. here's curry last night coming off that tough loss, the warriors fourth loss in five games. we were playing offer for a while. it was like you said. we won nine in a row and a couple of tough losses in a solid position in terms of where we are in the standings. optimism will get a couple of guys back. at some point after the break, i guess overall, it's a it's a solid place to be. cool moment last night before the game for the warriors three all stars andrew wiggins, draymond and steph. they've got to have their kids come out on the court to present them with all star rings and
6:56 pm
once can encourage got a little taste of the court. he did not want to leave. look at him go. i mean, so they get raymond ritter . he's there. he's there. his name is canon. exactly so you can't catch him, right? but look at raymond redder. their media relations guru. finally try and corral, um and he escapes. and then steph says, let me take over here. steph says his son just wanted to play some ball last night. he definitely was going to try to take gps starting spot. okay? that was without a special moment, though, for you guys before the game. it was obviously a great surprise and see them all run out and enjoy the that moment was definitely special for sure. raymond tried to get him off. he wasn't having it so i felt i felt so bad. he was still out there. so i let him he would have stayed out there the entire 48 minutes. yes you've got to believe curry cherished every minute of that saying on instagram moments you don't ever
6:57 pm
forget. except i forgot. cannons last words to me. don't come off the strong side shooter that would be a digging himself for letting monte morris get free for that game ending buzzer beater. all right. it was a year ago that tiger woods was in a serious car wreck that nearly cost him his right leg. and after multiple surgeries, woods has been on the road to recovery ever since he's back on the golf course this week, not as a player but as the host of the genesis open in pacific palisades, which benefits his foundation. wood says he plans to return to the iga at some point. he just does not know when that will be. he's 46. now he's trying to be patient. it takes time. it's. what's frustrating is not at my timetable. um i want to be at a certain place, but i'm not and i was gonna continue working. i'm getting better. yes, but as i said, no, not the speed and rate
6:58 pm
i would like, and yet in the age factor, too just not quite heal as fast and which is frustrating. we have a quick major league baseball labor update and i say quick because today's bargaining session lasted all of 15 minutes. that's right. with spring training already being delayed the players union reps and a three man mlb delegation spent 15 minutes together, and not surprisingly, they walked away with little progress. we won't go into details over the specifics other than to say. it's billionaires and millionaires trying to figure out how to split an enormous amount of money, and if they can't do it in the next few weeks, it's empty stadiums will see at the start of the season are young staff is scoured the internet in search of something fun to end with. check this out. this is eight year old aaron mahia as we like to call them guys. many messy showing off his friends. yes, i know he's doing it some of the parents on the on his of his teammates, they call him a ball hog next. bet i don't do that. given 10 years they
6:59 pm
won't that's incredible. great skills there so little to skills there so little to amazing. alright big ban penny, hello. hey, sheldon. what is shaking? i'm sorry? it's colloquial, a conversation opener. so, do you find the weather satisfying? are you currently sharing in the triumph of some local sports team? what's wrong with you? you're freaking me out. i'm striking up a casual conversation with you. s'up? please don't do that. all right, but i'm given to understand that when you have something awkward to discuss with someone, it's more palatable to preface it with banal chitchat. so, this wasn't the awkward part? no. oh, all right.
7:00 pm
s'up? oh, good, i used that right. anyway, you're aware that leonard has entered into a new romantic relationship which includes a sexual component? okay, feeling the awkward now. her name is dr. stephanie barnett, and she is a highly distinguished surgical resident at freemont memorial. yeah, leonard told me. good. what he may have left out is how important this relationship is to me. to you? yes, see, of the handful of women leonard's been involved with, she's the only one i have ever found tolerable. well, what about me? the statement stands for itself. well, aren't you sweet. anyway, should you have any interaction with her, it would be most helpful that she not see you as a sexual rival. yeah, i think she's pretty safe.


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