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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 18, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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certify the environmental impact report, reaction from the organization and the city's mayor, plus the fight to keep schools from being closed in oakland. the special meeting called for tonight to discuss the lane. those closures. and we're following a developing story out of the north bay. a carjacking ends with a shooting investigation on highway 29 to south of downtown napa. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. and good afternoon, everyone mike mibach i'm ali rasmus. we begin with a developing story in the north bay, where section of highway 2 21 in napa county was shut down for four hours because of a shooting. the napa county sheriff's office says it happened at 6 40 this morning after a carjacking in downtown napa. now around the same time, there was also a report of a reckless, wrong way. driver on highway 2 21. you can see in this caltrans traffic cam video. all but one southbound lane was shut down from highway 29 to
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magnolia drive traffic backed up for miles all the way to american canyon. no details yet on any injuries or arrests, but we are working to get more information on this developing story, and we will bring it to you. the oakland city council took a big step forward in the plan to build a waterfront ballpark for the oakland a's the council voted last night to certify the environmental impact report for that project. but a new ballpark in oakland not a done deal just yet. ktvu gossip live in san francisco this afternoon, where she just spoke with oakland mayor libby schaaf. about all this, emma ali mayor schaaf was here at the hyatt regency hotel in san francisco, talking about the bay area's most pressing economic issues alongside san francisco mayor london breed, the a's president , dave cavil told ktvu this morning that he still entertaining options to move the team to las vegas. i asked mayor shaft for her response. we remain on parallel paths. you know, we're at a point where our current facilities 10 years past its useful life. we only have an
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actual lease through 2024. we really need to explore all options to ensure that we have a major league stadium for major league team. i find it hard to believe that statement any longer and i have to say from our perspective. the ayes have been hair on fire about getting this done the level of work effort, energy and frankly expense that they are putting into the entitlements development agreement negotiations even this sort of vacation process. the a's are clearly committed. they are putting their money where their mouth is, and i don't see anything near that level of activity anywhere else. besides oakland. mayor shaft also responded to the public comments made at last night's meaning that suggested building a new ballpark at the current home at the coliseum was a better option for its location, she said. the project is privately funded, not
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paid for with city dollars and the a's themselves are committed to having the ball park near jack london square, the coliseum would be replaced with public amenities and housing to serve the east oakland community. the next steps involved negotiating a community benefits agreement and a development agreement. the a's president said he's hopeful to reach these agreements later this summer. reporting live in san francisco. demagogues ktvu fox two news. alright, emma. thank you. for that. some oakland school buildings set to shut down after this year may stick around for at least another year. the oakland unified school district is calling a special meeting tonight. ktvu james tourist tells us the proposed new plan and how teachers are reacting. protests remain ongoing, asking the district not to shut down any schools in oakland. the decision, however, already made during a meeting last week after the end of this school year, two schools were closed. two more will merge.. has that hit yet? you know? have you accepted that yet?t
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. that fight might now start getting the attention of the district tonight. oh usd will consider pushing back closures for parker elementary and community day school as well as reducing la escalada from a t k through eight to a t k 25 school. by a year. they're taking one of the most needed schools away from their community in the district betray keep is an english and history teacher at community day school , a school known for helping turn around students who've dealt with expulsion. he says delaying closures for a year means nothing if the school still has to close. even a year from now, i'm still worried of them taking this place. um, because. the students are still expel students will still exist . um they just won't have this space. they will have other spaces and spaces that don't give them as much as we do, according to the district's plan , moving forward with the closures after this school year, would have qualified the district and additional $10
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million from the state through assembly bill 18 40. that's meant to be spent on the students at the consolidated or welcoming schools. if plants are delayed, they may lose that extra money board member mike hutchinson ways in we ended the last school year with a $43.9 million surplus. and then ending fund balance of 113 million. so we don't need to do anything in order to get other, maybe potential money from the state through assembly bill 18 40 at an event this morning, mayor libby shaft stood by her support for the district. to close schools that we do not have sufficient resources to keep every school open also have to respect that is the duty of the school board to keep the district from fiscal insolvency . earlier this week, city council members approved a resolution asking the state to intervene to prevent any school closures. tonight's meeting. starts at 6 30. reporting in
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oakland. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. do at noon to teachers holding a hunger strike to protest oakland school closures say they are ending their protests. moses immolated and andres sanchez have been on a hunger strike now for 18 days, they're protesting the oakland school board's vote to close those 11 schools. the teachers held a news conference this morning to say that their hunger strike is coming to an end. i am on days 18 of this hunger strike . uh, our 443. without eating. and probably won't start introducing food, solid food to my body till next. hopefully next week. but it all depends on what the doctors tell us and to the community. i just want to let you know that this fight's not over. we create the systems we want. the systems don't work for us. we tear it down and create new ones. the two
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teachers and a parent groups say the next step is to organize a recall effort against some of the oakland school board members also new at noon, a minnesota judge has sentenced former police officer kim potter to two years in prison for shooting and killing dante right last year. you shall serve two thirds of that time or 16 months in prison. and third on supervised release. assuming no disciplinary disciplinary offenses. potter was convicted of 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter for rights death back in december as part of her defense, she claims she thought she was reaching for her taser. when she mistakenly grabbed her handgun. during the hearing, potter issued an apology to rights family to the family of don t right. i am so sorry. i thought i brought the death of your son, father, brother. uncle grandson, nephew and the rest of your family. to your home.
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kidding i understand a mother's love and i am sorry i broke your heart is 24 month sentence is below the range of 68 a half years in prison recommended by state guidelines, but the judge said mitigating factors warranted a lesser sentence. governor gavin newsom has unveiled california's plan for the next phase of the pandemic. as ktvu is greg lee reports it focuses on learning to live with the virus long term. by all accounts, california will still take a cautious approach, moving forward, the state's top health officer, dr marc galle, described it as moving forward, not moving on from the virus. these guideposts coming up a day after the state's indoor mask mandate for vaccinated people expired. the state calls this plan. it's smarter plan, an acronym that stands for a focus on shots. ramping up of vaccine delivery, especially focus on getting them to younger children as they get approved. masks
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governor newsom says they may be brought back if needed. the state still recommends them and indoor spaces now, awareness and readiness the state is committing to having resources available in the event of an outbreak testing. and education , focusing on giving schools the tools they need to stay open for in person instruction, and the r is for rx or treatments to help people who do get infected. here's the bottom line. state health leaders say they are shifting the lens through which they see covid-19 looking at a quick response over those mandates. the states also stocking up with 75 million masks thousands of ventilators bringing in 30 million over the counters, tests and the ability to search hospital staffing by 3000 people in a couple weeks if needed. governor newsom said he's confident in the state's ability to deal with the virus moving forward, moving away from a reactive mindset in a crisis mindset. to living with this
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virus. we have all come to understand. what was not understood at the beginning of this crisis that there is no end date. that there's not a moment. where we declare victory. despite so many the metaphors that we used during this pandemic, the war metaphors where we said we will defeat this virus. there was some suggestion that that was a destination. that that was a place when in fact, we now know it's more of a direction. the state senate set a date to have a hearing on the matter that is set for march. 15th. in the newsroom. greg lee ktvu, fox two news still to come in new new efforts to hold the gun industry accountable. the announcement today from governor newsom in california attorney general rob bonta as the state looks to expand its measures to protect californians from gun violence, plus vice president kamala harris is in germany looking for a diplomatic solution to the russia ukraine crisis. i'm lucas
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tomlinson, lviv, ukraine, i'll have the details coming up. and for your bay area friday, a little bit cooler over the area . we are looking at just a minor drop in temperatures of bigger drop coming our way in the extended forecast. better details on your weekend. and beyond coming up. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me (friends laughing) you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! what? who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds.
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with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. new bill banning assault weapons . the governor made the announcement this morning in san diego, along with state attorney general rob bonta and other state leaders. the bill making its way through the state legislature would let private citizens and forced the state's assault weapons ban. by filing civil lawsuits. it would let it would let people get up to $10,000 in damages for each offense. gun safety saves lives. it's not something we assert something we could prove over and over and over again. you look at the data gun related deaths in the state of california as we advanced, initiated these gun safety laws reduced death. in this state. the gun safety bill is modeled after a law in texas that allows people to sue abortion providers for performing abortions. the u. s supreme court has allowed that law to stay in effect pending a legal challenge. and just about an hour from now, president biden will give an update on the build up of russian forces on the border with ukraine. the white house has accused russia of being responsible for recent cyber attacks targeting ukraine's defense ministry and
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major banks. as lucas tomlinson reports a series of diplomatic talks are underway by world leaders trying to head off a russian invasion of ukraine. vice president kamala harris in germany friday, holding talks with the head of nato looking to ease tensions ahead of a possible russian invasion of ukraine. president biden also expected to talk with transatlantic leaders by phone about the looming threat. harris is in germany for the munich security conference, making clear the us commitment to nato allies. this is a moment that has made that clear. that our unity is evidence and is a measure of our strength along ukraine's border. no signs of any de escalation. despite claims from russia, they would pull back forces. u. s intelligence now estimating the number of russian troops on ukraine's border is higher than previously thought. the vice president, defense secretary say serious action will be taken if russia decides to invade.
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whatever path he chooses, united states and our allies and our partners will be ready. we are all committed progressive. when trying there will be severe consequence. in terms of the economic sanctions. we ukrainian forces and russian backed rebels now trading accusations of shelling and ceasefire violations. officials in kiev say the rebel group fired mortars four times, with one hitting a kindergarten in eastern ukraine. yet another sign of how tense things have become. secretary of state anthony blinken has proposed meeting his russian counterpart in geneva next week. the kremlin is not responded in lviv, ukraine. lucas tomlinson, ktvu, fox two news. and investors keeping a very close eye on the situation there between russia and ukraine, along with corporate earnings reports, stocks fall or did fall throughout the day here on wall street, as major indexes are heading for what would be their second weekly loss in a row, the nasdaq down close to 1% the doubt as you can see here is
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down. just over 100 points. stocks falling, but maybe temperatures rising. let's check in with meteorologist rosemary. let's go for a look at our friday and weekend forecast. yes happy friday. to both of you to our temperatures are going to fall a little bit as well. at least for today. they'll be back up tomorrow and then a bigger dramatic drop comes our way in the extended forecast. let's take a look at what is happening outside our doors at this time. a beautiful view over san francisco. we've got the golden gate bridge their air quality, good to moderate around the region. we have winds generally light and we are dry and with that the air quality will remain. good to possibly moderate going into the weekend right nowgood across the central self as well as the north bay. temperature wise, we are a little bit cooler. this afternoon 62 in san francisco, 63 in walnut creek, upper fifties and napa mid sixties over areas of san jose right now , take a look at the 24 hour temperature change down by eight in napa. so you are feeling the difference. nine at half moon bay. you're feeling the difference as well and areas over oakland and heyward
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reporting six degrees of cooling when it comes to the winds generally light and we do have mostly clear skies. we may have high clouds roll through the bay area for today that as a system kind of drops down right along the coastline, also providing us with that bit of cooler air, and that's about it. not going to see much of anything else. besides a little bit of high clouds, the light winds and temperatures coming down slightly, but still right about average, even a little bit above in some areas areas over half moon bay. we have a southerly breeze at eight. mph heyward reporting eight in san jose right now, just a light breeze at three. here's a look at the future cast and you'll see what i mean when it comes to mostly clear skies and just some passing clouds as we get into the. here's a look at some of the afternoon highs expected f 64 in oakland, upper sixties livermore and 67 over san jose. so you can see here we're actually above average, still in many spots as we get into the afternoon along the coastline 59 pacifica for the inner east bay
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will go 66 in livermore and in the north bay, 63 expected over san rafael temperatures will come up slightly for your bay area saturday, then cool on sunday. a look at the extended forecast where we do expect even cooler temperatures to arrive and the possibility of maybe a little bit of rain. we're on this coming up in just a little bit, right. see you soon. rosemary thank you still to come in noon more than 50 current and former highway patrol officers accused of fraud, the allegations about fudging their overtime numbers and why it causes californians nearly a quarter of a million dollars.
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be in your moment. the calle campus. dozens of residents had to evacuate after someone drove a truck right into the home. ktvu is amber lee reports. the alpha feast already , house is under any evacuation order by the city of berkley. safety inspectors have put up a notice students and others who live here are only permitted to enter to retrieve their belongings. berkeley police tell me damage to the building was caused by a uc berkeley employee who crashed the campus vehicle into the side of the house early thursday morning. pretty crazy and i have been in that truck ran over. um the curb and then goes into the building at five a.m. in the morning i spoke with a man who identified himself as the facilities manager at the house. he declined to answer questions. building inspectors say there is structural damage to a bedroom and a second floor bathroom. there was also damage
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to the electrical and steam heating systems for the entire building. it's kind of like a catastrophic incident. that's like changing a lot of people, a u. c berkeley spokesman tells me. 62 students were displaced and that the school is offering housing, dining and counseling. we found displaced students at the nearby graduate hotel who say they are not allowed to talk to us one parent who asked to remain anonymous, tells me his daughter and her roommate where walking by the crash and narrowly missed being injured if you're sleeping in a vehicle runs into your house or place you stay and it's quite jarring and dramatic. the city spokesman says the buildings overall structural system was not impacted by the crash. police say no one was injured, including the driver. a man in his sixties essentially lost control of his vehicle, perhaps had some type of medical emergency. it was evaluated by medical staff and he was alert and aware and we're able to talk to him. alcohol and drugs are
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not suspected safety inspectors say repairs to the heating and electrical systems are underway . the plumbing repairs are expected to be completed by friday. these students from a nearby fraternity came to invite students from alfa fee to attend a party friday and hope to deliver wrist bands. everyone's out, so i don't know who to deliver the so in berkeley, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. 54 current and former highway patrol officers are facing charges accused of lying about the hours they work, prosecutors say between 2016 and 2018. the officers recorded hours of overtime that they never work. they say the cost the agency more than $225,000 highway patrol says the agency takes allegations of misconduct very seriously. joseph castro, chancellor of the california state university system, has resigned, effective immediately . castro's resignation follows criticism about how he handled sexual harassment complaints. against a former administrator
12:25 pm
when he was president of fresno state university. castro said in a statement that he disagrees with many aspects of recent media reports, but added quote. it has become clear that resigning at this time is necessary so that the csu can maintain its focused squarely on its educational mission and the impactful work yet to be done and quote the board of trustees is still finalizing a plan to replace castro. former vice president mike pence, was in the bay area, giving a speech at stanford university. well hello , stanford. a handful of protesters booed the former vice president. one was actually escorted out of the theater. the stanford college republicans invited pence to the university . the event was called how to save america from the woke left. and the former vice president took a jab at san francisco's latest election results, recalled three this week in san francisco. parents recalled three woke school board members
12:26 pm
who cared more about renaming schools, then reopening up wow. you know those results? i gotta tell you, those results are sending shockwaves all across the country. outside student protesters held a rally, saying they oppose what they call pence's harmful rhetoric. in ottawa, canada, police are now arresting truck drivers demonstrating in the downtown area in their protest against covid mandates. officers were seen going door to door along the line of trucks, campers and other vehicles this morning, some protesters surrendered. others were seen being led away in handcuffs last night to protest leaders were taken into police custody. the convoy has been snarling traffic and creating blockades for three weeks. ottawa's interim police chief says he's committed to ending the protest peacefully, if possible, but says he will use force if necessary still to come in new, more problems for the barn extension in san jose, the new delay the project is now facing, plus. i ran. i ran to
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the windows like what was that? and i'm like, i think i shot him. shock in a quiet east bay community. what we're learning about an officer involved shooting in the city of pleasant in
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in napa county was shut down for four hours due to a shooting. the napa county sheriff's office says. this happened at 6 40 this morning and a few minutes later , there was a carjacking in downtown napa. you can see in this country and traffic cam video, all of it, but all traffic, but one coton lane was shut down. from highway 29 to magnolia drive traffic backed up for miles, actually, all the way into american canyon. there are no details yet on any injuries or arrests, and here is a look at some of the other top stories we're following on this friday afternoon, the oakland city council has taken another step to helping the aids build a waterfront ballpark at howard terminal. they voted last night to certify the environmental impact report for the project. despite the vote as president, dave cavill told us on mornings on to today that the team remains on a parallel path with the stadium plans in las vegas. the next step in oakland, involves negotiating development and community benefit agreements . cavil says he hopes to reach those agreements. sometime this summer. the oakland unified
12:31 pm
school board called a special meeting for tonight to talk about proposed plans to close some schools. last week, the district decided to close down a number of schools over the next two years. after this year, the board will close to schools merged to others and eliminate grades six through eight grade at la scala lida, which is typically a t k through eight school. tonight. during its special meeting, the board will decide whether or not to delay some of those plans. police unpleasant and shot and killed a man following an hours long standoff as ktvu is andre senior reports police had been called to investigate a report of domestic violence. and police say they fired their weapons when the man emerged with a large knife. police with guns drawn a dog barking and a man who refused to exit an apartment when ordered to. it is a rare look at a confrontation with police and its deadly consequences. they've been trying to get the man out for hours since just before noon thursday. breaking the window of
12:32 pm
the unit where the man was holed up officers finally making a move. moments later, a man in a white shirt comes out with a large knife in his right hand. what happens next is too much to show so we'll freeze the video and let you listen. this job dropping scene unfolding along willow road playing out around 3 30 pm i ran or into the windows, like what was that? and i'm like, i think that shot him closer to where the shooting occurred. there was already a crowd, some of whom saw the whole thing. i just saw the guy walk out. and i can't tell you what he had or didn't have in his hands. i always saw him from the waist up. but as soon as i saw him, i mean he was shot immediately. and went down. that's all. he walked out and got shot pleasant, and police say the trail of events that led them to this moment began just before noon. officers came here to look into a domestic violence call. for hours. that man would not come out except when he did with that knife shown in this
12:33 pm
picture released by police late thursday night. two officers were involved in that s and are uninjured. we can confirm the suspect is deceased. as the hours went on, investigators remained on scene, the body of the man still where it fell as more people passed by looking for answers. police say they're gathering information, and we'll update the community. in the meantime, some who saw the shooting for themselves tell us they are left with questions. she just came out and he had a knife in his hand. so maybe he was trying to harm himself. i don't know, but i didn't see no aggressive move in pleasanton. i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. there are more signs the pandemic is moving into the endemic stage, with millions of americans looking forward to getting back to their normal pre covid life. but as griff jenkins reports, federal officials are not ready to update their guidelines. omicron is on the way out. there were just over 100,000 new cases reported in the us on thursday. we haven't seen numbers that low since
12:34 pm
early december in states are adjusting their policies to reflect the progress washington state announcing it will drop all mask mandates, including for schools starting next month, ending california governor gavin newsom unveiling america's first endemic virus policy, hoping to turn the page from the crisis mentality of the past two years, people are desperate to get back to whatever semblance of normalcy they vaguely remember. from a few years prior, but they also need to know that we have their back. but federal health officials say there's still waiting for the right time to revise masking guidelines on the national level , pointing out covid hospitalizations are still at a high level in a new surge could push them to the breaking point. our emergency departments can't be so overwhelmed. the patients with emergent issues have to wait in line. more states are also removing mask mandates from schools despite major staffing shortages in many areas in new mexico, hundreds of army national guard members are now serving as substitute teachers,
12:35 pm
with some schools reporting up to a third of their staff out on sick leave was kind of nervous because, like, you know, a man in a uniform, but, um, it was it was cool. you can't act army with these kids can't speak the same way he would with another soldier, and we're also seeing a big uptick in air travel as cases decline, prompting industry leaders to ask the feds to uncovered restrictions on planes. in washington. griff jenkins, ktvu fox two news. bart's extension into san jose could be delayed by four years, meaning it could take until june of 2034 to be complete. that's according to a new analysis by federal transit officials obtained by the bay area news group. in the report, the federal transit officials expressed concerns about the valley transit authority's ability to deliver the extension. on time and on budget . the report describes the veritas cost and schedule projections as being overly optimistic. the vita had estimated completion date of 2030. the chinese getting your
12:36 pm
parade is one of the most spectacular in the world, in large part because of the creative floats that wind their way through the city. ktvu christian captain has a sneak peek behind the scenes at all the hard work that goes into taking those floats from an idea to reality. mhm behind these doors. a team of artists worked for months to make the parade pop with color and come alive. truckloads of lumber hundreds of yards of led lights and a quarter ton of glitter are just some of the elements that go into creating the floats for san francisco's chinese new year parade. so next step is just the silver, just like like that. stephanie mufson and her team of artists pour their hearts and souls into every detail of every float first, coming up with the concept for the float with the sponsor. i get inspired by their own messaging their own color schemes that they're working with. and i really let that be a jumping off point where i can then run with my imagination on how can i integrate the theme of
12:37 pm
that year? zodiac plus these colors, plus, maybe this particular messaging that's important to this particular sponsor once the concept has been set, the hard work begins to bring that vision to life sticking to the plan, but also carving out enough space for creativity. innately there will be moments of oh, if we light it like this. it looks beautiful. oh, if we add a little bit of you know, a little bit of extra glitter on this or we can, you know, play around with the way that something is composed so that it really sings. mufson says the tiger and all that it embodies strength, courage and determination are a fitting symbol for the return of the parade, a big conversation that we had with all of the sponsors at the beginning of the design process. was really activating the tiger in a way that really presented strength and perseverance and courage. the parade for the year of the ox was one of the casualties of the pandemic canceled in 2021 when
12:38 pm
the idea of bringing together thousands of people was unthinkable. that meant the team of artists here. were sidelined . yeah it's been. it's been a hard couple of years for the parade world for sure. you know, chinese new year was amazing and coming up with the public art project. we were really grateful to them for having the imagination. to think outside the box and come up with a new way to celebrate instead of the parade, some of the artists worked on creating the oxen, parades, statues around the city to ring in the last lunar new year. the idea repeated again this year with the parade of tiger statues created with the help of local artists, mufson says art and joy are the exact medicine everyone needs. after two years of the pandemic, i think just anyone that is interested in continuing to see that exist in the world anywhere where they can put their money their time. their energy. into helping artists continue to do what they do, whether it's also or any creative in the bay area
12:39 pm
. florence core commerce is one of the artists and says, working together again. collaborating and creating is important for everyone in this room. but it's also important for the community to come together and to celebrate. everybody has their own personal battles in life, so to be able to come back and together as a team and make these faults together, i mean, it's yeah, it's healing is absolutely healing all of this hard work, culminating with the big reveal the day of the parade , mufson says. even then, the work is not over as she and her team of artists escort the floats along the route. there is a time, though, in the moments before the parade actually begins, with the crowds arriving the music building. and the fireworks going off. that is the moment she says. she treasures everything gets louder and busier, and that's the moment for me were like you walk down and you see all the finished floats and you feel the energy kind of rising. that's always my favorite part all around this
12:40 pm
workshop. you see sculptures from years past pigs, rats, horses, dragons. i asked if that meant that they're already thinking about what next year's parade might look like. the artists here say they're so focused on just getting this year's parade. perfect. they can't even think beyond the end of the month. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. and a reminder that the chinese new year parade is happening tomorrow in san francisco. then one week later, ktvu has program on the parade that'll be aired next saturday and help celebrate the new year. meunier will offer free rides this weekend, including complimentary service on cable cars, as well as busses in uni drains. and also along with the free city is offering up to free parking hours at the portsmouth square garage in chinatown through the rest of this month. do it noon. major league baseball is postponing the first week of spring training games. those games were scheduled to start on february 26. but now they have been postponed until march. 5th major league baseball says this
12:41 pm
is all due to the ongoing labor dispute with the players union. in a statement, mlb said, we regret that without a collective bargaining agreement in place, we must postpone the start of spring training games until no earlier than saturday. march 5th all 30 clubs are unified in their strong desire to bring players back to the field and fans back to the stands still to come at noon, new information about the family that died hiking in the sierra foothills last summer, the urgent messages for help that have just been revealed. as part of the investigation. a minor cool down, felt over the bay area this afternoon with a bigger drop coming our way in the extended forecast and the possibility of a little bit of rain. better details after the break.
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be in your moment. bay area ties that died hiking in the sierra foothills last year, the mariposa county sheriff's office revealed it recovered texts that the family had tried to send but those messages didn't go through because there was no cell service. the text read. can you help us quote no water overheating with baby and quote searchers last summer eventually found the bodies of jonathan garish his wife, their one year old child, along with the family dog. all had died from extreme heat exhaustion. the couple moved from san francisco to mariposa at the start of the pandemic. 74 year old man is asking the public for help after his beloved dog was stolen right out of his car. leonard morgado says his dog, coco was taken on
12:45 pm
broadway near piedmont tuesday afternoon now says surveillance camera captured a man reaching into mar gatto's accurate and taking the seven year old pomeranian sheltie mix. marg otto and his son are worried the dog may have been dumped somewhere since they say he isn't very friendly. he's got a bad attitude. and you know he's getting somebody i know you help . please don't care who you are. bring my dog back. that's my life. that's my family. i have human myself. i need my dog. he's made support. margarito has been handing out flyers in the area and is offering a reward for the dogs returned. no questions asked. they were new in the u. s. embassy announced today that washington is lifting a ban on inspections of mexican avocados, freeing the way for exports to resume. ambassador ken salazar said the decision came after mexico and the united states agreed to enact the measures that ensure the safety of ag inspectors who are in charge of making sure mexican avocados don't carry diseases or
12:46 pm
pests that would harm us orchards. the inspections were halted last week after one of the u. s inspectors was threatened in a mexican state where growers are routinely subject to extortion by drug cartels. a strong winter storm brought snow and rain across many parts of the united states. cleanup efforts are underway in the midwest, while utility workers are restoring power in the northeast. gaby burn has the story. that's a little excessive . i didn't know that we were going to make it out of the house today. people across the midwest are digging out after heavy snow fell over the region . the precipitation tapered off thursday evening, but strong winds could still send snow onto roadways, potentially causing dangerous travel conditions. roughly half a foot of snow fell in northwest indiana and illinois at times coming down at more than an ancient. our another round of snow and wind could impact the states through tonight. throw some salt down. hopefully it doesn't get covered too fast. and then i'll hit it with the snowblower just to kind of make it a little bit easier
12:47 pm
parts of kansas and missouri also seeing ice and snow covered roads. while heavy rain flooded streets in the st louis area, stranding some drivers do not try to drive through standing water. i some people were yelling at that car to stop and she you know it wasn't a truck and she got halfway through and just stuck in it flooded her car and or engine in the northeast. the warmer weather made the storm mainly a rain and wind event. the strong gusts knocked out power to more than 27,000 customers in massachusetts early this morning, pretty much just getting the generator going, you know, make sure that's all set with this when we are bringing in cruise from out of state to make sure that we have enough on hand to help with any of those restoration efforts. the precipitation is expected to move offshore by tonight. the warmer weather comes before another winter storm that could start forming tuesday over parts of the mid south. in willow grove, pennsylvania. katie byrne , ktvu fox two news. that's the singapore airlines. triple seven that went around just about 20
12:48 pm
minutes ago, folks. popping it down on the left side. no way the swing their big storm is moving into the uk right now, and it's making for some tense landing at london's heathrow airport. but there is a live youtube fi called big jet tv that has given an actual play by play of all the landings and aborted landings caused by the strong, gusty winds at times clock in 70 miles an hour. at one point the channel had more than 200,000 people watching live california has recorded its driest january since 1984 that has pushed the entire state to be listed in some form of drought category from abnormally dry, too extreme drought. the latest u. s. drought monitor shows the bay area listed in a severe drought. california typically gets most of its annual water from rain and snow between the months of october and april. pretty safe to say no rain outside here in the bay area. we haven't added a wild rosemary, but it is a nice winter afternoon. yeah, yeah,
12:49 pm
the birds are singing the blue sky. the air quality is good to moderate happy friday to both of you happy friday to all of you. we are going to cool things down just a little bit, in fact already filling it for today. there are temperatures are back up tomorrow and then bigger drop in temperatures coming in the extended forecast. and a slight possibility of some rain giving you a look there at san francisco, the golden gate bridge the blue skies overhead air quality, good to moderate for today, see just a little bit of he's out there. we do have a system that is dropping down right along the california border there, you see even a little bit of green ride in there. this will provide us with some high cloud cover is providing us with a little bit of cooler air. it's not really going to give us anything in the way of rain. we are going to remain dry for today. unfortunately the winds are generally light around the region. also in our hills, we've got oakland reporting 15 mph big rock ridge reporting six so we'll go with light winds, mostly sunny skies, dry conditions, temperatures. slightly cooler today, but still a little bit above average for
12:50 pm
this time of year and sun will set right about 5 52 getting into the forecast. here. we have a series of systems that will be dropping in over the next several days. that is, what is going to provide us with the cool down. and a slim possibility. at some rain. it looks like on tuesday. here's a look at the future cats for you. we go through the weekend with relatively quiet weather. ridge of high pressure will remain for saturday. it starts to break down a little bit on sunday, see a little bit of activity over areas of the pacific northwest. we see additional cloud cover and this will be the start of the cooling trend. so out of the two days saturday and sunday, if you do enjoy the warmer weather saturday is going to be your day we begin the cool down on sunday and it continues into the business week and i stopped for you here four o'clock in the afternoon on tuesday, and this looks to be our next opportunity at seeing some rain and right now it doesn't look like much. pulls out on wednesday and then we are trying again for thursday . this graphic helping to guide us a little bit when it comes to rainfall amounts all the way through tuesday night, and most of us are expected 10th of an inch or less. wehis. we're stilw
12:51 pm
days out, but that is going to be our first opportunity at some wet weather here into the bay area, afternoon highs for today , little bit cooler than yesterday. we got 62 degrees right now in san francisco. 59 in the north of napa and for the inner east bay 63 in livermore, getting into the afternoon highs upper fifties to upper sixties 62 in the city of san francisco for the inner east based 65 conquered and for the south bay a mile 67 expected for you. the extended forecast here. temperatures will come up a little bit on saturday and then a notable cool down begins on sunday. but take a look at monday tuesday. upper fifties to about 60 degrees in the forecast for the afternoon highs. that's below average for this time of year and on tuesday in addition to that, a little breezy and hopefully a little bit of wet weather back to you. rosemary thank you. firefighters in inyo county are now gaining ground on a wind driven wildfire in the eastern sierra. the airport fire started on wednesday just outside the town of bishop. cal fire says that fire is now 30% contained after it burned 4100
12:52 pm
acres. hundreds of firefighters hope to fully contain that fire sometime this weekend. the good news is there's no reports of any injuries. no homes are structures were damaged. there's no word yet, though, on how that fire started. still to come a al waiting for their refund checks from last year up next. why the irs says those refunds are a little slow and fox bed super sixes given nascar fans of free chance to win $25,000 during the daytona 500 simply download the free to play fox bet super six app or scan the qr code right now and enter your race picks for the daytona 500 contests.
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second weekly loss in a row. it's been a rough week. the nasdaq right now is down more than 1% the dow, as you can see here is down more than 200 points. the fda is issuing an
12:56 pm
alert to all new parents. several popular powdered baby formulas are being recalled after four complaints of young children getting sick and needing to go to the hospital after feedings. one child died.d products made at itsichigan factory, including some iliac element. um el kheir. investigators are checking whether these formulas may contain a harmful bacteria. go to ktvu web links for the specific barcodes and expiration dates. some apple store employees are working to unionized as support for labor union sees a resurgence here in the us, the washington post reports group said at least two apple retail stores are preparing to file paperwork with the national labor relations board. and several other locations have started talks to unionize. workers say wages have not kept up with inflation and employees tell the post their knowledge and passion for apple products helped drive sales and that they should share more fully in the company's success. customer service problems continue at the irs was several
12:57 pm
new issues this tax finally season, reporter madeline rivera tells us what top irs officials told senators about those challenges. if you're looking to get a timely tax refund, prepare for some bumps ahead. millions of people are still waiting for refund checks from previous returns, even as they prepare for this tax season. americans deserve better. our citizens deserve a responsive and respectful tax administration. last year, the irs received 120 million calls during filing season. but it was only able to answer fewer than 20% an unprecedented increase in calls resulted in a low level of customer service. overall fees with fewer employees, a lack of stable funding and unprecedented challenges from the pandemic. the irs is gearing up for another tough year. in a new letter house republicans called on the i r. s to make sure americans receive refunds in a timely manner. but some say congress must step in. this is something that needs to be
12:58 pm
addressed by congress, and hopefully they're going to act. during a senate finance committee hearing thursday, chairman senator ron wyden blamed years long budget cuts that have hampered the i r s the cuts that have heard customer service and enforcement against cheats started more than a decade ago. others pointed to outdated technology, saying an update as long overdue. we need their long term plan. we need their short term plan and we've got to fund it. to ensure smoother filing process the irs recommends electronically filing with direct deposit to avoid processing delays. taxpayers should also pay extra attention if they received economic impact statements or an advanced child tax credit last year. in washington. mala rivera, ktvu fox two news. all members of congress are being invited to attend president biden's upcoming state of the union address last year, biden's speech to congress was limited to 200 people about 20% of normal capacity this year, all members of congress are invited to attend. but no guests will be allowed masks will be required
12:59 pm
social distancing will be enforced and everyone will have to submit a negative covid test . one day before the speech. the state of the union address is scheduled for tuesday. march 1st a bill to keep the government funded for another month, is now on the desk of president biden. the u. s senate approved the stopgap spending bill before the midnight deadline, avoiding a government shutdown. it was passed last week by the house. the bill gives budget negotiators more time to reach an overdue deal to keep federal agencies funded through september. 30th paul mccartney is hitting the road and go ahead , ali and he's going to play a show right here in the bay area of the beatles frontman has announced in north american tour entitled got back beginning in late april, a tour date has been set for the oakland arena on friday, may six. pre sale tickets begin on tuesday before tickets open. to the general public next friday. i'm so excited about that almost stole your read there on that final story in your calendar ticket sales go nice to see though i love live music and a sense of c
1:00 pm
apartment courtney back at the oakland arena as well, that's it for us. now our next news guys is coming up at four. enjoy the beautiful weather out there and have a great safe holiday weekend. every. ♪eekend. every. daphne: ready for some good dish? >> it's the food you crave most without any of the guilt. >> the secret ingredient to lightning up fettuccine alfredo. plus, a pro tip for a guilt-free meat loaf. and -- >> guys, i burn water. it tastes that bad. >> we're in dishing with donnie osmond. >> my wife kicks me out of the kitchen. >> let's dish. the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. >> everybody nose me as a culinary expert and food judge on television but also a mom trying to get dinner on the table. >> from hollywood to home,


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