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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 18, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this show tonight. you think this is going to work? this isn't going to stop anything. this is the start of it. breaking tonight a last ditch effort to delay the closure and merging of some public schools in oakland. fails that vote just 40 minutes ago at an emergency session called by the oakland school district. good evening. i'm christina rendon and i'm andre senior. that means to schools is set to close this year. we get the breaking news from ktvu elissa harrington live
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in oakland. she has more on the decision and a new protests. and it's just beginning. alyssa. that's right. you know, the district is now preparing for more hunger strikes. there were two educators who had been on a hunger strike for 18 days, but they said they would end that hunger strike tonight because they thought that the district would change their mind and vote against these school closures vote to delay them instead. now some other teachers parents, even some students say that they will begin their own hunger strikes starting tomorrow and will not eat until the board changes its mind. shame on you. emotions ran high during public comment at a board of education meeting friday night. the board called an emergency session following weeks of backlash in oakland to district plans to close or consolidate several schools. it's disgusting. it's racist. and we are not calibrating this anymore. get out of oakland. get out of our communities get out of the bay area. shame on all of you. the
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district wanted to close parker and community day school and shrink law. escwa lita from a k through 82. k through five, the board met to consider postponing these closures until after the 2022 23 school year. we already dealing with a global pandemic. dealing with mental health issues. everything that's going on in our neighborhoods focuses suffering. and it decided to make these decisions during this time among the speakers to oakland educators at westlake middle school who started a hunger strike 18 days ago, when i went into this, i knew that the board wasn't listening and wouldn't listen to the community. i knew that i would probably die for this cause because of the greed in the name of saving money. westlake's front lawn is where supporters gathered ahead of the meeting for freedom friday an event to lift spirits for those impacted by the closure plans. we are very worried nohemi l. donna's children go to law school, lita she said, starting over in a different school community would be difficult for the entire
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family. we have to make up plan for us to keep moving from one school to other schools and economic because especially right now we are impacted with the highest price of the gas food. so it's very difficult. the oakland unified school district has said the closures are necessary to save money because of a budget crisis and declining enrollment. only two board members voted against any closures. and tonight again, only two board members voted to delay any closures or mergers. one member abstained and the rest voted to move forward with plans reporting live in oakland . i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, alyssa. thank you. or new 10. now police officers work tonight to figure out what led up to a shooting in san francisco's mission district. investigators found a male shot inside of a vehicle before eight tonight near 23rd street. and san jose avenue. emergency crews rushed him to the hospital with
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life threatening injuries. they have not commented on his condition and no arrests have been made in the case at this time. also no attend. investigators have the men they think pulled off a series of bank robberies in san francisco. they say willie thomas is a man who was caught on camera multiple times, robbing banks across the city. in most of the cases, a robert would hand a teller threatening note and demand money, and most of the tellers complied. now investigators think thomas has hit at least nine banks since late january. they caught up with him yesterday and booked him on several counts of burglary, robbery and attempted robbery. while an arrest has been made. this case remains open. we're told anyone with information that can help authorities should contact the san francisco police department. also need tonight. the search is on for a woman who went missing in elsa rito. her family says she was on a walk, but never returned home. earlier this week , volunteers have been putting up flyers in search of 29 year old kamani mcalpin of los angeles. she was visiting family
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in el cerrito during an extended stay and regularly went on walks on monday, though she left her walk around seven a.m. but never came home. galpin was last seen on the 500 block of kerney street. her sister says mcalpin was taking medication but had been off her meds a few days before she disappeared. they're worried she may be disoriented. that you see is a brilliant, talented, amazing moving. i'm hoping that something didn't happen to her, but we're obviously very worried. and um, there's been no use of her credit cards or bank statements have been clear. no transactions . her phone has been, you know, dad since monday. the family is asking anyone to use the fine kamani hashtag on social media. another search is scheduled for saturday morning announced cerrito starting at kerney street. anyone with information is asked to contact el cerrito police. or conditions in ukraine's capital kiev. well, they look calm right now. you're
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looking alive. but president biden says he is convinced russia will attack as russian president vladimir putin gets ready to oversee military drills along ukraine's border with russia this weekend. president biden has a warning for his russian counterpart. make no mistake. if russia pursues his plans, it will be responsible for catastrophic and needless or of choice. the united states and our allies are prepared to defend every inch of nato territory from any threat. to our collective security as well now, despite that warning, the biden administration still hopes for a diplomatic solution here. russia and us defense chief chiefs did speak today in the u. s. secretary of state is set to meet with his russian counterpart next week more on the administration's stance from jackie heinrich. president biden making another plea for diplomacy. you are convinced that president putin is going to invade ukraine. is that what you
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just said a few months ago? yes is diplomacy of the table then. no there's always till he does. diplomacy is always a possibility. but white house officials quietly admit the prospect of avoiding invasion is slim. russian allegations of shelling and missile deployments setting the false flag pretext, officials warned about plus the white house now, says the hack on ukraine's critical military and infrastructure network was russia's doing the speed with which we made that attribution, as you know, is very unusual. and we've done so because of a need to call out the behavior quickly. the hack allowed russia to collect intelligence and preposition for a massive outage that would proceed a bloody invasion. amid warnings it would begin with an airstrike. ukraine asked the u. s as recently as yesterday to bolster its air defense capabilities, including with anti aircraft missile batteries, counter fire radar systems, electronic jamming devices and the patriot missile system. but the u. s is still working on the economic sanctions package. it's been
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threatening to use officials saying today it's nearing its final form. but admitting the most punishing option removing russia from the swift international banking system is not in the initial plans. we have other severe measures we can take that our allies and partners are ready to take in lockstep with us. and they don't have the same spillover effects . but we always will monitor these options also not impacted by the package, russia's ability to produce and sell gas so far, threats the sanctions are coming . haven't stopped putin from pushing forward if you put all of the sanctions in place now, what is stopping them from invading well again, jackie, i think that's our assessment from the national security team and you know that we will continue to implement that strategy for people to die before implementing them. in that case , i think jackie that's in no way a fair statement or accusation. i guess if that's what that is, the president usually travels to wilmington's on the weekends. but this weekend he'll remain at the white house to monitor the situation in ukraine. at the
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white house. jackie heinrich fox news. and there was also this. a car bomb exploded outside the main government building in eastern ukraine today, officials say shelling and shooting are common along the line that separates ukranian forces from pro moscow rebels. but targeted violence is on usual in similar areas. the explosion reportedly happening just as rebels started evacuating civilians from the conflict zone. there is growing concern tonight about the possibility russia could stage a massive attack on u. s satellites. this is no doubt. very dangerous moment right now . certainly no one wants to see a kinetic conflict between two nuclear superpowers. american experts believe moscow has the ability to inflict major damage , effectively blinding some u. s forces. coming up a little bit later in this newscast will tell you how such attacks could also have major effects on the american economy. well governor , newsom is throwing his support behind a new bill that would allow private citizens to sue
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gun manufacturers. the bill goes after gunmakers and sell assault weapons in the same way that texas allows people to sue abortion providers. reporter susan here is suna has more. sdm security services. stephen moore can easily pick out the bad guy on this target. he can also pick up what he calls the overreach of a new bill to allow private citizens to sue gun manufacturers would be akin to saying i'm opposed to cars because they kill people or you get in an accident and they killed people, but it boils down to the individual who's driving the car who's handling the vehicle that's responsible for its actions. the politicians announcing the bill modeled after a texas law deputizing citizens to go after abortion providers made it clear the effort has two goals. you can't talk about rises in crime. without talking about rises in gun violence. in california. the increase that we have seen in our homicide rate. it's almost
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exclusively. the results of gun violence and challenged the texas law if texas can use a law. to ban a woman's right to choose and to put her health at risk. we will use that same law to save lives. and improve the health and safety of the people in the state of california, allowing you to enforce illegal sales and manufacturing. of weapons of war and assault rifles. more doesn't see it that way. instead it will impact the law abiding citizen, but i don't see how to really stemmed the flow because there's a huge black market for it, and that will only increase the black market. before these types of things that was susan here or shoot at reporting. the bill is one of several pieces of legislation targeting the gun industry in the state. other bills would crack down on ghost guns and make it illegal to market guns to children. former police officer can potter was
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sentenced in minneapolis courtroom today expressed deep remorse for taking the life of dante, right. i understand a mother's love. i am sorry i broke your heart. heart broken for all of you. the x brooklyn center cop was convicted in december of 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter in the shooting death of the 20 year old daughter claimed that she meant to grab her taser instead of handgun. dante wright's mother says that potter should pay a steeper penalty for taking her son's life in what was an unforgivable act. ever be able to forgive you for what you've stolen from us. she took her baby boy with a single gunshot through his heart. she shattered mine. the judge, saying the facts in the case justified a lesser sentence. potter will serve 16 months in prison about five years less than state guidelines and with good behavior. she will be allowed to serve the remaining eight months of her sentence. on probation.
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stop you know? yes he know, lord , they're chanting we are here and we are not leaving people set up with the cost of living take to the streets of half moon bay. coming up why they worry that families are being pushed out of the community. at a barrier weather. another beautiful day today looks like one more warm day in the forecast, and then some changes headed our way. we'll have the forecast update coming up. and how about this? we will show you where you need to be ready to share sidewalk space with robots.
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and the new baja turkey avocado with- new baja chipotle sauce? yep they're constantly refreshing with better ingredients, better footlongs, and better spokespeople. it's the eat fresh refresh at subway and they're gonna keep refreshing and re- street and pleasant in this week . you are right. not a joke, though. yeah new program just launched allowing robots to deliver food to your house. and then madonna is live and pleasant in with how this all works, amanda. yes this is not a joke. this program just launched on wednesday. it is from starship technologies. these robots were made from that san francisco based company. now you might have seen these robots before at a college. but this is only the second u. s city to have them after they saw success in modesto in the last year. priya jane brought her children
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to check out the new robots. kids are enjoying so much, so i'm really appreciate what the guys started. it's really nice. she can't wait to order from one the 15 robots, doc here outside lucky california as they wait for new orders, but so many orders were coming in. they didn't sit for very long. patrick van leer. dad just had to try them as soon as he saw them here on wednesday. it's just like a novelty and just curiosity. i'd like to try out new things. he documented some of the obstacles that face to get to him. somebody has a basketball ring out there in the blocks the sidewalk completely. so the little guy had to kind of negotiate that and it was just entertaining to see it through that the robots are still learning the neighborhood right now serving only 1500 homes in about a 2 to 3 mile radius going only 4.5 miles an hour, but it's improving, preparing to serve even more people. we expect to expand that to 5000 and well beyond that, in the near future
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, here's how it works. you order from the starship app. then a lucky's employee packs her bag and brings it outside. they scan a code to open the lid. lock it up, and it's on its way to your house. it uses its camera sensors and radar to know where to go and even win to cross the street. hello i'm a starship delivery robot, while pleasant in is just the latest stop for starship expanding. i can imagia world where we don't need to go stand in line. we don't need to go, you know, hunt through the aisle to find all the stuff that we need. we can tell an app. hey, here's all the stuff that i want. while many who walked by are fascinated by the technology , those who rely on foot traffic like these girl scouts aren't big fans gets a good way for girls to have communication. and if we just use robots, girls won't be able to do that. even worried about workers. these robots might someday replace.
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i'm okay with robots. they help life a lot, but there's a limit, but the future. others are happy to embrace it monday. it will be a drone instead of this, so then it won't have any obstacles. i'm told that the robots main priority is safety, so they always let humans have the right away. we have seen that happened here where they just sit there as a lot of cars go by. you also heard it's speak during christmas time they will sing to you some christmas songs when they deliver now, andre, they left these ones out for us, but they are going to have to go soon and get charged overnight and we hope that they don't affect cookie sales for girl scout cookies because we love those, hopefully give us more time to get those cookies instead of grocery shopping. thank you so much a man appreciate it. are moving on to this group out of daly city residents there held a protest tonight against plans to remove a community garden. the jefferson, the union high school district, says it wants to remove the garden and build housing for faculty and staff. well, protesters say they don't
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want to see the 20 year old community garden go because they say the new development will obstruct coastal ridgeline views and damage a ridgeline above the garden that protection trees and plants from coastal fog and wind. and i understand or fathom how you can take this away from these kids and put up more high rises more more housing, but it isn't even beneficial to the community. so the school district has plans to build six buildings and shopping and flipped shopping parks and more nature trails on the side, as well as a new community garden. well whether after a bit of a dip in temperature is earlier this week member monday and tuesday. temperatures have been warming up a bit over the past few days, and we have one more warm day in the forecast for tomorrow, and there's some changes headed our way as far as the highest from this afternoon , widespread sixties the worst box once again i know it's a familiar story that warm spots
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in the seventies out towards napa mountain view san jose and morgan hill as we jump right into your weekend forecast. tomorrow will be the sunniest day and the warmest day more. clouds on sunday temperatures cooling off. in fact, by monday the winds could be accelerating now the northwest so we could have some gusty conditions around here chinese new year parade in san francisco for tomorrow evening we are expecting mostly clear skies, so there's the parade route and we're expecting mostly clear conditions. temperatures will be in the upper fifties, some pretty nice conditions out towards san francisco for the parade tomorrow evening. as we check out the satellite clear skies up above, but look at that satellite imagery showing you some rain showers. in fact, the radar show you some rain showers out to our west. all this energy is remaining out in the pacific. so just a few high clouds for tonight into tomorrow morning. as far as current numbers out there, it's a cool friday night. fairfield right now. 43 degrees san jose 53 in san francisco. in the mid fifties 55. here's a live camera looking out towards
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san francisco forward tonight, completely in the clear and we'll start out tomorrow morning with mostly clear skies but definitely want to bundle up. it's kind of been the recurring theme each and every day the morning hours pretty chilly in the thirties and the forties, and then by mid morning, you notice that warm about there and that'll be the case for tomorrow. you can see temperatures for tomorrow morning, thirties and forties. and that widespread sixties for tomorrow afternoon, the warmest locations will be approaching the lower seventies. as mentioned, cooler temperature is in our forecast, and it has been so dry around here. we're still we're still talking about that slight. she had to the showers we head into early next week, and we'll have more on that with your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. chance at winner. alright, mark. thank you. oh we have just hours to go before they come back of san francisco's chinese new year parade, especially what has gone on with the pandemic and you know the asian hate and everything. it's just good to be back to celebrate with everyone coming up, see what's being done to get ready for crowds lining the parade route and find out how the state's biggest school
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district is changing masking schd
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tonight that starting on tuesday , students and staff will no longer be required to wear a mask outdoors. this comes after l. a county lifted outdoor mask mandates earlier this week. state rules still require students to wear masks inside, but health officials say they will reassess that later this month. governor newsom tonight, joining the city of berkley in filing briefs in a case over enrollment numbers that you see berkeley. the amicus briefs asked the state supreme court to immediately stay a lower court ruling that places a cap on student enrollment. the briefs argued that the court should block the enrollment cap. while the ruling is under appeal. a decision on the appeal is not expected until later this year, but the university says it has to make admissions offers for this fall now during the 2020 2021 year. 42,347. were enrolled at the university. because of
10:25 pm
the pandemic. that number is lower than the average of around 45,000. according to university data. the class was the most diverse yet. with the highest number of latin x and first generation college students. if the ruling is upheld, it will mean at least 350 perspective. students who would typically be accepted would have to be rejected from attending uc berkeley. the count. state board of regents is beginning its search for the next system chancellor this after the sudden resignation of joseph castro, he was embroiled in controversy over his handling of a sexual assault. sexual harassment complaint. ktvu reporter jesse gary has the story. 18 months ago, dr joseph castro beamed with pride to fox to over his selection as the eighth csu chancellor. my first goal is to make sure that we are strong. and able to provide quality education. castro's checklist is cut short after thursday night, resigning the top position in
10:26 pm
the csu system. are you shocked or surprised that dr castro resigned. neither i'm i expected that there would be some kind of ending a chorus of calls inside and outside of the system called for castro's ouster following details of his handling of sexual harassment complaints. at the time he was president of csu , fresno, and the allegations centered around one of the university's vice presidents, frank llamas at the time, the vice president for student affairs faced at least a dozen accusations of sexual harassment. inappropriate touching and fostering a hostile work environment. dr castro did not investigate and instead allowed him to retire. he also wrote him a recommendation letter. experts say dr castro should have taken immediate action. hey there's an issue here. i saw this happen. someone reported this happening. this cannot continue. just consider this a verbal warning. and when
10:27 pm
that happens, it doesn't escalate to the point where it's not only illegal, but it's being handled by title nine. in his resignation letter, castro writes. it has become clear to me that resigning at this time is necessary so that the csu can maintain its focused squarely on his educational mission. and the impactful work yes to be done. in response to castro's departure, the chair of the assembly higher education committee says i'm glad the proper course of action was taken, but we must have accountability going forward. members of the 23 campus csu board of trustees will meet later this month. the finalize a succession plan and find an interim chancellor. any point in time. you're thinking like jesus . no one hears about this. they should be out there should not be considered anymore. it's advice that could have served castro and his superiors. and allowed him to complete his plans for system wide transformation in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news a march through half moon bay tonight calls attention to families struggling to afford a
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place to live coming up. why protesters worry. one group is more at risk than others are being priced out of their neighborhoods. i hope that it just brings some joy to people. i hope they appreciate the beauty and the artistry. we'll show you what you can expect from a little bit of the floats that are going to make their comeback tomorrow at san francisco's chinese new year parade. warriors rookie jonathan commingled getting his first experience at all star weekend. later in sports jason appelbaum . we'll have highlights from the rising stars games and people give a woman from oakland credit for helping guide the because ofe
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countdown is on to this year's chinese new year parade in san francisco. it is one of the largest events of its kind outside of china. tvs amberleigh live in the city, with the last
10:31 pm
minute preps underway now, ambee where the preparations are underway. as you said, if you look over here, you can see that the barricades are out and the no parking signs are up and we got a chance to see some of the attractions that will be in the parade. different this lion dance troupe performed at a special dinner at john's grill in san francisco to honor miss chinatown usa and pageant contestants, an event hosted by the union square alliance. troop tells me they're excited about performing at the chinese new year parade saturday, which is great to be back. and being able to see this, the streets filled again and people coming out to see you know, a festive event for the lunar new year, miss chinatown usa, crystal lee and all the contestants will be in the parade, a long standing tradition. it's like this really big, momentous events for the chinatown and everything. a lot of people love to watch. it's amazing and it really able to
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showcase the wonderful treasures of our culture that we have here in chinatown. oh, my god, look what we made like. it's so beautiful. stephanie mufson and her crew built the floats that are in the parade. more than two months of hard work finally wrapped up friday afternoon. many reflect the year of the tiger. there's a lot of moving elements he's going to greet the crowd looking left to right emerging from the water, and then there's some moving pieces at the back. the floats are made with lots of glitter, wood and foam. mufson says there were supply chain issues. some were made with foam recycled from old floats. yeah but there's no shortage of creativity. one float featured a bowl of noodles , a symbol of long life and tangerines for good luck. the return of the parade is a celebration of community. we're remembering how important it is to just gather as a community to share moments of art and culture and really connect with the deeper things in life. that connect us all. back at john's
10:33 pm
grill. the lion dance troupe tells me this performance is a great way to warm up for the parade being part of the parade since 86 it's just like like a family gathering. you're so used to having like thanksgiving or christmas. it's going to be very , um, magical because we're really just making up for lost time the last two years. you're looking at a live picture of union square organizer's tell me there will be a short fireworks show here at the conclusion of the parade, which will likely take place around 7 45 tomorrow night. the best part. there's no rain in the forecast. andre christina life is starting to return to normalcy out there tomorrow. amber, thank you so much. if you can't make it out in tomorrow's parade route, you can experience the fun at home. we will air a special broadcast of the parade next week, right here on channel two. look for that. on saturday, february 26th to help celebrate the chinese new year. meunier will offer free rides this weekend, and that includes complimentary service on cable cars as well as busses and trains. beauty
10:34 pm
advises not to tag clipper card readers between five a.m. saturday and five a.m. monday along with the free service, the city is offering two free parking hours at the portsmouth square garage in chinatown through the end of the month. no 10, affordable housing advocates holding a symbolic vigil tonight in half moon bay, organizers say members of latino essential and farmworker community are being forced out of a place to live. they see the cost of rent in some cases has risen to $9000 a month. we're trying to get a voice out to the community and maybe even the world to please help get affordable housing out on the coast. the cost of living is already is out here. well, the group marched in, and they shared stories about being displaced and talked about how the high cost of rent is making it harder and harder for members of the latin community to stay in the area. and in another neighborhood, not far away some residents of the tiny home
10:35 pm
community and mount view say they are being forced out interviews and ruben shows us. those residents say they have nowhere else to go. charlie who declined to give her last name should be packing up her tiny home right now, 10 a.m. this morning to is my move out time she's been told she's reached her 120 day limit at this life moves facility for the homeless and mountain view. however she has no exit plan no place to go next. but so far, evan i met my case manager. yes so i'm like in a limbo stage. this will be her third case. manager alicia spencer was on her second, though there was a few weeks gap where she had none at all. and she too, is received a move out notice. i'm extremely frustrated . i got the job. i kept the job exactly what they asked me to do. and now i've come to this and i don't know what i'm gonna do. if i end up out outside on the ground, i'm not going to be able to keep working. homeless advocates say they're worried that people who are trying to better their situation are slipping through the cracks that you have people that went weeks if not months without ever meeting a case manager this is a
10:36 pm
systemic failure and the clients are not the ones who should pay the price by being put back out on the streets. life moves admits the pandemic has caused staff turnover, and while administrators declined to address specific cases, they say if residents meet a basic threshold, like engaging in programs and meeting with the case manager, they can extend their stay indefinitely. our only goal is to help people exit homelessness, so it's certainly not what we would consider a success when people stop engaging in services, alicia and charlie both say they've been working hard at the facility. plus they have outside jobs, one doing data entry. the other is a concierge. alicia says she's not sure what else to do but start searching for a motel. this is a pandemic within itself. the homelessness out here, so i get it but have the energy to go the extra mile. just don't think they're doing that. they're doing the bare minimum, and it's not helping most of us and
10:37 pm
charlie just received some good news. she finally met with her new case manager who agreed to grant her a 30 day extension. as for alicia, she's still waiting . her last day is supposed to be monday. in mountain view, and ruben ktvu, fox two news. coming up at 11 someone guns down a teenager as he drives through villa hills. at a barrier whether we have one more warm day in the forecast for tomorrow that some cooling changes headed our way, while the forecast update coming up and find out why some people suspect russia is on the verge of launching a is on the verge of launching a care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?!
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it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause! in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪
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come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at there is mounting concern now
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that russia could also staged a massive attack on u. s satellites. asia hasty tells us such an attack could have major effects on the american economy. it's no secret russia likes to operate in the shadows. for years, it's been jamming ukraine's gps receivers to undermine and destabilize the country. if the us responds to a possible invasion of ukraine. russia has the capability to blind american intelligence satellites and prevent us from collecting images of russian troops we may want to send to the ukrainians. the us has not yet issued any warning of a cyber threat to american satellites. but today, the biden ministrations admitted it has been preparing for a variety of cyber attacks since november. attacks that could target banks , power plants, water treatment facilities and communications when asked if these private sectors are prepared, we've shared sensitive information
10:41 pm
we've shared most importantly, the specific steps and we've exercised the maximum of government authorities to mandate those steps as needed. cyber experts say russia has the capability. to disable or even destroy our satellites here at home that would go beyond disrupting gps for navigation to farming, automation and even oil exploration. while industry experts do not think russia would risk drawing the us into this type of conflict, they admit cyberwarfare can quickly get out of control. this is no doubt very dangerous moment right now. certainly no one wants to see a kinetic conflict between two nuclear super for powers. and folks has confirmed u. s officials met with the top bosses of jpmorgan chase, citigroup, wells fargo and other financial institutions this week to trace the resilience of their cyber defenses against attacks. this mirrors what the european central bank is also doing. reuters is reporting banks
10:42 pm
across europe have been conducting cyber war games to test their defenses. in washington. i'm aisha hosni fox news. decades after her time leading the black panther party in oakland woman stays politically active. coming up, we sit down with elaine brown. can t v meteorologist mark tamayo will return with a look at conditions people should expect
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19 sixties and seventies. but oakland's elaine brown was not only a member of the revolutionary organization. she was also once its leader, and as we celebrate black history month, ktvu is rob ross sat down with brown to discuss her life in the black panthers. and her life as an activist since. soldier picked up a gun. thomas musician, author and most famously of former leader of the black panthers in oakland. elaine brown is still politically active. still a force of nature even at 78 years old as long as i can walk and talk then i'm going to be putting in my two cents and trying to make do something, even if i am an army of one on the walls of her oakland apartment. i love huey. even though he could make me mad. there are portraits of her friends and former
10:46 pm
revolutionaries such as huey newton, the co founder of the 19 sixties and seventies black militant organization. the black panthers. i met huey and, uh, as to put it to put it just quickly. he became ah, my lover. and my leader, brown was raised in philadelphia but moved to los angeles in the 19 sixties, where she saw the poverty and watson the well documented abuse of black people by los angeles law enforcement, she says she was moved by a group of children in a housing project where she was giving piano lessons in 1967 your they are and i'm doing nothing for them. they're living like in. what's what am i doing ? so i became immersed in the black organizations around me. i walked in the black panther office and said, you know, i surrendered my life to the revolution. and i meant that then i mean it now by 1971. at newton's urging, brown moved to oakland, largely to edit the black panther newspaper with
10:47 pm
their black berets and leather jackets. the panthers set up armed citizen patrols through what they said was for self defense. brown like all members , was trained in using a gun. the panthers wanted change radical change senate around black empowerment challenging the very foundation of the oppression of black people going back to the 400 years old slavery. it was the most glorious. time i could imagine much less of my life. the panthers established free lunch programs for children in low income neighborhoods and free health clinics. but there would also be shootouts with police, which led to the deaths of an oakland police officer and two black panthers. fbi director j. edgar hoover once called the panthers quote the greatest threat to internal security of the country. we were not going to be crying in protest and talk about black lives matter where, saying we're armed to by 1974 newton had fled to cuba to avoid criminal charges and chose brown to run the operation almost
10:48 pm
unheard of for a woman in those days and the beginning. i was a little heady with power. but i learned that you know, the other side of that is that you are responsible, so decisions that i would make would affect people and it was a life and death operations. the panthers would later dissolved. but brown remained active fighting for prison reform and better education for low income children. her nonprofit oakland in the world enterprises is currently about to break ground on a 79 unit. affordable housing project on this lot in west oakland, brown says she has no plans to slow down. how would you like to be remembered? that, you know. i really meant everything i said, and i wasn't revolutionary. that's all in oakland. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. for more stories like this. you can go to our website ktvu dot com. we have posted all of our black history month stories online. well, it has been another warm weather stretch one more warm day in the
10:49 pm
forecast for tomorrow, and then it will kind of feel like winter is we headed into the next week, but we're still looking for the real rainfall we need because of course we are playing catch up. this was the scene today as we take a look at the graphics from san francisco from christie field earlier this afternoon, mostly clear skies if you high clouds approaching the region from a weak system kind of flirting with our coastline, but just a few high clouds across parts of the bay area for today, and of course, our dry stretch. let's continue. san francisco. the all time record 46 days with today we're up to 42. so we're gonna add 43 44 45 then maybe they maybe a few sprinkles that could be approaching the region . in fact, here's the forecast model, and this is through sunday. still drive. it's trying to bring in maybe a little bit of some light shower activity by tuesday. it's only a slight chance, but we'll see because at that point i one were to happen that would end the dry stretch and then looks like for the remainder of the week. quiet weather patterns is still no real rainfall in our forecast.
10:50 pm
here's the plan for your weekend . tomorrow will be the warmest day than more clouds on sunday and then some cooler winds by monday. here's the parade forecast in san francisco for the chinese new year parade. we are expecting mostly clear skies , temperatures will be in the upper fifties. so looking pretty good in san francisco for tomorrow evening satellite. lots of clear skies over us. you can see that system offshore, though pretty close to our coastline, even a little bit some green indicating the possibility some light shower activity the bulk of this those remaining offshore so we continued to remain dry and also we're just tracking some of those high clouds. current numbers out there. santa rosa 46 degrees walnut creek, 47 . san jose 53 san francisco in the mid fifties. here's our live camera from oakland, looking out toward the bridge so completely in the clear for tonight, so as i mentioned another mild day in the forecast for tomorrow, and in the sierra looks like a sunny forecast for tomorrow as well. current current numbers in the twenties and the authorities, in
10:51 pm
fact, toward blue canyon, lots of sunshine for saturday. more clouds sunday to monday and the winds could be factor by monday . here's the forecast models still warm and dry this area high pressures sticking around to start off the weekend. definitely cooling things up beginning sunday and more cooling as this week front moves into early next week, definitely bumping up the wind speeds. forecast ties forward tomorrow, lots of sixties and seventies and then we'll cool things off in your sunday forecast. more cool winds winds by monday and there's that slight chance of a shower on tuesday. it's hard to get excited about 0.1, but we'll see if that happens by the tuesday time for him. mark thank you. florida company could be facing a record $45 million fine for making illegal robocalls today, the federal communications commission proposed issuing a fine against interstate brokers. the company is accused of making telemarketing robocalls to more than 500,000 people without consent. the fcc says many of the numbers dialed were on the
10:52 pm
federal do not call registry. interstate brokers will have time to respond before the fcc issues its final decision. coming up in sports and incredible story about a one armed high school hooper, who weren't division one scholarship today, jason appelbaum will have his story next. then on the 11 o'clock news, a plea goes out for help finding this missing oakland woman.
10:53 pm
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is sunday in cleveland, but the festivities kicked off tonight with the rising stars challenge rookie jonathan commingle, representing. the warriors in cleveland, the best rookies and second year players in the league. domingo was on team peyton and he's working inside.
10:55 pm
not a big game for coming to. this was really his only highlight. two points for coming. gah. game tied at 48 1st two 50 in this format wins, so houston's jason tape ends it. sweet play going off glass for team barry commingles team is eliminated. so team barry and be rick barry into the championship , which is first to 25 pistons rookie he was number one pick overall. kate cunningham hits the three it went up 24 20. they went on a free throw. cunningham named the mvp. you see rick barry? he is the warriors hall of famer and now the head coach of the rising stars winner as well. alright, the best basketball team in the bay area not named the warriors. hit the court tonight. we're talking about, of course. tara vanderveer, second ranked stanford cardinal up in corvallis tonight with a chance to clinch the pac 12 title. third quarter. haley jones. you can't leave her open the corner because she's going to make you
10:56 pm
pay 13 points. 10 rebounds for jones. end of the third. look at fran. believe me working the glass. she had seven points and 10 rebounds. stanford goes up by 11 and then in the fourth cardinal pulling away lexi hall the three pointer she had a game high 21 stanford would go on to win by 24 to clinch the pac 12 with three games left, the cardinal improved to 22 3 and 13 and in the conference. alright this next story is incredible basketball phenom with one arm has been offered a division one scholarship to play at the university of memphis. his name is hansel immanuel. he's six ft four guard for christian academy that's in kissimmee, florida. he averaged 26 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists. he's originally from the dominican republic. he lost his left arm in a fluke accident at age six, when a senator block wall fell on him required amputation just below the shoulder, and that
10:57 pm
obviously has not slowed him down one bit. he became a social media sensation star for his high school team, and now has a d one scholarship offer on the table. the senior has yet to commit to a school. the start of spring training games have now officially been pushed back as a result of the major league baseball lockout teams were supposed to report to spring training this week. that obviously didn't happen. as for the exhibition games, mlb released a statement today saying it regretted postponing them until at least march, 5th, which is eight days after they were scheduled to start playing. this all started course back in december, when the owners locked out the players after the most recent collective bargaining agreement expired. the players association issued this rebuttal. mlb announced today that it must postpone the start of spring training games. this is false. nothing requires the league to delay the start of spring training, much like nothing required the league's
10:58 pm
decision to implement the lockout in the first place. despite these decisions by the league players remain committed to the negotiating process. all right. some of the best golfers in the world are in pacific palisades this week to play at the gorgeous riviera country club second round of the genesis. open former cowbird calling morikawa on the par four third hole. it's got nice pace. he's got a nice line and the ball drops for a birdie morikawa the 67 today he's minus eight, but he's eight strokes back. cameron young is just two shots off the lead and is not a par 4/9 hole. 107 yards out ball is going to roll up and stop within about eight inches of the whole he would tap in from the easy birdie. he shot a 62 today. he's minus 14. overall everybody is chasing this man 23 year old walking neiman of chile. his birdie attempt 41 ft. out. it goes in the hole he's at 863.
10:59 pm
today, he leads by two strokes at 16 under par. alright our staff has scoured the internet in search of the perfect story to leave you with or stories. check this out. you're going to like it and eat allyson, a senior with special needs that lake hamilton's high school in arkansas is normally the team manager. they put them in the game. and not only does it get in the game, but he knocks down the three look at the bench just going nuts and he hit not one. but check this out. bounce and in so 23 pointers on the night for mr callison on senior night and guys that was the final game of the season and look at the reaction. you got a popular guy in school right now. yeah he was a big man on campus for sure. bragging roots. exactly yeah, alright, i'll be back for more about 25 minutes, but now we got the 11 o'clock news, jason. thank you so much. appreciate it next at 11. i'm so insulted that you would make us and the community sit here for over two hours, knowing that we weren't
11:00 pm
going to do what darn thing to change the situation. an outburst tonight from an oakland unified school board member after directors vote down a plan to delay some school closures. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now begin with this the opening unified school district, moving forward with plans to close or merge several schools. despite meeting for an emergency session tonight. hello again. i'm andre senior and i'm cristina rendon. the board voted less than two hours ago. ktvu elissa harrington is live in oakland with the vote and what happens now that a hunger strike is underway? yeah, that's right in the vote was whether or not to delay those plans for school closures and merges now the district is preparing for more hunger strikes. that is because quite a few people during public comment this included parents, teachers. even some students said that if the board went forward with these closures, they would all join a hunger strike starting tomorrow.


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