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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  February 20, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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people armed with the least one gang robbed and attacked a couple in oakland, and that's scary encounter was all caught on camera. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. and hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage, and i'm heather holmes people in that oakland neighborhood where this brazen attack took place say they are fed up with the crime and violence. ktvu is exhaust joining us live tonight from oakland with more on this case and the reaction from the community, zack. yes i spoke with the business owner who's surveillance camera captured that whole attack understandably disturbed by what he saw the whole thing happening in broad daylight. have to see what it was just before 12 30 in the afternoon on wednesday when this couple was confronted at gunpoint in oakland's eastlake neighborhood near ninth avenue and international boulevard, a pair of thieves demanding a man's wallet before. one of the
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suspects punches him in the face . i was angry, you know, to know that people would do this, this sort of thing to another person , the owner of a nearby business who didn't want to appear on camera sharing video of the violence captured on his surveillance camera. people like empathy and you know to not have feelings towards another human being. you know, it's really hard to see the couple struggling with the two suspects for a few seconds longer before the man is seen being thrown to the ground. the thieves making off with his wallet and the woman's purse. they're traumatized, of course, but they yeah, they were able to stand and, uh, you know, call the police right away, the latest in what he says or a series of recent robberies in the neighborhood. i have customers that have been robbed recently. you know, coming out of a bank. in a parking lot in the broad daylight as well. my mother was attacked and robbed. it's on the same street maybe six years ago because of the frequent crime. a lot of the businesses in the
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area actually close around six o'clock now. and it's been that way for a long time. and it's a shame that they can't open. you know, later in the evenings and unsure if that won't change any time soon. for now, he says, he keeps reminding his customers to keep their heads on a swivel. it's just scary that yeah, these people just driving around looking for victims. and we have reached out to police for additional information on that robbery, unclear at the moment whether they've been able to identify either of the suspects seen in that video, if you have any information on the robbery or urged to call oakland police live in oakland's access ktvu fox two news. hopefully, people come forward zach. thank you. now who are developing story we've been following tonight in san jose, and a short time ago, the police bomb squad gave the all clear at the s a p center. that unit was called there to help it around 7 15 tonight after one of the arenas, explosive detection canines was
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alerted to a locker that's located outside of the building. investigators have not said what was in that locker. but again, the bomb squad technicians investigated and again they gave the all clear a short time ago. in the end, no one was hurt. i made renewed us warnings that russia is ready for an attack on ukraine. president biden has agreed in principle to meet with russian president vladimir putin . all those talks proposed by france will only take place if russia does not invade its neighbor. while we have not seen president biden comment on the situation publicly today. his press secretary, issued a statement this evening with details of that proposal. that statement stresses that the white house is committed to pursuing diplomacy until the moment and invasion begins. it goes on with we are also ready to impose swift and severe consequences. should russia instead, shoes war and currently , russia appears to be continuing preparations. for a full scale assault on ukraine very soon. it's already monday
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in ukraine's capital city of kiev. it looks calm there now from these live pictures, but there are reports of loud explosions in separatist controlled regions in eastern ukraine. new satellite images from those areas appear to show russian forces moving into attack positions a little more than nine miles from the ukraine border. russia has rescinded pledges to pull troops back foxes. lucas tomlinson has the latest tonight on this conflict from lviv, ukraine. russia extending military drills in belarus near ukraine's border. western leaders say russia's in position to attack at any moment with about 150,000 capital city kiev, a two hour drive from where russian forces are stationed, residents there are now training in self defense and first aid. to be prepared for whatever comes next. i have a family and children. if i don't protect my kids, then who
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will? we have to understand? if not us? nobody will do it for us. to protect your family. you have to protect your country, eastern ukraine under constant shelling for two days near the dividing line between ukrainian soldiers and pro russian separatists, people living in donets are getting out. while they still can. russia claims its forces will leave belarus and returned to russia eventually. but the u. s and its european allies believe russia will try to create an excuse to invade. we're seeing. false flag operations taking place in eastern ukraine that manufacturing of provocations and justifications for russia to go in. we're talking about the potential for war in europe. people leave it is in the best interests of all. that there is a diplomatic end. to this moment . ukraine's president has called for a meeting with putin to resolve the crisis. so far, there's been no response from the kremlin. in lviv, ukraine. lucas tomlinson, fox news. and earlier tonight on the 10
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o'clock news. i spoke with dr stephen zunes, professor of politics and international studies at the university of san francisco, and he shared his thoughts about a possible face to face meeting between president biden and vladimir putin. in case this is just a matter of brinkmanship. if this is just a faint if you will that putin does not want to actually invade. this could be a way out. this could be a way of maybe working out some kind of face saving measure that could prevent war. professor zunes says the next week or two will be critical. he also says that snow along the border is expected to melt, which could muddy putin's efforts to launch an effective invasion. at a church in san francisco, as well as at a rally outside the ferry building. ukrainians banded together today as the threat of a russian invasion of their homeland looms. that your brain.
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they are anxiously awaiting russia's next move. many today expressed how important it is that the world support ukraine a young democracy that values freedom. some say they're concerned to russian invasion could spread threatening eastern europe and beyond. romania bulgaria, hungary, slovakia, poland, they're looking at what's happening, and they're seeing themselves as being next. some we spoke to today say putin's invasion motivation is expansion away to grow his sphere of influence and that a free ukraine potentially allied with the west runs counter to his plan. we will also gather today in washington, d c to express their support for ukraine. during the stand with ukraine rally, demonstrators called on president biden to take a harder line against the russian president. the united states and other western countries have threatened to impose severe economic sanctions on russia if putin goes ahead with a plan to invade ukraine. police in san francisco are investigating the suspicious
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death of a teenage girl. police say officers were called to mina and seventh street at around 6 30 friday morning to help paramedics with a possible overdose. when they got there, medics declared the victim dead. police say she was a 16 year old girl. the medical examiner declared her death suspicious. no arrests have been made so far. but anyone who has any information should put in a call to san francisco police a man shot in san francisco's mission district on friday, has died, and police are now investigating his death as a homicide. it happened shortly before eight p.m. in the area of 23rd street in san jose avenue officers arrived on scene and located a 36 year old man inside a car suffering from gunshot wounds. the unidentified man was taken to the hospital and later died. police don't know what led up to the shooting, and so far no arrests have been made. violent crime is spiking all across the city of stockton as yet another homicide was reported overnight . this is the sixth homicide in
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just the last eight days. investigators say these cases are isolated crimes and are not related. police say their neighborhood impact teams are on the ground and working to help. the neighborhood impact team goes to each of the areas where they were affected and they're going to walk the areas. we talked to the neighbors and they're going to solicit response and some help. there have been 10 homicides so far this year in stockton. there were a total of 39 last year, stockton's mayor said the city will concentrate on partnering with other agencies and deploying additional officers all throughout the city. well, now we go to richmond, where police there are still trying to find a suspect in a road rage case. that led to an assault at a mcdonald's drive through earlier this month. get out the car. get out the car children in the car man corsini, then. video taken by the victim's shows the unidentified suspect, accusing the woman of cutting her off in the drive through at the mcdonalds on mcdonald avenue that suspect that rams into the
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victim's car and later punches her. anyone with information on the suspect's identity should give richmond police a call. parking fees have got together. westfield valley fair mall in ploy. ease protesting coming up tonight. the new mall rules they call a slap in the face and drivers just can't catch a break at the pump these days, coming up a list of what needs to happen in order for prices to start to come down. here we've got a big change in the forecast this week. the five day forecast will be up after the break. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it
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new rules. ktvu elissa harrington shows us how they're hoping to convince mall operators to make some changes. hey uh huh. parking fees have got together. video posted on social media shows a protest outside santa clara's westfield valley fair mall employees are pushing back against the malls new parking policy. it requires everyone to pay to park in the garage, including employees, employees shouldn't have to pay to park at work. a lot of people are making minimum wage. antonio garcia works inside the mall. he helped organize sunday's protest and also put together a worker petition signed by more than 1000 people. it asks mall management to issue free parking
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permits to mall employees. i honestly think that the mall is just, uh, just trying to take money from the employees. there are so many of us and you know, we breathed park to be at work. the mall started charging for parking earlier this month in what management calls a controlled parking plan. here's the breakdown for guests. the first two hours are free. then it's $1 an hour for employees. it's $3 per day or $40 per month . it basically is like a slap in the face to every employee who works there and um westfield wanted to pushed the responsibility of paying for parking onto the business owners via go was the owner of vietnam's restaurant inside valley fair. he attended sunday's protest to stand up for his employees. the employees are the backbone of the mall. they're the ones who um, you know, keep them all running, go said mall management suggested business owners cover the cost
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of employee parking something he said he and other small business owners cannot afford at $40 a month for every employee. in a statement, westfield management wrote. we support the right of employees who work at the center to voice their opinions, but we remain committed to our controlled parking plan. elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. the nevado officials are looking to raise the city sales tax to hopefully raise money for services and staff costs. the marin i j reports that city staff is looking into asking voters in november to increase the local sales tax from a quarter of percent. to have a percent. novato has one of the lower sales tax rates in the north bay at 8.5% which includes the state sales tax city staff, said that nevada was facing rising costs for employee benefits, utility services and pension obligations, and it is strapped to cover those expenses. that more stable revenue. the city says it will continue to face deficits of about $2 million annually.
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governor newsom sent condolences tonight to the loved ones of the hunting him beach police officer who died in a helicopter crash officer nicholas vela and another officer crashed into the ocean as they were responding to a disturbance call. vela 14 year veteran died. the other officer was rescued from the water and was hospitalized, but he has since been released. the ntsb is working to figure out why the helicopter went down. in a statement, the governor said, our thoughts are with his family , friends and the entire huntington's beach police department officer vela's bravery and commitment to protecting his community will not be forgotten. the governor also said in honor of officer vela flags at the state capitol will be flown at half staff. alright as we take a look at the weather out there. we have a shot here. actually i took this yesterday at near beaches because it was such a pretty day. now everything's going to change around the south. sunny
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it looks there and how lack of wind it's going to be different the next few days, much cooler, not beach days. no beach weather. for at least the first three days, four days of this week. these are the highest from today. it's going to get colder. we've got that weather system that kind of past bias today and didn't bring showers or anything , but it just brought a much cooler air mass into our region. the high has been weakened now. that was the source of our heating and in this low drops in and hangs out pretty much through wednesday and brings a good shadows sprinkles light scattered showers as we get into tuesday in the mountains will get snow. i mean, six inches, eight inches of snow, maybe a foot. as that thing kind of lingers up there on monday into tuesday into tuesday night, live camera outside. cool tonight. you that's the other thing. we're going to notice much cooler. overnight lows starts tomorrow morning, but significant cooling. tuesday morning wednesday morning with freezing temperatures lots of frost the whole bit and the reason is that system, you see,
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it just went right through that behind that. that clear area is cold air, right? cold air is not really conducive to making cloud formation to moisture. so you're seeing clearing there as that cool air settles in over us, and we'll be here for a while. the year for about 72 hours. current temperatures running, let's hear their little chord a little cooler and they were last night this time and then we do this same map that the difference to departure from the day before tomorrow in the departures are going to be 10 degrees can be a big jump tomorrow night into tuesday morning. um and then these are the forecast overnight lows, so just above freezing in the inland bay valley, so you'll notice it when you go to work. go to school, you head out the door the next three mornings, especially tuesday wednesday. jackets for sure. in the daytime highs don't warm up that much, they said. highs are going to be in the fifties. for the most part of this is tomorrow afternoon, so it's nice day. and then here comes those scattered showers from that cold air mass. and you see how it's all just right. you're not going to get
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accumulation out of that. not really. you might see a strong shell go over really isolated to two miles by two miles square area, but it's not going to be big aerial distribution of showers. it's going to have a significant measurable rainfall. but it will be called it will be chilly. it will be a little bit damp on tuesday and breezy conditions as we head into tomorrow. so these are the forecast highs, not sixties, not seventies like we've been seeing even though eighties we're back into the fifties for your forecast highs for tomorrow. and in the five day forecast. i wish i had more going on tuesday. i guess the only upshot to tuesday is it takes a shot at that high and weakens it and that'll set up sunday, which has the potential to be bring more rain and more snow to the mountains. so we're just we're just grasp. but it's draws right now, but still changes heather coming this week very noticeable. hopefully, it's the beginning of some wet. yeah we'll take the potential. thanks so much bill. appreciate it. a gas prices continue to rise as crude oil prices remain high amid ongoing
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global tensions related to uncertainty over russia's intentions towards ukraine. the national average price for a gallon of regular was 3 53. that's at four cents from last week. a year ago, drivers were paying 2 57 a gallon prices here in the bay area right now, a lot higher than the national average in san francisco. it's 4 91 a gallon alameda county. the averages for 81. and it's slightly cheaper in contra costa county, with an average of 4 78 a gallon. for three main reasons why we're seeing these increases number one, the geopolitical tensions between russia and ukraine, which is causing upward pressure on the crude oil prices , which are approaching $100 per barrel. we also are seeing an increase in demand for fuels. the weather warms up in many parts of the country. people need to gasoline to take those road trips. and the third reason , according to triple a's doug shoot, the summer blend of fuel is more expensive to produce.
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all right. stick around. sports wrap is coming up in just a little bit at 11 30. here is a look now at what joe and jason are working on. we'll show you our favorite moments from the 71st nba all star game with the spotlight on stefan currie. it's a good idea, and we have a first in the long history of the daytona 500. as the nascar season kicks off. plus what prompted this ugliness at the conclusion of the wisconsin michigan game? it is all coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap. yeah, that was ugly. all right, coming up the first after the break, see how in oakland woman gets credit for helping guide gets credit for helping guide the black panther party? if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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seventies, but oakland's elaine brown was not only a member of the revolutionary organization. she was also once its leader as we celebrate black history month is rob ross sat down with brown. to discuss her life in the black panthers, as well as her life as an activist since. soldier picked up a gun. jonathan musician, author and most famously of former leader of the black panthers in oakland. elaine brown is still politically active. still a force of nature even at 78 years
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old as long as i can walk and talk then i'm going to be putting in my two cents and trying to make do something, even if i am an army of one on the walls of her oakland apartment. i love you. e even though he could make me bad. there are portraits of her friends and former revolutionaries such as huey newton, the co founder of the 19 sixties and seventies black militant organization. the black panthers. i met huey and, uh, as to put it to put it just quickly. he became ah, my lover. and my leader, brown was raised in philadelphia but moved to los angeles in the 19 sixties, where she saw the poverty and watson the well documented abuse of black people by los angeles law enforcement, she says she was moved by a group of children in a housing project where she was giving piano lessons in 1967 your they are and i'm doing nothing for them. they're living like in. what's what am i doing ? so i became immersed in the
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black organizations around me. i walked in the black panther office and said, you know, i surrendered my life to the revolution. and i meant that then i mean it now by 1971. at newton's urging, brown moved to oakland, largely to edit the black panther newspaper with their black berets and leather jackets. the panthers set up armed citizen patrols through what they said was for self defense. brown like all members , was trained in using a gun. the panthers wanted change radical change senate around black empowerment challenging the very foundation of the oppression of black people going back to the 400 years old slavery. it was the most glorious. time i could imagine much less of my life, the panthers established free lunch programs for children in low income neighborhoods and free health clinics. but there would also be shootouts with police, which led to the deaths of an oakland police officer and two black panthers. fbi director j. edgar hoover once called the
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panthers quote the greatest threat to internal security of the country. we were not going to be crying in protest about black lives matter where, saying we're armed to by 1974. newton had fled to cuba to avoid criminal charges and chose brown to run the operation almost unheard of for a woman in those days. in the beginning, i was a little heady with power. but i learned that you know, the other side of that is that you are responsible, so decisions that i would make would affect people and it was a life and death operations. the panthers would later dissolved. but brown remained active fighting for prison reform and better education for low income children, her nonprofit oakland in the world enterprises is currently about to break ground on a 79 unit affordable housing project on this lot in west oakland, brown says she has no plans to slow down. how would you like to be remembered? that, you know. i really meant everything i said, and i wasn't revolutionary. that's all in oakland. rob roth, ktvu fox two
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news. and for more stories like this, be sure to go to our website ktvu dot com we posted all of our black history month stories online. there's some really good ones, all of them bay area focused. so be sure to check that out. a lot of good stories we've seen all throughout this month. that does it for us tonight. here at 10 o'clock. we appreciate you watching. that's right. stick around sports wrap with joe and jason is coming up. next have a great night, everybody and we'll see you back here tomorrow. this winter, comcast business is helping team usa and businesses across america stay ahead. keep yours ahead too with reliable connectivity and secure solutions on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. and get access to over 20 million wifi hotspots from coast to coast.
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at the nba all star game. somebody told me for the record is the most points out the nba's greatest shooter put on a display never before seen. the end of a college basketball game turns ugly how a postgame handshake turned into an all out brawl disciplinary action to follow. first at the daytona 500 as nascar kicks off the season with its biggest race, reckon, reckon, reckon, reckon, reckon? sports track.


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