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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  February 21, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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council holding an emergency meeting in new york tonight following russian president vladimir putin's order to send russian troops into separatist regions of eastern ukraine. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. the russian president said the troops are being called in to keep the peace. but the u. s and others believe that kremlin is looking for an excuse to invade the former soviet territory. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage, and i'm cristina rendon . the announcement of those troops came just hours after president vladimir putin signed an order. recognizing independence of two pro moscow provinces in eastern ukraine. russian backed separatists have been fighting ukrainian forces there since 2014 and the shelling has increased dramatically in recent days. putin blasted the u. s for ignoring russia's security concerns about nato. the speech , which is which stressed ties
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between russia and ukraine, stoked fears that moscow is trying to fabricate a case for military action. perhaps saying it's to protect the ethnic russian population and we demand for those who took over and retain the power in kiev to immediately stop combat activity , otherwise the responsibility for continuing the bloodshed. will lay on the shoulders of the ukrainian regime. before putin's speech, president biden tentatively tentatively agreed to a summit with putin brokered by french president emmanuel macron only if there is no invasion. after this speech, mr biden signed an executive order calling for sanctions against russia, with more expected tomorrow as you can imagine the russian and ukrainian communities here in the bay area are on edge tonight, worried about what comes next, and their loved ones overseas. ktvu sema goss has more on their concerns. right now. the ukrainian community here is looking for neighborly support. the events unfolding tonight in ukraine is also raising concerns in silicon
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valley. this is a new phase, i would say much more. dangerous face and a rockman grew up in kiev and has called san francisco home for more than three decades. she worries friends and colleagues in ukraine are in danger of a violent russian invasion. have a lot of people that are worried about. she was among the several 100 people who rallied outside the ferry building in san francisco sunday, raising awareness about the escalating crisis between russia and ukraine. a lot of people work in the silicon valley. a lot of people come here as students to places like berkeley like stanford. to teach there, so we have a very diverse in that sense of community here. ukraine is a hub for outsourced labor that silicon valley companies rely on, she said. russia is putting ukraine's economy and ability to do business with the us in jeopardy. with regards to how russians are treated in the u. s this could lead to harassment. that is actually a
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concern of mine. sabrina pinel is an expert in post soviet politics at san jose state. she's also concerned about the price of oil, which rose monday to nearly $100 a barrel amid the international standoff. all eyes are on how the u. s response to russia's encroachment into ukraine. experts say imposing sanctions is unlikely to make russia flinch at sama, var and eastern european market. in mountain view, politics is off limits, the owner says. russians and ukrainians come in daily craving peace of mind and a bit of home. and we know our customers who know what they want, how they feel. and we're trying to support them not only with the food but mental as well . ukrainian activists are encouraging area residents to check out local educational resources like nova ukraine .org . and if you have a ukrainian neighbor check on them this week. reporting in san francisco . emma goss, ktvu fox two news expect congresswoman jackie
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speier responded to today's action from russia in a tweet, saying putin has orchestrated this coup for months, said parts of ukraine are independent, then invades and retakes all of ukraine. 1922 saw the creation of the soviet union. 2022 is putin's remake of the soviet union. that is what he wants his legacy to be. we must have severe sanctions. and you can stay up to date with the russia ukraine conflict by downloading our ktvu news app. we will have the latest developments for you there. the app is free to download in the app store. knew it, 11. we're learning more about one of the oakland firefighters hurt while fighting a high rise fire last week. firefighter jen matthis is still in the hospital tonight. tomorrow berkeley and oakland firefighters say they'll be wearing pink socks to show their support for matthis because she was wearing pink socks the day of the incident, and the fire departments are encouraging others to wear pink socks as well and to post pictures on social media. two other
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firefighters also taken to the hospital after that fire have since been released. fremont police today announced the unexpected death of one of its captains. the department tweeted that they are in shock and in disbelief over the passing of captain freddie baba junior baba joined the fremont police department as an explorer while attending mission san jose high school. he then became an officer in 1997 and was promoted to captain seven years ago. bob it was widely recognized for training officers under his command. to be quote, community friendly. bob. it was 54 years old. a mother in newark is desperate for answers, 10 days after her 21 year old son vanished, the young man has struggled with depression and anxiety over the years, but gabriel galvin's mother says his disappearance is completely out of character. as ktvu zambelli reports today, family and friends blanketed the area with fliers hoping someone knows something that will bring him home. family members of gabriel
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galvan have put up flyers in newark, where he lives and other bay area cities where he has friends and relatives in hopes of finding him. his mother tells me she last saw him a few hours before he went missing after leaving the home where he lives with his father. he was smiling and, you know give me a hug, and i love you. mom irene prieto says her son left his home on foot between 11 pm and midnight on february 11th and the family hasn't heard from the 21 year old since, she said. it's not like him to be gone for more than a few days without letting his family know his whereabouts . a struggle with depression um his anxiety that some problems when he was younger. it was, you know, china commit suicide, so that's a big concern. at this point. it's a needle in the haystack of where he could have gone. police say they're treating this case as a missing person at risk because his family says his disappearance is out of character. investigators
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and relatives say there was activity on gabriel checking account last week, but that the bank has not released details. they say his phone was broken. we are looking into what kind of activity of the phone has had ah , at least in the past, but he's not known to have a working phone right now. family members say gabriel loves to cook and completed a culinary program. he wants to be a chef and is in between jobs. he's pretty goofy. he's definitely a fun kid, but he's real easy going kind of a free spirit, the family gathered and you work on this day, anxious to spread the word of his disappearance. i love you, son. just come home. please your family misses you. gabriel galvan has black hair and brown eyes. he's five ft five and weighs £130. he was last seen wearing blue or gray jeans, black hollister windbreaker jacket and white air force one nike shoes. anyone with
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information should contact police in newark, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. a native american tribe has issued an emergency declaration after the disappearance of five indigenous women over the past 18 months in northern california. the yurok tribe is working with a nonprofit to build the first database of missing indigenous swimming. the case is stretched from san francisco to the oregon border, and of the five who have been reported missing to have been found dead. families of the missing say they're desperate to find answers but often have trouble getting the help that they need. particularly in reservations in village areas. there is a maze of jurisdictions of policies and procedures of who investigates what i worked with a family where for three days they couldn't get anybody to investigate the rape because the county, the state and the tribal police couldn't determine who a jurisdiction a report by a government watchdog group found the true number of missing and murdered indigenous women is
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unknown due to reporting problems, distrust of law enforcement and jurisdictional conflicts. we'll take a look at this rain actual rain here in the bay area tonight, kind of hard to believe this video is captured in larkspur. you can see it certainly wasn't a complete downpour by any stretch , but it is certainly more rain than we have seen over the past several weeks. and it is, of course, a very welcome sight. we've heard reports of rain in other parts of the bay area, including san jose, san francisco and brenda. our chief meteorologist, bill martin will join us later tonight in this newscast with more on the weather and what to expect this week. coming up. california already has a massive budget surplus, but a new analysis says the state could have billions more. also oakland parents still fighting to keep schools open why they say they are
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yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability office now saying that a forecasted $45 billion budget surplus could be billions more than that, and it's february update the office said. there's a good chance money collected from state personal income sales and corporation. taxes will exceed governor nuisance projected revenues. by 6 to 23 billion. they also noted, it's still very likely state lawmakers will have to reckon with the states of appropriations limit which restricts the amount of tax revenue the state can spend.
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parents in oakland, still refusing to go down without a fight after the school board decided to close their school at the end of the academic year. ktvu is rob roth was at today's protests where parents said they aren't giving up hope just yet. while parker elementary and middle school in east oakland was closed monday for president's day, many parents here are upset their schools slated to close permanently at the end of the school year. they came to rally support in the hopes of keeping it open. this is our community school is within the radius to where our kids can walk there safely, but the odds of keeping an open appear to be near impossible. the enrollment say district leaders doesn't support keeping it going. that decision of the board, um to do this and the readiness of the staff to implement it is pretty it's pretty firm, how they're going to get to school. you know, they have no yellow bus, public
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school transportation for them to pick them up. but busses just may become available. whatever commitments is to provide transportation when it's uh what is necessary for those families . we haven't worked it all out yet. parker along with community day high school are set to close to other schools are consolidating. angela escwa, lead a grade 67 and eight or being discontinued at the end of the school year. next year, even more schools are closing and consolidating. following the board vote friday. ye says crowds of angry protestors appeared his neighborhood there was some vandalism. it was upsetting to wake up and have a have a window broken. but i don't. i don't attributed to, you know, some kind of intentional mass thing. the school district says it's facing declining enrollment, added $20 million budget deficit over the next two years, maintaining so many schools is too expensive. schools are not businesses, so it should not be something that
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each school side has to try and sell themselves to have parents attend their school. no regrets about your decision. no i really don't. these are our schools, and we're going to keep our schools open as long as we played california state taxes to educators have ended their hunger strikes after 18 days, but others, including students have talked about beginning a new one. in oakland. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. oakland vice mayor rebecca kaplan gave more details today about a plan to build affordable housing where the police headquarters building now stands. we're looking for a minimum of 600 units. this parcel is more than an acre, and it's in a very central location . we could improve the connectivity of this whole broadway corridor. make that whole area more welcoming, fix up the underpass and expand vitally needed housing, which we know our region is in a housing crisis. oh pds headquarters would move to a new building at the coliseum site in east oakland. three people are under
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arrest in napa in a suspected retail theft scheme. officers were called out for suspicious activity at the napa outlets yesterday. a witness saw three suspects going from store to store and loading large banks of merchandise into a rental vehicle. officials released these photos of that minivan filled with merchandise valued at over $10,000. police say the thefts were part of a sophisticated scheme that spanned several counties. this guy's got to be behind every bar because the bars know that they've got to have non alcoholic options now like that's what's happening right now. good booze. lys beverages be the next trend in san francisco. we'll introduce you to the bar owner who's betting on it. also a £500 bear breaks into dozens of homes around lake tahoe, and he's been on the loose for months more on the effort to find him up next. it might need. the umbrella is a
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bit tomorrow is scattered showers remain in parts of the bay lighthouses now back open to
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visitors. the popular attraction in the marin headlands has been closed for nearly two years because of the pandemic. it reopened yesterday. the golden gate national recreation area says the lighthouse will be open every sunday and monday between 12 33 30 in the afternoon. a san francisco man is planning to open the city's first non alcoholic speakeasy. it will include more than 100 mixers and drinks all without alcohol. as ktvu elissa harrington tells us, the bar owner says. brussels beverages are new movement in the city. let's see what we got
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. joshua james shakes up a miss kalman audrey, a signature drink at ocean beach cafe in san francisco. but this drink and all beer, wine and spirits here are completely 100% non alcoholic. everybody's getting in the game like lagunitas. these are the top guys in the space. james is the owner of the cafe and quit drinking two years ago. he's noticing a huge demand for booze list drinks. whether customers are looking to cut back, quit drinking or are sober . curious james now plans to open the city's first nonalcoholic speakeasy. it will be invite only with events as well. there is a shift in culture itself. there's a shift in drinking culture, which is a subset of that. and there. the leaders of this industry and food and beverage professionals and all the movers and shakers in the non alcoholic beverage industry are going to be invited here to talk about those things
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across town in the mission. there's a nonalcoholic vending machine at hawker fare called a nano bar. you scan a qr code. you walk through the prompts and allows you to open the door and you grab a can of your choice, general manager dolly valdez bautista says they are constantly restocking alcoholic drinks right now are about 10% of our total beverage cells. nielsen data predicts buzz list beverages will be one of the biggest trends of 2022 last year alone, consumers spent $3.3 billion on no and low alcohol products. italian bubbly. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. a large black bear known for breaking into homes in south lake tahoe has struck once again . video of that bear was posted on the bare leagues facebook page over the weekend after it broke into a home in the tahoe keys area on friday morning. no one was hurt. police say officers banged on the home until the bear left through the backdoor, the £500 bear known as
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hank, the tank is responsible for more than 150 reports in the sierra. authorities have been trying to capture it for the past seven months, but they've had no luck. now to our weather and rain is back in the bay area. take a look at this are ktvu photographer captured this video tonight and said, we're fell. the rain was coming down on the streets, forcing some drivers to even put on their windshield libraries, probably for the first time in a while. it's amazing what your library let's go down to ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin. bill, this is a very welcome sight. yeah really is and it really i checked all over the bay area tonight. and even though it looks like it was coming down pretty hard at times, the accumulations have been well under 1/10 of an inch so 607 inch 271 100th of an inch, which is it doesn't help so much in the reservoirs, but it does help in terms of the lake tahoe area where they're getting a lot of snow. they're going to get a lot of snow with the winter storm warning up there low elevation
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stuff. we might see some snow on bay area peaks tomorrow morning. i wouldn't be surprised at all of hamilton's had a little bit of snow on it. scattered showers . still in san francisco. we will see those showers widely scattered tonight. you can see him here. this alive radar. you can see the motion of it or the actually the um, the displaced or the placement of all the cells. put it in motion. now you can see the last few hours and you kind of see it just kind of winds in and that's how tomorrow goes to widely scattered. not a bad day at all is just going to be one of those days where you're going to see scattered showers here. kind of like what just happened tonight. but with the sun out at times the winds are blowing. it's kind of breezy outside we've had gusts up to 25 35 miles an hour. down to 33 at sfo right now. lake tahoe does have a winter storm warning up there, chaining up on 50 and 80 for sure. after the midnight hour, they could see a couple hours a couple of feet of snow. overnight lows will be kind of chilly. that's because the wind and the cool air mass that's moved in. so you're going to find temperatures tomorrow
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morning wind sheltered north bay valleys down into the freezing range and with that freeze watches in effect for the next few mornings for marin county, east bay, inland locations in south bay in santa cruz mountains, so we are kind of in a completely different set up. we've got last month or so we've had pretty much mild to warm to record setting warmth, and now we're cool, maybe even a little below average and we're seeing scattered showers and low snow levels as this thing moves through which it will tomorrow, we'll get a few days off and then we'll get into something as we head into sunday and monday of next week, which looks lower latitude, which looks a little bit warmer. so that would be bring us more rent. that's on the back back into saturday here into sunday. i'll see you back here tomorrow night with all the details and the updates. all right, bill. thank you. greece
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laying ceremony took place at mount vernon today to mark george washington's 290th birthday. the ceremony featured a pre positioned reef in front of washington's tomb, along with a gun salute, a military demonstration and patriotic music and many people dressed up in period costumes. coming up tonight here at 11 o'clock punishment and levied against the big name college basketball coach for his role in this post game. malay joe fonzi will be along with all the details next in sports. but first san francisco's chinese new year parade was saturday. don't worry . if you weren't there, we're going to have a special broadcast of the parade. within death and behind the scenes stories this saturday night at ae
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of year when college basketball teams on the bubble are doing their best to look like they belong in the tournament. you can put usf in that category that dons in stockton tonight to play you, opie. locals ready for us. good time out there, aren't they? tigers didn't put up much of a fight, though usf already in front by 20 here in the first half, tamari bowyer hangs in the air gets a high archer to go down off the glass, despite the foul ball finished with 15 points, 11 assists yourself by 24 a half second half here. booky makes one of his four steals, then passes ahead to khalil shabbas who knocks down a three shabbas led us up with 21. don is able to empty the bench on the way to one of 4 71 route usf, now nine and five in the wcc. importantly 22 7 overall. the commissioner of the big 10 last night promised swift punishment for the incident that happened after the michigan wisconsin game. and today he was true to his word. michigan's juwan howard took issue with a
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late time out, called by wisconsin, which led by 15 points at the time. howard and wisconsin coach gary guard had words and then they got a lot worse when howard took us swipe at assistant coach joe craven off the whole thing, then escalated as players from both teams got involved. today. howard was fined $40,000 and suspended for michigan's remaining five regular season games guard was fined $10,000 for violating the conferences, sportsmanship policy. but he was not suspended to michigan players and one from wisconsin received one game suspensions for fighting. with this year's kentucky derby coming up in just a little more than two months. we found out today the official winner of last year's derby last may. medina spirit just edged out mandaluyong at the wire to win the 147th version of the race. but after the race the horse that died suddenly in december tested positive for a banned drug after a series of appeals medina spirit was officially disqualified today,
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and the horse's trainer, bob baffert, has been suspended and fined. baffert had held the record for most kentucky derby wins with seven before today's action mandolin the horse with jockey florent garrow in the green and pink silks has now been declared the winner and will appropriately be honored. so will his owners who will be honored with a $1.8 million winner's check. time for a little check this out action on a monday night final seconds baylor against oklahoma state of a tie game after an air ball the cowboys, isaac likely throws the ball in from out of bounds, and it goes now that would have won the game for oklahoma state. it beats the game clock, but the shot clock expired. they went to overtime and baylor 1 66 64. and all time finished nullified by the shot clock. goodness isn't that crazy? what a shot there quite finished. beat the game clock, but not the shot club. that's why we got replay. that's right. alright appreciate it,
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joe. thank you, everyone for watching the news at 11. you can always find more online that continue dot com and our ktvu news at modern family is next. we leave you with a live look at the golden gate bridge. have a the golden gate bridge. have a good night. obviously, this is the living room. there's a fully stocked bar in the den, and the home theater is downstairs. so, your boss launches one style website and she can afford all of this? i wish "1950s closeted father" was a look people were clamoring for. oh, it is not that simple. the formula for nerp is very specific -- former actress plus confidence based on nothing equals millions in sales of iffy wellness products. we should get her a gift for letting us stay here, but what do you give someone who's researching charcoal toothbrushes in sri lanka? oh, actually, she's judging a placenta-cooking contest in minsk. maybe we should stay away from the fridge. so, we're in wine country. when does the wine tasting start, because i could use it after the public bashing i've had to endure. here we go. no more boo-hooing, manny. the review wasn't that bad. he called my portrayal of inspector poirot "unconvincing," "not believable,"


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