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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  March 14, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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to bob barr, ukraine, this is the red cross warns of a humanitarian crisis that's becoming more and more desperate plus these are suitcases filled with love. and every suitcase has a label in it with a hug, yellow bag with the blue heart says from san francisco. of a area woman collects 20 suitcases filled with donations for ukrainian refugees in poland. she's planning to fly out with those suitcases to make the delivery herself. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth and welcome to the four i'm jana katsuyama and i'm alex savage. millions of california students went back to school today without having to wear a mask. california's mask mandate for schools ended today. some districts are waiting a few more weeks to phase out the masks, but most districts across the state have decided to drop their indoor mask requirements and make mass optional, leaving it up to the students. we have mask
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ready just in case one is still going to wear a mask today, and the other one is like nope. i'm not wearing the mask and that's actually the younger child. he's like, i want to. it's uncomfortt hear my teacher. like you can't hear me talking. in san francisco, middle and high school students are also allowed to not wear masks. younger students will have to wait for three more weeks, and the oakland unified school district is extending its indoor mask mandate for at least another five weeks. ktvu san reuben is joining us now live from san jose, where the allan rock union school district has decided to keep masks mandatory until the end of the school year and. district officials say this community has been especially hard hit by covid, and they're just not ready to give up that extra layer of protection yet.
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for some school districts. masks have just become optional. not here. the alum rock union school district says they're playing it safe. we have decided to keep the mask until the and of the year and then we will reassess the reason this part of san jose . it's been amongst the hardest hit by covid. they're still reeling from an r macron search after the holiday break, and they're still seeing new cases. every other day we served the lowest socioeconomic, uh, group in the county. and so because of that access to health access to vaccination. all of the axis says right are challenging. so for now, the masks stay on. teachers and administrators say they're pleased. nobody wants to stay at home. and you know, not feel good, and we all have come to the realization that this mask helps. so it's all about safety safety for staff, kids
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and the multigenerational households. they go home to families here say they don't mind waiting a little longer to unmask. i'm thinking that's a better we need to keep the mask for a couple times more. until we all be sure everything that's okay. i think it was a great call. especially right now. you know, i know that the county feels confident, but you never know what could happen in a few months. still there are parents who say the masses have been on long enough that other kids see other schools having it off. they want it all to at the end of this school year, the district will revisit the issue of mass and they'll determine what policy will look like for the fall. alex alright and ruben live for us in san jose. thank you, man. now to the latest from ukraine, where the u. s. says russian offensive against keith remains stalled, a security camera captured in apparent rocket strike inside the capitol today, just yards away from you see where you see a man walking . ukrainian emergency services
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says at least one person was killed. authorities also say that the pregnant woman and her baby seen in a photo last week have died following the russian attack on a maternity hospital in mariupol last wednesday. more than 900 russian missiles have fallen on ukraine since the invasion began. foxes lauren blanchard tells us about this fourth round of talks today between russia and ukraine. russian military forces are targeting the suburbs of keith as they set their sights on the ukrainian capital city, ukrainian and russian negotiators held another round of talks on monday, but they hit pause and planned to meet again tuesday. we need to stand strong and fight in order to win and reach the peace ukrainians deserves an honest peace with security guarantees. the talks come as russia ramps up its attacks on civilian areas. an airstrike destroyed this residential building in kharkiv . we'll just north of kiev artillery fire. killed at least two people. they increased the level of war and violence
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against civilians, but they made absolutely no territorial gains against the ukrainian military over the weekend in southeastern ukraine, people began to leave the ports city of mariupol along a humanitarian route. red cross officials warned the situation there has become desperate when we look at the devastation when we look at how some neighborhoods are looking like today, it is really frightening and it it it tells a lot about a situation that is nothing short of a nightmare. all this as the number of ukrainian refugees climbs more than 2.8 million, fleeing to neighboring countries . first thing they're asking while crossing the border is please tell me that there are no shootings here. please tell me that there are no bombings in just over two weeks more than 1.7 million of those refugees have crossed over into poland in turn now. poland. lauren blanchard, fox news. and fox
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news says that correspondent benjamin hall was injured while reporting in kiev. today we have shown a number of his reports on our air, including the story on the refugee crisis. fox says he is in the hospital, but there are limited details on his injuries and what happened. hall is based in london and has three young children. another us journalist, brent renaud, was killed on sunday while reporting just outside kiev for time magazine. a woman from richmond has launched a donation drive to collect clothing and other items for ukrainian refugees, and the response from her friends and neighbors has been overwhelming. tomorrow barbara cook will fly to poland with 20 suitcases full of donations. i talked with her earlier today about who these items are going to and why this trip is deeply personal. bqe suitcases were donated not only a suit places but with their content, uh, for the ukrainian refugees who are now in poland, so they have now traveled 589
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miles from the border of ukraine into warsaw. they are stuck. they are in hostels. they are in church walls there in temples. they're in anywhere that could be made into a dormitory, predominantly women and children because the man had to stay back , and these women now need to start to move on and start to rebuild their lives start to take that first step on the ladder of normal life. and they literally have only what they're wearing. and if they're lucky, a change of clothing and i guess it is the lens in which i looked through this at and that is that both my father and my grandfather were polish jewish. they were in the concentration camps, and i think there's probably something very deep in me that says if people haven't necessarily help them. maybe maybe they wouldn't have survived and maybe somewhere it's sort of this is an opportunity to play it forward.
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most of this was donated by your friends, your neighbors. people you know, in the community. were you surprised by. the outpouring and the generosity you saw from your neighbors and just that short amount of time overwhelmed surprise doesn't cut it. it's not a big enough word. the community of richmond has pulled together my friends and family from the city. um have just it's this has struck a chord i like so everybody just wants to do something. we can't bear what we're looking at. and you know, donating money is one thing but actually doing something and the humble, grateful privilege of being able to do that is huge, and it seems to have struck a chord with everybody. so where do you go from here? i mean, obviously, this this is your this is your first trip. to go distribute these donated clothes . but you you have, you know, donations pouring in. where does
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this operation go? from here? where it goes from here is we use this as a learning trick? we open up this channel and we make sure that most of all we make sure that the intention for the recipients is actually realized . is that really, really what you need and want. and will it make a difference to you? and will it make you feel better about yourself? and will it help you develop into some kind of normal life for yourself? these are suitcases filled with love, and every suitcase has a label in it with a hot yellow bag with the blue carpet says from san francisco so that people realize that even though we're halfway across the world, you are still our sisters and brothers in need. and we can do something we shouldn't see distances a barrier. we shouldn't see any obstacle. and honestly, if i can do it, anybody can do it. cook tells me she's working with the local jewish organization here in the bay area to distribute
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those items in poland. she still has three dozen more suitcases at home full of donated items that need to be delivered at some point in the future. very inspiring. certainly we'll hear back in the bay area. heartbreaking story. an eight year old girl from hayward was found dead in merced. from other is now under arrest, and the police are searching for her mother's boyfriend. we'll hear from the family member, about one particular comment the mother made about a week ago that's raised some red flags also test strips that check drugs for fentanyl, becoming more widely available at bars and other businesses around the bay area. coming up today at 4 30. i'll talk with the founders of this nonprofit who've been supplying these test kits. in spectacular winter day over the bay area. i do see changes already underway as clouds begin to move in and scattered showers are in the forecast better details after the break.
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her body was found in a mercy at home. her mother is now in custody, accused of killing her , and the search continues for the mother's boyfriend are crime reporter henry lee is here now, with the very latest on this. very sad case, henry. jenna cousin tells me this little girl had been neglected and abused and that relative sounded the alarm with social workers. she says it's too late for sofia, but that they hope other children in similar situations can be saved. we are collectively as a family devastated, um sad and i think numb and in a state of disbelief , the body of a child was found inside his home in merced. melissa harris believes is that of her eight year old cousin, sophia mason. there's a mixed bag of emotions, of course, because samantha, her mother was our family member also um and we love her. we love sofia, but also sophia's an innocent victim in all of this. sofia's mother, samantha johnson, has been arrested on suspicion of murder . johnson's boyfriend, dante jackson, is wanted for the same
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crime. he's still on the run. jackson is not the girl's father but lives in the merced home where a child's body was found. merced police would not say how the child was killed or what role the couple allegedly played in the death. but about a week ago, johnson called her mother and made a disturbing comet, according to harris, and she said, next time i see you, mom, it'll just be me and you like it used to be. the girl's aunt says johnson was jealous of the attention her daughter got from the family. she was very happy. and she was very almost jovial, enjoys about the fact that she could be with her mother again without having sophia present. the family believes johnson, who is mentally ill, was involved in prostitution and moved from hotel to hotel. they say she would sometimes leave her daughter with her mother and disappear for weeks or months. about 2.5 weeks ago, sofia spoke with her grandmother on the phone. the normally bubbly girl did not sound like herself. she is even very, very tired, almost drowsy, as if she were drugged. she wasn't able to string it together her sentences appropriately, and that raised
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red flags from my aunt. the family says they repeatedly contacted alameda county social services, but say they were told little could be done because the girl was with her mother. hayward police tell me that alameda county social services did look into at least one complaint back in 2021, but that the agency said it was unfounded . i reached out to social services but as spokeswoman said she could not discuss anything because juvenile records are confidential. under state law, live in the newsroom, henry lee ktvu, fox two news and henry one quick question. do they have any description of a vehicle or any idea of where that boyfriend's whereabouts might be. they have not released anything about where he could be or any vehicle that he might be driving. okay. henry lee in the newsroom. thank you. santa rosa police have released a sketch of a possible suspect who's wanted for an attempted kidnapping. police say they're investigating the attempted kidnapping of a 12 year old girl on march 7th. it happened in the area of calistoga road and piedmont drive. police have not been able
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to identify the man, but they are releasing this sketch of what they described as a possible suspect. the man's vehicle was described as an older black bmw four door sedan with no front license plate. anyone who has any information should put in a call to santa rosa police. and bay area beachgoers are being warned about dangerous sneaker waves and rip currents along the northern california coast. the national weather service has issued a 24 hour beach hazards alert. that starts tonight at seven o'clock swells of and peoe being reminded to stay well away from the water and to never turn their back on the ocean. for more now on the weather, let's go to ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo. yes. hello to you, jonah, alex to all of you happy monday. we do have a beautiful day underway around the bay area very seasonal for this time of year. changes are already underway, though if you look up into the sky, you will begin to see some clouds out
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there more cloud cover than we had earlier today. here's a beautiful view over san francisco, the golden gate bridge. the marin headlands there with a mix of sun and clouds. still at this hour sun will set right about 7 15 this evening a little bit more on that advisory for the beach. i just want to show you here where it covers from areas of the north bay all the way down into monterey. it also includes the san francisco right there along the edge of sauce, alito as well and as the anchor spoke about a moment ago, it goes for 24 hours. it starts at seven o'clock this evening will go until seven o'clock tomorrow evening and again never turn your back to the water. just be very prepared. if you're going to be close to the coast for the sneaker waves, as well as the increased rip current danger stormchange tonight, though, take a look at what is happening over the pacific northwest northern california already seeing some of this, it will begin to slide into the bay area. it looks like by the evening hours, at least for the north bay. for many of us, it's going to be just a stray shower areas of the south
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bay. you may remain dry the future cast here giving you an idea about 10 o'clock tonight. it's over lake county, sonoma county and then as we get into the late night hours early morning hours, it begins to shift. here's a look at tomorrow morning. a lot of cloud cover and place scattered showers in the forecast, which means you may actually have some of this on your morning commute. so heads up there. you may want to set the alarm clock just a little early so you can get out the door. the sierra is also going to get some snow. there is no advisory for travel right now, although that's no level is expected to be right about the past. which means you could have the chains required or snow tires for sometime tomorrow, early tomorrow morning by noontime where mostly cloudy a few stray showers left and then we are drying out in time for the evening commute. i'll have a look at how much rainfall i expect. we'll get with this system, your temperatures and another system to follow later in the week coming up in just a little bit. okay we'll talk to you in a bit rosemary oroczo, some breaking news on interstate
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80 in plaster county. this is where a propane truck has crashed this afternoon. 80 in bs at applegate road. this crash is also triggering evacuations for people who are nearby. the plaster county sheriff's office is telling ktvu that propane is leaking from that truck, which rolled down an embankment and ended up upright on its wheels. as you see here from this video from the helicopter hazardous materials team is on the scene right now working to contain that leak. we are working to find out the extent of any injuries that might be involved with this crash. but again, interstate 80 shut down in both directions in plaster county. the plastic county sheriff's office is asking people to evacuate within a quarter mile radius of this crash or can get more details will get them to you as soon as we learn more at first redline issues on bart's red lines have been continuing for more than a week. now up next, we'll hear from the transit agency about why the repairs are
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out of service since march. 6th the red line route connects richmond to the san francisco airport and millbrae writers currently are being told to take the orange and yellow lines to the airport with a bus bridge to millbrae. we now have part spokesman jim allison, who's joining us live to talk about the repairs. jim thank you for taking some time. and i wanted to start off with this bart alert that says that power issues are the reason for the shutdown. what happened? and why is it taking more than a week to try and make those repairs? well let's get a little brief summary of how our trains are powered. we have 1000 volts of power goes through the third rail, which the trains actually touched. and that's what powers the motors so that 1000 volt electricity comes from our substations. and a very high voltage cable 34,500 volts
4:23 pm
of electricity carries out electricity from the grid to the substations, and to where it's converted for our use of our trains, and what we have is a faulty cable somewhere along the line from basically el cerrito plaza station up to our richmond train yard, so that's about a five mile stretch of cable. and it's on an aerial section of track and it's all insulated so you can't actually see the wires that carry the electricity. so somewhere in there, there's a fault where the electricity is not getting through. and so it's taking the long period of time is getting this resolved is the fact that we just don't know exactly where this break is. so if we knew we could cut out a section of the cable and splice a new cable but it's very difficult to determine exactly where this cable is breaking down. and do you know what the cause was? his was at the age of
4:24 pm
the cable. i know some of the cables date back to the 19 seventies, when bart's first was going. how old was that cable? and do you think that age had had a factor. well age is certainly something we're going to look at. because this cable is one of the original cables. from the bart system so it could be as much as 50 years old. it was scheduled to begin a replacement project to replace that entire cable that was going to begin last thursday. it did begin thursday. but the cable broke down. what three days before that, so it was extremely bad timing for us. and for our writers who use that and what's the cost of replacing? it's the funding already in place, or could the entire system benefit from all of the cables being replaced? is that something that's being considered? we are replacing the old cables through measure are are, which is the voter past bond measure that provided a huge infusion $3 billion for us to rebuild the
4:25 pm
system and replacing these high voltage cables? is one of the top priorities. we've made progress on other sections of the track. and we just didn't get to this one in time. will you be getting any funding from the federal infrastructure money to try and help you get that accomplished? you know, the federal infrastructure money is going to be parsed out and years to come, so i'm not entirely sure exactly what that money is going to be used for, but i can tell you that measure are ours, providing the bulk of the funding to replace this infrastructure. okay and i want to ask you quickly just to switch gears. briefly the ridership numbers. we've seen an increase in gas prices and also people starting to return to work as that had any impact on the barts ridership numbers. well, we certainly seen an increase in ridership over the last two or three weeks last thursday was our highest ridership day. since march, 2020
4:26 pm
before the shelter in place took place. it was 129,000 people on the weekday, so that is a fraction of where we were before the pandemic. but we are seeing more people returning to part we're happy about that, and we think they'll find a cleaner, safe system and we made many upgrades. for instance, the air filtration and our train cars just to reassure people that they're safe. all right. jim allison, bart spokesman. thank you so much for joining us today. and for that update on the red line, which continues to be repaired. any idea exactly when do you have a final date for that? coming back online. well the situation right now is we're drawing power from the yellow line. and so this cable is not going to be back in service for the next few days. for sure. but we're testing out some things that may be able to improve service for people and we're hoping to do that sometime this week. so let's keep our
4:27 pm
fingers crossed that all the tests that we're doing. workout and we're able to drive better service for the people who have been very patient along the richmond lines. alright, jim allison with bart. thank you so much. you're welcome. fentanyl test strips are becoming more and more common than they area bars and other businesses up next here on the four today we'll talk live with the founders of the nonprofit organization that's been supplying these tests to those businesses, and we'll have a closer look at how they work. and the battle over california's gas tasks coming up the vote today on a bill by some state lawmakers to immediately suspend lawmakers to immediately suspend the tax and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. suspending california's 51 cent a gallon gas tax failed to pass the state assembly today, a group of republican lawmakers proposed suspending the tax immediately in response to high gas prices. they wanted to use funds from the states $45 billion surplus to replace the gas tax funds. opponents said eliminating the gas tax would take away critical money from highway and other infrastructure projects. gas here in california is a dollar 40 cents higher than the national average. according to triple a. the highest gas prices are in san francisco, marin and napa counties where it's at least $5.90 for a gallon of regular gas. it's $5.85 in san mateo county, $5.81 in alameda county, and the cheapest
4:31 pm
area for gas is solano county, where the average is $5.74 a gallon. and it's not only drivers who are getting hit. if you're planning to fly this spring or summer, you may want to book your flight soon as foxes. rebecca castro tells us airline ticket prices are going up as jet fuel is getting more expensive. new orleans is one of the top destinations for spring break, and those in the tourism industry here are hoping these higher flight prices won't keep people from visiting taking a look at the international air transport association's jet fuel price monitor. the price of fuel is up 82% from this time last year. this week. it's at $132 a barrel kathleen bangs, a former airline pilot and now spokesperson for the flight tracking company, flight, aware says it's going to be almost impossible for airlines not to pass on the extra cost to customers. unless the airline is under a fuel contract. this is referred to in the industry as hedging fuel. alaska airlines has hedged some fuel southwest
4:32 pm
we hear has significantly hedged fuel. what does that mean? that means they locked in at a lower price. they took a risk doing that, because let's say they locked in at a dollar 50 a gallon or something, and prices dropped to a dollar a gallon. well, then someone's going to say, well, why did you do that? but for those companies that locked in at lower prices, obviously they're going to reap those benefits and probably so will their passengers. that my tickets with them the three major u. s. airlines delta, united and american do not hedge fuel. travelers could soon see surcharges added to their ticket price or increased baggage fees to make up the costs. i think it's sad because we are coming hopefully on the other side of this pandemic, where so many people's plans were canceled, with the rate of inflation going up, fuel going up. then you know people may have to make sacrifices and booked early before. everything started going crazy, and so my fair was locked in because i've looked at quite prices now, and the prices are 2
4:33 pm
to 3 times as much as i would expect them to be booking early is definitely the best advice for the cheapest ticket, and you might also want to consider buying a refundable ticket. that way. if the price does go down after you purchase it, you'll be able to exchange it. in new orleans. rebecca castor ktvu, fox two news. as defense. it'll crisis continues. these tiny test strips are becoming much more common sight around the bay area at various businesses, especially at bars and restaurants. people can use the free strips to check to see if the drugs they're planning to use contained the dangerous opioid that's responsible for an alarming number of overdose deaths. for more on this effort. we're joined now by denesh old and alison heller, who are the founders of the nonprofit fen check, which supplies businesses with those fentanyl test strips . appreciate both of you coming on today. let's start with you explain to everyone how these test strips work, and why do you believe it's important that they be readily available to people across the bay area? thanks alex
4:34 pm
for having us on first of all, and i really want to, um share a little bit about why they work and how they don't work and what they actually do. it's very simple. the test strip itself. can actually detect up to 20 nanograms. of. fentanyl in one millimeter. and for those of you who aren't scientific like me, um, that means that if you were to take a shot glass, put a little bit of a drug in it. fill it with water. it would tell you if there's fentanyl or not. it's very simple. the strip for 15 seconds. pull it out. let it sit. horizontally and it will tell you and that's what the instructions that we have spent a bunch of time creating tell you so they are very easy to use . it sounds like and being offered at a growing number. of businesses around the bay area. alison over to you. you started distributing these test strips last summer. what have you seen
4:35 pm
in that time in terms of the demand for them, and what kind of a difference do you think they're making? and how do you quantify? it's been amazing. it's been clearly although this entirely inspired by the initiatives through hiv and aids activists during the crisis, where they put condoms into bowls and bathrooms. we are now alone people to without the stigma of going online and using their personal information and their address. to purchase something that they're going to use and could help prevent an accidental overdose. what we've seen is so much warmth from the community. we see people who are calling the bars in advance asking. hey, do you guys have these? thank you so much. they come in. they have a drink. they really they talked to the bartenders about how thankful they are. i see this in the community and they go around their business. we were just in the we're in the market of normalizing this experience. if you were going to absence hasn't worked always if you're going to engage in recreational drug use.
4:36 pm
you should have informed consent . you should know what's in what you're going to use, and then you can make a decision from there. the reality is you can't get to that. next step in harm production, be it. in an invention or rehabilitation. if you don't survive the night, and this just helps people get to from point a to point b. dean i imagine, though, that you probably have approached some business owners out there about offering these test strips in their establishments, and they likely were worried about this potentially encouraging drug use among patrons. how do you respond to those concerns and then navigate that discussion? that's a great question. and yes , we have actually had to navigate that many times. and what we're trying to do is try and give people the opportunity to live and stay alive and survive the night. this isn't about whether they will do drugs or not. they will do them. we're not trying to change that behavior. but with the changes with fentanyl being into cocaint
4:37 pm
to do is give people the ability to actually make a decision with informed consent about what they put into their body. a lot of how we faced the supervise asian of having these into a bar. and a bar is being like. well maybe this doesn't look right to potential customers is by working with the whole community. no one is alone. um when you walk on telegraph here in oakland, you're going to be it's gonna be hard to find a venue that does not have these. no one is an outsider. no one's alone and it's just been normalized. all right, so i know that both of you are working right now to expand the number of businesses and other sites that offer these test strips he recently partnered up with with uc berkeley to make them available on that campus. what are the steps you're taking to try to make these fentanyl test strips even more widely available and on top of that? how do you get the money to be able to continue to buy these strips? i love that question. first of all, what are we doing?
4:38 pm
we are trying to look for groups of volunteers. i always say we need three things to expand. we need venues. we need volunteers, and we need funding. um if we get those, then we will be fine . that's why we have portland's we have reno. we have philadelphia. we have many of the boroughs. i think all of them now in new york, were trying to expand as best we can. the money is absolutely eliminating thank you for showing the map on our website where you can actually go and work. people go. they will literally go here and they will say i really want these test strips. what's the nearest place and they can find them and they will go there. and the owners loved this because they would much rather have that happen. then somebody accidentally overdosing but we are completely funded through donations, whether it is through the venues or through public or through foundations and we are working on applying for grants, but we
4:39 pm
don't do it a lot because we need anonymity or five at one c three and fully qualified to get government grants for the fentanyl test strips, which are so forensically sound. a lot of these grants were choir information. we're not willing to give them information like how many test strips are coming back positive. and since we are not willing to sacrifice the safety and anonymity of people who are participating in this program but we do have is data from the department, california department of public health, which shows you know which demonstrates that things are different here, okay, we have to leave this conversation right there. i really appreciate both of you taking the time today denesh old and alison heller, founders of the nonprofit fence check. thanks for coming on today, alex and see so much absolutely our pleasure. and if you would like to find out more about french check, even find out the locations where those test strips are being offered here in the bay area. we have posted a link. to our website. just go there and look under the web link section ktvu .com.
4:40 pm
thousands of people ended up quitting their jobs during the pandemic in what's being called by some as the great resignation. but why are many of those people now having regrets alive, guest explains results of the new survey coming up and increasing cloud cover outside our doors at this hour, followed by a chance for scattered showers arriving tonight we'll take a look at the current conditions show you you can expect for your bay area tuesday and the da of workers who quit ts
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
recently, may now be feeling a sense of regret this year, and last company saw a record number of workers quitting in a trend that some are calling the great resignation. joining us now is kathryn minshew, the founder and ceo of the muse and online job platform that conducted the survey. catherine thank you for joining us today. thank you so
4:43 pm
much for having me. your survey looked at more than 2500 millennial and gen z workers. i'm wondering, why did you focus on that group? and what did your survey finds? well we had essentially a theory based on what we've been hearing from employers that the rate of resignations is on the rise. and clearly we see that in the data. not only did we find that almost three quarters of american workers in the gen z and millennial demographic had experienced this shift shock or new job surprise and regret. where a position that you take. you know, isn't as advertised. but 80% of our respondents said that they would leave that job in under six months or that it was acceptable to leave in under six months. um if they felt this when starting a new position, so it's been fascinating watching the great resignation and realizing it's not only driven by what you might call, um you know, resignations from positions people have been at for a long time, but that some of these new hires are at risk for companies as well. and you
4:44 pm
use the term shift shocked just now. some people might not be very familiar with that term. can you explain what you mean by that and also how that ties into job satisfaction? absolutely so shift shock. is that feeling of surprise or regret when you start a new job, and it is not at all as advertised. this is something that's been around for a long time. it was certainly the case when i started working , you know 10 to 15 years ago. um, but i think it's on the rise because so many people these days are interviewing for new jobs over zoom, they may meet only a few coworkers via one on one virtual conversations before starting a new position. and so it's much harder for many. people. to get a sense for the company, culture and the work environment that said this this this phenomenon, the shift shock is a real problem, because when an employee starts a new position, and they experience shift shock when that position of that company is not as expected, is not as advertised. it can lead to lower engagement . it can lead to resignations and, you know, employee
4:45 pm
attrition. it can lead to a lot of problems. and so we're seeing both individuals and employers start to ask. you know, how can i avoid this phenomenon? and how can they avoid it? did you get any data from your survey or any advice that you might be able to pass along to people who might be considering job hopping either once or maybe again a second time to another company. yes absolutely. so for individuals, i think that it is very important to ask questions during an interview process. it's appropriate these days to consider interviews as a two way street. and so we encourage job seekers to ask questions about a company's culture, the work environment the expectations of someone in this role if you are interviewing for a position and or you're near the end of the process. some candidates are actually asking to meet other team members and to really get a better sense of what work is like at that company for employers. we are really encouraging people to be very transparent about everything from the hours you expected new
4:46 pm
hire to work the tools and communication preferences that you expect them to adopt. the work, they're expected to do, the more than a business or an employer can communicate about what is expected, the more likely they are to have an employee who is opting in with their eyes wide open and who doesn't experience the shift shock or this. you know this this unexpected surprise at starting a new position and finding it to be very different than they anticipated. write some good takeaways there. thank you so much. kathryn minshew, founder and ceo of the muse. appreciate your joining us today. thank you for having me. following a day of mostly blue skies turning white at this hour . we have a lot of cloud cover rolling in and ahead of that we are looking at a bit of an onshore breeze as well. so changes are underway. we have scattered showers in the forecast for tonight. lasting into tomorrow. here's a beautiful view over the golden gate bridge as we look towards the marin headlands notice all the clouds there in the sky. the north bay will receive the
4:47 pm
scattered showers first, and then we will get it through the central bay in south bay during the late night, overnight hours . if you are just joining us, there is a beach hazard statement for the entire coastline starts at seven o'clock this evening. goes 24 hours until tomorrow evening for sneaker waves, and they rip currents. so be careful if you're going to be close to the coast. meanwhile, storm tracker two is quiet out there. we still have the storm. pretty much the north of us. we're seeing the onset of the cloud cover, though the showers expected to arrive on 9 10 o'clock, perhaps for our north bay and lake county area. and then as we get into the overnight hours while we're sleeping, it will move into the bay area. here's a look at tomorrow morning. notice all that moisture still to the north. we are going to squeeze out just a few scattered showers doesn't look like a big deal, but any amount of rain on the morning commute. could be a big deal so something to be aware of, if you're going to be out early tomorrow morning onto those roadways it does push through. the sierra will get some high elevation snow. no advisory for travel, but do expect a slick roadways right
4:48 pm
along the past because that snow level is expected to be right about 7000 ft. for tuesday. if you are driving up over the passes over towards the lake tahoe or towards reno, here's a look at the future cast into thursday notice. there is another system that begins to approach the coast. but it kind of fizzles out as it does so not expecting much at anything there . but here's a look at early saturday morning. this system looks pretty good. so we will have at least one, perhaps two chances for rain in the coming days. tomorrow system looks a little bit stronger than what we had over the weekend, anywhere from a few 107 inch for the south bay to 10th quarter inch for the central day and up to half inch expected for the north bay. hopefully that saturday system will be even better. meanwhile for the sierra, picking up just a few inches of new snow again up over the higher elevations. tomorrow morning. in addition to the cloud cover, the scattered showers will wake up with temperatures in the forties over santa rosa, low fifties in san francisco, as well as fremont so
4:49 pm
not too cold with that air mass in place and the clouds overhead. helping to insulate us just a little bit. meanwhile for the afternoon, calling for partly sunny skies, scattered showers and temperatures still very seasonal. this is a warmer storm, with temperatures for inland cities into the upper sixties for tomorrow. and then, as we get into the extended forecast will go with dry for wednesday thursday, even into friday, temperatures remaining in the upper sixties for the afternoons calling for scattered showers on saturday, lasting into sunday morning with cooler temperatures back to you. okay, rosemary. thank you. well, today is the day for math geeks and pie lovers. happy pi day from all of us here at ktvu. it's march 14th , which is pi day. the date is 314 just like the mathematical constant of pi 3.14, etcetera, etcetera. pi is used to calculate this circumference of a circle, but some restaurants and grocery stores are celebrating the day by offering deals on pie and of course,
4:50 pm
pizza pie. alright, i like them both. absolutely. i'm all in on pie. any kind of march also brings march madness and the bay area is in the big dance. two bay area colleges make it to the men's tournament plus powerhouse sanford lady. they're back as well as a number one seed when who and where they all play coming up next and coming up tonight. new at five o'clock. why some san francisco teachers say they're not receiving paychecks. at what they believe is behind this error, plus what california lawmakers are saying about a sex abuse scandal at the women's federal prison in women's federal prison in dublin. care coalition, where are we on alaska airlines? we found that people are raving about their customer care. i mean, take a look at this! wow! [dog barks] says here they have the most flights from the west coast. they fly to chicago, hawaii, cancun! wow!
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do they fly to my magical faraway kingdom of care-a-lot, way up in the clouds where anything is possible? they have direct flights to vegas. close enough! ♪ ♪ when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™. it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. on the largest, fastest, reliable network
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with speeds up to 10 gigs to the most small businesses. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with internet and voice for $64.99 a month. and ask how to add securityedge™. or, ask how to get up to an $800 prepaid card. his march madness gets underway . they sure will. the stanford cardinal is a number one seed in the ncaa women's competition and
4:53 pm
is a big favorite to make it to the final four. the team led by coach tara vanderveer has won 20 straight games and is the second ring team in the nation. stanford will host big sky champion in 16th seed montana state. on friday at maples pavilion. on the men's side. the saint mary's gales of morocco will be part of march madness for the 11th time under head coach randy bennett. st mary's turned to five seed, which is the best in the school's history . the gales will face the winner of the wyoming indiana game in the opening round this thursday in portland. the third team out of the west coast conference dons of san francisco. and this is also a very exciting month of march for the usf dons men's basketball team. usf has made it to the n c a tournament for the first time since 1998. we made history, and that's something
4:54 pm
that i'll be super proud of. for the rest of my life and be able to lead this program with these special young man next to me, incredibly proud of what we've been able to do and accomplish together. the dawn zara 10 seed in the east region, and usf will face seven seed murray state on thursday in indianapolis saturday night. live star is heading to space. pete davidson will be among six passengers on the next launch of jeff bezos is space travel venture blue origin. he'll head to space on march 23rd. this is the third celebrity on board of blue origin flight william shatner and former nfl player and good morning america co host michael straight ahead of both gone up. the flight will blast off from texas for a 10 minute ride to the edge of space. and up next. the results are in which movies won top honors at this year's critics' choice awa screen reunik
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
of the past year and special honors all chosen by the critics reporting asked reporter ashley orkin has a total recap and highlights of this 27th critics' choice awards. the movies. bam the tv shows how they viewed reviewed and continued awards season at the critics' choice awards hosted by tay diggs and nicole buyer succession. acclaimed tv winners include best drama series succession, best limited series, mayor of east town and best comedy series. ted lasso. we see you we stand with you. and our hearts. are with you. bulgarian actress maria batalova was among those who sent support to the ukrainian people. they prayed that somehow, some way there can be left or enjoying that part of the world once again, as did
4:58 pm
lifetime achievement award recipient billy crystal. in his speech crystal shared while being recognized for past work. he's most excited about what's to come to every little girl who feels unseen and unheard. this is our way of saying to you. we love you and we see you. let's see her award was presented to director producer and star halle berry bath does earlier tonight and now critics choice film winners include codas best supporting actor troy concert and west side story's ariana debose for best supporting actress. i am here tonight. with venus and serena and their sister, isha. will smith won best actor for king richard and thank the williams family. i had nothing prepared. in adorable moments. belfast jude hill was named best young actor and later was joined by his cast for best acting ensemble best director went to jane campion and her film the power of the dog was
4:59 pm
the critics. choice best picture all movie winners now take this momentum to the oscars. march 27th in hollywood, ashley devore kin. fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. we need to stand strong and fight in order to win and reach the peace. ukrainians deserve. ukrainian president vladimir zelensky defies russian forces standing in streets destroyed by bombs this as peace talks between the two countries stall once again. those negotiations were the fourth attempt at finding some measure of common ground in this conflict. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach and i'm julie julie haener. this all comes as the russian offensive stalls near kiev. also today, a security camera captured an apparent rocket strike inside the capitol just yards away from where a man was walking. ukrainian emergency services say at least one person was killed. authorities also say a pregnant woman and her baby seen in a photo last week have now died. following the russian attack on a maternity hospital in mary. a
5:00 pm
poll last wednesday. more than 900 russian missiles have now fallen on ukraine since this invasion began as fox is lauren blanchard reports. the red cross is now sounding the alarm. about the refugee crisis. russian military forces are targeting the suburbs of kiev as they set their sights on the ukrainian capital city, ukrainian and russian negotiators held another round of talks on monday, but they hit pause and planned to meet again tuesday. we need to stand strong and fight in order to win and reach the peace ukrainians deserves an honest peace with security guarantees. the talks come as russia ramps up its attacks on civilian areas and airstrike destroyed this residential building in kharkiv . we'll just north of kiev artillery fire. killed at least two people. they increased the level of war and violence against civilians, but they made absolutely no territorial gains against the ukrainian military over the weekend in southeastern ukraine, people began t


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