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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 17, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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have more sports for you in about 25 minutes, but that's it for now. team green here. everybody in the buildings wearing green, which as they should. all right, mark. thank you. and next at 11. just just celebrate our heritage and to be out in the public. and have a good time. some people started celebrating st patrick's day early and the party is still not over in many bars tonight. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again. i'm cristina rendon and i'm julie julie haener as people are wrapping up st patrick's day celebrations across the bay area , the days fund comes with special meaning for one longtime irish pub in berkeley, ktvu. elissa harrington is live outside starry plow pub with that story, alyssa. the story plow has been here at the corner of shaddock and prince street in berkeley for almost 50 years, but it has been closed for the past two years because of
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covid-19. that has been a challenging time for the owners . but they tell me that reopening tonight and seeing so many familiar faces makes it all worthwhile. hey irish eyes were smiling at the starry plow on berkeley's shattuck avenue, the longtime family run pub hosted its annual st patrick's day event, one that has been on hold for two years was definitely trip. we never never thought we'd be closed for this long manager shaheen nema said. the pub abruptly close on this very day back in 2020. because of the pandemic in the shelter in place. we were going to open a few times. but then there was another pen. another outbreak and another outbreak. and i was just like you know what? i got my parents, the health wasn't that great, and i was just like, let's just hold off. now many people have been vaccinated mask mandates have been lifted and case numbers have significantly dropped. owners say they feel good about inviting people back inside, but still plan to check vaccination status at the door. it's a big deal. it's a lot of
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work, but it is a big deal and it's so great to see everybody. rose hughes owns the story plow with her husband. it has been in her family since the early 19 seventies, she said. during the closure, they raised $65,000 through a go fund me and received help with emergency grants to stay afloat. my heart is here. it's a family thing, you know. so and i mean everybody so sweet to us, and just so happy that we're coming back and that we're not gone for good, like so many other businesses, the st patrick's day celebration included all the traditional fixings like corned beef and cabbage, soda bread and plenty of guinness on tap. cheers cheers. there was live music and performance by the mcbride, irish dancers. bar patrons we talked to said they were thrilled. this neighborhood staple is back in business. they say it feels more like a community than just a bar. that's amazing. i've been so worried that they weren't going to open up. it's been so sad the
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last two years because we drive by all the time we see the padlock on the door, and we just don't know we're like, oh, i hope they open again. this was a special one day opening for the starry plow this month. they do plan to close for the next two weeks, then reopened for regular service starting april 3rd. sundays through wednesday's reporting live in berkeley. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. alright, alyssa. thank you . in san francisco. a longstanding st patrick's day celebration resumed in full force for the first time since the pandemic. today crowds gathered at the united irish cultural center on 45th avenue, the day long celebration featured irish dancers, musicians and, of course, the traditional fare of corn, beef and cabbage was served. it's a great day for us to celebrate our heritage. all of the things that the irish immigrants overcame to get here. how successful we've been organizers
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say the center started hosting a st patrick's day celebration here 47 years ago in 1975. ukrainian president vladimir zelensky has a message for president biden tonight during a late night video address. mr zalinsky thank president biden for the additional military aid being sent to his country, but did not disclose what's in that package. the help comes as we learn more about a u. s civilian who died in ukraine loved ones of jim hill say he was waiting in a bread line with several other people. when the group was gunned down by russian military snipers. fox news madeline ribera tells us ukrainian officials confirmed today 10 people died in that attack. a day after calling president putin a war criminal president biden is doubling down on his rhetoric. vladimir putin vladimir putin has launched an unconscionable war against ukraine against the very pillars of international peace and stability. now secretary of
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state anthony blinken is joining the president in his opinion personally. i agree. intentionally targeting civilians is a war crime. these images show what's left of a theater and mary a poll which local authorities say was being used as a shelter until a russian airstrike destroyed it. more than 1500 people, thankfully, that they were in the shelter, not i mean, they were not all killed. but as you know, maria suffering as russia's scales up its attacks, western countries are leading the efforts to turn the country into an economic pariah. on capitol hill. house lawmakers went one step further thursday, voting to suspend normal trade relations with russia. however there are growing concerns among us officials that china could offer russia military and financial help. it is a high concern a significant concern. president biden is getting ready for a high stakes call with chinese president xi jinping on friday. but he's managing expectations he does not believe developed democracies can be
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sustained in 21st century this week, national security advisor jake sullivan warned china it could face consequences if it supports russia's invasion of ukraine. but the bite administration has not specified what those consequences would be in washington mall. the rivera fox news paypal now says users can send money to ukrainians. previously people in ukraine were only able to use paypal to send money out of the country, but now they're able to receive funds as well as make transfers within ukraine. paypal says it will also waive fees on transfers of money to ukrainian accounts through june. this is the latest effort by u. s companies looking for ways to help ukrainians impacted by russia's invasion. the world health organization today warned that russia is blocking the deliveries of medical supplies needed to help ukrainian civilians. ktvu jana katsuyama spoke with several bay area nonprofits that are growing more concerned about russia targeting aid workers and humanitarian relief sites. ukraine president
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vladimir zelensky brought flowers to patients in a hospital thursday trying to boost spirits as the world health organization told the united nations it is verified 43 attacks on hospitals and warned that russians are blocking deliveries of humanitarian medical supplies. the targeting of civilians and the delivery of humanitarian aid is becoming a growing concern here. the percent concern is huge, all stop core kuna is the director of the humanitarian aid group nova ukraine, based in palo alto , he says, while they have collected some $8 million in donations, one of their vans was recently attacked. and they have had to take steps to keep their operations from being discovered by russian forces. we never share any photos of those people and our reports. we never share any locations, very specific locations specifically because of security concerns. this is very real. the russians started almost from day one. going after civilian targets and specifically collecting
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information from the web. james hodson is ceo of the ai for good foundation based in the bay area, he says russians maybe using public information posted online and on social media to target aid workers, pointing bombs at hospitals and medical centers that grain stores. that was specifically being listed as places where people could go and get help. the ai for good foundation now is partnering with other nonprofits and amazon web services to launch a mobile app that has privacy and security checks built in to help people connect with supplies within ukraine and get emergency help safely when needed. the application will actually allow them to send a beacon of help, rather than having to call explain. give the location everything is already stored in the app, and we're able to access that when people are in an emergency a i for good plans to have their app up and running by next month so that aid workers in ukraine can have a more secure and private way. of
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communicating with people in need. reporting from the newsroom. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news, arnold schwarzenegger posted a nine minute video message on twitter today, saying he wants to let russians know what's really going on in ukraine. ukraine did not start this war. neither did nationalists or. those in power in the kremlin started this war. this is not the russian people's war. he went on to express his respect, expressed his respect for the russian people. but he said the world has turned against russia because of the invasion of ukraine, and he showed some of the attacks on civilian targets. the russian invasion is already forced over three million ukrainians to flee . most are women and children, those refugees and the people who are still in ukraine need help. and if you want to help, just scan the q r code at the bottom of your screen that will give you the information about the best ways to get your
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donations to the people in need. a man accused of kidnapping a person in vallejo that was initially viewed as a hoax will plead no contest tomorrow in state court to a laundry list of serious crimes, including rape. prosecutors say in 2015, matthew mueller broke into the home of denise huskins and her now husband, aaron quinn. he drugs them both and took us into the tahoe area where he raped her before releasing her two days later in southern california. the case was so strange. vallejo police initially called it a hoax. mueller will be sentenced to 31 years in state prison and he'll serve that concurrently with the 40 years he's already serving on federal charges. a 90 day emergency declaration aimed at cleaning up the tenderloin district in san francisco is expiring. but just because that order is coming to an end, it doesn't mean the work there is over. ktvu christien kafton has the message from the mayor's office. people living and working in san francisco's tenderloin say they have noticed a difference on these streets.
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since i've gotten here. it has gotten better around here because when i first came two months ago, there was like these streets were lined people, all of it down like doing their drugs on the side of the road and stuff like your own kids and everything like that. but they're not like that anymore. a lot of that progress they say came over the last three months since the mayor declared a state of emergency, allowing the city to bypass bureaucracy and immediately began focusing on some of the most pressing issues facing the tenderloin. mary ellen carroll, from the city's department of emergency management says the order allowed the city to act quickly and even with the emergency order expiring, they can continue to develop programs that started over the last three months. as i stated the other day, we don't need an emergency declaration to respond to an emergency. city officials say the emergency order allowed them to open the linkage center in a matter of weeks, not months to connect homeless and those with mental illness or chemical dependency to city services. and just this week san francisco police committed to increasing the number of officers patrolling the area by at least 20 every day, captain chris
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cannon from the tenderloin station, says the additional officers will help build on their successes. there were clearly some some some challenges here, and we're working through that, and there's some momentum and traction. not only is it noticeable to me from what i hear in the community, it's noticeable from kids walking to school. looking forward. people living in the tenderloin say they want to see more police walking the beat and they say they want the city to build on the successes they've seen so far. to address situations like open air drug use. i think there needs to be spots where they can possibly do their drugs off the streets so that you know they can get some kind of help. we also heard from supervisor matt haney, whose district includes the tenderloin, he said the area needs continued investment and attention and that now is the time to expand on solutions. not scale back in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. investigators blame a 12 year old boy for gunfire at a
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southern california middle school today, coming up what they say he did before the gun went off and find out how some state lawmakers ♪ at usaa, we've been called "too exclusive" because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served.
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no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. are we still exclusive? absolutely. handgun he was showing two classmates went off. officials say the gun fired into a table at loma vista middle school. the student was booked into juvenile detention for negligent discharge of a firearm. police say. fortunately, nobody was
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hurt. gun fired. it went through the backpack through the table and where he was sitting at and then into the ground. nobody was hit there. nobody was injured at all. no word yet on where the 12 year old got the gun, riverside police say it happened as the boy was attending an after school program a bomb threat at fremont high school in sunnyvale today prompted an evacuation of the campus and sent students home early for the day, a district official said the threat came in shortly before 11 30 this morning, officers conducted an hours long search, which included assistance from a canine unit from the sheriff's office. police said they found no explosive device or any evidence of an active threat. they gave the all clear shortly before four o'clock this afternoon. we'll charges have now been filed in connection with the shooting death of a former police officer and security guard kevin nishida, the alameda county district attorney's office today charged shadia mitchell, herschel hail
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and laurent gilbert with murder , attempted robbery and assault . mitchell, who is the suspected shooter, is also charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. he was arrested yesterday by federal marshals in san francisco. hale was already in custody in san francisco. in another case open police chief laurent armstrong is asking for the public's help in finding the third suspect. today we also have information and need the public's help. but i wouldnt locating the third suspect who was not in custody. laurent gilbert. this individual has been charged with homicide. the u. s marshal and others are helping us trying to locate this individual, but we also seeking the public's health and located this individuals responsible for this homicide as well. kevin and shira was a retired san jose and coma police officer who was killed while working security protecting a television news crew in downtown oakland last november. a proposal to pad your
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bank account with a rebate because of high gas prices coming up how the plan would work. and find out why one plan defied retail theft doesn't get very far at the state capital. and we are tracking some rainfall for the bay area weekend for part of it anyway centuries ago, native californians
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so boost your bottom line by switching today. get the new samsung galaxy s22 series on comcast business mobile and for a limited time save up to $750 on a new samsung device with eligible trade-in. to advance a bill that would have given district attorney's more leverage in charging organized retail crime rings. that bill would have empowered district attorneys to charge theft rings with their entire criminal scheme, which routinely cross county jurisdictional lines. the bill was sponsored by ventura county sheriff bill a. ube and ventura county district attorney eric nasa. renko for members of the committee
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abstained from voting on the measure, so there was not enough support. for that bill to pass. this skyrocketing price of gas has some state lawmakers looking for ways to east the burden on california's ktvu. tom baker tells us about a proposal to put $400 back into the pockets of taxpayers. assembly democrats gathered on the steps of the capitol offering like $400 check sometime in the spring, which starts saturday to put that into context for most vehicles for most californians. this $400 rebate is equivalent to a one year gas tax holiday. the democrats theory use a part of the states $65 billion plus surplus. and pay it up front. the idea here is to deliver direct and immediate relief to california consumers who are feeling pain at the pump, and it'll go far in helping with price increases, not only at the pump but at the grocery store and on our utility bills. fact
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is 70% of the u. s economy is fueled by consumer spending. this will put money as my colleagues have said, in the pockets of people. and they will turn around and according to their priorities and spend it on what matters. that's what we need right now is money right back in your pocket and then you decide. but why give it to all taxpayers? the high price of gasoline across the world is impacting every family and that's how we should provide assistance to know that californians who are taxpayers are in our grocery stores. we know that they are hit hard with inflation, high rent and say the democrats. this is not one and done. this is not going to be the only proposal on the table. this is not the only thing that we're going to do with our surplus, republicans say killing the gas tax outright is not dead. there is going to be another vote. to suspend the gas tax very soon, and i think that millions of people across california are going to be watching to see how that goes.
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the problem here is that the governor has other ideas about how to do rebates. and he hasn't even outlined what that means. and so even though he has a super majority in the legislature, it seems the democrats don't have one final solid plan. tom vacar ktvu. fox two news. alright ever closer to the weekend now as we get into tomorrow friday, which will be a nice day, we talked about that a bit. we're gonna have a little bit of patchy, maybe a little patchy valley fog in the morning, but very little, if any, and then a beautiful day sunny day highs in the mid sixties upper sixties. these were the highs from today. little bit warmer than we're going to see tomorrow but still the general idea of mid and upper sixties. i don't think we'll see as many seventies tomorrow. so that's friday and then saturday, we get those clouds increasing and then an opportunity. for what looks pretty pretty solid opportunity for some showers. 10th of an inch quarter of an inch. half an inch. maybe a half inch in some places, and perhaps in the
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mountains. we could see a foot of snow anywhere from three inches to a foot and then the current temperatures about where they were last night, so overnight lows are going to be chilly enough, but not freezing some frost possible open that north based sector 39 in fairfield 45 out in antioch and then temperatures in the round the bay in the forties around san francisco in those areas, so here's the system, and i mentioned this earlier, but you see how everything's kind of not well organized. that's our next system that comes in on saturday, not well organized and that's sort of a function of the time of year. i think that this time of year, the jet stream starts to break itself up a little bit, loses some strength as the temperatures begin to warm further south, and, um, we won't see as much. opportunity for heavy rain. that's why this storm coming in saturday, potentially on in february, might have been brought us an inch and a half. instead it's going to bring us a quarter of an inch in the mountains of winter weather advisory. this is for saturday. again tomorrow is going to be a lot like today.
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really nice day. it's saturday, the day that's wet sunday's money. it's gonna be a really nice day on the weekend. here is the morning tomorrow morning, and this is the model. and then there we are tomorrow afternoon. so this is what you care about here. i'll clock it through real slow. so here's the front coming in. here is saturday morning. here's saturday around lunchtime saturday around 2345, and then it's gone and it lingers in the mountains through the evening hours. so be prepared for that. the forecast for tomorrow will be temperatures like these lot like today but slightly cooler. and then the five day forecast, um, is one that you can basically expect. showers on saturday beautiful on sunday next week. clouds come in towards the end of the week. and maybe there's a shot at something else. but again, not a lot of rain from this, but something wet roads, slick roads. change up in the mountains. i'll see you back yourself. thanks, bill. march madness in full swing. the usf dawns in the st mary's gail's trying to keep their seasons alive. sports director market
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with you. st mary's couldn't get off to a better start than they did tonight. against indiana. however who's yours? kind of stole the moment for a while. i'm calling it the play of the game. skip the cheerleader up. get her up there. this is what you do it. give her my she's got a place worthy hero for the hoosiers right there. unfortunately for them, that was the highlight of their night. state berries up 19 2nd half logan johnson, but taya's task playing catch with each other
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down the lane johnson with 20 gales in total control, but the veteran of the squad for the gaels tommy cuzzi, pumped three he had 19 on the night gales blow out 82 53. they're going to take on u. c. l a on saturday for the usf dons and todd golden. it was bowyer or the highway versus murray state. over time. they're tied tamari bowyer is the guy i'm talking about. he'll work his magic inside. john's go up a couple of points at the four minute mark. he just got laser hot over time from the land of the logo. let it fly three he had 36 points. that's a career high and yet too much insight strength from murray state. it is skipper brown with the follow shot. and there you go the end of the season for the dodds who were great this year 24 10, but 92 87 falling shy in the spinal and
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men shucker in the nfl. the raiders turned the league on its ear with this move davante adams . you know, he's a local product from the bay palo alto. and aaron rodgers. favorite target. in fact, get 120 catches for him this year 11 touchdowns and he goes to hook up with his old college quarterback derek carr, is expected is adams to sign about $141 million contract. we got a little time left. so why not check this out something that all duffers can relate to. right here on the pga golf tour . does this happen to you, victor hovland. tees off 11 around the golf lookout. okay here's my old dustin johnson is nearly beamed by that shot. that was not even close. incoming even yeah, even happens to those guys. by the way, while we're talking to some basketball prior, steph curry going to be
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out of for a while with the sprained foot. the timing so you never want to see an injury. but like the big three had just come back ready for the playoffs. alright, mark. thank you. thanks for join fix that step. morning. i'm still sleeping. happy anniversary. mm. and they said we wouldn't last. [ chuckles ] who said that? oh, look at you. you're cute. go ahead. open it. what have you done? nothing. something, nothing. it's a view-master. look inside. oh, it's us. [ chuckles ] [ gasps ] look at how young we are. oh, god, that perm. yeah, it really framed my face. why is there a picture of a bracelet? huh. must be some kind of a mistake. what the heck is that? oh, phil, you didn't. oh, my god. what? did he? did he?


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