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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 31, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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at 11. a little bit scary. i feel like we just have to be here at the college or time. pick them up off them all. fear and concern from parents in the east bay after learning that police are investigating an assault on a child. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. and police say a student may have been assaulted while walking to class at cornell elementary in albany. hello again, everyone i'm heather holds and i'm julie julie haener new at 11 tonight. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with parents who say they're now talking to their students about safety. students in the albany unified school district are being told to walk in groups after a student at cornell elementary school was allegedly assaulted near campus. it's really creepy and scary. parents like jen west, got an email from the district superintendent's office, the letter reads. urgent safety alert, a cornell student was assaulted while walking to
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school. the incident happened wednesday morning. the student's parent reported it to police later that day after finding out i think it's really out of the ordinary in this neighborhood, and i'm glad that they are on top of it. district officials are also asking that younger kids be accompanied by an adult before and after school. it's a little bit scary. um i feel like we just have to be here the whole entire time. pick them up to the mob. cornell elementary is located just off solano avenue. a busy stretch of shops , restaurants and other businesses. police have not said where exactly that attack occurred, or if they are searching for a suspect. got little worried. anxious yes, definitely very worried. cering lots of daughter is in fifth grade, she said they have had many talks about safety and staying with other classmates when walking around the neighborhood. we always talk about. posed no boundary. if strangers crossing your personal
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brown do make sure that you will call for help. i reached out to the albany police department and was told that officers are continuing to interview people who might have more information , and they will be providing extra patrols in the area around the school. in albany. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. a man from the east bay has been charged with sex abuse, authorities say 50 year old patrick stephen yelton sexually abused a child under the age of 13. back in 2015. he's already in custody at the martinez detention facility after being charged for possession of child pornography last year. that investigation helped uncover the alleged sexual abuse offenses. a family in mourning after beloved father and grandfather was shot and killed while driving in oakland. kate who's amberleigh joins us now live and amber, his daughter says that they want justice for the person who committed this crime. heather the daughters tell me they cannot believe their father's gone. they describe him as friendly and someone who likes
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helping others. now they want answers and those responsible caught that's my dad and. more grandkids. rossio luna shows me the memorial that is now in the home she shared with her father, riccardo luna, in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood, now struggling with her grief at his sudden and senseless death by gun violence. it's not fair that they took my dad away. and there's there like nothing. said. it only kill him. they killed us. on sunday around 6 20 in the evening. rossio tells me her father drove his black pickup truck to go get something to eat. he was less than a mile from his home when he was shot near 28th avenue and international. a source tells me two bullets hit the windshield and one struck luna in the head . the 71 year old managed to drive for about a half mile before crashing into vehicles. he died at the scene. police say there was a shooting in the area . no motive was given. it appears luna was caught in the
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crossfire. it's really difficult can sleep. not even hungry. i am feel a big hole inside of me. luna's daughters tell me he immigrated to the u. s from mexico as a young man 43 years ago, he was a single father, who raised four children. he worked in construction before retiring. rest of his daughters say luna was always surrounded by his family. he was helping raise his grandchildren, taking them to school and picking them up. his family was his priority. my dad he's my big rock. he was the person that was there for me at all times. call me all the time. i don't have that they took it away from me. just last july, luna achieved his goal to become an american citizen. a single stray bullet shatters ricardo luna's american dream and that of his family turned yourself in. if you have a conscience if you have a father you should do this. so far, no arrests. in
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this case, the family plans to hold funeral services for luna monday, april 11th, his daughters say they cannot rest until those responsible. are brought to justice. heather let's hope someone comes forward . alright, amberleigh. thank you . authorities say this morning's fire at the applebee's restaurant in any aquiles no accident. that fire was first reported around 4 15. at the applebee's on hillcrest avenue, just south of highway four. contra costa fire protection district says someone had broken a window and then set part of the dining area on fire. authorities are casting a wide net looking into whether a passer by or perhaps a disgruntled worker or customer is responsible. an accelerant was used to start the fire. through a broken window, and they're currently following up on leads and looking through surveillance footage. fire officials say the restaurant could have sustained more damage . had the sprinklers not been
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activated. we reached out to applebee's but have not heard back. it's not clear when that restaurant will reopen. a decision on whether to charge chp officers who shot and killed a man during a traffic stop in oakland will be made public on monday. authorities say 23 year old erick salgado was a suspect was a stolen car suspect to rammed unmarked chp cars after he was stopped back in june of 2020. the chp officers who shoto was shot 40 times. salgado's pregnant girlfriend was also shot and wounded and later lost their unborn child. i knew at 11 tonight, the producer sunday's oscar ceremony says officers with the lapd were standing by and ready to arrest will smith for slapping chris rock during the awards show in a preview clips set to air tomorrow producer will packer says officers were prepared to remove smith from the audience and make an arrest for battery. but at the end rock waved them off,
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saying he was fine and decided against pressing charges. president biden today ordered the release of one million barrels a day for six months from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. president says the release is aimed at reducing the price of oil and gas prices, which remain historically high. the oil will be made available over the next several months, and crude oil prices have already come down. prices already came down. when there was announced ahead of times. biden was going to release so much and so much energy from so many barrels of oil from the spro. they're already come down. my guess is we'll see it come down, continue to come down. um but how far down i don't think anyone can tell. crude oil prices fell by 6% today after the order was announced. energy experts expect gas prices to drop 20, or 30 cents per gallon over the next couple of weeks. coming up tonight. the new poll that shows some people here in the bay area think it's headed in the wrong
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direction. and more relief for california renters why some are criticizing the state's extension of the eviction oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning.
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concerns. 48% say they plan to leave the bay area in the next few years. also new 100% affordable housing a new 100% affordable housing development officially opened today in san francisco mayor london breed. another city leaders celebrated the dedication of the sister, lillian murphy community. 152 unit building is in the mission bay neighborhood and offers homes ranging from studios to five bedroom units. the mayor said that on site services included art and activities, area and subsidized childcare available for residents. renters facing eviction in california now have three more months to get help. the state extended its eviction moratorium for 1/4 time today. and as our political reporter greg lee tells us, some advocates say the legislation is imperfect. hours before he was scheduled to expire. acting governor laney kamala harris signed a bill into law extending the state's eviction moratorium again. a b 21 79 provides tenant
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protections through june 30th for people who apply for the state's rent relief program before midnight thursday, and those still waiting for funds. thousands continue to wait for relief whether applications are pending. it would be cruel, wasteful and unfair to subject californians to eviction the loss of rental income now when they've done everything, asked of them by filing and completing their application. the housing is key program has seen a large backlog and distributing funds so far, 507,000 people have applied for rent relief and about 223,000 have received approval. the eyes are 36 to 1. on the measure of the measure passes the lone dissenting votes . san francisco state senator scott wiener, they will not be able to apply, they will lose state eviction protections. and if you live in a place like san francisco you will lose your local you will not have any local covid related eviction protections. weiner said he supports the extension, but not the part of the bill that preempts many local governments
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from implementing their own eviction protections, including san francisco tenants. rights groups argue the state needs to extend the deadline for struggling renters to apply for assistance. it is incumbent upon our government actually come through that promise, so we need to extend this program. we need to make sure that there's enough funding in it to cover every person who applies for as long as we need to groups representing landlords are also frustrated. the california rental housing association released this statement before the vote. enough is enough. some of our members have not received rental income for more than two years and can no longer make ends meet. at day. this is going to provide needed relief to so many californians, buthis legislation, something that should not be lost in this debate, while governor newsom is out of the country lieutenant governor laney kunal accuses serving as acting governor. she's now the first woman in california history to send a bill into law. greg lee ktvu fox two news well, a major car and bus corridor in san francisco is finally opening tomorrow. the
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van s bus rapid transit system has been has taken rather six years to complete. and tonight we flipped the switch on some new public art sculptures featured on the busy avenue. but the biggest change are the red bus, rapid transit lanes that now run down the middle of anise all the way to union street. uni says these lanes will lead to a faster 15 minute ride for passengers. the busses are protected from congestion and not only community number 49 number 90 but also all of the golden gate transit busses. the project cost more than $300 million and took longer than expected due to items that were found underground, including shallow power lines and native american artifacts. already we are tracking that weather forecast weekend is pretty much hear tomorrow's friday and then hear tomorrow's friday and then the
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it', just a little bit away. and then saturday sunday, the weather looks pretty good outside live. we've got no coastal fog to speak of just a beautiful night. temperatures are going to be just like they were today but a little warmer so that 75 in fairfield turns into a 70. seven maybe sorry, justin just walked out of my box 75 in fairfield today, tomorrow, forever fearful will be just a touch warmer than that. we got a nice spring weather pattern. going forward here. current temperatures overnight lows above freezing frost, not an issue. even we don't even coastal fog right now. i suspect we're going to see a little bit of coastal fog, but overall, it's just kind of just a classic spring weather pattern. winds have died down. very calm out there. this weather system is got no game at all. so it's going to miss us. this high pressure has driven the jet stream so far to the north that we are not going to
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see any rain. certainly this week. in the next part, the next 10 days will be dry. which isn't crazy unusual for this time of year being, you know, being april? almost so, um, tomorrow san francisco 64 degrees for daytime high and i'm gonna put up the forecasting a step out of the screen there and i just want to say this because i'm not gonna get a chance to talk about mark because julie and heather are just talking about him so much i could barely squeeze in what i want to say about marco baniyas. look at this because tonight there's last. this is his last deal at 11 o'clock. in all my years in television, which is 30. he'd been here 14 years before i got here. 30 years here. i've been here he's been he's been here. 44 3 43 and the guy i'm telling you, he he brings it like every night mark brings i would sit over here in the weather center and i go, man. i mean, there's some nights i don't bring it right. sometimes we don't bring it script marquee baniyas. he just brings it every night. and so i
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was just in all of that. every night. i watched mark for 30 some years and every night he brings it and i'll tell you what, man that you're not going to find that anywhere else. and in this business, nobody took dennis richmond last as long as these guys did. so congratulations, mark. we love you. i love working with you was very fortunate to have that opportunity and senior lovely family tonight, so stoked to see marky and everybody. okay i'll let you guys go. i'll see you back here. i'm going to finish up with mark. yes he is a treasure chest. amazing stories, all right, you're going to be here at the very end, okay? bill. thank you. well, someone else's retiring betty reid soskin, the oldest national park ranger in the united states, retired today after another remarkable career, soskin celebrated her 1/100 birthday in september, and for the last decade and a half, she has shared her personal experiences and the efforts of women who worked on the world war two homefront. the national park service says mr hoskins spent her last day at work today, providing an interpretive program to the public at the rosie the riveter museum in richmond and happy retirement to
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betty. well coming up. our sports director market gives us his final farewell and he wants to say something to you the viewers so don't
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care business, continuing to tell the stories of all the great bay area news and sports history, and you are always a part of that. so congratulations. enjoy the next chapter. market bonnie is my partner. how you doing, man? congratulations on retirement 43 years now, nowhere this time is gone. but the people are gonna miss you. i miss you. you'll always be my partner. ktvu is going to miss you. oh yeah. mm hmm.
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bittersweet night here at ktvu. time to say farewell to our sports director mark ibanez, who is moving on to the next chapter in his young life after 43 years here at ktvu along rare 43 years , but before mark delivers his final signature farewell, he is this heartfelt message for you the viewers after all these years. right here at channel two. a lot of people want to know they're used to seeing you every night in their homes, giving him the sports, telling them what's happened during that day when people don't see you on tv anymore. what's market bond is going to be doing. how are you going to be spending your time? i don't know. but i'm telling you, just in the time that words kind of gotten out, and i've been thinking this for so long. it's uh, the viewers. you know, there's just so nice. the people that come up to you and i just never knew that you affect people's lives like that
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. and they're just so, um. they put up with, you know when i made mistakes and their well wishes and just emails and texts that i've received ah, just mind boggling to me that to think that i grew up in this area. i was fortunate enough not to have to, you know, always said god, if i ever got a job in l a. how would i fake being happy? the dodgers won, you know? and then and then. just people support and the. things that they'll say like i remember meeting you, you know, in the parking lot or whatever. and this and the things they remember. and you don't really realize that you've had a part of people's lives like the like, one woman said, have gone there asleep every night with you between my toes. because our tv you know things like that stand out and to think that you know we could have an effect and you do and you know
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our team? you know, it's just it's mind boggling. i love the bay area, and i think that's kind of been a secret to the success is just being um, sincere. and now people can tell like i'm irritated at the giants because they did you know mad, you know as a fan, and i'll never apologize for being a fan , because that's what i didn't get into it to be on tv. i got into it because i'm sports maniac, and i think people recognize that you know here and it does choke me up because people have been unbelievably nice to me over the years. now we've been unbelievably nice to us over here. look at this. the family your family, friends, colleagues. we're all here for this big moment. well, it's overwhelming. really. it's just i just feel the love again. i thank you guys for all that, and i couldn't ask for more dreamlike career. i mean, it's
11:25 pm
way surpassed anything i could have dreamed of as a kid and all the people behind me, my daughter. she's the one who producer right here. it's been talking in your ear and my two sons are here. marky and coy and his wife, gloria, i could name everybody and i thank them all. and you know, we don't have a shot at joe fonzi and heather. julie bell. you know, it's just some magic and behind the scenes camp jason appelbaum raymond ritter of the warriors, jason and, yeah, special guest from michigan, fred english face. yeah is back and spend their 23 23. yeah and he looks great, and i'm using him as my role model for retirement because he looks fantastic and rested and. you
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know, i'm really speechless. i mean, i thought i once in your life that's true. god you know, alright. the boys in the newsroom had a running bet about me. crying or not 27 years, i couldn't be more grateful you and i have had nothing but a fun partnership. the whole time. i watch your kids grow up and hear their hours. adults now yours and there's gonna who is going to when i when we talk about gladys knight and the pips or or when we talk about rolling and martin's laugh in who is going to know about that, now that you're not here? yeah yeah, i'm not sure about we get a lot of blank stares from the youngsters. we bring up certain you know, tv shows, you know, my mother the car? yeah i mean, we could see them to the beverly hillbillies. who else is going to do that in the measure? because i won't have anybody that might be a good way to end
11:27 pm
the show. let's do but yeah, that's a great idea. i just really thanks so much for your presence and everything that that you've meant to my career. it's been my life here at ktvu, and i can't thank you enough and to the viewers, you know, i think i summed it up. but just thanks for putting up with me. and thanks for being patient because i've said it before i was in way over my head when i started here and i appreciate it, and i feel like i grew into the job. and i'll see out there. i don't know what's next. but i'm looking forward to it because i probably won't be that guy laying on the couch. i'll do something to hyper and ifor my e here. tonight she's gonna have to find something to do with me. so i figure it out. but what are some of the plans? what do you thinking? third grandchild on the way? yeah i have a third grandkids on the way. and you know what main thing that pops out of my mind is that i don't
11:28 pm
want to look at the clock 7000 times a day and have deadlines and, you know and it's funny. i had a night off a couple weeks ago and i fell asleep real early , like nine o'clock at night, and at 10 54. i woke up like automatic, scott. you know, that's when we do the sports for 43 years and i want to get over that i want to be able and maybe see what a sunrise looks like. night shift all these years night person, but i want to see what the other side. see what the other side does mark? i want to say that you know, it's really a tribute to you how you've treated people over the years. i think it's coming full circle, because when we go to raymond ritter or folks like that stephan curry volunteers to give you a message, chris mullin said. the best, he said, you were able to do what you did for so long. but do it with respect, right. you respected people along the way. i think you're too darn nice. maybe making the rest of us look bad enough, but
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it's seriously if anyone ever happens experience to walk around like an arena the you know the warriors or wherever we go. um you know, fans really feel connected to you. they feel like they know you and i know that we're sitting in the last two days. you've been sitting on your phone emailing everybody back. in fact, i know you put up your email address because they're going to cut your bunion icloud .com. i promise i'll get back to you eventually. mark i just feel like it's really full circle. reaping what you saw. and so a great seed for everybody, i think for yourself, always approachable. such a shining light. like i said, such a positive spirit and just an amazing all around, friend making me cry now and we've got 30 seconds to go. so i mean, as we can never been good at taking time cues fired, right? yeah why start now? fire me now downmarket out last time with your sounds so, yeah, don't you think? yes, i think alright. the giants 49ers, a's raiders, everybody one sharks. everybody
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had a good time and that is the had a good time and that is the sporting life. grandparents claire: honey, do you need me to move the car? oh, it's not in the way. okay. oh, no! iron cross! she's going down! oh, god. phil... you okay? yes. i am. i am okay. honey, why do we keep this car? it's a classic! no, it just sits here. and the seatbelts don't work. the doors stick. it leaks fluids. we haven't put fluids in it in 10 years. well, i'm gonna fix all that anyway. and then, uh, it's gonna be haley's car. oh, we're not giving this car to haley. it's way too easy to fit a mattress in the back. remember? oh, no. we're selling it. what?! mm-hmm. unless you don't think you can. seriously? you can't. you honestly think that's gonna work?


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