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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  April 1, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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this year than we did last year. and so that adds to our want to continue to stay together as long as we can. stanford is 13 women's national titles if they beat uconn. they'll play in sunday's championship game against the winner of the other semifinal, south carolina or louisville. new numbers just this morning show people are getting hired, and that also means a lot of people are quitting their jobs. the key reasons behind what's being called the great resignation. after years of planning and delays the bus rapid transit lane on venice in san francisco is finally opened. it was kind of a nightmare. it was an eyesore to look at. this is way better. beauty writers and car drivers are likely forward to a smoother experience across town. and that is the sporting life. ktvu sports director. market banias signs off after an incredible 43 year run here at channel two from world series wins two super bowl victories to
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that mustache will take a look back at his career. morning and welcome. today is friday, april 1st, and we're looking live at the richmond district of san francisco. the golden gate bridge is back. there's a little lazy, but the weather is going to be nice. of course, we wish it was raining, but that's not in the cards going to be a nice weekend. and here we are. it's april fool's day, and i'm going to bring in gaza and you guys ever participate because i kind of feel as if being on tv. it's kind of a responsibility. you can't you know you can't you gotta watch out for those press releases. sometimes they try to sneak him into the newsroom every now and then, about certain news. i've seen that happen in other newsrooms as well that i've worked in, but no, i'm not into april for i love it. i'm not into it. children are they want to get me on something? something gotten you before? not yet. okay but my daughter was talking about it. okay. watch it coming for you, dad. good. do i believe her? she's a tough little cookie. so now i love april fool's day. we know whether you partake or not. it's nice to have a nice light
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thing. we can all sort of think about and gather around. especially, you know, during these times, maybe if i thought of a good prank, i would do it, but i'm kind of empty here. so maybe you could have plenty of time. alright okay, 12, plus hours, all right, let's go in san francisco here happening today. those rapid transit lanes right there along van ness avenue are ready for use. the goal of these lanes is really to increase transit times from uni as well as golden gate transit gate of his james doris joins us live this morning from the city by the bay and james long time coming for this yeah, no doubt about it, mike. good morning to you and the city is certainly putting on a show this morning. you see, the crowd here gathered, waiting for what's going to eventually be kind of a ribbon cutting ceremony, mayor london breed said to take the podium at some point. we heard an opera singer kind of kick us off the morning essentially giving us a mic check. we saw some members from san francisco's symphony and orchestra here playing some instruments as well as a whole show this morning. as we eventually get a reveal of this van ness project, which we just see right along us right here. where along venice this morning.
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and it took us more than six years and $300 million to get here. you'll see the red lanes without any construction without any equipment finally, open and free for that bus traffic. san francisco transportation leaders say those red lanes will be for almunia and golden gate transit busses before those busses were on the road with the rest of traffic. so now as a result, they expect rides on mew needs to be at least 15 minutes faster and traffic on the road to be a bit smoother, since those busses won't be adding to that congestion. the project started in 2016 and sfm to says they didn't expect it to take as long as it did sound shallow power power lines that they didn't know who's who they belong to. they found native american artifacts, and all kinds of things were down there that they had to deal with that really lengthen this process. according to the transit agency. upgrading technology underground now means the city is better prepared for the next major earthquake. that's because crews were able to replace some of that infrastructure underground. that
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was more than 100 years old. the city says. other major improvements to the area include better lighting, sidewalk extensions. a new countdown signals for people who are crossing venice avenue. that first bus is set to begin running in about an hour right at 10 a.m, and we're expecting to talk to some passengers who will be riding immediately after we hear from mayor london breed right here at the press conference, but now we're live this morning in san francisco. i'm james torres. ktvu fox two news, james. thank you knew this morning, the chp is asking for help in finding a missing teenage girl and her stepfather. authorities say the stepfather likely took the team nine months ago. 14 year old katana wisdom it was last seen in july. investigators say they think she was abducted by her 39 year old stepfather, santos flora's roman authorities have been issued up into hama, shasta siskiyou counties. the man's family is in santa rosa. they were last seen in 1993 silver toyota corolla with a california license plate. three f k r 698. call 911 if you
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know where they are no word yet as to why authorities are just now issuing the missing alerts in the east bay city of albany, there is a warning for parents after an elementary school student reported being assaulted while walking to school. ktvu sonoma gasses outside cornell elementary school to tell us what the school superintendent said. and the reaction from parents, emma. good morning. police have been providing additional patrols this morning along different routes that students typically take on their way to school and from school. and this is video from this. earlier this morning, we saw patrol cars. they were actually some of them were right in front of cornell elementary, making sure students had an easy and safe time getting in. and the superintendent's office for the albany unified school district sent an email a learning parents about the alleged assault of an elementary school student and cautioned students to walk and groups and be accompanied by an adult. parents here said they were shocked. i think it's
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really out of the ordinary in this neighborhood, and i'm glad they are on top of it, but it's really creepy and scary. in an email to you ktvu, this city of albany public information officer shared that the report came to police from a parent on wednesday, claiming their child was assaulted on their way to school that day. police are conducting interviews to get further information they have not shared exactly where the alleged attack occurred. or if they're searching for a suspect reporting live in albany, magus ktvu, fox two news how about thank you for that? a convicted sex offender is in santa rita jail this morning on charges of inappropriate contact with a minor 49 year old ruben ramos is scheduled to appear in court on monday. fremont police say he followed a 14 year old girl. walking home from school last february. they accuse him of posting a note on a nearby tree , inviting her to call him. a neighbor turned over that note to authorities. police say an undercover officer texted him. any then started sending
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explicit pictures. well class will be back in session this morning at your viewpoint at high school in san jose, after one student shot another student near campus. police say the victim was shot at least once yesterday morning and taken to a nearby hospital with non life threatening injuries. some parents and students say the surrounding your brain. a neighborhood has seen an uptick in violence but never so close to its namesake high school. sometimes there's spikes. but you know, that's like i feel like every school has fights, you know, just cause problems. we lived there for about two years. and then two years we've seen about six shootings and about three deaths. police say a male juvenile is now in custody. officers also recovered a gun. happening today. caltrain going to discount fares by 50% for the next month. all fares will be half off for the entire month of april, the trade service says. on top of more people returning to work they want to thank riders for dealing with the electrification work that's been impacting service for the past month. full 104 train. daily service goes to back into service on monday. caltrain though, says it will have to
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reduce service once again in may for some more electrification work. let's take a look at your weather from steve today, steve. i know that it was kind of a chilly start for me anyway. i mean, i don't know chile is relative, but it's going to warm up. you've been here long enough . so you get soft, you know, you know. oh, my gosh. it's 46. you know you're right. it was little cool this morning. we did have a couple upper thirties were beginning to warm up, though a little bit. the numbers coming in for january, february and march. i'll walk you through this one. it can be a little corn, fusing if you will here, but this is from the national weather service. california, nevada river forecast center rfc , and that's a wrap on march and, unfortunately another below normal precipitation month the aggregate of the california department of water resources for their northern sierra, san joaquin and tillery stations. totalled 6.80 of precipitation that is the driest ever by a huge margin in 101 years. the
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second dryers was 15 inches and 5 100. in 2013. i mean, they crushed there. that's a that's a bag. that's if you're going to set a dry record. boy. that's a dry one. san francisco since january, february and march this year, only an inch in 13 1 hundred's has been recorded. that is the lowest in 173 years. and the top three drives have all been in the past. we're in a bad better. we're also in a foggy pattern if you're south, especially how in the san mateo coats parts of it, look at that fox snaking up there a little bit around santa cruz. you can see it right there takes the turn comes back starting to work its way up, so there are some breaks, but the fog is confined mainly to those areas very patchy. otherwise the highest nosing in is going to give us some warm attempts today. that's already started. so fog sun warmer on this first. of april. patchy fog cool owes a sal mentioned that was true. lots of sun, but warmer and kind
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of hazy out there. santa rosa palo alto on a creek in law status low seventies yesterday mid seventies today would not be surprised to add one or two degrees to these tomorrow. mount diablo north at 41 mph. there is a little northerly breeze except for big rock, but everyone else has a slight north northeast. forties fifties on the tips, although brentwood has to have a little north breeze to be at 62, but most locations are now in the fifties after the forties, and we are running 1 to 4 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time palo alto mountain view conquered napa airport in petaluma are all plus four. the high winds out today and tomorrow there will be a system that will come in on late sunday into monday. but for today, tomorrow and sunday, it will be a dry pattern listeners drizzle on the coast on monday, though it could be a teeny bit of range very teeny again. santa rosa north. this is a weak system, but it will cause down and then after that, it looks warmer again going into tuesday wednesday of 60 seventies on the temps, we are looking for a little warmer on saturday, then cooling on sunday cloud cover maybe some very light rain or drizzle monday back to warmer you guys tuesday wednesday got it. alright, steve. thank you.
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workers seemingly have an advantage over their employers right now. more and more people are quitting their jobs and getting hired elsewhere. but how long will the so called great resignation last? for the first time, ukrainian forces have pulled off an attack reportedly inside russia. the signs that ukraine will is willing to ukraine will is willing to broaden the scope if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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ukrt inside russia. these claims could cause a rift as ongoing peace negotiations between both countries continue. alex hogan has the latest from lviv, ukraine. peace talks between ukraine and russia could soon be threatened after moscow accused ukrainian forces of attacking an oil depot about 30 miles from its border with ukraine. if confirmed, this would be the first attack of its kind by ukrainian forces inside russian soil since the conflict began, the kremlin is now threatening
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to walk out of the peace talks with one russian officials saying quote this is not something that can be perceived as creating comfortable conditions for the continuation of negotiations. this comes at a crucial time as attempts are being made to create. kate evacuation corridors for people trapped in cities along coastal ukraine on friday about 2000 civilians were evacuated from the besieged city of mary. you pull to other parts of the country officials this week have said that roughly 100,000 people remain trapped in mary. you pull and there are reports of russian troops confiscating humanitarian aid. there's also no evidence that russia is scaling back its military operations in the northern part of ukraine outside of the capital. what we see is that russia continues to pursue. military outcome of the conflict in ukraine. it is good that we that talks are going on. but so far we have seen no real change in the russian main objective. neighboring countries like poland are now pleading with the
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west to provide additional assistance for refugees who have escaped ukraine. we are still in great need of everything to please stop. please don't give up. the ukrainians really, really need our help. ukraine's top negotiator says they will only sign a peace agreement wants all russian troops have left ukrainian soil in lviv, ukraine. alex hogan, ktvu fox two news. president biden has ordered the release of one million barrels of oil every day for six months from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. the president says the release is aimed at reducing the soaring price of gas. he's also calling for us oil producers to ramp up production and to act on already approved but unused drilling leases. and i'm calling for use it or lose it policy. some u. s. oil companies have said they'll be able to produce a million additional barrels a day by fall , and he's been a brewery just released a new beer and support of ukraine. it's called slava ukrainian pale european lager
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brewed at field work. in west berkeley. the managers of fieldwork said they want to raise awareness about the invasion of ukraine and encourage customers to donate to world central kitchen before the release of slava. ukrainian fieldwork donated $10,000 to the nonprofit organization that provides warm meals to refugees. we saw what was going on in the ukraine and you know we were devastated by that very concerned for those refugees, and inspired by world central kitchen, so give back there where we can. cans of beer arrived this week to the berkeley taproom. fieldwork has several other bay area locations and san ramon san mateo, corte madera and napa and we want to help you connect to many area groups working right now to help the ukrainian people . you can just scan the qr code there at the bottom of the screen with your phone. and you will be taken to a website that will help you find a way to help
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a new 100% affordable housing development is now open in san francisco mayor london breed and other city leaders celebrated the dedication of the sister lillian murphy community yesterday. the 152 unit building is in the mission bay neighborhood it's been fully occupied since last september. the mayor says. the on site services include an art activities area and subsidized childcare available for residents. long term insuring that this child care center and all the other resources that are going to be made available to the community that these places they thrive and they're available to the people who need them. the most. the building is dedicated to the light, sister lily and murphy, who was the ceo of the mercy housing for nearly 30 years. she grew the organization into one of the nation's largest affordable housing developments. betty reid soskin, the nation's oldest national park ranger, is now officially retired after a long and remarkable career. her last day of work was yesterday at the
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rosie the riveter national historical park in richmond. in september, miss austen celebrated her 1/100 birthday for the last decade and a half. she has shared her personal stories and experiences and promoted the efforts of the hardworking women. who worked during world war two here on the home front. we have long talked about how the past two years have been very, very difficult for so many restaurants. starting today. it is restaurant week in san francisco. like never before later, we're excited to give you a taste of all that the city has to offer also are you one of the many families heading up to the sierra for spring break? how resorts are hoping for big crowds as the season winds do
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offl snow survey of the year in the sierra, capping off a very dry start to the year. automated state measurements show the snowpack is less than 40% of average. at this point statewide in some parts of the sierra, it's even lower. this is normally the time of year we'd
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see the most snow up in the mountains. forecasters say the dry winter means the drought conditions this year will likely only get worse. but even with those dismal numbers this season marks a return to normal for ski resorts in the sierra. this week and next. thousands of barriers students are on spring break, and many families are getting ready to head up for a couple good days on the mountain. let's talk about what's happening up on the slopes spike welcoming tucker nord of boreal mountain ski resort. i see the snow behind you. what are conditions? they're starting today, tucker well as you can see this april fool's day, but we're not fooling around the sun is out there right now, and the corduroy is perfect is wonderful spring skiing conditions up here, and we've got that wall to wall corduroy available with some terrain parts and can see some of the jumps behind me there. things are looking great for spring skiing and spring break for families to come up. are all your runs open. yes we have all of our runs open right now. we're spending all of our lives. we are open top to bottom nine am till eight pm. so even if you clock out of words later
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today, you can still come up and spend some laps out on the hill. but at 80 gets packed starting early afternoon hours from the bay area. let's talk about you know, we got some decent rain on this past sunday and monday here in the bay area. what did it do for you up in the sierra when it comes to new snow? we did get a little bit of snow here and boreal and i know that it did go a little bit further south as well. so some of the further southern resorts definitely got a little bit more than us, but we are not done yet. we're hoping to april 17th this year, and we will be spinning everything all the way until that date. okay so almost three more full weeks. then you know, as i look at what's happening behind you to me this is my perfect ski day because i know like serious skiers and boarders want to get there and get that fresh powder. but when our boys were really little, they learned to ski over at soda springs. and i wanted sunshine i wanted, you know comfortable temperatures. it really didn't matter. at that point with the snow was like, are you seeing a lot of beginner families heading up on days like today? oh yeah, absolutely. these are prime learning
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conditions and we give some of the best lessons here. boreal we've got some great beginner terrain, a wonderful chairlift that services that terrain, even the magic carpet over there and like you said, our sister resort around the corner soda springs. that's another great place to do all things winter. i mean, they've got tubing. they've got snowman land. they've even got stuck chewing available, so even if you don't want strap on some skis, there's some great opportunity to get up. and get this end of the winter into your books. have you guys had boreal started looking back on the season yet because i know we talked earlier about the fact that you know there's no more masking, you know, a lot of things are back to normal. now. has this been the booming season? you'd hope for? i imagine there was a lot of pent up demand. oh yeah, absolutely. i mean, people have been itching to get up here and we did drop the mask mandate with the guidelines that have been put forward with the california and our county guidelines and being able to open up we've seen people coming up all the time, and it's really wonderful because i mean, even though we
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haven't seen those big winter storms that come through in march, the roads have been open. which means it's easy to get up here. you can fly on up the hill and you can get on the lift and just a couple minutes from our parking lot, so it's really cool to see families coming back. getting the whole family out there grabbing their rentals, and the rental shop joined some hot cocoa on colder days and nice beverage during the warmer days up here, and it's really amazing to see the flocking of people coming back to the mountain. are there any housekeeping things for people? maybe who haven't gone up? yet? for the past couple of years, they still have to buy their tickets in advance, right? that is correct. and that's the easiest way you buy your tickets at ride boreal dot com and you can walk up with your barcode. you just scan the barcode pops it out for you and you're out on the slopes. okay i love your enthusiasm. and the pretty picture behind you will tucker north of boreal mountain ski resort. thank you for joining us have a great next week is spring break. i'm sure you'll see a lot of barrier families up there. thank you. of course, tucker. excited man. looks good. good.
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yeah i know my knees started to hurt during that segment. i was your hot chocolate right magazine in the lounge. so that's what i do. public health leaders are inclusively increasingly worried about growing mental health crisis, the signs of the effect of the pandemic. may stick with high school aged kids in particular for years to come. mark congratulations on an amazing career 40 plus years in the business, we are saluting sports director mark ibanez after a 43 year. ron here at channel two. later we look back at some of the best sports moment he's the best sports moment he's covere if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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come back. are you lucky enough to be streaming us live as you're up there in lake tahoe. i know a lot of families had spring break this week. a lot of families beginning it. we have a minimum day at school, which means i have to run over and
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grab those little boys minimum day they'll get to yeah, yeah. what's going on to lunch? early workday. look, teachers can have whatever they want with you. don't get it passed two years. teachers you go get it. all right, let's talk about what we all get to do these days. more and more of you don't need a covid vaccine a proof of negative covid test to go to what sharks warriors game. california's dropping that requirement for indoor events since february. the mega event restriction applied to events of more than 1000 people indoors due to declining covid cases. the state has changed that to a strong recommendation. large outdoor events 10,000 people are more also have a recommendation now. no vaccine requirement. local venues and counties can institute their own requirements . but so far most have been going along with state guidelines. so as things begin to loosen up, we all feel a little bit better. do you have any large events pla know, concerts. we have a couple of tickets for, but nothing planned indoors. but if i did i feel comfortable. i'm their content, so i think the real
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issue is going to be when we start going back indoors and fall. i think in in summer, we can be outside, right. see that for the summer season, october november, when it starts getting too cold to dine outside, and you worried. i don't know. not really. i think by then we'll know more. but some are you know , outside is sitting outside at faction out of here in alameda. let's go get it. love it. let's go, 11, all right. the cdc is warning of a rising mental health crisis as we switch to a more serious topic on this crisis is among high school students. the new data comes as health officials warn of another spike in covid cases. jonathan siri has the latest from atlanta. as the pandemic drags on, younger americans could be facing a growing mental health crisis. a new survey published by the cdc finds in 2021 more than a third of high school students said their mental health suffered during the pandemic. about 44% said. they feel persistently sad or hopeless. the agency attributed the high numbers a time of
9:30 am
isolation, economic turmoil and grief.king to address the crisis. we've invested $5.5 billion in programs that support mental health and well being, including tens of millions for programs that specifically address youth mental health. public health officials say concerns about mental health were present even before the pandemic. in december, surgeon general vivek murthy issued an advisory calling for swift action to respond to the growing crisis. we've been working already from the launch of our advisory with community partners with parent groups with other community organizations, cleaning faith organizations. the data come as medical experts warn of another covid surge within the next few weeks, according to the cdc. the um macron sub variant b a two now accounts for about 55% of covid infections in the us but health experts say they do not expect another spike to be as severe as previous surges. it certainly
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doesn't look like it's going to be anything on the order of what we've seen with prior spikes, the cdc says. masks testing and vaccinations remain the best way to protect yourself against new variants in atlanta, jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news. thousands of californians struggling to pay their rent and facing possible eviction now have three more months to get help. just hours before california's eviction moratorium was due to expire. the bill was signed into law granting an extension through june. the new law provides tenant protections for people who apply to the states rent relief program by midnight last night, and those still waiting for an answer. thousands continue to wait for relief while their applications are pending. it would be cruel, wasteful and unfair to subject californians to eviction the loss of rental income now when they've done everything, asked of them by filing and completing their application. ted it's rights groups want the state to extend the deadline for struggling renters to apply for assistance. and with the bill
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signing, lieutenant governor lenny kamala harris made history she is the first woman to ever signed a bill into law in the entirety of california's 171 year history. governor newsom is out of the country on vacation. this means the lieutenant governor is in charge until his return. she spoke with our sister station in los angeles about this history making moment. well i can't help it feeling the weight of history. certainly generations of women all the way back to native american women pioneers and the many women who have served in the legislature people have been involved in making history in our state and the governance of our state of it. never before has a woman's signed a bill into law. and so i felt a little bit of the weight of history, but i felt the presencestory there with me today. yesterday also the last day of women's history month near this morning, the latest monthly jobs report shows that the american economy is recovering from the pandemic . the latest numbers from the labor department showed that 431,000 jobs were added in march. that is a drop from 678,000 jobs added in february.
9:33 am
even so, the u. s economy has added more than 400,000 jobs every month now for nearly a year. economists also intrigued by near record numbers of people quitting their job and what's being called. great resignation . another labor department report earlier this week shows that 4.4 million people quit their jobs in february. but how long will the job market's day? advantageous to workers. joining us now is daniel zhao is senior economist at glassdoor. what's going on, daniel? thanks for being with us. thanks for having me. of course. well, you heard me. say it 431,000 jobs at it. i will say that the unemployment rate also dipped down to 3.6% what's your read on those new numbers? i think those numbers indicate that the labor market has red hot. we're seeing very healthy job gains down a little bit from the previous month, but still very healthy and on top of that, that unemployment rate 3.6% is just 0.1% points above the pre pandemic level of 3.5% which was also a 50 or low.
9:34 am
that's the lowest since 1969. so of course if we can hit that benchmark again that really indicates there are that our job market is very healthy going the right direction. i get that employees alright, should say employers are hiring, but at the same time i also talked about this great resignation right millions quitting their jobs. in february. what's the effect of this moving forward? daniel? specifically i mean, i guess you could say for both the employee and for companies well, the effect comes from the cause in this case, so we really what we believe is that much of this great resignation is actually being driven by the increasing demand for workers, the increasing competition that employers are facing and thus the increasing wages that they're offering. because of how many job openings there are available today. that means that workers have more power than have more negotiating leverage to let them find a better opportunity. that is a better fit for them. whether that means better wages, better benefits, or just simply a better fit was going to say. is this a larger
9:35 am
opportunity for four wage gains? yes i think that that's part of the reason why we're seeing wage growth up over 5% right now. of course, that's not quite enought certainly is much higher than what we were saying before the pandemic. i mean, what if there's an influx of new workers ? let's say later this year in the third quarter, maybe the fourth quarter even maybe 2023 with this drastically reversed the wage gain opportunity or the trajectory. well, i would say that if we do have more workers continuing to enter the labor force that might slow down, reach growth a little bit might tamp it down. but fundamentally because demand for workers is so high. i do expect that wage growth will continue to remain strong for much of the year. that being said. that's not a guarantee, right? and so my advice for workers, generally speaking is that now is a good time to ask for a raise or even to look for a new job. and if there's no better time to strike the iron because it's hot right now. are there a lot of employees out there when they
9:36 am
are looking for work, who are saying to themselves and saying to the potential company that they're applying to? i want to work from home like that. that means more to me than maybe even the rays. absolutely we've seen that interest in remote work on glassdoor from jobseekers themselves has increased 360% over the course of the first year and a half of the pandemic , and that's really something that is reflected in what employees are telling employers . that's something that we've seen over the course of pandemic because employees know that employers have figured out these processes. they know that they can offer it and employers understand that they have to actually meet employees in the middle and meet jobseekers demands in the middle because of how tight the labor market is right now. i want to ask you something about burnout here. we reported earlier this morning about a new study that said people who are not quitting right that they're just burned out because you know there is a lack of labor shortage right now. ah and they're working more may be doing more in the office.
9:37 am
what do employers need to do to eliminate this this burnout and really flip it around here, you know, other than again talking about racist. well i would say that raises generally aren't necessarily the solution to burnout because for many people there in situations where they are doing the jobs of multiple people, because they might have had a coworker leave, and now they're doing the jobs of that person as well and so sure it would feel great to be compensated for doing two jobs at once. but at the same time that doesn't actually address the problem, which is that you have too much work to do. and so what employers are trying to do is to hire more people, which, of course, is very challenging right now. but also they can think about how to restructure the work that actually needs to be done to make workers more productive and help them get that work under control so that people don't feel like they're overwhelmed. daniel jiao, senior economist with glass door, daniel. appreciate your time. have a great weekend coming up here. thanks. all right. well in case you missed it last night.
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so was sports director market bonuses last time that he signed off i couldn't ask for more dreamlike career. we take a look back at his incredible career in various sports and san francisco restaurant week kicks off today, the chef from one of the city's most popular peruvian restaurants joins us right here. live in studio. stay with us.
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ciso give us a little bit of taste of one of the many deals that are restaurants are offering throughout the next week. we're joined by victoriano lopez, executive chef. restaurants
9:41 am
lamar and had anita as well as thomas medal, the director of operations for those restaurants , and you're also general manager of lamar welcome, san francisco restaurant week. i'm glad it's here. and i'm glad that people can step inside and not worry so much. yes and we are very excited that that that that program continues with the city, right, so it's been always a really, really good week for us, and i think for every restaurant in the bay area, it's you know, it's kind of like this reminder to everybody that we're still here. we have special ideas for that week, right? we have a beautiful three course menu and both of the restaurants for lunch and dinner. so it's really, really nice to have people come back and check those out now, victoriano oh, i know that you're going to be preparing some ceviche for us. the first time i had ceviche, i went to el salvador. i had never had it before, and it changed my life. right so ceviches, just basically fish that's cooked in acid. yes. so is a 31 ingredient is very, very, very fresh, which
9:42 am
, in this case we use here that we use it to hollywood, local hollywood. okay, so you can use other vision problems, so is fish. lime years. okay so onion , onion and. habanero okay. jalapeno in peru were using the , um alima. okay and also we have the recorder that this is the we were frozen and we try that. okay okay, so i want you to do your thing and cut it up and played it for us. and i'm going to ask you a few more questions thomas about the restaurants in general, not you're just you're restaurants but also the restaurants in san francisco and everywhere. whatever they had to do to get people back. i think you know, like i mean, it was different stages during during this pandemic, but we had to first initial lockdown where you really had everybody was pivoting and trying to take out and reinventing themselves so that it better and then i think you've got to the stage where it was really important that you got your message across right,
9:43 am
so strong social media presence and reconnecting with the local communities such as say right because they're like tourism died completely away. there was no more convention business, especially like the restaurants. but we had and in downtown areas, it was really important. to the reconnect with the locals and really saw what do we have? what can we offer? and then i think that the neighborhood restaurant state they just needed to build my loyalty right? so it was kind of like a mixed approach. what we saw in those restaurants. you find that people when they come back are very grateful to have you there. ah yes, i think so. and i think it really showed us on during those initial months. when we were really locked down, you could see that people were calling people will supporting us. let's take out orders and that stuff, so i think i think, you know, like, especially with llama. this restaurant has been around now for almost 14 years, right? so we have we have a good following in the city and i think it really shows with everybody that that we can survive that way. so do you. i know that you are the general
9:44 am
manager. but you eat here to ryan. what do you think about this particular dishes making? uh you know, it's you know, it was funny. like last week, i took a week off and i spent some time with the family. and by friday, i was like, oh, my god, i'm craving ceviches so much again, so i need to go back to lama and have some. it's one of my favorite dish. it is so simple. yet so complex right at the structures. what you get from a test field. you have to asset you have a little bit of spiciness from the have a narrow you have to refreshing stuff from the from the from the less genetically what has made with ginger to, um, so it's just a really, really complex it and then when you look at the ingredients must go. also visit right chocolate and the country what is fried and boiled corn and sweet potatoes on you get all these amazing flavors out of the states. what is trust? it never gets old. victoriano you serve this at both restaurants are just at lamar, both restaurants. okay because i've been too hard to before. and i really like the rotisserie
9:45 am
chicken, which is a delicacy or , you know staple of that restaurant. lamar is a little different. so you have similar items on both menus. but they're different. yes, i mean, llamas are very seafood. driven concept right and had anita. we really showcase our custom rotisserie gretel. what we have is the track horse labors. it really brings out different different dimensions. when you grill on that thing, right, so this is really hard. anita's is but yes, we have some crossovers with us of each day and colors us. and, yes, all right. so how anita is in the marina district, and lamar is on the embarcadero. right next. okay oh, okay. so here we are. we're just about to go away. better go. you're pleading it for us. we're going to taste it. at least i hope we're going to taste it before we go to commercial break. etc. okay, chef, will you. can be one of those sure it is not
9:46 am
important, she says. not ready yet, but they didn't already second to dust. like this. ah! this little chocolate, okay, so garnish. and there we go. oh, my goodness. this is simple. okay? and if you want a more spicy, we can have a o or or the other papers. it is that classic peruvian dish. and so we just as beautiful look at this. look at this. cameraman's mouth is wandering over there. thank you, robert. we would like to try. it smells i would. i would like to try tonight. i'm going to eat on television because two years ago before the pandemic i used to do this and now i'm going to do it again. perfect and dry. i'm coming to your restaurant, the weekend sell. thank by the way, the two of you. thank you for joining us. mike and garcia. thank you for having us over here for you. okay, we'll be
9:47 am
right there. we'll be there in like you seven minutes. beautiful what a beautiful table. all right, let's talk a little hoops here because we know happening today. stanford's hoping to advance to the to women's basketball finals. stanford's taken on the university of connecticut 6 30 pacific time tip off in the women's final four. in minneapolis, both schools, longtime rivals here and perennial powerhouses when it comes to college basketball, they have a combined 14 national championships. stanford, though looking to win back to back titles, just having an extra year with the same group of girls and then the additions that we made, i think we have more of an even cohesive unit this year than we did last year. and so that adds to our want to continue to stay together as long as we can. stanford is 13 women's national titles, and if they beat uconn tonight, they're going to play in the championship game against the winner of the other semifinal between south carolina and louisville. good luck to the cardinal. absolutely right, mike . you and i were so lucky to be able to grow up here in the bay
9:48 am
area watching ktvu sports record. he had me at the niners first super bowl. that's right when he had me and then walked in with actually got to work with him for, like, almost 20 years. incredible next on the nine we are all saying goodbye and a giant. thank you to mark. we've also dug deep into the vaults to dust off some sports history that mark brought into our living rooms every night. this is the best part. stay with
9:49 am
(music throughout)
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ok, floor and decor, show me what you've got. now this tile says "spa day, all day." but this tile says "classic gone glam." and this modern look? it's sleek... yet chic. ok, i've got it. everything i need to pull this project together. and all at the perfect price. at floor and decor, you can realize any aspirational project at an inspirational price. because with an unmatched selection of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, your bathroom upgrade has never been more "you." discover floor and decor today!
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thes everybody one sharks. everybody had a good time and that is the sporting life. one last time ktvu sports director market buying a signed off last night after 43 incredible years here, channel two former sports acre friend english stopped by to pay a visit as well. mark's family his work family, the 10 o'clock news team, joining their onset as mark said goodbye on the air for the final time. i just really thanks so much for your
9:52 am
presence and everything that that you've meant to my career. it's been my life here at ktvu, and i can't thank you enough and to the viewers, you know, i think i summed it up. but just thanks for putting up with me and thanks for being patient because i've said it before i was in way over my head when i started here and i appreciate it, and i feel like i grew into the job. now for the 49ers dynasty in the eighties to the giants and a swirled series wins and the warriors championship. ron mark is really i guess you could say covered it all here in bay area sports. well he has made plenty of long lasting relationships along the way to joe fonzi takes a look back. the same year, the 49ers drafted a quarterback by the name of montana ktvu television, dipped into the sacramento market and hired a youngster that the bay area watched practice his passion for 43 years. how's it going, everybody? how's it going , everybody? i've been going, everybody, how's it going? everybody going, everybody,
9:53 am
how's it going, everybody when your career spans parts of six decades in a major market, you can expect to rub elbows with some high profile personalities. and experienced some changes in attitudes, fashion and grooming styles. marks 43 years of covering bay area sports wasn't confined to north america. in his 49 are travels. he's been to london once the media question let up a little bit. there was some work to be done on the field and the tokyo he's been known to brave cold weather. 49ers come to chicago conquer the cold vaporized. the bears enjoy that indian summer back in california because here in boston, they're not only getting ready for game one of the playoffs. they're also getting ready for winter. but before you start to think it was all about that gritty correspondent defying the elements consider some of mark's other assignments. who wants to talk to sweaty baseball players when you could spend a little time with miss usa, why are you for
9:54 am
the dodgers? as i was saying before? i really think the underdog, you know, they said, they're the underdog and going into miss usa. i was the underdog. and what would a southern california world series assignment b? without a stop on rodeo drive in beverly hills. there must be some baseball experts there. i don't know anything about sport too much into myself from miami. i'm marky baniyas for the 10 o'clock news. that good. all right. they had to buy that, huh? alright julie haener baby area was buying it for 43 years. that means you watch athletes come up , retire and make the hall of fame. and you watch the same kind of evolution with your co workers while you're still working on your look from berkeley. i'm mark cuban is for ktvu. channel two news and your sign off that sports clyde. thank you, mark, but that is boxing, sometimes on that sports during mark's tenure in the bay
9:55 am
area, he's covered seven super bowls. seven world series five nba championships. anna stanley cup finals. he was there for everything from the catch to january's nfc title game in los angeles. he saw the raiders moved to l. a back to oakland. go to a super bowl and then move again to las vegas. he saw billy ball, the bash brothers and an earthquake world series. he covered three championships and three parades for both the giants and the warriors and that sign off. the people around him changed. but if you were a ktvu viewer, you knew it was time to turn in. when you heard that's for sporting line, that is the sporting life that is the sporting life for a tuesday night cool, that's the sporting life to get personal. there's another veteran ktvu sportscaster who's grateful for a 27 year partnership. and we'll miss the person who understands the kind of trivia music and
9:56 am
sports moments unique to baby boomers. you know, giant fans a little spoiled. oh man, we just got blasted, directed from the siegels. thank you very much. a little more than two years ago, the covid pandemic changed everything for bay area viewers it met. we got to see something that rivals sports as one of mark's life. passions from steely dan to stealers wheel. we got a daily dose of the average changing vinyl room how they got everybody. marquee body is coming to you from the vinyl room tonight. quirky. bonnie is back with you in the final room tonight. marquee body is with you from the vinyl room tonight. back in 1967. my mom waited two hours in line. that little record store in downtown standard fell to get me that, but i love all music. he and al exports to mark, continuing to tell the stories
9:57 am
of all the great bay area news and sports history, you always a part of that so congratulations. enjoy the next chapter. your dear friend. i've always admired your class.dignity and your grace. the unique ability. to respect boundaries and get the job done. market bonnie is my partner. how you doing, man? congratulations on retirement 43 years now, nowhere this time is gone, but people are gonna miss you. i miss you. you'll always be my partner. ktvu is going to miss you. so you have a great life. take care of the take care of the family. and we all love you, mark. you've been a great friend. you've been an inspiration and it's been great playing tennis with you have a beautiful, prosperous and happy retirement. mark. i can't tell you how much i enjoyed and revered working with you for the last 140. oh, no, just 43 years.
9:58 am
it's wonderful working with you really miss you. i just can't explain to you how important you are to me and my wife. and our future. good luck, buddy. mark will now have more time to add to his final room collection and enjoy his grandkids. i know that he has a place as one of the most iconic sportscasters in bay area history. don't tell anybody. i don't wear a whole suit. you were real pants last night. you know, sometimes it's shorts. i think mark's watching because i just kind of woke him up. he probably had a big banner light. so there was a time when someone confused me for mark. your market bunions and i like marks so much i said, yes, i am . you betcha where the giants going to do, and i just made stuff up. so mark, sorry, but with someone confuses you with me, it's a compliment to me and
9:59 am
i just roll with it, buddy. yeah i know. mark told me that you know, he's referred himself as a sports fanatic from when he was very, very young. he said that his mother didn't know anything about sports didn't care about sports until her little boy got into it. and he said, that's the only reason my mother's into sports, and now i find myself in that same situation. so i think mark for opening my eyes to the fact that sports is family sports, his passion. i didn't grow up in sports household. but man, he just the stories that he was able to tell and share. for 40, plus years got me they're brilliant. so i can think of your brilliant career and a and a great friend and love the conversations and the laughter in the newsroom more than anything, especially when i was working nights. um and like, mark said, you know his first giants game, you know, candlestick park sixth grade. i was in sixth grade from my first giants game after my oldest sister heidi got married and i know exactly where you were talking about in the in the light shines, so i've been a sports fan ever since then. i loved watching you love working with you go enjoy this next. bet
10:00 am
you he hates it. when people say this mark. i grew up watching you, buddy. i surely appreciate class act for watching everybody. i'll see you back here at noon. ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: now, here's >> carson kressley and vivica a. fox. >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! >> carson: i love it i love


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