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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 1, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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thin airstrike on russian soil, the latest on the conflict and the attempted rescue and mario paul plus the latest snow survey of the season, state officials capping off what's been a dry 2022. the new numbers and what they mean for the ongoing drought and san francisco celebrating the completion of a six year project. how the new venice avenue bus lanes are expected to improve commutes for those commuters. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. and good afternoon, everyone i'm mike mibach garcia is off. peace negotiations between ukraine and russia have resumed today. the talks got underway despite moscow, accusing ukrainian forces of an airstrike at an oil depot. if confirmed, this would be the first attack by ukrainian forces on russian soil since the war began. a russian regional governor says two people were injured and nearby businesses were also hit. the ukrainian
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foreign minister said he could neither confirm nor reject the claim that ukraine was involved. we're also learning that another attempt to rescue people from the heavily damaged ports city of mariupol broke down today. the evacuations were planned after a temporary ceasefire was agreed to by russian and ukrainian officials. but the international committee for the red cross struggled to work out an operation to send emergency aid in the mariupol. and bring civilians out by bus. they say only about 630 people were able to leave in private vehicles. a red cross spokesperson describes the situation as horrendous and deteriorating. about 100,000 people are still in the city cut off from food and water by russian troops and british intelligence says russian soldiers are sabotaging vladimir putin's war efforts in ukraine. british security agencies say some russian troops are disobeying military orders, destroying their own weapons and equipment and even accidentally shot down one of their own aircraft. do at noon and back
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here in the bay area, santa clara county now has a team of experts to help ramp up the fight against the fentanyl crisis. county supervisor cindy chavez introduced the working group this morning. it's comprised of people who have experienced fentanyl out there on the streets and parents who have children who have overdosed and died from opioids. the group will help educate people about the drug and combat the crisis with a specialized enforcement team. we will launch a public service and social media campaign to get the word out about street drugs laced with fentanyl, with this special emphasis on the dangers of fentanyl being cut into other drugs. the outcome really is information and warnings about fentanyl will be seen and heard in schools, busses, television, radio and much more. in 2018. there were 11 fentanyl overdose deaths in santa clara county last year. 106 people died. that's more than two every week. the reward has now been increased in 2016 san francisco homicide and missing child case
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ariana fits turns eight years old this week. she was last seen and the care of her babysitter back in february of 2016 2. months later, the body of her mother, 32, year old nicole fits was found in a shallow grave and mclaren park. no arrests have been made, and ariana has never been found today. police increased the reward in the case to $250,000. san francisco police department has authorized a $250,000 for reward for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of those responsible. for nicole fits his murder and the disappearance of ariana. we continue to actively investigate this case. we will continue to investigate as long as it takes to find out what happened. and right here is a police progression sketch of how arianna may look like now. anyone with information about the case is asked to contact san francisco police. the chp is asking for help to find a
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missing teenage girl and her stepfather. authorities say the stepfather likely took the teen nine months ago. 14 year old kata wanna? why is aunt was last seen in july? investigators say they believe she was kidnapped by her stepfather, santos floors, roman alerts have been issued into hama shasta in siskiyou county is the man's family is in santa rosa. officers say they were last seen in a 1993 silver toyota corolla with the california license plate of three f k r 698. you're asked to call 911 if you know their whereabouts, and we're learning new information about a story that we brought you as breaking news right here at noon yesterday, when a student at you're going to high school in san jose was shot right near campus. class is back in session this afternoon after yesterday's shelter in place, police say the injured student walk to campus around 10 45 in the morning and told administrators that he had been shot by another student. he was taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries. some parents and students say the surrounding your brain a neighborhood has seen violence
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but never so close to its namesake high school. sometimes there's spikes. but you know, that's like i feel like every school has fights, you know, just cause problems. we lived there for about two years. and then two years we've seen about six shootings in about three deaths. police say a male juvenile is in custody and that a gun was also recovered. both fuel and crude prices are down across the country today following president biden's announcement of an unprecedented oil release from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. the president's plan involves releasing 180 million barrels oe than triple the previous record, which was just said last thanksgiving. the president says using the reserve will buy time for oil producers to ramp up u. s production by fall. i think we are going to see prices come down pretty soon because we had a big spike not just in crude oil prices, but in that margin between the crude oil price and the price of gasoline, the refinery margins and those seem
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to be coming down already at the wholesale level. when that happens, it's usually a week or two before they really come through to the retail level. u c . berkeley energy economist severin bornstein says he expects that over the next couple of weeks, gas prices will drop by 20 or 30 cents a gallon . the bay area finally starting to see a little bit of a job. triple a did report this morning in san francisco. a gallon of regular unleaded costs. $5.92 5 84 in oakland, 5 83 in san jose . all are down a penny from yesterday's averages in about four cents lower compared to just a week ago. traffic along venice avenue in san francisco might not be as sluggish city launched its bus, rapid transit laying this morning. ktvu james door shows us the new look and what people can expect. the city of san francisco, put on quite a show to show off its new makeover of the van s project and don't be mistaken. it shouldn't be underestimated how excited people are about it.
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three cheers renew rapid bus system along. i'm excited aboutt sitting in traffic anymore, um, most exciting part yet. that's the story leading up to the launch of the van ness improvement project. the city spending nearly $350 million.06 years working on creating a rapid bus lane a red lane to speed up bus travel times by about 30% or 15 minutes has been has been terrible traffic for years, so excited to be able to zip along on the bus. some delays came from the extra work picked up along the way. it wasn't just the road that got a major upgrade, but we also dug up and snarled 100 and 50 years worth of crazy utilities, including 10,000 ft of communication fiber optic lines . 18,000 ft of sewer pipes, including 19th, century brick sewers, 25,000 ft of water pipes
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. city voters approved the project back in 2000 and three and construction began in 2016. mayor london breed was a city supervisor. when the idea first came to light. i feel like we're opening it right on time. after dealing with two years of a global pandemic that kept us away from one another. now passengers get a direct bus route along van ness without having to worry about car traffic and drivers. get a little less congestion on the roadways was probably like 40 minutes or so from door to door . so now hopefully it'll be cut down to 30 minutes in san francisco. i'm james torrez ktvu. fox two news. still to come at noon in the space school is issuing a warning to parents after a student was assaulted near campus reaction from staff and parents and the extra patrols now in place. also, thousands of californians struggling to pay rent and facing eviction now have three more months to receive help. what applicants need to know
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about the state bill just signed into law and what the lieutenant governor had to say about this historic moment. and i warm up in store to kick off your bay area weekend. we'll check in on your current
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southeastern city of satun. officials say. the crash happened five minutes after the first katie one aircraft took off less than four miles south of the base. each plane carried a trainer, pilot and instructor . all four people ejected but were later found dead. here at home. a funeral will be held next friday for an oakland grandfather, who was shot and killed while driving in the fruitvale neighborhood over the weekend, and his daughter say he was funny and friendly and supportive. but now they are demanding justice. ktvu is amber lee has the story. that's my dad and. more grandkids. rossio luna shows me the memorial that is now in the home she shared with her father, riccardo luna, in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood , now struggling with her grief at his sudden and senseless death by gun violence. it's not fair that they took my dad away. hey, there's there like nothing. didn't only kill him. they killed us. on sunday around 6 20 in the evening. rossio tells me
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her father drove his black pickup truck to go get something to eat. he was less than a mile from his home when he was shot near 28th avenue and international. a source tells me two bullets hit the windshield and one struck luna in the head. the 71 year old managed to drive for about a half mile before crashing into vehicles. he died at the scene. police say there was a shooting in the area. no motive was given. it appears luna was caught in the crossfire . it's really difficult can sleep. not even hungry. i am feel a big hole inside of me. luna's daughters tell me he immigrated to the u. s from mexico as a young man 43 years ago, he was a single father, who raised four children. he worked in construction before retiring. rest of his daughters say luna was always surrounded by his family. he was helping raise his grandchildren taking them to school and picking them up. his family was his priority. my dad would he's my big rock. he was
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the person that was there for me at all times. call me all the time. i don't have that they took it away from me. just last july, luna achieved his goal to become an american citizen. a single stray bullet shatters ricardo luna's american dream and that of his family turned yourself in. if you have a conscious if you have a father you should do this so far. no arrest. in this case, the family plans to hold funeral services for luna monday, april 11th, his daughters say they cannot rest until those responsible are brought to justice in oakland. amber lee ktvu, fox two news. and applebee's restaurant in antiochus closed for the time being after fire that investigators say they believe could have been started by an arsonist. those first calls came in early yesterday morning. contra costa fire protection district says someone had broken a window. and said part of the dining area on fire. the fire department is now looking into
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whether a passer by or perhaps a disgruntled customer or worker could be to blame. an accelerant was used to start the fire. um through a broken window, and they're currently following up on leads and looking through surveillance footage. even though the restaurant was spared from large flames, it remains closed because of extensive smoke damage. we received the statement this morning from applebee's corporate office, saying that they are working with local authorities on the investigation. happening today a forced in the sierras. finally reopening months after the cow door fire burned right through it. the eldorado national forest has been closed for months here since that massive fire hit the area last year. but now the forest just reopening, although the forest service's warning you to be careful if you visit since the burned areas can still be dangerous with damaged trees and landslides, the cow door fire burned more than 220,000 acres. a milestone measurement of the sierra snowpack this morning provided a key indicator of california's water supply for the rest of the year, and it
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proved to be extremely low. ktvu bostonians live this afternoon from the newsroom with the new numbers, emma well, my car water levels are actually on par with the extremely low levels we had in 2015. that's according to the california department of water resources, and there's an urgent need for residents to conserve more water than data collected today helps forecast the amount of water that will melt and runoff to state reservoirs. and it's happening just after a stretch of historically dry weather and ongoing drought. we have less no right now than we did last year at this time. however our watersheds looked to be in better condition this year ah, for that snow to actually melt and runoff and hopefully not soak up into those dry soils as much as they did last year. we are calling on all californians to use water wisely to conserve as much as you can. particularly in the event of a third dry year. this is the
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fourth phillips station snow survey of the season and arguably the most critical because this is typically when the snowpack reaches its peak water content before snow melt accelerates in the spring, however, you can see there wasn't much snow to measure today and video. also from today shows the low water levels at the lexington reservoir off of highway 17. today's snowpack measured at 44% of average, the big unknown now is how much of it will flow into reservoirs and our state's water supply. reporting in the newsroom, emma goes ktvu fox two news. alright, emma. thank you for that rosemary oroczo and doesn't look good there. that latest survey. you're right, mike and we are going to continue with this story, whether not only for the weekend, but it looks like the next seven. maybe even 10 days, giving you a live. look outside our doors at this hour where we do have a partly cloudy skies. little bit foggy out there. still at this hour, patchy fog will be with us through the morning hours. and then as we get into the afternoon, we do break away to again. the partly cloudy conditions sticking with
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the dry theme. here's a comparison. this year coming in right now. san francisco only a bit more than an inch of rainfall. and here's a comparison from 2015 when we had an incredibly dry january to march and then 2013 as well so yes, very, very disappointing news for us there and storm tracker to showing you. it's very quiet out there. in fact, we have a warm up coming our way for today. and then tomorrow, perhaps even a little bit. warmer temperatures right now. five degrees warmer in santa rosa compared to yesterday at this time. eight degrees over livermore and five over san jose . in the number area. you've got 67 for areas of livermore low sixties and napa upper 60 santa rosa low sixties right now in san francisco, upper sixties over areas of san jose and along the coastline, 54 at half moon bay with some patchy fog out there. we do have winds generally light even com reported in concord areas over santa rosa reporting calm. get in the hills. it's a little bit
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breezy, but not too bad, and we do continue with that north northwest flow for most in some areas, even in northeast atlas peak right now reporting nine monte abu reporting seven and that northeast is a dry wind. here's a look at what we do expect, as we get into your afternoon for today will go with mostly clear skies. tomorrow morning, we start out with some high clouds out there a little bit of patchy fog expected once again and then as we get into the afternoon, we've got partly cloudy conditions again. high clouds overhead. as we move a little bit closer to a sunset for tomorrow in regard to temperatures for today, here's a comparison from yesterday into today notice four degrees warmer for santa rosa today, mid seventies for paolo alto 74 from walnut creek and let scottish you're going to 76 so these numbers, especially for inland cities, a little bit above average for our baseline communities, as well as the coastline, right about average for today. 64 in san francisco. along the peninsula 74 in redwood city and in the south based 74 over morgan hill. i'll have a look at the rest of the weekend and the extended
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forecast for you coming up. exhaustion people feeling really tired, disengaged. they need stimulants to stay awake all day . they're feeling depleted by the end of the day or disengagement. signs of job burnout on the rise still to come here at noon, why more workers say they are reaching their breaking point on the job an
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employers added 431,000 jobs last month that is a drop from the 678,000 jobs added in february, but even so, the u. s economy has added more than 400,000 jobs every month for nearly a year now. president biden spoke from the white house after that report was released. jobs and unemployment and not just another statistic. they go directly to the core of what the economy represents. the ability for hardworking americans to live with dignity, support their families and build a better life for their children. the unemployment rate also dropped from 3.8% to 3.6% marking the lowest unemployment rate sense just before the pandemic. career counselors blamed the pandemic for causing millions of americans to quit their jobs and reassess their lives. a new survey finds 42% of women and 35% of men feel burned out. the study was conducted by the group lean in. it's a non profit aimed at improving women's careers. there is a great race to fill the spots of those who have left
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and until then leaders, managers and of course, the people that are still there are the ones that are trying to fix this. it's like an emergency room. non stop. the employment survey found working couples are even more burned out 81% of women and 63% of men said they feel exhausted by the demands at work as well as home career. experts say traditional benefits including raises, better health and retirement package is may not be enough to keep emotionally and physically tired workers. from leaving, and one of those career experts is advising companies that they have a better chance of retaining employees by showing a little empathy. actively listen . what are your employees needing right now? did they want to be at work? do they not want to be? you know, working in the office? they want to be remote. how often are you sending them an email at 11 o'clock at night and asking them to have it done by the next day. even before the pandemic, the world health organization in 2019 identified burnout as a syndrome. that's quote in occupational phenomenon
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. three common signs of burnout or tired workers needing stimulants such as coffee all day long. they're emotionally distant or disengaged about their job, and third is cynicism . that's when they start saying quote. it's never going to get any better. the white house press secretary has reportedly stepping down for a new job sources from telling fox news that jen psaki will be leaving the white house for a position with msnbc sake has not signed the deal. yet, as sources say she wants to carefully follow federal ethics rules surrounding her departure. happening today, caltrain is launching a plan to discount fares by 50% for the next month. all fares are going to be half off for april and train service says on top of more people returning to work they want to thank writers for dealing with the electrification work that's been affecting service over the past month. full 104 trained daily services going to resume on monday. the caltrain says it will have to reduce service yet again in may for more electrification work. still to come in noon. parents in the east bay concerned about
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their children's safety after a student was assaulted while walking to school. what's being done to make sure the students stay safe plus? the cdc warns of a growing mental health crisis among younger americans. i'm care coalition, where are we on alaska airlines? we found that people are raving about
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elissa harrington reports, parents were told the assault happened right near cornell elementary school in albany as the student was walking right to class. students in the albany unified school district are being told to walk in groups after a student at cornell elementary school was allegedly assaulted near campus. it's really creepy and scary. parents like jen west, got an email from the district superintendent's office, the letter reads. urgent safety alert, a cornell student was assaulted while walking to school. the incident happened wednesday morning. the student's parent reported it to police later that day after finding out i think it's really out of the ordinary in this neighborhood, and i'm glad that they are on top of it. district officials are also asking that younger kids be accompanied by an adult before and after school. it's a little bit scary. um i feel like we just have to be here the whole entire time. pick them up.
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drop them off. cornell elementary is located just off solano avenue. a busy stretch of shops, restaurants and other businesses. police have not said where exactly. got little worried. anxious yes, definitely very worried. cering. lots of daughter is in fifth grade, she said they have had many talks about safety and staying with other classmates when walking around the neighborhood. we always talk about. posed no boundary of strangers crossing your personal brown d make sure that you will call for help. i reached out to the albany police department and was told that officers are continuing to interview people who might have more information , and they will be providing extra patrols in the area around the school. in albany. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. convicted sex offender is in the santa rita jail this afternoon on charges of inappropriate contact with a minor 49 year old ruben ramos is scheduled to appear in court on
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monday. fremont police say he followed a 14 year old girl walking home from school. this was last february. they accuse him of posting a note on a nearby tree, inviting her to call him. a neighbor turned over that note to authorities and police say an undercover officer texted him and he started sending explicit photos. a rally is set to happen tonight for a man shot by police following a fight inside of santa's zaka stomach arm and knee, green says he wrestled the gun away from a man during a fight there at that talk a real as he went outside, police say they ordered him to put the gun down. police also say officers shot him. seconds later as he turned around to face the officers. shooting remains under investigation. the justice for k on green rally will be at five o'clock tonight. at san jose city hall back now to the war in ukraine were talks continue for a peaceful end to the fighting. talks resumed today in istanbul , turkey, despite moscow, accusing ukrainian forces of an
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airstrike and an oil depot inside russia. if confirmed, this would be the first attack by ukrainian forces on russian soil since russia invaded ukraine. meanwhile the mayor of kiev says the bombardment of towns near the ukrainian capital was ongoing despite russia, saying it was scaling back troops from the region. we're now learning that ukraine has taken back in town from russian forces in the northeastern part of the country. after weeks of fighting, this town was damaged and had many destroyed buildings, including the hospital, as well as the train station. ukrainian response teams say they are now clearing minds and rubble. a concert in wine country is happening this weekend to benefit ukrainian refugees. this event is called napa valley to ukraine. it will take place at the napa valley expose. sunday afternoon. two o'clock there will be food, wine beer profits will go to nova ukraine and the food relief agency, world central kitchen. several performers, including high noon and fantastic, negredo will be their state senator bill dot and other government
12:33 pm
officials also plan to attend. in east bay brewery just released a new beer and support of ukraine. it's called slava ukrainy parallel european longer brewed at field work in west berkeley managers of fieldwork said they want to raise awareness about the invasion of ukraine and encourage customers to donate to world central kitchen. before the release of the beer fieldwork donated $10,000 to world central kitchen, providing warm meals to refugees. we saw what was going on in the ukraine and you know we were devastated by that very concerned for those refugees and, um. we really inspired by world central kitchen so we wanted to give back there where we can. cans of the beer arrived this week at the berkeley taproom fieldwork as several other locations here in the bay area one in san ramon, san mateo , quarter madeira as well as napa, and we're making it easier for you to connect to the many bay area groups working to help the ukrainian people. you can
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just scan the qr code right there on the bottom of your screen that will get you to a list at ktvu .com of organizations. that are eagerly accepting your donations. the cdc is putting a warning out about a rising mental health crisis among high school students. the new data comes as health officials warn of another spike in covid cases. jonathan syrian, as the story from atlanta. as the pandemic drags on, younger americans could be facing a growing mental health crisis, a new survey published by the cdc finds in 2021 more than a third of high school students said their mental health supper during the pandemic. about 44% said. they feel persistently sad or hopeless. the agency attributed the high numbers to young people growing up during a time of isolation, economic turmoil and grief. the biden administration says it's working to address the crisis. we've invested $5.5 billion in programs that support mental health and well being, including tens of millions for programs that specifically address youth mental health.
12:35 pm
public health officials say concerns about mental health were present even before the pandemic. in december, surgeon general vivek murthy issued an advisory calling for swift action to respond to the growing crisis. we've been working already from the launch of our advisory with community partners with parent groups with other community organizations, cleaning faith organizations. the data come as medical experts warn of another covid surge within the next few weeks, according to the cdc. the um akron sub variant b a two now accounts for about 55% of covid infections in the us but health experts say they do not expect another spike to be as severe as previous surges. it certainly doesn't look like it's going to be anything and the order of what we've seen with prior spikes, the cdc says. masks testing and vaccinations remain the best way to protect yourself against new variants in atlanta, jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news. as of today, you will not
12:36 pm
need a covid vaccine or proof of the negative attest to go to a shark's warriors game. california's dropping that requirement from indoor events since february. the mega event restriction did apply to events larger than 1000 people indoors. but now because of declining cases. the state has changed that to a strong recommendation . large outdoor events bigger than 10,000. people also have a recommendation, but no vaccine requirement. local venues in counties can institute their own requiring, but so far most have been going along with the state guidelines. thousands of california is struggling to pay their rent and facing possible eviction now have three more months to get help. just hours before california's eviction moratorium was set to expire. a bill was signed into law granting an extension through june. the new law provides tenant protections for people who applied to the states rent relief program by midnight last night, and those still waiting for an answer. thousands continue to wait for relief whether applications are pending. it would be cruel,
12:37 pm
wasteful and unfair to subject californians to eviction the loss of rental income now when they've done everything, asked of them by filing and completing their application. tenants rights groups say they want the state to extend the deadline for struggling renters to apply for assistance. and with that bill signing, lieutenant governor lenny couldn't lock is made history. she's the first woman to ever signed a bill into law in california's 171 year history. governor newsom is out of the country on vacation, which means the lieutenant governor is the acting governor until he returns. well i can't help it feeling the weight of history. certainly generations of women all the way back to native american women pioneers and the many women who have served in the legislature. people have been involved in making history in our state and the governance of our state of it. never before has a woman's signed a bill into law. and so i felt a little bit of the weight of history, but i felt the presence of women throughout california history there with me
12:38 pm
today. and yesterday was also the last day of women's history month the city of san francisco is celebrating a new 100% affordable housing development in the city. san francisco mayor london breed in other city leaders celebrated the dedication of the sister lillian murphy community yesterday. the 152 unit building is in the mission bay neighborhood and has been fully occupied since last september. it offers homes ranging from studios to five bedroom units. the mayor said that on site services do include in our activities area and subsidized childcare available for residents. a new study says men can't afford more homes in san francisco, then women all due to disparities and pay the study by real estate listing site. zillow says the average man can afford more than 6% of the homes in the city, while the average woman can only afford 1.7% zillow define affordability is being able to spend 30% or less of one's monthly income on a homes mortgage payment after a 20% down payment. a new school
12:39 pm
yard in east oakland has reopened thousands of square feet of asphalt was ripped up and removed from the property. and as ktvu andre senior reports, it was replaced by what's being called a living schoolyard. playsets or something that you'll find on the playgrounds of every oakland elementary school on the playground, but until thursday, there wasn't one for markham elementary students like kimberly lavender. i was here when there wasn't anyplace structures. it's kind of asphalt. in fact, 21,000 square feet of asphalt was removed. parent artista rose witnessed the five year long renovation in which the warriors community foundation was a partner. the transformation what you saw then to know give me your thoughts and how you feel about always great. we're reading, writing and arithmetic. and physical education are on the curriculum . while you can add to that curriculum, learning about the natural world in a natural environment, dubbed the living schoolyard 84 trees were planted to provide shade. there's an outdoor classroom space turf
12:40 pm
field that will also capture stormwater runoff and a garden. thank bo tomatoes, watermelon, all kind of stuff in there. i even liked little the plants on the outside, just to kind of help with the environment. markham elementary principal byron welcome tells us the garden will serve as a place for students to decompress. especially important as they, too were impacted by the covid 19 pandemic. sometimes you know, some of our kids get dis regulated and then they need a space and place to be just kind of calm down and kind of reset in the garden. everyone all the kids say that if that's their favorite place to go do that in the middle of the garden and freshly planted trees, a new basketball court to thank you to the students who helped me put this together. done by oakland based artist by the rodriguez here, she is signing the mural at the center of the basketball court, and it was on this court that the facility was officially christened. warriors forward one
12:41 pm
toscano anderson did just set by hosting a ceremonial tip off at center court. it means a lot. it's big. it's another safe space for kids, so i think that can go a long way a safe place for these markham elementary kids. that's equal parts learning and equal parts fun at the same time at east oakland. i'm andre senior, ktvu, fox two news. calling kaepernick back on the field still to come here at noon why the activist and former niners quarterback is taking part in the university of michigan spring football festivities. and around the bay area this afternoon. partly cloudy skies and temperatures for some running a few degrees warmer. we are going to continue this trend. india bay area weekend better
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redd environmental damage from oil and gas pipeline ruptures. the rule is in response to the massive gas explosion in san bruno that killed eight people back in 20 22,010. and a large oil spills in michigan's kalamazoo river and montana's yellowstone river. the rule requires companies to install emergency valves that can quickly shut off the flow of oil , natural gas or other hazardous fuels when pipelines rupture. members of the united farm workers and their supporters held a rally in san francisco's mission district to celebrate cesar chavez day. season weather. the civil rights activists would have turned 95 years old yesterday, one of the
12:45 pm
men in the rally told us he met chavez when he was 10 years old jose velasquez, later worked in the fields joined the u. f w and went on to become an attorney. he says. you remember chavez his passion. passive two m and influence. we didn't believe in ourselves and he made his believe it ourselves since it can be done, but we haven't had another sister chavez come around a person like him male or female. cesar chavez died in 1993. but supporters of the u f w say the fight for respect better wages and rights continues. the national weather service says the us is experiencing more tornadoes earlier in the year. new data shows there were more tornadoes in the us this past march than in any other march on record with at least 219. tornadoes reported nationwide, more than double the average for the month. and breaking last year's record of 191 tornadoes in march . tornado season usually peaks in may and june, but with two straight record breaking march tornado seasons, there is concern that more americans will
12:46 pm
now be exposed to tornadoes and their devastating impact. that's 75 years old. in my life 70. how do we start over? you know, how do we find what we have left to start over with? forecasters say warming global temperatures due to climate change are mostly to blame for the increase in tornadoes earlier this year back to rosemary, we go and look at that bay area whether starting to get a little bit of a warm up out there. yes mike is going to be a nice if you like a seventies inland. that's what's coming your way a sixties around the bay temperatures are going to be a little bit above average. especially for inland cities today, tomorrow, and then we cool it down just some outsider doors at this time. look at hays out there for today, mostly sunny skies and we will continue with the dry weather through your weekend. how about a live look outside our doors from ktvu across the oakland estuary. and san francisco there in the backdrop where you can see again a little bit of haze out there in the sky . so again, we're looking at dry
12:47 pm
weather moving forward into the weekend. in fact, some of our future cast models bring us no rain for the next seven days. maybe 10, maybe looking out a little bit farther for some april showers. in the meanwhile we're going to continue with this dry pattern. a bit of a north and northwest flow out there, even seeing a little bit of northeast flow in some areas. and it is quiet on our side of the country. we are going to be with mostly sunny skies for today and then as we get into the overnight hours tomorrow morning, perhaps a few high clouds out there to start the day. and getting into your afternoon and evening hours will continue with the partly cloudy conditions tomorrow expected to be very similar to today when it comes to the temperatures, maybe even a little bit warmer, and i'll show you that in the extended forecast. let's check in on tahoe where the sun is shining here as well. and south lake tahoe reporting 51 degrees a truck. yeah. 54 blue canyon 56. going to about 64 the afternoon today getting into tomorrow and near repeat, if you are thinking about heading out for the weekend, you've got some
12:48 pm
dry weather in tahoe temperatures in the upper fifties to about 60 degrees. for the afternoons for us here at home in the fifties that have been beed low sixties san francisco around the base 61 in hayward, you go inland temperatures 71 right now in brentwood, as well as walnut creek and in the north based 66 over santa rosa. comparison of where we are typically this time of year and where we will be for today notice serious like san francisco right on track. oakland. you're right there as well. but you go inland and temperatures are above average by several degrees 74 for santa rosa today when you're typically in the upper sixties, as well as livermore in san jose, also going into the low seventies for today. afternoon highs around the region in the north based san rafael 72 for the east bay, 76 antioco and along the peninsula for today, 70 degrees expected over cemetery. oh, temperatures will be just as nice tomorrow, perhaps even a smidge warmer. we do expect a partly cloudy skies on the light part of the afternoon. early evening hours. temperatures drop
12:49 pm
off just a little bit noticed. the back end of your weekend is a bit cooler monday, right now looks to be the cooler day and then temperatures do begin to rebound. on tuesday last sixties at the coast of seventies around the bay and inland back to you have a great weekend. rosemary thank you happening today. stanford hopes to advance to the to a women's basketball championship game. several take on uconn tip off set for 6 30 pacific time tonight in the women's final four in minneapolis. both universities are longtime rivals and perennial powerhouses when it comes to women's basketball. they have combined to win 14 national championships. the defending champion stanford cardinal, led by guard haley jones, looking for back to back titles. just having an extra year with the same group of girls and then the additions that we made, i think we have more of an even cohesive unit this year than we did last year. and so that adds to our want to continue to stay together as long as we can. stanford has won three national titles. if they beat uconn. they'll play and sunday's championship game
12:50 pm
against either south carolina or louisville. the u. s will face england in the 2022 world cup. the u. s is among 32 countries competing in soccer's most prestigious tournament. more than a billion people watched the 2018 finals. the u. s men's national team today was picked in the same group as england and iran, the fourth and final team in that group. will be the winner of a playoff match between wales, scotland and ukraine. mexico is in the group with argentina, saudi arabia in poland. the world cup will start in late november in qatar. all the matches can be seen live right here on ktvu in the fox family of networks. tomorrow former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick will take part in the festivities for the university of michigan spring football game . kaepernick attended their practice this week and has been named honorary captain for the game. michigan's head coach, jim harbaugh, coach kaepernick when they were both with the niners, kaepernick told players on the michigan team grind for the life you want. still to come. one
12:51 pm
last look back at the remarkable career of the bay area sports broadcasting icon will show you the message. ktvu market bond is ad for viewers before signing off
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12:54 pm
wor. any transgender americans who struggling please know you're not alone. parents and children alike. please ask for help. and know this. you're so brave. you belong and we have your back. god bless you all. be brave. the president spoke yesterday on international transgender day of visibility. he offered a message of hope for the past the end of a bipartisan equality act to help transgender people live. without fear as part of the celebration for transgender day
12:55 pm
of visibility jeopardy champion in oakland resident amy schneider went to the white house to meet with second gentleman dug em off. schneider who is an advocate for transgender visibility and inclusion, said that she was honored to be there in grateful that trans people were being celebrated at the white house. betty reid soskin, the nation's oldest national park ranger, is now officially retired. after a long and remarkable career. her last day of work was just yesterday. in september, soskin celebrated her 1/100 birthday for the last 15 years. she's shared her personal stories and experiences as well as highlighting the efforts of the women who worked during world war two here on the home front. the san francisco symphony will soon perform with one of the most successful r and b groups of all time, the symphony will share the stage with boyz two men. the concerts are scheduled to start at 7 30 tonight and tomorrow at davies symphony hall. they will be performing some of their biggest hits. conductor edwin out. water is leading both shows tickets are still available happening today , some fun options for foodies
12:56 pm
are kicking off, in addition to the start of san francisco restaurant week the off the grid food truck event is making its return for the first time in two years with more than two dozen trucks. organizers say this is california's largest weekly food truck event. the 12th season of off the grid kicks off at five o'clock tonight at fort mason. the weekly event will also feature a full bar and live music and runs every friday through november. the longtime sports director here at ktvu is enjoying hopefully his first day of retirement market. bonnie has worked here at the station for 43 years, covering every major sporting event before mark delivered his final signature farewell last night, julie julie haener sat down with mark to reflect on his long career. a lot of people want to know they're used to seeing you every night in their homes, giving him the sports, telling them what's happened during that day when people don't see you on tv anymore. what's market bond is going to be doing how are you going to be spending your time? i don't know, but i'm telling you, just in the time that words kind of gotten out, and i've
12:57 pm
been thinking this for so long. it's a the viewers. you know, there's just so nice. the people that come up to you and i just never knew that you affect people's lives like that. and they're just so, um. they put up with, you know when i made mistakes and their well wishes and just emails and texts that i've received ah, just mind boggling to me that to think that i grew up in this area. i was fortunate enough not to have to. you know, i always said god, if i ever got a job in l a. how would i fake being happy? the dodgers won, you know? and then and then. just people support and the things that they'll say like i remember meeting you, you know, in the parking lot or whatever. and this and the
12:58 pm
things they remember. and you don't really realize that you've had a part of people's lives like this. like one woman, said afghan they're asleep every night with you between my toes. because our tv you know things like that stand out and to think that you know we could have an effect and you do and you know our team? you know, it's just it's mind boggling. i love the bay area, and i think that's kind of been a secret to the success is just being um, sincere. and now people can tell like i'm irritated at the giants because they did you know mad, you know as a fan, and i'll never apologized for being a fan , because that's what i didn't get into it to be on tv. i got into it because i'm sports maniac, and i think people recognize that you know here and it does choke me up because people have been unbelievably nice to me over the years. mark congratulations on an amazing
12:59 pm
career 40 plus years in the business, continuing to tell the stories of all the great bay area news and sports history, you always a part of that so congratulations. enjoy the next chapter. market bonnie is my partner. how you doing, man? congratulations on retirement 43 years now, nowhere this time is gone. but the people are gonna miss you. i miss you. you'll always be my partner. ktvu is going to miss you. we're all going to miss you, mark. it was nice to see everyone's saying goodbye to mark. what you see is what you get. i'm telling you, both on air and affair. dear friend of mine. he's had an unbelievable career and deserves really this next chapter of his life. one personal story i remember covering the 2014 world series. it was giants. it was against the royals. mark and i were in kansas city, and when we left after game two on her way to the airport. guess who ran out of gas? that's right. so we all got out of the car and started pushing it to the
1:00 pm
nearest gas station. just one memory. there's a lot of them out. there is the best. congrats mark. alright that's it for us here at noon. our next news gasses coming up at four o'clock more coverage always for you online and ktvu .com and on som? >> our ultimate pizza party.som? >> the goofiest cheeses. perfect pizza at home in your favorite pan. bringing the heat. low-carb meat lover madness. >> i wouldn't know that this was a cauliflower crust. >> apizza your family will love. that's next. ♪ let's dish. the kitchen has always been the center of my world. >> life is more to live for -- delicious when it is full of food and fun. we have a culinary expert and food judge. i'm also just a mom trying to get dinn


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