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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 4, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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names. of those six people killed. the victims are between the ages of 21 57, john taya, alexander melinda davis, sergio harris. joshua ahoy, lu casey martinez andrade and device cia . turner sacramento police have arrested one man they believe has a connection to the attack. ktvu emma gasses i've in downtown sacramento tonight with more on what we know. emma, what can you tell us? christina today , police arrested a related suspect, 26 year old dondre martin. he's charged with assault and illegal possession of a firearm. but importantly, not with homicide teams and detectives searched three homes in the area and recovered a firearm. and violent scene broke out at two a.m. sunday at 10th and k street in downtown sacramento. as concerts let out and bars closed. a crowd began fighting in the street. then gunfire erupted, killing three men and three women entering a
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dozen others. police say they recovered 100 shell casings from the scene. at least three buildings and three vehicles were damaged by gunfire. shooting victims range in age from 57 to 21. john hiatt, alexander sergio harris and his cousin, dave azia. turner joshua , chasing martinez, andrade and melinda davis, a business owner along k street, says davies was a familiar face in downtown and lived on the street near the shooting one of the homeless women that i know i recognize her as she's going around. she's been here for a long time. you know, and she just got caught in the crossfire, and it's unfortunate what it was like earlier surveillance video from a nearby apartment building shows cathedral square, the site of marcus davison's vow renewal hours after the family celebration cleared out. people are seen running from bullets. one man apparently struck limps away yelling and things like that. davidson originally from oakland, was celebrating with his out of town guests at bars just feet from where the
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shooting happened. his party turned in 30 minutes before shots rang out. it was unbelievable that it happened, but by the grace of god, we were lucky that some of the choices we made determinar outcome to be a little bit safe memorials now line the streets of downtown sacramento at capitol books. the general manager set up candles and a message of healing in the window. there were parties outside this store. yeah i clean blood off the window this morning, while most of the bookstore staff took a mental health day off, she's taking comfort in the hugs and phone calls coming in from loyal customers. nothing is going to be quite the same. yeah but we're still here or we're going to continue to thrive as a community. martin is due to appear in court tomorrow as mentioned he's related suspect not charged directly in the shooting. police are still pursuing suspects, christina magus live for us in downtown sacramento tonight, emma. thank you. the mass shooting was
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immediately met with outrage and sorrow, both at the local level and from leaders in washington, d. c our team coverage continues now with ktvu jesse gary, who shares this call for an end to gun violence. there were still bodies in the sacramento crime scene. police investigators still trying to piece together what led to the deadly shooting , and the political reaction wave had already begun rolling from the president. to the person third in the line of succession. from california's governor to the mayor of sacramento. even an nba coach wade in each issuing a statement condemning the carnage and loss of life and calling for an end to gun violence. we're all hoping as elected officials that our actions will save lives, experts say. people of all political stripes suffer from confirmation bias. viewing shocking events through a certain prism and then relying on muscle memory to craft their immediate response. these um, moments are not an opportunity
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for reflection. they don't give us pause to kind of reconsider, based on the facts, reconsider our positions on anything or policies that we have. it's just it's a moment to reiterate and restate what we already believe . because the masses and the representatives become caught in a cause and effect loop of deadly violence and political outcry. social scientists say change moves at a snail's pace we see can kicking transgenerational problems that don't seem to be solved in the least. and so what can we be other than frustrated by the events in sacramento politicians such as san mateo county supervisor david canopus says shocking events focused attention on policy changes that could stem the problems. but he admits changing the sheet music may produce more long lasting results. maybe we could do that's better is rather than just uniformly focusing on gun control. maybe the messages, it is focused on the mental health
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component of it. there is no right or wrong path, and politicians and experts lament the only certainty is another opportunity to try. after the next incident. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news oakland mayor libby schaaf responded to the shooting with this post on twitter. it reads quote, heartbroken for our neighbors in sacramento and the families who will suffer from this tragic loss of life due to gun violence. alex padilla, also reacting on twitter, the california senator wrote, horrified and deeply saddened by the gun violence we witnessed this morning in sacramento. my prayers are with the victims and their families and the entire sacramento community. our team is continuing to monitor the situation closely as we await further updates. and investigators say video of what happened moments before the shooting started is circulating online. they want to see more of that video. the q r code here on your screen has been established to make it easy for people to submit videos and recordings. if you come across any images that
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might be helpful to investigators. you're encouraged to submit it and you can stay with us here on ktvu as our coverage on the mass shooting continues. following some breaking news now coming out of oakland's fruitvale neighborhood , where there's a large police presence in the area, sky foxx overhead capturing these images just a few moments ago. this is located. at east 12th street and 34th avenue. you can see that traffic is still at a standstill . police are telling people to avoid that area transit says busses in both directions are currently on detour and will not stop at fruitvale until further notice. few details are being released here. all we know is that police activity is happening, no other descriptions or details. are being given out from officials. but we are following all the developments and we'll bring you the very latest information as soon as it becomes available. stabbing at a high school in san jose today left one student wounded and another in custody, police say. officers responded to reports of a stabbing at about 10 15 this morning at gunderson high school
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on gonda, bert lane and china with avenue. the details of what led up to the incident are unclear, but authorities say one student was stabbed and is expected to be okay. police say campus officer was on the scene and played a key role in coordinating a response and bringing the suspect into custody. both the victim and suspect are said to be students at gunderson high in oakland, someone brought an explosive device inside the alameda county courthouse today, prompting a response from the bomb squad. the sheriff's office says the small device was shown to deputies at about nine this morning at the courthouse at washington and seventh streets in oakland. the person who authorities say brought it in is connected to a civil lawsuit at the courthouse and says the device was deliberately put on his car. authorities say the investigation is ongoing. sitting on my couch. just heard someone just unload. definitely it was an automatic. the first set of shots were at least 10 15
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shots. police in san francisco are searching for the person who opened fire sunday afternoon at a at a park in the city's crocker amazon neighborhood. ktvu christien kafton joining us live from ingleside police station, the shower christian. four people in all were struck here and two of them has done. two of them died. that's right. that shooting happening in broad daylight in a park here in san francisco, as you said two people dead. two people last reported to be in the hospital with injuries. evidence of a deadly sunday afternoon are easily spotted allis chalmers playground in san francisco bullet holes in the side of the recreation center and by the curb a memorial to the two men who died following sunday's shooting. two others were sent to the hospital with what police say were non life threatening injuries. the shots fired at about 4 30 sunday afternoon. a witness who didn't want her name or face shown. prayed with the victims until first responders arrived. just saw young men that
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were severely injured and a lot of blood. was everywhere. it was terrifying. the medical examiner released the names of the two men who died. 22 year old brandon cheese from san mateo county 20 year old kieran carlson from san francisco. a visitor to the memorial told ktvu that the men were playing basketball and believes the shooting may have been an ambush. griffin gillette worked at the park for more than 20 years and says it was a peaceful place where children played. she's shocked at the violence that happened in this joyful place. you look outside. you see so much happening and wonder if it's happening to your child. there are also reports that the shooter or shooters sped away from the scene in a vehicle so far, though, no description of either a vehicle or suspects from san francisco police we're live in san francisco christien kafton ktvu. fox two news, christian. thank you. the
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ukrainian government says russia is committing genocide as the war rages on now president biden is calling for a war crimes tribunal after chilling images of civilians are uncovered. beating up with bonuses. how annie space cities looking to higher and higher more people to protect and serve also had a message that is clear and controversial. how a local group of mothers is taking aim at a problem plaguing san francisco and how the tourism industry is responding. and weather headline this week as a warm up significant warm up with highs back into the mid nineties. potentially there's that fog at the coast. that's not going to last long large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever.
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before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection,... liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. fantastic! at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. mothers drug deaths is launching
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an ad campaign that will be hard to miss. it's a billboard warning tourists about the dangers of fentanyl in san francisco reviews and rubin explains. the group hopes its campaign will spur city officials to act. these mothers have a message, and they want everyone to read it, so it's writ large in billboard form looming over union square. it says, famous the world over for our brains, beauty and now, dirt cheap fentanyl were frustrated. and that's why we're doing this . we're putting pressure where we think it might be helpful pressure because they want what they call the open air drug markets shut down. jackie's son is a fentanyl addict on the streets of san francisco. so is quarries and so are dozens of their son's friends. there is tyler, there's kyle. there's george. this chris is sarah. the list goes on. they all wish they had their mother come to see them problem. they say fentanyl is to affordable and two
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available. it's just specific here because people can come here all over and get it dirt cheap and not get no consequences here. that's the problem. no consequences that gets your mind thinking campaign will also extend to social media with the rollout in the coming weeks were also appealing to tourists. they think they need to know what the situation is here so they don't come here and they are appalled and feeling unsafe with their children. the billboard is getting a big reaction from the tourism industry who believe it might unfairly harm local businesses. don't target an industry that has nothing to do with the problem in the streets and hurt those small businesses. but let's try to solve a problem together. but one small business owner says he supports the mothers and hopes this spark some necessary change. i can't imagine how the billboard would be a problem. in this case, the fentanyl dealers are the problem. fentanyl is a problem. the billboard is a message. the billboard is set to be up for at least a month, and organizers say they also like to roll out
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the campaign on social media and on tv as well. ultimately they'll consider putting these signs in international airports as a way to reach more tourists in san francisco and reuben. ktvu fox two news. stanford responded to a rally outside the hospital today by nurses who are upset over prolonged labor negotiations. nurses from stanford healthcare and lucile packard held a rally outside the hospital this morning. representatives for 5000 nurses say they've been working without a contract since last week following dozens of negotiating sessions. they say the hospital has not done enough to deal with things such as burnout, short staffing, exhaustion and trauma among staff. we're asking support for mental health. lot of us have had mental health challenges throughout the pandemic. we don't think it should take six weeks to see a counselor. another negotiation
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was held today. a federal mediator was expected to be part of that discussion today. stanford issued this statement reading in part to date, the hospitals have offered proposals that would have provided nurses with market leading wages and further our commitment to enhance nurse staffing, workplace safety and wellness. the statement goes on to say stanford looks forward to reaching an agreement. well two stretches of trails in san francisco are now closed two dogs for the next five months. this is due to coyote pumping season. the trails are impacted right between the area of mountain lake in the presidio promenade, as well as the bay ridge trail from the rob hill campground to the presidio golf course. the red lines show the ones affected during the season . coyotes are especially protective of their pups and maybe aggressive toward daca. these rails will be closed to dogs through early september. sierra at tahoe ski resort is opening this weekend only for a big celebration. last year's kaldor fire badly damaged the
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resort and has kept it closed for repairs. but it is opening this saturday and sunday to skiers and snowboarders to celebrate the resort. 75th anniversary there will be live music. competitions and giveaways. pre sale tickets are sold out, but the resort says tickets will be sold on site if conditions allow sierra at tahoe is planning to fully open next ski season. already i hope you have a nice weekend. it is now past us and we're heading for the work week. we've gotta warm up coming, but today's temperature's cooled a little bit. weak weather system went to the north of us. you notice the winds. they're going this way. right? so that's northwest generally, and that's you know, that's when you get fog of coastal fog. now that's generally a fair weather condition what we're going to see here as we head into, um the later part of the week. we're going to see the winds start to go offshore, so something more like this, and when that happens, we warm up. that's what we're going to see. we're gonna see temperatures on thursday, potentially into the mid
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nineties in the warmest spots, and it'll be kind of warm around the bay, too. but that's not. that's not right now. that's this is right now. this is this way. today and tomorrow and then it starts to warm up. you can take a look at the fog right now. you can see the fog out and the sunset district fog kind of in san francisco at the golden gate bridge. you can see some fog right there. just real wispy. and then we'll go back down the pencil. just a little bit happened. but you got funk all stuff you'd expect. and you also see that the san bruno gap here. that's the airport right and that's how the fog gets in on that low lying areas. why picture of the fog shows it's the golden gate bridge. it's fairly a diffuse that marine layer, but it's there and it's pretty typical for this time of year. the winds are going the right way for the fog. the high pressure is trying to take charge and we've got sea surface temperatures that are kind of cool when the ocean gets cold because of the winds and currents when they get cold enough, you get these the fog formation much more easily, much more easily. and so it's pretty chilly out there now. in the fog in the ocean, and so the fog's forming. so what's going to happen tomorrow like today and
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then as we get into wednesday, things start to warm up into thursday and even friday is pretty warm, but it starts to cool down a little bit on friday, so the roller coaster has a setting up for the warmest day on thursday. maybe maybe a record, you know, i'd be an off brand spot like mountain view or something like that. but the upshot all this is what you can't see out here somewhere on the third monday tuesday. and maybe wednesday. we have the potential for some rain and it looks pretty good. if it happens . i know it's way out warm up and cool down the potential for rain showers, even snow in the mountains. it's a long way to go. i know but grabbing at straws because we need to grab it straws because we're need rain. when i come back, we're going to look at the rest of the week forecast the five day forecast and i'll point directly to that opportunity for showers. sounds good bill. thank you. google says it is time to return to the office, but the majority of the company's employees are not on board with that plan. so what happens next? and what it means for the future of workplaces, then at six loved ones of those killed in
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sacramento's mass shooting share how they want the victims to be remembered. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her....
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ando unified school district are no longer required to wear masks on campus. the district dropped that mask mandate about a month ago for middle school and high schools, but it kept it in place a little bit longer for younger children. masks are still strongly recommended, but not required. today google led the way for bay area mega corporations to bring employees back into the office. but as ktvu tom baker tells us employees will have a say about which workdays work for them. or they may look for another more remote, friendly job. the first monday in april is historic because mega employer google wants as many people as possible to return to the office full time this morning, though, we saw very little activity, and that may be because google employees may also choose so called hybrid work two days at
5:23 pm
home three days in the office. i think this is becoming a trend. deborah mughazi monroe owns a staffing agency for temps and full timers. i just talked with another client who's starting one of our attempts on the 11th. but they said starting the 18th all of their employees are going to be working tuesday, wednesday thursdays on monday and friday, remote for more than a year. the big area council, a consortium of major employers has been pulling its members. we are seeing very consistently that most employers say three days a week in the office is going to be the new norm, and that they estimate about two thirds of their workforce will come in on those tuesday. wednesday thursday dates. employers also told the bay area council by june, just under half of its employees will likely come in on monday's less than 40% on fridays. labor lawyer michael bernick, former e d d director says employers asking for voluntary returns have had very little success march um the
5:24 pm
return rate was 31. here in san francisco, 31% of the pre pandemic level, the lowest by the way of all the metropolitan areas. united states. san jose wasn't much higher, so google has its work cut out for it. they're not saying full time. they're only saying three days a week, and i think achieve that is going to be difficult for them. former google human resources director laszlo bock says hybrid workers will be at a disadvantage when it comes to pay raises and promotions as opposed to those in the office full time. i think people understand they must be fair. but i wonder what the reality will be like. google has denied this, but declined to do an interview or send a statement. no question. this is here to stay. it's the major change and work structure brought by the pandemic. are you hearing that employers? tom baker, ktvu, fox two news. the princess cruise
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ship that abruptly canceled its trip and left 1600 passengers on board and said francisco has left the city. this is video of the ship, leaving san francisco this morning under the golden gate bridge. princess cruises says it's decided to cancel the next leg of its upcoming cruise to vancouver to allow more time to quote bring the ship up to its highest standards in advance of the upcoming busy summer season. the cruise originated in fort lauderdale, florida, princess cruises says it's currently helping guests with air and hotel accommodations and plans to provide full refunds of the cruise fare and a 100% credit for future cruises. a 60 year old man in germany is accused of getting as many as 90 covid-19 vaccine shots in order to sell forged vaccination cards. officials say the man was getting the shots so he could sell cards with real vaccine batch numbers. the man carried out the scam for months before police finally caught him this month when he showed up to the same vaccination center two days in a row. there's no word yet if all those shots have had an
5:26 pm
impact on the man's health it was a tragic weekend across america from sacramento to texas . senseless gun violence affecting families forever after the break. we're heading back to the state capital to share the latest information on yesterday's mass shooting. plus more than 2000 ar fifteen's headed for a war zone and american gunmaker now helping armed civilians in ukraine. okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner
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thie arrested at 26 year old man wanted in connection with that mass shooting in sacramento. right now. it is unclear what role he played in the attack. a manhunt, meantime, is also underway for the other people who may have been involved in the shooting that left six people dead and a dozen more injured. backs news, giovanni lee ji joins us now he's in sacramento with the latest on the investigation. good evening, giovanni. hey good evening, julie. will police like you said, are still looking for more people that were involved in the shooting. that happened here right behind me in the entertainment district here in sacramento. they did arrest 26 year old dondre martin, like you had mentioned. it's unclear what role and if he played a role in the shooting. he was charged with assault and illegal possession of a firearm. but no murder charges and there is a makeshift vigil right over my shoulder. another vigil will be held later this evening here in sacrament, so but let's walk you
5:30 pm
through what happened. so the police department says here in sacramento that there was a fight just before this shooting, but we don't know if it is related to the actual shooting moments before it began. after it began rapid fire, gunshots followed from a distance. police did recover one stolen handgun from the scene, and they also did recover another handgun from the 26 year old that was arrested this morning. however it's unclear if that was used in the shooting at the crime scene spent a total of almost eight blocks and this is just a block away from the capital for reference, and there were shell casings, bloody clothes and broken glass scattered in the streets. here in sacramento. what i can tell you is this investigators are working to identify those responsible for this horrific act. like we always do. we will get through this. we will rally. and we will be better for it. and julie
5:31 pm
police here are working through hundreds of pieces of evidence trying to piece together. what exactly happened who else was involved in the shooting ends? ultimately who killed here in the capital city, julie yes, such a big crime scene there. i think there was something like 76 gunshots and 54 seconds. giovanni what can you tell us about the 12 people who are injured? i know you just mentioned summer and critical and others and stable. but do we know anything about the victims? yeah so all 12 of them are in stable condition at this time yesterday, some of them were critically injured in the shooting at the police department did say that they are all doing well. and some of them have actually been discharged from area hospitals here. quite an ordeal that they've gone through. what about plans underway for a vigil? what can you tell us about that? yes so later this evening, the day or the mayor to roll. steinberg will actually attend. it starts at seven o'clock and will run
5:32 pm
until later this evening. like i said, there's a makeshift memorial vigil set up right behind me. there's actually several different locations here in sacramento. ah apparently where the victims were and where they were killed at, but the main one is still yet to happen this evening. alright giovanni luigi reporting for us tonight from sacramento. giovanni. thank you. and stay with ktvu as developments unfold involving the sacramento mass shooting. we will have more throughout the evening and you can find updates on our website ktvu .com. sunday's shooting is the second mass shooting in sacramento this year. in february, a man killed his three children, chaperone and himself during a supervised visit with his kids at a church. the victims included his three girls ages. 9 10 and 13. police say the shooter david mora, rojas had a restraining order against him because the girl's mother as well as a former girlfriend. said he had violent tendencies. we're learning new details about a deadly shooting
5:33 pm
at an outdoor concert in texas over the weekend. police say one person was killed. 16 others were hurt when gunshots rang out early sunday at a rap concert in dallas. that shooting reportedly happened after an argument broke out and someone fired a gun into the air, leading to multiple people being trampled as they tried to flee. dallas police say several off duty officers were working the event, but say the concert itself did not have a permit to operate. it's important to note that this promoted event did not have a permit. this crime is a prime example that not permitted and promoted events can lead to violence. 26 year old man died at the concert. the 16 people injured are all now in stable condition. so far, no arrests have been made in that shooting. jury selection is underway in florida for the sentencing trial of the gunman of a mass school shooting. the jury will determine whether nicholas cruz
5:34 pm
will be put to death for the killing of 17 students and staff members. at parkland, florida's high school in 2018 crews pled guilty in october, and court officials say more than 1500 candidates could be screened in the coming weeks. the trial is expected to start in june. the element of county district attorney's office says it will not charge three chp officers involved in the deadly shooting of a man in a car that had been reported stolen from a dealership. officers were attempting to stop erick salgado when they say he rammed their vehicles in east oakland in 2020 and was shot 16 times. salgado's pregnant girlfriend was also shot. she survived, but lost her pregnancy. three chp officers eric holbert, donald saputra and sergeant richard henderson were named in that shooting. salgado's family has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit now against those officers. any aqi is taking new measures to boost the number of officers on its police force. ktvu is alex
5:35 pm
savage. joining us now from the newsroom. tell us about some of the financial incentives the city is now offering alex christina under a new plan that was announced just today by any act, mayor lamar thorpe those joining the police department could see some big bonuses. the department is authorized to have up to 115 officers. but mayor thorpe says it's now down to 78 officers on duty with 24 on leave for a variety of reasons, including injuries and paid administrative leaves because of a recent investigation by the fbi and contra costa county district attorney's office. as we near the summer months. there is no question that we have to deal with our attrition problem and the impact of officers who are under investigation. therefore i will be beaten immediately advancing and measure that restructures our current police sign on bonuses. now under the mayor's plan, officers who come to the department on a lateral transfer could receive up to $40,000.20
5:36 pm
dollars upon signing with the department, another $10,000 after a one year probationary period. and $10,000 after the third year with eniac police my priority is to increase our sworn a compliment with the sole purpose of maintaining high morale, sustaining public safety and making certain officers have the field support and coverage that they need and that they deserve. under the plan, academy recruits signing with any act. police can also choose to receive $60,000 toward the down payment of a home in the city of anti och the bears proposal, which must still be approved by the city council. there in any attack would also would offer those bonuses for a one year time period. in the newsroom. i'm alex. average. ktvu fox two news, alex. thank you. turning now to the war in ukraine. world leaders say new evidence of alleged war crimes by russia is getting harder to ignore. ukrainian troops found more than
5:37 pm
400 dead civilians as they moved into areas near kiev being vacated by retreating russian soldiers. some of the bodies showed signs of torture. others were shot at close range with their hands tied behind their backs. most were buried in shallow pits are simply left alongside the road. ukraine's president, now calling on russia to move the negotiations along, saying, the longer they delay, the harder it will be to make a deal. every day. when our troops walk in and the occupied territories. you see what's going on. it's very difficult to conduct negotiations when you see what they did here. the european union today, saying it will open up a war crimes investigation in partnership with the ukrainian government. an american gunmaker is helping armed civilians in ukraine. fox news caroline elliott joins us now live from brooksville, florida outside adam's arms. caroline, what can you tell us? adam's arms is sending the first of five planned shipments to ukraine from this factory behind
5:38 pm
us and again they're doing this because they say it's worth it. now the guns and magazines are going directly into that war zone to help arm those civilians that stayed back to fight in. the company's president says that they're taking a hit as a small business doing this. they say that there potentially losing up to $350,000 doing this, but again, they say it's worth it. more than 2015, built by hand and headed for war zone . we're just a passionate group of people and when liberty or freedom is in jeopardy than you know, we take that personally and so for us to be able to help has just been an overwhelming feeling. adam's arms president jason east, says he's sending rifles to the civilians who stayed back to defend ukraine. he says gun stores in ukraine sold out almost overnight after the russian invasion and his business partners in kiev needed weapons. it's that demand that
5:39 pm
led them back to us specific resource is still there, he has chosen to stay there. you know, do his job, distribute weapons to civilians and then join in the effort himself. the us government approved an expedited the shipment and it's expected to arrive in ukraine within a month. those on the production line and adam's arms say it's an honor to answer the call for help as an american and as a veteran. i served in a lot of people served because we wanted to make a difference. and if you remember when 9 11 happened, a lot of people join the military here. remember my graduating class? there was a lot of people. that joined from that. and for ukraine. this is that moment for them. and we're told companies have to be careful with these shipments because again, there's always the risk of the russians intercepting them. so as a precaution, the company is staggering these
5:40 pm
deliveries over the next month in brooksville, florida. caroline elliott fox two news. alright, caroline. thank you. democrats and republicans are split on the president's supreme court nominee, lauren blanchard in washington, where her confirmation stands coming up. countering a new florida law, critics say unfairly targets the l g b t q community coming up the inclusive campaign, just launched by new york's mayor.
5:41 pm
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and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. in s historic supreme court nominee, judge gitanjali brown jackson. the senate judiciary committee vote today split along party lines on her confirmation as boxes. lauren blanchard shares the procedural vote won't stop the nomination from moving to the full senate for consideration. yes. hayden
5:43 pm
meeting with senators judge catania brown jackson continues to move through the confirmation process, even as a senator's flight delay pushed the senate judiciary committee's vote on her nomination monday. different position because this is not a run of the mill ordinary vote. democrats on the committee need every last member of theirs because of how split the two parties are on jackson. she is inching closer to becoming the first black woman to serve as a supreme court justice. i think she's a good person, but i cannot support her. most republicans say they oppose jackson because of her record on sentencing. if you are a criminal you would be lucky if your case is assigned to judge jackson. democrats say republicans aren't basing their decisions on the nominee. this is frustrating experience to see this happen. judge jackson is not an extremist. she is not out of the judicial norms. the committee split along party lines on jackson, but it does not stop her nomination only slows it slightly 11 years, 11
5:44 pm
days. it's a tie vote. democrats plan to bring a full senate vote on the nomination at the end of the week. already at least one republican susan collins, says she will support the nomination , insuring confirmation as long as all democrats are on board. justice stephen breyer said he would retire at the end of the current court terms so long as there was a nominee confirmed and ready to take his place in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news look out below the brief scare in santa rosa over the weekend. bless you hardly ever see this in south florida, the community advised to stay indoors as severe weather hits. temperatures just a bit cooler out there today. we're heading for a significant warm up as we head into the week. we'll look at that. there's the fog. we'll look at that as
5:45 pm
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5:47 pm
that blue awning and part of the building suddenly dropping onto the sidewalk has happened at the california luggage store on fourth street. santa rosa fire department says it happened around midday yesterday. no one was inside and no one outside was hurt. thousands of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are being recalled, they could fail to warn homeowners of hazardous levels of carbon monoxide, universal security instruments inc incorporated recalled 8000 of its two and one photo, electric smoke and fire. and carbon monoxide alarms. anyone who has either recalled models should contact universal security instruments for a free replacement. the recall devices were sold nationwide between june 2017 and december 2019. hand sanitizers sold by disney are being recalled due to the presence of benzene, benzene, rather and methanol. third party manufacturer best brands. consumer products is voluntarily recalling the mickey mouse and mandalorian edition hand sanitizers. two lots being
5:48 pm
recalled, were produced in april and may of 2020 but were later removed from sale in april. 2021 due to unrelated commercial reasons. if you happen to have these products you're asked to report any issues to the fda is mid watch adverse event reporting program. well today, new york city mayor eric adams announced a billboard campaign in florida to counter that state's so called don't say gay law. starting today, five images began appearing on billboards and a handful of florida cities. telling members of the lgbt q plus community that they're welcome in new york. the so called don't say gay bill was approved last month. the new law bans instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in public k through third classrooms. this political showmanship. of attempting to demonize in particular group or community is unacceptable and we are going to loudly show our
5:49 pm
support and say to those who are living in florida. listen, we want you here in new york. you know, we want you right here in new york city. the billboard campaign is scheduled to run through may. 29th. major hail out here hardly ever seen. this much hail. a severe thunderstorm brought hail and gusty winds to south florida over the weekend video posted by the noah atlantic ocean ocean and i know she my god! oceanographic they'll help me out on that word oceanographic because i say it right? okay i did. and meteorological lab shows hail as large as quarters. quarters falling in the miami area yesterday, the lab wrote. hale is a rare occurrence in that area with yesterday being the first time it has been seen in over a year. look at that. how rare is that? there are more than 3500 flights across the country were canceled over the weekend airports in miami and other florida locations were affected because of those local storms. american airlines,
5:50 pm
spirit, jetblue and spirit again were most affected. canceling one third of the trips and again this is a live look at sfo today . 12 flights were canceled there today will bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. okay, so fog is very common here. but the hill in miami not too much, not their thing at all. and of course you got 35 what you say 35,000 cancelations. that's hundreds of thousands and millions of passengers, so you probably might even know somebody was impacted by those cancelations. and so as we go outside today, we had temperatures that were a little cooler over from what we had yesterday and temperatures tomorrow will be about the same and then they warm up and that's what that's the headline. it's gonna get real warm on wednesday and thursday. into the mid nineties possible, so there's a live camera shot. there's that fog out there. patchy fog along the coast kind of breezy as well . classic spring weather pattern in the forecast is this, uh kind of bell shaped, um, forecast, which increases the temperatures on wednesday and thursday, and
5:51 pm
it calls a little on friday. but as we go into early next week, there is a chance for some showers. just look at the recent model runs and they're not quite as bullish on that, as they had been originally. so we'll see how that goes. that's down the road. in the meantime, we're steady as she goes, which is plenty of sunshine temperatures depicting here. the currency, the green. that's a sea breeze right because you could strong sea breeze. temperatures are a little cooler inland, and they were last night. at this time. there is whether to the north of us, and that's why we cooled off and you can see some showers around uk. i might have got a little drizzle or something like that. just a little bit as this cooler system goes through, and then the heating will be directly related to this, you know, but you know why right, so the logo's through vacuum right ? nature hates a vacuum. the high bounces right in so there's the low. it's migrating by the day after tomorrow, it's filled in with a high the winds go offshore and we warm up. significantly the rain is just about 149 miles north up around eureka from essentially from the golden gate bridge, just for note the forecast model tomorrow
5:52 pm
morning tomorrow afternoon wednesday morning wednesday afternoon. perfect perfect california weather, although at this point i think perfect california weather for us would be rain and storms, but that's not happening before cast for tomorrow, then yellows are 70 is gonna be just like today. maybe a little cooler, maybe a degree or two cooler, maybe the degree warmer in some places along the coast forecast highs tomorrow, then no eighties, mostly upper seventies mid seventies inland microclimates in play. in the low seventies upper sixties around the bay. so what do we got? nice week ahead. it's gonna be really warm on third wednesday and thursday, up to the upper eighties on wednesday , thursday into the low and mid nineties. friday is nothing to sneeze at. and then sunday cools off saturday and sunday start to cool off a little bit, so it really does have a spring vibe out there, and it's going to this five day period is going to play that way. sounds good. we'll take it. thank you bill. the grammys were held at the mgm grand in las vegas last night after one month late do the crown variant and it was a big
5:53 pm
night for john baptiste, who won the awards biggest one, the night's biggest award. we are john baptiste. the band leader of the late show won album of the year, one of the five grammys he took home last night. the r and b duo silk sonic made up of singers bruno mars, anderson pack one record and song of the year for leave the door open and 19 year old olivia rodrigo won for best new artist as well as best pop vocal performance and best pop vocal album. okay kanye west has dropped out of this month. coachella music festival, leaving organizers scrambling to find a new headliner in the next two weeks. it's unclear what prompted west of bail on his scheduled performances. according to tmz. travis scott was to have joined west, but now he won't perform either. stanford women's basketball star . lexi hall is going pro whole, who is a senior announced today she's foregoing an extra year of eligibility. she says she's
5:54 pm
declaring for the nba draft, which takes place next week. lexus twin sister, lacey also appears unlikely to return to stanford next season, but she has not yet disclosed her intentions. both twins or academic all americans and played on stanford's national championship team in 2021. fellow game short of going back to the title game this season. step by step. one man is walking from new york all the way to santa monica on a mission to help children fighting cancer. then it's six will go back to sacramento to learn more about the lives lost to the city's (music throughout)
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
stop walking until he reaches the santa monica pier. step by step. he's raising awareness and money for the families of children fighting cancer. fox's steve nielson caught up with o'connor on his walk for hope. for nine months, cody o'connor has taken steps on a path that seemed nearly impossible to complete. phoenix is about 2000 or 3200, like 30 ish miles into this journey started his walk for hope in new york, and he won't stop till he hits the santa monica pier. walking means more to cody than most at 14. he was diagnosed with a rare pediatric bone cancer and was told he would never walk normally again, but here he is a decade later walking 25 miles a day in life altering, you know, i found out internally. what it means to take one more step in any situation in life period. you learn more of what you're made of. you know you you every single one of us is capable of great things, you know? yeah,
5:58 pm
it's stressful, and it's hard to get there. but you're capable of far more than what you can imagine he's raising money for his organization champions do overcome. his family was torn apart by his fight with cancer because the bills were too hard to tackle that shook my family. you know, we were a typical middle class family and going through cancer. my family went through divorce eviction, where food was coming from and had to file bankruptcy, so seeing the struggles of my family, it really left an impression on me and i wanted to make a change. i don't want other kids to have to go through that, on top of fighting cancer champions do overcome does more than just give money. they support the whole family, and our intention is to eventually fund from start to finish. cost of living payments so, therefore taking off the largest negative stress and anybody's life, which is finances and allowing faith and positivity to fill that void. we're also sending parents on date nights to fight the divorce ratio. he's headed to las vegas next before reaching santa monica. by the end of the month.
5:59 pm
step by step, nothing will stop him now, steve nielson. this is ktvu fox two news at six. i want the person that did this. do you know? you will record. heartbreak tonight for families . mourning lives lost in sacramento's mass shooting hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener cristina rendon. we're beginning to learn more about the victims of the shooting that john alexander melinda davis, sergio harris and joshua oil lucchese are among those who died. you mail martinez, andrade and bosnia. turner were also killed with ages ranging from 21 to 57. all of those lives cut short. also today, police announced one arrest in connection with the shooting 26 year old dondre martin. he's booked for assault and illegal gun possession charges, but so far, not the shooting itself. police also say
6:00 pm
they have searched three homes and sunday morning and recovered one weapon. we get more now from ktvu sm a gauss in sacramento, where a vigil for the victims is set for later tonight. chaotic and violent scene broke out at two a.m. sunday at 10th and k street in downtown sacramento. as concerts let out and bars closed. a crowd began fighting in the street. then gunfire erupted, killing three men and three women entering a dozen others. police say they recovered 100 shell casings from the scene. at least three buildings and three vehicles were damaged by gunfire. shooting victims range in age from 57 to 21. john hiatt, alexander sergio harris and his cousin, dave azia. turner joshua , chasing martinez andrade and melinda davis, a business owner along k street, says davies was a familiar face in downtown and lived on the street near the shooting one of the homeless women that i know i recognize her ashe


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