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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 5, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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nown connection with the mass shooting in the city's downtown area. authorities are saying about the latest arrests also ahead. the top four was fully engulfed, absolutely burning. like. major fire. dozens of people are displaced by a fire that ripped through an apartment building in san francisco. the reason crews had to return to that scene just hours later, also ahead. zoom undermines the whole architecture of global security. the u. n. security council's speaking with ukrainian president vladimir zelensky this morning in an emergency meeting, the latest on the humanitarian crisis in the war struck country as new ukrainian forces continue to take back territory from russian troops. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good evening to you. i'm andre senior in just a couple of hours from now one of
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the suspects arrested in connection with that mass shooting in sacramento will appear in court. ktvu sle rasmus joins us live with what we know about the charges that man and now his brother are facing ali andre sacramento police have made two arrests so far in connection with the deadly mass shooting over the weekend and the two people in custody. our brothers. sacramento county prosecutors note, though, that the two men have not been accused of homicide. however police say they believe these two brothers are connected to the shooting in downtown sacramento that killed six people. and injured 12. others surveillance video shoaos, others limping away injured by the gunfire. shooting victims range in age from 57 to 21 years old. the 57 year old woman who was killed lived on the street near the shooting. one of the homeless women that i know i recognize her as she's going around. she's been here for a long time, you know, and she just got caught in the crossfire, and it's unfortunate. i think it's going to be quite the same. yeah, but we're still
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here we are. we're going to continue to thrive as a community. now the information on the two people arrested this morning, sacramento police announced they had arrested 27 year old smiley martin police say he was seriously injured in the shooting. he's still recovering in the hospital, but once he's released, he will be booked in jail for two counts. illegal gun possession and possession of a machine gun. smiley martin is the older brother of the first suspect. sacramento police arrested yesterday. that person is 26 year old dondre martin. he faces two felony charges so far. assault with a deadly weapon and illegal gun possession. andrei martin has a criminal history in both california and arizona. he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest from riverside county going back several years. for a domestic violence charge over the weekend, sacramento police investigators set up a q r code for people and witnesses to send in cell phone video that they may have had of the shooting in the aftermath. police say it has generated a huge response they've received about 170
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different video clips that they're still going through. police say they do expect to make more arrests, but again, one of the two brothers arrested so far. expected to be in court in sacramento. at three o'clock this afternoon. andre will send it back to you. thank you. we're hearing from the mother of one of the people killed in that shooting. i never wanted kids. and. i said if i was to have a kid, i just wanted a boy. and i was blessed with a boy. sherrilyn hoy is grieving the death of her son. 32 year old joshua hoy. lucchese is 32 years old voice says her son's girlfriend was the first person to tell her that casey had died and minutes later. she says she saw photos of him on social media. i got a phone call at 2 45. they're my son had been shot. and killed. it was opposed my son. on the ground dead. it
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was sent to me through instagram. my son was laying on the ground dead. okay see leaves behind six children all younger than the age of nine. the shooting has reignited calls for gun reform on the local and national level. now president biden and house speaker nancy pelosi, along with governor newsom, all released statements in reaction to the shooting in sacramento. calling for an end to gun v for gun control say the same political outvery time a mass shooting but nothing changes can kicking transgenerational problems that don't seem to be solved in the least. and so what can we be other than frustrated by the events in sacramento? reacting to the shooting, sacramento mayor darrell steinberg said. gun violence is a quote sickening in the u. s and he called for a ban on assault weapons coverage of the sacramento. shooting continues on our website ktvu dot com. you
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will find the latest developments right on our home page. he was doing the family for erick salgado is calling for new information in the three chp officers who fatally shot the 23 year old 16 times. salgado's family and supporters gathered for a protest this morning outside the alameda county courthouse in oakland yesterday , alameda county d. a. nancy o'malley announced that the evidence does not support the filing of criminal charges against the officers. in 2020. the chp officers attempted to stop salgado, who was driving a stolen vehicle and they say rammed their vehicles. we want justice for erick salgado, and she's calling them cowards. they don't show their faces. they have protective orders against them from us the whole year and that protected them, but not now. now this report is out. there is so many discrepancies in their officers eric hulbert, donald putin are supposed to and sergeant richard henderson were named in the shooting. the d a
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says they could consider or reconsider charges if additional information is eventually brought forth. well flames tear through an apartment building in san francisco this morning and this noon, dozens of people are displaced in the haight ashbury district as ktvu american diana tells us firefighters has direct had to rescue people and pets as well. firefighters have moved onto the cleanup phase here on upper terrorists after a fire broke out last night and then re ignited this morning. the top floor was fully engulfed, just absolutely burning. like. major fire neighbors were shocked to see this four story apartment go up in flames so quickly monday night, spreading from the third floor to the fourth floor and roof. firefighters say the wind caused it to spread rapidly and it even reignited when the wind picked up around four tuesday morning, but the fire is out again. and luckily everyone is okay. the folks that live on the far right hand side of the top
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floor. i smelled the smoke right away, got their dog, but they were able to get out and pull the fire alarm. firefighters did have to rescue two people. they were able to climb out onto the balcony and get to safety. from there. the fire department was impressed with how prepared people were and says this could have been much worse. they had a plan they got out of the building. they knew what to do. most of them had packed with them with their phones and some essentials. that's what keeps you safe. this could have been absolutely nothing. it could have been exactly what we saw here. you don't want to take the chance. they obviously didn't they got out safe. at one point, firefighters went back inside to rescue a cat that belongs to a nurse. that wasn't home at the time when you're a public servant, such as a nurse or doctor, paramedic police officer your animal is your safety blanket when you come home photos from the scene show firefighters helping get oxygen to the cat before sending it to
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the vet. that cat is expected to be okay. the fire department says 40 to 50 people have been displaced and the red cross and city services have been helping them. it's not clear how many of them if any, will be able to go back to their apartments. or if there is just too much damage in san francisco, amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. state lawmakers say there is an urgent need to advance legislation addressing the retail theft crisis, we've been seeing a coalition of bipartisan lawmakers and business leaders held a news conference this morning outside the state capital. they're urging the assembly public safety committee to allow the legislature to consider bills addressing retail theft, and one of them is a b 23 90 leaders say it addresses the root causes of retail theft in light of increases in smash and grabs. this bill. is in furtherance of the basic intent of proposition 47. which is to provide diversion. treatment programs. to focus on the root
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causes of crime. whether it's drug addiction, mental illness. homelessness. while the same time making sure that serial offender or offenders are held accountable. the group says several bills related to retail theft have been thwarted in the assembly public safety committee over the past year. or covid cases continue to rise overseas, and doctors across the us are sounding the alarm in our next half hour breakdown of the cities being hit the hardest with this latest search. but first so good news for those who have student loan debt. look at the expected move by the biden administration as inflation continues to be an issue across the country. a minor warmup, expected for today, followed by a significant heat up coming our way. better details on what you can expect for your bay area tuesday and the
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strt pause on student loan payments through august, 31st student loan payments were scheduled to resume rather about three weeks from now will. the move comes amid rising gas prices linked to russia's invasion of ukraine. the education department says the free saves 41 million borrowers about $5 billion a
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month. the move marks the sixth time payments have been put on pause since the beginning of the pandemic. ivanka trump is testifying before the january 6th panel. today the committee has been trying to secure an interview with her since late january. on the day of the insurrection was with her father most of the day and was in the oval office for key meetings. the meeting is happening. virtually enter testimony will remain private. we're told well , the first black woman to serve on the supreme court will almost certainly be judged to tangier brown jackson. she has won the support of enough republicans to put her on the bench foxes. lauren blanchard is in washington with what's next in the confirmation process. every day. we move closer to judge jackson's confirmation. the case in likelihood of our confirmation grows stronger and stronger and stronger. the senate is moving forward on the confirmation of judge catania, brown jackson, she is likely just days away from becoming the first black woman to be confirmed as a supreme court justice after three republican senators have voted in favor of
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moving her nomination from the senate judiciary committee to the floor. the nomination will be placed on the executive calendar. republican senators susan collins but romney and lisa murkowski joining democrats , markowski said her vote was partly to push back on the politicization of supreme court confirmations. which democrats have criticized republicans, for there are some colleagues of mine on the committee who dug into her record who pressed her on questions and wanted to get to know her judicial methodology. there's others who, frankly, i thought were just grandstanding for the tv cameras , but republicans are quick to point to the personal attacks by democrats on justices brett kavanaugh and amy coney barrett during their confirmations, and many republicans say judge jackson is too liberal. very often. we're told, look at her record, so we look at her record. her record signals things that are, in some instances troubling. the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell said he would not vote for jackson. in one case, she
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ignored the plain text of the law to reach a more liberal outcomes. senate leader chuck schumer said the confirmation vote could come as early as thursday. jackson would not be sworn in until justice stephen breyer officially retires at the end of the court term this summer. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news special election is taking place in california's central valley, but it's not getting a lot of attention. the election is to fill the congressional seat left vacated by the resignation of devin nunes, the former congressman left the job to lead former president trump's media company. now if no candidate gets a majority vote in today's primary, there will be a runoff election in june, the seventh in fact, but the winner of the election will only serve months in congress, and on top of that the district won't even exist next year because of redrawn boundaries. new california ballot measure aimed at preventing air pollution could qualify for the november ballot. by the end of this month, the clean car and clean air act would text those earning more
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than $2 million a year. the initiative would help the state curb wild fires and smoke and also targeted missions by using tax revenue to boost the number of electric cars and trucks on the road, according to the chronicle lift has contributed more than $8 million to the campaign as righteous services will have to meet a state requirement to log 90% of their miles. an electric vehicles. by 2030. or turning down your forecast. this is a cooler of the next couple of days because it's going to be warming up here to tell us about it. rosemary oroczo about 90 degrees for some of our inland cities if you can believe it, perhaps some of the hottest temperatures so far this season giving you a live look outside our doors. where we do have a view of san francisco and the blue skies there now temperatures will be only slightly warmer today. the hotter days come wednesday and peak on thursday. here's a view of what we are seeing in and around the bay area, bit of north flow and a northeast flow
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so again temperatures above average for today, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees, and when we reach our peak, we could be 10 to 20 degrees above average for this time of year. a ridge of high pressure is going to continue to control our weather pattern for the next several days. unfortunately no rain in the forecast through the weekend , we may see some changes come early next week. right now the winds are light in napa. com nevado, santa rosa conquered. you're at seven. fairfield a little breezy and gusty for you there with winds gusting to about 25. if we shift south, you can see a light breeze over areas of san jose and a little breezy over areas of half moon bay. the only advisory for us today, right along the coastline. it is a beach advisoryincreased rip currents l as sneaker waves. it goes all the way until tomorrow night. so it kind of coincides with beach weather coming our way. be prepared. if you are going out to the coast, as you know, never turn your back to the water. here's a look at the
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temperatures in and around the bay area right now. 57 degrees at half moon bay, so not warm, just chet sixties in san francisco. we have mid sixties in livermore and 64 in san jose and in the north bay 63. in napa temperatures will continue to climb. and here's a comparison from yesterday into today where we are looking at just a tad bit of warming over napa by two degrees a few degrees in concord upper sixties for uk, oakland and 72 expected over san jose. a better look at some of these afternoon highs will go 70 for san rafael 75, an anti aachen in the south bay, 74 of them organ hill, so very pleasant weather in the forecast a notable jump coming our way temperatures will peak on thursday and only slightly cooler for most on friday. better details for you in the extended forecast coming up, some people are gonna have to keep an eye on the rising temperatures. rosemary. thank you. controversial billboards are now up across san francisco . up next we'll tell you about the group, their message and the reason some say it's unfair to businesses in the city.
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act is taking new measures to boost the number of officers on its police force. under a new plan proposed by any attacks, mayor those joining the police department could see tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses. the department is authorized to have up to 115 officers but is now down to 78 officers on duty with 24 of them on leave. as we
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near the summer months. there is no question that we have to deal with our attrition problem and the impact of officers who are under investigation. therefore i will be be immediately advancing in measure that restructures our current police sign on bonuses. well under the plane officers who come to the department on a lateral transfer could receive up to $40,000 academy. recruits can also choose to receive $60,000 towards a down payment. of a home in eniac. the mayor's proposal still needs to be approved by the city council. former windsor mirror dominique for poli is being sued over sexual assault allegations. now according to the chronicle, seven women filed the suit yesterday, alleging that both for police winery and national children's charity enabled the former mayors misconduct. the woman claimed that they financially profited from police lowering of women to events, then declined to investigate
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reports of sexual assault. poli was accused of sexual assault or misconduct last april by more than a dozen women. he resigned as mayor last may and continues to deny all of the allegations against him. a group called mothers against drug deaths is launching an ad campaign in san francisco. it's a billboard warning tourists about the dangers of the drug fentanyl in the city as ktvu s and rubin reports now, the group hopes the campaign will motivate city leaders to take action. these mothers have a message, and they want everyone to read it, so it's writ large in billboard form looming over union square. it says, famous the world over for our brains, beauty and now, dirt cheap fentanyl were frustrated. and that's why we're doing this. we're putting pressure where we think it might be helpful pressure because they want what they call the open air drug markets shut down. jackie's son is a fentanyl addict on the streets of san francisco. so is
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quarries and so are dozens of their son's friends. there is tyler, there's kyle. there's george. this chris is sarah. the list goes on. they all wish they had their mother come to see them problem. they say fentanyl is to affordable and two available. it's just specific here because people can come here all over and get it dirt cheap and not get no consequences here. that's the problem. no consequences that gets your mind thinking. the campaign will also extend to social media with the rollout in the coming weeks were also appealing to tourists. i think they need to know what the situation is here so they don't come here and they are appalled and feeling unsafe with their children. the billboard is getting a big reaction from the tourism industry who believe it might unfairly harm local businesses don't target an industry that has nothing to do with the problem in the streets and hurt those small businesses. but let's try to solve our problems together. but one small business owner says he supports the mothers. and hopes this spark some necessary change. i
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can't imagine how the billboard would be a problem. in this case, the final dealers are the problem. fentanyl is a problem. the billboard is a message. the billboard is set to be up for at least a month, and organizers say they also like to roll out the campaign on social media and on tv as well. ultimately they'll consider putting these signs in international airports as a way to reach more tourists in san francisco and reuben. ktvu fox two news. we'll see if francisco mural london breed is among the city leaders in california who are coming out in support of some new mental health bills now be considered by the state legislature. breed joined other big city mayors in a virtual news conference yesterday to publicly back the package of eight new bills. they would create a new system of court ordered treatment based on specific requirements instead of just putting nearly everyone with mental problems in state run institutions. a new bill is making its way through the state
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legislature that would ban communities from prohibiting medical marijuana sales. san francisco state attorney state senator rather scott wieners says it is illegal to sell cannabis in 32% of california cities, leading people to bide on the illicit market. sb 11 86 just passed its first committee hearing it would require cities to allow medical marijuana access, either with a storefront or through delivery. alright still ahead, ukrainian forces continue to take back their country's territory as russian troops retreat to ukrainians northern border the latest calls for ukrainian president in an emergency meeting with united nations security council today will tell you about that. plus, we continue to follow that developing story. that is coming out of sacramento that mass shooting that happened over the weekend will a second arrest has been made. in that case, we'll tell you what we know about that new arrest.
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stos afternoon. police say they have arrested a second suspect in connection with that deadly mass shooting over the weekend. we were reporting our police say he is 27 year old smiley martin, the latest suspect here. police say he was seriously injured in that shooting and in fact has
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been recovering in the hospital since sunday morning, will authorities say once he is able to be released, he will go straight to jail. he faces two charges of illegal gun possession and possession of a machine gun. martin is the older brother of the suspect taken into custody yesterday. deandre martin is doing court this afternoon. 26 year old was booked on assault and illegal gun possession charges, but so far martin has not been charged with the deadly shooting itself. we're also learning more about the victims in that deadly shooting. police have identified the people killed as humanely. martinez andrade, sergio harris , joshua hoy, lucchesi entire alexander, melinda davis and the brassy turner, who was sergio harris's cousin. at least a dozen other people injured in the shooting as well. two of them have now been released from the hospital, a business owner along k street says melinda davis was a familiar face in downtown and lived. on the street near where the shooting happened. one of the homeless
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women that i know i recognize her as she's going around. she's been here for a long time, you know, and she just got caught in the crossfire, and it's unfortunate. i think it's going to be quite the same. yeah but we're still here we are. we're going to continue to thrive as a community. nothing quite the same memorials now line the streets of downtown sacramento, the owners of one books there near the shooting set up candles in the window. to remember the victims. dozens of people gathered in downtown sacramento , expressing their sadness and outrage over sunday night's mass shooting. last night's vigil took place near the state capital just blocks from where the deadly gunfire erupted. a grieving family member of a deceased victim was among those who spoke during this memorial service. jackie henderson is a constant cousin of sergio harris. he was a father. he was a husband. he was a great man,
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and he had his life taken from him shot in the back. vigil was organized by the city of sacramento mayor darrell steinberg joined the crowd paying tribute to the mass shooting victims as well. investigators say there is video circulating online showing what was happening moments before that gunfire up that sunday, they now want to see more of that video. authorities in fact, to set up a qr code to make it easy for people to submit their video of that gunfire. that qr code right there on your screen right now. and our coverage of the sacramento shooting continues on our website ktvu .com you can find the latest developments right there on our home page. the big story in eastern europe. now ukrainian forces continue to take back territory as russian troops retreat now. meantime ukraine's president spoke to the u. n security council this morning. alex hogan has more from lviv
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and warning this noon that some viewers may find images in this report disturbing. ukrainian forces taking back more territory on day 41 of the russian invasion have now retaken key terrain enforcing russian troops north away from the capital. nato warns that moscow is not giving up yet it's expected their forces will regroup in belarus before refocusing on taking more territory in the east. in the coming weeks. we expect further russian push in the eastern and southern ukraine. to create a language to occupy crimea. repositioning comes a day after ukraine accused russia of war crimes, including genocide for allegedly executing hundreds of civilians in the suburbs around key the u. n security council holding an emergency meeting tuesday morning, with ukraine's president calling for moscow to face serious consequences. undermines the whole architecture of global security . it allows to them to go at
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vanished. so they are destroying everything that they can't. the russians are still insisting this is a false flag operation by ukraine designed to frame russia. but these newly released satellite images taken weeks ago before the russians pulled out shows bodies of civilians in the streets, raising serious doubts about the credibility of moscow's claim. brutality the targeting of the civilians really underscores that this is so concerning the victims work with directly targeted and directly killed. nato secretary general says that allies will meet to discuss the delivery of advanced weapons, including anti tank missiles. ukraine alex hogan, ktvu, fox two news. president biden wants russian president vladimir putin to be tried as a quote war criminal. the president says the evidence increasingly shows that russian troops have committed war crimes. and he blames putin. president biden also wants
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russia to be removed from the united nations human rights council. he believes it's ludicrous for russia to be a member of the human rights council. the us continues to target putin's inner circle, working with spain to seize a 254 ft long yacht worth more than $120 million. it belongs to a russian oligarch. there is no evidence russian hackers are attacking infrastructure here in the united states. in fact, fox news has learned. bradley international airport in connecticut was hacked last tuesday by a russian cyber group aligned with the kremlin. hackers behind it called themselves kill net. they left the airport. this message that said, quote when the supply of weapons to ukraine stops attacks on the information structure of your country will stop america. no one is afraid of you. we're working very closely with industry knowing that cyber security is not something that the federal government can do on
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its own. the president has very publicly encouraged the private sector to ensure that its cyber defenses are up to date. national security experts say cyber hackers targeting u. s airports, even planes or major concern to us officials. it's also believed the cyberwar russian and ukrainian hackers are waging war against one another. well that is expected to escalate. they think for the first time in five years. former president barack obama is at the white house today in his first visit since leaving office, he joined the president biden and vice president kamala harris for the event. to talk about the success of the affordable care act and medicaid as well as other accomplishments, the pair of made together we help save the global economy. made record investments in clean energy. we put guardrails on our financial system. we helped turn the auto industry around. repeal. don't ask, don't tell but nothing made
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me prouder. then providing better health care and more protections to millions of people across this country, so the president has not been to the white house. in fact, since 2016 president biden is hoping to expand the affordable care act. by closing a loophole that prevents about five million people from getting coverage under the law. the proposed legislation has cleared the house, but it's currently stalled in the senate. better. the number of new covid cases are climbing overseas as the b a two variant continues to spread here in the u. s. public health officials are urging people to be cautious foxes. jonathan siri has the latest now from atlanta. public health officials are urging americans to get boosted its the b a two sub variant drives a surge of covid cases overseas. stay up to date on your vaccinations. we're way behind on that. over in the uk nearly five million people were infected with covid 19 in the last week, officials say covid
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related hospitalizations and deaths are also on the rise, but they remain low compared to pass surges. in china, the country is doubling down on mandatory lockdowns has cases there skyrocket more than 25 million shanghai residents were ordered to complete more covid testing as the city recorded 13,000 cases in a single day. those who test positive are sent to massive isolation centers. some 10,000 health workers have been deployed to the city to control the outbreak. mass testing is very important only when all the patients are quarantined and the situation is cleared. can the work and production be resumed? according to the cdc. be a two makes up more than 70% of cases here in the us in cities such as philadelphia, health officials are urging people to once again where masks indoors but caution . it's unlikely be a two will become a significant public health risk. we have numerous
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medications to treat covid infections, both in the intravenous forum and now gratefully in the oral form. scientists are also tracking another new variant that is a hybrid of previous are macron's strains. in atlanta. john serry, ktvu fox two news. well that is something that can be pretty rare of these days. a new compromise in the senate to extend more covid funding that was at risk of running out. senators announced the $10 billion package yesterday. if approved, the money would go towards testing vaccination and treatments here in the us, but it does not include a worldwide vaccination effort that many lawmakers were pushing forward. senate majority leader chuck schumer says president biden supports agreement even though it was less than half of the original request from the white house. are super big companies who want to bring employees back to the office. there are problems. the reason some, particularly in san francisco, i
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don't want to give up working from home. i'm tracking a significant warm up for the days ahead. we'll take a look at what you can expect for your bay area tuesday and the rest of the week coming up.
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twis after becoming the largest owner of the company stuck. musk is a prolific tweeter, as many of you know, and also an occasional
12:43 pm
critic of the platform. well on his feet. yesterday he posted a poll asking whether twitter users want an edit button to be added to the platform. will twitter's ceo then retweeted, the poll, saying the consequences, quote? will be important by the way most people say they want that button. meantime the news that musk would hold 9.2% in the san francisco based companies and shares up by more than 27% yesterday. they're up again in early trading today on the latest announcement. staying on big tech. now google is leading the way for bay area megacorporations, bringing employees back into the office. ktvu tom baker explains how employees are being given us say on their schedules. the first monday in april is historic because mega employer google wants as many people as possible to return to the office full time. google employees may also choose so called hybrid work two days at home three days in the
12:44 pm
office. i think this is becoming a trend. deborah mughazi monroe owns a staffing agency for temps and full timers. i just talked with another client who's starting one of our attempts on the 11th. but they said starting the 18th all of their employees are going to be working tuesday, wednesday thursdays on monday and friday, remote for more than a year. the big area council, a consortium of major employers has been pulling its members are seeing very consistently that most employers say three days a week in the office is going to be the new norm, and that they estimate about two thirds of their workforce will come in on those tuesday. wednesday thursday dates and players also told the bay area council by june, just under half of its employees will likely come in on monday's less than 40% on fridays. labor lawyer michael bernick, former e d d director says employers asking for voluntary returns have had very little success march um the return rate was 31. here in san
12:45 pm
francisco, 31% of the pre pandemic level, the lowest by the way of all the metropolitan areas. united states. san jose wasn't much higher, so google has its work cut out for it. they're not saying full time. they're only saying three days a week and i think achieved that is going to be difficult for them. former google human resources director laszlo bock says hybrid workers will be at a disadvantage when it comes to pay raises and promotions as opposed to those in the office full time. i think people understand they must be fair. but i wonder what the reality will be like. google has denied this, but declined to do an interview or send a statement question. this is here to stay. it's the major change and work structure brought by the pandemic. are you hearing that employers? tom baker, ktvu, fox two news. our studies show workers in san francisco
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generally get paid more than those in other major u. s cities, but new research shows most middle class families still cannot afford home in san francisco. households earning between 80 to $165,000 a year classified as a middle income in this area, and researchers found just 24% of homes sold in san francisco in 2019. fell into price brackets that middle class buyers can afford. new figures show the number of homes for sale in san francisco has reached an 11 year. seasonal high, the real estate tracking website socket site reports. there are now 50% more homes on the market than they were at this time of the year before the pandemic. that's more than double the number there were in april of 2015. according to zillow, the median home price in san francisco is close to get this $1.6 million. property owners in marin county have until monday to pay the second
12:47 pm
installment of their property taxes for the past year, according to the marina. independent journal property tax bill sent out in september total $1.26 billion, up more than 3% than the previous year. tax roll growth is based on property valuations, general obligation bonds and parcel taxes. most of that growth was from an increase in property valuations, which rose by just over 4. rosemary rescue is here now with a look at your forecast, which is nice. now it's getting a little hotter as we head further into the week. aren't yes, it's going to be toasty out there. andre we've got some great beach weather coming our way and we do have an advisory to talk about if you are just joining us more on that in just a moment. today is going to be just a subtle warm up over yesterday's highs. we're talking about just a few degrees, but as we get into wednesday, you'll definitely notice a bigger difference right now. thursday looks to be the warmest day giving you a live. look there over san francisco. a lot of blue sky little bit of breeze out there not as breezy as
12:48 pm
yesterday. but we're still seeing winds anywhere from 10 to 15 mph in urban areas and a little bit stronger than that in our hills. ridge of high pressure is beginning to build in, and it's going to push that storm truck well to the north, and we are looking dry through the rest of the week. how about the winds out there? mount diablo reporting 18 mph right now. oakland north and south reporting a northeast breeze. so we've got that dry north and northeast flow with us, 60 mph reported at oakland south. here's a look at the advisory for the coastline. it goes until tomorrow night. so again tomorrow thursday, perhaps some beach like weather coming our way. just be on alert for the increase in sneaker waves as well as rip currents. outside of that too high and dry rolling through your area tuesday wednesday thursday, stopping it for you here on friday. we do begin to see a breakdown of the ridge just a little bit, and that's going to start a cooling trend. as we head into the weekend. we are looking at dry weather through sunday. our next
12:49 pm
shadows, some rain perhaps early next week. what can she need to watch that between now and then it's going to be all about the number 61 degrees right now. in san francisco, mid fifties at half moon bay for the inner east payment sixties and conquered in san jose hello to you at 64 temperatures average compared to what we're going to see for today. a low seventies in santa rosa. we've got 64 in san francisco upper sixties in oakland seventies in livermore and san jose 72 so average for many, just above average in other spots, especially inland. a better look at some of the inland temperatures for you here. we've got 65 expected for concord. as we head closer to the coast will go 62 for the afternoon in pacifica, your extended forecast here. so here's today notice the jump in temperatures tomorrow 10 degrees of warming expected, so you're definitely going to notice that far inland cities going from the upper seventies today to upper eighties for tomorrow, too low nineties on thursday, perhaps some of the hottest temperatures so far this year. getting into friday. temperatures do begin to slip still very, very warm, especially inland and then into
12:50 pm
the weekend. we've got the temperatures continuing to cool off with the coolest day on sunday, upper fifties at the coast to upper sixties around the bay and inland, i'd be remiss it. if i didn't point out these beach like temperatures here along the coastline seventies in the forecast for wednesday and thursday, andre alright, rosemary. thank you so much. well, the world health organization is warning about. dangerously poor air quality, the u. n health agency says 99% of the world's population breathes in air that does not meet its air quality standards. the w. h o wants more action to reduce the use of fossil fuels, which causes harmful pollutants. the agency says there are millions of preventable deaths every year. meantime according to a new u. n climate report, the earth's temperature will soon rise past a key danger point unless greenhouse gas emissions are better controlled by countries that promised to obey the 2015 paris accord. governments and corporations are blamed for continuing to use fossil fuels that cause global warming and its side effects.
12:51 pm
the big message we've got, you know, human activities got us into this problem and human agency can actually get us out of it again. and i think that's the hopeful message that we're trying to get over in this report. it's not the hope it's not all lost. we really have the chance to do something. the report also says a healthier planet requires moving towards renewable energy, better use of resources and financial support for poor countries. we'll do a deal in the state of california has reached a settlement with the smart and final grocery store chain for price gouging during the pandemic, attorney general rob bonta announced the settlement just a few minutes ago. he says smart and final raised prices on egg products by up to 25% after governor newsom declared a state of emergency due to the pandemic. the grocery retailer raised prices by more than 10% over pre pandemic levels, with no accompanying increase in supply costs,
12:52 pm
violating our california price gouging laws. some products were price gouged by approximately 25. in fact, our investigation found the company sold over 100,000 cartons of unlawfully priced eggs. the settlement costs for smart and final to pay $175,000 penalty for violating the california unfair competition law. a piece of music history is opening its doors to hopeful musicians up next, how artists can write and perform their music in paul mccartney's childhood home.
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hana successful surgery after using three d technology to save a rare birds life that's at zoo tampa recently noticed one of their great hornbill birds was developing skin cancer and a portion of her beak. well, they say the cancer is a death sentence for the birds. but the vets jumped into action when one vet learned cruise in singapore used a three d printer to replace the beak of a great hornbill there. they reached out to a biomedical. three d printing company, which designed a new piece of beak for a bird named crescent. has little screw holes here, and we attached it to her cask just like that, and we put dental acrylic to seal the edges, and then we screwed everything into place. very cool technology there will zoom. tampa says kristin is quickly bouncing back to health knowledge is also being used to create prosthetic limbs for humans, as scientists even explore the possibility of using cells to print vital organs. in
12:57 pm
the future. well, normally, when you think of beekeeping, you probably think of rural areas, but one company wants to bring beekeeping to the middle of major cities. the people who run be downtown or installing sustainable bee colonies in places you might not otherwise see them. the idea is to help the bee population growing areas they wouldn't be as common because of humans. they say the bees help pollinate trees, greenhouses and gardens and densely populated areas. we have become reliant on honeybee specifically for our modern food production. all the native bees are having a tough time due to development of land and pesticides. well for us for whether it's safe to have so many bees next to large populations of people, the beekeeper states very safe. since the bees are generally calm, they say any hives that are not calm are replaced. of the area, art lovers will be able to experience the classic works of a cost. so in san francisco, a little while longer now the popular exhibit, known
12:58 pm
as imagined picasso has now been extended until saturday at it's a groundbreaking multimedia display, which includes more than 200 images of picasso's classic works. imagine picasso has been attracting art lovers and cities around the world. all the paintings of because so are all over the world. um you are in new york. canada is in madrid . um some of the most beautiful paintings of picasso are inland music, so in paris or in barcelona, um it will be impossible to have all those shadows and the same place and i think, um, to go with this exhibition in san francisco, uh , so far away. you know, from paris, for example, i think it's something very important for me . the people behind this exhibit say it breaks all the traditional rules when displaying the works of picasso and artist many consider to be
12:59 pm
the greatest in modern times. the next generation of musicians now have a new place to create paul mccartney's childhood home in liverpool, england, is opening its doors for unsigned musicians. it's to give them a space to write, rehearse and perform in the famous property where the beatles frontman began his career with bandmate john lennon. fighting young people to this house and giving them the opportunity of doing the same coming from nothing like us and seeing what it takes them to this house. to me is a house of hope, whatever you maybe create or right in this space. or just play in this space would really have something special. the home is owned by the national trust and consider the quote birthplace of the beatles. well, all indications point to tiger woods going for another green jacket, tiger woods told reporters this morning. quote i feel like i am going to play in the masters. and now this is not the final word. but he says he has been practicing at augusta
1:00 pm
and those who have watched him play described was as looking phenomenal. he's won the masters five times but is working back from his horrific crash in southern california 14 months ago. just amazing to watch and play. thank you so ready for so? it's a game changing stateor so? recipe. >> grilled potatoes, salad. >> and tips to make marinade magic. >> check it out. >> do want to wear the same thing four days in a row? what do i care? >> that's next. daphne: let's dish. the kitchen has been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. gail: everybody knows me as a
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