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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 8, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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san jose with new details on the search for that driver. who sped from the scene, jesse andrea jenna just talked to the family of the two people who were killed. obviously they are devastated by this incident. they don't want to talk and say that they will have more information later. they say the older woman. the mother was in her seventies. the daughter in her fifties. also just within the past few minutes, a neighbor has come out and play scandals there on just at the base of that light pole, where the two victims lay or lie after being struck by vehicle. their deaths marked the 14th and 15th pedestrians to be killed on city streets this year. the seventh involving a hit and run driver. another family morning this weekend, the loss of two loved ones and another fatal traffic collision here in san jose. investigators say the mother and her adult child killed while in the crosswalk near a call a stem academy were walking south at the time of impact. detectives say the driver was in this red.
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newer model heavy duty pickup truck. he was last seen leaving the crash and traveling north on capitol expressway problem continues to plague the nation right now, we've seen an increase in traffic crashes and fatalities across the u. s. it's 2014. the intersection of alcala and locked in court is a long, straight stretch of road where drivers don't always stop for pedestrians as our fox to photographer found out. a veteran crossing guard here, says he fears for the children he helps keep safe in the morning. i always aware that i make sure that my stop saying, always waving to make attention that's coming caribbean here, san jose city transportation officials say this intersection has not been a problem in the past. only three collisions here since 2016. still the city's mission zero initiative is redesigning petition and crossings near seven schools in this area to make them safer, flashing beacons island in the middle of the crosswalk and concrete ball about curb
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extensions, while the city tries to modify human behavior behind the wheel. police seek help finding the specific person who's behind the wheel of this vehicle killed a mother and her adult child and then drove off. it is something that we need to combat. one person dying on our city streets is one too many. we're up to 26 now. that total of 26 represents people who have been killed both as pedestrians and victims in a car accident or car crashes. investigators say the striking vehicle in this case that red pickup truck has front end damage as well as damage to the windshield. if you see the vehicle or you have any information, call police again. we talked to the family they are devastated, will have more on that coming up at six and seven tonight. to live in east san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox news we'll head back to you. thank you mean time in alameda. the chp is looking for the person who opened fire on interstate 5 18 or first street in livermore . we brought you the story as breaking news yesterday that
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shooting happened just before two p.m. caused a huge backup. during the commute. the chp says the victim is expected to survive. no word yet on what led up to that shooting. while the search for evidence and more suspects continue in the deadly sacramento shooting one suspect, deandre martin remains in custody in connection with that shooting his brother, smiley, allen martin, who was injured in the shooting, remains hospitalized in a third man. davian dawson is free on bond, all three face gun and probation charges. six people were killed, 12, others wounded in that gang related shooting. investigators say most of the victims were caught in the crossfire when the two groups of men opened fire. it has taken 232 years and 115 prior appointments. for a black woman. to be selected to serve on the supreme court of the united states. but we've made
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it. we've made it all of us, all right? and with that history is made meet the woman who will become the newest supreme court justice judge kittani brown jackson, the historic confirmation to the united states supreme court was celebrated today as you saw there at the white house and it's foxes. lauren blanchard tells us there was much more that the soon to be justice said as she spoke publicly for the very first time since her confirmation. the honorable tangie brown jackson applause and cheers on the south lawn for judge qatanani brown jackson. the first black woman to be confirmed to the nation's highest court, people of every generation of every race of every background felt this moment and they feel it now, jackson said. it was the nour of
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her lifetime. it has taken 232 years and 115 prior appointments. for a black woman. to be selected to serve on the supreme court of the united states, but we've made it. judge jackson won't become justice jackson yet she will be sworn in after justice stephen breyer retires in late june or early july. history making confirmation will make this one of the most diverse supreme court's it will still lean conservative 6 to 3, but there will soon be for women on the court. 47 republicans voted against judge jackson's confirmation they had concerns that she is too lenient on sentencing. i believe she will prove to be the furthest left. of any justice to have ever served on the supreme court. still three republicans, giving her a bipartisan confirmation. i
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think it was a missed opportunity by a lot of people on that senate floor yesterday, not just to stay there and soak in the moment of history, but to be a part to be on the right side of history. we will first see jackson on the bench in october, when the next court term begins. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news and we're hearing from current and aspiring attorneys in the black community this evening sauce live in the newsroom with more on this part of the story, zack well, it's been more than 24 hours since the news broke, but the students and attorneys i spoke to say in many ways, judge jackson's appointment still doesn't seem real, some of the words they've been using to describe how they feel right now ecstatic, inspired and emotional i'm in awe. i mean, ah, attorney rukia to tajani still processing the news of catania brown jackson's appointment to the u. s supreme court, but her initial thoughts, it's about time. that's my first reaction. berkeley law graduate back at her alma mater friday for a
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lecture and fielding plenty of questions about the first black woman to be confirmed for a seat on the nation's highest court. the reason why i wanted to become a lawyer in the first place is because a justice who look like me justice thurgood marshall, you know, really had a storied career across the bay, san francisco assistant district attorney courtney burris's excited to see what doors judge jackson's appointment will open up for future leaders to finally see uh, a black woman be affirmed as a legitimate voice at the table. um after so long being systematically excluded in so many ways. it was a moment of triumph. i felt and one of excitement for the opportunities that can come for the generations at berkeley future law school students celina avalos, clutching her necklace bearing the word justice. it just shows that we're breaking glass ceilings, and it's very inspiring. just knowing what's possible and hopefully, in the
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future, what i can do as a future public servant classmate at berkeley school of public policy is from rwanda. she describes judge jackson's appointment as globally significant to me. makes me feel like the world is really empowering women to the highest level. ariana youngblood anxious to see what impact shall have on the thinking of the court, moving forward her being a woman of color. being a black woman. that's going to be a different perspective that the court hasn't seen. so i think it will be, um fresh, you know, fresh, new and unique. in the last student says judge jackson's appointment will push her to work that much harder after she graduates. judge jackson is expected to take her seat on the court in october. jenna andre will be historic moment to be sure, zack, thank you so much. in ukraine. russian bombs hit a train station where thousands of people had gathered trying to get out of the eastern part of the country. many in the crowd
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were women and children. officials say the civilians were heating called to leave the region before russia launches a full scale offensive. so far, at least 50 people are confirmed dead. the attack is reinforcing international condemnation of russian president vladimir putin for alleged atrocities. foxes alex hogan has the latest warning to viewers. this report out of ukraine has some disturbing images. what do you know? well at least five children are among the dozens killed while waiting at a train station trying to escape their city. early friday, two missiles struck the evacuation corridor in kramatorsk on the eastern side of the country. ukraine's prosecutor general, calling it russian strategy to scare civilians so badly they won't even attempt to flee. it's not only were crimes crimes against humanity. ukrainian president vladimir zelensky says 300. others are wounded. russia accusing ukraine for the attack
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and calling the losses of their own troops, a huge tragedy. war drags on. the united nations humanitarian chief says he doubts the possibility of a ceasefire and donets this is now becoming the central gravity of the war. it's also the essential place for civilian evacuation and humanitarian assistance among the latest nations to bolster ukraine's military capabilities. is slovakia donating it's s 300 air defense system system. i believe that this defense system will help save many innocent lives from the aggression of the putin regime. the us has now stationed 10,000 soldiers in poland after deploying 5000 additional troops in recent months. held joint military trainings, deepening their relationship and strengthening nato's eastern flank. as the escalation disrupts eastern european countries. it's also triggering
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a food crisis. the food and agriculture organization says the monthly price index jumped up 12.6. that's up from february's all time high since the index was created, russian organizations have largely been quiet since russia's invasion, but a board member of a russian medals companies speaking out after the atrocities in buka, calling them shocking, demanding an investigation after hundreds of bodies of killed civilians were found. earlier this week. ukraine alex hogan fox news correspondent benjamin hall is opening up about his injuries he suffered while covering the russia ukraine war. he posted a picture of himself lying in a hospital bed wearing an eye patch. he said he lost half a leg on one side and a foot on the other butthole ended the tweet with saying he feels lucky to be alive. he also paid tribute to two of his colleagues who died in that very same attack. 55 year old photo
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journalist pierre brewski and ukrainian journalists, alessandra because chris nova bruce springsteen, elton john and billy elish are among the stars joining a social media campaign today, rallying for ukraine. the goal for the campaign is to urge governments and corporations to help fund the humanitarian effort taking place overseas. celebrities are being asked to publicize the movement using the hashtag stand up for ukraine. working to connect you with the bay area groups helping the people of ukraine right now. just scan the q r code. you see there on your screen, and that will take you to a list of organizations gratefully accepting your help. all that on ktvu .com. punishing will smith, the academy announced what will happen to the actor for the infamous slap at the oscars and trying to make san jose safe coming up at 5 30. we hear from san jose zamora about his plan to stop the bloodshed. on the streets of the city and then sunshine and smiles for opening day will take you out to oracle park. with all the excitement celebrating the return of baseball. after today
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about action just about five minutes ago. bottom of the 10th and a walk off win. that was austin slater. you can just feel that energy coming out of the tv so much excitement led away to start. fans were out in force all day as the giants take on the miami marlins and the first game on the first day. goes to extra innings. miami marlins my old stomping that old stomping grounds ktvu james torrez, his old stomping grounds. two has been added oracle park since early this morning and brings us the excitement surrounding the return of baseball. today was all about the fans having their voice back. they didn't have a voice two years ago, and stadiums were empty and they were cardboard cutouts. it was limited last year, but this year fans walking out today hope their voices. were louder than ever. go giants! let's go! let's go! who has this kind of energy at six a.m. giants fans do? i don't think we've missed an opening day since the ballpark
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open the bars open fans wasted no time bar tops full of coffee and cocktails, mota years, people drinking them full of excitement and emptied of covid-19 protocols were not wearing masks, bars and restaurants took a hit over the last two years, the most important part of today's opening day. is opening wallets and not worrying about vaccination cards or masks. logistically we the staff can do things like make drinks and you know and see people and serve food and drinks, you know, before we all had to stop in our tracks and go oh, my god, you know, there it is. i'm a con fans already decked out in gear hit the team store more. yes you can't have enough giant stuff. item jerseys, customized name and number of kids, you know, new player came from atlanta just won the world series family is taking their son to his first giants game. he'll remember as little league catcher. he resembles someone you might know
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. what's your nickname? buster buster? oh buster posey on the diamond this afternoon, and just like the all star covid-19 rules have retired from oracle park fun. fun in the sun with some friends, no masks. no doubt. fans have a lot of energy about that. it's great. it's very liberating, so hopefully we'll have a little stay that summer and we can watch a lot of baseball and yeah, we're excited. and while we might have the peak of covid-19 behind us, there are still some long term changes here at oracle park. most importantly, all transactions food drinks merchandise will be entirely cash that so if you plan to come to a game sometime soon make sure you have a credit card in your wallet. reporting from oracle park. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. guess what? guess who is not working today? it looks like marco baniyas is not working. he's actually enjoying the game, probably for the first time in 43 years. he's retired now, and it's actually
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watching the game as a spectator there. he's at the ballpark. mark the fans spotted enjoying the game at oracle. parkdale looking all smiles, always smiles. giants broadcaster mike krukow wished him well and said he has done a great job over the years representing various sports. and that there are not many nicer human beings, then mark and it's something we hear a channel to all already know a lot about absolutely a son right next to him. he said that his son invited him to the game. well it was also opening day for the oakland a's and they started the season on the road in philadelphia with an interleague game against the phillies. philadelphia got off to an early lead, scoring five runs in the first three innings. the a's got their first run in the fourth on a chad pinder home run and scored three more runs in the seventh on a seth brown homer. wasn't enough, though. the a's lost 5 to 9, but fans get ready . oakland's home opener is on april 18th against the baltimore
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orioles. are the sharks foundation in pg and e teaming up to plant trees in the south bay. today volunteers from both organizations planted trees that starboard park in san jose. the effort is part of the break a stick plant a tree program. so every time a hockey stick is broken by a san jose sharks player, the sharks foundation and pg need donate $100 to nonprofit. one tree planted. that $100 actually plants 100 trees, so it's great. we're giving back to the community. we're making the planet greener and we're reducing our carbon footprint. the sharks estimate that about 100 hockey sticks will break during the season, bringing a total donation of $10,000. isn't that fantastic? i love the sharks. so many different reasons. hi everybody . and good evening to you. what a spectacular day it was again today, albeit slightly cooler than yesterday, when we had
5:21 pm
seven record breaking temperatures. right here in the bay area. see all those high think clouds of serious clouds draped over the golden gate bridge. i'll show you where they're coming from momentarily. but right now, let's take a sneak peek at some notable features for the weekend. first off tonight, clear skies but downright breezy to windy conditions. it will be cooler for your saturday those northwesterly 20 gods had 35 mph starts off with a few clouds on sunday, becoming sunny and then those wind gusts up to 45 late day now, right now, we still have the temperatures. in the high eighties away from the bay, primarily around therapy field and brentwood and discovery bay . the closer you get to the bay of water were in the sixties. it is now 62 degrees in san francisco and 57 cool degrees in half moon bay. these temperatures are anywhere between two and 25 degrees cooler than just 24 hours ago. and the winds a big reason for that. currently the winds at sfo
5:22 pm
26 but gust at 35 mph. it is blustery along the coast as well . 13 at mineta international airport at oakland international airport, the windsor at 16 and filled at 13 and 12 mile per hour winds in santa rosa. we do have a wind advisory that goes in effect and this blue highlighted areas tomorrow morning at five. a.m. to sunday five pm primarily around alameda , contra costa, napa and sonoma counties. meanwhile in addition to that, where you see the red area, this is sacramento san joaquin and also solano. and yolo counties. we do have a fire weather warning otherwise known as a red flag warning, and that's an effect tomorrow morning all the way through sunday evening as well, very rare to have a red flag warning this early in the season wins dry winds, a big factor in that tumbling the relative humidity into the teens and even single digits, also ushering the pollen around. it's been a bad week for
5:23 pm
allergy suffers. okay, those high think class we were just talking about eluding to over the golden gate bridge. it's the tail end of a very dry frontal boundary that's banging up against our ridge of high pressure, causing the breezy to windy conditions tonight and tomorrow numbers coming down. 60 pacifica tour outside number of 81 degrees. we've got the full forecast and that's still coming up. it's just minutes away. roberta will see then. a massive outpouring less than 24 hours after we aired the story of a little boy fighting cancer and his dream family trip viewers came through and they did so big time. and this is not the type of trip that comes to mind when most people think of spring break. there's a lot of work to be done. there's a lot of help needed over there a lot of love to be shown. tonight at six how one day area family plans to spend their spring break to help spend their spring break to help the people of ukraine. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin
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hollywood now will smith will no longer be allowed to attend the academy awards for the next decade. as a result of that, that slap the gift comedian chris rock at this year's oscar ceremony. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences announced this decision today. it says for a period of 10 years , smith is barred from attending any academy events or programs in person or even virtually minutes after the ban was announced. smith issued a brief statement saying he accepts and respects the academy's decision. more lawmakers on capitol hill are testing positive for covid, including house speaker nancy pelosi. at least one dozen cases are linked to the gridiron club dinner last weekend. the high profile cases come as the u. s has eased mandates that are meant to protect people from the coronavirus. fox's jonathan serrie has more now from atlanta. a wave of covid-19 cases hitting washington this week. house speaker nancy pelosi , attorney general merrick
5:27 pm
garland and several white house staffers all testing positive in recent days. despite the surge, the biden administration says it does not have plans to change its covid protocols. we have incredibly stringent protocols here at the white house that we keep in place to keep the president safe to keep everybody safe. the outbreak comes as new coronavirus infections hit a nine month low in the us, it's a different story overseas, where the b a two sub variant is fueling a spike in cases in the u. k and china health experts say it's unclear whether the u. s will see a similar trend. this story is not a straightforward as it was with the alpha delta and the oma crime waves, but it may not necessarily be accompanied with another aggressive wave as as in the past. meanwhile airlines continue to feel the effects of covid in the uk, british airways and easyjet have canceled hundreds of flights due to covid
5:28 pm
related staffing shortages here in the u. s alaska airlines, says 63 fewer pilots were prepared to fly this month. the carrier cited training delays due to the recent arm. akron surge need to make it easier for people to get their their pilot's licenses and get through the process. uk scientists are now monitoring the x e there, ian, but say it's not yet clear whether it causes more severe infection. in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. the hayward boy battling an aggressive cancer will be making a trip to disney world thanks to generous donors. yesterday we introduced you to four year old henry carpenter, aka hank, the tank. he's been fighting cancer for half his life. his big dream is to go to disney world will organizes with the one at a time nonprofit hoped to raise $5000 to send to the park this summer. will they tell us they have far exceeded their goal and may be
5:29 pm
able to help as many as 10. other children fulfill their dreams. coming up next, a new plan to crack down on crime in san jose three actions, city officials say they want to take plus. in the market for a home willing to pay 66 0% more for a mortgage. this is tom baker. that story is coming up.
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thil you about right now. highway 92 is shut down in both directions right now. the chp and san mateo county sheriff's office working what they are calling a major injury accident at 92 canada road. the chp says they think the highway will be closed in both directions for the next two hours. meantime they chp says, to take alternative routes you can take the bunker hill exit, go west and head south to state road. 92 you can take s r 92 to half moon bay that way again. we're following that major developing story right now. s r 22. the highway shut down in both directions will keep you posted here and on our website ktvu .com. in the south bay. the city of san jose is working on a plan to address repeat criminal offenders in increasing crime and what officials are calling a revolving door at the jail. they say about half of the people released before their trials are either reoffending or failing to show up in court. ktvu send.
5:33 pm
reuben is joining us live now from downtown san jose with what the mayor thinks should be done and authorities report a 10.4% increase in violent crime last year and they say they need to do a better job of keeping repeat offenders in custody or offering drug treatment when necessary. they say this proposal is a start. at houdini's smoke shop. they've seen it firsthand and uptick in downtown crime. and what's worse , they say those responsible are never detained for long, the same people get in trouble. they're right back again. officials call them frequent flyers, a small group committing a large number of crimes identified 30 arrestees who had been arrested. a minimum of 10 times over that period of 14 months, one individual 19 times , san jose officials say the jails revolving door has been exacerbated by the pandemic. now a new proposal in front of the city council will address it. we
5:34 pm
need to recognize that there is a trade off here and we have to prioritize public safety or community over what has been a priority of emptying our jails. the plan has a three pronged approach first crack down on repeat offenders and those failing to appear in court. second expand access to treatment for those addicted to methamphetamine, and third helps small businesses with grants and better access to video technology. small business owners say it sounds promising. it's better for businesses in this also better for the people that causing the trouble because they need help to others on the streets of san jose, or skeptical if you ain't got no opportunity, you ain't got no help. what else you gonna do? you gonna reserve resort to crime? violation anything that to make amends. meet this proposal is a band aid for a much bigger problem. you got a job to do if you want to do something. do it as you're going to work. no, it's not gonna work. i'm just being honest.
5:35 pm
city leaders say they'll have to work with the county courts and law enforcement in order to make this work proposal goes before the city council for the first time next week, jenna sounds like there's going to be some good discussion at that meeting. thank you so much, and while moving to richmond, now a high school teacher, is under arrest , accused of lewd acts with minors and statutory rape. 35 year old n s. a. gore was a biology teacher at the making wave academy in richmond. police say the alleged crimes are against seven boys ages 15 to 17 years old. she's charged with 29 felony counts and is being held on $1.2 million bail. investigators say she was arrested after the seven boys came forward, saying she had engaged in numerous sex acts and inappropriate touching. it's an uncertain time right now for the u. s economy, with war raging overseas and inflation hitting consumers across the country. president biden believes the economy is in a strong position
5:36 pm
. last week, jobless claims dropped to the lowest level in more than half a century. but there's still concerns like expected interest rate hikes by the federal reserve, which some fear will prompt a recession as early as next year. the fed has to continue to raise interest rates because i've lived through five recessions in the last 25 years, and they are miserable things we wanna soft landing, not a crash landing. well gas prices nationwide have seen a drop over the last week, but there's still up 45% compared to last year. while getting priced out. buying a home can be a huge challenge here in the bay area, and the monthly costs are up even over last year, homeownership may now be out of range. for many people. ktvu is tom baker shows you how this impacts those people who are thinking of entering the market. everyone knows that home prices have risen dramatically and so have interest rates. but what
5:37 pm
most folks don't know is that the common mortgage that most californians get today has a payment that is get this 60% higher. the march of 2021. here's the dollar difference in march of last year, a home that you could have purchased for $607,000 is now 759,000. assuming a 20% down payment, you would have had a 2.74 interest rate. then versus close to 5% now a year ago, the monthly payment on that very same, but much less expensive home would have been $1997 versus 3200 and 60 $1263 difference each and every month. that is to say nothing of insurance and property taxes often added to the monthly payment. few if any incomes have risen nearly that much in the last year more
5:38 pm
people are getting taken out of the housing market. because it takes so much more money to qualify for the house they're looking at and the debt you already have often counts against your income. it's just so important for people. to pay off revolving installment debt when buying a house add in bare knuckle competition for the few homes available that often results in over bids that pushed some buyers out of qualifying for even higher alone's advice many times is to look at a price that is lower than what they thought they can afford. and so maybe they don't have quite the house they wanted to buy, but they can get in the market and go from there. people who already have a lot of equity and their existing homes. avoid a lot of this, but those getting in or trying to move way up in price are in for a hard time. having said all of that. consider this to combat inflation, the federal reserve
5:39 pm
will be raising interest rates at an accelerated very rapid pace. the higher they go the less you get for your money if you can get anything at all. tom baker, ktvu, fox two news. it's more than just hot dogs, beer and popcorn we're talking about the ballpark treats our coverage of baseball's opening day in the bay area continues a bit later. with what tasty ballpark food is back, and what's new. plus this human smuggling incidents are on the rise along the southern border. casey siegel, a look at the problem is coming up. and climate change and its effect on one of california's biggest moneymakers how winemakers are raising the alarm over the environment and what it means for the industry.
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plan to lift title 40 to 40 to allow the us to quickly expel migrants to their home country under the health emergency of covid as foxes, casey steagall reports now the decision on title 42 comes amid a rise in human smuggling incidents. human smuggling at the border getting worse, according to officials. texas dps pulling over this truck and jim hogg county troopers fighting nearly two dozen migrants inside crates on the back of the vehicle. while in the del rio sector, border agents stopping to u haul trucks in separate incidents. total 39 migrants locked inside. meantime texas officials warned this crisis may only get worse when title 42 is lifted next month. you're talking about thousands of people. they're going to hit that border, uh, that have just waiting across the border. a bipartisan group of senators have introduced a bill to extend the public health order by an extra six months and now
5:43 pm
republicans on the homeland security committee have requested a hearing over title 42 other border policies. it is a public health imperative not. an immigration policy. we will be, um, implementing our asylum process as it was designed when title 42 ends. border officials are bracing for as many as 18,000 migrants per day crossing from mexico into the united states. texas governor greg abbott says he'll bust some of those migrants to washington, d. c the state of texas is spending millions of dollars every week in order to fill the gaps on the border. the biden administration says it will spend the next few weeks bulking up additional staffing along the southern border. that's the latest from dallas. casey stegall fox news.
5:44 pm
men posing as federal agents accused of duping real secret service agents who are assigned to protect president biden. the disturbing discovery investigators found when they raided the fake agents, homes, and it's not just baseball that has people filling oracle park on opening day. it's also the food favorites are back and what's new next? and the heat wave. it is over. and now there is an advisory that is going to literally blow you away. we've got the details coming up your poor weather report as the news poor weather report as the news continues on ktvu box, too. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack.
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rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer; death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease risk factor have higher risks. don't take if allergic to rinvoq as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rivnoq. (music throughout)
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oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. ther for giants fans at oracle park. the game was tied in extra innings and ended on a walk off base hit by austin slater to score darwin rough all the way from first base giants, by the way, beat the visiting miami marlins 65. so that was exciting
5:47 pm
on the field, but we all know that there's a lot of excitement when you leave to go get food. expensive too. yeah, on the field. yeah a lot of people go to the game to eat as well. well the food and drink almost as important as the game in south castaneda was there. he has the unenviable task or enviable task. i should say of taking a look and tasting was out at oracle this year. every year. the giants offer new food items and this year if you come, you also have a new area to enjoy them that resembles an old fashioned boardwalk with different food booths. the new bullpen boardwalk is located near the bullpen, so you can keep an eye on the game. the men in charge of food here at the ballpark as executive chef to sant potter, but most column chef t. f t and his crew decide what will be new on the menu every year. it's a lot of work. what we do is for utilized what the fans have been acting for what in the new trends happening and in the city. this is a very
5:48 pm
sophisticated town food, so it takes a lot of time and we go through. a lot of tastings, formally trained as a chef at la veranda quality cuisine in parents. france has been in charge of the food here since 2012 and has also worked at other sports venues, including candlestick park. i asked chef t for the new star of the food show, so to speak. the new thing that i should try this year is you should try to fish taco. it's going to be out percent affair by the crazy crab over in that area were not crying. this we're doing what grilling marinate and grilling and mahi mahi fish and putting it on the taco with all the successories. here comes the taste test microphone down. it's got two tortillas. i already know it's authentic. get the cameraman, one cameraman did indeed. get a taco and don't worry sometimes when they add new food items, they do have to pull some menu
5:49 pm
items off because it's just enough room for a certain amount of things. but you know, certain things will never go away. garlic fries. those aren't going anywhere. you have your staple items. i mean, we go back baseball extradicted. and so does the food involved parks. oracle park also has a lot of non meat, vegetarian and vegan options. tried to vegetarian lumpy a and was also really impressed with the greek food available with both meat and non meat items. and in keeping with the boardwalk team. we can't forget the flavored popcorn. there's an entire area dedicated to it in case that's your thing. how lucky was sell that assignment today? hey, you know , we always know the food is going to be terrific at the baseball park. but how about the weather? i couldn't get anybody to give me a report so this is the man this is father mark ways inner of sin against in church in pleasant in. he sent me this
5:50 pm
picture and said roberta, the weather has never been better on opening day for the giants. and, you know, guys when a priest tells me that you got to believe him right? the weather was spectacular, and tomorrow it's going to be nice, but not as warm at 66 degrees at first pitch at 105. we will have the sunshine. the west winds up to nine, but 10 mph to 17 mile per hour. gusts are likely during the baseball game, so it's always advisable to dress in layers. you have the flag on the fly as we take a look out towards the golden gate bridge and a few high thin cirrus clouds dropped across the horizon as well. it's currently warm in santa rosa ending conquered in the mid eighties otherwise seventies notable in san carlos. and in san jose. it is 65 in san francisco and comparison to yesterday just 24 hours ago, these temperatures are up to 25 degrees. cooler at this hour. then on thursday when we experienced seven record high temperatures sfo right now, with
5:51 pm
the wind at 26, a gust up to 35 miles per hours inland. the winds are up to 13 and throughout the concord area, oakland at 16, also livermore with about a 15 mile per hour wind. we do have a wind advisory that goes into effect tomorrow morning at five a.m. until sunday. at five pm for the blue highlighted areas, which encompasses alameda, contra costa, napa and sonoma counties. and then the red area is a red flag warning otherwise known as a fire weather warning highly highly unusual for this time of the year to see it so early in the season, but we will be experiencing some very dry i winds here you have a 50 mile per hour winds tomorrow. all the way through your saturday afternoon increase all the way to 38 40 mph and throughout the highest elevations of the tribe valley by sunday, early morning , so you're going to hear the wind wrestling around as you try to sleep overnight. into the weekend. now your pollen levels are high already and the wind is
5:52 pm
going to just blow that pollen around. it's the tree count the remains on the high side. this right here is an area of low pressure the frontal boundaries now dragging across the state of california into the bay area. constant pressure gradient. therefore the windy conditions temperatures tomorrow, coming down. 60 pacific at 81 degrees outside number and fairfield tonight, mild into the forties and fifties. and here's your extended forecast again. the numbers continue to go down each and every day below average, with rain returning by monday and potentially even thursday. have a great evening. thank you, roberta. well, the u. n puts out a dire warning that global efforts to curb climate change are falling. short rates of greenhouse gas emissions are triggering more severe weather episodes. foxes marianne rafferty has a look at these dramatic weather patterns and how they're disrupting crop producing, and that's spelling trouble for winemakers. we are on a fast track. to climate disaster. a new united nations
5:53 pm
climate report says governments around the world aren't doing enough to prevent global temperatures from rising past dangerous levels. the 2015 paris climate agreement saw nations commit to keeping warming below 3.6 degrees this century. but you and officials blame world leaders for continuing to invest in fossil fuels, which they say will cause temperatures to rise well past that mark missions in the last decade where the highest they've ever been, and have continued to increase. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration also revealing methane gas emissions hit record levels for a second consecutive year. climatologists say rising temperatures and emissions are causing global weather patterns to become so erratic. they're impacting human life and crop production. french winemakers are getting hit especially hard . the union region south of paris, is known for its production of chablis wine, but it's the second year in a row,
5:54 pm
the area has been hit with an unusual warming spell, followed by severe frost is a normal thing in early april. what is less normal is for the plant to already be developed. at that point, the drastic changes causing grapevines to spring back to life, only to be damaged by the cold wine growers are now in a mad dash to use oil lanterns to try and ward off the frost and keep the vines from dying. winemakers say climate change is straining their ability to grow grapes and warn the issue could impact the price and availability of wine in the future. marianne rafferty, fox news. men pretending to be homeland security agents accused of scamming real secret service agents coming up what they offered the agents and the frightening items found in the apartment after their arrest. and it's not the type of trip that comes to mind when most people think of spring break. there's a lot of work to be done. there's a lot of help
5:55 pm
needed over there a lot of love to be shown. tonight at six how one barrier family is planning to spend their spring break to help the people of ukraine. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
uset close to real secret service agents were back in a d. c court . the men are accused of showering agents with gifts as part of a two year scheme. lauren blanchard shows us while the two men face criminal charges. at least four secret service agents have been suspended. two men back in court friday afternoon following their wednesday arrest for posing as fake homeland security agents. they have been deemed a flight risk. the fbi says aryanto here's a day and haider ali were
5:58 pm
integrating themselves with real secret service officers and agents, including ones charged with protecting the president and first lady and the vice president's residence. according to prosecutors to here today, and ali convinced agents to accept gifts and pricey apartments. one was offered a gun. at least four real agents have been put on administrative leave. was this an effort by a foreign power to engage in some sort of either compromise these these law enforcement officers or even worse access access what they knew and get access to their information and travel details, all the other sort of stuff when cops raided the men's washington d. c apartment, they found guns, gas masks the law enforcement training manuals, drones, surveillance equipment, handcuffs and zip ties. they also found a binder of information on every resident in their building, including congressional staff and defense employees. prosecutors said ali's passport showed visas to pakistan and iran and that ali had claimed to work for the
5:59 pm
pakistani intelligence agency. both men are u. s citizens. it's possible they could also face conspiracy charges. the white house's staying quiet on the case. i don't have any comment from here. i'd point you to the secret service and others investigating. the two men have been charged with false impersonation of a federal officer. they face up to three years in jail if convicted. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox two news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. i just want them to know that there that we care about them so much. we're with them. um you know, we're nervous for them, but we're not. we're not afraid to be in ukraine off the top. now a bay area family gets ready for a spring break trip. some may call extreme that story all new at six. good evening. i'm andre senior jana katsuyama. the family says that new images from the side of a missile attack in ukraine will not deter them from traveling to the country. ukrainian authorities say a
6:00 pm
missile hit a train station where thousands of people gathered to flee eastern ukraine. 50 people died while russian troops have left some areas of ukraine east continues to see large scale violence. ktvu brooks jarocz joins us now live from the newsroom. brooksie spoke with the bay area family with plans to help people in the war torn country. tell us about well, andre we've reported on a san francisco based company and its efforts to help hundreds of ukrainian workers. now the ceo and his family are taking a bold step when it comes to support not just talking the talk but walking the walk, even in a country that has become a war zone at this home in marin county. the love for ukraine is seen almost everywhere. they're just like us. the families are just like ours. curtsying family knows they're not ukrainian, but they lived there for nearly a year muscles. now they're packing and preparing for a spring break trip, unlike any other and idea that oldest daughter jamie, proposed


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