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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 10, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ktve one or two gunshots here. this is definitely something way more severe. witnesses described hearing a barrage of gunfire on interstate 5 80 in oakland. good evening. i'm julie julie haener cristina rendon. investigators have not confirmed exactly what happened on the freeway today. but the situation blocked
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traffic for hours. the trouble started around four this afternoon in the area where 5 80 connects with highway 13 ktvu zach sauce joins us now live in oakland after speaking with witnesses, zack christina for the moment. chp still calling what happened today? a possible shooting, but a man i spoke to says he saw the whole thing unfold right in front of him on the interstate. relative full of bullets. um and i can very clearly see, uh you know the windows breaking on this car i can see. i can see shells hitting the ground. this father of two describing the moment and apparent gunman unleashed what appeared to be a barrage of bullets on this nissan traveling westbound on i 5 80 sunday for his protection. we're concealing his identity basically sat on the door. put his arms up over the hood and was very, very clearly i saw to it looked like a couple of semiautomatic weapons certainly sounded like it. it happened three cars in front of him as he was passing the macarthur boulevard exit in
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oakland around 3 49. pm and my first thought is number one. i've got two little boys in the back seat. i don't want to be in the line of fire of this, so i'm trying to back off the apparent gunfire echoing through a nearby neighborhood. it was like david, or deli at home at the time hearing what he says sounded like 20, or more shots being fired in a matter of seconds. so i kind of like, you know, hit behind the post a little bit just in case. you know, there's some cross action once he got to the interstate, he saw chp officers flooding the area. officers closing all westbound lanes for hours and diverting traffic off at the macarthur boulevard exit. chp spending much of the afternoon collecting evidence along the roadway. the apparent interstate gunfire, just the latest in a series of similar incidents to hit the bay area. i mean, it's spreading all over the place. i mean, it's over in pleasant in and that's almost unheard of gunfire reported on 5 80 livermore. just last thursday, the recent gun violence on area roadways, putting drivers and motorcyclists like him on edge, especially in motorcycle. you're you know, you've got no shield,
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you know nothing to protect you mean certain driving around with it? riding around with a bulletproof vest on. and 5 85 80 back open to traffic right now still unclear whether anyone was injured today whether chp has identified a suspect in today's possible shooting live in oakland's axa's ktvu. fox two news. it's just so scary zach when you hear that story, especially the man with his two little boys in the car and seeing the windshield. there are the window there with the bullet holes. did they say whether one car was firing at another car? or there was an exchange of gunfire between two different cars. from what this man told me . it appeared to be just one man firing with what he says were two guns at that nissan. but that's really the only details we have at the moment and police again. not confirming that this was indeed a shooting today. that's really the only information we have to go on. at the moment, julia still a lot to be answered in this case, access reporting live in oakland for us
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tonight, zack. thanks new attendant incredible rescue mission in the oakland hills today as search crews located a. highway patrol helicopter rescue that man from a wooded area, the chp says the oakland fire department county search and rescue team found the man this afternoon. alfonso seaga was last seen tuesday, walking away from an area not far from lake chabot regional park. his family says he suffers from alzheimer's disease. cruz hoisted him into a rescue harness, and he was flown to a hospital for evaluation. no word on his condition tonight. also new tonight, firefighters plan to monitor the site of a brush fire in daly city. overnight video posted to citizen app shows. how people in homes near longview and bell press started seeing the smoke late this afternoon, officials say the fire burned two acres of vegetation before firefighters managed to put out those flames . the cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight.
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firefighters are continuing to spray water on hot spots at a home depot on blossom hill road , five alarm fire tore through the business saturday, prompting a shelter in place in nearby neighborhoods in the south bay. ktvu elissa harrington is on scene. alyssa. what can you tell us about what's happening tonight? well christine about shelter in place was lifted this afternoon. but the smell of smoke is still heavy in the air . now behind me, is that home depot you can see there is now a fence surrounding what's left of the building. firefighters say they will be out here all night doing firewatch and we've already seen them out with their hoses and flashlights. in this cell phone video. you can hear pops and explosions inside a home depot on san jose's blossom hill road as a fire engulfed the building saturday. bruce mattson , who lives in a mobile home park behind the home depot shot this video. it was just exploded. one after another balloon balloon, and every time it exploded. we had ducked down behind the wall. it was very
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intense. look like a nuclear bomb went off lives just a few blocks away and head to shelter in place. he shared this video of the smoke and embers raining down. the smoke was so bad he had to wear a mask and neighbors were worried the flames could spread to nearby homes. first, we like to spray the roof off in the front. so i ash cap. falling down and we had ash falling like huge chunks, too big chunks about 15 homes and a pet hospital next door were evacuated. other nearby residents were told to close windows and doors. it was bad you could smell it, but you could just smell like turpentine paint. it was just an awful smell. it took six hours to get the fire under control. by sunday, it was still smoldering smoke still drifting through the streets while people walked outside to try to get a look at the damage, really sad because it's still smoldering and we lost our home depot. so i feel like we lost part of our
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community. i was kind of in shock because i mean, we live down the street. it's really sad. it's not not a very pretty sight firefighters. the fire started in or near the lumber supply area, all shoppers and employees safely evacuated. the cause is unknown, and investigators are looking into why the fire suppression system, including any overhead sprinklers. was not able to extinguish the flames. certainly that will be part of the investigative process as to how did the fire's progression react with the fire control engineering of this building? arts and investigators are expected to be out here tomorrow, and firefighters say at this time, there is no reason to believe this fire is suspicious. live in san jose. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. that to a four alarm fire in venetia over the weekend , firefighters say they managed to put out the flames near the ports this afternoon. ktvu is james torres has the latest now on what happened, says figuring
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out how the spire started will likely take some time. as of sunday morning, firefighters from venetia, san francisco and redwood city fought to contain three small pockets of flames and incredible difference than this time. saturday afternoon. i looked and it looked like there was fire in a conveyor line dripping down flames, and that's what i saw. how cruz say the fire started to spread and then erupted outbuildings and the industrial pier. firefighters spent the morning keeping the area soaked with water so difficult to actually access that, in its study, heat of the fire is such that it will probably burn itself out unless we can get low enough tied to get the boats in there to extinguish the flames. heavy machines attempted to remove the asphalt on top of where the flames are burning beside a little bit of smoke coming from the pier. the situation is under control. i felt that it was under control. i didn't i never felt that oh, my god, it's going to you know, and it did turn out
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well, so i'm happy about that cruz with the city and the court will be back here tomorrow to do a full damage assessment to determine what to do next and hopefully figure out how this fire started in the first place. reporting in venetia. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news. the coast guard is urging people to use caution when navigating the waterways around that fire scene. all vessel traffic has been advised to slow down while going through the channel due to an unknown amount of debris in the water. voters should maintain a safe distance while operations continue at the beneath support terminal, authorities say 3000 ft of boom will be deployed to help capture debris. well maybe dry out tonight, but you need to get ready for the return of rain. the same system. bringing us rain should also bring some new snow to this year. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking that system. you're gonna take a look and give us the timing of all of this, but i can't even get over how windy it
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was today. the windy weekend, especially those winds up picking up and this number is kind of verified nicely with winds gusting over 50 miles an hour across parts of the bay area so extreme winds today, especially for the higher elevations near portions of the coastline. and as you heard, we're talking about a system for tomorrow, with rain chances going up and sierra snowfall take a look at these very strong winds. mountie album ain't manson, helena over 70 miles an hour. sfo wind gust of 58 miles an hour not as strong for fairfield, half moon bay and san jose. and right now it is still a breezy to windy evening out there. sfo. that's a wind gust. of up to 46 miles an hour tomorrow, though, we are talking about a return of some shower activity, not not not talking about huge amounts of rain, but it could be a few 107 inch too. just over a quarter of an inch of rainfall. wind will continue to be a factor. and look at that . ciera snowfall, maybe over a foot and we could be talking about accumulations up above the higher elevations. maybe approaching 14 to 15 inches so
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back to winter in the mountains here is the system already producing some rainfall up to our north up towards portland's seattle this will be drifted into northern california. and the bay area first thing tomorrow morning so as a result will be tracking some showers for tomorrow morning and also still some blustery conditions. here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. and here is the updated forecast model and you can see what happens tomorrow morning. for the commute. this is six o'clock and then the showers stick around into the mid morning hours. some changes by the afternoon. it looks like another system, possibly stronger. that could move in later in the week . we'll have more on that with your forecast coming up in a few minutes. mark thank you, and you can also use our weather after tractors conditions as the system moves in that free app includes interactive radar. you attend tonight. palo alto police say they are investigating the vandalism of the ukrainian flag as a hate crime. police say that flag was displayed outside the home on almost street near churchill avenue. but sometime wednesday night or early thursday morning, someone took
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down the flag. the resident of the home found the flag bundled up in the yard with what appeared to be feces on it. police are now asking anyone with information about the incident to contact them, saying the city of palo alto strongly denounces hate crimes of all kinds. tomorrow we expect to see russian president vladimir putin pull off the first since his country's invasion of ukraine. he's expected to meet with austrian chancellor karl knee hammer. the meeting will mark president putin's first in person discussion with the european union leader since the invasion. the hammer met yesterday with ukraine president vladimir zelensky foxes, jeff paul reports. it's unclear whether these meetings will move both sides of the conflict closer to a deal to stop the violence. a ukrainian family arriving sunday in lviv, relieved to be safely out of the eastern half of the country. they say they just narrowly escaped a russian rocket attack that killed dozens at the train station and kramatorsk. previously we arrived a few
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minutes after the explosion. if the first taxi came on time, we would have been at the epicenter . russia is focusing its military offensive in the east after withdrawing from the capital. the devastated city of mary opel, now under constant siege and nearly inaccessible to outside aid, as russia tightens its grip on the key black seaport. we went there with busses. we moved. we try. we try again and again, but unfortunately the situation of run by multiple was too dangerous. ukrainian forces retaking territory ceded by the russians are encountering a stark scene on the ground. in some suburbs around kiev. civilians have been lying dead in the street for days or weeks, ukrainian and 30 saying they've collected evidence of more than 5000 russian war crimes. they want moscow's leaders to be held accountable, even though many are protected by diplomatic immunity is in maine were agreement all uh off 21st century if prosecutor of the international criminal court decided to prosecute them, they
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will be responsible for all the crimes. ukraine's prosecutor general says the european union is now involved in ukraine. jeff paul fox news. i just want them to know that there that we care about them so much. we're with them. um you know, we're we're nervous for them, but we're not. we're not afraid to be in ukraine. one bay area family plans to spend spring break in ukraine coming up at 10 30. they show us how they're getting ready for a trip this summer calling extreme we'll show you how people fed up with gun violence or making a call for action today at the state capitol. also ahead tonight, the san francisco police department honors the life of an officer killed on the job nearly two decades ago.
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a ae are paying tribute to an officer who died in the line of duty 18 years ago. today the department shared this photo here of 29 year old officer isaac espinoza on social media, saying, quote we have not forgotten you. espinosa was shot and killed after responding to a call of a suspicious person in the city's bayview neighborhood. he had been an eight year veteran of the department. today sfpd honored the fallen officers, saying quote his sacrifice and service will always be remembered. a texas prosecutor has dismissed a murder charge
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against a woman who was accused of the death of an individual by quote a self induced abortion. fox news. peyton jaeger spoke with a constitutional lawyer about whether the new abortion law in the state of texas is a factor in this case. according to authorities, 26 year old liselle herrera intentionally and knowingly caused the death of an individual by self induced abortion frontera fund, which provides financial support for women seeking abortions in the real grand valley, released a statement saturday evening stating herrera posted bail. however little information is coming out of the star county sheriff's office. i suppose there could be more to the story than we're hearing about constitutional law attorney david cole comments on the fact it's unclear what law herrera was charged under. you have a very unfortunate situation here. that seems to be based on a misunderstanding of what texas law allows you to do. senate bill eight bands all abortions as early as six weeks often before many realize they're pregnant. the law makes no
10:18 pm
exception for rape or incest. so since september, abortions in texas have plummeted more than 60% causing women to travel to surrounding states when it comes to herrera's arrest, call says there's no leg to stand on pertaining to sb eight. the law states only private citizens, not state officials enforced senate bill eight, meaning it only has civil consequences. it just doesn't have anything to do with criminal law and, in fact, was written very carefully to have nothing to do with criminal law. so i understand that that it's in the air and everybody's thinking about it. everybody's talking about it. but whether this particular individual has done the things that meet the elements of a criminal offense and texas and it totally different questions must be eight and one that it deliberately says nothing about . cole also points to texas's penal code provisions exempting a woman from facing a homicide charge. for aborting her pregnancy, acknowledging roe versus wade still exists. we have occurred what the theory is
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yet and so it could be that they have some clever theory that no one has anticipated. it could be that they're just mistaken and are reluctant to admit it. it's a little bit of a mystery. what they've what they've come up with. but if they're relying on s b a or repealed statute there just out of luck. it's a no go jaeger, fox news federal judge in virginia has issued a major ruling that some are calling a landmark victory for us service members who are hiv positive. the decision prohibits the u. s military from discharging hiv positive service members solely because they are infected with the virus. it also prevents the military from refusing to allow those service members to become officers. advocates say the previous rules lead to discrimination based on hiv status. they called the decision one of the strongest in years. for people living with hiv. bulgaria weather some big time changes headed our way for your monday we're talking about kind of a pattern that resembles wintertime set up with more
10:20 pm
clouds, showers and cooler temperatures members. just last thursday, we had record heat temperatures in the eighties and nineties, temperatures have been dropping off steadily setting the stage for tomorrow morning or monday with some cool showers. an afternoon highs only in the fifties and the sixties factors kind of the forecast throughout the morning hours showing you some arrange showers, making a comeback and look what's happening in the sierra. we're tracking some more rain. actually, something more snowfall. excuse me. in the mountains winter a winter weather advisory begins tomorrow morning, eight o'clock and we could be talking about amounts, maybe over a foot around 6 to 14 inches, and this could impact travel over the passes for both 80 and 50 for tomorrow. here is our incoming system up here, primarily up in the pacific northwest drifting into northern california. this will be a shower producer for us. first thing tomorrow morning could impact the monday morning commute. current numbers out there for the a 10 o'clock hour. we have cooled off into the forties for the cool spots. lots of fifties for san francisco and
10:21 pm
in san jose, and here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. we're going to thicken up the clouds overnight with mostly cloudy skies. first thing tomorrow morning. here is the updated rain timeline. this is six o'clock tomorrow morning. some scattered rain showers out there and then by nine o'clock still the focus could be in the southern half of the bay area. that's nine a.m. and then later in the day we pull back in the clouds. we pull back on the shower chances, but then it looks like there's another system, possibly stronger. that could move into the region later in the week, we'll talk more about that with your forecast a full update in a few minutes. alright i'll see you a bit. mark. thank you. one man says he's figured out how to make money off of annoying robocalls coming up. he'll share how he's doing it, and a remarkable season continues for one golfer as he captures his first major championship. joe fonzi has the final round of highlights from the masters later in sports and the soapbox derby returned to san francisco today, after more than four decades coming up, we'll tell you the one rule that
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salb fishing gear are prompting the state to take action. the california department of fish and wildlife has decided to cut short dungeness crab commercial fishing season as fox weather's max gordon reports, whale entanglements are becoming increasingly common. five whales have gotten tangled up in fishing gear since the start of the year. in response, the state decided to shut down the central ghost dungeness crab fishery, starting on april 8th and then the north coast. dungeness crab fishery on april 20th environmental groups are planning the move. the center for biological diversity says that guarantee angle mints are the single largest threat to humpback whales. they can get caught up in the ropes and drown. and their fins can even get cut off. there's been an increase in the number of whale entanglements over the past decade. the center for
10:25 pm
biological diversity says that warming waters due to climate change could be to blame, pushing the whales into areas they didn't used to roam into as they search for food during their annual migration areas being fished by crabbers. it comes as many crab fishermen in california have already faced challenges. there have been several delayed seasons in recent years due to algae blooms that have contaminated the crab meat with a dangerous toxin. crabbers say that cutting this season short due to the whale encounters is another blow to their income as fishing seasons get shorter and shorter. since dungeon has crabbing is the backbone of the west coast fishing industry. if we can't keep this fishery alive and vital uh and meaningful economically, then then we're all going to eventually go out of business. i do think that you know that we can see a day we were both fisheries and whales can can coexist, but the government needs to be doing a lot more to help facilitate that transition, and they're not doing enough from from our perspective. environmental groups like the center for
10:26 pm
biological diversity, says that the solution to keeping the whale safe and also keeping the crabbing industry going is used so called pop up crab pots, pots that don't leave lines in the water for his long but replacing that old gear with the new gear is expensive, and they're calling on the federal government to chip in. but at the same time, fishermen questioned the effectiveness of these new pots. as the debate over how best to keep the whales safe and the fishing industry running rolls on in bodega bay, california max gordon fox weather. just outgoing violence in our city. one week after a shooting that claimed six lives in sacramento. protesters call for action see their demonstration with hopes of easing gun violence. also a shake up for twitter tonight, coming up plans to put billionaire elon musk on the board come to a halt. and find out why a bay area family plans to spend their spring break in ukraine.
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paso community members marched against violence on the steps of the state capital reporter lisa vetri was there as dozens of people gathered in a pledge to end gun violence. it's wrong, marched with a message harm one week after sacramento police say a gang related shootout downtown killed six people and injured 12 community activist barry axis organized today's march against gun violence, which started at seventh and came near the golden one center. are you doing to stop gun violence in our city? it's as simple as that. city leaders like mayor darrell steinberg spoke to we are saying that the city's priorities mustp
10:30 pm
investing in our communities investing in young people in real ways. not just in gang prevention, but in moving upstream after a balloon release and a moment of silence, the crowd marched east on k street, pausing at 10th. this is where six lives are slaughtered. police believe five shooters fired off at least 100 gunshots . the crime scene now a memorial . i am not planning a funeral for sergio. and the rest of the families are planning a funeral for their loved ones. jackie henderson's cousin, sergio harris, was one of the six people killed. no school. henderson led the group as they continued their march, making it to the west steps of the state capital. this is my city, you know, and i care. i'm a native, this is we are sacramento and we need to start taking action. the march came to an end, but the work is just beginning, francine mattis says. we're tired, but we got to keep on working. that was
10:31 pm
lisa mitri reporting three arrests have been made in connection with last week's shooting. and as lisa mentioned, investigators suspect as many as five people were involved. senate majority leader chuck schumer called on the biden administration today to take immediate action to regulate the sale of so called ghost guns. those are the same type of guns used in the sacrament of shootings that left six people dead. and a dozen wounded there's no serial number. there's no background check and you can order them online. no questions asked. here. in this hand, is one of the online um, one of the online and you can be a five year old and by the pieces of a gun and put it together. that is too much. schumer says there has been an explosion of the untraceable guns in new york city just since january. new york police say ghost gun recoveries are up more
10:32 pm
than 350% in the past year alone. the chp and warren county sheriff's officer investigating after two bodies were found inside of a vehicle near married would this morning. authorities say the bodies were found in a vehicle partner in saint vincent drive not far from the mirror and would highway one a one off ramp. or till the car was found on a private part of the road on caltrans property authorities not yet said if they believe foul play was involved in the deaths now to ukraine president vladimir zelensky is warning his nation that the coming week will be as crucial as any in the war. ukraine's president says russian troops are starting a larger operations in the eastern part of the country, and he again called on western nations, including germany to provide more assistance. this as russia has tapped a new war commander to take centralized control of the next phase of battle. u s. officials say the new commander has a record of brutality against civilians in syria. and is expected to carry out more of the same in ukraine. we have
10:33 pm
reported on a san francisco based company and its efforts to help hundreds of its ukrainian workers. now the ceo and his family are taking a bold step deciding to travel to that war torn country. ktvu brooks jarocz explains what they hope to do on their trip. at this home in marin county. the love for ukraine is seen almost everywhere. they're just like us . the families are just like ours. the curtsying family knows they're not ukrainian, but they lived there for nearly a year. pull muscles. now they're packing and preparing for a spring break trip, unlike any other and idea that oldest daughter jamie, proposed to her parents was kind of thinking. well, we lived there already. why can't we return and see some old friends and, you know, help them other people along the way. this is armor. after some careful planning word quickly spread at school, and i told them they were like, oh my gosh!
10:34 pm
that's so dangerous sigs are headed to a country at war on a mission to help i think that showing up is pretty important. sarah's husband, andy, is ceo of san francisco based company just answer which employs more than 250. ukrainians these pictures show the danger and destruction those employees have faced even at their own homes, but they keep working and look forward to their bosses. arrival. i think it would be like meeting old friends and no just big hugs and all that positive wipes that are not so much present right now in ukraine. we also we're told and asked to get a bunch of tourniquets. they're not going empty handed. oh, no are a lot of ah, like medical supplies, taking along critical medicine as jamie well knows, without this, my blood sugar with just skyrocket is diabetic and
10:35 pm
determined to aid those running low on insulin. i don't want them to have to handle the stresses of war. and the stresses of not having insulin. i feel like that's awful suitcases are getting stuffed with supplies and goodies. this is my favorite candies, along with community letters of love. be strong. i love ukraine. expressed through pictures and messages shared by american children to live to ukrainian spirits. refugee is a sign of strength and the badge of courage. courage this bay area family says should serve as a sign of care and compassion. and we just can't wait to get there and stand with them and help them with whatever is needed. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. and we wish them safe travels. scan the q r code in the corner of your screen to get more information about how you can help the people of ukraine. that code will take you to our website, which has details on
10:36 pm
multiple relief projects that are underway. as russia's invasion of ukraine approaches the 50 day mark. a bipartisan group of us lawmakers, is visiting neighboring the neighboring country of poland. the members of congress led by house minority leader kevin mccarthy, are meeting with u. s troops. u s allies and refugees who have fled ukraine. already they have met with the polish prime minister and the secretary of defense, the capital city of warsaw. meanwhile house forward affairs ranking member michael mccaul spoke exclusively with fox news about his discussions with polish leaders. mccall says the narrative has changed amongst world leaders who now believe ukraine can win this war. if it gets the weapons negotiations, obviously much more difficult now. since we're seeing you know putin and his troops committing these horrific
10:37 pm
war crimes, they remember the past and they look at ukraine and they think we don't want to stand back and witness something like that happening again. apologize for the technical difficulties there. but again, mccall says that when that narrative has changed amongst world leaders who who now believe ukraine can win this war if it gets the weapons it needs when that happens, though, is still the big question that remains. new attend tonight. billionaire elon musk has declined to join twitter's board of directors. twitter ceo progra wall tweeted the news earlier this evening for several years now musk has been a critic of the social media company and recently accused twitter of stifling free speech. he also recently purchased a 9.2% stake in twitter, having bought more than 73 million shares. for nearly $2.9 billion, must did not immediately respond to an after hours request for comment on the decision not to join the twitter board. many economists say they are encouraged by the job numbers nationwide views tom vacar breaks down how
10:38 pm
inflation puts a damper on job growth here in california. nationwide new weekly unemployment claims have now dipped a pre pandemic levels going back two years. it's been a long, tough stretch, but americans are back to work or economy has gone from being on the men to being on the move. but california with only 12% of the u. s workforce still continues to lag with 22% of the nation's new unemployment claims and 24% of the nation's ongoing unemployment claims. this shows the lingering effects of the state's recovery from california's most stringent shutdowns and the slower relaxing of restrictions. that explains why california's unemployment rate is higher than the national average. as well as having half a million golden status still on the sidelines. then there's this truth. the increase in wages has been the single most positive impact of the pandemic. but this time around, much of the benefit is
10:39 pm
going to the people. who need it most the wages have increased throughout the labor market, but particularly they've increased most rapidly among lower wage jobs. but the bugaboo in all of this is the impact of erosion on purchasing power for everyone in wages, increasing, um 5% or more. over the year. um, but we're running an inflation rate nationwide. um, for february of nearly 8% that undercuts pretty much all of the wage gains and then some but those who want a job can get one or switch to another one. with these jobs and unemployment and not just another statistic, they go directly to the core of what the economy represents. the ability for hardworking americans to live with dignity, support their families and build a better life for their children, even in are sharply divided society that remains a common aspiration, regardless of politics. tom baker, ktvu fox two news.
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getting robocalls can get annoying, but it is possible to make money off of those calls. if you play along coming up how one man is cashing in. add a burial weather. we were tracking the record heat just a few days ago. now we're back to winter and tracking two storms over the coming week, and we'll have more than forecast coming up and we'll take you to the comeback of san francisco's soapbox derby was fun out there. (music throughout)
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removal. land your round of applause is urgent. san francisco event that encourages creativity and just plain silliness returned today. after more than 40 years, thousands of people came out to mclaren park
10:43 pm
this morning to watch the soapbox derby. dozens of teams took part. the main rule was that the homemade vehicles could not have a motor. it was just an excuse. this whole thing was a project just excuse to, like, collaborate and you go really fast joy. you know, like it's such a good covid break. you know, i think everybody was ready for something like this. it looks like it had a great turnout to the race was organized by the sf moma. the last soap box derby in san francisco was way back in the 19 seventies. no word yet if this will become an annual event. well scientists are making strides in incorporating robots into our daily lives. actually, strohmeyer shows that some of the inventions that are making life easier, maybe a little more fun to all around the world. new robotic inventions continue infiltrating the world around us , giving new perspectives on how people and machines can coexist . this robot in japan is a prime example. researchers use a
10:44 pm
process called deep imitation, learning where they showed the device how to peel a banana until it was able to do it by itself. and while the task may seem silly, engineers say it's important for robots to master refined humanlike skills. meanwhile scientists from the italian institute of technology say the icon robot can let you visit another country without actually going there. the team outfitted researchers in the swiss lab with special gear, letting them maneuver the eye tub all around venice, roughly 200 miles away, innovative gloves and headsets. let the user feel with the robot is touching. and let the robot mimics the user's facial expressions, speech and movements and speaking of tourist sites, the ruins of pompeii have a new robotic guard dog called spot. the device designed by boston dynamics is now patrolling the ancient archaeological site. warding off any thieves. spot isn't the only
10:45 pm
four legged robot helper, this bot, designed by engineers in switzerland can also operate on all fours. driving around to assist and potential rescue missions in package deliveries. it can even stand on two legs to assist people in everyday tasks like pressing elevator buttons and walking downstairs. besides making our lives easier. researchers hope these new inventions will also create new opportunities in fields like tourism and medicine. ashley strohmeyer fox news. you can turn the tables on telemarketers coming up. see how one man set up with their annoying calls, is making money by answering the phone and meteorologist mark tamayo overturn to get us ready for when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always
10:46 pm
strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™. it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. on the largest, fastest, reliable network with speeds up to 10 gigs to the most small businesses. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with internet and voice for $64.99 a month. and ask how to add securityedge™. or, ask how to get up to an $800 prepaid card.
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gotg robocalls. he says he's one more than $100,000 in settlements
10:48 pm
suing telemarketers for illegal calls, and you can do it to fox news. heather sullivan spoke with the man about how he does it. mm hmm. dan graham, a cpa in austin, texas, says he's turning annoying robocalls into cash grosses is over 100 and 5000 at this point he started when the calls just kept coming, spoofing local numbers call from hospitals, scooping hospital phone numbers, and you can imagine i haven't talked to my wife for seeing my kid and a few days. you haven't seen him in a few days and started to be given a blood boiling. he started filing lawsuits and says you can to put your phone number on the national do not call registry. it takes 30 days. then start taking the calls to find out the business that's really calling more. what's your name? oh, my name is dan. okay don't you know? well, we're selling a car warranty. alright well, give him
10:49 pm
give him some card information driver 2016 toyota camera, right ? tell me more. tell me more sure i'm interested first reaches out to the company to ask them to stop the illegal practice, he says somehow. but when they don't he sues them in small claims court for violating the telephone, consumer protection act. violations range from 500 to a few $1000, depending on how many times they've called but they're going to reach out to you and asked for more details. and at this point we should have documented this pretty well. you should be able to answer when they called how many times i call and what happened, he says. be prepared to argue the law. he says the cash is nice, but he hopes that enough people suing will stop the calls. companies need to start being responsible and ethical and how they're outsourcing this kind of sullivan fox news. well and whether temperatures have been dropping off steadily over the past few days, and you'll
10:50 pm
definitely notice that cooling change in your monday forecast and maybe some rain showers to start off the week of first thing. tomorrow morning. we're tracking at least two systems this week headed our way. the monday one for tomorrow. amounts are not excessive, maybe a few hundreds of an inch to maybe just over a quarter of an inch for the coastal hills. and then possibly thursday, stronger front, so we begin to bump up those totals later in the week. here's the satellite and you can't see up to our north. there are some rainfall up along the toward the portland, seattle. even if some rain showers moving into northern california, so this is the next system that wants to pay us a visit first thing tomorrow morning. this will definitely send temperatures down as far as overnight. first we'll show you that the current wind speeds and you can see those winds really picking up still with the windy weekend fairfield that's augusta 23 miles an hour. and some more reports. look at sfo gusting over 40 miles an hour, so it's still a bit blustery across parts of the bay area for tonight current numbers showing you most temperatures right now , most neighborhoods cooling off
10:51 pm
into the lower fifties around 52 53 degrees. overnight will bring temperatures down to the forties and looks like the showers making it come back. first thing tomorrow morning, so a bit of a chill in the air, as it's called front wants to a drop in that cold air will move in behind that boundary, and you'll definitely notice that change for tomorrow. so here is your monday forecast. the bulk of the activity will be for the morning hours into the afternoon. we could actually have some sunshine, but that's when the winds accelerate. winds could be around 25 to 35 miles an hour throughout the day tomorrow. here's the forecast model. here we are tonight. of course we are still dry. but look what happened. this is seven o'clock tomorrow morning, so this could impact your monday morning commute and up with the sierra. the snowfall picking up as well . they have the winter weather advisory in place for a good portion of monday. we clear out later in the day monday afternoon and then on tuesday will have partly cloudy skies and then we are watching some more cloud cover move in with our next system wednesday there is a slight chance of a shower
10:52 pm
by wednesday afternoon. but then , by wednesday night into thursday, we could be talking about return of some more rain drops out there. temperatures for tomorrow will be in the fifties to right around 60 degrees, so definitely that cool down is here to stay. you'll see those numbers kind of reflecting that idea into your tuesday. only temperatures in the fifties , barely making it into the lower sixties. there is that next system for thursday, primarily for the morning hours , and then we have to keep the chance of a shower, not friday. and some cloud cover on saturdays. you can't see here. it looks like for the easter eggs on sunday. we should have a dry forecast. but you will definitely notice that change. you know, last week we had record heat. and now we're gonna be trying to find a way to stay warm tomorrow. a swing big swing. yeah well, bundle up. alright. alright. graphic by the way, the easter egg. yeah, mark. thank you. coming up in sports warriors wrap up their regular season on the road in new orleans' are joe fonzi will be here with all the highlights
10:53 pm
right after large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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-♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ eveg tonight in sports. the regular season is over for the warriors. they're headed to the playoffs after the momentum of five straight wins, which nailed down the number three playoff spot in the west. to assure themselves that that they had to win the season finale tonight in new orleans. now this is what you call finding the open man, clay thompson to moses moody, who waits for a wide open cuban loony under the hope. the warriors led by a point after a quarter that's one way to score. how about the athleticism of jonathan commingle cutting to the hoop commingle a big contributor coming off the bench to go? seven of 10 from the field for 18 points? snow had no choice he time winding down in
10:56 pm
the first half. jordan's pool drive to the hoop draws contact still gets his shot to trickle down the warriors by 20 at the half. pool had 22 points, and the words have to be thrilled with the way klay thompson is playing with the postseason here, thompson knocks down one of his 73 pointers. thompson had 41 points the warriors win 1 28 1. oh, seven. they finished the season 53 29. they wrap up that number three spot, which means a playoff game at home on saturday night. against denver. there is no mystery right now about the identity of the best golfer in the world. that player is scottie scheffler, who made the masters his fourth win of the season. the world's former number one, finishing his round after last year's near fatal car accident. tiger woods shot his second straight round of 78 after making the cut. but he had his moments. this part is for bogey, but worth the chair. tiger finished 13 over par for the tournament. 23 strokes back around of the day was turned in by rory mcilroy. here's how mcilroy finished. his 64, the
10:57 pm
lowest final round in masters history. mcilroy pulled within three strokes of the lead and then waited for scheffler also waiting for that ball to drop. same group now calling more cow is finishing his round. this is also how you get out of a bunker. good thing. two shots online. morikawa finished with his 67. he was six strokes back . scheffler started the day with a three stroke lead. never gave it up about this approach at 14. has set up a birdie that was followed by another one at 15 scheffler on the way to 100 par 71. he had such a big lead at 18 that he could afford to double bogey and still win by three strokes over mcilroy. scheffler is the hottest lightning bolt hit the tour in years. he won his first tournament earlier this year. he's now won four in all, including his first major, the masters, and that comes with the traditional green jacket. and membership for life at augusta national. i was just
10:58 pm
about a perfect baseball weekend in san francisco to start the 2022 season. today's game against miami was the major league debut, the much touted giant rookie elliot ramos. ramos came up in the second hit a shot up the middle, no drama their instant first major league hit in your first at bat. that's one here always remember, and it didn't take ramos long to score his first major league run. bond with the drive down the left field line and into the corner. ramos motors all the way around from first and it is a 11 game and this game giants 10 got to starter trevor rogers for the lead run. williams getting his first start as a giant flares want to write that drops? the bond comes around and it's 2 to 1 san francisco defensive help in the eighth for tyler rogers when joey wendle hit his shot that darren rough, grabs it and puts the tag on all the sale garcia for the double play to end the inning. five giant pictures worked around 11 hits,
10:59 pm
allowing just two runs. san francisco makes it two out of three over the marlins this weekend with the 3 to 2 wins the age still after their first win, with dalton jeffries, making his third major league start today in philadelphia. an impressive effort by jeffries fan bryce harper in the first and then hand segura in the fourth five shutout innings for jefferies is he allowed just two hits. the aids made him a winner. thanks to this hit by seth brown that falls in left in the top of the sixth. coming in elvis andres comes around from second and the aids had their first lead of the season. still want nothing. in the seventh win, billy mckinney made things a little more comfortable. mckinney crushes a bailey falter pitch puts it well into the seats and right center is going to win. 4 to 1 is five oakland pictures limited the fields to just three hits. congratulations in the dugout from mark katz, who gets his first win as a major league manager. with lots more on sports traffic jason appelbaum coming up at 11 30. we look
11:00 pm
forward to it, joe. thank you. alright. next at 11. hopefully nobody in those houses over there are you know they're the ones who are traumatized or, you know, hopefully don't find bullet casings. witnesses react to hearing gunfire on interstate 5 80 in oakland. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. witnesses say they heard a barrage of gunfire on interstate 5 80 this afternoon. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener cristina rendon. investigators have not confirmed exactly what happened on the freeway. but traffic was blocked for hours and all of this happened around for this afternoon in the area where 5 80 connects with highway 13 ktvu sexist joins us live in oakland after speaking with witnesses, zack christina. for the moment. chp still says that this is a possible shooting, calling it a possible shooting. but a man i spoke to says he saw the whole thing unfold right in front of him on the interstate. relative full of bull


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