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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ktvd up after ongoing crime at oakland homeless camps, including a deadly shooting and a man seen vandalizing a car with a pickax. that's getting closer and closer. it's getting worse and worse, and i'm not getting any help from the city. or the police or anyone. a business owner frustrated over
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worsening conditions at a homeless camp near his music studio. good evening. i'm cristina rendon and i'm julie julie haener disputes at the camps leading to shootings and violent attacks. new attend tonight. ktvu is amber lee joins us now live from oakland with how city leaders are responding, amber. julia spoke with the city council member who represents that district. she says that she and the city have to do better. now the music studio owner tells me the problems have gotten steadily worse in the past six years. oh, look, there's the acs shows me the pickaxe that was used by a homeless man in an attack sunday morning shortly before 10 30. the incident was captured on surveillance camera . i saw one of our one of the folks over here. um run across the street with a pickaxe and start smashing the car with somebody in it. the incident took place just outside the sound wave studios on wood street in west oakland. he suspects that the violence stem from a dispute with the person
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inside the car. the case, he says, encampment fires, drug dealing and people dumping stolen vehicles in the area are ongoing problems they can't endanger. ah people in the city people have businesses, customers, my staff. it's not fair that we're having to face this nearby on the 3400 block of mandela parkway, a security guard was killed last thursday night while working at a community cabin site. a source tells me he was shot six times after he denied a former resident access to the property . business owners say the city is not doing enough to enforce existing policies for homeless encampments. we could be doing much more around how we address these issues. council member carol fife represents west oakland. she says she was not aware of either incident. she says the city council creates policies but does not have the power to enforce them and that she needs the support of the city, county and state to address the problems that come with homelessness and mental illness to the business
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community. let's organize. i hear you and i feel you because um, it's challenging. this music producer says he loves working at his rented studio at the building where the ax attack took place, but he is considering moving things that's going on across the street is like mind blowing, not expecting the encampment to go away. i'm not expecting the homeless to go away we can coexist with the city has to help us manage that interaction. the music studio owner tells me he wants laws to be enforced in the areas of the encampments the same way they're enforced elsewhere in oakland city council member five tells me she plans to reach out to the business owner. julie and ongoing problem in so many cities everywhere, amber. thank you. well a 15 year old girl was fatally shot over the weekend while visiting friends at an east oakland apartment. that shooting happened saturday night
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on 68th avenue between foothill and macarthur. the victim is identified as camille a. brown of anti och, a neighbor told ktvu the victim, along with another girl and a boy were visiting an older teenage girl who lives in the apartment building. police are still investigating who had the gun and why it was fired. oakland city council member lauren taylor says the shooting hits home for him, considering he has a young daughter. when we look at a you know, innocent 15 year old girl losing her life on the streets of oakland like that is ridiculous. the killing marks oakland's 34th homicides so far this year. there were five other shootings around oakland this weekend. all happening in a span of seven hours. all of the victims are expected to survive. over the past week. oakland police say there were four homicides in the city. but they say overall homicides are down 17% compared to the same time last year. the california highway patrol is investigating a spate of shootings that have
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happened on bay area freeways. over the past several days. there have been three freeway shootings since thursday. one person was wounded. after a shooting on 5 18 livermore on thursday. two people were wounded in a shooting on 5 80 in oakland on sunday, and a woman was shot at on highway four in pittsburgh on saturday. ktvu evan sernoffsky spoke to that woman about her terrifying experience. i've never never experience nobody pointed a gun directly at me to shoot me. baker is still reeling after a gut wrenching episode on saturday evening on highway four in pittsburgh. just think of your life flashing in front of you, she said. a reckless driver and passenger in a burgundy honda suv. were taunting her on eastbound lanes near the railroad avenue off ramp. the young lady that was in the vehicle on the passenger side, she rolled down the window and display the gun says she hit the brakes. just in time, sparing
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everyone in her minivan, including her niece and 13 year old daughter when she fired the shot as i was breaking and ducking for cover, and it was the most traumatic experience i've ever experienced in my life. she said. everyone in the car called 911, but by the time officers arrived, the driver and gun wielding passenger were long gone. don't want to have to leave your house and think you know is today the day the episode was just one of three recent shootings reported on bay area freeways in the last five days. the chp on monday revealed more details about a shooting on interstate 5 80 in oakland near highway 13 on sunday, officials say to people in a nissan suv were hit when an unidentified shooter fired multiple rounds into the vehicle. there was a lot of bullets being shed in in less than three seconds. chp officials say the victims were hospitalized with serious injuries. and on thursday,
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investigators closed all lanes of 5 80 in livermore due to gunfire on the highway. a victim in that case was expected to survive. lisa baker, meanwhile, is still processing what happened to her and once the shooter off the streets, trying to stay away from people. you don't even not even safe, the honk your horn up people. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. president biden announced new steps today to clamp down on a growing concern among law enforcement officers who say they are seeing a big jump in the number of untraceable ghost guns. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live to explain the changes, janna julie, the white house says last year about 20,000 suspected ghost guns were reported to the 80 f these new rules would put some new constraints on obtaining these guns that can be assembled at home. not all guns are created. equal law enforcement officers say they've been sounding the alarm for years about the huge number of farms that people are
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making from do it yourself kits or three d printers so called ghost guns with no serial number. on monday, president biden announced new rules to crack down on the industry, states department of justice and making it illegal. for business to manufacture one of these kids without a serial number. north bay congressman mike thompson without the white house and applauded the new rules, new regulations that say that if you are going to sell these kids, you have to be a licensed firearm dealer. if you're gonna buy a kit, you have to pass a background check. we've been waiting for this kind of leadership from washington for many, many years. jose mayor sam liccardo also attended the event and says ghost guns are a big problem. police department seized about five of these guns in 2017. but since 2021 we've seen 287 of them about a quarter of all the illegal guns there are police seized. many departments in the bay area say there's been an explosion in ghost guns seized on the streets
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and during crimes. of the guns were recovered. roughly a quarter of them have been ghost guns. they may not be made out of metal, you know, they could be made out of polymers and things like that. that may be more difficult to detect with, like metal detectors and things like that. and they say ghost guns are becoming more sophisticated and more dangerous . they're putting what's called an auto switch on the back. and making making the handgun fully automatic. these uh, firearms are capable of firing up to 100 rounds in a matter of seconds last year in the city of oakland , oakland police department recovered nearly 300. ghost guns in the city of oakland. several groups, including gun owners of america, and the national rifle association, blasted the biden administration's new rules. they say they oppose putting any restrictions on the sale of gun parts, and they opposed the background checks and expanding a national registry of gun owners. the g o a says they plan to file a lawsuit. meantime oakland's police chief says he is holding a news conference tomorrow to show videos to the
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community. illustrating just how big he says a problem. these ghost guns are here in oakland, julie janet, thank you. and just today, the alameda county sheriff's office announced it recovered a ghost gun. officials say a man had the gun while driving a stolen car in dealing fentanyl. authorities say he ran when they tried to arrest him, but their canine officer was able to apprehend him. new attend. colma police are responding to a viral video showing a shopper trying to intervene with the shoplifter. mm yes, job going. police say this video was posted on twitter . it was taken on march 16th and that the person confronting the suspect was not a store employee , but a shopper who said he was frustrated with crime. officers responded to the incident and arrested 28 year old sam well backorder on several charges, including grand theft and
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committing a felony while out on bail. police say they appreciate the citizens efforts but are warning against people putting themselves in situations that could be dangerous. police in mill valley are asking for the public's help in locating a missing woman. police say. 62 year old jennifer, a rancid was last heard from yesterday afternoon. they say she may have been hiking on a trail on mount tam between west bluffdale avenue in mill valley. and madrone avenue in larkspur. authorities say a ransom is white. five ft. seven inches tall £122 and has blond hair and blue eyes. she may have been driving a white toyota sienna van like this one here with california license plate. seven n u v for 83. if you have any information you're asked to call police. gusty winds, causing problems in every corner of the bay area today from down trees to power outages. a look at the damage next in a way, it's sad to see a big treat blow over like that, but you can see the
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roots are pretty shallow. and yeah, it was the 12 punch with the rain and then the wind and now we're tracking a new storm heading this way. and new video of a mountain lion on the peninsula at 10 30 in the morning from officials and why they say we're seeing more wildlife around this time of the year.
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stand with us. paia and snow to the sierra advisory just expired about an hour ago. ktvu elissa harrington joins us in marin county to tell us really, how gusty the winds got out there today. hi, elissa. well christina little bit earlier today. the winds were very strong. i wish that i was wearing my sunglasses because there was dust and other debris kind of being whipped around. what's happening now is we are in marine county where the wind has certainly died down. a bit, but it's still cold out here, and that wind certainly cost some hazards earlier today. mhm trimmers and public works crews cleared a large tree from the road in palo alto toppled over during gusty winds and crushed a parked car. this happened at emerson street and homer avenue , just across from whole foods.
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in a way, it's sad to see a big treat. blow over like that, but you can see the roots are pretty shallow. susan v. c said the change in weather has triggered her allergies. she put on a mask to keep pollen and other irritants away on is coming up again where it was gone, and we had a nice weather wind was blamed for knocking out power to thousands of pg and e customers. the hardest hit area was the peninsula. a wind advisory was issued for the greater part of the bay area. there were warnings posted on bridges. the gusty weather also impacted work on the great highway by whipping sand onto the road. san francisco public works shared this picture contra costa county. the water was choppy at the martinez marina. the strong wind snapped some shade canopies at the bocce ball courts and this is what i arrived to see. damage from the wind maintenance chairman keith machado said. they will have to make repairs
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fast because the season is about to start start our season starts on saturday, so it's kind of a major thing. we need shade for. you know, everybody and as you can see, over there we have another one that's about to fall over a few miles away on rita drive a tree crashed into a fence and blocked the road. we have a lot of down trees, logged down branches and ryan garcia with the national weather service, said the hills and peaks got the strongest winds and it's a good idea to be careful in this weather, he said . the wind is also a good reminder to prepare for fire season. virus possible all the time of the year in our area, but will a fire carry across a large area in conditions like we have now? and right now? we don't think the acts concern because of the fuel moistures that are out there. when i talk to jeannie earlier, they said that about 6000 customers were impacted by these wind related outages. i just checked their website and they're still
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working on making those repairs . i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. thank you in san anselmo cruz have closed a portion of the road due to a sinkhole. yellow tape and cones are set up on center boulevard. between 10 and sell mo and bridge avenues. the central marine police department is asking people to avoid the area and is urging commuters to plan for alternate routes. tomorrow morning, the cold front brought a good amount of snow to the sierra today. here's a look right now at meyer's outside south lake tahoe, you can see the snow was coming down steadily. it's a welcome sight after three dry months, but it did cause some slow traffic on the roads earlier today, tonight , shane controls have been lifted on highway 50 and i 80 as well. meteorologist roberta gonzalez joins us now, with the low temperatures here in the bay area and roberta. it's still breezy, and it is chilly outside tonight. great observation, julie. yes, those winds have fallen below advisory criteria. that's why they allow that wind advisory to expire but nonetheless it's still downright windy and fact here's a look at
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some of the wind guts that we did experience earlier today. try this emphasize sfo 56 mph guts. oakland international 51. mineta international at 36 there you have napa and conquered, coming in at 29 mile per hour wind gusts while mountain views sported a 30 mile wind gusts. now rainfall totals. this was the second half of the chapter of our weather page today. san francisco with just over 1/10 of an inch of rain and just slightly over half an inch in the santa cruz mountains. we have crystal clear skies. i should say, windswept skies, actually in our temperatures are in the forties. once these winds begin to dial back even more gently, we will see that temperature plummet. right now. the wind gusts of up to 26 in concord, currently 30 at oakland international, 22 santa rosa. so when you factor in the winds with those temperatures currently in the forties of desk feel a bit brisk outside and downright raw and some locations now here's the deal. this is a
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very vigorous cold front actually dumped three inches of snow today in portland, oregon, which was a record for them for this april 11th and now as it continues to surge in a southerly direction, right on its heels. we had that pool of cooler air. so tomorrow for your tuesday it's going to be dry but brisk, cool. temperatures rain will arrive later on wednesday into your thursday tonight, overnight just above freezing and santa rosa. so you know somebody's backyard will drop down to 32 degrees, perhaps in custody or windsor hills. burger granville otherwise, 34 degrees in livermore again, pleasant and dublin, san ramon danville. somebody could dip down to 32 forties will be coming around the peninsula and tomorrow temperatures a good 10 degrees below average. we're going to talk about the next incoming system and how much more rate to expect plus will even toss in that easter day forecast. that's straight ahead. roberta thank you. the value of northern california filed a complaint today with the state department of justice, calling for an
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investigation into the plan by the oakland unified school district to close schools. the blue calls the plan racially discriminatory and says it disproportionately impacts black students and families despite strong opposition from the community. in february, the school board voted to close seven schools and merged to others by 2023. the complaint says, oh, usd failed to analyze the racial equity of closing the selected schools. the school district has not commented on the complaint, but has said it needs to close campuses to shore up a large budget deficit. a new report from the state shows that public schools have seen declining enrollment for the fifth year in a row now, according to the california department of education, total public school enrollment has dropped by more than 110,000 students this academic year compared to last year. large urban district account for more than a third of the decrease. the biggest drops were in 1st, 4th, 7th and 9th grade. a state law passed during the pandemic
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insurers, school districts won't lose tax revenue as a result of decreased enrollment this year. coming up. tens of thousands of civilians feared dead after russian attacks in ukraine after the break, the latest on the war , and a new report says finland and sweden could join nato in the coming months and later tonight and you report that shows use of force incidents are decreasing at one bay area police department
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fino membership in the coming months . finland which shares an 830 mile land border with russia, is expected to apply for nato membership by june, according to a british report. sweden is poised to follow soon after its prime minister says the security situation in europe has changed since the russian invasion. russian forces appear to be regrouping now for a renewed push in the eastern donbass region, forcing a growing number of civilians to try to escape and faxes jeff paul tells us his
10:24 pm
comes as russian president vladimir putin. has appointed a new general to lead the war. push to control the skies as russian forces claim to have blown up several key ukrainian air defense systems, while ukraine denies it. moscow says it hit multiple s 300 launchers stationed in dnipro. if true, it would be a critical blow to ukraine's current control of the central part of the country as russia readies itself for increased fighting in the done, boss. they're still going to have to reckon with a very stiff, very effective, very capable and quite frankly, i've used this word before but very nimble ukrainian defense as a new russian commander general alexander devore knockoff takes control satellite images appear to show a convoy of russian military vehicles that stretches eight miles long heading east as d. o d officials say more than 60 battalion. tactical groups are currently in ukraine. moscow's shift in attention is already being felt by innocent civilians. the worst thing is an
10:25 pm
air bomb, but in fact, the most terrifying thing is a tank. troops are maintaining their firm grip on the southern coastal city of very opal, where shelling and bombardments continue to trap people from the outside world. the mayor they're saying 10,000 civilians have died. but that number could be as high as 20,000. further north in the donetsk region, the death toll of the missile strikes at a train station in kramatorsk rose to 57 the d o d believes in total, russia has launched more than 1500 missiles. but in the key region exclusive video shot by save our allies shows people in buja continue to uncover the devastation left over by russian forces. gravity but the blue blue everything was burning. there was a lot of dead bodies. similar horrific scenes and stories are being unearthed. and here, pine, ukrainian officials say proof of war crimes is mounting ukrainian president vladimir zelensky when, as far as telling 60 minutes that they recovered lists from russian pilots showing civilian targets
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. but when asked about a pathway to peace by giving up portions of his country dolinsky held firm still moving overall, we're not ready to give away our country. i think we've already given up a lot of lives, so we need to stand firm for as long as we can. with several humanitarian corridors now open more than 4000 people evacuated today from some of the hardest hit areas. but for the third day in a row, ukrainian officials claim russian forces prevented many others from escaping. in lviv, ukraine. jeff paul fox news a former virginia police officer was convicted today of storming the u. s capitol during the january 6th the riot, a federal jury convicted former officer thomas robertson of all six counts that he faced, including obstructing an official proceeding. authorities say robertson entered the capital with another off duty officer. robertson is now the second person to face a jury trial over the riot. the judge has not yet set a sentencing date. coming up a woman abducted
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after leaving a nightclub in the south bay, the suspect that has now been arrested, plus and i'm just like, how does that happen ? because all buildings are supposed to have sprinklers. safety concerns after a massive fire at a south bay home depot store causes millions of dollars in damage the ongoing investigation after the break and later in sports, the ace crush four home runs against the rays. but was it enough for the win? joe fonzi has those highlights and concerns of the new coronavirus surge. the major u. s
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♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ shining like gold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado live in the golden state ♪ moun mateo. this video was taken in a residential area on kingsbridge drive cemetery. police tweeted the video out, saying these two big cats have roamed the area
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before the city's reminding people just to stay alert because as the weather warms up, we're likely to see more wildlife, taking chances and getting closer to humans. firefighters are still on the scene of a home depot in san jose. monitoring flare ups after a fire tore through that store over the weekend. investigators still don't know what sparked that fire. but it's ktvu and ruben tells us more about that rescue effort after the fire broke out. even now, there are hotspots at the blossom hill, home depot and the air still smells of smoke for emergency crews and residents. the ordeal is not yet over. i was coughing and coughing and trying to get my breath and i'm still kind of having a little aspiration from it. this was the same saturday with flames reaching into the sky. the santa clara county sheriff's department helicopter took this video and as the fire raged, san jose police rushed to rescue pets from the gleevec hospital next door. they released these photos monday.
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meanwhile residents came from all over to take their own because i wanted to see how it looks right now in person, and i'm just like how does that happen? because all buildings are supposed to have sprinklers . jose firefighters have said this may have started in the lumber and drywall section of the store and fire protection experts say these types of big box stores present particular challenges. that there will be handle number fires. others cany plastics and things like that start making their way there. whether you know you have extra stuff that showed up to your warehouse, or, um, someone accidentally put them there. that's going to start compromising your fire protection systems sprinkler system. the a. t f was on scene today, beginning their investigation. so we're dozens of restoration crews ready to begin the cleanup effort. this is about a $6 million fire loss . giuliani construction and restoration hopes to submit a bid for work. they say this will be a giant project and a
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sensitive one, given the nature of the fertilizer, paint and other materials inside here, of course. you know, looking at the fire and seeing them, but we can do as far as assisting for services, the san jose fire department released a statement saying most of the flare ups they're dealing with are from debris trapped beneath the collapsed roof. they say the cause of this fire is still under investigation in san jose and reuben. ktvu fox two news another massive fire on saturday at the port of venetia could cause a spike in gas prices that fire broke out saturday morning, sending a plume of black smoke into the air. the port's imports . crude oil for the valero refinery, and until the pork is fully reopened, gilera could have a tough time importing crude oil, which may impact gas prices. the damage to that dock is substantial. many subsystems and electrical lines were damaged or destroyed. further hampering doc import operations. we're working really hard to do our due diligence to a make sure
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that port is safe and then when it is determined safe by engineers than began operations as soon as possible. the department of fish and wildlife says it has not identified any harm to fish or habitats from the fire. the cause is under investigation, a settlement has been reached between pg and e and six northern california counties in connection with the 2019 kincaid buyer and the 2021 dixie fire as ktvu. mark sayer tells us the deal allows pg and e. to avoid criminal prosecution. the kincade fire started on october 23rd of 2019 and eventually spread to 77,000 acres and destroyed more than 375 structures. six firefighters were seriously injured, and the fire prompted the largest evacuation in sonoma county history. fire investigators determined broken jumper cable on a pg and e tower ignited the blaze. so i think that it's a real win for sonoma county today , the sonoma county d a. and the
10:34 pm
company announced a settlement with the criminal complaint against pg and e being dropped. we did what we could, which is we got oversight. we have consequences if they don't follow through. and we also giving back to the community so that we can be safer and improve our well being. pg and e today also settled with five other northern california counties in connection with last year's dixie fire. no criminal charges will be filed in that fire, which consumed nearly one million acres in butte, lassen, plumas, shasta and to hema counties. investigators determined the dixie fire started when a tree fell into a p genie distribution line. pg and e spokesperson says the company decided to settle these cases to make things right with local communities. we really think that this was the right resolution for everybody. we're really looking forward to strengthening our partnerships with the counties and the communities in these areas. the terms of the deal called for pg need to hire up to 200 employees in the six counties to improve safety and vegetation management. work which will be
10:35 pm
overseen by independent experts . it will also pay more than $35 million over five years to local nonprofits and educational organizations and make direct payments to the impacted counties. they're going to bring a local expertise to these areas when it comes to the work that we're doing the critical work we're doing around fire safety. but what i can reassert to you is that we have retained our own experts to ensure that sonoma county is as safe as it can be going forward. with regard to operations by p. genie in this county, mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news at 10 police in san jose, say a 33 year old man is facing charges for kidnapping a woman with the intent to sexually assault her. police say ivan galaxy apollo aaliyah followed the woman from and her friends from a downtown nightclub in the early hours of march. 25th olea is suspected of abducting one woman with the intent of sexually assaulting her. in the area of loma verde drive and eat an avenue, he said
10:36 pm
to enter a plea in court next month in vallejo, for the first time in five years, police did not use guns, impact weapons or neck restraints during use of force incidents last year. that's according to a consultant's report released today by the vallejo police department. the report also shows that officers used fewer weapons overall, even though suspect resistance levels were higher in 2021 than in the prior year's chief of police. shawne williams says the data shows a redefining shift in the professionalism, mindset and policing systems within the department. surveillance photos here may be key to solving a north bay homicide tonight at 11 y investigators seek bicyclists caught on camera can lead them to the killer. rain is out of here. the winds will be diminishing, but now tracking the new batch of brain heading this way up first, a new consumer price index report set to be released tomorrow. the historic jump in inflation is expected to show
10:37 pm
large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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-♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ majo reimpose its mask mandate for indoor public places. the city's health department says philadelphia is no longer in the all clear zone for covid infection rates. instead officials say there has been a steady increase in the number of cases linked to an omicron sub variant. this looks like we may be at the start of a new covid wave like europe just saw today were reporting that we're averaging 142 new cases every day. today's case count is more than 50% higher than what we saw 10 days ago, so we know that cases are rising fairly quickly. the mask mandate will go into effect monday. city officials will give businesses and all indoor public spaces when week
10:40 pm
to become informed and prepared . his mask requirement on public transit is set to end a week from today. the mask mandate currently covers travel on planes, trains and other forms of public transportation, as well as in transit hubs like airports. a white house adviser , says an extension of that mandate is still a possibility. republicans continue to urge the biden administration not to extend the rules. any further administration is bracing for what it is calling an extraordinarily elevated consumer price index report tomorrow. the march numbers are expected to show and nearly 8.5% increase in inflation, setting a new 40 year high. the white house says russia's invasion of ukraine is largely to blame for rising costs, especially energy prices. the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates again next month to try to cool the economy. on wall street markets finished lower today as investors worry that covid-19 lockdowns in china could drag down the global economy. the dow dropped 413 points or more than
10:41 pm
1. nasdaq finished lower by nearly 300 points or more than 2% and the s and p ended the day down. 76 francisco is cracking down on fraudulent lawsuit against small businesses. d a chasing bodine made the announcement today at magical ice cream in chinatown. the d. a says the ice cream shop was one of 250 small businesses targeted by a san diego based law firm. the law firm powder handy developed a model of suing small , often immigrant owned businesses for alleged violations of the americas with disabilities act. potter handy has intentionally and repeatedly targeted economically vulnerable businesses. better typically cannot afford the cost of going to court of hiring lawyers or dealing with the legal process, especially during the pandemic. civil prosecution lawsuit is being filed jointly with the los angeles district attorney district attorney's office. boudin said. this is the first
10:42 pm
suit to be filed, but it will not be the last. he says. the potter handy law firm has not publicly commented on the suit coming up a busy weekend for bay area transit, how ridership is bouncing back also had a side effect of driverless cars will take a look at what caused a self driving car to take off after it was pulled over. by police, and it was a windy one out there today. this is what it looked like, but the flags along the oakland alameda estuary today, meteorologist roberta gonzalez
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transit agency saw an increase in ridership over the weekend. the san francisco bay ferry says 11,000 people took the ferry this weekend along with another 1000 people who took the free ballpark short hop. ferry officials say about 8000 people took the ferry during the same weekend in 2019. overall ferry ridership is at 70% of pre pandemic levels through the 1st 10 days of april. and bart ridership this weekend is also rebounding. it says saturday's ridership reached 54% of pre pandemic levels in sunday, ridership reached 62. bart's board president says she's pushing for bart to increase the frequency of trains on weekends . viral video shows a self driving car taking off after being pulled over by san francisco police ktvu
10:46 pm
christien kafton has the details about what went wrong and the safeguards the company has in place to make sure it doesn't become a repeat problem. nobody in it. san francisco police confirmed the unusual traffic stop happened april 1st on clement street in san francisco's richmond district. initially an officer looked inside the cruise self driving vehicle and saw there was no one inside. after reaching for the door, he began walking back to his patrol car. at that point, the car begins to drive away through an intersection before stopping again and remaining on scene. officers initially pulled the self driving cruise car over for not having its headlights on while driving after 10 pm cruise vehicle pick up on emergency lights and sirens from our vehicles. yes floyd accrue. xavi can each cruise vehicle is uniquely designed to react to first responders has a youtube video instructing first responders how to approach and interact with driverless cars. but once the crews avia stopped
10:47 pm
how does the first responder know that it won't drive away? first responder arrives, they should immediately contact the cruise. critical response line confirms the officer seen interacting with the vehicle call the number provided by cruz as well as seeing if he could turn the headlights on himself. in an email. cruz confirms the vehicle is part of its driverless ride. hail service, which only operates at night between 10 p.m. and five a.m. the headlights, the company says we're off due to a human error, and cruz says the issue has been fixed. cruz says the vehicle initially stopped to yield to the police cruiser and that once it was clear the vehicle was the subject of the traffic stop. cruz personnel directed the vehicle to pull over. no one was injured, but drivers on the road who learned about the incident say they're not ready to share the road with fully autonomous vehicles scared me to death. they're very jerky. i notice that sometimes they'll take a little longer to stop when you're making a turn in front of
10:48 pm
them or something for their part, san francisco police say in this instance, quote, no citation was issued at this time. we francisco police department are not able to speak about the issuance of citations for autonomous vehicles. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu , fox two news. well i hope it's certainly has its windshield wipers on on days that it's necessary like today, but, boy, did we get some rainfall and also some wind here in the bay area. we recorded over 1/10 of an inch of bernie in san francisco, and that's what the computer models did suggest would happen so that panned out after half an inch of rain in ben lomond, and what was really surprising was fremont, milpitas , as well as in castro valley with over 3/10 of an inter precipitation, but the big story really was augusta. he wins that accompanied. the rainfall. we had wind gusts up to 56 mph at sfo. oakland international 51 hayward came in at 38 mile per hour wind gusts and at manetta
10:49 pm
36. now the winds are now pretty much under 20 mph, except for the wind gusts you'll see right there and nevado just over 25 mph. 22 in santa rosa in 26 conquered. this is all live data coming in and we see it's pretty blustery along the seashore with that 25 mile per hour wind gusts as well, a couple that up with the air temperature that is pumped into the forties and all areas. in fact, it's 43 in nevada, so when you have a win, that's over 15 mph. it's got to make it feel like it's in the high thirties. it's a brisk night. it's all because of the cold front and the frontal boundary that whipped through the bay area. the corps was right there over the pacific northwest, and it led to three d like a lot, but that's a record for this april 11th since they've been keeping records for the past 80 years. tonight our winds will begin to ease the cold air filters in and as it does, so our temperatures will go down very quickly. after midnight tomorrow. breezy
10:50 pm
northwest winds 10 to 20 mph wednesday will be a dry day with the rain arriving late. in fact, this is our future cast and watch it as the hours tick on by it is suggested we could see almost a half an inch of rain. during the day on thursday, mostly cloudy on friday with yet more rain anticipated by saturday morning, and if this pans out, if it is true, we should see up to about 6/10 of an inch of brain. total for the next two systems coming in on thursday and on saturday that means more snow for the sierra. they do have some very chilly temperatures tonight, dipping down to 12 degrees rebounding a 32 on tuesday. next snow arrives on thursday. we could see up to two ft of snow by saturday now. meanwhile, average temperatures this time of the year going down good 10 degrees below average tonight. 34 santa rosa, 34 livermore 36. morgan hill. tomorrow's highs in the fifties , barely climbing to 60 in santa rosa. 10 degrees below average.
10:51 pm
we do have that rain arriving late wednesday into thursday, another rate event on saturday and it will pan out to be a dry sunrise service for easter sunday. have a good evening, roberta. thank you and organization in the south bay will be able to help more veterans thanks to a big donation centers, a chapter of team red, white and blue or team are w b received a check of more than $107,000 from organizers of taji 100. it was a fitness challenge back in february that required participants to run walk or hike 100 miles in 28 days in an effort to raise money for team are w b. our heather holmes took part, joining more than 8000 other people. coming up in sports. the giants take on division rivals padres in the start of the three game series. joe fonzi is here with all those highlights next, then on the 11 o'clock news, oakland police officers take action
10:52 pm
(music throughout)
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eves happening tonight in sports. a lot of cool things happen at oracle park tonight before the giants and padres ever took the field number one gabe kapler was presented with the 2021, manager of the year award. we got our first look at bob melvin as the new manager of the padres and the rogers twins. tyler for the giants, taylor for the padres brought the lineup cards to the plate. this was a night in which runs were at a premium. giants lead one nothing in the fourth when wil myers lifted him fall. hide on the right field line of foul territory. mike history whiskey gives chase gets his uniform dirty and makes the catch. giants starter alex would appreciative of the effort by his right fielder. they were tied 11 in the fifth when austin nola got hold of a would pitch on a cold night when the ball
10:55 pm
wasn't carrying. well that was made it out with room to spare 2 to 1, san diego. giant scratched out and running the six to tie jaak peterson is that third steven wilson uncorks a very wild pitch. peterson comes home. it's again a tie game. and the batteries didn't exactly light it up for the winning run. tyler rogers has to play at the plate if he goes in that direction on manny machado's chopper, but he's thinking double play bobbles the ball and sean kim comes home. it's 3 to 2 darren rough, made it to the game in the bottom of the inning. you strip skis on second one rough hits one of the warning track in left center. your profile runs the ball down. and the threat comes to an end. the padres got an insurance run of the ninth for 42 final lots of chances for the giants tonight with the big hit never materialized. with the first win of the season under their belts yesterday. the age came out blazing tonight in st petersburg didn't help the raise that starting pitcher luis pitino had to leave the game in the first inning with a back
10:56 pm
injury. clayton valley product christmas a had to get loose in a hurry and take them out. brown was the first batter masa faced with a couple of runners on and brown had a no doubter too right? that's the second homer of the young season for brown. is with a quick three nothing lead, and it became four to nothing. chad pinder was up next , and he wrote him as a pitch the other way for a solo shot. that's his second home of the year as well. the aids put four spot on the board in the first inning. and they followed up with four more in the second. elvis andres with the three run shot, not a good line for masa, who gave up eight runs in three innings of work. he's got one more in the fourth and then really piled on here in the ninth. brett phillips is an outfielder for the rays with the game of laws cause for his team, he came in to mop up with la balls and sheltered, noisy put one in the left field seats with the bases loaded. doesn't matter who's pitching. a grand slam is a grand slam the a's win 13 to 2 . they are two and two in the young season. well it isn't
10:57 pm
officially considered the postseason. but now that the nba's regular season is over, we only have to wait until tomorrow for the first round of playing games. the warriors last night concluded the regular season on a five game winning streak to nail down the number three spot in the west. that means the first game of the best of seven series in san francisco on saturday against denver. the lakers last night wrapped up one of the most highly anticipated and richly disappointing seasons in their history. as a result, 18 months after he led l. a to an nba championship head coach frank vogel has been fired. lakers loaded up this year with veterans lebron james, anthony davis, russell westbrook, carmelo anthony, with the intent of one thing when in the 18th championship in franchise history that lakers underachieved to the tune of 16 games under 500. and out of the playoffs. with the sixth pick in the 2022 w nba draft. the indiana fever select lexi hull, stanford university. just a
10:58 pm
couple of weeks ago, she was hoping to win a national championship with stanford tonight. lexi hall is a member of the wnba's indiana overall ps draft hole, had one more year of college eligibility, but decided to make yourself available for the draft after not missing a game for the cardinal this year and three times being named to the all pac 12 team. time for a little check this out action. you already saw outfielder brett phillips in mop up duty tonight for the race wasn't all bad. seth brown pops one of the law balls into foul territory. phillips does not feel like a picture. he feels like an outfielder making that catch if you're thinking this isn't ideal baseball weather you are right. it was snowing and blackbeard. virginia virginia text. carson demartini used the cover of the snowstorm to take off from third. and steal home. the north carolina state picture caught napping, maybe cut in that white out white uniforms against white snow. the hokies were 82 winners
10:59 pm
. and if you're a baseball fan, you know about shohei otani. you might not yet have heard about 20 year old pitcher rocchi sasaki. known as the monster of the railway. to also sake did yesterday was strike out a record 19 batters in a game and japan's major league it was also part of a perfect game. how about that? wow point he had 13 consecutive strikeouts. perfect game was the 16th in league history and the first in 28 years if you are striking out 13 consecutive pattern. that's all the way through the lineup. the next guy's up are going. oh man, i just want to get a piece of the ball bearing his name more. maybe yeah, when he has a major league parks student coming to you, perhaps? absolutely. what an arm. thanks, joe. next at 11. it's very, uh, abby. normal to see whether like this in april, strong winds bring down trees and power lines and the unusual april weather is not over. the
11:00 pm
11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener cristina rendon, the most widespread of weather related problem for people tonight is not having power now. at pg and e s power outage, map shows outages all around the bay area at this hour. all of the icons on the map represent an outage. orange icons represent areas with the highest concentrations of no service. around seven o'clock tonight, more than 8000 customers did not have power. that number was down to nearly 4000. pg and e crews hope to have most service restored by the time that people wake up. ktvu is elissa harrington has a look now at the problems and damage caused by today's strong winds. treat trimmers and public works crews cleared a large tree from the road in palo alto toppled over during gusty winds and crushed a parked car. this happened at emerson street and homer avenue, just across from


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