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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 11, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener cristina rendon, the most widespread of weather related problem for people tonight is not having power now. at pg and e s power outage, map shows outages all around the bay area at this hour. all of the icons on the map represent an outage. orange icons represent areas with the highest concentrations of no service. around seven o'clock tonight, more than 8000 customers did not have power. that number was down to nearly 4000. pg and e crews hope to have most service restored by the time that people wake up. ktvu is elissa harrington has a look now at the problems and damage caused by today's strong winds. treat trimmers and public works crews cleared a large tree from the road in palo alto toppled over during gusty winds and crushed a parked car. this happened at emerson street and homer avenue, just across from whole foods. in a way, it's sad
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to see a big treat. blow over like that, but you can see the roots are pretty shallow neighbor, susan v. c said the change in weather has triggered her allergies. she put on a mask to keep pollen and other irritants away. the pollen is coming up again. where it was gone, and we had a nice weather wind was blamed for knocking out power to thousands of pg and e customers. the hardest hit area was the peninsula. a wind advisory was issued for the greater part of the bay area. there were warnings posted on bridges. the gusty weather also impacted work on the great highway by whipping sand onto the road. san francisco public works shared this picture. in contra costa county. the water was choppy at the martinez marina. the strong wind snapped some shade canopies at the basketball courts, and this is what i arrived to see. damage from the wind maintenance chairman keith machado said. they will have to make repairs
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fast because the season is about to start start our season starts on saturday, so it's kind of a major thing we need shade for. you know, everybody and as you can see, over there we have another one that's about to fall over a few miles away on rita drive a tree crashed into a fence and blocked the road. we have a lot of down trees, locked down branches and ryan garcia with the national weather service said the hills and peaks got the strongest winds. and it's a good idea to be careful in this weather, he said. the wind is also a good reminder to prepare for fire season fire is possible all the time of the year in our area, but will fire carry across a large area in conditions like we have now? and right now, we don't think the acts concern because of the fuel moistures that are out there. elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. the weather may be to blame for one death in nevada county. a tree came down on a car this afternoon on highway 49 in grass valley. investigators
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have not said whether the person who died was in the car or one of several other vehicles that crashed shortly after that tree came down. winds were strong in the area when that tree came crashing down. here and how we've been watching how wind has been flapping flags around jacqueline and square all day. you can still see them there tonight. we expect to see those winds die down overnight but headed for us. next is a blast of cold air ktvu meteorologists . roberta gonzalez is tracking the shift. whether you're here to tell us about the timing of all of this, the winds are subsiding below the criteria level, so that's why they allowed that wind advisory to expire, but it's still windy outside nonetheless. just not as windy as it has been, and it was a 12 punch today. first came the rain and then with the passage of the cold front came that very gusty winds. so far, the most impressive wind is actually but it s fo 56 mile per hour wind gusts, and that came about five o'clock late this afternoon early evening. there you have oakland international when gusta
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51 manetta was at 36, but hayward 38 while per hour wind gusts napa and conquered, rounding up the packet 29 now. meanwhile the winds are beginning to dial back but still at 20 at oakland, 29 mile per hour wind gusts 16 mph over in concord, buchanan failed. it's brisk around the seashore tonight with a 24 mile per hour. wind gusts are getting the feel of this. it's beginning to subside somewhat, but you couple up those winds with an air temperature into the forties. it feels downright raw outside. now, here's what you need to know. tonight is the winds begin to diminish the temperatures will plummet. and to the thirties around the bait tomorrow, very little recovery into the low and high fifties reaching out at 63 at best, well , inland, we're gonna go ahead and pinpoint your neighborhood temperatures for tonight and tomorrow and also tracking in new system that's heading this way that's coming up in just a
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matter of minutes. alright, roberta, looking forward to it. thank you. and most people welcome new snowfall in this year because of the state's drought. this time around, the snow is getting left. but that is getting left behind looks ideal for skiers and snowboarders. chp though, wants you to be aware of that the snow is not all fun and games later in the newscast will show you how this spring snow became problematic for some drivers. all right, take a look at this attack on a car in west oakland , a business owner calls it proof of a growing crime problem near one homeless camp. that business owner runs a music studio near the camp. ktvu zambelli joins us now she's in oakland tonight with a breakdown of the city's response to his concerns. amber. julie the business owner tells me he's asked city leaders and the place for help many times, but that the problems have gotten steadily worse. over the past six years, 90 shared with us surveillance video he hopes will get their attention. oh, look,
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there's the ax. casey shows me the pickaxe that was used by a homeless man in an attack sunday morning shortly before 10 30. the incident was captured on surveillance camera. i saw one of our one of the folks over here. um run across the street with a pickaxe and start smashing the car with somebody in it. the incident took place just outside the sound wave studios on what street in west oakland. he suspects that the violence stem from a dispute with the person inside the car. the casey says encampment, fires , drug dealing and people dumping stolen vehicles in the area are ongoing problems they can't endanger. uh people in the city people have businesses. my customers, my staff. it's not fair that we're having to face this nearby on the 3400 block of mandela parkway, a security guard was killed last thursday night while working at a community cabin site. a source tells me he was shot six times after he denied a former resident access to the property . business owners say the city
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is not doing enough to enforce existing policies for homeless encampments. we could be doing much more around how we address these issues. council member carol fife represents west oakland. she says she was not aware of either incident. she says the city council creates policies but does not have the power to enforce them and that she needs the support of the city, county and state to address the problems that come with homelessness and mental illness to the business community. let's organize. i hear you and i feel you because um, it's challenging. this music producer says he loves working at his rented studio at the building where the ax attack took place, but he is considering moving things that's going on across the street is like mind blowing, not expecting the encampment to go away. i'm not expecting the homeless to go away we can coexist with the city has to help us manage that interaction. the music studio
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owner tells me he wants laws to be enforced in the areas of the encampments the same way they are enforced elsewhere in the city council member five says she plans to reach out to the business owner. julie that video , amber, i'm just looking at that again. that is so scary. the guy runs up with that pickax. and there was somebody sitting inside that car. do we know anything about the person inside the car? and if that person is okay? i was told that that person did not suffer any injuries, so fortunately, no one was hurt in that incident, but yes, that video is absolutely scary. horrifying. alright, amber. thank you. view and 11 investigators saying surveillance photos may help themselves homicide case in santa rosa, take a look. the images are grainy, but santa rosa police detectives say a group of bicyclists caught on camera may have information about a killing at comstock northwest community park. someone shot a 25 year old man to death at that park on april 3rd the bicycle is seen here are
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known to have been in the area around the same time and if you can help investigators identify them. contact the santa rosa police department detectives would like to talk with them together any information that may help with the investigation also knew at 11. the oakland police department calls the attention cause attention rather to the city's problem with auto burglaries in a new social media post. in the post. the department reports it has already investigated 2000 auto burglaries this year that is up 30% compared to the same time last year. captain casey johnson says the department has taken action to tackle the problem. i've created an overtime detail to come out here and show presence in the helgenberger corridor, along with the 90th avenue corridor to help reduce a lot of these auto burglaries that are occurring. we also hope to work with our community members by adding these additional officers. to build that community trust and keep our communities safe. the department also expects the detail will help with response times in that area. a 15 year
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old girl who was shot in oakland over the weekend has now died of her injuries. tv crime reporter henry lee tells us she was apparently shot inside of an apartment as she visited friends after someone pulled out a gun. my heart is heavy. it is, um, broken for this young woman lost a gun violence in east oakland. this time, a 15 year old girl. the shooting happened in council member lauren taylor's district . it's devastating. i can't even imagine what the family is going through. on monday morning yellow crime scene tape was still visible outside the apartment building on 68th avenue between foothill and macarthur. the shooting happened at about seven saturday night. the 15 year old victim, identified as camille a. brown of antioch, visiting other kids. it was, um my neighbors. oldest daughter who's about 18. she was visiting her. this woman who didn't want her face shown, said she saw the victim arriving with at least two other teens. one a boy in the other girl. during her visit, camilla ended up
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getting shot in the head. she was shot inside the apartment. the girl died the next morning at the hospital. oakland police are investigating what led up to the shooting. very scared, to be honest, my have kids around the same age council member taylor says the shooting hits home for him to he has a daughter, who is about to turn 13. when we look at a you know, innocent 15 year old girl losing her life on the streets of oakland like that is ridiculous. in a statement, the oakland police officers association said, in part the tragedy of a 15 year old girls life being extinguished in oakland epitomizes the violence. our city's residents and police officers see daily oakland police are asking anyone with information in this case to give them a call. in oakland. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the city of gilroy today announced a series of sanctions against city council member rebecca amador is stemming from a deadly shooting during a halloween party at her home. last year. one man was killed and three others were wounded. in a letter to the
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community, gilroy's mayor said that an investigation is determined that amend ours assisted her son and nephew organizing the event, which included consumption of alcohol by underage guests. she faces 10 citations, including violating gilroy's social host ordinance and failing to obtain a special event permit. and they said that well, it has been heart wrenching to hear pleas from the community to take action against amend or is absent a felony conviction only voters have the power to remove a council member from office. investigators are starting to sift through the charred remnants of a san jose home depot store that was completely destroyed by fire over the weekend. a t f agents, along with other investigators are looking for the cause of the blaze that tore through the store on blossom hill road saturday. firefighters remained on the scene today. looking for hot spots. fire officials say it may have started in the lumber and drywall section of the store . no one was hurt. authorities in venetia are trying to determine the cause of the fire that also broke out on saturday . the fire did substantial
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damage to the dock at the ports of manisha support imports crude oil for the bolero refinery. until that court is fully reopened. valero could have a tough time importing crude oil, which may send gas prices even higher. we're averaging 12 guns per 24 hour shift. a snapshot of so called ghost gun encounters for one bay area law enforcement agency coming up president biden's plan to ease problems with the untraceable weapons and russia makes a move it thinks will give (music throughout)
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ther assault in the donbass region. satellite images show an eight mile long convoy of russian military vehicles heading east moscow continues to attack the southern coastal city of mariupol, where officials say at least 10,000 civilians have been killed and possibly twice that number. russian president after russian forces failed to capture the capital of keith. aw plan to tackle problems with untraceable so called ghost gunze. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now from the newsroom with reaction from bay area leaders who joined the president today to reveal the plan. janna yes, north bay congressman mike thompson and san jose mayor sam liccardo were among those in dc for today's announcement, the white house says last year about 20,000 suspected ghost guns were
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reported to the a. t f. these new rules target manufacturers and sellers to make sure the guns don't wind up in the wrong hands. not all guns are created . equal law enforcement officers say they have been sounding the alarm for years about the huge number of farms that people are making from. do it yourself kits or three d printers, so called ghost guns with no serial number. on monday, president biden announced new rules to crack down on the industry, united states department of justice and making it illegal. for business to manufacture one of these kids without a serial number. north bay congressman mike thompson was at the white house and applauded the new rules. new regulations that say that if you are going to sell these kids, you have to be a licensed firearm dealer. if you're going to buy a kit, you have to pass a background check . we've been waiting for this kind of leadership from washington for many, many years. san jose mayor sam liccardo also
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attended the event and says ghost guns are a big problem. police department seized about five of these guns in 2017. but since 2021 we received 287 of them about a quarter of all the illegal guns they're police seized last year in the city of oakland. oakland police department recovered nearly 300. ghost guns in the city of oakland. many departments in the bay area say there's been an explosion in ghost guns seized on the streets and during crimes were recovered. roughly a quarter of them have been ghost guns. they may not be made out of metal, you know, they could be made out of polymers and things like that. that may be more difficult to detect, look like metal detectors and things like that. and they say ghost guns are becoming more sophisticated and more dangerous . they're putting what's called an auto switch on the back. and making making the handgun fully automatic. these uh, firearms are capable of firing up to 100 rounds in a matter of seconds. several groups, including the gun owners of america, and the national rifle association,
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blasted the been administration's new rules. they say they oppose putting any restrictions on the sale of gun parts, and they opposed background checks and expanding the national registry of gun owners. the g o a says they plan to file a lawsuit. meantime oakland's police chief says he is holding a news conference tomorrow with videos to show the community just how big a problem these ghost guns are here in oakland. jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight, janet. thank you. a settlement has been reached between pg and e and six northern california counties in connection with the 2019 kincaid and 2021 dixie wildfires in a pair of settlements unveiled today, prosecutors will allow pg and e to avoid facing criminal charges for the fires, which were started by its power lines. the kincaid and dixie fires destroyed hundreds of homes. settlements were made by district attorneys in sonoma, loomis, lassen to hama, shasta and beauty counties. pg and e is agreeing to pay more than $55
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million to nonprofits and independent safety inspectors. the utility must also implement numerous wild fire safety measures. there is a lot of new snow in the sierra tonight and more is on the way coming up. some drivers learn the hard way about the problems all that fresh snow can cause and we'll show you how the snow that oregon got from that system. is making history. ever of the snow and the high sierra to the rain, and the wind in the bay area. looks pretty calm out there right (music throughout)
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to g behind much needed snow in the sierra. here's a live look right now at images from highway 50 in meyers no one out on the roads at this hour, but you can see the snow there is sticking tonight. chain controls on
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highway 50 are in place from myers, two twin bridges and the snowy weather cost some major problems today along interstate 80, the plastic county sheriff's office shared video of this accident. they're closed. eastbound lanes donner summit this morning. at this hour, caltrans says chain controls have been dropped on i 80 in the sierra. well for the first time in recorded history. portland's oregon received the first measurable snowfall in april, one inch of snow fell in portland international airport, setting a record with the only measurable amount of snow there since official record keeping began. in 1940 schools across the portland's region were closed in some areas, about an hour west of portland's received several inches of snow. and that same system is the one that blew through the bay area, kicking up our winds up to 56 mph at sfo. that was the strongest wing as i could report around the immediate area now, right now, as we take a look outside, we have the clear skies out there. the temperatures are in the
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forties. across the board the winter up to about 20 and seven locations gets up to 26, but definitely beginning to dial back now, this is the scene, the area of low pressure. the core was right there, producing that record amount of snow in the portland's area now as this frontal boundary continues to surge down in a southerly direction, it's pulling down the cooler air mass, so our overnight lows tonight are going to plummet, especially once those winds died down, and then it's going to be a cool brisk day for your tuesday. so your weather headlines for tonight again. the clear skies and breezy northwest winds tended 20 , but not as vigorous as what we experienced earlier today. tomorrow, cooler temps breezy northwest winds again, 10 to 20 , and wednesday will start off drying and up, perhaps on a wet note. according to this, it's our future cast. it does illustrate that we do have up to a half an inch of brain. expected when all of a sudden done thursday night friday will be dry and next system upstairs does bring us more precipitation
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about 1/10 of an inch more on saturday, so here's a hope in and it will bring snow to the sierra 34 overnight in santa rosa 34 throughout the tri valley. almost freezing forties across the central bay will struggle to reach 63 for the warm spot in fairfield. tomorrow, otherwise temperatures in the fifties 10 degrees below average rain event thursday i chance against saturday drive for year easter. alright roberta . thank you so much coming up after the break defense on display between the padres and giants, joe fonzi has a highlights next in sports.
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helf cool things happening. oracle park tonight before the giants and padres ever took the field number one. gabe kapler was presented with the 2021, manager
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of the year award. we got our first look at bob melvin as the new manager of the padres and the rogers twins tyler for the giants taylor for the padres, but the line of course to the plate. this was a night in which runs were at a premium, the giant said one. nothing in the fourth one. will myers lifted the ball high down the right field line and filed territory. micro strip ski giving chase getting his uniform dirty and making the catch john stutter alex would appreciative of the effort by his right fielder. they were tied 11 in the fifth one. austin nolan got hold of a would pitch on a cold night when the ball wasn't carrying well that one made it out with room to spare 2 to 1, san diego. was 3 to 2 potteries in the seventh . darren rough makes a bid to again tie the game. your strengths. he's on second one rough hits, one to the warning track and left center. jurickson profile runs the ball down. the threat comes to an end. the padres got an insurance run in the ninth. for 42 final lots of chances for the giants tonight, but the big hit never materialized with the first win
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of the season under their belts yesterday, the aids came out blazing tonight in st petersburg. didn't help to raise the starting pitcher luis patino had to leave the game in the first inning with a back injury. clayton valley product christmas a had to get loose in a hurry and take the mound. seth brown was the first batter that masa faced with a couple of runners on and brown hit a no doubter too right? that's the second home of the young season for brown. is with a quick three. nothing lead. they got four in the first and four more in the second game was already around in the ninth. brett phillips is an outfielder for the raid with game the lost cause for his team. he came in to mop up with law balls and show the noisy put one in the left field seats with the bases loaded. doesn't matter who's pitching a grand slams of grand slam the a's win 13 to 2. they are two and two in the young season with the sixth pick in the 2022 w. n. b a draft. the indiana fever select lexi hull, stanford university. just a
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couple of weeks ago, she was hoping to win a national championship with stanford tonight. lexi hall is a member of the wnba's indiana fever, the sixth overall pick in tonight's draft hole had one more year of college eligibility, but decided to make herself available for the draft. after not missing a game for the cardinal this year and three times being named to the all pac 12 teen. time for little check this out action. you already saw outfielder brett phillips and mop up duty tonight for the race wasn't all bad. seth brown pops one of those law balls into foul territory, then is not a picture of fielding his position that looks very much like an outfielder sliding on the warning track. everything in this is an ideal baseball. whether you're right. it was snowing and blackbeard, virginia , virginia, texas, carson demartini uses the cover of the snowstorm to take off from third and steals home. north carolina state pitcher caught napping or maybe a white out white uniforms . white snow hope he's 82 winners. that was so great about
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lexi whole. i love seeing that absolutely proud moment. yeah, we're gonna have some of that in this year, huh? well yeah, today we get more. you know, one time i had to report the weather in snowy conditions at wrigley snowy conditions at wrigley excuse me. i'm so sorry. i never do this with celebrities, but are you by any chance the foxy mom on the new horizon realty ad? am i gonna regret doing that? did the marlboro man have any regrets? this ad is perfect. see, i'm not just selling houses, i'm selling myself, and the best part about me is my family. and my teeth. and both...are on display in this ad. mm. "i can't be satisfied until you're satisfied"? coming soon to a bus bench near you, not to mention our minivan. so that's really happening? wait. what's happening to our minivan? having this bad boy shrink-wrapped on it. classy. yep. now all that driving around your mom does will serve a purpose. alex: good morning, family. how are you all doing on this beautiful day? okay. what's this?


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