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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 12, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the morning rush hour and left almost two dozen people hurt. good evening and thanks for joining us tonight. i'm christina were don't and i'm julie julie haener. just a short time ago, authorities revealed the identity of the man they are looking for 62 year old frank james james has addresses in wisconsin and philadelphia and so far, police are calling him a person of interest in connection with this case. ktvu s heather holmes joins us now with the latest on the investigation of new details being released within the last hour or so. julie 23 people were injured in this attack. 10 of them were shot. police say five of those shooting victims are in critical condition, but the good news is all of them are expected to survive. now. just a few minutes ago, police said that the gunman fired 33 times inside that subway car. and as you mentioned , a massive manhunt is underway for the shooter. yeah. of that video shows the dramatic and
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chaotic moment that the subway pulls into the 36th street station in brooklyn at about 8:30 a.m. local time, police say a gunman wearing a gas mask first set off a smoke canister in one of those subway cars. and then began shooting panics, commuter streamed out of the subway cars and onto the platform there, some of them with gunshot wounds. it was just like a scary moment, and everyone has packed in that little station getting out. was very scary. it was like nine or so. and you know, um, we saw commotion. we saw cop cars pulling up so we were concerned. now we got an update from the nypd just about an hour ago, and that's when they said that police are looking for this man 62 year old frank james in connection with today's attack, and police say they're offering a $50,000 reward in this case. this afternoon. authorities also located and unoccupied you haul van in brooklyn, matching the description and arizona plates
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of the vehicle that was being sought in connection with the attack. we are truly fortunate that this was not significantly worse than it is. police say they recovered weapons at the scene, including a handgun and a hatchet. they also say that this bag belongs to the suspect and was left behind. it contains smoke canisters as well as fireworks. as investigators try to find a motive tonight, new york's police commissioner said the attack was not being investigated as terrorism but that she was not ruling. anything else. christina heather, thank you, president zhou biden, reacting to the shooting on social media on twitter, he wrote. quote jill and i are praying for those injured in the new york city subway shooting. we are grateful for the first responders and civilians who jumped into action. my team has been in touch with city officials and we are working to support efforts on the ground. oakland congresswoman barbara lee is also reacting on twitter. she writes brooklyn, sacramento to horrific mass shootings and
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we're not even two weeks into the month. we can never accept this as normal abolished the filibuster passed gun safety legislation and end the senseless grief and terror stay with ktvu as our coverage of the subway attack continues coming up tonight at 5 30 heading to brooklyn to hear the latest from the ground, and ktvu is christien kafton will have a live report on how bay area transit leaders are beefing up security to help keep passengers safe. new details now on an additional suspect in the downtown sacramento shooting, authorities are looking for 27 year old tula, peyton on multiple felony warrants, including gun charges. sacramento police believe he was one of at least five people who fired weapons during the rampage on april 3rd. investigators say two groups of men exchanged gunfire, killing six people and injuring 12. others. anyone who knows about peyton's whereabouts is asked to contact sacramento valley crime stoppers. for months now, authorities in san jose have been cracking down on
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the use of ghost guns, often three d printed or made from kids. those guns are untraceable and favored among criminals and yesterday's announcement of federal regulations around those guns has centers. the authorities hopeful that the tide is about to change. ktvu and ruben joins us live from the san jose police department with the details and all of a sudden serial numbers and background checks will be required for these types of gun kits, and authorities say the change will be much better for them and much worse for the criminals. they're easy to get and hard to trace ghost guns or growing problem on the streets of san jose. we are seeing at least 45 ghost can seizures a week san jose police have been cracking down through search warrants and car stops than posting images of their hall on twitter. this year, 28% of all firearms recovered have been ghost cans. they were also used at each of the cities. last three officer involved shootings . i think all in all our
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department understands that every single ghost that we take off the street every single gun that we take off the street from person who is not supposed to be possessing it. is going to most likely reduce the overall violent crime that we see. the department says they welcomed the biden administration's new regulation of ghost guns. so does the santa clara county district attorney's office who actually consulted on the plan. over the last five years. you know, we went from four in our county to more than 300 so what i expect is that this executive order that the president signed is gonna slow that increase the new regulations close a loophole by build shoot kits will now be considered firearms requiring serial numbers and background checks. where before they were just considered parts. it's hard for convicted felons. to buy a gun. it's up until this point. it's been very easy to get a ghost gun. authorities are hoping that's about to change. in the meantime, they're planning additional efforts to get ghost guns off the streets
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were in the initial stages of starting a gun buyback program specifically geared towards ghost guns. people can turn the weapons in through crime stoppers. and eventually, police hope to organize a full scale drop off event. if we get a ghost gun off the street, they will be getting a cash reward. exactly how much money will depend on the type of gun. meanwhile, authorities say they are continuing to make ghost guns a priority. they say they have confiscated 53 so far this year, cristina and reuben life for us tonight in san jose, and thank you. oakland police chief laurent armstrong spoke out today on the deadly violence plaguing the city and how the justice department he says has become a revolving door. chief. armstrong says the oakland ceasefire program is still working. it's a collaborative strategy among law enforcement, local clergy and community organizations to bring down violent crime rates in the city, but the problem lies within the court system, he says. which is letting repeated criminals go free on zero bail. the victims
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in these crimes deserve justice. our officers are out there working hard. this also affects the morale of my department. our officers are going out there doing everything. i'm asking him to do only to find out that the same people that they continue to contact involved in violence continue to be let out onto the street. the chief also discussed the rising problem with ghost guns and showed videos of crimes involving the illegal weapons. this comes as president biden announced new federal regulations yesterday requiring background checks and serial numbers on ghost gun kits. chief armstrong says that is a tremendous step forward. a retired cupertino middle school teacher and volunteer coach at fremont high, has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on a student sunnyvale officers arrested 61 year old anthony james philip for the alleged 2009 crime. they say at the time. the student attended cupertino middle school in
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sunnyvale, where james was a teacher. he later retired from teaching but is currently a volunteer, softball and basketball coach at fremont high in sunnyvale. and coming up at six. ktvu andre senior, will have more details in a live report. now to san francisco, where a woman is under arrest, accused of running a michigan airbnb to rendezvous with a 15 year old boy. police say 33 year old stephanie sin was arrested after she flew to michigan to meet that teenager. according to investigators, sin met the boy on an online app. when he was 14 . their conversations moved to text and investigators say they got progressively more explicit . she allegedly said an uber to his house to pick him up, and that's when the boy told his parents about her. she is charged with child sexual abuse of activity and using a computer to commit a crime. sin is being held on $100,000 bond. former mixed martial arts heavyweight champion cain velasquez issued his first statement today since his arrest, kane was in court in san jose for a plea hearing,
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which was moved to may 6th at his lawyer's request. velazquez's lawyer, mark geragos , intends to file a motion for his release between now and that hearing date. velasquez was arrested in february after allegedly shooting a man targeting another man who was accused of molesting one of cain's family members. go, says velasquez statement is a thank you to his supporters. it's a heartfelt message to all the true victims out there and on on this day in this month of awareness of. um true victims. cane stands in solidarity with you. velazquez's social media post says, in part quote to everyone that has expressed your support my family and i will never be able to thank you enough to the true victims of this case. may god give you the strength to come forward. that it is most difficult to relive the pain that has happened to you. in speaking the truth,
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justice will be served and your own true healing can start. prices that consumers pay for everyday items soared last month , either highest levels in four decades, according to labor department report. today prices skyrocketed by 8.5. ktvu tom vacar joins us now, after looking into the factors that made up that rate and why some believe the inflation rate tom may start to ease. there's some signs of that for many, many years. 2% inflation simply did not matter to most consumers or anyone else. and it was never a political issue in that, say it in that sense. it is now, though. an unprecedented pandemic supply chain problems and lack of workers resulted in fewer goods available as demand for them sword. inflation began . russia's invasion of ukraine caused energy and food prices to soar even more marches. 8.5% inflation eats up a lot of purchasing power. that is higher than the state 7.25 sales tax,
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which does not include local sales taxes, but inflation is now higher. then all sales taxes in 28 counties, including solano county, jim wilcox is a renowned professor of economics at u. c. berkeley's haas business school . but those prices are not going to go up inexorably at the kinds of rates that we've seen over the last couple of years. inflation is calculated by pricing major goods and services over time. it includes basic foods such as cereals and beverages, including milk and coffee, as well as housing costs , furniture, clothing, transportation, medical care, recreation, toys and entertainment. add in education and communications, as well as random stuff such as tobacco haircuts and funerals. we are fingers crossed close to peak inflation. economist wendy edel berg is a senior fellow at the
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brookings institution. one of the nation's best think tanks. what we saw in the month of march was that prices of core goods driven by automobiles outright fell we're now finally starting to see the pivot away from goods, inflation and towards services. inflation consumers notice fast price changes for the things that they buy most often food. and fuel. you see them prominently displayed when you drive down the street, you see them prominently displayed in grocery stores, and we buy these things very frequently. it's been a shock and you see it reflected in the consumer sentiment numbers. people are not happy about having to worry about overall inflation. well, of course, we all feel it. but low and moderate income households actually spend more than double the share of their income on food and fuel than higher income folks back to you. tom is there anything that people can do to
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help ease inflation as well? actually, there are some amazing how quickly it would happen. quit buying so much stuff don't travel so much, and the reason for that is that if that demand goes down, then the price is automatically come down. the other thing is, people need to go back to work. and the reason for that is that then we can start clearing up some of the problems brought about by supply . chain shortages were more things are being made more things are being shipped and more things are getting to where they want to go in much less time, and that also lowers expenses. those are the two things we could do, starting right now. big ripple effect for short tom vacar in the newsroom for us, tom. thank you. gas prices are down around the country for the second week in a row, according to triple a. the average price has fallen now to just about $4 in much of the country. it is more expensive, though here in the bay area, the highest gas prices are in napa county, where the average cost of a gallon of regular is $5.90 in san francisco. it is 5 84.
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it's $5.80 in sonoma county. 5 76 in alameda and marin counties , and the least expensive area for gas is solano county, where the average is 5 65 a gallon. donut lovers. listen up. christie chris crispy. rather cream wants to ease pain at the pump. the chain will be offering a dozen glazed donuts for the price of a gallon of unleaded regular gas that starts tomorrow and will be available on wednesdays through may. 4th. krispy kreme will set the price based on the triple a national average price of a gallon of regular gasoline on the monday of each week and yesterday that was $4.11. the usual cost of a dozen donuts there ranges from $8 up to almost $15, depending on what kind and where the store is. vacantly renters tell us they've applied, waited months and still not received emergency rental assistance brooks jarocz coming up. we asked the state about the holdup is tens of thousands fear they'll be forced from their homes. i just don't
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know. i don't know where we're going. i don't know. how we're going to get there. a good samaritan turns crime fighter, and it is all caught on camera. why police are saying thanks, but no thanks. also ahead. what had passengers terrified and pleading to flight attendants on pleading to flight attendants on a trip to jfk airport? meet brett from apartment 2b. he's not letting an overdraft alert get him stressed. he knows he's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. numbers... ...move you but some can stop you in your tracks. like the tens of thousands of people who were diagnosed with certain hpv-related cancers.
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and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. but i know that we represent a lot of people that are in the same situation and it's really hard. right now, hundreds of thousands of californians are still waiting for emergency covid-19 rental assistance. new applications for the program
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closed at the end of march. but ktvu phantom applied as far back as last summer. and they still have not received any relief investigative reporter. brooks jarocz has been digging into that program, its shortcomings brooks and what's being done to get money out faster. well christina, the california covid-19 rent relief program began early last year and is supposed to help tenants and landlords facing financial hardship during the pandemic so far less than half of the households in applied have actually seen funding. staying data shows, while nearly a half million have completed an application. more than a quarter million are left waiting and wondering. my husband and i moved into this house when we were newlyweds. um i was i had just found out that i was pregnant with our son. um and it we, you know, this is where we've built our family for five years, melissa mendez and her husband have centered their lives here in brentwood. but the pandemic brought new financial challenges we've had to choose between paying bills and feeding
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our family, you know, feeding our kids, so they applied for california's covid-19 rent relief program last august. now, nearly eight months later, their application is still pending. after countless phone calls, i was never given any new information. everybody just said be patient. they're processing it. they'll get to it. they're not alone. nearly a dozen other tenants and landlords tell ktvu . their applications have been stuck in under review for months . if this program doesn't deliver these resources, people will be evicted. people will become homeless. true half his vice president of research and policy link. it's a nonprofit that focuses on racial and economic equity. she says state data shows nearly 100,000 bay area renters have applied for the emergency rental assistance program. more than half 51,000 are waiting for applications to be reviewed and one in three reported getting an eviction notice or facing threats when
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they applied. it is incredibly distressing. it's incredibly stressful for renters in that position where they can't. they don't know if they're going to get help. and when it will come , so how do they manage their finances? how do they manage these communications with their landlords? the problem has made its way to the general assembly. thousands continue to wait for relief. whether applications are pending. lawmakers extended eviction protections through june that gives the state less than three months to get the money out. jeffrey ross is one of those in charge of the entire program. what do you say to those people who have been waiting months and still are not seeing any money? we understand the frustration look, anyone that is in need. we can't get them even if we could get them the money in a matter of days. it's not fast enough given given the need and we recognize that and we are committed to doing it as quickly as we can. he says legislative changes have helped increase processing speed from
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about 8000 applications and $80 million a week in february to 12,000 applications and 112 week now everyone that applied on or before march 31st with an eligible application with rent and utilities will be paid, and that is what we are now moving as fast as we can, and we're looking to get through every one of those applications in the next 12 weeks. the clock is ticking at current pace policy link estimates it will take about 30 weeks to process the backlog of applications. that means october, potentially putting renters at risk, so we need to extend the protections until the program can deliver on the resources, the state says by closing the portal for new applications and redirecting staff, it will meet the june deadline and pay out those legitimate applications. i think we're in a really good spot in terms of what we're trying to do and be able to wrap up this program. too little, too late for those like the mendez
5:22 pm
family, they say the long wait and threats by their landlord are forcing them to plan on moving. it will be very hard to say goodbye and i can only hope and pray that what we move on to is something better. california's attorney general sent warning letters to eviction attorneys saying tenants cannot be thrown out for unpaid rent unless they failed to apply for the program or were denied. so we're landlords i spoke with said they did apply with their tenants months ago, but have yet to see any money. kristina also heard from some writers who have applied and then reapplied that led to them being paid more than one. so how is that possible, while others are still waiting? great question. i'm told this program looks at the specific needs and vulnerabilities so that determines where an application falls in the state's . q so it's not a first come first serve process. there's no denying the demand. housing advocates want to see the application portal reopened, some more renters and landlords can get funding in the future. but of course, that does come at
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a cost. so many people waiting to okay. brooks jarocz in studio today, brooks. thank you. beautiful day across the bay area today, okay a little bit on the chilly side and still breezy conditions. we do have that small craft advisor in place for our own local waters until nine o'clock tonight, with some of those gail gusts up to 30 knots . onshore we go temperature wise. we are in the fifties. it is 58 degrees in concord. meanwhile the winds are still with us. check out napa right now, with the wind gusts up to 32 mph same in oakland, 25. in nevada. so you're getting the gist of all this? it's still right. breezy to windy, many locations. 41 mile per hour wind gusts at sfo, but these winds are below wind advisory criteria so these words will be diminishing later tonight. overnight northwest tend to 20 as we look ahead towards your wednesday. well first off tonight will kick start with the cold night breezy conditions. then for your wednesday it will be part of the cloudy less wind
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with those breezes out of the west side of 15 mph check out what's going on upstream. we had this area. low pressure and timing serves as correctly. according to our future cast. we will have rain developing. wednesday night overnight into our thursday light rain, but right now we have some precipitation in the pacific northwest. here we go for your thursday overnight we see right there. santa rosa getting clipped with some very light rain showers throughout the day , starting off with your morning commute on thursday. it's hit and miss scattered light rain showers and the bulk of the day will be dry with that occasional shower. as we look ahead towards thursday night now friday, for the most part, a chance of rain showers right here across sonoma napa counties, but otherwise it's a dry day on our friday, so i wanted to kind of lay it out like this for you. so you know how to plan accordingly as we head into that easter weekend. partly cloudy on wednesday light rain on thursday occasionally friday chance of morning showers
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otherwise, the rain arrives overnight on friday, and i'm really hoping this m fitted agius ambitious for cast is correct. it has its with a quarter of an inch of rain by 11 o'clock friday night. then here comes saturday morning and check out san francisco and more notably santa rosa with over an inch of precipitation leading into an inch and a half by late saturday night, so fingers crossed tonight overnight 34 degrees in santa rosa for one of the cool spots. we're talking 37 in throughout the tri valley forties around the peninsula in 45 overnight in pacifica. but it's going to feel colder with that breeze. here you go with your temperatures tomorrow. still unseasonably cool. partly cloudy. let's wins and your extended forecast calls for rain thursday rain saturday and lots of sunshine for your easter sunday. alright roberta, looking good. we need a little rain and a little mix there and son for easter. we'll see you in a bit a man on the peninsula, taking a problem into his own hands. he
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says he is fed up with people stealing from stores so he did not hesitate to take action. a new numbers are shining a light on the sharp rise in deaths among people experiencing homelessness in the east bay ahead of six. the signs of the pandemic has only made problems
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writing into his own hands when he confronted and alleged thief at a target store this evening. that man is speaking out, saying he felt compelled to act. but as ktvu crime reporter henry lee explains, police are not really looking for that kind of help. ah this is cell phone video showing a citizen confronting a suspected thief at the target store in coma. the man in the black hoodie accused last month of stuffing 40 to 50 pairs of jeans were $2000 into the blue bin. if you see something wrong, you better do something. this witness who wished only to be identified. as tiger says he's fed up with these kinds of
5:29 pm
thefts and didn't hesitate to take action. might just leave the box or things spread out old people watching me and see what's going on so they can tell which one is the map? which ones are good guy also had some choice messages for the suspect. mm job, calmly put the jeans back in the bin and walked out. the police. definitely appreciate. you know citizens. um you know, being very good witnesses, police commander sherwin lump says that means letting the cops go after criminals. we highly recommend not to intervene or get physical with any of these suspects because again, um, the safety of the public. paramount followed the suspect in the parking lot where he dropped the jeans and try to get onto a bus. comma police arrived and arrested this man 28 year old samuel alkorta. he has priors for organized retail theft, shoplifting and drug possession. tiger says he doesn't feel like a hero and recognizes not everyone would do what he did. i just feel good doing the right thing. i think if we just speak up and do a
5:30 pm
writing life is much better, and you sleep better at night. the defendant is in jail awaiting trial on charges of burglary and grand theft. henry lee ktvu fox, two knees. coming up after the break surge pricing after the shooting passengers affected by the brooklyn area shooting say they had to pay higher prices to hail a ride ride sharing company is responding. the united states. football league. usfl kicks off saturday, right here on ktvu. the first game of the new season will feature the new jersey generals and birmingham stallion's tune in saturday. 4
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we.g that injured 23 people. 10 of them shot new york city. police say they are looking for a person of interest. his picture is on the screen right now. he is identified as 62 year old frank james of philadelphia. we go live now to brooklyn, where fox news, david lee miller has been gathering new details, david good evening. what have you learned? good evening, julie. perhaps most significantly tonight. the search continues for the suspect in this mess, shooting shooting in the new york city subway system that wounded 10 people, five of them critically. authorities a short time ago say that they have identified now what they describe as a person of interest. 62 year old frank
5:34 pm
r. james, they say he has links ties to wisconsin and philadelphia. the question then is why james, why is he a person of interest? but they say he rented a u haul van in philadelphia and keys to the van. were found at the subway station with the shooting took place near objects that they say they believed belonged to the shooter. as for that u haul, then it was found a short distance away from the subway station. authorities say that james had concerning social media posts about the mayor of new york city and the homeless and out of an abundance of caution. they say they have now increased the mayor's security detail. we also learn more about the shooting itself. authorities say that. 33 rounds were fired from a recovered black nine millimeter handgun. they also recovered three extended magazines to detonated smoke grenades, as well as to undetonated grenades and a
5:35 pm
hatchet. we also heard tonight from new york city mayor eric adams. he vowed to make sure that whoever was responsible for the carnage is captured and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. in the words of the mayor. we won't surrender new york city to what he described as a cult. of death. julie. david what else do authorities say? how did they link the person of interest in this case to that rented u haul van. have you heard anything about that? yeah the dots were connected because authorities say in the subway station where the shooting took place. they found another number of items that they believe belonged to the shooter, hatchets, smoke grenades, fireworks and nearby they found u haul keys. they say those keys belong to a u haul that frank r. james rented in
5:36 pm
philadelphia. he is a person of interest. he has not been named as a suspect. it's not clear what if any role he had and what happened today. authorities do want to speak with him. julie alright david lee miller for us tonight live in brooklyn following today's subway attack there, david. thank you. uber and lyft customers criticizes ridesharing app today for briefly implementing surge pricing following the subway attack. the shooting happened on a subway line that runs through brooklyn sunset park neighborhood, which is about a 15 minute train ride down to manhattan, and it shut down transit lines throughout the area. so this force commuters to turn to uber or lyft. and that triggered search pricing. some people took to twitter to complain with one person accusing uber of looking to quote profit off of people suffering uber released a statement saying in part uber is capped pricing citywide. and if anyone experienced unintended charges in the area during the emergency, we will work to
5:37 pm
refund them. stay with ktvu to learn more about the brooklyn subway shooting. our coverage will continue throughout the evening, and you can also find updates on our website at ktvu .com. the attack in new york highlights the vulnerability of so called soft targets. in response, bay area transit leaders say they are stepping up security and want to reassure passengers that transit here is safe. ktvu christian captain joins us now live from the powell street bart station in san francisco with their message, christian. yeah those transit agencies say that security is top of mind, and they're asking the public to keep their eyes out for any danger out there. frightening attack in new york city subway is resonating with transit passengers here in the bay area . kind of crazy. to be honest, i mean, i know bart's like, not the safest system, but i didn't think anything like that could happen to be honest transit agencies around the bay area say they are on alert. money says it's working closely with san francisco police and that there are no credible threats for
5:38 pm
other transit systems board of directors, saying security is a top priority. the public transit community is really a family. and so i know we are all thinking of what happening in new york at this time. senator alex padilla at the powell street station in san francisco to discuss infrastructure spending, said the public should have faith that their travel options are reliable and safe, too. as far as we can tell what's happened in new york this morning is isolated. and bart, muni and other systems in the region and throughout the state . the states are safe for writers today. police chief agrees that the public transit system is safe for passengers when asked what could be done to make sure passengers feel safe. using public transit, he says his officers will continue to patrol the platforms and trains. but ultimately said incidents such as the one in new york are nearly impossible to predict. unfortunately some of the situations when somebody's made their mind up to do something like that, it's going to be
5:39 pm
pretty difficult to stop to prevent. the way we do it is through education and try to get people out to our system and let our writers know that they see something to say something. bart's police chief says those riders are an important piece of the security puzzle. that's 140,000 more people that are out in the system that can help us. and to that end, bart is working to leverage the public's help, and the chief pointed me to the bart watch app where bart riders can send messages to the agency about any dangerous or suspicious activity. we're live at the palace street station in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news, christian. thank you. the santa clara county medical examiner has identified a mother and her adult daughter killed in a hit and run accident in san jose 75 year old narendra core and 53 year old called g core were on their evening walk when they were hit by a red pickup truck. they were in a marked crosswalk at ocala avenue on thursday.
5:40 pm
relatives say they were quote pillars of the family. police are still looking for that hit and run driver. investigators have released these photos here that show the vehicle they believe hit the women. a newer model heavy duty pickup truck. the body of a mill valley woman who was reported missing has now been found. 62 year old jennifer iran son will was last seen on sunday. county search and rescue team found her body yesterday inside her parked car on south ridgewood road in kent field. investigators say there were no traumatic injuries or suspicious circumstances, suggesting foul play. items located at the scene suggests that woman possibly misused nitrous oxide, inhaling a forensic and toxicology examination is underway. a powerful exhibit at san jose state university aims to change the conversation around mental health and suicide among college students. it's called send silence packing. it includes 1000 backpacks placed across tower lawn on campus. each has a personal story or artifact from
5:41 pm
those who have lost someone to suicide or her who survived an attempt. organizers hope the exhibit will reduce the stigma associated with mental health treatment and create a community of care for students. we really want to encourage people to talk about mental health topics freely and to feel like they can come to counseling and feel comfortable and that it's a normal part of life. there are also videos about people who have died by suicide and survivors who share their stories on finding support that they found helpful. and if you were anyone else in your life is experiencing a difficult time. this is a suicide prevention lifeline. they are there to listen. you could reach them 24 7 and 1 802 73 talk or 1 800. 273825. l g b t q activist cleve jones is giving up the fight to keep his apartment in the castro , according to the chronicle, his doctor and family persuaded him to leave. rather than to continue his battle with his
5:42 pm
landlord. she bought the duplex in february and said jones roommate appeared to be the sole occupant and was illegally subletting. that's when she more than doubled. jones rent to $5200 a month. invoking a law allowing her to raise rent controlled apartments to market rate. 67 year old jones says he has been in isolation at a home in gern ville, but has already found a new place in san francisco now with his roommate. coming up. ukrainian forces are gearing up to counter a large russian offensive in the east, while ukraine investigates whether russia dropped poison onto troops also ahead from snowstorms. two twisters millions of americans feeling the effects of spring storms.
5:43 pm
(music throughout)
5:44 pm
guay offensive in ukraine would continue until its goals are fulfilled. today he insisted the campaign was going on as planned
5:45 pm
despite a major withdrawal in the face of stiff ukrainian opposition. the death toll is climbing in cities being hammered by the russian military as ukrainian forces prepare to repel and major russian offensive in the east. fox news alex hogan reports now from livid. the russian military ramping up attacks on cities in ukraine's southeast, paving the way for what's expected to be a major offensive aimed at taking over the entire donbass region. there's been heavy fighting reported around izzy, um, with russian forces now about 12 miles outside of the city, russian combat power has been reduced by at least 20% since the start of the war. but russian president vladimir putin claimed the invasion is going according to plan and he plans to press on the operation will continue until its full completion and the fulfillment of the tasks that have been set. the hardest hit cities so far, mary you pull where the civilian death toll could be as high as
5:46 pm
20,000. ukrainian officials say shelling is happening virtually around the clock, and russian troops are not allowing civilians to leave every day. mass graves are found thousands of victims hundreds of cases of cruel torture. the bodies of bound people are found in manholes and basements. meanwhile both sides are admitting the peace talks remain stalled as the fighting intensifies and experts say as more evidence emerges of alleged russian war crimes. it will be difficult for ukraine's president to make a deal. he wants to stop those atrocities by driving them out. he's not looking for a deal. at this time . he's looking to remove the russians from his territory. some ukrainian soldiers are reporting a possible chemical attacks outside of mary couple, but the pentagon cannot confirm these reports. in lviv, ukraine. alex hogan, fox news. gates of panicking people are sick back here. we got to get off this plane scare in the air why
5:47 pm
passengers started to panic on a flight to jfk. and the roller coaster weather pattern. it will continue. in fact, we're tracking a new system that's heading this way when it will heading this way when it will arrive and how much to expect what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe. get help right away if you have rash, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs.
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bqe people are sick back there. we got to get off this plane. terrified passengers were seen pleading with crew members to let them off a plane that was heading to jfk international airport. passengers were traumatized after the cancun to jfk flight. made several unsuccessful attempts to land at jfk due to poor weather plane eventually had to divert and land in newark airports are 33 miles apart, eventually did land safely at jfk seven hours late. in san mateo deputies are on the lookout for a robbery suspect.
5:50 pm
investigators say that suspect to the victim in the head and took their wallet before getting away. this happened last night just before 10. pm at the spartan gestation on spring street near woodside road. anyone with information should call the seller material county sheriff's office the spring snowstorm we felt yesterday, making its way across the country. snow fell in colorado this morning, with some areas expecting up to a foot of new snow box weathers will nunley tells us parts of the midwest could be next in line now for the severe weather. a rare winter snowstorm blanketing the west coast on monday, northern california up through washington state, all feeling the effects of a cold front temperatures feeling more like january than april that it had a chance of snow. i thought it was just going to be a rain, especially with the warm weather last week. this is a complete surprise. all that heavy, wet snow ranging from a couple of inches up to a foot in some areas, knocking down tree branches on the roads and causing widespread power outages heard a big noise. which
5:51 pm
was the tree falling on the power lines. in a little while later than that transformer blew while the weather may have been the source of headaches for home owners and drivers, not everyone was unhappy about the unexpected winter wonderland. kids in portland got the day off from school. others in washington, taking advantage of the opportunity for some late season sledding packed a lunch brought the soccer bench. we are we're prepared. we had like a four day weekend and then it started selling. so we're like, oh, yeah, we haven't friday weekend now, blizzard conditions could soon move into the midwest. meteorologists warned that more tornadoes like this one scene in arkansas could threaten the region within the next few days. and those warnings include the possibility of strong wind and even hail parts of western arkansas saw baseball size hail monday evening. outside of little rock. will nunley fox weather isn't that amazing? all that weather we experienced yesterday traversed over the rockies and boys are going to be
5:52 pm
very problematic in the form of tornadoes and throughout the deep south in the next 24 hours for us locally were looking upstream at more rain coming. that's after a dry day today and unseasonably cool. take a look at pacifica only reaching 51 degrees san francisco 53 boy. it felt like it, especially when the winds would whip up 60 today and livermore when typically we should be right around. oh let's say 70 or 71 degrees. it's our live weather camera, pristine conditions. visibility unlimited . i just love the passage of a cold fraud because it really cleans out the atmosphere. the air quality is terrific. but right now again, temperatures are in the fifties. and when you factor in a wind that has been just blowing and napa up to 20 and 28 mph guns had 32. it just feels raw outside. if you're going to be taking the dog out for a walk oakland international airport when gusts up to 32 26 conquered, you're getting the feel of this. it's still breezy to downright windy this evening . there you have that storm
5:53 pm
upstream and right now, our future cast as illustrated by seven a.m. tomorrow morning. we have more rain showers nicking that northwestern quadrant of the state of california working its way into monterey. excuse me, rather tremendous scene. oh county and humble county. sure the clouds will make their way into monterey. but meanwhile, here is more the precipitation. it arrives tomorrow night overnight. clipping the north bay and then scattering across the area on thursday morning and time for the commute, but it's hit and miss. i'm not seeing a lot in generated from this storm . then by thursday night, there's a good chance of more precipitation and throughout mendocino county, working its way in towards sonoma county as well, we will be dry on friday, which is a slight chance of rain during the day. but the bulk of the activity all right friday night into saturday, so let me just break it down like this. there's a lot going on. partly cloudy tonight. overnight rain on wednesday night thursday, light rain developing by friday
5:54 pm
a chance of rain in the morning. but primarily the rain arrives friday night in throughout your saturday, and if this i ambitios that by thursday night, a quarter of an inch of rain in san francisco and then we'll tell you it up to over 6/10 of an inch of rain by saturday in san francisco and inch and a half in santa rosa. we'll take it and that means snow and the high sierra and we will see that snow over the weekend after the snow event on thursday, enjoy your evening. alright roberta. thank you. we'll see you in a bit. popularity of micro mobility is surging with gas so expensive commuters are finding new ways to get around. detectives are looking for more leads in connection with the deadly shooting in sacramento earlier this month. ahead at six why police say they have been unable to track down all of the suspects? plus we're learning more about a retired teacher accused of sexually assaulting the middle school students and police worry there could be more police worry there could be more victims.
5:55 pm
police worry there could be more victims. at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management.
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somr forms of transportation. while electric cars are one option. some people are turning to electric scooters. austin westfall spoke to the owner of a booming e scooter shop in charlotte, north carolina. most people are familiar with the rentable e scooters that you see on the street. but we're talking about people that are buying their own personal e scooters. we spoke with a scooter repair man who says that business has been very busy popularity of micromobility is just it's surging right now. nicholas corbyn smith owns queen city scooters, he says the scooter market was already booming, but gas prices are causing an even
5:58 pm
bigger boom. and he says that means big business for a shop, selling new scooters and repairing old ones. variability number two, i would say that increased tenfold. corbyn smith says. most people by their scooters, online free shipping and free returns, so it's pretty convenient. dylan siebert bought his scooter eight months ago, not because of gas costs, but because of parking prices at his job downtown 120. per month, so he got a $360 scooter without the parking fees, he says it paid for itself in three months . scooter company bird is best known for rentals, but it also sells renewed scooters for about 400 bucks online. the company says national sales have increased 60% and website traffic was up 30% in the weeks right after the initial spike in gas prices. you can maneuver through the whole city without having a weight on the bus, the light rail. vargas got his scooter about three months ago, he says between gas, parking and
5:59 pm
public transit costs, saving a pretty penny around like 100 and 50 a month. and why not just buy a bike? he might ask, well, vargas case, he says that he does not want to do a hot, sweaty bike ride before and after work, so that's where the e scooter comes in handy. in charlotte, austin, westfall fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. a manhunt tonight for a gunman in brooklyn following this morning's attack and shooting on board a subway train tonight. police have identified a person of interest possibly connected to the mayhem. it was scary because i didn't know what was going on. i thought someone maybe got hit or something. it was just like a scary moment, and everyone has packed in that little station. police say a barrage of more than 30 bullets left at least 23 people wounded , including 10 who were shot. hello again, everyone i'm julie julie haener cristina rendon. here's the latest on what we know about the investigation. new york police about 90 minutes
6:00 pm
ago released the name of a person of interest in the case. they're looking for 62 year old frank james. investigators say he rented a u haul van that was found in brooklyn. and they believe he is tied to the shooting. ktvu heather holmes don't just now, with late details released from nypd heather christina about an hour ago, and why pd officials said the government fired 33 shots inside that subway car. causing panic and chaos during the height of the morning commute. yeah. on this video shows the dramatic moment that the subway pulls into the 36th street station in brooklyn at about 8:30 a.m. local time, smoke pouring out of the train as you see there, police say, a gunman wearing a gas mask set off a smoke canister in one of the subway cars and they began shooting. panicked commuter streamed out onto the platform, some of them with gunshot wounds. hear this lou


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