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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 12, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. 37 year old barry murphy was killed while on duty at a cabin community site for the homeless in west oakland. hello again i'm christina redundant, and i'm julie julie haener. we're told he was killed after denying someone access to that site. live coverage now from ktvu s amberleigh in oakland and amber . you spoke with the victim's family. they are devastated. julie i spoke with his mother and sister. they say he was devoted to his family. mom has strong words for the person who killed her son. my son was a good man. he worked every day he worked overtime. erica sterling brooks tells me she's mourning the loss of her son, barry murphy. he was killed while working as a security guard watching over a cabin community used as transitional housing for the homeless in west oakland. my heart just dropped. and i'm still numb today. murphy's
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sister says the 37 year old worked hard to help his family and wanted to buy a home for them. he recently confided that he was planning to go back to work for bart doing what he loved. maintaining and cleaning trains could win the lottery so that he could take care of me and my mom and we won't have to worry about anything like that anymore. i know he wants to have a family. get married life was taken suddenly last thursday night. police say murphy was sitting inside his vehicle parked at the front entrance to the cabin community when a former resident approached him. a source tells me that person shot murphy six times for denying him access to the property. shame on you. you need help whoever you are, because you took my son from me. he was an innocent man. brooks says she and her son were planning to go to lunch the day after he was killed one of the regular outings family says murphy loved life, his family and friends.
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they say they will remember him fondly as a tennis shoe fanatic . his sister recalls a recent conversation with him. i'm his little sister, and i don't have to worry about nothing because he has my back throughout. everything person who killed her son has ruined her life. you are an animal. and i don't forgive you never going to see my son again. excuse me. and i think this person should get caught. hmm. and go to prison. but what he did to my son. very murphy would have turned 38 years old monday instead of celebrating his family is now planning his funeral. sources tell me police know the identity of the person suspected of killing murphy, but so far no arrest yet. kristina julie. amber lee reporting live tonight in oakland. amber. thank you. new at 11. authorities say a gang member from east palo alto has been sentenced to 40
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years to life in prison for setting a deadly fire. the cemetery county district attorney's office says fifita tao pleaded no contest to first degree murder. the suspect was arrested and charged with the 2019 fire in san mateo that killed 85 year old susanna tonga . authorities say tonga was the grandmother of the gang members that tower was targeting in retaliation for violence against his family, who were part of a rival gang. the san francisco board of supervisors today formally endorsed new statewide proposals aimed at preventing discrimination and crimes against the aapi community. the board passed a resolution to support three bills one in the state senate and two in the assembly. the assembly bills focused on ending street harassment towards asian americans and expanding civil rights protections and businesses. the senate bill increases safety for public transit riders. the bills are part of the larger no place for hate campaign prosecutors today announced the arrest of four men for robbing a film crew at
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gunpoint in san francisco and for a robbery in oakland. jillian miller, torian king and teddy williams were charged with four counts of felony second degree robbery for robberies. that occurred in both san francisco and oakland last month in l. johnson the accused getaway driver in the san francisco incident was charged with three counts of felony second degree robbery. authorities say the men are responsible for a camera theft that happened in twin peaks. this video posted social media showed that thieves stealing a canadian crews camera gear from there parked suv. one victim was hit in the head and the other was held at gunpoint. no one was hurt in the oakland robbery. police in new york tonight are looking for a man who rented a u haul that may be connected to this morning subway shooting. he is being called a person of interest in the rush hour attack that left 23 people with injuries. ktvu jana katsuyama is in the newsroom now with what we know so far, jenna right now. five of the victims are in critical condition, but they are
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expected to survive, and police say they have not determined a motive in the shooting. but tonight hundreds of detectives they say, are looking for the person of interest. yeah. train to manhattan, pulled up to the 36th street subway station in brooklyn. the chaos was captured on writers, cellphone cameras, witnesses say a gunman in a mask a gray hooded sweatshirt, orange green vest in a green construction helmet, set off to smoke grenades and then opened fire inside the rush hour train. about 8 24 tuesday morning. some people ran for safety. others clearly injured in the shooting limped onto the platform. one person collapsing on the ground . police say at least 33 rounds were fired, striking 10 people recovered at that scene. was a glock 17 9 millimeter handgun. three extended glock type magazines. one was still in the weapon. one end their seat and one in the backpack. investigators believe the
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shooter's gun jammed, preventing him from continuing to fire. clearly this individual boarded the train and was intent on violence. it was scary because i didn't know what was going on. i thought someone maybe got hit or something. fbi and atf agents rushed into the sunset park neighborhood all out manhunt to find the shooter. detectives found a bag with commercial grade fireworks and a hobby fuse as well as smoke grenades, a hatchet and a key to a u haul van and a credit card used to rent the van. that led to a massive search for the renter. frank r. james a 62 year old man with addresses in pennsylvania and wisconsin. investigators later found the rented u haul van unoccupied near another brooklyn subway station, where investigators determined the gunman had entered the train system. the mta chairman, praised quick action by transit workers who ushered passengers to take shelter in another train that had pulled up on the other side of the platform. police are saying that frank james rented the van in pennsylvania and some of his social media posts about
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homelessness. new york and the city's mayor have prompted police to increase the new york mayor's security detail. the to police officers and transit workers union are all offering $50,000 joint reward for any information that leads to an arrest. jenna. thank you. uber and lyft customers criticized the ride sharing apps today for briefly implementing surge pricing following the subway attack. the shooting happened on a subway line that runs through brooklyn sunset park neighborhood. that's about a 15 minute train ride down to manhattan, and it shut down transit lines throughout that area, so this forced commuters to turn to uber or lyft and triggered a surge pricing. both companies later suspended their search pricing our coverage of the brooklyn subway shooting continues online. you can visit ktvu dot com where you'll find the latest developments right on our homepage. the omicron sub variant b a two is still the dominant strain in the us the c. d. c. says it now accounts for 86% of covid cases in the
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country and more than 90% in the northeastern us where cases are on the rise. the national seven day average of new coronavirus cases is up nearly 10% to more than 28,000. the positive news is that scientists say vaccines are offering strong protection against severe illness and death . california senator alex padilla was in san francisco today to detail new federal funding for sfm to and bart. senator badia was joined by mayor lyndon breed at the powell street, bart station. $852 billion has been allocated to bart from american rescue plan funding. upgrades at that palace station or about 60% complete. they include a contemporary metallic grid ceiling featuring new energy efficient lights, a completely rebuilt escalator and gender neutral public restrooms. iconic oakland restaurant oliveto officially closing for good when it will serve its final meals next first, the new
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it y to keep mark zuckerberg and his family safe a filing with the securities and exchange commission by meda shows a record $26.8 million was spent last year on security and private jet sport. zuckerberg and his family. that's up from 25 million in 2020. the sec
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filing does not spell out exactly how the money was spent . but previous reports from business insiders say zuckerberg had 24 7 bodyguard protection as well as access to an office with bullet resistant glass and a panic button. a twitter shareholder is suing elon musk for failing to properly disclosed his ownership of more than 5% of that company. mark rossella of mill valley is accusing lusk of securities fraud under sec regulations. musk was required to disclose his stake in twitter by march 24th. he didn't reveal it until april, 4th in the meantime, he continued to buy stock at a lower price says he wants to represent other shareholders like him, who sold shares in between that timeline. musk has not yet commented on the lawsuit. yelp announced today it will cover the travel expenses of employees who must travel out of state for abortions. yelp joins the ranks of major employers trying to help workers affected by new restrictions in texas and other states. the
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benefit covers all 4000 employees at the online review service, but seems most likely that you have its biggest immediate impact on its 200 workers in texas, which has passed a law banning abortions within the state after six weeks of pregnancy. the march consumer price index shows prices jumped more than 8% compared to last year, and that is the highest jump in more than 40 years. but it's ktvu tom vacar tells us some believe we could see relief soon. an unprecedented pandemic supply chain problems and lack of workers resulted in fewer goods available as demand for them sword. inflation began. russia's invasion of ukraine caused energy and food prices to soar even more marches 8.5% inflation. eats up a lot of purchasing power that is higher than the state 7.25 sales tax, which does not include local sales taxes, but inflation. is now higher than all sales taxes
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in 28 counties, including solano county. jim wilcox is a renowned professor of economics at u. c. berkeley's haas business school . but those prices are not going to go up inexorably at the kinds of rates that we've seen over the last couple of years. inflation is calculated by pricing major goods and services over time. it includes basic foods such as cereals and beverages, including milk and coffee, as well as housing costs , furniture, clothing, transportation, medical care, recreation, toys and entertainment. add in education and communications, as well as random stuff such as tobacco haircuts and funerals. we are fingers crossed close to peak inflation. economist wendy edel berg is a senior fellow at the brookings institution. one of the nation's best think tanks. what we saw in the month of march was that prices of core
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goods driven by automobiles outright felt we're now finally starting to see the pivot. away from goods, inflation and towards services. inflation consumers notice fast price changes for the things that they buy most often food and fuel. you see them prominently displayed when you drive down the street. you see them prominently displayed in grocery stores, and we buy these things very frequently. we all feel it . but low and moderate income households tend to spend more than double the share of their incomes on food and fuel. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. oliveto one of oakland's pioneering farm to table restaurants, is shutting down for good in less than two weeks . the owners of the italian restaurant announced last year that they would be shutting down last december because the place was losing money during the pandemic. but they kept both the downstairs cafe and the upstairs
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restaurant open a while longer to help out the neighborhood. oliveto which is attached to rockridge is market hall on college avenue will serve its final dinner on saturday. april 23rd. a warning from los angeles police as they noticed a rise and alleged gang members following people home to steal high priced items. also ahead tonight how one east space city is using hundreds of thousands of gallons of recycled water to combat the drought. it's a 12 punch. we have two separate rain systems. heading this way will end the drought at all, but it will be beneficial to other areas. we'll talk about t
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lise robberies are on the rise.
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authorities say several l a gangs are targeting people in upscale neighborhoods, including the hollywood area where there were the most reports of this type of robbery. you see, gang members are looking for people in expensive cars, and they follow them home and robbed them of jewelry, watches and handbags. the individuals that are responsible for this. today. have been individuals that have been had frequent and ongoing contact with the criminal justice system. they're dangerous individuals. they represent a real threat to our safety. an lapd task force convened to look into the following home or the follow home crimes and says there have been 56 such robberies this year alone 165 last year. we are learning more tonight about the mother and daughter killed last week by a hit and run driver in san jose ktvu elissa harrington tells us they were just about a block away from their home. when they were hit. this is a picture of 75 year old surinder core and
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53 year old kuljit court, a mother and daughter, who were killed while crossing ochola avenue in south san jose. narendra lived just a block from where the deadly collision happened last thursday for a walk. then they came back. to try to cross crosswalk. that's it lives next door to the family, he said. he talked to narendra often, and he's very upset about what happened, lady yeah, mother. very nice lady or family was part of the sikh community sing ben wall is on the board of directors at the sikh gurdwara in san jose, he said. they are all grieving tradition is we do provide a lot of support. from the gurdwara and the community itself. of the families, friends, you know they are going to provide support to the family. but it is a big loss. he said. kuljit had just
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arrived from india with her teenage daughters, and she had just joined her mother after life. 16 years for the first time. um and then this tragic happen. family friends set up a go fund me with a message from colditz daughters. they said their mother came to the united states to start her american dream. but their lives were shattered. instead police are looking for the driver of this red pickup truck video shows the car zooming down the road. neighbors say alcala avenue is dangerous, they say drivers often go too fast past the middle school, and they want stop signs or traffic signals at all the crosswalks. they don't follow the sign on the school, you know. and they just go crazy. sometimes we did see that police put out a speed monitor. the speed limit is 35 mph, and there's a small memorial at the intersection where those women were hit. as you can see, there's very minimal lighting near the crosswalk and no traffic signals or stop signs. i
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did get a chance to speak with the family of camera. they told me they are all in mourning, and they are focusing on the funeral in san jose. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. hayward launched its new recycled water program. today the city is delivering recycled water for irrigation and parks, schools and other sites near the water pollution control facility . the city says it can provide 260,000 gallons of treated wastewater per day. the program will save drinking water during the drought and reduce the amount of treated wastewater that sent into the bay. they're working to expand the use of recycled water to even more customers. and we definitely have some water heading this way, not enough to put a dent in the drought, but nevertheless, the cooler air mass associated with the rain showers is going to put a damper on the fire season, at least in the short term. right now. clear skies looking out towards the city by the bay, the city of san francisco, where today's high was only 53 degrees. it is now
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47 degrees there, and also in san jose. everybody's pretty much settled into the forties. but factoring those winds, especially the wind gusts up to 35 at sfo, downright raw outside current wind, speed and napa has subsided. the winds will continue to do so. in the overnight hours. i wanted to share this with you because very rarely do i get to see this? the water temperature off the san francisco coast right now is 48 degrees, and that's pretty much as cold as it gets for northern california san francisco bay coast now, here we go here. i want to broaden this picture right now. we have this core the center of this area. low pressure right here. rain snow along the canadian border. into also washington and oregon. and this right here is the frontal boundary. it's pretty zonal. so as this system makes tracks this way, we're gonna be dry on wednesday, watch the clock tick on by overnight. into thursday. we start to see the rain playing tag with sonoma and napa counties, definitely raining in
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throughout mendocino, and we see a little henderson precipitation across the san francisco bay morning commute on thursday will be hit and miss rain showers and that will continue throughout the afternoon hours. and so it's not very widespread. it looks like it's limited from about the bait to the north. but that's just the first system here, so i'm going to break it down like this. partly cloudy with increasing cloud cover for your wednesday overnight rain light rain on thursday breezy northwest winds to 20 and then by friday, we have a chance of the showers to the north, but more rain overnight friday night. through saturday. so that means snow in the high sierra and how much snow while again. we've got snow coming on thursday, right there. then again on saturday, six inches on thursday at home with 12 inches total by saturday, so foot is snow and some of the higher elevations. back at the branch back at home increasing cloud cover later on tonight. temperatures will not be as cold
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as last night. as a result of that blanket of cloud cover. 34 degrees santa rosa 39 conquered in fairfield 37 degrees and pleasant in livermore, danville , san ramon 42 redwood city temperatures tomorrow 50 sixties just lightly warmer than today. just lightly warmer. and you're excited forecasts again rain on thursday rain on saturday and it's going to be a bright sunshiny day for your easter day. make it a great overnight, roberta thank you. giants coach makes a major league history on the
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child, voice-over: there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. she had so many children, she didn't know what to do. i'm home. child, voice-over: she gave them some broth... without any bread... [siren in distance] and kissed them all soundly... lights out. good night. child, voice-over: and put them to bed. hunger is a story we can end. end it at agay made tonight by the san francisco giants that happened after they jumped to a big lead
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over the san diego padres. yu darvish did not have an outing. he'll want to remember mike extreme ski led off the game with a single belt did this takes one the opposite way. it carries over the fence and left center number two on the air for belt and two giants lead. there was much more to come. the bases are loaded for tiro. estrada dumps a hit into left center. that's a two run single. by the time the inning was over, the giants had scored six times. here's where the history came in. in the third inning, giants first base coach anton richardson was kicked out of the game. he was replaced by melissa mackin. mackin has been on the coaching staff for a while now, but she's the first woman to enter the field in uniform in a major league game. giants went on to win in a 13 to 2 route. same two teams to wrap up the series tomorrow and the home stand for the giants. somehow this guy found this hat in st petersburg and got some a's autographs on at the ace took a three nothing lead in the first inning on the race, but quickly caught up. it was 3 to 2 in the
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second one g man choi came to the plate against adam, all er, making his big league debut for the age choice. found the seats with a pair of runners aboard his three run shot gave the razor 5 to 3 lead. all are gone after an inning and a third, giving up five runs on five hits. aids went into the seventh, trailing 7 to 4 tied it up. chad pinder had the big hit this opposite field drive over the head of manuel margot that drove into the aids got three in the inning tied the game at seven. and it stayed that way until the 10th. then after oakland had taken the lead in the top of the inning, trevino tried to nail it down in the bottom of the 10th. that didn't happen one on odeon and then with two outs, margo line to the left that scored josh low. tampa pulls this one out with two in the 10th for a 98 wins. the sharks continue to play out the season, matching their longest losing streak with a one. nothing lost in nashville. san jose is now lost seven in a row nba playing games tonight in the west and east minnesota hosted
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the l. a clippers in the western game for the seven seed minnesota by just two with four minutes to play. anthony edwards powers his way to the hope to put the t wolves in front by four. edwards had 30 minnesota 109104 winner, the t wolves nailed down that number seven spot. the clippers will wait for the winner of san antonio, new orleans. kevin durant and the nets hosting cleveland in the playing game between the seven and eight in the east. the nets led most of the way, but the cavs have cut it to six in the fourth quarter. make it nine as durant hits three from the corner. he had 25 points. 11 assists the nets when 1 15 108, the cavs, still alive, will play the winner of the atlanta charlotte game for the number eight spot in the east. and it is check this out time on a tuesday night. major league batters don't usually like it when they're hit by a pitch when it's coming 52 miles an hour. it's not so bad. strange gordon and mop up duty hitting travis d'arnaud goes down like he's been shot and got a chuckle. from both dugout matic dramatic
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flop. yes games all over. nothing to lose at that point thing is all smiles like it when that happens. sorry thanks for joining us, everybody. joining us, everybody. goodnight. goodnight. [door opens] oh, good. you're up. oh, it is such a beautiful day. let's go have brunch somewhere outside where i can wear my new sunglasses, huh? ew, gross! what happened to you? i'm hot. - now i'm cold. - oh, no. [crying] and we have that concert tonight. i know, but that's the furthest thing from my mind, okay? we had amazing seats for lady gaga, and he gets sick. i'd been looking forward to that concert for months. it's the one gay cliché i allow myself. [birds chirping] [indistinct shouting]


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