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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  April 13, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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for $359 starting at 10 a.m. today. v i. p passes go over $799. the lineup hasn't been announced. music festival is returning to its pre pandemic date the first weekend in august at san francisco's gorgeous golden gate park. i think i closed my eyes from times already. today i see his face still person of interest in that violent subway attack in new york city is now considered a suspect. what we know about frank james. as police stay, he is still at large. plus the attack in new york city has trended systems across the bay area, increasing their own safety measures will dive into the reason bart police say passengers are a key part of that agency security. dozens of students in marin test positive for covid after returning from a trip to the u. s capital. the latest advisory is being put in place by county health officials. and good morning. welcome to mornings on to the nine today is april 13th. it's wednesday and we're looking live
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at lake tahoe. very appropriate because a little later on in this hour. we're going to be talking to someone at lake tahoe. to find out what the conditions are. can you still get some skiing in some spring skiing? and what are the crowds like the whole thing? we're going to talk about that coming up the owner of two dozen malls across the country, including the westfield mall in san francisco. and san jose's valley fair mall. they wanted that owner wants to exit the country by 2024. the company wants to focus solely on its european market and sell off its u. s holdings. according to the chronicle, the owner side of the reasoning behind the move to be the quality of u. s malls and the lack of long term rental growth. the effort comes as retailers continue to get rid of storefronts and customers here in the us, at least arkan turning more and more to online shopping. and it was spurred on by the covid 19 pandemic and spring mike and gas in here, you know, mike do you do much shopping at the mall anymore? at the mall at the going to the
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mall while since i had a slice of sabara, pizza, brookstone or , uh, gamestop store? yeah even before the pandemic i was in. you know at the mall, i'd say it's probably a good deed. 10 years since we hang out there or go shopping there just because of the ability to do it at your fingertips. i mean, that's to say i would never do it, but i would definitely favor being at home and doing the shopping. unless you're buying something like a suit. i do you know you want to go in there if you have if you want something last minute, and you're going somewhere i'm leaving on a plane tomorrow. that's about the only time i said okay. i forgot to buy something. i have to go get it. other than that, you're ordering it online. i lived at stoneridge mall lived at stoneridge mall and i guess late eighties early nineties middle school high school that was your cultural center that was your social hub borrows rats. probably that was, you know me and my friends, but it's kind of to me, it said. i don't do a ton of shopping in person. but it is sad to sort of lose it as a cultural center. especially these days where i look at. i
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mean, i've got to middle schoolers and they're like, can we go hang out at the dollar store and buy candy? and i'm like, i wish i could have you guys just hang out at the mall. i mean, they still can, but it's a different thing these days. local circle can you know we never did that we could go to these childhood stories from mike mibach. i'll tell you we could do an hour on them another day, another day. let's get let's get a special. let's get straight to something we're following. that happened up in marin county, affecting a number of young students here. in fact, dozens of students in marin county ended up testing positive for covid very recently. officials say the outbreak is likely linked to a school trip during spring break to the east coast. ktvu semantic quintana live in san rafael to bring us up to date on what's happening there. yeah well, marin county public health has confirmed that as of yesterday, 56 8th graders have tested positive for covid. and they all came back from the same trip in washington, d c. this is an annual trip. that happens here in marin county, and it includes multiple schools , but public health has not said
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which schools are involved in this outbreak of the group of students that returned on sunday . 22 tested positive before going to school on monday because of this elevated risk. public health issued an advisory to all middle schools offering guidance, telling students who went on the trip to test before coming back to school, where a mask indoors and stay home if they're sick. since then, another 34 students have tested positive. all of them are reporting mild or no symptoms, and none of them are hospitalized. the county says about 90% of eighth graders in marin county are fully vaccinated, and more than half have received a booster shot. still schools want to be precautious. they want to make sure that this doesn't spread to other classes. public healthier , also has a meeting scheduled for today to talk about covid in schools. that meeting is set for three o'clock today. live in san rafael, amanda kintanar ktvu fox . tunis amanda. thank you. the search is still on this morning
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for a man who committed a mass shooting on a brooklyn subway train. police say a gunman launched smoke grenades that opened fire on that crowded train hitting at least 10 people with gunfire. law enforcement officials say the attack could have been worse. they say the gun jammed during the shooting, preventing more rounds from being fired. clearly this individual boarded the train and was intent on violence. we will use every resource we can to bring those to justice who continue to prey on the citizens of new york. police are still searching for the gunman. officers say they found a u haul key at the scene and found the u haul van a few miles away. they connected it to 62 year old frank james, new york's mayor says this man is now the suspect. barrier transit leaders responding to the attack in new york say they're increasing security and want to reassure passengers. the transit is safe community is working closely with san francisco police and said there are no credible threats for other transit systems. parts board of director says security is a top priority
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in bart's police chief agrees that public transit system is safe. he says his officers will keep patrolling bart platforms and trains but ultimately incidents like the attack in new york are nearly impossible to predict. unfortunately some of the situations when somebody's made their mind up to do something like that, it's going to be pretty difficult to stop to prevent the way we do. it is through education and try to get people out to our system. in a letter writers know if they see something to say something march . police chief adds that passengers are key part of the agents security, but writers are urged to use the bart watch out where they can send messages to the agency about any dangerous or suspicious activity. this morning mountain you police just told us the mother who took off with her five month old daughter has been found. police say california highway patrol stopped 21 year old veronica laura martinez and the man she was with. they have been detained. the five month old baby in question here is safe. the group was stopped. we're told just 10 miles from the nevada border. according to
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detectives, the father says ramirez left with the baby at about 7 15 last night. didn't say where she in a row. now according to the california department of education, public school enrollment dropped by more than 110,000 students this academic year compared to last year, and now it has officials across the bay area wondering how the loss of students will affect state funding in the coming years. troy flint is with the california school boards association. he joins us live to dive more into this a little bit, is the declining enrollment . a long term trend troy or is this a short term trend? we're in the midst of a long term trend, which has accelerated significantly. he sends the pandemic started. this year's decline in student enrollment was a little bit less than last year's. but still very large by historical levels. so it's a very concerning phenomenon
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mentioned five years in a row. and so this started pre pandemic this trend, and it's not just parents frustrated with public schools in their policies during the pandemic. uh, what else is driving this? there are also demographic factors in california is not growing nearly as fast as it has in the past. this is a new situation for us because california has never been in a situation where we've been losing students prior to the past five years. but the combination of expensive home prices which have caused a lot of people to move out of state, reduced immigration and the fact that fewer people, particularly the younger generations are having kids or waiting later to have kids, whether that's for lifestyle reasons or for economic reasons. the combination of all those demographic factors combined with the instability caused by the pandemic is driving the enrollment of mine and let me ask you about district funding because that's a hot topic for so many districts up and down the state and i'll bring it home here in the bay area. for
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instance, san francisco unified way above the state average when it comes to declining enrollment, according to the chronicle. the numbers here the last 3600 students over the last couple of years that equates to about $35 million hit to the budget. i mean, how does the state address this this issue not necessary this year because i know the budget is not affected, but next year the state could lose in districts could start to lose money. so what's the play in the playbook to address this? and there are a couple of different proposals. one of the proposals involves allowing districts to take a three year average of their attendance when calculating the funding here in california, we do funding for schools a little bit differently instead of based on enrollment. it's based on the number of students who attend in a specific district each day. obviously those numbers have been lower in the past couple of years with the pandemic, so the idea is to sort of ease the blow of enrollment declines by allowing districts to take the average of three years so that will include some years with higher enrollment numbers and higher attendance numbers, so
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that kind of gives districts an easier transition. you're not decreasing funding as rapidly but even with that, is there talk of state intervention or takeovers. if school boards and districts they don't have to if they don't make big cuts. i'd say in the short term, the greater risk would would be layoffs and you're potentially in some district school closurel years in a row, coen certainly h some districts over the edge into receivership before he let you go. i want to sneak in one covid question here. we just reported the top of the news gassed about dozens of middle school students. you know, testing positive in marin county after this trip to dc over break i mean, six months ago, schools may have shut down as a result of this in response are california schools at the point that even with an outbreak like something like this 50 60 students that we just live with it, we move on and that the california classroom doors will always remain open. schools are still being very cautious. but
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in general, i think the stance that people are taking across california is that schools are going to stay open. it would take something extraordinary to see mass closures we have over 900 districts, so you may see one or two that would respond by returning to remote learning, but i think that would be extremely unlikely to see on a widespread scale. copy that. alright. troy flynn from the california school boards association. always a pleasure. good conversation. have a great rest of the week. thanks to take something drastic, he said. interesting you know, i mean, i could have followed up there. but what a change what it is, though, right? there's gonna be an outbreak back there. you just yeah, i think vaccinations have changed a lot of things all right, coming up next year on mornings onto the nine president biden accusing russia of genocide and it comes as russian troops continue to attack cities across ukraine of the term carries legal implications that could draw the us further into the conflict. and the akron sub variant b a two is still the
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dominant strain in the us up next. we're talking live with dr peter chen hong about why we should not be as concerned if we see a surge in cases. with this latest variant. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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vard cities across the country or either considering or reinstating some mask mandates. some of the country's top health officials say a surge in cases not expected to rise to the same level as previous outbreaks such as delta omicron joining us now to give us some insight as dr peter chin hong from ucsf, thanks for being with us. thanks for having me on garcia course. we got the news a few days ago here that philadelphia reinstated its mask mandate. just a couple of hours ago, we learned the cdc plans to extend the nationwide mask requirement for public transit by two weeks. this can feel alarming, but how should we read these decisions? i think we should think about the difference between what's
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going on in the community and what's going on in the hospital. why is that important? that's important because hospitalizations our measure of how sick it's making us as a community. if a hospitals are doing okay. i think we're going to do okay, even though they may be disruptions in the community. so when you hear people like dr anthony fauci, many people regard him as the top covid experts say that he doesn't expect widespread mask mandates to resurface and that people will essentially have to decide for themselves how much risk they're exposed to. a lot of us can choose not to go to a concert not to go inside a restaurant, but there are so many grocery store workers and others who don't have the luxury of staying at home. to avoid the risks. i think of, you know, the checker today. joes trader joes who has someone new in their face every 30 seconds. what can be done to protect those people who don't have the choice now? well, i think the most important thing and it sounds like a broken record is really to get the third shot. the third shot is really the magic bullet. i think overall, it looks like
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other vaccines and what we do. we have us cdc data showing that if you got two shots, and it was more than six months ago, you're about 75 protected puts unprotected from going to hospital, which is great by itself. but if you got three shots, it was about 94% so again , that's the biggest message and again in the work environment, thinking about the other measures that are layered on top of that, the more you do, the better it is, of course, masking , uh, testing and sit in situations like getting together for. i said easter sunday, for example, if family members um and of course, ventilation. these are the other things you can layer but the foundation is really the vaccination. how many people are getting that third shot that second booster i feel like when the first booster was released, it is all we talked about in our newsroom. did you get yours? i'm getting mine tomorrow, but i hear very little talk about people getting that second booster. yes, i think because the data on the second
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booster isn't as widespread of robust that only comes from israel and whether or not you got three or four shots one or second or second booster. you were well protected from, uh, getting really ill mortality rate. if you've got three or four shots was less than 0.1% in israel. so that's why it's probably not an emergency. probably an urgency for those the older you are so over 75/85 know, i think i would probably want to get those in videos vaccinated. my mom is in the eighties, for example, and i want her to get a second booster . yeah i talked to my parents are in their mid to upper seventies and they're the first people i called. let's talk as we look ahead now, do you expect us to be in that everything is ok for a few months, but then we go deeper into covid possible restrictions. there seems to be some sort of a pattern emerging now year over year. yes i think people are not as worried in terms of serious illness with b a to be a three b, a four bf
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five etcetera, the wto's naming more and more by the day. because these are all flavors of omicron. i think people are more worried about completely new variant that might come at the end of the summer. um, uh, leaf fall. so that's where you might see a little bit more restrictions because we wouldn't know enough about it yet, but i think we understand. um be too because it's a flavor macron, and it's coming so soon after the original b a one omicron alright, doctor, peter chin hong . thank you again for joining us. i'm sure we'll have you again very, very soon. thanks so much, guys cia course. all right time now to check back in with steve paulson and look at that forecast across the bay area, a steve well, my guess is sal looks like cloud cover will be with us through most of the day, then hopefully leading to some rain late tonight. for sure. looks like tomorrow, not a big system. but any rain at this late stage of the game is welcome. you can see in the visible satellite. there's some sun breaks. there's a lot more
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clouds. so partly to mostly cloudy today day baseball padres giants 12 45 clouds increasing it does look like temperatures will be in the fifties, mid fifties west northwest 15 about 20 mph, thankfully, not a game forecast for tomorrow because i'd say right to systems and maybe four. after everything we get to the end of next week, will be late friday into saturday. the one saturdaye stre some projections that some pretty hefty totals here over the next 7 to 10 days. especially marin county, north and about santa rosa, north with much lighter amounts. south does look pretty good looks pretty solid for this year, a nevada as well. but again, it's about the golden gate bridge. san pablo bay, sacramento. i 80 up to town north looks to be the main focus here is we go in. to the next about week or so. so for today, increasing clouds some sun there are few breaks but lots of clouds some rain to the north as possible later later this evening, but then again tonight tomorrow forties fifties on the temps, the windows tailed off. that's a big difference from the last couple of days. the lows
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were not as cold this morning. although they're a little colder towards santa clara valley. they had less cloud cover for a while. more so than to the north. we did not get the critical minimums because of the cloud cover coming in. now here's where you set up the dividing line. i mean, santa rosa is looking for some pretty. that's pretty good rain if they can get the inch and a quarter like that, that's two plus for the russian river. but san jose to morgan hill, livermore, fremont. not much, then will usher in another system late friday and saturday that one will offer better opportunity for more rain to the south. but again, you're looking at areas just draw the line there about san francisco almost san francisco sacramento tahoe areas north does not look like much to the south of seen this saturn of this kind of pattern before. and where are areas it's raining. it's coming down areas to the south. you're like, where is it? but for the sierra, we're looking at multiple c of snow between now and maybe saturday evening, so saturday looks like a tough day. if you have to travel friday and sunday will be your best bets 50 sixties on attempts, so we'll get some rain coming in thursday, maybe some lingering
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in the friday as well. next system saturday break on sunday, monday before the next system tuesday. you guys alright, steve. thank you. the cost of owning a home in the bay area continues to go up. but this is this market bubble. we're seeing going to stay around for the long term comingon mornings onto the nine. we're talking live with a local real estate agent to see. if the market could cool off anytime soon. also ahead, you could see some relief at the pump in the near future next how president biden is trying to lift summer restrictions on ethanol. talk about that when we come back.
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two women were killedhit and run crash last week. 75 year old narendra core and 53 year old cold dude corps were crossing akala avenue in south san jose when the crash happened last thursday. the scene just blocks from their home. police say the two were in the crosswalk, but there are no stop signs or traffic signals there.
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people who knew the two women say kuljit had just moved to the united states from india to be with her mother. and she had just joined her mother after 16 years for the first time. um and then this tragic happens. a family friend. set up a go fund me account with the message from cores daughters. they said their mother came to the united states to start her american dream. and now this police are still looking for the driver of the red truck seen on video at the scene of the crash. this morning operations resumed at the port of venetia in the coming days after that massive fire over this past weekend. the city of venetia says valero, and imports have submitted engineering reports to the coast guard and state lands commission to use the parts of the poor that are not damaged to resume work. the lareau says it would resume crude oil delivery at one of the undamaged terminals, while imports would resume offloading imported vehicles at the other. the central terminal, which burned wouldclosed. the u.
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s. coast guard has to approve these plans before anything can become operational. meanwhile fire investigators say they believe the fire at the ports was not started intentionally, the fire chief says they believe that the fire started on or near a conveyor belt on the dock. they have not ruled out electrical or mechanical problems leading to the fire. dockworkers at west coast ports will likely reach an agreement with their employers before their current contract expires, his upcoming summer union president tells bloomberg. he credits efforts by the white house to get all sides to the negotiating table and resolve congestion and supply chain issues at the ports. which started during the pandemic talks are set to resume next month. workers are seen as having additional leverage as carriers are making record profits in a tight market. president biden's latest move to try and bring down gas prices is to lift summer restrictions on ethanol. the president says the epa will issue an emergency waiver allowing year round sales of e 15 gasoline that contains 15% ethanol blend. it has a corn
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base, and it's about 10 cents cheaper. president biden says the rising fuel costs are directly tied to russian president vladimir putin and the war in ukraine. i'm doing everything within my power by executive orders to bring down the price and address putin prices. in fact, we've already made progress since march and flesh and data was collected. your family budget your ability to fill up your tank. none of us should hinge on whether a dictator declares war commits genocide and half a world away. using ethanol year round could also cause more air pollution in the warmer months. normally the sale of e 15 gasoline is banned between june and the middle of september because of its effect on air quality. california gasoline is only 10% ethanol and may not include the 15 this morning. the search continues for the man who is considered a suspect in the shooting on a new york city subway train. coming up in a minute here on the nine, the latest on the hunt for frank
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a lo bring you on a story we had as breaking news this time yesterday, an attack that left 10 people injured by gunfire amid chaos on board in new york city subway train. police have now named a suspect and survivors are describing the harrowing scene. ktvu demagogues live with these updates emma. no arrests have been made yet. police are searching for 62 year old frank james. he was identified after police found a u haul van key at the scene, which they traced. james investigators have since found the van but not james. they say he has addresses in pennsylvania
9:30 am
and wisconsin and had posted angry videos on youtube for years, ranting about race politics and current events, sometimes criticizing the policies of new york city's mayor, eric adams, who said this about the shooting. and we need to deal with a lot of the mental health crisis that came out of covid that has been ignored and we're going to meet it head on. but no matter what an individual is feeling. there is no excuse for taking an automatic weapon with a smoke bomb and a gas mask and discharged 33 rounds in all subway system. this person will be brought to justice. investigators also recovered a handgun to non detonated smoke grenades, three extended magazines, gasoline and a hatchet at the sunset park. subway station enforcement officials say the gun jammed during the shooting, which prevented the alleged gunman from firing more rounds. officials say that person was wearing a gas mask, a
9:31 am
construction helmet and safety vest yesterday morning. and set off a smoke canister before opening fire inside the brooklyn subway station. during the morning rush hour 10 people were shot and 13. others suffered injuries from smoke inhalation falling down in the rush to get away and panic attacks. five people are in critical condition and all are expected to survive. reporting in studio emma guards ktvu fox two news. thank you. some people in new york say they're worried for their safety following yesterday's attack, one person who was one compartment over from the shooting, described hearing a loud bang, seeing smoke. and seeing a massive people starting to run towards his car. he says passengers were trying to get through the connector doors between the cars, but those doors wouldn't open. and there's nothing i can do. that was maybe the worst feeling of my entire life was helpless people were panicked. and that man's face. i can't i think i've closed my eyes a few times already. today i see his face still and it's that traumatic. video here,
9:32 am
posted to social media captures the moment the train finally pulled into the station. the doors open and people just come streaming out running to safety . police say security cameras at that 36 street station were not working properly at the time of the attack. we're now hearing that president biden will announce the next to $750 million in weapons for ukraine. that announcement could happen today. reportedly they're still deciding what mix of military equipment to send to ukraine. but the defense department official says the pentagon wants to give ukraine weapons. that would give them a little more range and distance. the president of poland and three baltic nations arrived in ukraine today that show support for ukrainian president follow donna mere stylinski. alex hogan has the latest developments from ukraine. ukrainian officials say the shelling is relentless as moscow target cities in the east on day 49 of the invasion in the hard hit city of kharkiv. the attack sparked a massive fire
9:33 am
destroyed buildings next to the passenger terminal of the city's airport. with evidence growing that russia is deliberately targeting civilians. president biden used his strongest language so far, saying moscow's actions in ukraine now amount to genocide genocide. clear. that china, but it's still not clear if the president was making a foreign policy shift. the u. s is legally obliged by the u. n charter to intervene if it's determined that genocide is taking place, but it could take weeks of investigations to confirm that. meanwhile, ukrainian president vladimir zelensky is praising president biden saying the evidence of war crimes is now overwhelming seller. there are villages which were left with almost no inhabitants. hundreds of children have become orphans, and we do not know the exact number of victims yet. meanwhile we're bracing for a major russian offensive in the east that could kick off any day now,
9:34 am
and experts say this battle will be more difficult for the ukrainians if the russians learned the lessons of their failure so far and could concentrate more force they might start to overwhelm the ukrainian positions, the kremlin said on wednesday. it categorically disagrees with president biden's use of the term genocide in lviv, ukraine. alex hogan, ktvu fox two news hundreds of thousands of californians are still waiting for emergency covid rental assistance. the window for new applications for the program closed at the end of march. but some people who applied as far back as last summer still have yet to receive any relief. lawmakers extended eviction protections through june. this gives the state less than three months now to get that money out. everyone that applied on or before march 31st with an eligible application with rent in utilities will be paid, and that is what we are now moving as fast as we can, and we're looking to get through every one of those applications in the next 12 weeks. the state says by closing the portal for new
9:35 am
applications and redirecting staff. it will meet that june deadline and payout legitimate applications. california's attorney general sent warning letters to eviction attorneys saying tenants cannot be thrown out for unpaid rent unless they failed to apply for the program. or were denied california's department of housing and community development, says it will be sending warning letters to cities that try to get around the new state law designed to create more affordable housing. the new law that went into effect at the beginning of this year allows homeowners to build duplexes and four plex is on lots originally designated for single family homes. some cities have enacted local ordinances to make it difficult. or impossible for property owners to take advantage of the new state law. over the decades, many people turn to mobile home parks for the opportunity to own a home at a far lower costs than a traditional house. but the skyrocketing real estate market is pricing many of those individuals out of their long term homes. one southern california woman says she's losing her home of 35 years after her mobile home park was
9:36 am
sold to investors who want to redevelop the land. this is happening more and more across the nation. mobile home residents are being uprooted, so the land that they live on can be developed. and a lot of these parks were built a long time ago in suburban rural areas that are no longer suburban roll. i don't be garage. john and his partners. wanting to put something on this piece of property. that's why they bought it. in this case, investors say they're trying to help the people living in the mobile home park find a new home. but in some cases, though, the homes are so old. they just can't be moved to another lot. there is some potentially good news out there for home buyers, according to reports from several real estate companies. more listings are coming up for sale across the nation and some some sellers. are actually lowering their asking prices. in fact, redfin reports that 12% of homes for sale across the u. s had a
9:37 am
price drop last month. but is this trend also being seen here in the bay area? much different story, possibly joining us now to give us some insight as angie clay, a realtor real estate group in one creek, angie. good morning. good morning. how are you? good. let's talk to man here. i mean of the homes being listed in your area that you're seeing. are they still going for over asking if so, how much and really the pulse of the market. absolutely so a few things have to be in place in order to still see the multiple offers strategically priced. it has to show perfectly staged, painted, ready to go on market. fire is you're still coming. i'm seeing for eight. 10 offers on properties that are strategically listed, which means a little bit under market. economic uncertainties. angie, they're out there. just yesterday we saw inflation 40 year high the interest rates. my goodness. i mean, the 30 year fixed yesterday was more than 5% what's the biggest thing you're
9:38 am
seeing when it comes to how these economic uncertainties are playing a role in the real estate game right now? i'm seeing people pushed to still purchase and still get in the home because rates are projected to continue to rise. so at this point, even with inflation and even with rising interest rates , buyers still want a house. they need a house so they're still looking, and they still want and there's still a lack of inventory and regarding the price changes. i think it has to do with sellers that start off the gate high too high. and those those are what we're seeing. so just kind of a follow up to that you use the word buyers. who are the buyers right now. i'm seeing a lot of south bay come to the east bay. interesting what about first time home buyer who are trying to buy their for are they just priced out right now? it's hard. it's hard for the first time home buyer, you know what they could have afforded when the rates were at 3.5 is, um, not available right now at the 5% rate, so it's hard for the first
9:39 am
time home buyer. back to the higher rates. i'm curious because as someone who is selling his or her house are the higher interest rates, forcing the sellers to actually, maybe we should reconsider our listing price here. maybe we should bring it down a little bit more. absolutely and it's the way to go if it's if it's priced just a little below market value. we're still seeing multiple offers. we're still seeing sellers get prices that they're happy with and buyers when they get in there happy. to get in the house and 5% historically, it's still great. yeah, it is. i mean home sales. i think, actually, when i bought my first house in 2000, and it was like 5.5% of the time, so not too long ago, but home sales have dropped across the bay area, year over year. would you say andrew that's strictly due to inventory. there's so little inventory, projecting a little more inventory in the next few weeks next few months, which is great, and i would just say don't try to time the market. if you see the house that works make an offer you may have to make a few
9:40 am
offers before your offer gets accepted, but stay the course and get in when the rates are still historically low. we kind of mentioned this at the introduction here. but you know, a friend of mine told me that he noticed. you know, the zillow estimates. have started to level off, even dropping in some homes here in the bay area that people are interested in buying. are there some jitters out there for new homeowners, people who recently bought it say in the last six months, or a year that home prices will drop once they get in. or do you think it will remain with you? don't see it. why? i don't see that at all. no you know what i have seen, though, is like, have seen these other, you know, sites where they say the value of a home that's listed as x and buyers are getting a little scared because they think it's going to go. you know, 20% over list price and they don't write an offer, which is the worst thing they can do, you know, and so they have to continue to write offers people that got in the in the door. got a house six months ago. they're happy their value has gone up already in six months, few of them in the stress that released it is relaxed on that that couch there
9:41 am
is and say we're in. we made it. no there's nothing like it clay from the dude, um real estate group and wanted great appreciate the time and have a great rest of the week. thank you so much youtube. take care of that is the big questions like is this a bubble? just our house prices going to drop, but i like what she said. you can't time the market. you have to move for life, right? mom got a new job. mom got a new job. the children have we want them to go to a better school. you know, i want to go be close to my aging parents. if you start looking at numbers and percentages, life is passing you by every single day. at least that's how i came to this during the pandemic agents about the interest rates just do it. no only only by what you can afford agent. that's what i was just thinking about the only by what you can afford. that feeling of i got in way too deep is not one you want to live with. alright talk coming up next year on the nine people around the world entered apple's latest photo challenge in the bay area woman is among one of the winners. we're going to tell you where her winning photo will
9:42 am
end up in just a few minutes, but first a fresh batch of snow has made it up. it's up to the sierra up. next we will tell you where you can
9:43 am
9:44 am
sand in humboldt county, marking the return of the birds to northern california for the firom the ce. to redwood national and state parks will be released. pardon me. later this month, the four young birds were bred in captivity, part of a program to save the indentured endangered birds. after the population dropped to just 22 back in the 19 eighties , the condors considered a
9:45 am
sacred bird by the yurok tribe, and they plan to release 4 to 6 condors in northern california. every year. firefighters in southern california took about two hours to knock down a fire at a big construction site in ventura county. that's happened on the second floor of the hotel under construction right near the camarillo outlet mall. the flames and smoke shut down the one on one in ventura county for hours as the second floor burned the flames, then quickly spread. to the 3rd and 4th floors, then followed by a collapse. no one was hurt, and the cause of that fire remains under investigation . the national weather service is issuing a tornado watch for portions of arkansas, louisiana and texas as a new round of severe thunderstorms is starting to develop. the new watch area includes parts that have experienced around of damaging storms already after the central us was hit with those storms last night, nicole valdez has the latest now from de moines, iowa. another round of severe weather impacting millions of americans from the south to the midwest wednesday, threatening
9:46 am
the region with tornadoes, damaging winds soaking rain and hail. there goes this comes less than a day after intense storms slammed parts of iowa and gilmore city, a tornado pulled the roof office structure, debris whipping in the wind. folks across texas cleaning up after dangerous tornadoes tore through several cities on tuesday, the storm, ripping roofs off houses, snapping trees and downing power lines. in bell county officials say nearly two dozen people were injured in the twister that tracked an estimated seven miles. it was a similar situation in the dallas area when a tornado left a trail of destruction. the employees of this dairy queen rode out the storm inside a walk in refrigerator. i had shift leaders and employees here they call after it it kind of come through and said that the roof was off. definitely a blessing that everybody came out. unhurt
9:47 am
meanwhile, areas from northern california upper washington state blank, it'd up to a foot of rare april snow. the spring storm, downing trees and causing widespread power outages was just going to be a rain, especially with the warm weather last week. this is a complete surprise thursday, a line of severe storms is expected to threaten much of the east coast. in des moines, iowa. i'm nicole valdez, ktvu, fox two news. california senator alex padilla was in san francisco to detail new federal funding for sfm to and bart senator perdio was joined by mayor london breed at the powell street bart station. $852 million has been allocated to bart from american rescue plan funding upgrades at the power station or about 60% complete. they included contemporary metallic grid ceiling featuring new energy efficient lights are completely rebuilt. escalator and general neutral gender neutral pardon me restrooms. over the last month.
9:48 am
consumers have been skyrocketing , seeing skyrocketing prices that reached the highest level in nearly 40 years. ktvu tom baker has more on what's causing the price surgeon why some economists think the inflation rate may head back down soon. an unprecedented pandemic supply chain problems and lack of workers resulted in fewer goods available as demand for them sword. inflation began. russia's invasion of ukraine caused energy and food prices to soar even more marches 8.5% inflation eats up a lot of purchasing power that is higher than the state 7.25 sales tax, which does not include local sales taxes, but inflation. is now higher than all sales taxes in 28 counties, including solano county. jim wilcox at u. c. berkeley's haas business school
9:49 am
. but those prices are not going to go up inexorably at the kinds of rates that we've seen over the last couple of years. inflation is calculated by pricing major goods and services over time. it includes basic foods such as cereals and beverages, including milk and coffee, as well as housing costs , furniture, clothing, transportation, medical care, recreation, toys and entertainment. add in education and communications. as well as random stuff, such as tobacco haircuts and funerals. we our fingers crossed close to peak inflation economists wendy edel berg is a senior fellow at the brookings institution, one of the nation's best think tanks. what we saw in the month of march was that prices of core goods driven by automobiles. outright fell. we're now finally starting to see the pivot away from goods, inflation and towards services. inflation
9:50 am
consumers notice fast price changes for the things that they buy most often food. and fuel. you see them prominently displayed when you drive down the street, you see them prominently displayed in grocery stores, and we buy these things very frequently. it's been a shock and you see it reflected in the consumer sentiment numbers. people are not happy about having to worry about overall inflation. we all feel it but low and moderate income households tend to spend more than double the share of their incomes on food and fuel. tom baker, ktvu fox two news still to come on mornings onto the nine member of the san francisco giants has made history up next here. how listen aachen is feeling about being the first woman. protect the field as a coach and
9:51 am
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you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ diego padres out of the ballpark in china basin this afternoon,
9:54 am
going for the series victory during last night's game history was made when his assistant coach, allison ac, and became the first woman. to coach on the field for a regular season baseball game. you know, i was prepared for this moment never knew if or when it would happen , but was ready to step in when the team needed me, too. so yeah , i think it means a lot, you know, certainly cold out here. so um, but the boys did well and it's a fun start to the season so far. anakin was called in in the third inning after coach antoine richardson was ejected. the former sacramento state softball star says she had a lot of pride being out there on the field. as for the game on the field, the giants offense just erupted for 13 runs 15 hits they had six runs. in that first inning, giants hit three home runs. including a two run shot by the captain himself. brandon belt. it was a 13 2 final in san francisco, the oakland a's wrap up their series today on the
9:55 am
road against the tampa bay rays. the a's will have to rebound after losing 98 and extras last night. they had rallied with three runs in the seventh inning to tie up this game, and then they actually took the lead with the run in the top of the 10th, only to see the race but up two runs in the bottom half. the nba postseason playoffs start saturday, and the warriors will host of denver nuggets in game one of the best of seven series in the first round. it will be the first nba playoff game in san francisco since 1964 when the san francisco warriors hosted the st louis hawks in a game played on the campus of usf. the warriors hope steph curry can play saturday after missing the last 12 regular season games with a badly injured left foot. each day will determine you know where he is, and, uh what he can do the following day, and, uh, the end of the week will will determine whether he's ready or not so within that, um it's hard to hard to predict much. steph curry took part in team drills,
9:56 am
but it's not going at full speed yet. still no official word on whether he can play this saturday. we're hearing that feral cats have taken over the oakland coliseum complex, according to the chronicle, with the raiders in the warriors gone and since the aids don't play at home until next week, the number of feral cats hanging out in the stadium has multiplied. the colosseum is reportedly working with animal control agencies on relocation program that might include inviting fans to adapt some of those cats, the executive director of the colosseum authority, says the upside is there are a lot fewer rats around the coliseum right now. happening today outside lands. eager beaver tickets are about to go on sale. fans can buy three day general passes for $359 starting in just minutes at 10 o'clock this morning passes will go for $799. the lineup has yet to be announced. music festival, though, is returning to its pre pandemic dates happens the first weekend in august at san francisco's golden gate park. to the far north bay now is the great and resort and casino is proposing a major expansion one that would make it
9:57 am
an even bigger player in the north bay's hospitality industry . the great and rancheria tribe wants to add a 35 100 seat theater. rooftop restaurant, new parking garage and a five story hotel tower more than 2000. people currently work at the resort, and that's expected to increase if this proposal is approved. the county itself doesn't have much of a role in the expansion because the casino sits on tribal land anden by fes ownership. of more than must cod securities fraud by not revealing his major stake in the company by march 24th, as required by sec regulations, must did not announce his stake in a violent until april. 4th the lawsuit alleges must then continued to buy stock at a lower price. apple ceo tim cook is criticizing an antitrust effort in congress that would force apple to let users load apps that are not from the app store. the proposal is meant to
9:58 am
keep large digital platforms from favoring their own products over competitors. in a speech in washington, d. c cook said that could hurt user privacy and security, claiming those unvetted apps could exploit users data. and apple is working on new updates for its health app. according to reports the company's planning on extending its health features in the upcoming months, including reminders to take medications and additional sleep tracking the company is also planning to add blood pressure. monitoring to apple watches. area woman is among the winners of a challenge by apple that invited people from around the world to submit photos taken on an iphone. the contest challenge here was to capture little things in a big way, and let's show you the winning photo. ashley lee got this image by dropping a strawberry into a vase filled with soda and then pressed her iphone up against the glass. such an honor. i seen the billboards all along t my photo could be seen by apple and chose
9:59 am
my judges as exciting. i'm very honored. lisa she'll definitely be out taking photos of her photo when it is on the big billboards. she is not a professional photographer by the way, but says she is inspired to take more photos. i've talked with a couple of professional photographers that you know, i know there's a lot of really expensive, fancy, heavy big gear, but here's the advice they give, and i echo this in cell. you know this to be true. the best camera is the one you use because you don't lug all your stuff when you're out, you know, throwing the ball around with your daughter's. i've heard of this slightly different way. the best camera is the one you have with you and your phone is always with you. this you prefer it now? because you do. i mean, you are a photographer, like most times, yeah, most times. yeah i just i used my phone. i do have a camera, but this is this. these cameras are great. have you ever remember those little pocket cameras? no one has like a little digital. one little one has those anymore. this is your phone box cameras. marietta wind it. remember the box number that grandpa mike to advance the film
10:00 am
? wait a minute. we're not call it box camera presents. i don't remember that my little rolls of fujifilm or whatever. i walked the snow pretty shot right? there will snap that one. some beautiful picture. ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: and now, here's our special guest host, bill bellamy. [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ how you doin'? ♪ whoop, whoop! >> bill: let's go!


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