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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 13, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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it's tough guys, you know baseball. there's no crying in baseball. despite the bloody hands. keep going. thank you. sorry. next at 11. because more than half of sisa silly increasing in cases it makes sense to keep the pause button on without pressing plea. mass still required for now, as the cdc extends its mask mandate on public transit 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. the requirement would have expired on monday but has now been extended for two weeks. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener cristina rendon public health officials say the movie is added of abundance of caution, since cases are increasing nationwide and more people are traveling. ktvu elissa harrington spoke to travelers about the decision. it was a busy afternoon at the mill break. transit station. passengers masked up before hopping on caltrain or bart.
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federal transportation mask mandate was set to expire monday. but now the centers were disease control and prevention extended it through may 3rd in response to an increase in the spread of covid 19. i don't like to do it. but if we have to wear it, just wear it and don't complain. the mask requirement is for public transit. this means airplanes, trains, busses and at transit hubs. in a statement on the cdc website, the agency explained. the cdc mask order remains in effect, while cdc assesses the potential impact of the rise of cases on severe disease, including hospitalizations and deaths. and healthcare system capacity makes sense to me given that we're in a very dynamic situation right now in hong and infectious disease specialist at ucsf. said it's the rate of increase that worrying people about 10 to 20% increase in cases created the last two weeks. um but in
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absolute numbers were very, very small in terms of where we were in january, he said. right now, numbers in the bay area are low. they're seeing a couple 100 new cases a day compared to several 1000 a day just a few months ago travelers we talked to said they are okay with the extension. if it keeps people healthy and safe. i think it's a great idea , especially since you have so many people from so many different places and not everybody's upfront with what their status is. i think it's a good thing, because i mean, i live in l a and i want to come and see my parents more and be able to fly and come and see them up in northern california. but being afraid to bring them covid is why i drive. elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. the man accused of shooting 10. people on a brooklyn subway train has been arrested and charged with a federal terrorism offense. people. quiet. new york federal
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prosecutors announced the charge against frank james this afternoon. it came shortly after james was taken into custody on a manhattan street earlier, the suspect had called police the police departments tip line to say that he was inside of a mcdonald's restaurant in manhattan and told authorities to come and get him. that he walked onto the street and was spotted by a store worker. he was walking there, and that's why they were clear and i see the people working behind him. and he have, like bag. small bag. i don't know what you have inside. he bought it on the floor. i was thinking he's going to do something here. i thought that people listen, guys, stop! stop like, please stop. don't come to this guy. like maybe he's got to do something. the motive in the attack remains unclear. it's also not immediately clear whether james has an attorney or anyone who can speak for him. the oakland police chief says a rural evolving door is partially to
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blame for the violent crime across the city. he says criminals get out too soon on bail and then they're ready to commit more crimes. ktvu is amber lee joins us now she's in oakland after speaking with a crime victim who shares his frustration. amber. julie the crime victim and the police chief tommy. it's disheartening to see criminals being released soon after their arrest. they say there has to be accountability. this is the sound of gunshots fired on 85th avenue in east oakland, recorded by shot spotter. police say the shots were fired by a parolee last september who was prohibited from having a gun. he had served time for involuntary manslaughter. yet he was released just days after firing 70 shots, which injured a person were impacted. the greatest of any city in alameda county. when it comes to people being released back into our community on bill to commit these crimes again. ron armstrong blames the increase in violence largely on
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the existing emergency bell schedule implemented during the pandemic to reduce the jail population. he says the current system is allowing criminals to be back on the streets. soon after being arrested, he says he's joined by the mayor and the d a. in asking alameda county judges to bring back the old bill system, he says, holds criminals accountable. the scales of justice are imbalanced . the alameda county d. a s office points to the twin peaks robbery of a film crew in san francisco by four men. some of the suspects had prior felony convictions were on parole or probation. three of the suspects have been arrested in oakland for an armed robbery committed just three days after the one in san francisco. this part of the worst i ever seen, and i've been here since 86 bruce wong owns businesses in east oakland. he says he's been robbed at gunpoint and his home burglarized he shared with me. surveillance video of catalytic converter thefts in broad daylight near his shop recently , four months ago, back into my building early in the morning.
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two guys storm into my yard. luckily i asked him to leave nicely. the men backed away because wang had a gun. we've been so focused on trying to provide support and resources for those that have committed crime. that we've lost sight of those that have been victimized. the business owner tells me crime has increased dramatically in the last year and a half now closes his shop early, armstrong says he's met with judges and they promised to review changes in the bail system. but the chief says those changes are not coming quickly enough. julie. amber lee reporting live in oakland for us tonight, amber. thank you. san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin joined us live in studio today on the four to address the recall election that he is facing in june. let me be clear . my top priority is public safety. there is nothing more important to me, and that's what my office does all day. every day is we fight for public safety? you all just heard a lot
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of lies, a lot of dishonesty and a lot of spent. and that shouldn't be a surprise because this is a recall recalls aren't about debates between candidates. with different visions for a particular office there about who can spend enough money to qualify something for the ballot. we also gave one of his critics an opportunity to respond. his former colleague brooke jenkins, also joined us today she is leading the effort to unseat boudin. he is failing to prioritize public safety. he has made political policy positions. more important than what's necessary to protect the citizens of san francisco and we are seeing lives actually be lost as the result of his failed policies. longtime area pollster ruth bernstein in her company. emc research, recently released a poll on the race. it paints an uphill battle for boudin. 68% of those polled said they will vote yes to recall the district
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attorney, 32% said they will vote no to another big decision for san francisco voters a runoff election next tuesday for the district 17 assembly seat. current supervisor matt haney and former supervisor david campos are the candidates district. 17 covers the eastern half of the city. the seat opened up last year after david chu became san francisco's city attorney. the principle of lowell high school in san francisco, has resigned after less than a year, the chronicle reports. joe ryan dominguez came to the school as it dealt with the fallout of a controversial move by the school board to switch lowell from merit based admissions to a lottery. the district is also grappling with a $125 million budget shortfall that could bring layoffs to the elite school, the principal said in a letter posted online quote . the decision to leave sf usd is solely based on a desire to apply my passion for education in a district of values that students and staff through well organized systems. physical responsibility and sound
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instructional practices as the path towards equity. new details about a fiery caltrain crash that left more than a dozen people hurt the estimated cost of the damages up next one bay area county, another step closer to its first navigation center for the homeless, how officials hope it will end homelessness on their
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awah more than $16 million to convert
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a hotel into housing for the homeless. the city will use the grant to purchase the golden bear hotel in san pablo avenue, 43 hotel rooms will be converted into housing units space for counseling, a dining hall and a community room. the money comes from the states home key program , which is awarded more than $1 billion to cities across the state since 2020 mateo county broke ground on a new homeless navigation center today in redwood city, the project will offer temporary housing and services for the homeless, and his ktvu south bay reporter, and rubin explains. it is a big step toward the county's goal of getting all of the homeless off the streets this year. we all had the same vision. it's a bold declaration by san mateo county leaders. this is the year they plan to end homelessness on their streets. look if we can't do it, i don't think anyone can. we've got the synergy. we've got the partnerships. we've got the entire county that's brought into this. and now they'll have
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this. a three story homeless navigation center breaking ground in redwood city paid for with $55 million in home key grants, plus another five million from philanthropist john sobre toe. it will have 240 temporary units, plus wraparound services. it's modeled on a similar but smaller facility in mountain view. so this is going to be a village here. we're going to have the navigation center have permanent supportive housing right over here, and it's just a great location for that. the navigation center and 110 units of permanent housing or in addition to five hotels the county already purchased for the homeless county leaders say they recognized the importance of moving quickly. in cemeteries county. we believe in boldness because it really makes us put our heads together and move on. at last count in 2019. there were 900 homeless on the streets and other 600 in shelters. 25% of those were in redwood city. what this project does is it gives us an opportunity to get people out of encampments into
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temporary housing. the goal is what officials call functional zero. not that there won't be any homeless at all. but for everyone who wants a bed. there will be one available. nonprofit life moves will operate the navigation center and says the county's goal may just be attainable allows, say mattel county to take a huge stride and making functional zero. a reality organizers have set the ambitious goal of completing this project by the end of the year. that means they'll all be back for a grand opening ceremony in december. in redwood city, and ruben ktvu fox. two news details tonight about the counseling crash in san bruno that left 13 people injured last month. the ntsb says that before the crash, the roadway worker in charge was told that the track was clear by the train dispatcher. but the preliminary report shows the maintenance vehicles that were hit had been on that track for some 40 minutes before the train crashed into them. crews have been
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working on a longstanding electrification project on the tracks. caltrain and its contractors estimate property damages to be almost $1.4 million. a national response team from the bureau of alcohol , tobacco, firearms and explosives has arrived on scene to investigate that fire that destroyed a home depot story. san jose the a t f team is assisting san jose firefighters in trying to determine what sparked that fire on saturday. investigators believe it started in the lumber section of the store. coming up. postal service resumes in one southern california neighborhood how it was halted due to security threats and an effort to save wild herons around oakland. how the nesting season can be dangerous for baby birds beginning to hatch. it's a 12 punch. we will be tracking the rain in it should be arriving shortly, and we'll do that together as the news continues, right here on ktvu fax
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resy bird ktvu. jana katsuyama tells us how the oakland zoo and audubon society a relaunching a program to save the wild birds nesting along city streets. springtime in oakland brings birds of a certain feather together. look closely in the trees downtown and listen. and you might find yourself facing the city of oakland official bird we have these amazing black crowned night heron that have have nested in oakland for hundreds of years. but glenn phillips, executive director of the golden gate audubon society , says the black crowned night heron needs help. so they're partnering with the oakland zoo on a rescue mission. these are feathered dinosaurs says the problem is that the herons have
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moved over the years from lake merritt. two colonies downtown at 12th and harrison as well as over at oak and 10th. this is a wildlife problem that's happening right here in oakland , right in our own backyard. kinsley vice president, animal care and conservation at the oakland zoo. says. when the baby herons hatch, they aren't able to fly so they often fall from the trees onto the pavement. they can get hit by cars attacked by dogs and the parents oftentimes won't continue to feed them because it's too dangerous. this week, the zoo relaunched their hair and rescue teams for the first time since the pandemic shut down the program. the rescue teams go on patrol, searching the colony nesting grounds for any hatchlings getting some food getting some warrant getting some protection. the rescue program was launched after a tree in oakland fell in 2019, endangering a colony of herons and snowy egrets nesting in its branches. since then, the oakland zoo has taken the rescued baby herons to the international bird rescue in fairfield, where they're fed
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until they're strong enough to be released back into the wild. they're not an endangered species, but there are species of concern because they're they're really important indicators of the health of our environment. the oakland zoo is distributing fires and posters with the rescue heron hotline. meantime they say that they have enough funding for this rescue team for three years, and they're hoping to get more funding to continue protecting the special bird. reporting from oakland. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. two years into construction at the charles m. schulz sonoma county airport. the final steel beam is now in place on the framework for a new terminal. county leaders in airport officials celebrated the milestone this morning. by topping it off. it's a topping off ceremony, the county broke around on the $31 million expansion project in 2020. after years of planning officials say the new terminal will create more opportunities for travel for local visitors as well as growing businesses and, of course, bringing more money into
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the county. it's also meeting a real need here in sonoma county . the demand for air travel from this airport and to this airport is higher than ever. and it's going to continue to grow. the terminals. project manager says the site is also providing full time work for more than 250 people on the construction crew . the new terminal is expected to be completed by next spring. new natural disaster warning devices are going up around berkeley, the city is getting 15 alarms that will be installed throughout berkeley. officials say the emergency sirens will blare out warnings and advice about when and where to evacuate when disasters hit so far, berkeley's office of emergency services has determined where the first five sirens will go. they'll be at city hall, the berkeley marina at fire station seven near grizzly peak park, north of uc berkeley and at the berkeley animal care services building on boulevard drive. good information to know. and this is good to know also you'll need your umbrella tomorrow from
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time to time. it's not going to be a complete washout all day long, but we will have spotty showers. right now. the ceiling is lowered at 3500 ft. mostly cloudy skies. clouds are thickening temperatures 48 degrees in santa rosa. otherwise in the fifties across the board , it is now 51 degrees and pleasant in livermore, sam ramon dublin back in all the way into denville and walnut creek periods of rain for your thursday mainly in the north bay. it will be cloudy on your friday with a chance of rain by the evening hours and certainly raining overnight into your saturday with just a chance during the afternoon hours, we fire it up our doppler radar. we have precipitation right now. and you kaya back into eureka. a little bit of burger over the san jose area where the rain is evaporating before it hits the landmass, but that's okay. you'll get some light smattering of precipitation tomorrow. right there. we do have the rain by well right now, right? okay the clock advances to the morning commute. we start to see this
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frontal boundary slide in a southerly direction, clipping sonoma and napa counties over the san francisco bay area by the lunch hour, a little bit of light rain over san jose as well and then again, it's hit and miss throughout the day tomorrow , very light precipitation until that right there. it's a second system and this is a wetter one, and it has a little bit more wins associated with it as well. but it will invade our area in the overnight hours into our saturday, quickly moving out and then again with an unstable nature of the air mass. i cannot rule out the possibility of a scattered showers throughout the day on saturday, so let's just break it down like this. we have two systems on the way thursday tomorrow. anywhere from 5 1/100 of an inch of rain across the santa clara valid at three quarters of an inch of rain and the north bay valleys and mountains. heaviest precipitation on saturday, so that means snow and the high sierra and we are talking about snow tomorrow and then again on saturday, so that's why we have
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a winter weather advisory in place for the high sierra right now, all the way until tomorrow night at 11 pm up to 16 inches of snow, about seven 1000 ft. when you total it all up through saturday night and about 8 to 10 inches around the lake level tonight overnight into the forties. cold spots center rosa 41 degrees otherwise 49 in antioch's rebounding is 63 degrees with the cloud cover a scattered shower. just say periods of rain showers and then your extended forecasts. well we're looking at bright sunshine for easter sunday and another shot of rain showers but late on monday, and julie and christina that should not interfere. with the home opener for our oakland a's like the sound of that, roberta thank you. deliveries resumed today in santa monica, in one neighborhood after service was cut off to threats to postal workers. santa monica police said that there were three separate assaults targeting milk carriers in the past few months on 14th street.
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last week, the postal service notified residents on that street that delivery would be suspended to protect their employees. residents had to pick up their mail at the post office neighbor said they were aware of issues with the man who lives on the street. there was somebody that had been at that property that had been, you know, verbally harassing and you know, kind of coming after him with an object. the postal service's conditions on the route will be reviewed to ensure employee safety. the investigation continues. next in sports giants trying to keep their hot start rolling jason appelbaum will have their rubber match w
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to the most small businesses. make your business future ready with the network from the most innovative company. get internet and voice for $49.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. and ask how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. cont to the season for the giants, who wrapped up their six game
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home stand with yet another win . elliott ramos is family was in town from puerto rico to support the outfielder planning just as third big league game, luke williams scorches one to left off. former a sean manaea seems like everyone's a former a these days to out and two on ramos and mauricio durban are coming around to score. his family is loving. it's 21 giants. that was all the scoring we saw in the day. brandon webb was outstanding. he retired 22 of the final 24 batters he faced, including giant killer normally will myers to end the seventh, one of seven strikeouts for web he went eight innings allowed just four hits and one run. camilo duval ran into some trouble, but with the bases loaded strikes out matt beatty to end the game. the giants win it 2 to 1, and they closed out that home stand for and to the now hit the road for 11 games in 11 days beginning friday in cleveland. meanwhile in tampa and a mascot race with a twist,
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you gotta balance the egg while you're running. g man. choi ball skies wanted to foul territory. but look at kevin smith racing in to make the catch against the netting. and that was in support of frankie montas, who goes six and a third allows just one run, and he picks up his first win of the season to the third two on two out for sean murphy and that is home run. number one on the season for murphy. it's a three run shot in the a's hang on for a 42 to win. the two teams play again tomorrow morning in game number four of that set. in minneapolis, clayton kershaw. he made his season debut for the dodgers. he looked like the kershaw bold in his front carved up the twins lineup seven straight innings, no hits. toe runs. 21 batters up, 21 batters down 13 strikeouts. he had a perfect game through seven on just 80 pitches, and that's when dodgers manager dave roberts pulled them six out shy of throwing the first perfect game
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and more than a decade, the dodgers reliever promptly came in. he gave up a hit, but the dodgers beat the twins. seven to nothing. stephen curry. he did practice with the warriors today for the first time since spraining his left foot and nearly a month ago. now the real test is tomorrow. if he scrimmages, you've got to believe that he's going to be ready to go for game one against the denver nuggets. saturday afternoon at chase center in the playoffs. derek carr. he's always said he wanted to be a raider for life, and now here's one step closer. he agreed to a three year 121 and a half million dollar extension that will keep him in vegas through the 2025 season cars now the fifth highest paid quarterback in the league and the oakland routes. they're looking for their first win of the season. check this out the roots down a goal in the 94th minute to the san diego loyal at laney college with otter. magnus carlsen delivers the beautiful header to tie the game just before the final whistle. he didn't win it, but they didn't lose it. the
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game is the game is in a 22 draw. so the roots which you can see on ktvu plus are now oh, three and three. i congratulate the roots tonight. the jackpot the roots tonight. the jackpot in vegas. goodnight,an, alex dunphy. [ applause ] where are my mom and dad? [ as ring announcer ] and in this corner, finishing first in her class, delivering the commencement address, weighing in at -- what do you weigh, honey? dad! a healthy amount for a girl her age. [ normal voice ] are you getting all this, buddy? pure gold. [ as ring announcer ] she's the main brain, the cerebellum of the ball, alex dunphy! oh, keep rolling. the news will want this footage when i eventually snap. i thought sanjay patel was first in the class. he was until he missed a few weeks and the robot he was building attacked him. [ normal voice ] it's happening, people.


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