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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 14, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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this afternoon, the company's ceo held an emergency q and a session with employees. so where do things stand? and what does it all mean? ktvu is? tom baker joins us now from twitter headquarters in san francisco. with more tom. well, it was an all hands on deck meeting and what they wanted to talk about. was this monster opportunity or danger, depending on how you look at it to be purchased by ellen mosque. well in fact, at the very same time that was going on, he was telling people he may not be able to buy it after making that super duper bid yesterday. tesla founder elon musk, already twitter's largest shareholder, with 9% plus of all its stock $43 billion in cash to take twitter private, and i'm not sure that i will actually be able to acquire it would essentially allow users to pretty much say pretty much anything they want. i do think that we want to be just very reluctant to delete things must
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get in the camp of wanting twitter. to essentially be anything goes and take away what some call moderation and what other people call censorship. larry maggot is dean of the bay area's tech industry analysts elon musk, if known for making promises and predictions, some of which come true. but many don't so i think we need to take anything, he said. with a little bit of skepticism. beware of free speech because everybody's got their own definition of that . terry connelly is a former wall street investment banker and golden gate university business school dean of policy questions about this as well as financial questions, and certainly other bidders there. certainly regulatory issues that and very active. justice department or ftc would would want to explore as well given the sensitivity of what twitter does under musk's private personal ownership, twitter would go to a paid subscription model. as opposed to getting 95%
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of its revenue from advertising as it does now. twitter said its board of directors will carefully review the proposal to determine the course of action that it believes is in the best interests of the company. and all twitter shareholders. musk wants nothing short of a shareholder vote is not making any money, but it makes news. at the time it was made. musk's offer was 40% more than twitter stock was actually trading for, but has quickly risen ever since , because others wanted to get in and make a quick profit. but by the end of today's trading, twitter stock was down a bit, as was must. tesla stock. down as well. but there's always tomorrow. what happens, then reporting live tom baker, ktvu fox. two new people around the world watching this one, and it's tom just mentioned things. tom shares in twitter were down slightly today to close at just over $45 a share that is well below the price per share that
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elon musk is offering for the company more than $54 a share. that tends to indicate that investors doubt the deal will go through. now to a developing situation out of salinas, evacuation and shelter in place. advisories in that city have been lifted after a massive fire sort of produce processing facility. it happened last night , prompting those evacuations and hazmat situation and now a day later, firefighters remain on scene. several schools in the area are closed. evan sernoffsky is more on the fire and the impact it will have on the supply of produce in stores. evan it's great, christina. this fire broke out at a taylor farms salad processing facility in south salinas, which supplies produce to retailers like safeway and walmart. thankfully there's no reports of any injuries, and experts are now waiting to see if this fire will have impacts on stores around the country. a column of fire exploded into the night air in salinas late wednesday, sending fire crews scrambling. the fire
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started shortly after seven p.m. but by midnight, the flames mixed with ammonia. grew so intense firefighters had to back off and let it burn got 35,000 residents in the southern southeastern area of salinas. under a shelter in place order, as well as in the valley memorial hospital for schools shut down for the day and roads around the facility were closed as smoke continued to billow. stay inside. closed windows, bring your animals inside and just stay inside for the time being. no one was injured, and it's unclear how the fire started, but officials said people were welding inside the building when the fire erupted. the facility employs about 1000 workers and was gearing up to begin processing solid for the season to have something like this happened in a transition period. just tragic is absolutely tragic. steve del maso owns bay cities produce insane leandro, he said. a fire
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like this can cause a logistical nightmare. this is such an important time of year in california. all your major processes like taylor or moving from arizona, where they've been for six months, moving back to california farms is one of the largest produce producers in the world. supplying major retailers like safeway in walmart. del mastro said it could be a few weeks before retailers start seeing impacts and stores. taylor farms, officials said they will shift production to their 20 other locations around the country. including their facility and yuma, arizona. the company issued this statement thursday quote total production locations in geographic diversity is our best defense. to this scenario, we will work to reassign and support our salinas foodservice production team this season as we rebuild the facility. earlier this afternoon, firefighters said they had the fire fully contained, which is why those
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shelter in place orders were lifted. the building, however, is a total loss reporting live in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news thank you. the bay area. getting a rain reprieve today, not a lot of rain, but enough to bring the umbrellas back out. it's still dreary around the bay. here's a live look right now outside our ktvu studios overlooking the oakland estuary. as you can see , there are raindrops there on that camera. it's looking gloomy and dark as you look out over the water meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now with more on the drizzly weather mark , some drizzly rain drops. still drizzly rain drops across portions of the barrier right now and still hold on to the chance as we head into the early portion of the evening hours today, though, most actually some areas, not picking up much rainfall at all other areas picking up quite a bit of some rainfall. in fact, these areas up in the north bay for the coastal hills here, going up over an inch, in fact to go lalla nearly 2.5 inches of
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rainfall as we take a look at some more numbers for you. the focus of this rainfall in the northern half of the region all day long mill valley almost a half an inch of rainfall, petaluma 0.37, because see the right panel here. those numbers really dwindling down and san jose barely measurable at 0.1, so some areas, not picking up much rain at all other other areas, picking up a pretty good downpour out there. here's our live camera looking out towards sfo this afternoon. still lots of cloud cover in place. we will hold on to the possibility of some scattered showers into this evening. in fact, here's the radar. you can see the ring coverage here in the bay area and the snow falling in the sierra chain controls on interstate 80. and the winter weather advisory continues until 11 o'clock this evening as becoming closer, it looks like the focal point of the rainfall is up in the northern half of the region, so you can still see some of the green coverage. for sonoma out toward napa. it looks like closer to marine wood and sandra felt we still some lingering rain showers out there
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noticed. know what yellows or actually reds to indicate the intense rainfall but still some scattered green out there to reflect the shower chances. still a part of our forecast for this afternoon and also into the evening hours. today is one system there could be a stronger system headed our way by the weekend. we'll talk more about that front with your full forecast coming up in a little bit. alright we'll see you then. mark thank you and reminder that you can track the rain in your area by using our ktvu weather app. it is free to download from the app store. new details tonight about the abduction of a five month old girl in mountain view who was found you're going to add a border police say the man who was driving baby aitana and her mother, laura ramirez had been contracting through a rideshare app to take ramirez and her baby to texas. the infant was reported missing by her father. he told police that ramirez left with the baby tuesday night and did not say where she was going. both mom and the baby were found yesterday morning. the baby was unharmed and the mother has been arrested. the driver has been
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released from custody. yesterday mr. james saw his photograph on the news. he called crimestoppers to help. mr james is entitled to a fair trial and we will ensure that he receives one speaking outside the brooklyn federal courthouse, the attorney for frank james is urging the public not to rush to judgment on her client. james made his first appearance before a judge today, just days after he allegedly shot 10 people on a subway train. james turned himself over to authorities one day after the shooting. backs news, brian dennis tells us james is being held behind bars as investigators searched for a motive. alleged brooklyn subway shooter frank james, making his first court appearance thursday , several blocks from the site of tuesday's mass shooting at the 36th street subway station in sunset park. the 62 year old will be held in permanent detention pending his upcoming trial. james faces one count of committing a terrorist or violent attack against a mass
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transportation system. prosecutors say the suspects actions present a severe and ongoing threat to the community . if convicted, james could spend the rest of his life behind bars. his defense attorney confirmed reports that james turned himself into police and she requested he get a fair trial. he called crimestoppers to help. he told them. where he was. initial press and police reports in cases like this one are often inaccurate. the manhunt for james was extensive , lasting nearly 30 hours spanning across multiple states , law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at a storage unit and residents associated with the gunman in philadelphia. the hunt for james ended wednesday in manhattan's east village neighborhood. prior to this week's attack, james had nearly a dozen prior arrests in new york and new jersey, dating back to the early nineties.
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james's defense attorney requested that her client received a psychiatric evaluation. this as prosecutors are expected to zero in on a series of social media videos posted by james, which depict him as someone who is obsessed with violence, bigotry and race in brooklyn, new york brian dennis fox news. federal funding for san francisco's laguna honda hospital has been suspended. i'm christian captain coming up, we'll tell you why that's not expected to have an immediate impact on patient care. glass smashed a car ravaged, not the kind of visitor wanted to north bay copy shop. also ahead tonight, a big blow to the russian military as ukraine says it took out a warship plus have it took out a warship plus have the pentagon is resp it took out a warship plus have the pentaat jp morgan,
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into as a new patient. well, you won't be able to that's because federal officials have cut off funding, leaving the facility in limbo for at least a month. ktvu christian captain joins us now live from the hospital and christian. the hospital now has 30 days to reapply for medicare and medicaid funding. yeah exactly. right. the proverbial clock is ticking now, for now, there won't be any immediate change for patients at the hospital, but the facility cannot accept any new patients until federal funding is restored. for now, the more than 700 patients at laguna honda will not see any impact after the centers for medicare and medicaid services cut off funding to the hospital thursday , the hospital's ceo, reassuring patients and their families that they will continue to receive the highest level of care. to our laguna and the community. i know the termination may cause anxiety. but i want you to know that we will do everything it takes to make this right
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troubles for laguna honda followed the revelation of a pair of overdoses at the hospital last year, neither of which were fatal. federal investigators began monitoring the facility and gave laguna honda a deadline to implement changes to bring the hospital into compliance. the latest inspection turned up deficiencies in the centers for medicare and medicaid funding was suspended, the hospital ceo saying laguna honda will continue receiving funds for 30 days to care for patients. most importantly, we will immediately begin the process of reapplying. for participation. in the cms program. in fact, staff are already preparing for the re certification process. the loss of funding has not impacted the hospitals. state licensing honda relies on a combination of federal aid and funds from the city and county. san francisco's health director, dr grant colfax says he's confident the hospital will survive this latest challenge. laguna honda is not
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going anywhere. we will continue to be an excellent place to receive excellent care. the hospital will continue to receive funds to care for patients currently at the facility for the next 30 days cannot admit any new patients. the department of public health sent a note to meet late this afternoon, saying that during this time that laguna has paused, admissions. physicians should make referrals for their patients requiring skilled nursing care to the many other local skilled nursing facilities in the area, and we also did speak with one visitor who was somebody was coming here visiting a patient that gentlemen did express some concern over the lack of funding for the hospital right now. but he said that the patient he has visited has received exemplary care here in the past. so for now, we are live in san francisco christian captain ktvu. fox two news, christian. thank you. a suspected drunk driver is under arrest after his car went airborne and right into
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a coffee shop in santa rosa early this morning. it happened around two am at badass copy of hawaii and stony point road. police say the driver was speeding when he hit a grass hill, which caused his car to propel into the coffee shops parking lot. the car, hit a tree and then spun right into the front window of the business. when police arrived, the driver was trapped inside the crushed car. firefighters had to use hydraulic tools to free him. the challenge with this one was the volume of glass involved the incident. firefighters described it as almost trying to extricate the victim on ice. the driver has been identified as 21 year old in elko, mez. he was taken to a hospital and then arrested on a dui charge. the coffee shop was busy cleaning up and boarding up today. the owner says he hopes to reopen tomorrow. from the ground and sky crews are trying to get a handle on a deadly wildfire in new mexico. the arizona department of forestry and fire management is assisting in the firefight. they posted this video on social media. the
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mcbride fire started tuesday and so far it's killed two people and burned hundreds of homes. fox news jake care. alexis joins us now from a shelter in rio does so new mexico? so, jake? when do fire crews think they'll have this fire under control? will duly as of this afternoon. the mcbride fire was 0% contained and it already burned more than 5300 acres. the area is taking a beating. the fire has destroyed more than 200 houses and other buildings, and there's no sign that's slowing down. schools evacuated more than 1700 students yesterday, the incident management commander says conditions were rough today and could be even worse tomorrow. tomorrow is even a more of a fire. weather watch for us. we're expecting higher winds higher temperature. the real dose. so convention center where we are tonight is a main shelter for people who had to evacuate their homes. the red cross is here, helping give victims food, water and shelter
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. a woman who had to evacuate her home with her mother says she's never seen anything like this. by the time we got out of our house, there was like an inferno. we had to drive through to get out of there, but everything's flattened. it was the scariest thing i've ever been through in my life. i mean, it was just terrifying. but we got through it and we don't know what what's what's left or what we're going to do now or anything. part of the area is still without electricity as crews work to restore power. even though this was day three of the fire, more evacuations are still possible in rio dosa, new mexico jacare alexis ktvu, fox two news, anxious time in a long way to go in that firefight, jake, thank you. hard to believe we're talking about such an intense fire, and it's april. so unfortunately, that is a reality and at least to hear out towards the west coast. rainfall right now will maybe help out a little bit with the fire season? also out towards the sierras? well, this was the
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scene out toward homewood. this afternoon earlier today from tahoe's west shore, they see the snowfall in this scene here. those lifts are not spinning because they are closed for the season, but still tonight. nice to talk about some more snow in the mountains, the winter weather advisory in place right now, in fact, we have chain controls on interstate 80. this advisory runs until 11 o'clock this evening. i did see a report already 12 inches that sugar bowl and there's a chance we will have another winter weather advisory kicking, maybe by friday night and into saturday. here's the radar coverage throughout the day. lots of green showing up on our local radar. the focus has been up in the northern half of the bay area, and there is the coverage out toward the sierra as well. things happen, diminishing somewhat in terms of the shower coverage on this radar, but we're not dry just yet. you can still see some coverage out toward napa of alejo and hercules. even richmond as well down the south bay not too much to show you, but still some scattered green right around san jose. and campbell. no intense yellows or reds and talked about
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not talking about real intense downpours, but still lots of moisture out there, so we're going to hold on to the possibility of some scattered showers this evening. here's our live camera looking out towards sfo still solid overcast right now. first thing tomorrow morning, it will be dry. so what? this system moves out later on tonight and we will have temperatures in the thirties and the forties santa rosa 39 oakland 46 degrees in san jose 49. the mornings coming up, even as we head into the weekend will be pretty chilly, especially as we head towards easter sunday. now. here is the forecast in the short term. this is nine o'clock. we're still going to hold onto the possibility. still, some scattered showers or that missed or some drizzle enough to trigger the windshield wipers and then into your friday we'll have some cloud cover tomorrow morning will clear things out into the afternoon hours. another system offshore is approaching our coast lives going to be here early saturday morning. this might wake you up first thing saturday morning. this is six o'clock. and the rainfall rates really picking up so we could be talking about some heavy rain. this is six
5:22 pm
o'clock saturday morning. we're going to hold onto the chance throughout the morning hours of the rainfall and then into the afternoon hours. still, maybe if you leftover showers, but the overall trend we scale back quite a bit on the cloud cover by mid afternoon on saturday with partly cloudy skies, and this will set the stage for a dry forecast. for easter sunday . we'll talk more about that. we'll update your five day coming up interesting little bit. mark thank you, a man who admitted to killing a hayward officer learns his fate. we were in court today when a judge sentenced mark is strata to 50 years to life. we have reaction up next and find out what pg and e thinks is behind an uptick in the number of scams
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doin 2015 will spend decades behind bars. ktvu crime reporter henry lee was that today sentencing in court. it has reaction from the families of both men. seven years after hayward police sergeant scott longer was killed during a traffic stop. his
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killer marcus strada, was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for first degree murder. the sergeant's family did not want to speak outside core. but his daughter sarah, in the black outfit, and ashton in the tan coat, described their immeasurable pain of not having their father there to walk them down the aisle. stones paul longer seen here with the umbrella, told the judge that his son's killing has given the family a life sentence of grief, he said estrada will be judged by a higher authority. dozens of hayward police officers attended the hearing, including chief toney chaplin. i think it's long overdue. we're past half decade mark on this thing, and i think today will mark the end of a long and painful journey officer justin green, who was there when his partner was killed, spoke with emotion, saying, my life has forever changed. the incident plays over and over in my head. i've woken up in a cold sweat. i feel a sense of failure. why did this happen to sergeant longer and not me? prosecutor john breaux. hart said the killing was a quote, vile attack on our community and
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our sense of safety. in court. defense attorney linda fullerton suggested that estrada overreacted and killed the sergeant out of fear because he had allegedly told him i'm going to f you up. raquel estrada says her son is not a cold blooded killer or hardened criminal. obviously, self defense. my son felt his life was in danger, and he reacted and that's how he reacted because he had that gun there. this is a police officer that is causing mayhem and we're calling them a hero. i'm sorry for their loss. but every human being has to be brought to justice. and so justice was not served today. this was initially a death penalty case. tragedy forever shattered the lives of two families and the hayward community. in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two deals. shortages within the san francisco police department have hit a new low, according to a report discussed today at a san francisco board of supervisors committee hearing. the sfpd is nearly 600 officers short that goes along with the recent analysis by the
5:27 pm
department. it indicates the sfpd does not have enough officers for its current duties, suggesting the city is less safe than it should be. the need for officers has grown to over 500. it's our understanding. we hear chief scott mentioned that it's several different points and we know that it's projected to be over 700 by the end of the fiscal year, i believe that this is a crisis in dire situation. according to the staffing report . on average, 100 officers either retire, resign or are terminated from the department each year. ktvu is andre senior is working on having a live report on this coming up at six. according to tables on alleged gang members inside a crowded san jose mall. i'm alex savage in the news from coming up tonight after the break the new view that shows how a couple fended off those suspected robbers and by one of the victims is now facing some serious charges. also ahead. tonight we are heading to texas,
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just before christmas. ktvu salix savage joins us now from the newsroom with new details. alex police say surveillance video as well as dna and other evidence helped lead to these arrests of two robbery suspects as well as the man. they tried to rob. and the robbery victim in this case is actually facing the most serious charges accused of opening fire on those accused thieves. san jose police have just released this surveillance video from december 20th from inside the oakridge mall. police say you can see 18 year old nehlen hobson plattner walking with his girlfriend. investigators say two alleged gang members identified as 19 year old ulysses jimenez, an 18 year old paul lebow approached and robbed them of their jewelry. the robbery victim, then pulled out a gun from his backpack and fired 15 rounds from a fully automatic gun. the mall was packed with holiday shoppers at the time, but incredibly no one was injured in that shooting. very dangerous situation. firearm public very
5:32 pm
negligent, so that victim later became a suspect in this incident very busy right before christmas. ah very, very lucky that no innocent citizens were hit as a result of this. the alleged gunman is facing several counts of attempted murder, as well as weapons charges. he was taken into custody in san jose back in january. those two robbery suspects were arrested last month and they faced robbery charges. in this case, there is no evidence the two suspects knew the man they robbed, but authorities say the alleged gunman was someone who was known to police. san jose police say this is still an ongoing investigation and more arrests are expected reporting tonight in the newsroom. i'm alex savage, ktvu, fox two news. a historical center in the ukrainian ports city of mariupol has been nearly destroyed as russian forces continue shelling and bombing the city. civilians in the area bravely ventured out
5:33 pm
to get supplies with bodies scattered across the streets and gunfire in the background. maria pulls an important city to ukraine as it's a primary trading ports. meanwhile, the ukrainian militaries digging in ahead of a russian offensive that's expected to begin any day now, and president joe biden is calling the war a genocide. he is accused of vladimir putin of committing war crimes foxes. trade jinx has more from keith. it's a big blow to the russian military. ukrainian forces say they hit the flagship of the russian black sea fleet with two neptune missiles on thursday, forcing the entire crew to evacuate. thought to be around 500 people. moscow claims the evacuation was due to a fire that started on board. but american officials say that's not likely to kind of choose between two stories. one story is that it was just incompetence and the other was that they came under attack, and neither is a particularly good outcome for them. the attack on the mosque comes as ukrainian forces dig in
5:34 pm
for what's expected to be a major russian offensive in the east. shelling of cities in the region has been relentless, and officials here say they need more help from the west to relieve the pressure if ukraine doesn't receive all necessary weapons within days, not weeks. ah that will mean that more people, more civilians will be killed. the white house says it's already responding, pointing to the $800 million weapon's package announced wednesday. which the pentagon claims is specifically tailored to the type of flat open land fighting expected in the donbass region. in the coming weeks, it lends itself well to mechanized warfare than so artillery rocket fire short range missiles. those are going to be the kinds of weapons that are key in this fight. the russians are also accusing ukraine of launching airstrikes into their territory near the border. in kiev, ukraine. tray angst, fox news. on wall street stocks closed lower today as investors gave mixed reviews to earnings from
5:35 pm
four of the nation's largest banks fell. 113 points. nasdaq dropped 292 and the s and p finished the day down 54 points. well you can expect to see higher prices on amazon in the next two weeks. like many other online and shipping companies, the e commerce companies adding a fuel surcharge. third party seller fees will increase 5% on april 28th, critics say. amazon is using inflation as an excuse to make more money. amazon effectively is like a big toll booth for these businesses. they have to pay whatever fees amazon imposes on them, and they really have no alternative. there's no competition in the online market. amazon says its imposing the surcharge instead of permanently increasing its fees on small businesses. president biden was in north carolina today. he spoke at university in greensboro, about efforts to expand manufacturing and rebuild supply chains, the president says despite inflation numbers, the u. s economy is strong. he
5:36 pm
is now urging congress to pass the bipartisan innovation act to keep the progress going past it will provide $90 billion in research and development to provide a product or produce rather products here in america. from day one. every action i've taken to rebuild our economy's been guided by one principle. made in america. means using products, parts and materials built right here in the united states america it means bringing manufacturing jobs back. and building supply chains here at home, not outsourced from abroad . ah any bipartisan bill also aims to strengthen competition with countries around the world, especially china. texas governor greg abbott has added an extra inspection layer for trucks heading into the united states. foxes juvenilia she joins us live from the u. s border in texas tonight, giovanni. these inspections could lead to higher prices. christina will. that's absolutely right. so the governor has these inspections
5:37 pm
in place for safety and security reasons, he says. but other people are saying that they are causing major shipping delays in causing ports to back up. across the southern border. the ultimate way to end the clogged border. is for president biden to do his job and to secure the border. this video shows a backlog of trucks waiting to get into the united states. the texas department of public safety is inspecting every truck even after customs and border protection checks them. in the last days we had five or six hours. all our fresh foods. vegetables they were going to spoiled texas added these inspections after the federal government announced plans to and title 42, which critics say more migrants at the border. the texas governor says it's a matter of safety brake issues because of target issues or other issues there. there may be texans whose lives were saved
5:38 pm
because of the vehicles taken out of operation in about a quarter of the trucks inspected , has been taken off the road for safety violations. but the longer wait times for drivers are slowing down the supply chain, which could affect prices across the country. we're going to see increased prices for a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and other foods and other goods, but a small sign of relief for truckers after yesterday, governor abbott stopped the extra inspections. at a single point of entry at the texas mexico border of this after the mexican state and weevil leon agreed to increase security and patrols. and christina, this is the ports right behind me. that is now back to normal. there's no inspections happening here so you can see that there's really nothing going on. the trucks were lined up for hours and miles yesterday. and the texas governor says that he is speaking to other mexican officials to get those other ports back ends not necessarily open but back to normal and drop
5:39 pm
those secondary inspections here in laredo, texas. giovanni luigi ktvu fox two news, giovanni. thank you. mortgage rates have reached their highest rate in more than a decade. a new report from mortgage loan company freddie mac reveals the 30 year fixed rate in a week ending today was right at 5% that's up from 4.72% a week ago. it is the first time since february 2011. the benchmark mortgage product has reached the 5% mark. this time last year, that number was just over 3% despite rising prices driven by inflation, new figures show retail sales were up, the commerce department said today. consumer purchasing rose by half a percent last month. analysts say the spending was fueled by wage gains, solid, higher, higher ring and more money in bank accounts. retail sales measure how much consumers spent on goods ranging from cars to food and gas. healthy young children could soon line up for covid booster shots. while
5:40 pm
health officials say this next step will be critical in the covid fight. also ahead tonight , the special rescue mission underway in the east bay to save
5:41 pm
numbers... ...move you but some can stop you in your tracks. like the tens of thousands of people who were diagnosed with certain hpv-related cancers. for most people, hpv clears on its own. but for those who don't clear the virus, it can cause certain cancers. gardasil 9 is a vaccine given to adults through age 45 that can help protect against certain diseases caused by hpv. including cervical, vaginal, vulvar, anal, and certain head and neck cancers, such as throat and back of mouth cancers, and genital warts. gardasil 9 doesn't protect everyone and does not treat cancer or hpv infection. your doctor may recommend screening for certain hpv-related cancers. women still need routine cervical cancer screenings. you shouldn't get gardasil 9 if you've had an allergic reaction to the vaccine, its ingredients, or are allergic to yeast. tell your doctor if you have a weakened immune system, are pregnant, or plan to be.
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the most common side effects include injection site reactions, headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and sore throat. fainting can also happen. help protect what counts. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about gardasil 9. i ll delay coronavirus vaccine mandates for schoolchildren until at least the summer of 2023, the state's department of public health, just making that announcement, noting the fda has not yet fully approved covid vaccines for kids, 7 to 12 years old and the state initially announced full approval by the fda was a precondition to implementing the state mandate. the earliest vaccine requirement would take effect is july 1st 2023 well. meanwhile healthy young children could soon be lining up for booster shots. that's because a third dose could becoming, as public health officials monitor more omicron sub variants. fox news jonathan
5:43 pm
siri has the details. covid booster access could soon be expanding fighter and bio in tech announced today. a third shot of their vaccine increased levels of macron fighting antibodies and children ages five through 11. the drug makers say in a study younger children had a robust response to the shot will apply for fda authorization in the coming days . and while vaccine uptake has been slow in this age group, health experts say boosters will be key to fighting newam akron strains. we have all this immunity from prior infection from vaccine. so if these are the variants we get, we're prepared for them. the b a two are macron's sub variant is fueling a spike in cases throughout the northeast, and now the world health organization is monitoring two additional strains. so far, they appear to spread rapidly and have already been detected in more than 30 states. we do see it coming up more in certain areas of the country and in the
5:44 pm
south. i think, even in the west, i think there are fewer cases. the cdc says. it's assessing the latest spike in infections and extending the federal mask mandate for public transportation through may 3rd. but health experts say the big question is what happens to the mandate after those two weeks if they try to extend out some partial mask requirement. it's gonna be very hard for the airlines to enforce. i think that's going to get a lot of pushback. several airlines have lobbied the white house to drop the mandate as demand for travel increases in atlanta, john searing fox news another round of migrants bust out of texas have arrived in washington, d. c and casey siegel at the us mexico border. we've got that story coming up ahead, awarding for northern california dog owners how those pets could contract a potentially deadly bacteria like organism. add a burial weather still solid, overcast out there and still some lingering rain showers as well. a break in your friday
5:45 pm
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title 42 will end the policy was put into place to give us border officials the power to prohibit anyone illegally trying to come into this country as foxes. casey steagall tells us. the ending of that policy has many questioning the biden administration. a second migrant bus from texas arrived in washington, d. c early thursday morning, all courtesy of texas governor greg abbott conditions with the cell phone. we have to send photos and report ourselves . yes every wednesday 14. migrants from venezuela, nicaragua, cuba and colombia stepped off the bus steps from union station. last week, abbott announced he planned to send all migrants who arrived in texas to washington as a form of protest against the biden administration ending title 42 next month. the cancelation comes as several
5:48 pm
state officials say they're overwhelmed with the amount of immigrants being let into the u . s title 42 goes away. it's only going to get even worse than it is now and everyone knows it. migrants wasn't the only thing plaguing border states this week. we're seeing with these unnecessary inspections of trucks, transport transiting ports of entry between texas and mexico are significant delays for several days now truckers on the texas mexico border shut down the nation's number one inland ports. protesting inspections ordered by governor abbott. the bridge connects mexico to south texas and more produce crosses there than any other land ports in the us experts warned consumers would suffer with a shortage of produce on shelves and higher prices unless the normal flow of trucks resumes. on wednesday, an agreement was reached with the governor of nuevo leone. the mexican governor says they've agreed to step up security on their side
5:49 pm
of the river in exchange for stopping those secondary truck inspections. that's the latest from eagle pass. texas casey stegall fox news. the state department of fish and wildlife is issuing a warning to dog owners here in northern california. they are reminding people to take precautions to protect their dogs from salmon poisoning disease. it is a potentially fatal condition seen only in dogs caused by an organism that occurs naturally in waters of northern california. dogs that eat certain types of raw or cold smoked freshwater fish like trout and salmon can ingest that organism and then get sick. really alarming because more because even if the dog does get it, then the vet bills started coming in. and if you don't have insurance, it's just like a huge cost. symptoms include fever, loss of appetite, vomiting and rapid weight loss, but it is treatable if caught in time. the parasite cannot survive in cooked fish. it is not harmful to humans and only affects dogs,
5:50 pm
not other pets. there is an effort underway in the east bay to rescue oakland's official bird, the oakland zoo and the audubon society are teaming up to save the black crowned night herons testing along city streets. when baby herons hatch they can't fly so they often fall out of nests up high in trees down onto the pavement. the injured birds are then taken to the international bird rescue and fairfield, whether cared for until they're strong enough to be released back into the wild. they're not an endangered species. but there are species of concern because they're they're really important indicators of the health of our environment. the audubon society tells us that herons have nested in oakland for hundreds of years. work will soon begin in santa clara county on the first phase of the south san francisco bay shore line project. ground was broken this morning to commemorate the construction of the first phase. it will be between the elvis o slew, guadalupe river and coyote creek project is expected to significantly reduce the risk of
5:51 pm
flooding in that area of north san jose. the $545 million project will replace old dirt berms with four miles of engineered earthen and clay levies. 15 ft high this project is so important to the communities here. it's not only going to protect alviso from flooding, but it's also going to bring the best part of the bay right to their doorstep. it's going to bring the marsh right here, and it's going to help the refuge. connect these communities fulfill our mission by connecting these communities to this beautiful landscape. the project is a local, state and federal partnership and will be built by the us army corps of engineers. nice to have some rain drops back in the area. of course, our winter so disappointing, so we'll take anything we can get some of these numbers pretty impressive across parts of the bay area, especially up in the northern half. no valley and santa rosa approaching a half an inch of rainfall. petaluma 0.37. i just updated these numbers within the past hours. they have picked up a little bit. san francisco up
5:52 pm
2.8 at last check, but as you can see the south bay not much of an event at all, only 0.1. you can see the snow coverage out toward the sierra. the winter weather advisory still in place as we come up to our north theory closer to reading. looks like we have some thunderstorms. you can see closer to 99 approaching bernie with those lightning strikes detected this afternoon as we back off the back out the maps here we're showing you still a little bit of some coverage out there. nothing too extreme. know what yellows or reds to show you, but still enough to trigger the windshield wipers? be careful on the roadways closer to with napa right around 29 still some lingering rain here and then this one style cluster to concord out towards walnut creek and lafayette that we still have some activity to report. not 100% dry just yet, even if you're not covered. there's enough low level moisture in place that they could trigger enough missed or some drizzle and enough to trigger the windshield wipers this afternoon . current numbers most areas in the fifties. remember as a week ago, we had temperatures in the
5:53 pm
upper nineties and heat advisories so a big drop off in temperatures and looks like temperatures could warm up a little bit. by the weekend. here's our live camera, looking out toward the golden gate bridge. lots of cloud cover here and just be extra careful on the roadways there, as you can see some of that mist and drizzle and even some low visibilities out there for your thursday evening, so today's system basically overhead. it's moving out of town. this will be out of out of town for tomorrow and our next system, this will be a factor. by the weekend for your friday partly sunny skies. it will be mild, warm locations close to 70 degrees. and then this guy wants to come on board . especially early saturday mornings. this might wake you up saturday morning. rainfall rates really picking up then by the afternoon hours, we could actually have more sunshine. still the possibility of a shower, but looks like things really did diminishing quite a bit by saturday afternoon, so that is our next system. rainfall could be over an inch for the north bay coastal hills went around 20 to 30 miles an hour in the sierra, maybe around 5 to 10 inches in the short
5:54 pm
term. we have some scattered showers for tonight. for the most part, it's dry on friday by friday night, though, the chance of a shower this is saturday morning to heavy rainfall out their chance of a shower and a saturday afternoon, but then we'll begin to scale back in the clouds into web by saturday night and into a sunday highest forward tomorrow will be in the upper fifties to the sixties and the seventies. and here we go with your easter forecast is you can see here. it's looking dry and temperatures will be in the block there, but the temperatures in the thirties and forties, seven o'clock sunday morning on track to reach the sixties to right around 70 degrees by sunday afternoon. chance of a shower by monday later in the day, another chance into tuesday, but for the most part this weekend, there's that one rain clouds saturday morning we drive things out for all the easter egg hunts by sunday. mark thank you sending objects into space. it is an out of this world problem. you probably don't think about. so what happens to all that space junk and coming up at six. find out why taxis and increases the
5:55 pm
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teld the military. we are sending more objects up into space. but what happens to that junk left behind fox news? eben brown has the answer. the public and private sectors are stepping up their presence in outer space. with the number of launches skyrocketing in recent years, but all that space action is creating a new problem. space junk lots of it. space debris is becoming more and more part of the fabric of space today, right now, there are more than 23,000 discarded objects bigger than 10 centimeters and a half a million smaller than that. to keep tabs
5:58 pm
on and that's where s a i c comes in the government technology contractor runs the world's first space debris tracking system. space track dot org. now when commercial operators or the u. s government puts objects in space they're registered, so there's a catalog of exactly what's up there. it becomes that much more important that we understand where things are that we understand how we navigate around them so that we can create the highways and byways if you will to have a safe experience for everyone doing business in space. would it be the government or to be our commercial partners or whether it be the consumer space track is currently monitoring about 5600 payloads and some 38,000 other objects in our vicinity. the information is universally accessible to promote the peaceful use of space worldwide with s a i c, hoping their program can help spacefaring nations. leave the conflicts back on earth. we're using our abilities in space, uh , to drive a more diplomatic approach and really be forward,
5:59 pm
leaning and howard howard executing our mission and lawmakers are paying attention as well. the senate armed services committee says space debris is a national security threat in miami. evan brown fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. he would not submit that if he truly didn't and he comes from l. a he would not have done that arbitrarily without giving it some analysis. san francisco's police chief says he needs help to deal with a staffing shortage. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener christina rendon, a new report about staffing details challenges for the police force . ktvu is andre senior joins us now he's in the newsroom after seeing the board of supervisors take on this issue. julian christina, this meeting was a chance for sfpd to update lawmakers on where the department is on staffing right now. and during the meeting, police officials say they're coming up short of the number of people it needs to keep the city safe. i believe that this is a
6:00 pm
crisis and dire situation, and that is how san francisco supervisor catherine stephanie opened an agenda item during a public safety and neighborhood committee meeting thursday. city lawmakers heard details of a study showing the same francisco police department does not have enough police officers. we want to be at events. we want to be engaging with the community and if we're moving from call to call to call to call, there is no time for that. currently there are about 2182 sworn and civilian staff at sfpd. the report indicates an additional 764 people are needed to properly keep the streets safe. staffing is very important because of the bottom line is we're there to support the community. retired police chief tommy tucson gives us insight into how staffing decisions among police departments are made. he says it's a balance between calls for service and the city's population. if there is insufficient officers, your hair things like what takes them forever to get there. they're never around when you need them. during public


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