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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  April 15, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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approved this change in a unanimous vote. they say potential partnerships with groups such as the education company, tango could help with the cost. violence in the bay area continues to be a big problem. we're talking live with oakland's police chief, laurent armstrong, about the ongoing violence in the city of oakland. plus the bay area got some much needed rain and more is coming. but experts say that rain is not going to make a difference in a bad drought that is worsening by the month. when the next round of wet weather will move in. plus one of the biggest music festivals is back for the first time in three years. we're talking all about tonight's famous headliners, opening this year's coachella. welcome to the nine on this gorgeous friday, april 15th the look at one of
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the prettiest places in the bay area so many to pick from, and we chose this if you have the marin headlands and the golden gate bridge drive for today, but boy that changes tomorrow we will dial in your weekend weather coming up in just a minute. but first, let's talk entertainment. happening today, one of the biggest music festivals in the country returns. coachella is back and india for the first show in three years. today's headliner harry styles, then billie eilish headlines tomorrow. the weekend and swedish house mafia performs sunday. they're replacing kanye west, who dropped out of the show at the last minute. the festival resumes next weekend. with more shows and new lineup. the shows will be streamed on coachella's youtube page, but my goodness after a couple of years of pandemic, living and watching things online, i think the urge to get out there and see it in real life is palpable. james never been at coachella and i'm okay with music festivals. i'll do them every now and then. but you almost forget that a lot of these things were canceled. until you hear that kind of line that says, first time in three years, first time in two years because of those covid-19
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pandemic, christian i don't know about you, man, but it definitely seems like that sense of normalcy is coming back. it's coming back. we've got the lineup for outside lands hardly strictly is going to be coming back as well. so i think people are trying to make it work. they're ready to return to some sense of normalcy. got to show spend time with friends go to these big events. i think there's a there's a dependent demand for that. people want to do it. absolutely absolutely. the weather, hopefully, looking good for festivals like that. and you know, hopefully that rain that we are expecting tomorrow. you know, it's been steve. it's been crazy for the last couple of days. i mean, i don't know whether to bring an umbrella or to bring sunglasses literally yesterday, both handy for the next about 7 to 10 days. 7 to 10 days, you guys, we'll take a look here at the rainfall total from yesterday's system. most of this was areas to the north of san pablo baber in canada. hills west of st lena, four miles southwest in each and a half. mount veeder. napa county mentioned a third mount tamil pious about an inch point raised at good rain 83 100 as well lot of locations,
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especially up towards casi derrota. cloverdale as well also had going to go there. you're gonna go had good rain as well with consideration inch and a half. that's our observer. raymond cloverdale over an edge. calistoga three quarters sonoma and pen grove, both six tents. castro valley, danville over a half inch or near that napa almost a half inch santa rosa, 46, 100 vallejo and the napa airport, both with two tents. blue canyon, 36, truckee 37. south lake tahoe. 38 yeah, they're getting warmer, so the snow levels going up up up so mostly cloudy there today it's been some mixed. precipitate a little rain, little snow, some of the higher elevations. system will arrived saturday, maybe late morning early afternoon. for them should be gone, though , by late saturday and sunday looks much better. still, a lot of cloud cover up there and again a little bit of fog, but most of the precipitation is on the way there until tomorrow. that's our system. it's already beginning to inch closer. it'll give us increasing clouds throughout the day. still holding on to what we hope will be some pretty good rain totals, at least for saturday system. but again, it looks like a morning event, not an evening
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event. it will be gone by then. also the full moon is tomorrow for the april four month, but these are good amounts that are being shown here and let's hope they hold partly to mostly cloudy today temperatures sixties to near 70 mix of sun and clouds a lot of clouds that we're rolling in here. leading to our next system, which will be here tomorrow forties fifties on your tips here. i think we'll get some upper sixties, maybe near 70 towards santa clara valley. today, you can see the low. it's also tapping it a little bit of moisture there. and the key is not only the system on saturday, there'll be another one tuesday morning. then all eyes are on wednesday, thursday, friday time frame, there could be a significant system or it may just be an okay system. but it's all because of the remains of this typhoon in the western pacific. it's starting to fall apart. it's getting sheer, which is tearing it apart. it will go up into the illusions and then start to get caught in the west. earley's where it ends up could make a huge difference in our weather for next week. some forecasts projections are already ramping rain back up on wednesday of next week. that's really fast. 60 seventies on your attempts today, rain saturday morning, but sunday looks good next system early tuesday morning, you guys steve. that's why
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you're the expert. thank you. we'll all that snow that's been falling up in the sierra, with more on the way has some ski resorts considering staying open longer than they had originally planned. ktvu is a mannequin. tana is here to tell us about the latest conditions up in tahoe, amanda james people up in tahoe starting to experience this late spring storm yesterday and we have another round of snow coming today into tomorrow for up in this year. right now, a number of big resorts are set to shut down after this weekend, but they're starting to think about maybe staying open. the question is whether staying open would be worth it for those resorts. a marketing expert up there tells us the resorts have a lot to think about. they want to put their best foot forward. but at the end of the day, my resort experience you know, 30 years out of kirkwood and with vail resorts, it's not about making spheres and riders super happy. it's what you get to keep it at the end of the season like this, they're worried about working its top. they're worried about injuries on the mountain and like he talked about base right there, so they're going to have to take a really close. look at it. and i think this is
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when they removed the marketers out of the group. and they're like, what do you think, guys, and they bring the cfos and they really shut down and crunch, the numbers and pretty excited, you know? i mean, we haven't seen snow like this in a long time, and it's like towards the end of the season. it's good to go up and get this fresh enough. cooper says this recent snow is making for the best ski experience right now since december. it's not a lot of snow, but it will help elongate this season and in two or three weeks when the temperatures go back up, resorts will be able to switch right over to summer season activities like mountain biking and golfing. the national weather service is saying the best time to travel up to the mountains is right now and you will need chains on i 80 if you don't have four wheel drive and snow tires, they say if we wait too long, and you head out tonight or tomorrow, traveling up, there isn't a good idea because you'll likely see hazardous conditions. those conditions should ease up by sunday, though, so that's another good time to go if you miss that window this morning, garcia back to you. all right, amanda. thank you. state. local water officials say this week's rain is not enough to alleviate. the severe drought conditions
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we're facing here in california as we head into the summer months. they say 2020 will go down in history as the driest winter on record in california water agencies across our state , urging everyone to do everything possible to conserve water, especially in those bone dry summer months. happening today. the man charged with killing former police officer and security guard kevin nash era in downtown oakland is due back in court. mitchell is expected to enter a plea today after he was granted a three week continuance. 25 year old is facing several charges, including murder, attempted robbery and assault. machida was killed while working security for a television news crew in november. acenas widow spoke just about 30 minutes ago, reciting a quote before entering the courthouse. dead cannot cry out for justice. it is the duty of the living to do so for them, so let's get justice not only for kevin nishida but for others that had been victims of violent crimes. virginia machito went on
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to urge anyone with information on 27 year old ron gilbert, who has also been named in the case to contact authorities. another man, herschel hale, was also charged in connection with machida is killing and is currently in police custody overseas. now where there are reports this morning of new attacks by russia in ukraine, possibly in retaliation for the sinking of a key russian warship lauren blanchard has these latest developments. the fight continues in ukraine for the first time, their defense ministry spokesperson says russia has used long range bombers to attack the city of mario pole, and i understand that meru is the city hostage. and i can't protect it. not yesterday. not today. there are thousands stranded in marry paul , unable to evacuate and with little food. the head of the united nations world food program says the city is being starved to death fighting for him. that's all all we can do and we will not give up on the people in marry paul and other
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people that we cannot reach more than 51 days into russia's war on ukraine, the ukrainians have been able to hold their capital city of kiev, but russia is promising more attacks after they claim ukraine bombed a russian border city. russia is also setting their sights on eastern parts of ukraine. in an effort to capture the donbas region. it is going to be a much harder, bigger fight than we've seen so far and the devastating loss for the russian navy ukraine says they struck a top russian warship in the black sea. russia disputes that and says rather, it sank while being towed after a fire. we just don't have perfect visibility on exactly what happened. we do believe that there was a significant explosion on this cruiser, the moskva. there have been a number of high profile trips to ukraine by foreign leaders. but the white house says president biden is not planning to make the trip in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox june news organized
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cisr thieves who repeatedly targeted one business in the mission district. now we have some images here, released by sfpd of three men accused of robbing the gamestop store and the mission three times last week. the first time was a smash and grab robbery, followed by two flash map, flash mob style robberies and nearby business owners say the gamestop store is not the only mission district business being targeted by thieves. it's out of control, and we're in a crisis here in the mission district raw store, they literally go in and take a whole rocket closing. just walk out like nothing. san francisco
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police have made two arrests in the gamestop robberies and hope to make more arrests soon. san francisco supervisors, arguing something needs to be done about organized retail crime in the city supervisor asha safadi took to twitter to retweet. a photo of a san francisco walgreens where many cosmetics and personal care items are locked away to prevent theft. the supervisor wrote. quote we need to do better san francisco and turn this around. we actually put together an organized retail crime working group. and when i walk into a store and see everything under lock and click key, it actually makes me feel like i'm in another country. it makes me feel like san francisco has regressed to the point. for crime has absolutely overrun us. many of the items locked away our basic goods like shaving cream lotion and makeup supervisor safadi says thieves are reselling those items on the streets and online san francisco police department is saying problems with staffing shortages are getting worse. a new report from the police department was
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presented to the board of supervisors just yesterday at a public safety in neighborhood committee meeting. right now they're almost 2200 sworn and civilian staff at sfpd, but the new report says the department needs 764 more people to properly keep the streets safe. we want to be at events. we want to be engaging with the community and if we're moving from call to call to call to call, there is no time for that. that report. also staying over the last five years, an average of 100 active sworn members have left the department through retirement resignation and termination. sfpd says it plans to start a retention unit to get employees who are eligible to retire to stick around. and to try to keep others from leaving to work for other cities. bart is moving forward with the plan to add automated license plate readers at its parking lots. the bart board approved the new $2.4 million contract unanimously yesterday. help is that it will provide more security at parking lots, which have had issues with cars being broken into. privacy advocates say they're concerned
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that the information could be misused spokesperson told the mercury news. the cameras will eventually be used to let people pay for parking with their license plate numbers on the bart app. researchers at u. c. berkeley found that california is now view. the high cost of gas is one of the state's biggest problems, the survey found. 69% of california voters said record high prices at the pump or a serious problem. when it's having an impact on their finances. however the same research found that high gas prices aren't pushing most people to take mass transit, 43% said. they're just driving less. the majority of california say they do support california's high speed rail project. despite a number of setbacks, researchers at uc berkeley found 56% of voters support the project. 35% oppose it. the poll also found a strong partisan split 73% of california democrats say they support the bullet train compared to 25% of republicans. clashes between israeli police and palestinians
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have wounded more than 150. palestinians coming up on the mornings onto the nine more on the violence in the holy land, as three religions celebrate major holidays. and coming up after the break. oakland's police chief laurent armstrong, will join us live in the studio to talk about what the department is doing to address rece
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graf violent crime just last weekend, despite increased staffing, more officers on the streets. five people were wounded in a series of shootings that happened just hours apart. 1 15 year old girl was shot and killed. we welcome oakland police chief laurent armstrong back to the night to talk about what is happening in this beautiful city. thanks for being with us. thanks for having me course. let's talk about the death of that 15 year old. you were speaking on camilla brown's death just days ago. and you said quote we, the city remained committed to protecting our children on saturday. we didn't do that. we failed when you say we who are you talking about
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their addressing crime is a unified approach that it's not just law enforcement. i think as we as a community fail when children lose their lives unfortunate it's a tremendous loss for everybody. there are young people that knew her that will miss her and trauma will start immediately. so when we all fail, i mean that we failed our children because we have now introduced trauma into their lives. you grew up in this city and i can tell every time you speak on the death of particularly a child. it hurts you very deeply. in this case, the death of camille a brown. police know that there were witnesses to the death. have you heard from those witnesses yet? because when you spoke about this, you hadn't well, we continue to seek information. we have some information, but there's still more information that should be shared with law enforcement. i hope that people want to bring that information forward so that that family that camilla's family can feel like justice has been served that the person responsible for this crime will be held accountable. you think people have the information aren't coming
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forward. i think sometimes it's a lack of trust in law enforcement. sometimes it's a lack of being comfortable bringing forth that information because of what people might think. but i think we all need to agree that when we see a 15 year old, lose her life, we all should come together to say that's just not right a lot about accountability when it comes to violence in the city of oakland, and i know you talk for a minute about the fact that here in alameda county people who are out on bail or re offending at rates far higher than in other cities in our county. you've talked to judges . um but when it comes to what opd can do, combined with that accountability you're seeking. what can you do? what are you doing? ceasefire strategy is really focused on that small percentage of people that really commit crime. oakland is a beautiful city with a lot of great people, and only a small percentage of people drive violent crime. when we make contact with those individuals when we arrest him for firearms or violence related crimes. we want them to be held accountable so that they don't continue to cause harm in our community.
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working ceasefire is working despite these numbers, despite these deaths and shootings this year, we are back fully implemented ceasefire and we've seen a slight decline in homicides so far this year. last year. at this time we had over 41 homicides. today we sit at 35 . so it is progress and it is because of the ceasefire strategy. it is because of communities partnership and stepping up right now. in this moment, it seems sometimes, though every time opd celebrates a success there is a another story to also be told, will highlight one success here. robberies down in oakland by 18% at the same time that news came out i got an alert on my phone from opd that said, look, be careful. there is an increase in people being robbed at gun point in residential neighborhoods. so what sort of crime shifts are we seeing take place in oakland. we definitely are seeing an increase in carjackings and robberies. those are concerning because those are very personal , the idea that someone would be in their car and armed individual will come up and brandish a weapon that can bring
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tremendous fear that is a crime network concerned about were also concerned about residential robberies, robberies that are happening right in front of people's homes. so we're just asking people to be diligent vigilance to look out for one another. and let us know if they have video or anything that helped identify those who could be responsible for those crimes, talked to people who live in the city and people who live around oakland. say you know what? i'm not going to jack london anymore. when i decide where to go out to eat. maybe i'll stay in san leandro. this i imagine hurts the entire city of oakland. yeah and it is not a fair reflection of who we are. as oakland ear's. as the city of oakland. i will say that we've intentionally put officers in these locations, additional officers around the jack london area, the uptown area around lake mary. these are cornerstones of our city. we must protect them. people must feel like they can come and enjoy. the beautiful areas will do everything we can to keep them safe. so let's talk about what happened at the lake. not that long ago there was increased enforcement increased patrols around the lake. then you got some pushback from the
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community. people saying look, don't over police. the lake. this is where i go to barbecue. push my kids on a swing chat with my neighbors. how do you balance that? well what i think is important is that we meet with community and that's what we've done around the lake. we have a committee that includes community members. were we discussing what the community would like to see from law enforcement, their concerns the issues that they would like us to address and i think that collaborative approach is the approach we'd like to take. and a bunch of different problems that we're addressing. in oakland, you pull back some of your enforcement how what was the result of those conversations to be balanced to make sure that we understand that there are residents in the area that want to see some things handled early, like traffic, making sure that traffic flows around the lake. but other things around issues of vending, allowing other city services to actually address that issue and not allow law enforcement to need to step in your staffing at opd. our staffing has decreased. obviously we're down to 652 officers, but i'm encouraged because we have two academy is going on and we're hiring right
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now. so opd jobs .com banners right starting salaries, i forget, but pretty close to six figures. yeah can we talk about in the past, oakland has turned to agencies outside maybe there are federal can come in. are yog to take that step sometime soon. we continue to work with our federal partners. really 80 f has been a tremendous partner in helping us address gun violence in the recovery of firearms, helping us track the origin of where these weapons are coming from. we will seek the help of chp when we're dealing with issues around sideshow traffic related events, and alameda county sheriff's department will be an option if we need additional help. for spontaneous events where we may not have additional staff. you're not calling them in for this week, though. even based on what we saw last weekend? no we feel confident we have enough resources to be present in the community. you'll see additional officers prepared to address violence as well as sideshow, so we're prepared. so when you look at something like what happened last weekend, several shootings in a span of just seven hours,
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and that was with increased enforcement. what are you concerned about? i guess if you're not increasing enforcement from last weekend, what can we expect this weekend ? there will be additional resources there that will dedicate yes, that opd will dedicate, and then we'll follow up on information that we have to help us better understand where we need to focus those resources. it really is violence being replaced from one place to another. and we have to do a better job of getting in front of that. violence often say that you can't just do enforcement. you actually have to take preventative actions and so will seek to prevent these crimes from happening. can i ask you a quick before? we have to let you go? what's the morale of your police officers? because those men and women do incredible work every day and sometimes to read the stories and see these numbers, i imagine can be very, very hard. it has been tough, but i will say i truly appreciate the community because community has been complemented our officers, letting them know how much they appreciate them. i think the morale was low, but when they hear those encouraging words, it is the motivating factor for why you do this job, so i encourage people to let them know that you appreciate
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what they do when you see them that will help them get through the tough day. many people say look, i just want to see police officer drive past my neighborhood once in a while. just be there so i can wave and i know that you're there to help me. well police chief laurent i'm sure we could talk for an hour on this clearly, but it's good to have you back in studio and i hope we'll talk again very soon. good to be here, cassie. thank you so much. james thanks, garcia. three major religions are observing holy days today, but violent clashes broke out in jerusalem. as thousands gathered to pray. greg palkot has the story from london. good friday, passover and ramadan all converging on the same day, leading to clashes in the holy land more than 150. palestinians were reportedly wounded when friday prayers spilled over into the worst violence in the city in nearly a year. it happened at the al aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in islam and the most sacred site for jews. israeli forces now being deployed in big numbers, hoping to stop the violence before it
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spirals out of control. we are working to calm things on temple mountain throughout israel. at the same time, we are prepared for any scenario. it's not clear how the clashes started. israeli police saves him 60,000 palestinians were attending friday prayers and became violent throwing stones at security forces. but the palestinians tell a different story, claiming only a small number of protesters were throwing stones and israel used it as a pretext to crack down on the entire crowd. suppression and this barbarism by the occupation, repressed our people and emptied the mosque compound while the world was watching. we condemn this. despite today's violence, holiday preparations are proceeding in other parts of the city. christians marking good friday with a traditional procession. jews get ready for passover, which starts at sundown, trusted government and israeli security. and i really think i could be here even in the shook and still still feel securing not not not have too much fear. police say they have
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arrested hundreds of suspects as they ramp up their security crackdown in london. greg palkot, ktvu fox two news fighter planning on rolling out a covid-19 booster for kids between the ages of five and 11 coming up on mornings on to the nine when health officials anticipate more data about that , and more the potential for a covid shot for kids five and under. plus a decision is made regarding vaccine mandates for california public schools. and after the break ktvu s demagogues will have a live report from oakland on when students in our state may be required to be vaccinated ag
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won't need the umbrella direly. when you have kind of a chillier day like today, i think it's a good day. to sip on a glass of some red white, speaking of which the rising costs of glass bottles is leading to high end wineries exploring other packaging options, including box wines, glass bottle costs have gone up to about 50% recently, the press democrat reports. that tablets creek winery in the parcel roubles region recently sold its higher end paddling the topless rose and three litter box. i know i'm mispronouncing all those words that wine normally retails for $28 a bottle, but they offered the three liter box for $95 to its club members. and it's sold out in just four hours. and then recently the maker of high end wines duckhorn decoy and cost a. brown recently told the business journal that it too, is considering lightweight alternative packaging as they moved to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions. let's bring in gaseous christian for this conversation. i feel like whenever i see wine coming from a box immediately have like a
9:32 am
negative connotation to it brings back college and high school memories of college college memories. christian captain parents and i school. yes of course. there are parents sometimes who had boxed wine, but, yeah, no, it brings to mind. so my wife is the wine expert in the house. we're talking about box beer. i could probably weigh in a little bit more intelligently on this. we have to talk to mrs christian cathy. absolutely absolutely. but you know, she likes her one. i like a pinot noir. it's nice, but i'm strange. i guess i don't really why? when accepted cook with, although someone did ask me. my husband asked me to buy a what he called the bottle of two buck chuck. but now i trader joe's it is now $3 charles. so it's still a pretty good bottle of wine for three bucks box wine, probably i do the wrong thing, and i kind of cook with whatever's around. i know you're not supposed to rules. you're not supposed to cook with wine that you wouldn't drink but rarely have a bottle of wine open. i think i've got a bottle of, you know, white from a year
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ago, sitting in my fridge for pasta sauces, boxed wine just makes me think that there's going to be a little foil tab at the top, and you can just pop a straw. in it, and it's like a giant caprice center, a giant juice box that you can kind of, you know, squeeze and get every drop out of like that. yeah it might be a lot to drink with 11111 straw. so multiple straws. sorry. gotta keep interrupting. i'm trying to save you because the statute of limitations may not have run out on whatever you're saying. it didn't happen in my folks are watching to grow up here. mairbek high school high school in berkeley. that's right. and maybe it got it. got it. alright, alright, switch back to our covid. coverage here is we're looking at what's happening when it comes to the vaccine for young children. visor is looking to expand its covid booster shots for young children. in particular, the drugmaker says studies show younger children had a robust response to the third shot of the vaccine. spicer says the new data show it's child sized boosters helped trial participants increase their virus fighting antibodies. 36 fold against the omicron variant , compared to just two doses. children under the age of five, though still waiting to get
9:34 am
their first shots. public health leaders say that we could see that data from fighter in the next few weeks. i want to see the data. make sure it's safe. make sure it's in having is that it's effective. well, no more. i think in the upcoming weeks once that data becomes a bit more available. the cbc says children under the age of five or hospitalist at higher rates during the recent omicron surge than they were with the delta variant children in california public schools won't be required to get a covid vaccine anytime soon. the state is delaying it's planned coronavirus vaccine mandate for schoolchildren. ktvu is emma gauss is live at an oakland elementary school where some students will be required to be vaccinated by this summer. right, emma good morning. that's right. i'm at la estrellita. it is a k through eight school in oakland, part of the oakland unified school district, and it is requiring that all students 12 years and older get their covid vaccine by this august, but the statewide school vaccine mandate is paused for now because the fda hasn't yet given
9:35 am
full approval of the covid-19 vaccine for children. it means not all california public schools will require students to get the vaccine until at least next summer. it's up to each school district for now, dr peter chen hong at ucsf, and that there's less urgency now to get a schoolwide vaccine mandate rolled out compared to last fall, when the cases were much higher. at the time when these bills were introduced, i think we didn't really know where we're going. but right now, i think with successive ways of infection, high vaccination rates in the community in general and even booster rates. with the hustles being preserved kids in school not being hospitalized at a high rate, there's time to wait for the full, uh, regular process occur. right now. pfizer's covid-19 vaccine is fully approved for ages 16 and older and there's only an emergency authorization in place for kids ages. 5 to 15 , california public health is waiting on is when the vaccine
9:36 am
will get full approval. california public health hopes to move forward with the school vaccine mandate by july 2023 dr peter chin hong believes that the full approval could come from the fda. as soon as by the end of this summer, reporting live in oakland, emma gauss, ktvu fox two news. thank you, emma. later today, we're expecting some more details from the oakland unified school district on what their plan will be when it comes to indoor mask mandates, the district moved to optional outdoor masking about a month ago, but said at the time they were still working to figure out a plan for when indoor masking would then become optional. they said indoor mask it would at least be required through today. oakland is one of the few districts to keep an indoor mask mandate in place. after the state department of health said scores could switch to strongly recommending masks inside. but the number of americans who have died from covid 19 is nearing one million data from the cdc list more than 984,000 total deaths in the us and beyond the numbers, people
9:37 am
who have lost family members or friends to the virus. many of them are still trying to process their grief. he would always give me a kiss on the forehead on on the list before he went on a woman to miss that still is still there and in my heart, jennifer love love and she was a caregiver for everybody. while adults make up most of the covid-19 deaths. children are also deeply impacted as well. nearly 200,000 kids in the us have lost one or both of their parents to the virus. firefighters have contained wednesday nights. huge fire at the taylor farms food processing plant in salinas. they say the building is a total loss. the shelter in place. advisory for the surrounding area has been lifted and there are no reports, one of the largest produce producers in the world, which supplies major retailers, such as safeway and walmart. this fire, say analysts it could cause produce prices at the supermarket to climb higher in the very near future. to have something like this happened in a transition period. just tragic
9:38 am
is absolutely tragic. this is such an important time of year in california all you made your processes like taylor or moving from arizona. where they've been for six months, moving back to california. investigators still working to determine the cause of this massive fire. there was some welding work taking place inside the building when the fire started. 9 38 this morning . many people, including elon, musk himself are skeptical that he will actually go and buy twitter. he made that comment at a conference in vancouver and said he has a plan b but didn't elaborate. what that plan b was musk offered $54 a share for the san francisco based social media company, valuing the company at $43 billion and much lower than the $70 a share it hit last summer. mask is already twitter's largest shareholder at about 9% and a passionate user of the platform. musk also said during a ted talk interview yesterday that he wants to encourage free speech. it is
9:39 am
important to the function of democracy. it's important to the function of. the united states as a free country and many other countries and to help us actually to help freedom in the world. mask also says he's not trying to make money with the deal. he says he envisions that under his ownership, twitter would go to a paid subscription model. instead of making money on ads. twitter's board of director says they are reviewing the proposal and the battle for the billionaires. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban, not buying it. he's saying he believes twitter will do everything in its power to not sell to elon musk. cuban said he believes that musk is messing with the sec, although cuban used slightly stronger language , possibly in retaliation, he said from usc's dispute with the sec back in 2018 when musk said he had the money to take tests up private at $420 per share, which caused tesla's stock to jump the sec find musk and tesla
9:40 am
$20 million apiece. the famous person chiming in here seven times. super bowl champ tom brady tweeted to elon musk. if you buy twitter, can you delete the combine photo? here is, of course, an infamous picture of brady as he's coming out of the university of michigan. he's not as well conditioned as he is right now. brady of course, jokes. he was selected in the sixth round of the end of the 2000 nfl draft. he was picked number 1 99 6, other quarterbacks chosen ahead of him . well, he has had the last right. that's the before picture that looks like the after picture for me, i would have spire to look like i'm brady when he's like 22 years old 23 years old. yeah, yeah, so is a week away and we are highlighting a lot of good work that's being done right here in the bay area. i love this. let us take you live now to downtown san francisco. in it. we are exploring urban beekeeping after the break, the co founder of an urban bqe, being company tells us all about the urban beehives that are right at the top of the downtown san francisco building . also let's talk sports as the
9:41 am
warriors are getting ready for tomorrow's big game day one of the playoffs, the big question remains will start stepping curry be ready to play. we'll ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:42 am
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9:43 am
is delivering good friday mass at the vatican as part of the holy week leading up to easter. this is one of two good friday commemorations. the pope is taking part in today and again. these are live pictures of that service. later the pope will lead a procession of people carrying candles at the coliseum in rome called the way of the cross, which commemorates the crucifixion of jesus. passover also begins today. vice president kamala harris and her husband, doug emhoff, will hold the passover seder at the vice
9:44 am
president's residence tonight. the white house says this is a continuation of efforts to celebrate inhofe's jewish faith . and today is april 15th with usually means tax day, but not this year. this year's deadline has been moved to monday. april 18th. change due to emancipation day. that's a holiday observed in washington, d c, marking the freeing of slaves, which is being celebrated this weekend. a new record was set by california's electric grid recently for how much renewable energy it was using, according to the california independent system operator at one point earlier this month. more than 97% of the state's electricity came from clean renewable sources, while the record was just a temporary snapshot grid operators say it's a sign that california is moving towards its clean energy goals, study says even cactus, which typically thrive in desert conditions may be hurt by climate change. the study, published in the journal nature plants finds most cactus species are adapted to the specific climate and environment
9:45 am
they live in. that they may not be able to survive even slight changes. the study estimates that by the year 2050 global warming could put 60% of cactus species at risk of extinction. national parks are letting visitors in for free tomorrow, but you might have trouble taking advantage at some parks here in northern california, the national park service's waving admissions fees for the startup national parks week we did check for you. as of earlier this morning, yosemite reservations all filled up. at near woods. there were some parking reservations. just a few for tomorrow. there are still some shuttle reservations open if you'd like for it to go to a national park without a required reservation. this place is gorgeous head south, go to moderate county and check out pinnacles national park stuff there. honey bees are critical to the world's food supply, but populations have been declining year over year. beekeepers in the u. s lost 45.5% of managed honey bee colonies from 2020 to 2021. that's, according to researchers. the year before the honeybee population decreased by
9:46 am
40% 1 place. bees are thriving. urban areas. let's bring in noah wilson rich, the co founder and ceo of the best beast company. here he's on the roof of the levi's plaza in san francisco. icu i hear you that's really unlikely place where you'd see a beehive thrive. but there you are on the roof of levi's plaza. you've got three honeybee hives. tell us how does that work? yep. it's amazing here. so on the rooftop of levi's plaza jamestown property, it is so exciting to be here as a b scientist myself. i've got a phd and beekeeping and what we're looking at our beehives that are thriving here, whereas they're dying in most other places so scientifically, there's really something to be said about the work that we're doing on rooftops in terms of agriculture and beekeeping. that's better for our pollinators. let's add a little more context here. at the start of the story. we mentioned that bee hives and bees are such an important part of the food supply in the food chain. for someone who is so novice to the life of bees and the impact they can have on your life and mind.
9:47 am
you know, what is that impact? why are they important to me and you? anybody who eats food needs bees, so people often say that one out of every three bites of food that we rely upon for a healthy, nutritious diet. we can think of beef or there are 200,000 species of pollinators out there hard at work every day . and most of those we don't understand, but what we do know is that honey bees bring us so many foods that we love like california almonds like citrusy. so many parts of our economy also rely on this really important part of our food system. so we need bees more than ever. i do like almonds. i do like citrus. i certainly like honey as well. why is the rooftop of this of this? levi's plaza. such a place to thrive for these for these beehives. why is that working out? you know, as you can see on this rooftop. there's really nothing else property, decided that they can better utilize this asset andg good foe
9:48 am
environment for our food system. and so we're starting to transform how we see cities, especially when the data come in, and they show that pollinators do really well on rooftops. we now are understanding that by transforming empty rooftops into green living spaces as habitat. that we're doing good for the environment. it can also really attract tenants and make employees and other people happy . especially if you have a home garden or area that you don't know what to do with. consider a pollinator habitat to do good while also feeling good. you say that you have three beehives on that rooftop with you any other areas that we might see something like this? you know, there are beehives all around the bay area from home gardens to rooftops, either at the san francisco beekeepers association is a thing. it's a wonderful group. they meet about once a month and so anybody can get involved whether you do it yourself or you hire beekeeping service. like best bees. there's so many options to add more pollinators to our local environment. and just like these beehives here with beekeeper brendan holding these docile amazing bees. we're working with
9:49 am
what's already in the environment, so we're able to breed these locally and keep our pollinators as a very local san francisco bay area thing now i'm glad you mentioned the beekeeper because i just noticed you're not wearing anything. you're not wearing any protection gear. you're not wearing gloves. you're not wearing a suit. uh how is that possible? i mean, imagine, obviously you've got this phd with studying bees that you're pretty comfortable, but for most people, you might be making them pretty nervous. you know, having the phd helps build confidence, but in all honesty when we're working with pollinators, we like the gentle ones for sure. these are vegan. unlike their distant cousins, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets, so bees often get a bad rap. and even though brendan is wearing a full beekeeper suit, he's not getting stung. there's no bees attacking, you can see my hands being waved slowly, gently across the bees. so they're safe and that's an important message. especially when we're breeding our own local bees. we've got an apiary in half moon bay nearby. we're making sure that our bees are safe, and that's a very important message for everybody
9:50 am
to understand. you know, i'm gonna leave it up to you to raise your hand over behind the bees. i'm not going to test that. but i'm glad you're showing us that it can work out. one last question for you. next friday is earth day, and you guys might have some some things planned for that. we do? yes. so for earth day, we've got a lot of events planned. we're doing a live webinar. that's going to be on april 21st. i believe that's at 10 am pacific time, so check us out best bs on social media were also doing events across the country. there are wonderful ways that any homeowner and kid any person of any ability or age can go out and celebrate pollinators, plant flowers or even just change your perspective to understand that we need bees, and it's okay to have them in urban areas, and the future of our rooftops is green. mean? and anybody can be like brendan. be brave. open your perspective and understand that we need be so much. it is so enjoyable to be a beekeeper. such a different perspective this morning. thank you so much . noah wilson rich for joining us this morning, the ceo and co
9:51 am
founder of the best bees company here in san francisco. we appreciate your time. thank you so much. you know, james, i was just telling you before that i love the fact that there's local ap areas local beekeepers because i need local, honey because i buy local honey to help with my allergies because you know claritin and can only do so much and i'm trying to reduce them overall, and i find local honey helps you visited some of the local be sure have some of the hotels have have little bee hives up on top, and it's neat, especially if you have kids, right? you don't want to have that fear of bees. unless of course, somebody is allergic. of course, you need to be cautious about that, but i know it's highs. you don't think about often. who knew right? there we go. spring football back with a familiar name coming up on mornings on to the nine the usfl is kicking off its inaugural weekend more on what you can
9:52 am
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town washington bakery and restaurant is shutting down next
9:55 am
week after 27 years in business . just this february, we told you about chelsea hung. she left a career in tech four years ago to take over that business that her mother built. in the end, she said, the pandemic made the challenges of running the business even more difficult. the chinatown bakery in hong kong style cafe will close its doors next saturday. let's talk some warriors basketball, they'll celebrate their first ever playoff game at chase center tomorrow night by holding blue and gold day. today the warriors are calling their postseason campaign gold blooded bands at each playoff home game will receive gold blooded t shirts with unique designs. i'm going to one so i get one is being celebrated throughout the bay area. team executives will join san francisco mayor london breed at city hall later this morning. san francisco, oakland , san jose, all their city halls will raise warriors flags today . some local landmarks including coit, tower, sfo and chase center will also be lit up and warriors colors. right james. the big question on everybody's minds is the health of steph curry houses looking the warriors are optimistic that
9:56 am
curry will be available for tomorrow's game one of the playoffs against the nuggets yesterday, he did have a scrimmage with his playmate, playmates teammates. excuse me after being out for a month with a sprained ligament in his left foot steps says that it still hurts but that he doesn't have to be paying free in order to be suiting up. tomorrow night. everything about it was was . get ready for playoffs. um me being out for four weeks, so every step has been in the right direction in terms of trying to get back out there, but never enjoyed practice so much. you know, i see the light in the tunnel right now. the lawyers say his conditioning looks great after his injury, but they may limit his playing time. you can expect a final announcement today about any minute restrictions for how long curry will be allowed to play tip off. 5 30 tomorrow night game to start seven o'clock monday night at chase center games three and
9:57 am
four will be in denver. and spring pro football is back on fox with a familiar name. we have a guest here on the desk. apparently it gets bigger. the closer it gets was joking about that over there. the closer it gets, the bigger it gets. the usfl kicks off its inaugural weekend with eight teams from the original league dating back to the 19 eighties and tickets to the opener pitting the new jersey generals and the birmingham stallions are already sold out. keep your eyes peeled. for that birmingham game, birmingham's number 33 the north bay, scooby, right, you see him right here. the linebacker graduated from santa rosa's cardinal newman high, then landed at the university of arizona before making some rounds in the nfl. the xfl. and now the usf usfl. he spoke to ktvu is frank mallicoat about getting another shot at a pro football career. let's college my junior year when i was drafted by the browns have played there and then put for the cardinals two years played in this area league played in the patrick patriots for a little bit xfl. phenomena giving
9:58 am
it one more run at the usfl. it's still in your heart, isn't it? yeah i mean, i was got a chance to step away from the game last two years and do something different things with martial arts and going through the fire academy. so kind of have a whole new perspective point of view on football, so there's a lot more fun and i'm enjoying it way more. how did you find out you were drafted by the birmingham stallion's yeah, i was. i was walking. i was getting ready to walk out of my jujitsu class and got his phone call from my mom. so that was pretty cool here. and then i got drafted by my mother. you must be really safe to start playing some football this weekend. um it's on fox. what what can people expect? it's a little bit different than the nfl. you said a little more in your face or what? yeah. so you're gonna be just from the point of view from the production is pretty cool. and then i think they said there's gonna be some around 16 players miked up on the field and there's gonna be cameras. there's gonna be two sky cams,
9:59 am
and there's gonna be a drone flying around. and then, uh, yeah, just like maybe inside the locker room, so it's gonna be really in your face and you wanna be seeing what it's like for real. another round of catching some pro football. you can watch philip arthur, right, the third better known as scooby and his stallion's right here on ktvu weekend against the new jersey generals, this is weak. they 10 game season kick off his 4 30 saturday afternoon. so right around the time you get in your ham and you know, potato salad and all that, yum yum, you can sit down and enjoy watching the game with us. so this is like an easter egg slash football. you can see it's slowly getting closer and closer and guys there is a seam on the open here, so it opens person inside the pleasure to open that up, baby eggs. there we go. one of course, rabbit random teams. okay the philadelphia stars. let's see if i can. oh my gosh, with my no nails looking and embarrass myself. i'm going to pass you definitely michigan
10:00 am
panthers. there's something in here. okay it's either like tab you can pull on the or alright. have the generals we have 10 seconds. still going to be working on this at noon? so i hope you join us for the update. ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: and now, give it up for the biggest in the game, fat joe and remy ma! [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ how you doin'? ♪ whoop, whoop! ♪ ♪


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