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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 15, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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and talk, and she's funny. she had a great sense of humor. it's totally shocked. she just i mean, out of every like she just simply didn't deserve this type of thing. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth police say that woman had been shot and was found dead on her couch. and now the search is on for her killer. welcome to the four everyone. i'm frank mallicoat jana katsuyama ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke with the woman's neighbors who are very concerned. after not hearing from her for a while. they said that she was a very sweet lady who deserved better. and then we found out that she was dead and that somebody was there was some kind of foul play over is in shock. after the body of her neighbor, a 59 year old woman was found in the victim's home in oakland san antonio neighborhood. police say she had been shot and had not been seen for days, if not weeks, which is insane because she was a really sweet lady. she had no enemies or anything like that. it's really out of this. it's crazy
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that this happened to her. police were called to do a welfare check for the woman at her home near east 16th street and 23rd avenue at about 4 30 thursday afternoon. officers asked oakland firefighters to force their way inside. i have learned the woman was found sitting on a sofa with several shell casings nearby. on friday , investigators were back in the area, canvassing the neighborhood and looking for surveillance footage. the victim had lived in the attic for several years. she had just gotten a new job at a nearby goodwill and reunited with the daughter in new york, whom she had given up for adoption. neighbors grew worried when they didn't hear from her few days ago, i walked up and knocked on the door because i hadn't heard her moving furniture and the asbury called police and as officers to do a welfare check on her neighbor. i didn't hear any kind of shots. i mean, we hear gunshots around here. i know what they sound like. so yeah, i don't know. of course i'm not here to 100% of the time, either. residents were stunned to hear that the victim had been shot hearing about this woman. you know, dying in her room being shot or you know, it's really sad. oakland city
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council member noel gayo represents the neighborhood. we just need to be more careful, take care of each other and take care of our family men. that's the bottom line because the deaths and the activity that i see on the streets and the videos and pictures. i have we're out of control. oakland police are asking anyone with information or surveillance video of this area to give them a call. in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news, oakland police are addressing violent crime in the city after a series of shootings this past weekend, even though opd had more officers out on the streets. five people were wounded in shootings that happened just hours apart. last friday and on saturday of 15 year old girl way today. oakland police chief says, despite the recent us live violence oakland has seen a slight improvement, thanks in part to operation ceasefire this year. we are back fully
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implemented ceasefire, and we've seen a slight decline in homicides so far this year. last year at this time we had over 41 homicides. today we sit at 35 so it is progress and it is because of the ceasefire strategy. it is because of communities partnership and stepping up right now in this moment. chief armstrong says the department plans to once again increased police patrols this weekend. the chief adds that despite being short staff, he's encouraged that ongoing hiring efforts and the departments to academies will soon boost their staffing. petaluma police are searching for suspects in a fight that led to gunfire downtown last night, officers responded to water street near east washington at about 8 15 last night. they say witnesses told them a group of at least four people were involved in a fight, and witnesses reported hearing at least one gunshot. about a half an hour later to people arrived at the hospital. one had a gunshot wound and the other had a head injury. both of the victims are expected to survive
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opening day for the oakland a's . it's monday night, and fans won't be the only ones apparently in the stands. coliseum has been overrun. by feral cats, who apparently saw the pandemic years as an opportunity to grow their ranks . ktvu zan, rubin explains, authorities said a meeting to discuss that very issue today and say they plan to deal with the cats and it is working and take it away. yeah well, they're plan is just working slowly. it involves spaying and neutering the adults and adopting out the kittens. but as far as the coliseum goes, the aids will have to share it with these feral cats for the foreseeable future. they've been lurking in the dugouts, feeding in the dumpsters and well reproducing the oakland coliseum has been overrun by feral felines on the coliseum site we're talking about, probably 50 or so cats and i always say, if you see 50 there are going to be more at least another 50 to 100 nearby,
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according to oakland animal services. and so they, along with island cat resources and adoption, have begun to trap and fix the kitties before releasing them back at the coliseum. they've been taking these photos as they do, largely, um it's in their best interest to stay where they are. but we want to get everybody spayed and neutered so that they stop reproducing. at a meeting today , colosseum officials discussed the issue, saying the cats have had an unintended benefit. no one has seen a rat there in years. they plan to continue the trap neuter return program indefinitely. we think we will get this under control. we can live with the cats. uh, they do good work. but we need. to deactivate some of them. we don't need quite as many as we've got on duty right now. it seems at least for now, the coliseum cats will become part of the obvious at a xgames at a president dave saville says he's mostly okay with that, as long as they stay off the field during the actual game, that's the one thing but you never know
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that famously happened back in the nineties. prompting then manager tony larussa to adopt the cat and start an animal shelter. as for the current crop, animal services says only the kittens will be fit for adoption. the first letters are currently at a foster home. but the plan to do their part in organizing coliseum kitten adoption events when the time is right, it's happened before. i think there are many more people who are going to be positively impacted by these kittens, and we look forward to doing our part and ensuring that they find families to be with. officials with animal services say this will not be a quick fix. they've only spayed and neutered about 20 cats. so far, no word on when the kitten adoption events might start, they say. in fact, this is just the beginning of kitten season, frank. and you were there all day. was it difficult to find them or do they? do they hide a little bit? so we have not seen them ourselves so that
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we have been looking, but we were able to get a lot of those photos of the cats from some of the animal services people who have been out here, trapping them. and so you know, they say they're all over, including sitting on the golf carts in the morning as if ready to go out on rat duty. frank well, wait till 40,000 hit coliseum on monday. that should be interesting. and ruben live for us in oakland. thank you, anne. or california is delaying it's planned coronavirus vaccine mandate for schoolchildren. the plans are on hold because the fda hasn't yet given full approval for the covid-19 vaccine for children. that means california will not be requiring students to get the vaccine until at least next summer. for now, each school district is able to create its own policies. the oakland unified school district is planning to require all students 12 years and older to get the covid-19 vaccine starting in august. so i'm glad that the open schools are doing the right
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thing. you know, i think it would be great if all the schools across the state can do that. but i'm glad to hear that oakland's doing it. health officials say there's less urgency to vaccinate students compared to last fall when covid case rates were higher and the vaccine for children was not available. now many children have received the vaccine under the emergency use authorization. today oakland unified school district announced it will continue to require masks indoors through the april 24th. after that date, mass indoors will only be strongly recommended the district move to optional outdoor masking about a month ago, but said at the time it was still working to figure out a plan for when indoor masking would become optional. oakland is one of the few districts to still have an indoor mask mandate in place after the state department of health said schools could switch to strongly recommending you wear a mask inside. coming up this weekend is almost here, and we've got a new episode of the issue is to talk about after the
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break. we'll go live to l a and catch up with the host alex michaelson for the very latest. and the war in ukraine continues escalating the latest victory claimed by the russian military. this month of april. we will see more rainfall than in january, february and march combined. so we're tracking the raindrops and when you should expect him as the news continues, right here the news continues, right here on the floor. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet,
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to your new chevy. make it bolder. make it work harder. make it your own. find new possibilities. find new roads. very well-qualified buyers can get 0% financing on most chevy pickup trucks. plus, now during truck month get a thousand dollar accessory allowance toward the eligible purchase of a new chevy truck with accessories. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. wai, claiming it has destroyed a factory in kiev that makes anti ship missiles. the strike comes after ukraine claimed it sunk a russian warship, fox news correspondent lucas tomlinson has more details now from washington. the russian military releasing a new video claiming a retaliatory attack on a machine building plant outside the ukrainian capital kiev. the strikes taking place after the u. s. says a pair of ukrainian missiles sunk a large russian
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warship in the black sea significant symbol to the ukrainians, and it's got to be a huge morale boost for ukrainian forces. this week, president biden announcing another $800 million in security assistance will be sent to ukraine. the package includes drones, antiaircraft and antitank missiles, armored vehicles and helicopters. russia warning the u. s and nato of unpredictable consequences if the alliance keeps sending those weapons to ukraine. it's really designed very much more specifically tailored to the kind of fighting that we think the ukrainians are going to be experiencing in the donbas here in coming days and weeks. russia's invasion is also putting a major strain on the u . s relationship with china director william burns criticized beijing. calling chinese president xi jinping, a silent partner in russia's war in ukraine. putin is merely becoming she's sadistic sidekick in this new cold war that they have launched against the west. the white house is reportedly
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looking into sending a high level official to kiev following the british prime minister's visit last week. u. s officials say it won't be president biden in washington. lucas tomlinson, fox news the war in ukraine is presenting some unique challenges for children with autism. some of those issues are being addressed at a center in lviv, where autistic children whose families left their cities due to the war are now being treated. before the russian invasion. the start center says they were dealing with about 100 children in live eve, but as the war has raged on another 30 children from different cities around the country have come to get care. instructors say even simple noises can cause panic or distress for a child with autism. the caregivers provide what's called sensory relaxation to help the children calm down, but they say the center is facing a very uncertain future. it needs more equipment and resources to serve the needs of the children who arrived trying to escape the war zones must
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offer to take over twitter is drawing some very sharp and negative reactions. entrepreneur mark cuban, reacting to the tesla ceo has offered to buy, the company said. it's a way of quote effing with the sec, unquote, the securities and exchange commission, of course. now on thursday, cuban tweeted out by messing with the sec through his purchase of 9% of twitter last month. musk is hyping a fake takeover. but doing that by doing that, whether other investors will want to hop in for a quick profit, including musk himself, which he has denied. but in a thursday ted talk just one day after offering a super bid of 43 billion bucks for twitter bid way over twitter stock price must said this i do think this will be somewhat painful, and i'm not sure that i will actually be able to acquire it. venture capitalist fred wilson also weighed in writing. twitter is too important to be owned and controlled by a single person. twitter should be decentralized
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as a protocol that powers an ecosystem of communication products. and services. but even if must fail's twitter is now a solid takeover target by the likes of salesforce, which can afford it and try to make it profitable because must did not say how the deal would be financed. stiff hold the international investment banking firm downgraded twitter, saying that twitter is in the midst of a full blown along circus. a new, affordable housing development will soon be under construction in oakland. the groundbreaking was today for the construction site in west oakland at seventh and campbell streets. former black panther leader elaine brown is behind the development. this is the only building project in oakland be led by a black woman, brown says the $72 million project aims to house people. who typically cannot get housing, including those who are formally incarcerated, homeless or unemployed. we've been able to move through a bureaucratic
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mountain of obstacles and other things, but nevertheless we got him. we got this money. this is $72 million project, and then when you add in the services that we're going to get, we have open housing authority which has given us 39 vouchers, so 39 of the 79 units will be available for people who qualify for section eight, but they don't have to have section eight. the bottom floor of the housing development at will contain four businesses, a restaurant, fitness center, neighborhood market and a clothing store. all will be run by people in the community. the bar board appears to be leaning towards keeping a $40 million construction contract in place despite an appearance of conflict of interest there. inspector general's report out last week found that a bart manager approved the dollar contract with a construction firm where their spouse and sibling both were. the manager, who is not identified. also formerly worked for that company, the report says. bart may have to avoid the remaining $27 million on that
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contract if it is shown that the spouse financially benefited from the move at the bart board meeting yesterday, a company lawyer argued that the spouse's retirement account contributions are not linked to the company profit or revenue. blue skies across the bay area. today we are sandwiched in between two separate systems one yesterday that brought us up to nearly an inch of rain and mill valley to the next one that will be pounding the bay area, beginning with the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. this is it. this is our lives, whether camera you know, i was on the phone with some people in bismarck, north dakota. where they've had just blizzard like conditions, and i wanted to share this photo with them. because look at that. this is a live weather camera. it is pristine. the visibility is unlimited in santa rosa is at 60 degrees and check out conquered all the way up. 2 68 same and sent jose were yesterday the high was only 62 degrees average
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high is 69. so it's almost a seasonal spring day here in the bay area i've been noticing hour by hour. the winds have been picking up right now. f o at 17 half moon bed eight and this is what was in the forecast today with east west early's increasing 10 to 20 mph in advancement. at the approaching rain event. now we have the winds right now out of the south in santa rosa at 10 conquered a westerly at 14 mph when certainly assuring the pollen around in the tree count remains on the high side and the grasses is beginning to come into play as well. meteorologists mark tamayo will be along at six o'clock tonight to update you on the very latest on our seasonal allergy report. but meanwhile, fantastic friday breezy, fresh air with the passage of that cold front warmer conditions today, but it will turn cloudy this evening. now here is why look at how beautiful this system is. it's a zonal flow, taking direct aim it's poised its position to move into
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northern california beginning with tonight. now while we do have the bright sunshine that's going to be replaced with that, right there, the clouds rolling in and we will have a lot of wind on the back side of this system. but right now, let's go ahead and track it. our by our according to our future cast. there you have two am on saturday. there you have about 56 o'clock when most of the area will be under the gun. as far as the raindrops on the rooftops are concerning this system moves out of here very rapidly. anything you have planned tomorrow morning. go ahead and slide to the afternoon and you'll get it done and we're done with this forecast, but we'll pinpoint your neighborhood forecast that's still coming up later on in this broadcast. sounds good. thank you, roberta . it is friday. it is good friday, actually, which means we have a new episode of the issue is coming up on the weekend show host alex michaelson joins us now live from l a. and alex. what are you working on? this easter weekend. well, happy easter to you, frank. we're
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gonna be talking with michael shellenberger, who is a candidate for governor of california. he's challenging gavin newsom. he's a berkley resident. he wrote the book sicko talking about problems with homelessness in the bay area. he has used to be a progressive democrat, and now he's running as a nonpartisan as an independent. he says. there needs to be big changes when it comes to homelessness. here's some of what he had to say. we care about everybody in such a beautiful thing. it's why so many of us live here. it's why i came here. we have such a liberal progressive values but were being taken advantage of people are coming here from out of state. they're breaking our laws against drug crimes. public campaign public defecation. people are mentally ill. there's suffering from a drug addiction. these aren't homeless encampments. they're open drugs scenes. we have to do what every civilized nation has done in the world, including very progressive ones like the netherlands. but all of europe really, which is we need to get people to care they need we
4:21 pm
can't let people live in these open air drug scenes people being raped. people are dying. people are being killed. people are overdosing. so we need to enforce laws. we need you to enforce laws against public camping. that means we need universal shelter. but you ultimately need carrots and sticks. so he wants to create something that he would call cal psych, which would be a system that would be run by the state that would basically take over a lot of the mental health drug addiction issues for the state. um obviously, it's a tough order sort of going up against governor newsom in this campaign . he hopes to be the one to survive. you know, frank, the way that the ballot works. the top two finishers from the june primary will then advance to a runoff in november. he's hoping to be one of them and to be able to have a longer conversation about this, he says on the issue of homelessness. specifically he thinks the governor is vulnerable. alex shellenberger ran as a democrat. i believe in 2018. we know what happened four
4:22 pm
years ago. but did he get any traction with the democratic party? no he finished ninth. okay very successful. and then he backed kevin faulkner in the recall. he didn't do all that. well so you know it's going to be a challenge for him. but he's got a big platform. now hundreds of thousands of followers online he was just on joe rogan's podcast for, like, three hours. so there is, you know some people that are getting behind this message as well. and it's a different time now than it was even a few years ago. so we're talking to him. we'll also be talking about that explosive san francisco chronicle story about dianne feinstein's memory with tall copen of the san francisco chronicle as well this weekend full. yeah, we've been on that as well. okay we look forward to the program this weekend. have a have a happy easter and a good weekend. thank you, alex. yeah and happy passover for those celebrating as well. absolutely and you can catch the issue is right here on ktvu. it airs sunday morning at 6 30 right
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before our morning news. coming up a warning for dog owners who like to spend time outdoors what you need to know about salmon poisoning disease and how to protect your pets from
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owny show affection to their animals specifically kisses researchers at the university of lisbon in portugal and the royal veterinary college in london. say a kiss from your pet might show unconditional love. but it could also be spreading antibiotic resistant bacteria, according to the study, pets and humans in the same home often share antibiotic resistant strains of e. coli and other bacterial infections. it's really hard not to accept a lick from your little furry friend, right? but think about the hygiene there. they like to look in places where the feces comes , and then they're looking you right afterwards there are
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certain antibiotic resistance. bacteria like e. coli. and those were found in the stool. of the animals, dogs, mainly but also in their pet owners. the research didn't study the exact transmission of the shared bacteria or whether it originated the pets or humans. scientists say it is important to take steps for good hygiene when in contact with your pets, speaking of dogs that warning for you dog owners out there if you're planning on being outdoors, hiking around this weekend to protect your furry friends from what they call salmon poisoning disease. it is potentially fatal condition only seen in dogs after they eat certain types of raw or cooked salmon or trout. this afternoon , i spoke with jason julian. he is the senior environmental scientists. at the california department of fish and wildlife . about what to look out for. tell us about salmon poisoning disease. i've never heard of it. and if you got a dog you should know about it, right? absolutely yeah. salmon poison disease is something that occurs naturally
4:27 pm
in our environment that's transmitted through like a bacteria type organism. um through a parasitic flatworms in fish. and so we need to be extra careful with our dogs around. um you know, consuming raw or even cold smoked salmon or trout. is it an issue with like cats, other animals humans, or is it just dogs? just dogs? you know it doesn't affect humans or really other other pets. um, primarily just dogs. and is it only happened in northern california into the streams? it's common throughout northern california and the waterways around northern california. but in other parts of the country, no, i don't know about other parts of the country. but but at least here locally, um mostly only found in northern california. how can we haven't heard much about it? ah, i don't know. it's not a common thing. that's uh, that's um, you know, put out in the media tampa that's probably not a really
4:28 pm
good answer for this. what can you find it in, like dog food and stuff like that? are we just talking about raw fish carcasses ? trout that kind of probably just found in raw fish and carcasses found in the natural environment, want people to be aware and that that could be a concern for dogs that come in contact with? i did fishing might find along the shoreline or trouser came and that's when my capture. talk about some of the symptoms say your dog gets ahold of some of this. what should you be on the lookout for? and what can you do to help out your pet? yeah it's really similar to distemper. so a lot of it includes, you know things like elevated body temperature loss of appetite. vomiting goes but other symptoms and if anytime your dog is experiencing symptoms like that, you should definitely be them to prevent to be evaluated. it is treatable, though, if you catch it early. yep. but if it's in your dog for a week or two, it could be fatal. right can be fatal. i'm unsure of the time frame for
4:29 pm
that, but but it's definitely something you want to address early. and it is a bacteria that's found in a flatworm. is that what it is correct? it's a bacteria that's found in the flatworm that in the flatworm is a parasite parasite to salmon and trout. so it gets inside your dog and starts doing damage , i guess. all right, so if you're out hiking or around a stream or a lake in the local, uh, just enjoying the outdoors, just be cautious if you got your dog running around alright, that is jason julian. we appreciate your time, jason and, uh, thanks so much for the heads up because i imagine a lot of people are gonna be out and about this weekend. yep no problem. thank you. thank you. coming up next good friday. celebrations are happening all across the country and across the world. we're going to take a look at how different cities are commemorating this holy day. filling up the grocery and easter basket will cost you more this year. i'm lauren blanchard this year. i'm lauren blanchard in washington, the latest
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4:33 pm
more in march, inflation increased 8.5% more than a year ago, a 40 year high, the administration acknowledges americans are hurting but passes blame to the pandemic and the war in ukraine, and we all agree it's a huge problem. it's the number one issue in polls. everyone thinks costs are too high this year, the white house easter egg roll is back. but the price of eggs nothing to celebrate. due to inflation and a bird flu outbreak there up 11.2% over last year. other passover and easter favorites are up as well. we talked about certain food categories like for example, eggs, ham, dairy products, fish salmon, these are up double digits, not sweet candy up 7.6% toys up 2. some analysts agree with the administration. it's only temporary changes are going to start getting fixed. all bodes well for lower inflation as we move into the latter part of the
4:34 pm
year. some republicans say the record inflation is from democratic policies. everything they do is counter to solving the problem in front of us. but if we act faster and more boldly, it wouldn't have to be all of all that long. national retail federation estimates americans will spend on average $170 this easter food will be the biggest cost. in washington . lauren blanchard, fox news people of christian, muslim and jewish faiths are all observing religious holidays this weekend . the timing is a fairly rare occurrence, easter ramadan and passover only overlap about once every 33 years. in vatican city , pope francis commemorated good friday with the service at st peter's basilica. in jerusalem, thousands of christians retraced what is traditionally believed to be the route that jesus took to his crucifixion. good friday also is coinciding with the start of passover, which begins at sundown. you hear in some places in the world you hear
4:35 pm
about what's going on in israel, and it's scary, but then you come here and it's everyday life. and in jerusalem, the muslim holy month of ramadan was marked by violence more than 150 . palestinians were wounded in clashes with israeli police at the mosque. palestinians say worshipers were gathering when they were hit with rubber bullets and batons. israel says police were hit by rocks hours later 60,000 people attended prayers, thousands of catholics took to the streets of prince to pray today. many dressed in white and following the cross and a procession this year's procession also taking a political undertone in response to a year that has seen a spike in gang related violence there. gains currently control up to 40% of the city that is home to more than two point eight million people. today also marks the third anniversary of the massive notre dame fire in
4:36 pm
france. worshipers gathered outside the famous cathedral in paris for a traditional good friday procession. hundreds of parisians and tourists celebrated the holy day by praying at the notre dame cathedral, which still remains covered in scaffolding. as workers continue restoring the landmark after that devastating 2019 fire. in new york city today, the mayor there, eric adams honored transit workers who have helped passengers following this week's mess subway shooting, the workers receive special proclamations for their work and ushering writers to safety. this week. new york city showed the entire globe was city is and has always been about courage, heroism, quick thinking. and decisive action as a former transit police officer i witnessed throughout the years how often you rise to the occasion during difficult times. you are personified was great about our
4:37 pm
subway system and our mta system overall. 10 people were shot more than a dozen injured in that shooting. police accused 62 year old frank james of throwing a smoke grenade inside a subway car and then opening fire. james was later arrested in the city's east village neighborhood. he is currently charged with the coming up this weekend is your chance to watch a unique celebration of dance and culture high above uptown oakland and it's all for free. i spoke with the banda loop artistic director about their new performance titled bloomfield. and not one, not two, but three rain events moving this way, and we'll track them day by day as the news continues right here. and the four
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since unique, large scale outdoor performance for free banda loop is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the new performance high above uptown oakland on the side of the bruner building, and this afternoon, i had the pleasure of speaking with the artistic director delicioso, australia about the free shows that are coming up this weekend. well we're delighted to have malaysia australia here with us, the artistic director from banda loop. thank you for joining us on the floor. it's great to be here. thanks for having me. i wanted to start off with the title of this piece that you're presenting this week. it's called bloomfield. and i wanted to see if you could just start off by explaining the concept and why you wanted to explore this idea of a loom in this piece of work. absolute so bloomfield is, it lifts up the ancestral and ecological and social impacts of fabrics and fashion. you can see him sitting
4:41 pm
in front of our costume rack, and so much of this piece has been about my love of fabric and our our companies love of fabric and also a research into the ecological impacts of the modern fashion industry as it mixes with our ancestral sort of lineage of fabric making, knitting, weaving, crocheting sewing. so in that way, it really taps my own grandmother's story. and so many of our, um ancestors who actually make fabric and so we're just kind of weaving in all of these threads. into our loom. and when you come to see a band loop performance on the side of a wall you see that our ropes are stretched down the wall like a vertical warp. and um, i dance we've side to side in a sort of pendulum. and so as i was conceptualizing this work and looking up to the
4:42 pm
walls that we dance, and i was actually seeing them as looms. so that's how the name came to be. talk a little bit about what went into the preparation. yeah absolutely. so we have a consistent dance practice. of course, all of our dancers are professional contemporary dancers who learned to use gear climbing gear to actually take our dance on the side of the building. so as we were doing that rehearsal process, interspersed with that were workshops in fabric making in nigerian sewing techniques from our nigerian costume designer who's actually from nine generations of sewers from from nigeria. his family has been making clothes since the 15 hundreds and, um so we had workshops with him. that's not traditional dance research, but has a physicality to it. you know, sewing has a repetitive motions. weaving has a repetitive motion. so these motions of these crafts actually fed into our choreographic process. and what do you hope
4:43 pm
that the viewers take away after they they see this piece? what is it that you hope they take away? i hope that you know it sparks some memory or some appreciation, some honor for the viewers own ancestors and ancestral fabric line, and i hope it opens up some awareness about what the ecological impacts of fabric. are right now , you know not to feel guilty about our consumption habits. but in the spirit of celebrating fabric to have more awareness and maybe around our choices that we're making and how those choices will affect future generations. very exciting to see you with his performance today tomorrow. in oakland. thank you so much. militia australia, the artistic director for band alu. best of luck to all of you and your performance and thank you for joining us. thanks for having me. and that first performance at five pm right here in oakland's uptown we'll also this weekend you can celebrate some of the nation's
4:44 pm
most historic and scenic parks for free. the national park service is opening its gates and waving admission fees. on saturday in celebration of the start of national parks week. from acadia to yosemite to the everglades to the grand tetons, you'll be able to explore the best land america best parks that america has to offer and national park week runs from the 16th through the 24th. well all that snow that's been falling up to this era has some ski resorts considering extending their seasons. why not palace? st star ho says it has seen about 15 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. they are keeping the upper mountain slopes open, possibly through the end of the month now, but because of the big dry spell the last three months, this term won't be enough to reopen lifts that have already shut down. boreal senior marketing manager told us at noontime today they will be shutting down despite that fresh note. we will have to close this sunday because we do have our summer camp. so we're trying to
4:45 pm
prepare for right now we've got to dig out or outdoor skate park . those mountain bike trails, bmx trails and more so we can be prepared to launch your summer camps in the beginning of june. boreal says they have seen over 18 inches in the past 24 hours, two ft so far this week with more on the way so there should be lots of great skiing and boarding. if you're heading up to the sierra for the holiday weekend, roberta frank, would you refer to that as more of a cement snow? i don't know if the base is probably pretty cemented . but if you got some fresh powder on there and give us a little cold temperature, it wouldn't be all that bad man. he's the skier. yeah said it's the best yesterday said it's some of the best conditions they've seen since december. yes it is definitely, you know, we're going to see more rain and more snow in the tahoe area. in this month of april than what we did in january, february march, all combined together, so let's
4:46 pm
get to it lots to talk about. we have three separate systems coming up and the seven day rainfall total looks like this up to an inch of rain tomorrow. and then what is occasions than yet another system late monday into tuesday that another one late thursday into friday with heftier totals up to 2.5 inches of rain, bring it on. live weather camera looking out towards mount diablo at 3800 ft . you can see 10 miles out visibilities actually unlimited , a few hyphen serious clouds in the horizon otherwise check out the numbers 68 in concord and in san jose, so we could call it as seasonal spring day here in the bay area, but it's getting breezy winds are picking up and hayward at 13 18 mountain view 16 in livermore 17 mile per hour winds in nevada and 15 apiece and napa fairfield and in oakland at the international airport. these winds are increasing in advancement of that right there, and those winds will continue to blow out
4:47 pm
of the west 10 to 20 during the evening and overnight hours, so this is a zonal flow and this is perfect. a direct aim on northern california. it's not raining as of yet, but we'll see. the rain first arrived later on this evening across the northwestern section of the state of california. the rain will taper off very quickly once it's system blows by the bay area. it's got a quick clip to it. so here we go. we're going to track it hour by hour, two o'clock in the morning. if you're in the north bay will start to hear those raindrops on the rooftops. same thing in san francisco, but right here this yellow and orange areas that's a pretty moderate to downright heavy downpour, and this is the core the center of the area of low pressure right there so when it descends on the bay area, it does so very quickly and then by six o'clock in the morning is already out towards the sacramento valley. but we still in its wake have the rain and the winds will increase. and there you have the snow beginning in the tahoe area by
4:48 pm
the early afternoon hours saturday afternoon, we clear out everything you have planned for saturday morning shift to the afternoon for the sunrise services. easter sunday clear sky and then that is your system for monday overnight, but let's go ahead and back this up a bit about 4/10 of an inch of rain expected in san francisco, six tents for this impending system on the santa rosa area, now your winds up to 22 mph in oakland. it's going to be windy. with the passage of this system. these winds will continue to increase at times. up to 30 mph. we do have a winter weather advisory. in effect for the great lake tahoe area. we are anticipating another foot of snow and the highest elevations. kirkwood will probably get about 15 inches of snow to the bottom line is you start off with the soaking on saturday morning, then clearing and windy conditions. we have dry skies on easter sunday, plenty of sunshine and monday increasing clouds pass over tonight. sunset 7 35 temperatures overnight the forties tomorrow we will recover with temperatures in the sixties
4:49 pm
. and here is your easter forecast fair skies with rain saturday monday overnight and then again thursday. house have a terrific weekend. thanks so much, roberta. well, coming up y they're fed up with airline management and what they see needs to change to benefit both flight attendants and passengers and an immigrant american dream may soon become a business obituary coming up on the five while marine county coffee shop staple could be pushed out of busine ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
and gotten covid relief funds, with many predicting, closing for good, the independent restaurant coalition says in a survey that 52% of restaurants that haven't gotten covid relief funds from the government yet could close in the next six months. those owners say they're in danger of loan defaults, evictions or having to file for bankruptcy. the house passed legislation last week. a lot of
4:52 pm
some $42 billion in restaurant relief funds. a separate senate bill could add another 40 billion more. today's and dietary supplements and pain relief products have been recalled over packaging issues. 190,000 units of ray wellness, prenatal and immunity capsules as well as 183,000 units of four hemp vanna pain relief products have been recalled for poisoning risks to children due to insufficient packaging. ray wellness was sold through thrive market amazon and fab fit fun. bana was sold through major retailers and online such as locations as walmart rite aid, and cvs, amazon and ebay are also sellers. if you bought any of these products, check with the company's for disposal and refund information. pilot union says it's top safety program is not related to airport security . but instead pilots dealing with lots of fatigue in the sky . southwest airlines by letting union says it's due to
4:53 pm
operational mismanagement, southwest airlines pilots association wrote. in a letter to management that fatigue reports are climbing drastically in management hasn't sufficiently dealt with it. fatigue reports jump some 330% in march southwest says schedule changes have helped improve those reports, but abnormal weather disruptions were also big factors. flight attendants had a different airline are heading to the picket lines. spirit. airline workers protested outside harry reid international airport in las vegas today, they're demanding a response from airline management on the issue of mass flight cancelations. protesters say airlines leave both the cruise and the passengers frustrated when they have no backup plan after flights are canceled, they say flight attendants have to work 20 plus hour shifts because of those cancelations. we have the same concerns the same frustrations that the public does. each time this happens, we're stranded without answers, dealing with rightfully angry passengers and stuck in airports
4:54 pm
overnight. oftentimes are flight attendants don't even have a hotel room. the empty promises to do better from spirit management just will not cut it anymore. similar picketing by spirit airlines staff were held in dallas and orlando this week. coming up a new football league premieres this weekend, and it promises to give fans better promises to give fans better access than ever b when subway opened, they changed the fast food game. but sometimes, you gotta refresh, to be fresh. welcome to the eat fresh refresh we got the - wait, that's new. because we're refreshing the refresh. what? there's the new honey mustard chicken, the subway club, and the new baja turkey avocado with- new baja chipotle sauce? yep they're constantly refreshing with better ingredients, better footlongs, and better spokespeople. it's the eat fresh refresh at subway and they're gonna keep refreshing and re-
4:55 pm
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but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs to the most small businesses. make your business future ready with the network from the most innovative company. get internet and voice for $49.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. and ask how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. an g its doors today after a two year pandemic hiatus towards are free of charge and only available fridays and saturdays for now, similar to previous practices. all visitors will have to request tickets at least 21 days in advance in order to get inside. reservations can be submitted through a member of congress and their congressional tour coordinator. masks are
4:57 pm
optional on the tour and broadway is updating both its mess and vaccine policies. the broadway league announced today that all 41 broadway shows in new york city or extending the current mass mandate for audiences through at least the end of may. but many theaters will no longer check proof of vaccination effort. april the 30th. the league recommends ticket holders. consult with show websites. if you do have questions, president of the broadway league says since opening back up last fall, over five million people have seen broadway show football fans have a reason to celebrate this weekend as fox sports is officially kicking off. the opening season of the usfl, the united states football league and it's a day that many people have been waiting months for fox news correspondent madison alworth has more from birmingham. the wait is finally over. the united states football league kicks off this weekend with the birmingham stallion's hosting the new jersey generals
4:58 pm
, but this is not like any regular game with the amount of access that we're going to have. with this broadcast. it's more similar to the super bowl than to a regular season game. one of the things that makes this lead different is the access that we're going to have the players and coaches and fox sports is pulling out all the stops 57 camera angles being used for each game compared to 22 for typical nfl broadcast. a number of rules have also been changed. to make for faster play, emphasizing offense and scoring , including the option for a three point conversion and new overtime rules. fox sports host curt menefee compares to a soccer shootout will have three plays, but they'll go one and then the other and then the other from the two yard line to see which one can score the most times before the overtime ends, so that will add a level of excitement to it. also introducing new technical improvements aimed at improving player safety and referee calls. one of the biggest changes no more change. in cruz measuring the distance to a first down with the chip in the football. and cameras all around the stadium. the technology is there
4:59 pm
to show whether or not a guy got a first down and you can catch the opening game right here on fox at 7 30 eastern on saturday in birmingham. i'm madison alworth fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. you can put a smile on a kid's face, make it less stressful and traumatic. welcome these refugees and show the world solidarity. that's just my little part. to do. an attempt to spread some holiday cheer during a heartbreaking time. one man from kentucky dressed as the easter bunny is welcoming to poland. some of the four a half million ukrainian refugees. easter passover and ramadan all fall on the same weekend this year. good evening and thank you for joining us at five. i'm greg lee. i'm andre senior of the final hours before passover, found the chief rabbi in ukraine in a cemetery before he could mark the jewish people escaped from slavery in egypt thousands of years ago. he was burying a man who did not escape today's oppressive forces. people of all
5:00 pm
faiths have been killed in this tragedy with more than 900 civilian bodies discovered after russian forces, which drew from kiev foxes. lucas tomlinson gets us started. the russian military releasing a new video claiming a retaliatory attack on a machine building plant outside the ukrainian capital kiev. the strikes taking place after the u . s. says a pair of ukrainian missiles sunk a large russian warship in the black sea significant symbol to the ukrainians, and it's got to be a huge morale boost for ukrainian forces. this week, president biden announcing another $800 million in security assistance will be sent to ukraine. the package includes drones, antiaircraft and antitank missiles, armored vehicles and helicopters. russia warning the u. s and nato of unpredictable consequences if the alliance keeps sending those weapons to ukraine. it's really designed very much more specifically tailored to the kind of fighting that we think the ukrainians are


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