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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 17, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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is regret. then, no, because if we didn't have them, i would be trent -- an uptight lunatic who falls apart over a broken tchotchke. i mean, kids give you perspective. you realize what's important, to let go of -- (glass breaks, children giggle) and there goes our last nice thing. -thank god we're free now. -mm. -- captions by vitac -- news on ktvu box to you know, it's funny because they seem to be reaching out for help and workers to work this week while we're going on strike. but we've been begging for help for years. thousands of nurses who are fed up with working conditions at sutter health facilities hope a strike will get a point across
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to their employer tomorrow. good evening. i'm julie julie haener cristina rendon center health says it has a plan for patients with appointments during the strike. ktvu zach sauce joins us now from the newsroom with the nurses demands zack. julie sutter health now saying in anticipation of that strike explained to bring in replacement contract workers tomorrow. this is both sides continue to try to hammer out a last minute deal for a new contract. negotiations that have been going on for nearly a year now. we would much rather be in the hospital taking care of patients, but it's gotten to the point where we have to strike me herb among 8000, health nurses and workers planning to go on strike monday across northern california 12 of the 18 impacted healthcare facilities located in the bay area. we are looking for a fair contract that will include things like safe staffing levels every day. every unit every shift. we want improved workplace violence and infectious disease protections.
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we want a stronger nurse's voice. and policies and procedures around things like pandemic preparedness contract dispute that's been going on since june of last year and the potential for a strike looming for weeks. several demonstrations organized by their union, the california nurses association taking place at sutter health facilities around the bay in anticipation of the walk outside her health is planning to staff its impacted hospitals and clinics with temporary contract workers , the organization releasing a statement sunday saying, in part quote, we hope the union will call off this strike so our nurses can return to work and do what they do best. care for our patients. we remain committed to continue bargaining as long as negotiations are progressing effectively toward averting the strike. a resolution that amy herbs says won't happen unless both sides are able to finally find some common ground short staffing, etcetera hospitals.
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has been going on for years. they try to keep us as lean as possible and have a stew more with less every day. um, it creates an unsafe situation where nurses are exhausted and not getting breaks. where patients won't be able to get the time and attention that they deserve, and that we want to give and barring an 11th hour deal against some 8000 nurses expected to take to the picket lines starting at seven am tomorrow, julie and we'll be following. what happened, zack. thank you. new and 10 police in oakland are asking for the public's help in locating the third suspect in the murder case of a former police officer and security guard. police are asking anyone with information about the whereabouts of 27 year old the ron gilbert to call them. he's one of three people who are accused of killing kevin nishida during an attempted robbery of a television news crew in november. 24 year old herschel hail in 25 year old initial shot initial rather have
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already been arrested for murder, attempted robbery and assault. also new at 10, a 17 year old boy has been arrested in connection with the shooting in belmont, not far from claremont high school. police say they believe the teen is one of the people responsible for the shooting. that occurred on valerenga drive friday afternoon . no one was hit or injured. the suspects had fled the scene before police arrived. investigators say the shooting was an isolated event between at least two individuals or groups of people. and investigators say another teenager is to blame for a deadly shooting in concord police announced an arrest in that case today is ktvu craig liggins reports. the victim's family says he was a lover, not a fighter. a memorial for salvador, victor ochoa. castro sits at the corner of meadow lane and johnson drive. witnesses say castro who everyone knew as willie was shot here just before 10 am saturday while riding a bicycle. it's believed the shots came from a passing car. a witness named mike didn't want his face shone while recounting what he saw.
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three pop pop pop, and it sounded like a gun when the paramedics started working on him. they pulled up his shirt and i could see three bullet holes in his back. castro was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, the 30 year old father to a nine year old girl may have been living homeless, but he received and gave a lot of love in his life, according to his ex girlfriend. even if he was having like the worst day he would always have a smile on his face like nothing would ever just nobody would ever know that he was going through a lot, you know, and he loves his daughter . you know, he loved me, and he was just a good person. concord police say they have arrested a juvenile in the case, adding they recovered evidence linking him to the crime. the family says they have no idea why anyone would shoot castro, saying he may have made some mistakes in his life but was well liked. they say the arrest only brings them a little comfort. it does. the same time now, but at the same time, it's
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like he's still not here. you know, and i know my daughter's dad did not deserve this. concord police have not released any information regarding a possible motive in the shooting, but they're urging anyone who may have seen or heard something to contact the department as soon as possible. in concord, greg legans ktvu, fox two news. we have new details tonight involving this weekend's shooting at a mall in south carolina that injured 14 people . an attorney for the only person to be arrested in the case, says his client started firing a gun in self defense. a judge set bond for dwayne price at $25,000 today. investigators believe at least three people displayed guns during the shooting. so far, they've only arrested one person. a total of nine people were shot. five more people suffered other injuries related to the shooting. hours after that, shooting another mass shooting hit south carolina . nine people were wounded early this morning at a nightclub in the town of furman. that's about
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80 miles west of charleston. police say the club was hosting an easter bash when shots were fired outside behind the club, and there were no reports of any arrests. in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, two teen boys were killed and at least 30, more people were heard in a house party. the shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. during a party at a short term rental property . police say there are at least 200 people there. inside the vast majority of them were under the age of 18. investigators say as many as 50 rounds were fired inside and potentially back and forth, in addition to eight people wounded by gunfire, five partygoers were hurt, jumping from windows falling downstairs or while trying to seek cover from the shooting. how can you even have a holiday? when your child. was involved in some something traumatic like this. um in all the others who were if the incident um, you know, this is traumatizing to our officers.
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no arrests have been made in the case, and police say there is no information on any suspects at this time. a 14 year old northern california girl is safe tonight after going missing for nine months to wanna. whisenhunt was found yesterday with her stepfather was pulled over for a traffic stop in nevada. her stepfather, santos floors, roman of santa rosa, has been charged with suspicion of keeping a child from parents. that's similar to abduction, but different because officials believe she originally ran away from her home in crescent city. the teenager has not been hurt and is healthy. new video out of ukraine today gives you a sense of what ukrainians are facing in the middle of russian attacks. cameras captured these images of medics in kharkiv as they scramble to get to safety and help wounded ukrainians. at the same time, kharkiv has been a target of attacks since the early days of russia's invasion
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. we're told at least five people were killed in today's shelling. more than a dozen others were wounded. ukraine president vladimir zelensky thinks what's happening in mariupol is threatening efforts to reach a peace deal through negotiations. he says. ukrainian fighters in the city's last known pocket of resistance have been given a surrender or die. ultimatum if mary apple falls, it would be russia's biggest victory yet in the invasion. it would allow russian forces across southern and eastern ukraine to connect fox news. matt finn shows us how these developments make for a very somber easter in ukraine. aviv region of ukraine were just yesterday, russian cruise missiles were intercepted by ukrainian forces. this greek roman churches actively taking in refugees, women and young children who lost their homes even had their loved ones murdered as services are going on. explosions can be heard in the background. just a stunning reminder. of a country at war.
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our translator tells us there's a nearby military base, conducting defense drills. we spoke to one refugee, a young woman from the devastated city of mary opal. that woman tells us her loved ones were murdered. her car was shot at by russians and this church took her in providing her warmth, shelter and food. there my grandparents and my great grandmother died. we buried by ourselves. the grandmother, grandfather stayed in the apartment with damaged walls. actually talk or it's impossible to go there and take his body because of all the damage there. everything is ruined now. we also interviewed the priest of this church. he speaks a little bit of english because he visits the united states. the priest said. he asked some of the refugees if and when they would like to return to their homes. the refugee said they would not like
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to they consider their homes graveyards where their loved ones are dead. also here on the western side of ukraine, there is a lot of catholicism and faith. it's close to europe, but on the eastern side of ukraine closer to russia, we're told there's not a lot of practicing catholics. for some of the child refugees. this will be the first time they attend a church service in stretch. ukraine matt finn fox news, a former member of ukraine's parliament, visited a church in sacramento county. today he is urging lawmakers here in the us to continue supporting ukraine in their fight against russia. please help you praying by by having weapons are to larry by tanks, but aircraft and economy. coming up at 10 30. we will hear more from the former member of ukraine's parliament and from leaders of ukrainian church that has been growing each week with refugees since russia invaded ukraine back in february. now to san bruno, where police say a 22
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year old woman assaulted an officer while she was being arrested for drunk driving. it happened shortly after nine o'clock last night on east angus avenue. police of the woman crashed her car in a hit and run, but witnesses were able to give officers information on the suspects, suspects car and those officers found the woman and car a short distance away. police say the woman was arrested for driving under the influence, hit and run and battery on a police officer. they did not, however, release any information about the officer's injuries. i'm hoping maybe this plea will help the goat. mama just wants her baby. a plea goes out tonight to the person who stole a baby goat in panel coming up, see how the whole thing was caught on camera and find out how hackers are going after gamers. a former typhoon and the effect it will have on the bay area. weather forecast as the news continues. right here. ktvu fox
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be e return. security video here shows that a young, dark haired woman snatched that baby goat on friday in panel the baby had just been born. its mother was with other goats, clearing vegetation in the area for east bay mud. the owner of the goat says the newborn needs to be back with its mother in order to survive. goat mama just wants her baby back there nice little family animals, and she's sad. and the baby goat really needs
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the mom. it needs the mom's milk to be able to thrive. the woman was in a silver or gray 2016 ford focus hatchback, and anyone with information should call the goat's owner. her company is called goats or us. at least 50,000 people from around the world gathered in st peter's square today to attend easter mass celebrated by pope francis . after the service, the pope made a plea for peace in this senseless war in ukraine and in other armed conflicts raging in the world. the pope appealed for reconciliation in myanmar's civil tensions and an end to the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. he also asked for peace across africa. today was the first time the pope celebrated mass in the square since the pandemic began more than two years ago. and for many christians this weekend marked the first time in three years they've been able to gather in person to celebrate one of the holiest days. pandemic had
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forced many churches to resort to online or televised masses. ktvu is james torres shows us how glide memorial church in san francisco welcome back its congregation. glide only began welcoming people for in person services within the last month, so they say in easter service in person today is special. yeah. minister marvin white takes the stage inside glide memorial church that you will use joy. he's welcoming easter sunday worshippers. i am full of expectation. you know, i expect people to just show up. i expect people to feel nervous and afraid and scared. this is their approach time coming back in to be here and i want to be in place. i want them to know that we've been waiting for them and expecting them that whatever they're walking away from better arms are open wide for them. today it's the first easter sunday service in person since the beginning of the pandemic.
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people attending say they were growing tired of the virtual celebrations. i love being here in the person cause when you being person you can unite with people. the church is offering some covid-19 protocols to make sure everyone still feels safe and comfortable. we have air scrubbers in the aisles. we have all the windows and doors open. we have an amazing ventilation system because we know a lot of the covid is about ventilation. so we make sure that our air is the best in the world. masks and proof of vaccination are still required inside the sanctuary. people attending today say it's all worth it to get a chance to celebrate resurrection together in start my day, i can feel the spirit here. it's huge. it's wonderful. it's part of the theme reporting in san francisco. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news. the sisters of perpetual indulgence. how their annual easter event today and this year people gathered in san francisco's delores park for
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the fun festivities kicked off with the family easter egg hunt . organizers say the event celebrates the day the service organization was founded 44 years ago. the first year was just a couple of sisters who happen to have none outfits going out to see what happened, and that morning they also had cheerleader outfits, so they were deciding which to put on and they went for the for the nun outfits and i guess, as they say, the rest is history. you can't imagine anything else. now. the celebration included live performances and costume contests. we had a near seasonal spring day here in the bay area . most occasions we realized her average high temperatures now that night has fallen. we can see the nearly full moon out there was actually 100% full last night, and now it's what we refer to its current phase is a waning gibbous phase. it's 99% full. and it's going to roughly last this way for seven days as each night the moon
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progressively gets smaller. isn't that glorious? just beautiful and we can see it because we have clear skies out there. that's after a sunshiny day where we saw high temperatures ranged anywhere from 53 degrees above pacifica. 2 73 degrees in san jose. so that's a 20 degree temperature span. otherwise the average high this time of the year 68 livermore and bingo. that's what we saw. it's 63 that was the high today in mountain view now, meanwhile, live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge where we do have partly cloudy conditions in san francisco at 47 degrees. these clouds are on the increase all associated with this right here. isn't it beautiful? this is a textbook perfect area of low pressure. the core. the center is way over here. this is the frontal boundary. it's kind of fallen apart a little bit at the seams here, but we already receiving the precipitation while into the pacific northwest. it's just maturing way too early, so by the time it comes into the bay area, we're not going to get a lot of
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moisture associated with it. but let's time it out. here's our future cast. as we slide into monday, we start to see a little bit of light precipitation around sonoma county, primarily around santa rosa by five pm i want to stop it right around six o'clock because we had the oakland a's home opener at 6 40 if our future cast computer models service correctly, it should not rain for the game. and then as we advance that we see the precipitation, the line, the frontal boundary continues to march through the bay area by midnight, leaving us with a smattering of precipitation during the morning commute on tuesday before it is all out of here. so for your monday you will have the cloud cover, but then we're talking about 1/10 of an inch of rain to a half an inch of rain. this is what i'm really looking at wednesday night to thursday. this system is going to tap into some subtropical moisture from a former typhoon. details on that still coming up later on in this newscast. alright, roberta, we'll see you in a bit. thank you. the fbi says hackers with connections to the north korean
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government have stolen more than $600 million in cryptocurrency from a video gaming company. this is the latest theft in a series of cyber heist that have been tied to pyongyang. last week, the u. s treasury department announced sanctions against lazarus group. those are the hackers who are believed to have been working on behalf of the north korean government. the sanctions help ensure that lazarus can't cash out through us based crypto exchanges. analysts say every household can take action to slow down inflation coming up what they say you can do to help ease problems with price hikes also ahead. sports coming up playoff basketball is in full swing with a buzzer beater finale in boston and see how spacex gets in the spy business this weekend.
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a classified satellite for the u . s national reconnaissance office was launched into space from california today. the n r o l 85 satellite lifted off shortly after six this morning from vandenberg space force base aboard a two stage spacex falcon nine rocket. brandenburg says it was the first mission by the satellite to reuse a space x rocket booster. the falcon's first stage, flew back and landed at the seaside base northwest of los angeles, well between spacex blue origin to not telecommunication companies , and the military space is getting mighty crowded these days. boxes have been brown shows us who's keeping an eye out for all of the debris left behind. the public and private sectors are stepping up their presence in outer space. with the number of launches skyrocketing in recent years, but all that space action is creating a new problem. space junk lots of it. space debris is becoming more and more part of
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the fabric of space today, right now, there are more than 23,000 discarded objects bigger than 10 centimeters and a half a million smaller than that to keep tabs on and that's where s a i c comes in. the government technology contractor runs the world's first space debris tracking system. space track dot org. now when commercial operators or the u. s government puts objects in space they're registered, so there's a catalog of exactly what's up there. it becomes that much more important that we understand where things are that we understand how we navigate around them so that we can create the highways and byways if you will to have a safe experience for everyone doing business in space. would it be the government or to be our commercial partners or whether it be the consumer space track is currently monitoring about 5600 payloads and some 38,000 other objects in our vicinity. the information is universally accessible to promote the peaceful use of space worldwide with s a i c, hoping their program can help
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spacefaring nations. leave the conflicts back on earth. we're using our abilities in space, uh , to drive a more diplomatic approach and really be forward, leaning and howard howard executing our mission and lawmakers are paying attention as well. the senate armed services committee says space debris is a national security threat in miami. evan brown fox news. last friday. i was there. it's a horrible pictures. they're absolutely destroyed buildings. former member of ukraine's parliament spends eastern sacramento coming up his message for americans working to get a better understanding of what's happening in his country . also, tomorrow's tax deadline comes with new rules. we will run through what's changed and find out how the bay area plans to mark tomorrow's 116th anniversary. of the san francisco earthquake and fires.
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it's leaders say russia needs to make changes in maria paula risk chances of ever seen negotiated peace. russia gave ukrainian firefighters in miracles, last known pocket of resistance, a surrender or die ultimatum today. fight till the end. absolutely we will not surrender . we will not leave our country , our families our land, so we will fight absolutely till the end till the wind in this world. if mary apple falls, russian troops on the southern and eastern end of ukraine would be able to connect. a former member of ukraine's parliament visited a sacramento county church today. he is described the war as entering a new stage reporter lizzie mitri has his message new at 10. at spring of life. a
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ukrainian baptist church in orange veil easter is typically just a big celebration grass, but there's nothing typical about this easter. it feels different. in the month and a half leading up to its senior pastor. vadym dish, ceviche says dozens of new people have joined the church each sunday refugees fleeing ukraine. churches overwhelmed so a lot of people packed so expect, like, never been before. so while they mark the joyful holiday today by praying and giving thanks also saddened by the struggle in ukraine. where people have been under attack since russia's invasion in february last friday . i was there. it's a horrible pictures there. it's an absolutely destroyed buildings. hundreds hundreds people's people, which died, which but was killed there. dorian who formerly served as a member of
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the ukrainian parliament, is now in the us asking lawmakers for help to fight back. please help your friend by by having weapon by artillery, tanks, aircraft and economy, spoke as a guest during today's church services at spring of life sacramento break. he says his main message here just want to say thank you for their prayers for their supporting as they continue to come together. for the war's end. and again, that was lizzie mitri reporting the church has been matching ukrainian refugees with host families and organizers say hundreds of families have offered to open up their homes and are now working to help the refugees find jobs and cars. an orphanage in kharkiv has been transformed into a humanitarian hub. besides being operated by a former
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school principal, with help of dozens of children, this is the room where we collect medicine. is a military and volunteers sort them out. some of this aid goes to the front, some to hospitals and some two villages that were liberated. now they need help, too. coming up a little later in this newscast will learn more about the efforts to help those fellow ukrainians on the front lines and beyond. 10 tonight, police in anti aka investigating a deadly car crash this afternoon , it happened on james donlan boulevard near silverado around 2 15 today. investigators say a driver crashed into a tree which split the vehicle nearly in half the driver, who was reportedly in their mid twenties, was pronounced dead at the scene. police in san mateo say they arrested a driver on suspicion of driving under the influence after he crashed into a wall photos posted on social media show the car involved was camaro with several bottles of beer inside. the wall appeared to be
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part of a parking lot. it's unclear whether anyone was injured in the collision. no further details have been released and the name of the suspect was not given. new attendant in san jose. police are investigating the homicide after a man was fatally shot last night. it happened shortly after six o'clock on five flee avenue. police say the man was taken to a hospital before officers arrived at the scene. he was later pronounced dead. the motive and circumstances surrounding that shooting or under investigation and the suspect has not been arrested. this fatal shooting was the eighth homicide of the year. tomorrow marks the 116th anniversary of the san francisco earthquake in fire, several 100 san franciscans, as well as many city officials will meet at 4 45 tomorrow morning at lotta's fountain to honor those who died in the earthquake. 4:45 a.m. is when the quake struck san francisco back in 19. oh, six. a wreath will be dedicated to history association founder ron ross as well as the late charlotte schultz. those who
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died 116 years ago and those who live to rebuild san francisco from the ashes. yeah real estate brokerage firm redfin. reports about 32% of homebuyers are moving out of large, costly areas because of inflation. san francisco, los angeles, seattle and boston are key coastal cities that are starting to see a slowdown in home sales. economists say they think it could take at least some number of months for us to feel a slowdown of inflation. ktvu tom vacar spoke to one of those economists about what you can do to help speed up the process. five threes. chain reaction caused our high inflation first, says brooking. institution's when the adult berg came high consumer demand for all manner of consumer goods at levels we never saw before. it is a mystery how we even have storage space anymore. on top of that sickness, slowdowns and shutdowns that raw materials and parts suppliers made production difficult, if not impossible,
10:35 pm
for manufacturers also having sickness slowdowns and shutdowns. second the limited goods went to shippers also wrecked by sickness slowdowns and shutdowns completely discombobulating, the world truck ship plane and ports supply chains. e tailers and retailers could not fulfill all those orders. and just as we were beginning to round that corner, russia invaded ukraine spiking world fuel prices. the most effective thing we can do to fight inflation right now is by less a whole lot less until decreasing demand meets up with now increasing supplies, pullback on our good spending so that would certainly help and reduce the pressure on our good sector. the other thing people can do take those four billion jobs available in the nation to get the economic gears running smoothly again. get out there and, you know, take these jobs that are being offered, and there's you know, sign on
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bonuses, and but that's largely in my mind going to depend on the pandemic vaccines notwithstanding, many people still fear catching covid. adequate affordable childcare remains a return to work roadblock, stimulus payments as well as rent, mortgage and school loan moratoriums allowed many people to increase savings , delaying their returns over 360,000 fewer workers today. in california civilian workforce than prior to the pandemic. berkeley economist jim wilcox says prices for goods, fuel and foods are already beginning to retreat. one major wild card remains. the other unknowable is what effect russia's war on ukraine will have all of these prices. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. the average price of regular grade gas in california is still under $6 a gallon. that is, according to triple a
10:37 pm
today's current averages, $5.70 , which is the same price as yesterday. in fact, the national average in the state has gone down by six cents from one week ago. still california's average gas prices significantly higher than the national average of $4.08 a gallon. baseball fans have a big day ahead of them tomorrow. coming up what anyone planning to do to go to the home opener must do to get inside. that's right, and we'll have that baseball forecast coming up. that's the news continues. also had the i. r s has new rules for people dabbling in cryptocurrency coming up how the digital money will impact
10:38 pm
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waio file their taxes, and this year is no exception. tomorrow is the
10:40 pm
violin deadline, and the irs expects to receive tens of millions of last minute filings. taxpayers can ask for an extension to avoid a penalty fee fee is 5% of unpaid taxes for each month. the pair is behind, and with that extension, the irs will give taxpayers until mid october to file tax filings. maybe especially challenging for crypto investors. reporter arthur jen tells us what the government requires from those who invest in digital currency. as of taxes weren't enough fun already for cryptocurrency investors april will be bringing additional headaches following an incredibly active 2021 in the cryptocurrency markets. it's time to tell uncle sam how you did. and that means giving the government a log of every transaction you made in receiving, buying, selling or exchanging tax experts wonder if investors are able to keep track of all that activity, especially the newcomers in a year with record volumes. they are not going to know how much they purchased each crypto for like crypto traders. you know they
10:41 pm
they trade the trade very often , and they're not keeping track of how much each crypto cost them here is that the irs considers cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin andy theory, um, to be property like real estate. that means even if you use it to purchase something as seemingly trivial as a pizza pie. you are required to report that purchase to the i r s every transaction with crypto in the u. s is a taxable event. so even if you only sent, you know $2 to someone because you're trying to buy a coffee off of them. or if you only sent a small amount of bitcoin or either or another cryptocurrency. so here's the first thing crypto investors need to do go back and collect records and receipts of every transaction you've made. then get some help from a professional or from software programs. cph david beck has a recommendation. there's something called coin tracker, something that will basically trace every crypto transaction you have so that when it comes tax time, it's just going to
10:42 pm
produce a statement for you that shows here's your cost basis for each security or each crypto that was purchased. tax experts say it's very unlikely the irs is going to go after anybody for having purchased coffee using cryptocurrencies, but they say sooner or later, the irs is going to get really good at tracking that type of activity. in midtown are 30 in fox news. still ahead tonight in orphanage in ukraine has a plan to help people in that war torn country . see what it's doing to help coming up, and ktvu meteorologists roberta gonzalez will return to break down our will return to break down our next 5-hour energy... because the sun is out... and its time to get outside and give it all you got. and you're going to need some energy. lots of energy. 5-hour energy... for every game. ♪ ♪
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go to and enter now. thed video this weekend showing the rescue of an injured hiker on mount tamil pious. the sheriff's office says crews were able to find the hiker with the help of the chp on the eastern side of the mountain. the hiker was then strapped into a rescue device
10:45 pm
and flown to a parking lot at the top of the mountain. were an ambulance was waiting. still no word on that person's condition, but authorities had described the injury as traumatic. a principal and children at an orphanage in kharkiv. ukraine are doing their part to help those on the frontline. griff jenkins picks up tonight's team coverage of the conflict in ukraine with a look at how those teachers and children are turning their facility into a humanitarian hub. yeah look at these kids today. you wouldn't know they escaped the horrors of war just weeks ago, explosions and several planes flying near the building. we woke up from the explosions and ran to the basement. we said there for 2 to 3 hours. during this time, they managed to bump several areas. artillery and rocket attacks are so frequent that the children have become numb to them. i'm used to it and i'm not afraid of explosions. even if i hear
10:46 pm
explosions. i won't be scared to metro in yvonne were among 33 children rescued from the city of kharkiv and brought here to this orphanage. we are not revealing its name or its location for their safety. it's not just an orphanage, you can see the desk and chairs stacked up against the chalkboard. they've turned it into a humanitarian hub as well gathering food, clothing and medical supplies and shipping it straight to the front lines. caller from the first days of the war, our school turned into a humanitarian hub. former school principal lilia sestanovich is now coordinating the relief effort here. is the room where we collect medicine. is a military and volunteers sort them out. some of this aid goes to the front, some to hospitals and some two villages that were liberated. now they need help, too. normally my until we have a whole list of doctors give us and if we can
10:47 pm
find certain things on the list , rejoice as if we have found a diamond. lilia is making a big difference in the lives of these kids and in a darkld, giving them a safe home to dream for a brighter future, dreamed of moving to cave and graduating from music college but caught in the midst of a raging war. their immediate dream summed up in one word victory. it was amazing the rainfall last week. in fact, we saw over 6/10 in san francisco, and that's more rain in the last week than what we experienced in san francisco for the months of january, february, march and into april, 10th. san francisco . rainfall is the lowest and 173 years, but we've got rain and it's coming. live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge this this afternoon this evening, okay this evening. we do have clear skies. a few clouds are now on the increase
10:48 pm
temperature wise, everybody is pretty much in the forties except for sfo. redwood city and in concord, as well as san jose at 50. the winds have been pretty much under 15 mph will continue to increase tonight westerly 10 to 20. but and then rotating tomorrow southwesterly. 10 to 20 mph. because of this right here, the court the center of the area. low pressure way upstream behind me here. that's it. and then this. what you're looking at is very impressive. it's the frontal boundary. the only problem is it's banging up against the pacific northwest is sharing off at the seams here and as it does so in slides to the south. we're not going to get a lot of moisture from it, but nonetheless we will get wet . alright let's track it together. here you have the leading edge of the precipitation. wow. right into you, kaya. by monday evening commute and the leading edge of it here. very light precipitation around. qatari and windsor as well as hills berg. it's not going to rain on the oakland a's home opener. that's
10:49 pm
where we stopped the clock and then we have the frontal boundary passing through. let's say about five o'clock in the morning out of here by lunch hours, so it will be wet as far as morning drive is concerned, but it won't be a goalie washer . now as we forge ahead towards tuesday, we do have the most cloudy skies and then upstream we have yet another system. but as far as this first one is concerned, we're only going to see very slight amounts of precipitation for your monday watch as we advance it 1/10 of an inch in san francisco under a quarter of an inch in center rosa and only for 107 inch in the senate, clara valley, but the next system that arrives on wednesday night through thursday . it looks by friday. we will see an inch and a quarter precipitation in san francisco. if this model state put these numbers generally do oh, very as the days progress, but that looks impressive. okay for advancement of this first system that does arrive by tomorrow
10:50 pm
night. we do have a liquid advisor in effect for the cordially tahoe area. we do have a freeze warning and in fact tremendous scene and humble county and we have a frost advisory along the coast from crescent city to point arena. so it's a little convoluted, so let's break it down like this. the clouds increased tomorrow. the rain begins in the north bay in the evening hours tuesday, adapt morning then turning partly cloudy. and this is the system. i'm really keeping my eyes on the one that arrives wednesday night through thursday , a couple of stragglers early friday, but that's about it tonight. overnight becoming partly cloudy temperature wise 34 to 46 degrees. in fact, let's pinpoint your neighborhood forecast overnight tonight. santa rosa 34 for the cold spot 38. morgan hill forties across the bay. tomorrow's daytime highs pretty seasonal average high for this time of the year. 64 in san francisco and bam! that's what's in the forecast. 70, redwood city, 70 and anti ock. 64 degrees american canyon backing through the alejo. meanwhile again if you are heading on out to the oakland
10:51 pm
a's home opener against the baltimore orioles, game time temperature right around 60, but there will be a breeze. so make sure you carry a jacket to just dress in layers. here is your extended forecast. we are in and out of the rain this week. again very light precipitation to kick start the work week on monday night through tuesday, a juicier system arrives wednesday night through thursday could see a couple of lingering showers early friday, but let's bring it on. alright we will, roberta. thank you would be good to see the oakland a's will hold their home opener tomorrow, and the team says fans will need to show proof of vaccination if they want to access any indoor spaces at the oakland coliseum that includes the treehouse shy park tavern. bullet bar and the team stores. the team says this is a mandate from the city of oakland . the ordinance went into effect in february, and it remains in place even though other barry cities have ended similar policies due to a drop in the
10:52 pm
number of covid cases. coming up. the giants go for the series sweep against cleveland. joe fonzi brings us the highlights next in sports. event on the 11 o'clock news see how musicians are working to keep ukraine's culture alive in the middle of a war.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
goos what's happening tonight in sports. the giants can't be too unhappy about the way their first three road games have gone or, for that matter, their first nine overall, it was barely above freezing for the easter finale of their three game series today in cleveland. second inning of a scoreless game and tiro estrada takes an aaron cavalier pitch deep to left with a runner on that one just clears the fence. the giants have a two nothing lead
10:55 pm
over the guardians. that's homer number two on the year for estrada. he was at the plate again in the fourth when he hit into what could have been an inning ending double play. but when owen miller's throw to first goes out of play two runs come home, it's four giants tricky hopkins past bobbi bradley. where the giants were pitching. that was plenty of run support, but they got more brandon belt in the seventh against anthony castro. no doubt about this one to run charters. home number three on the year for belt giants win 8 to 1. there's seven and two in their first nine games. their seasons . 10 games old in the age tomorrow will finally get a chance to wear their home. white uniforms get away day in toronto , the final game of three series on the road to start the season down three. nothing in the fifth. the a's got on the board with one swing of stephen boats bat, they believe in stephen vogt, his first homer of the year. it's 3 to 1. the aids got one more in the inning to close within a run, but it didn't take the jays long to add on matt chapman's ground ball to short. toward the whole it's thrown in
10:56 pm
the right field by kevin smith that allows lourdes gourriel to come all the way around from first jason appelbaum 4 to 3. the ayes had to oakland for their home opener with the respectable five and five records. the warriors are back at it tomorrow for game two of their best of seven first round series against denver. golden state up one. nothing after convincing when last night for more nba playoff games are in the books now that the day is done, and that's at boston, one of the more high profile match ups. the game was tied at 1 11 inside 50 seconds to play kyrie irving weights and launches at three broken by three with 46 seconds left. 39 points for irving. but the celtics got a hoop and a stop. now we're down to the final seconds. marcus smart. she's cutting. jason tatum. only question is, did tatum get the ball off in time? he clearly does get it out of his hands before the buzzer sounds. 31 points for tatum. the celtics won a hard fought game 11 15 to 1 14. it was a reunion
10:57 pm
as the number one seed in the west phoenix, coached by monty williams meant number eight seeds new orleans, coached by former sons assistant willie green sons ran to a big lead. devin booker nails a long 3 25 point game this sunday at one point led by 23. for the pelicans cut it to six sons had all the answers down the stretch . chris paul drives to the hoop he had 35 sons were in double figures. football's larry fitzgerald approves his sons take the series opener 1 10 99 game too, and that series is tuesday. and atlanta's trae young was on fire in the hawks playing game but couldn't hit the broadside of a barn today. game one against miami. the heat already cruising in the third quarter, then gave vincent lobbed jimmy butler butler jams than to be 21, plus the foul mime in front by 26 after three. this was around the whole way. duncan robinson three point range. he's found that counts. he made the four point play. he led all scorers with 27 robinson , eight of nine from three point range. young for seven for the
10:58 pm
hawks. miami takes a one nothing lead in this series of the 1 15 91 win. god bless you. shark season will mercifully be over in seven more games. at least there was some off the charts cuteness in their game today at minnesota. sharks down 2 to 1 in the second period, brent burns makes a long pass ahead to matt nieto nieto gets his shot past marc andre fleury to tie the wild went back in from five minutes later, sharks again pulled even flurry extends the block one shot, but he can't extend far enough to stop noah gregor 33. they went to overtime tied at four. nice motion. now by the wild, you'll see it. it's kevin fiala will take the shot. it's deflected off teammate jared sturgeon stick and past james reimer the wild winds 5 to 4 to clinch a playoff spot. sharks are winless in their last 10 games. and are looking forward to spring golf. for the second year in a row. nascar returned to its roots with the race on dirt. bristol, tennessee
10:59 pm
this side in a race that turned muddy when it was delayed twice by rain. it came down to this at the end, tyler radical is in the lead. he was trying to hold off chase briscoe, briscoe said. both drivers spinning neither got the wind. reddick gets going in the right direction but just gets edged at the finish by kyle busch. we've seen that kind of thing end up in fighting words and even fights. but in this case, briscoe came over and apologized after the race pushes the eighth different winner in nine races this year, william byron who was 18 tonight. richards the overall points leader. sorry i wrecked it, man. it's kind of a synchronized spin out there. exactly except one guy was in the lead, and neither ended up winning one was hurt. yes, thank you. next at 11. we've put proposals forth on all of these issues that are important to nurses, staffing back just disease pandemic preparedness. they have not meaningfully addressed those issues at all thousands of a area nurses say they're not
11:00 pm
getting what they need, so they intend to strike tomorrow. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. a little bit. i'm cristina rendon and i'm julie julie haener berrien nurses hope a strike starting tomorrow will convince their employer to make some changes tomorrow strike will impact sutter health facilities. the healthcare system says it does have a plan in place to keep patients appointments. ktvu zakzaky joins us now from the newsroom with the plans and the nurses demands zack. cristina sutter health now saying in anticipation of that strike, it's planning to bring in replacement contract workers tomorrow. this is both sides continue to try to hammer out a last minute deal for a new contract. negotiations that have been going on for nearly a year now. we would much rather be in the hospital taking care of patients, but it's gotten to the point where we have to strike me herb among 8000, health nurses and workers planning to go on strike monday across northern california 12 of the 18 impacted healthcare facilit


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