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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 19, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ktv. vendors ready san francisco prepping the host. it's 4 20 celebration. it's a quirky and iconic, particularly here in san francisco, so our goal is to try to make it as safe as possible. the unofficial marijuana holiday is being welcomed back to san francisco's golden gate park.
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good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm julie julie haener. as many as 20,000 people are expected to head to hippie hill tomorrow. live coverage now from ktvu jana katsuyama in the city with a look at how this year's celebration will be different from years past, janna well, julian andre, take a look behind . you can see they are getting the stage ready for the performances that start at 12 noon tomorrow. but as you mentioned there is one big changes here, and that is they are going to have vendors selling marijuana products so no one under the age of 21 will be allowed in. for some people, the grass is always greener at hippie hill on 4 24 20 tomorrow, so i think everyone just going to come out and have a good time, you know, this year, 20 marijuana celebration is returning to golden gate park and community organizers spent all day tuesday, setting up the main stage and tents were more than 40 sponsors. merchant booths and food trucks will be set up for wednesday's
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celebration. we have basically 24 hours to get this done, the organizer says. this year will feature former boxer mike tyson and billboard chart rapper burner with a special comedy tribute to robin williams. they be renamed this, um middle robin williams veto and so we're doing a dedication to him in in honor of what's become a worldwide annual celebration of marijuana on april, 20th has drawn tens of thousands of people to golden gate park's hippie hill in years past. but one big change this year is the celebration will be adults only because this is the first year where there are legal sales. state law requires us you will not be allowed in unless you are. 21 parameter will be fenced in so the goldman tennis center nearby will be closed all day and the correct children's playground, which is right behind the main stage will also be closed. that's just fine, with some longtime residents glad to see the city step in with organizers to keep the peace. everybody just gets
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stoned and stupid. quite frankly, so i think it's a great idea that they're going to putting some structure to it and having you know people here of authority for others making 4 20. a formal event changes the feel this organized, fenced in gathering is a little bit more commercial than like what people in the cannabis community and what cannabis meant for people in this community ever was supposed to be francisco recreation and park staff, though, said before organizers stepped in, there were problems with parking, sanitation and trash. for years, people left this place to dump and it was really depressing, respectful of this very special park. treat it like it's yours and, you know, be kind to the neighborhood and be considerate to each other. and to help with congestion. san francisco mew knee is running special express busses from hippie hill down to the civic center so that people can catch bart or bus to go home. now back here, live. one thing that officials are very concerned about its potential fentanyl
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poisoning, so they're urging people not to buy any products off of the street. they will have police park rangers and a medical tent here on site. again the gates open at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. and what time is it supposed to shut down tomorrow? i know the thousands of people are going to be there for the most part of the day. just ask bill. he said the weather should cooperate. what time does it all shut down tomorrow night? well all the entertainment on the stage goes from 12 until five pm and then around six o'clock. that is when they're going to be shutting everything down and asking people to go ahead and leave the park. alright jana katsuyama reporting live tonight in san francisco. thank you. well tomorrow, ktvu is taking a look at the state of cannabis in california and beyond. join us for a half hour news special as we look at the issues and laws surrounding marijuana that's tomorrow, beginning at 4 30. well none of the special election for an assembly seat to represent san francisco tonight supervisor matt haney declared victory in that race. early returns showed henny with a
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strong lead at almost 64% of votes. david campos trails with little over 36% the director of elections, says voter turnout was expected to be low. well this is a unique collection for us because it's a district election. it's off cycle, so we don't really have a projection. i don't have a number as far as what the turnout what we expected throughout to be right now that turnout is 21% for the winner, will have to defend his seat in june on the seventh in a statewide primary, then again in the november election. that june . 7th election also includes a question about recalling san francisco district attorney chase a boudin. new attend tonight, a middle school teacher in san leandro under fire after allegedly directing threatening remarks at his students was recorded ktvu sex as has been in touch with the school district. what are you learning? andre the san leandro unified school district, only releasing a brief statement today about so far. it appears that the administration
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was first made aware of all this after several recordings of the teacher began circulating on social media earlier this week and one of those recordings you can hear the teacher who the district says is on the faculty of bancroft middle school. appear to go on a rant in front of his class, angry about a student, he says, was misbehaving. the teachers then heard referencing his prior military military career and telling the class that in the past he shot kids younger than that student. take a listen. i've been through three tours in combat and the most dangerous places on earth and i composition, but let's talk about that period nowadays, i am shocked kids younger than here. and later you can hear the teacher appeared to tell a student that he's lucky things have changed and that he's no longer able to put his hands on him and take him out of the class himself. another video, also under investigation by the district appears to capture that teacher telling a student this
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you're probably about 23rd sand undersized for your age, so i suggest when you get in the high school, you were about to shut your mouth because guys like me were way way bigger than you and telling you little and the district superintendent, releasing a statement this week , saying in part that they are investigating the quote, inappropriate statements and adding quote. in doing so, the personnel involved have been removed from the classroom. additionally the man croft students, staff and families who have been affected by this incident are also being supported in processing this concerning event. so far, the district has yet to release the name of that teacher. they're asking anyone with information about the alleged incidents to report them to bancroft middles administration team. julie. exact thank you. walnut creek police arrested a defrocked elderly catholic priest over the weekend in connection with a deadly dui crash. that incident happened saturday night inside the ross more retirement
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community at about nine pm, police say a car jumped the curb and hit two pedestrians. a 64 year old man and his wife. the man died and his wife suffered minor injuries. police say they arrested 75 year old steven kingsley. he is a registered sex offender and served as a priest at st joseph's church in pinole. kingsley spent six years in prison for sexually assaulting a young girl in the 19 nineties. police say he now faces charges of dui and vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. well to san francisco police officers have been arrested for allegedly concealing or destroying evidence. the chief announced the charges today and it's ktvu christian captain tells us now they came on the same day as a retired officer was also arrested. san francisco's district attorney has filed felony firearms charges against former san francisco police officer mark williams. san francisco police announced his arrest tuesday and the district attorney said he has been charged with possession of a machine gun and silencer.
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the d, a, saying the former officer removed a heckler and koch submachine gun from the city's property control division , where he was working in august. 2021 police say officers were conducting routine inventory and discovered the firearm missing. after an investigation. police say williams confessed to having the weapon and he was fired from his part time position with sfpd. at the same time, the d a announced a pair of active duty san francisco police officers kevin lyons and kevin sign had been charged with misdemeanor concealing or destroying of evidence. the d a s office says. those charges stem from a july 2021 internal affairs investigation. where the officers were accused of having thrown away credit and identification cards and flushing methamphetamine down the toilet, saying cataloging the evidence would take too long. san francisco's police officers association released a statement saying in part that the organization was aware of the investigations and that the p o has confidence that the facts will come out on the side of their members. the former and current police officers are set to appear in court on may 19th
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to enter pleas to those charges in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news flowers and candles, music and remembrances filled in alameda park tonight to mark the first anniversary of the death of mario gonzalez. the alameda county coroner's office ruled that gonzalez died from methamphetamine, combined with the stress of being restrained by police. his death has been ruled a homicide, the element of county district attorney found three officers were lawful and objectively reasonable when they arrested gonzalez and were not charged. $10 million federal wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the family of a man shot to death by san leandro police officer the attorney for steven taylor's family says the shooting was preventable. in april of 2020, the 33 year old was accused of shoplifting a baseball bat at a walmart store and threatening customers, prosecutors say officer jason fletcher, first taser taylor and shot him when he refused to drop the bat. in addition to $10 million in damage, his family
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says they want policy changes to we're looking forward. to justice being served. we're looking forward the things beginning to change in the city of san leandro, we're looking forward. two things happening for the mentally ill things happening for the homeless people. the crisis that is going on in this city. officer fletcher has pleaded not guilty to voluntary manslaughter and taylor's death. in a statement, the city of san leandro says it will defend itself against a lawsuit they see taylor's death has already led to significant changes in police use of force policies and training. the justice department said today it will not appeal a federal judge's ruling that ended the nation's federal mask mandate on public transit unless the cdc says it's necessary. yesterday a florida judge ended that sweeping mandate which required face coverings on planes, trains and in transit hubs. major airlines, including american, delta, southwest and united, all quickly made wearing a mask,
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optional and all three major bay area airports dropped their mask requirements. at airports. today we found people both wearing masks and not wearing them and heard mixed opinions. the end of the free home of the brave finally, our choice. i do like that. if you want to, you should be able to. but if you don't i mean is it really going to stop anything? so i'm really excited about that. i'm going to keep my mask on, um, just to help other people who are still, you know, compromise. we still need to think about them. whether or not you wear a mask, officials say it is still more important than ever to respect other people's decisions. will most barria transit agencies continue to require masks while on board that includes san francisco mew knee transit, caltrain, vita and bart. amtrak says mass are not required. a 76 year old woman shot and killed while sitting in a moving car, police say for no apparent reason at 10 30 what
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police just released in hopes of finding her killer. more rain back in the forecast. after some showers last night. we're going to get ready for some real heavy rain in some places with big snow in the mountains. i'll be back here with that. dozens of people gather in the south bay after local bmx track recently closed how they want city leaders to take action next. with the track closed right now it's becoming extremely difficult for us to train him. get the competition we're having to now
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peox racing community gathered at city hall tonight, packing a city council meeting to bring attention to the fact that their track is closed. ktvu fema gasses live from santa clara city hall and emma. they want city council to allow a new management structure to open it back up again. that's right, andre families tell me their kids live and breathe bmx racing , but right now they're caught in the middle of a power struggle that's preventing them from racing. bmx is big business in santa clara, home to one of the top ranked tracks in the country in the past six years, its popularity has jumped to
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heights no one expected and the track grosses a quarter million dollars a year. we've gone from about 50 kids coming out three times a week to now, our throughput in a year is about 23,000 people that are coming out to the track. economic impact in the millions of dollars. but in recent weeks the track managed by the santa clara police activities league or pal has been closed. the reason parents and volunteers say is money. paypal wants usa bmx national sanctioning body to pay a lot more money from the track to hold races and recently hosted the world qualifiers in march. we're going to france fourth grader chase perkins qualified to be on team usa in the bmx world championships held this july. but with his home track closed, his dad is having to drive over an hour to napa and even salinas multiple times a week for practice every day. of training counts, and every day that this track is closed, is taken away from the opportunity of the you know? 12
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to 15 kids that qualified just from this area alone. it's very annoying. it's hard to do homework in the car when you're driving somewhere else, but when you couldn't do it in time at home it's way better tuesday night, bmx racers came to santa clara city hall to support nick valencia attracts volunteer director of operations who filed this petition with city council. he wants the council to consider taking control of the track away from powell and give it directly to usa bmx or a non profit that can pay to keep it running so these kids can race to new heights. valencia said that pal fired him and other volunteers this past weekend and changed all the locks in a statement. center ktvu from usa bmx, the sanctioning organization known as that since pal fired its volunteer operator, the track is currently not sanctioned by usa bmx or insured and will only resume when an arrangement is in place and the expected results from tonight's city council meeting. which is still going on
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is for the city council to put the bmx track on the agenda for a future meeting where they can decide who should have the authority to control the track. i reached out to santa clara pal for comment, but did not hear back. andre yep. seems like this story is still far from over, emma. thank you. meantime dozens of healthcare workers are expressing their support for a proposal to keep a major sandwiches co street car free 70 healthcare professionals signed a letter stating jfk drive in golden gate park should remain car free. they say the city sees too many traffic accidents each year, and the car free street allows more people to get out and exercise. jfk drive has been closed to cars since the pandemic began. the board of supervisors expected to decide whether that will continue at its next meeting next week. good news for san francisco mew knee riders. mta board members approved a two year budget today that includes no fare increase and free money for all youth. uni says the $2.8 billion budget prioritizes restoring services that were canceled during the
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pandemic. a fast moving wildfire in arizona is being closely watched tonight after destroying dozens of structures and prompting evacuations. the tunnel fires burning amid 50 mile an hour winds there, flagstaff. fire officials say it exploded to 6000 acres in hot, dry weather, county officials declared wildfire emergency and say more than 700 homes and 1000 animals have been evacuated. 24 structures have been destroyed. no word yet on the cause of this fire. i was staring at some more rain in the forecast. pretty good brain system to it's going to be stronger than the last couple that we've seen. potentially an inch and a half of rain in some places, maybe 2 to 3 ft. of snow in the mountains. the last seven days we've gotten this much rain scattered shower here. we got some last night quarter of inch. to a half inch in some places like marin county a half inch that's over seven days. that's the total now as we go into this next weather system, we have the potential to get nearly those totals, at least in some of those areas so inch and a half
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of rain possible to maybe a half of an inch in san francisco. these are the rainfall totals from the last 24 hours. you can see they're pretty light accepting kent field. but 08 and redfield redmond are redwood city in oakland, 80.6. so this next system is going to have some game. it's going to drop in late tomorrow afternoon into the evening. showers should begin in the north bay around 34 o'clock spread south through the central bay area by about seven or eight o'clock in the heaviest after midnight into thursday, so that's the plan. as we head into your bay area tomorrow. tomorrow is not a bad day. it's about increasing clouds, and then it gets going late in the day. more like evening and overnight hours. so when i come back, i didn't show you. uh computer model showing the rain, so i'm going to do that will time out the rain what you can expect, and we'll look at the five day all right. we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you. food hall in the south bay is looking to hire hundreds of people. italy has a number of locations around the country and the one at san
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jose's westfield valley fair center is almost completed. managers say they need to hire about 300 people, including servers, general managers, floor managers and cooks. there are two hiring events this month. one is scheduled for april. 22nd and the other is april. 29th they are both from 11 am to six pm while still the company gas prices still on the rise, and then at 10 30 an update on that south bay home depot gutted by flames. authorities say it was no accident sparked to cover up another crime ahead tonight. russia continues its attacks in eastern ukraine coming up the latest round of aid. the biden administration is promising.
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is expected to announce this week a new military aid package for ukraine. it will reportedly be similar in size to the $800 million in aid announced last week. this comes as russia is now focused on seizing the donbass region in the east fox
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news jeff paul has more now from lviv, ukraine. pushed back and unable to seize ukraine's capital city. russian forces now turned to the done, boss. thousands of russian troops are spread out across hundreds of miles in the east, unlike the urban warfare encountered in the kiev region, russian troops will battle unfamiliar ground. divided by two areas and luhansk. the done boss is a region. russian backed separatists have fought ukrainian forces on for the past eight years. russian armies fulfilling the tasks set by the commander in chief. russia's invasion, though, is coming at a high cost for both countries. the pentagon believes moscow has lost a quarter of its combat power in ukraine, including soldiers killed or injured tanks, armored vehicles, jets and helicopters with an $800 million military aid package on its way from the u. s to ukraine. russian defense minister sergei shoigu is making this accusation. united states
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and western countries are doing everything to drag out the special military operation as much as possible, but it's not just supplies the u. s. has pledging to train ukrainian forces outside of the country on weapons like howitzer cannons. the d o d says it won't take much time or training to get ukrainian soldiers up to speed. the first round of training could be completed in a matter of days. what is happening in ukraine now is essentially important. for the future of our region as a whole. the remaining ukrainian soldiers left in the southern port city of mary opal are refusing to surrender. they, along with the thousands of innocent civilians left remained holed up in the decimated city. changed we are scared of the unknown. this is what scares us. the most likely will not happen . is ukraine willingly giving up any of its territory to end the war? a point president vladimir zelensky continues to emphasize
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defend ourselves, and we will do it every day. the new phase of the war coincides with the start of holy week for orthodox christians. the united nations is now calling for a four day pause leading up to orthodox easter. ukraine. jeff paul fox news the international monetary fund, downgrading the outlook for the world economy this year and next to the organization blaming russia's war in ukraine for disrupting global commerce. it says the war has pushed up oil prices, threatened food, food supplies and increase uncertainty already heightened by the pandemic. today the 190 countries lender cut its forecast for global growth to 3.6% this year. that's a steep fall off from 6.1% last year, and from the 4.4% growth the group had expected for this year. inflation. has become a clear and present danger for many countries. even prior to the war, it surged on the back of soaring commodity prices and supply demand imbalances. united
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states currently has the highest inflation rate in his head in the past 40 years. coming up five people, including children accused of a fake jewelry scam in the east bay. how an alert citizen helped tip off police plus they're not gaining anything. so i don't understand the violence and the crime. a vandal throws, rocks and more at an east bay business. not once but twice why the business owner thinks she is being targeted. controversial call between the giants and mets made the difference between winning and losing for san francisco. joe fonzi breaks it down a little later. and later tonight , stocks and netflix stocks price takes a deep dive after hours as its subscriber base drops for the first time ever because customer
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pola silver dodge charger they believe is connected to a homicide earlier this year, authorities say. on february 2nd , someone opened fire from this vehicle into a silver honda, killing 76 year old mina. haji she was riding in a car with a man near canada valley and pinnacle view way. investigators say the shooting was unprovoked . anyone with information should call any police. we are learning more about the arrest of two men accused of killing a rapper in cemetery oh, and wounding his two year old son. 29 year old john passy was arrested at his home in north carolina yesterday . 30 year old is a lately. mahi was also arrested yesterday in honolulu. both face homicide charges in the shooting death of utah. moussa sika junior in october of 2020. san mateo police say the killing appears to be connected to an arson that killed an 85 year old woman in 2019, who have learned was
10:31 pm
passes. grandmother authorities plan to extradite both men to cemetery county to face charges. oakland police detectives are now looking for more information about a man whose death has now been declared a homicide, police officers say 46 year old jose ramos was found unresponsive on 23rd street near interstate 9 80 . in early february. he was taken to the hospital and died 11 days later. detectives say he was living at different homeless shelters in the last few months of his life. anyone with information is asked to call police on alert citizen in san ramon is being credited with preventing a group of people from taking advantage of the elderly. police say they were tipped off about a group which included two adults and three children who were attempting to sell or possibly swap costume jewelry with older people. officers found that would be scammers and during a search of their vehicles more than 40 pieces of fake gold colored jewelry. were collected.
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prosecutors announced arson charges today in connection with a massive fire at a home depot store in san jose. authorities say the suspect started the fire in order to get away with shoplifting. ktvu is brooks jarocz has more now on the suspects, criminal history. less than two weeks since this home depot in san jose erupted in flames and overwhelming smoke in arrest investigators calling the fire seen from space arson, miraculously, no one was hurt. thankful that my office the da's office. is not prosecuting a multiple murder case today, district attorney jeff rosen says dylan j. crew's gog intentionally set the fire before he tried to take off with a load of tools. the evidence shows that the suspect who had earlier that day stolen items from a nearby bass pro shop lit the fire in the home depot and try to leave the store with a cart containing stolen tools. he
10:33 pm
was stopped by a home depot employee. and fled in another persons, car prosecutors say is the big box hardware store burned, causing $17 million in inventory loss. go continued his theft spree at a macy's in the east bay. 911 calls poured in as employees and customers race to get out. when someone commits a terrible act of this magnitude that endangers many. good people spring into action to save lives. and that's what our san jose police department and other first responders did. that day. police described god as a chronic thief who stole thousands of dollars in merchandise from stores, sometimes more than once. a fire witness helped identify him before his arrest friday. now go gets charged with three counts of arson and a slew of theft charges. arson is a dangerous, violent crime. this unnecessary and tragic fire could have resulted in serious injury or loss of life. fire investigators are unsure how the fire was set
10:34 pm
and spread. but inspection records show the store and blossom hill road had code violations in recent years related to ceiling clearance, the sprinkler system and fire alarms even though issues were addressed last year. it's unclear if they could have contributed to the quick and overwhelming destruction is in the santa clara county jail being held without bail. he scheduled me back in court on june 1st for a plea hearing. in san jose brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. in santa clara county mobile crisis response team services or expanding for teens and young adults, the santa clara county board of supervisors today approved expanding services for those between 16 and 24 years old. among other plans, the county will roll out a new app to better serve young people and their families to the mobile crisis teams providing in central service to people who have mental illness or substance use disorders. last year, the program received almost 5000 calls for service that was 1600 more than the prior year.
10:35 pm
richmond police are looking for the person responsible for vandalizing a business twice our crime reporter henry lee tells us why the owner thinks she is being targeted. i feel very sad . i feel the person's very angry . tracy dempsey is upset after her richmond business was vandalized, not once but twice, apparently by the same man. the motive unknown. i'm thinking that someone is just very hateful and maybe doesn't like the fact that i have an all female staff. they're not gaining anything, so i don't understand the violence and the crime express employment professionals near hilltop mall. she offers free job placement for eligible workers. surveillance video shows a man walking up to the building, which also houses medical offices. you can see him walk away, but not before he drops the large rock on the ground, which breaks into pieces. few minutes later, he hurls a large rock at the building's glass doors, but it just bounces off came back with smaller rocks and empty modelo beer bottles any through them through three.
10:36 pm
giant windows of my office. it was unbelievable. they all blew out inside. and there were beer bottles and the big boulders inside the on it was a mess. she had her windows boarded up. but to her disbelief. it happened yet again on sunday night, she says, the man came back again throwing rocks in her business. but there was something else. and then there were a couple of bottles of urine. and smashed five windows and through the bottles of urine into my office in two different locations. very sick person. these are photos of the damage has seen from the inside. dempsey believes her business was targeted. but she does not know why. i don't believe he would be a disgruntled client. he might stretch he might be someone that was looking for work that might not have been qualified so we might not have hired him. police tell me they're reviewing evidence from both cases. richmond police are investigating anyone with information is asked to give him a call in richmond, henry lee ktvu faxed to news are coming up
10:37 pm
in a bit of 11. it was a case that made national headlines. sfpd using rape kit dna to investigate other unrelated crimes. how san francisco leaders took action to prevent it from happening again. and we got rain back in the forecast is going to be pretty significant in some places with good snow in the mountains. i'll see you back here with that first. how much of his own cash elon musk says he is willing to invest in order to take over twitter.
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bac. the national average bottomed out last week at 407 a gallon but since then it has gone back up to 4 10 a gallon and some industry analysts say prices will continue to rise as the
10:40 pm
summer driving season gets into full swing and uncertainty grows over the war in ukraine. gas prices in the bay area are significantly higher than the national average at about 5 75 a gallon shares of netflix plummeted 25% in after hours trading today following news it lost subscribers instead of adding them. the silicon valley companies set to date last 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of this year. it was expected to add 2.5 million in an effort to boost user numbers . netflix says it's going to offer cheaper at supported tiers of service. the company also says it will start charging customers who share their accounts of people outside their households. tesla ceo elon musk is willing to invest up to $15 billion of his own cash to take twitter private. that is, according to a report in the new york post post, also reported today that musk will tender and offer within 10 days. musk would need other investors to bolster his 9.1% interest in the company. private equity firms
10:41 pm
have also expressed interest in the company. earlier today we spoke with senior editor at large insurer about all the interest in a twitter takeover. there are people who are circling twitter and saying okay , well, maybe there's an opportunity to take this company and be able to mold it into something different or be able to even benefit from its possible growth in the future. but the reality is that nobody really seems to know where this is all headed yet. you know, we've got sure goes on to say all of this is sparking a conversation about what twitter is how it's managed and what we wanted to become. shares of twitter were down nearly 5% today, but overall stocks had their best clothes in nearly five weeks soared, 499 points. nasdaq jumped 287 for a gain of more than 2. and the s and p added 70 points, positive earnings from retailers and healthcare companies helped to lift the markets higher. a new
10:42 pm
program announced by the education department today will make it easier for lower income students to get debt forgiveness . it involves an income based program for repaying student loans, allowing more than 3.5 million people to receive at least three years of credit. towards eventual debt forgiveness. that's nearly 10% of all student loan borrowers. the program would allow about our words to pay a certain percentage of their income on loans for 20 to 25 years and have the rest of their balances eventually forgiven. still to come tonight how students in stockton are coping after their classmate was killed on campus and gun legislation. that is one step closer to reality here in california. and to look at tonight's beautiful and shall we say, colorful sunset. chief meteorologist bill martin is back after the break with a look at her five day forecast.
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♪ con mucho sol todo el año, cuidado que te quemas ♪ ♪ stack that cheddar, make it melt. ♪ ♪ cook it up, stretch it out. ♪ ♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ shining like gold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado live in the golden state ♪ fore that would make it easier to skirt a federal law in order to sue gunmakers. democratic assemblyman phil ting said his legislation would make it easier to sue gunmakers or dealers reliability. in shootings that cause deaths or injuries. federal law blocks most of those types of lawsuits against the gun industry. but new york last year enacted the nation's first law opening up gunmakers to lawsuits. things bill would require firearm makers and dealers to take reasonable
10:46 pm
precautions. opponents say that legislation is designed to drive manufacturers out of business counselors were on hand today and security stepped up at a high school in stockton after a student was stabbed to death on campus yesterday. authorities say the 15 year old girl was killed in a random attack reporter kay received has more now on how students and staff at stagg high school are coping. miranda garcia's heartache for her friend alicia rain, aga is met with acts of kindness. she just always had the biggest smile. she was all about her family. her family was all about her. a senior tears and i felt it and i just wanted to hold her, you know? just like we do. we want to hold our babies as the community continues to mourn . concern for ongoing safety measures are also questioned. it really doesn't seem like any secured school. to be honest, it doesn't the gates regarded tuesday. the school district has not said if this was the case when alicia was stabbed, somebody needs to be sitting at
10:47 pm
that gate at all times. i'm saying it got to be a police but at least have a walk, talk. you have something nobody should be able to come in stockton. police say anthony gray drove into the school's parking lot, got out of his car, then attacked the team monday morning. stockton unified says stag was a mostly closed campus. this isn't open campus for lunch for 11th and 12th graders. this incident happened right before the campus is now completely closed. changes need to take place immediately. that's why we have extra security. that's why we have counseling, counseling and therapy. dogs visited the faculty. the students are just processing what's happening, and every situation is different. and we're just there to do whatever we can. in last week's board meeting, the school district hired rock i consulting firm described as specializing in strategic safety. emergency crisis, preparedness, safety assessments and training. we do have an audit of the safety plans that all our school sites in place. so we're going to find
10:48 pm
out what needs to be done. in the meantime, the school district says these added security measures will remain in place. we need to go to each school. we had stag today. i pray that it ain't no other school tomorrow k recede. there's a new college in the bay area, and its campus is at san quentin state prison for decades , san quentin has offered inmates courses in literature, american government and other higher education classes. but now the college has gained accreditation and inmates will now officially be students of mount tamil pius community college. it's the country's first community college with a campus inside of prison with a new accreditation, students can more easily transferred to other colleges. after their incarceration ends. already taking a look at the weather from today. it was pretty nice day. we had those showers overnight up to a quarter of an inch in some places a little bit more up in ren county, half inches were the highest from today. highest tomorrow, we're going to be about the same maybe
10:49 pm
a little bit cooler. we're going to see clouds increase and then by tomorrow late afternoon evening showers show up around marin county and then work their way south overnight tomorrow in to thursday. so this is the system. it's pretty good one. actually you can see it's kind of pushes up with the opportunity for rain far north bay all day as i said. later on in the afternoon, and then by evening after midnight. i think we're all seeing scattered showers. cool showers and thursdays. a wet day with scattered thunderstorms. sure is the model . you can see it here. this is going to stop it right there so you can see kind of the first rain tomorrow night. afternoon anyway in the north bay, and then it starts to work its way south and a debt at midnight on thursday. it just becomes on wednesday midnight or early thursday morning. it just becomes a stream of moisture. pushing in. get a break thursday morning and then we're back at it again thursday afternoon evening into the morning hours. what you need to know about this
10:50 pm
system is it's a pretty significant 11 of the stronger ones. we've seen a little while with an inch and a half possible in some areas. gusts of wind at 22 30 we could into 40. we could see wind gusts as i mentioned up over 40, but the snow levels will be down around 5500 ft. 2 to 3 ft of snow possible and the heaviest location. that gets you a winter storm warning that doesn't just stay in effect through tomorrow. but it says in effect through friday morning, and i think three ft of snow is a real possibility. the forecast for tomorrow will be a lot like today all day and then, as the afternoon wears on the clouds move in. showers move up into the north bay, and we get this system at our doorstep, and that's a live camera shot and live cameras, satellite imagery showing it being pushed in inland and it's a good looking system. it's got plenty of moisture. plenty of cold air. and it will deliver a pretty significant punch. here's a model looking at it again wednesday afternoon late into the early evening hours, that's from the shower start overnight. you see it, and then friday or
10:51 pm
apartment thursday afternoon and then thursday late evening, and then it hangs on into friday morning up in the mountains, and it's gone. so what's it all mean? basically tomorrow is not a bad day. little bit cooler, certainly. and as we look forward to the next five days, we'll see this system move in tomorrow night into wednesday into thursday morning, all day thursday and a little bit into friday morning. i'll see you back here. at looks good, bill. thank you. governor newsom headed to butte county this morning to talk about how the state is addressing the growing impacts of the drought. the governor toured the hyatt power plant. lake oroville, which supplies water to 27 million californians. the water turbines. there are also used to generate clean electricity. but the lake is now about half full, which could pose a challenge. power officials had to halt operations for the first time last summer due to the drought. for the a's and orioles battle in a defensive thriller joe fonzi with the highlights right after the break, then on
10:52 pm
the 11 o'clock news, a sentencing in the murder of philanthropist jacqueline savant how long the
10:53 pm
(music throughout)
10:54 pm
gets happening tonight in sports after files fire sale of their star players during the off season. not much was expected of the a's this year, but 12 games into the season there's nobody with a better record in the american league west. this colosseum fan and camouflage. as the aids hosted baltimore. the orioles had a one nothing lead in the second. they were trying to add to it. kelvin gutierrez with the drive to right center with a runner on christian tracks. it gets to the wall. who cares if there's little bobble as long as you make the catch? that will make your picture happy and something that puff out your chest about. oakland still down one. nothing in the sixth. seth brown finds the gap
10:55 pm
in right center off mike baumann. christian bethancourt scores easily from second. here comes elvis andres all the way around from first two run double butts, oakland in front 2 to 1. purchase starting to earn the admiration of his pictures. still a 21 game in the eighth, the orioles austin hayes launches one off ryan castellani runs this one down as well, the little things preserving the age 2 to 1 lead. and that was the final score the asian angels tied atop the division at seven and five because of the rain out last night, the giants knew they'd play a pair today in new york. they also knew that with max scherzer on the mound for the mets and the nightcap, they better grab game one they wanted to avoid the possibility of getting swept. this guy got in without a ticket, but he needs one. mets took a one nothing lead in the first, but the giants answered back in their half of the second. joc pederson want to drive to straightaway center of tyler mcgill that ball hits above the fence for peterson's third homer this season game tied at one, the giants got one more in the inning for 2 to 1 lead. then in
10:56 pm
the third, brandon crawford drilled in two out single that scored two more san francisco in good shape at 4 to 1, but the giants missed other opportunities to score more. and that came back to bite them. the mets tied it with three in the fifth francisco indoor with the drive to ride up dominic leone that scores jeff mcneil with two outs. lenders slides in with an r b i double to the 10th. they win. it looked like the giants had taken the lead. estrada grounds to short lindores throw to first was initially ruled to have taken peter alonso off the bag that would have allowed brandon belt to score the lead run. but the play was reviewed and overturned. the umpire said alonso had maintained contact with the bag before estrada got they're handing over the mets. get the phantom runner now at second and they cashed in, and they're having indoor loops one into center with the winning run at third, the mets come back to take the first game 5 to 4 in walk off fashion, and the mets, then had the perfect formula for a sweeping the nightcap. pretty good matchup on paper logan web
10:57 pm
against scherzer. but webb wasn't a sharp he's he's been in his previous two starts. eduardo escobar with big hit for new york to out shot down the right field line in the third that drove in a pair of bronze. that was all the insurers who would need he got one more, and then he proceeded to mow the giants down. stephen duggar will be one of shooters. 10 strikeouts in 71 hit innings the mets get their sweep. winning the nightcap, 321. you'll only see like this on the ice on indian heritage night in san jose sharks close out the regular season they were trying to end a 10 game winless streak channels on a power play thing and one thing lead on columbus. too much traffic in front of the net. is noah gregor passes to scott radio finds the net big first period for san jose. sasha solvable skiers stopped but really is there for the follow really gets his first career two goal game. sharks win 3 to 2, stopping their longest winless streak in 17 years. it's a different building. but if you watch the warriors in denver nuggets last night, probably
10:58 pm
feeling that playoff vibe that resulted in five straight trips to the nba finals. just a short time ago. what the warriors didn't have it this time three years ago, is the added scoring punch of jordan's pools. pools been starting in place of steph curry with curry on a minutes restriction because of his recent injury. pour 10 of 16 from the field for 29 points, eight assists. curry had 34 of the bench. clay thompson had 21 when all three are on the court. at the same time, the defense has the impossible job of guarding them all. steve kerr noticed that number three looks a lot like number 30. some of the flurries out there from him tonight. uh, reminded me of his teammate who came off the bench a little bit. it's pretty remarkable to see jordan's has had a pretty good, uh, apprenticeship, you know, learning from steph and but he was fantastic tonight. you got, um those three guys out there at the same time for me as a
10:59 pm
passer, um that's over. indeed in playoff action tonight, the memphis grizzlies looked a little more like the second seed in the west. minnesota had no answer for john moran, who slices his waiting for two of his 23 24 96 evening that series with the timberwolves of the game each game three of that one thursday night in minneapolis, chris paul and the team with the league's best record season in the in the west. the sun is trying to go up two games on the eighth seed new orleans. well, this is how to end the quarter devin booker with the following shot that sends him to the floor. that's with the fist bump from the toddler. booker had 31 but left the game in the third quarter with tightness in his hamstring. pelicans took advantage, outscoring the sons by 16 in the second half that was doing brandon ingram is 37 points of pelicans win 1 25, 1 14 they even that series of game each. they reconvene friday in new orleans. tonight's other game, miami beat the hawks to go up to nothing in that series is that time of year certainly is in full swing. appreciate it.
11:00 pm
next at 11. we are in traffic going after school in traffic for 30 minutes, trying to go to a track and it would just be waived. it would be much better if we can just go to our home track. frustration from the south bay bmx community with their track closed for weeks tonight they are calling for city leaders to intervene. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. dozens of parents in bmx is gathered in front of santa clara city hall today, protesting against the league that runs the local racetrack. hello again, everyone i'm julie julie haener senior. they called on the city council to allow new management to take over the track. new tonight. ktvu sema gas joins us live with more on their message, emma andre and julie families tell me their kids live and breathe bmx racing , but right now they're caught in the middle of a power struggle that's preventing them from racing. bmx


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