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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 19, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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next at 11. we are in traffic going after school in traffic for 30 minutes, trying to go to a track and it would just be waived. it would be much better if we can just go to our home track. frustration from the south bay bmx community with their track closed for weeks tonight they are calling for city leaders to intervene. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. dozens of parents in bmx is gathered in front of santa clara city hall today, protesting against the league that runs the local racetrack. hello again, everyone i'm julie julie haener senior. they called on the city council to allow new management to take over the track. new tonight. ktvu sema gas joins us live with more on their message, emma andre and julie families tell me their kids live and breathe bmx racing , but right now they're caught in the middle of a power struggle that's preventing them from racing. bmx is big business
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in santa clara, home to one of the top ranked tracks in the country in the past six years, its popularity has jumped to heights no one expected and the track grosses a quarter million dollars a year. we've gone from about 50 kids coming out three times a week to now, our throughput in a year is about 23,000 people that are coming out to the track. economic impact in the millions of dollars, but in recent weeks the track managed by the santa clara police activities league or pal has been closed. the reason parents and volunteers say is money. paypal wants usa bmx national sanctioning body to pay a lot more money from the track to hold races and recently hosted the world qualifiers in march. we're going to france fourth grader chase perkins qualified to be on team usa in the bmx world championships held this july. but with his home track closed, his dad is having to drive over an hour to napa and even salinas multiple times a week for practice every day.
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of training counts, and every day that this track is closed, is taken away from the opportunity of the you know? 12 to 15 kids that qualified just from this area alone. it's very annoying. it's hard to do homework in the car when you're driving somewhere else, but when you can't do it in time at home it's way better tuesday night, bmx racers came to santa clara city hall to support nick valencia attracts volunteer director of operations who filed this petition with city council. he wants the council to consider taking control of the track away from powell and give it directly to usa bmx or a non profit that can pay to keep it running so these kids can race to new heights. valencia said that paypal fired him and other volunteers this past weekend and changed all the locks in a statement sent to ktvu from usa bmx sanctioning organization, noted that since pal fired its volunteer operator, the track is currently not sanctioned by usa
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bmx or insured and will only resume when an arrangement is in place and the santa clara city council did come to a decision. about this in the meeting just about a half hour ago. they confirmed that usa bmx and power are currently in negotiations and they'll allow them to continue for up to 90 days before holding a public hearing . in the meantime, the track remains closed. andre alright, so there's some movement in the case, but still more needs to be done for parents and those kids. emma, thank you for that live report. doug ellison hours city at 11. some santa clara city employees went to that same city council meeting is sinema story. saying they're prepared to strike workers with unit six field operations and maintenance division say they will strike at midnight may 1st if negotiations toward a new labor contract continue to go nowhere. workers say the main sticking point the city's refusal to approve salary increases. we are here today
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because the city has refused to negotiate in good faith. they're asking us not only to not take a raise again in these facing this horrible inflation. but they're also asking us to give away our legal right to recognize the strike line. so unit six includes more than 100 workers. they say their strike is time to coincide with the city's annual cleanup campaign. council members were not able to respond because there was no corresponding agenda item. also new at 11. the san francisco board of supervisors passed legislation tonight banning the city's crime lab from storing any victim dna for criminal investigative purposes. supervisor hillary ronan tweeted tonight that the vote was unanimous. the measure is in response to the news that dna from a rape kit was used later against a victim who was suspected in a robbery case. supervisor matt haney, declaring victory tonight in the special election for san francisco assembly seat. early returns
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show haney with a strong lead at almost 64% of votes, campos trails with a little over 36. the director of elections, says as expected, voter turnout was low. well, this is a unique collection for us because it's a district election. it's off cycle, so we don't really have a projection. i don't have a number as far as what the turnout what we expected turnout to be right now that turnout is 21. the winner will have to defend his seat in the june 7th statewide primary. then again in the november general election, a middle school teacher in san leandro is under fire tonight after allegedly directing threatening remarks at his students. ktvu zach sauce joins us now from the newsroom and zach. the whole thing was recorded. yeah that's right. the same leandro unified school district, only releasing a brief statement today, but so far, it appears that the administration was first made aware of all this after several recordings of the teacher began circulating on social media earlier this week. and one of those recordings, you
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can hear the teacher who the district says is on the faculty at bancroft middle school, appeared to go on a rant in front of his class, angry about a student, he says was misbehaving. the teacher is then heard referencing his prior military career and telling the class that in the past he'd shot kids younger than that student. take a listen. three tours in combat and the most dangerous places on earth. tonight thought position the western shipped off that period just nowadays, i am shocked kids younger than here. or you can hear the teacher appeared to tell a student that he's lucky things have changed and that he is no longer able to put his hands on him and take him out of the class himself. another video, also under investigation by the district appears to capture the teacher telling a student this you're probably about 20% undersized for your day. judge try suggest when you get a nice school, you worry about to shut your mouth
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because guys like me were way way bigger than you and telling you little funding vinaigrette. and the district superintendent , releasing a statement this week, saying in part that they are investigating the quote, inappropriate statements and adding quote. in doing so the personnel involved have been removed from the classroom. additionally, the bancroft students, staff and families who have been affected by this incident are also being supported and processing this concerning event. so far, the district has yet to release the name of that teacher, though they're also asking anyone with information about the alleged incidents to report them to bankrupt middles administration. zach's house reporting live from the newsroom tonight, zack. thank you. for the first time, santa clara county used genetic genealogy to determine the identity of a jane doe murder victim in 1993, a 45 year old mother named patricia skimp alot of oregon. colton oregon was killed on a turnout on a highway near gilroy, her killer keith hunter, jesperson, later wrote
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letters to authorities confessing to the crime. he signed the letters with a smiley face and became known as the happy face killer. jesperson was locked up, but the identity of the victim was still unknown. a few years ago, the sheriff's office began working with the dna dope project, which later determined skittles identity. it's a very unique case, because i think just as members of the community there's a true um you know frustration to have a homicide conviction without knowing a victim's identity. so this case meant a lot. i think to the community to everyone in santa clara county and the feeling of being able to identify her was, um great. it was great to be able to know. who she was. a cause of death was never determined. just person is now serving for life sentences without the possibility of parole in oregon. hundreds of homes have been evacuated in arizona as fire
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crews worked to contain a fast moving wildfire burning there. f amid 50 mile an hour winds, fire officials say it exploded to 6000 acres in hot, dry weather. county officials declared a wildfire emergency and say more than 700 homes and 1000 animals have been evacuated. 24 structures destroyed no word yet on the cause of this fire. a new look at covid-19 impact in one bay area county how deadly it's been compared to other diseases next. also ahead tonight, the new ucsf's study that shows a big disparity in the students
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officer. grim details about covid deaths over the last two years. dr sara cody says covid killed more county residents last year than the flu, tuberculosis. hiv aids in firearms combined over the past decade. it was the third leading cause of death in both 2020 and last year after heart disease and cancer that it shows that covid accounted for 8% of county deaths in 2020 10% last year. today marked the first full day that face masks were no longer required and public transportation across the country. the justice department says it will not appeal that decision unless the cdc says it's necessary. ktvu tom baker spoke with bay area travelers today about the change. at local airports and all across the nation. passengers now the personal option of wearing a
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mask or not, the end of the free home of the brave finally, our choice. i do like that. if you want to, you should be able to. but if you don't i mean is it really going to stop anything, so i'm really excited about that. it's up to everybody to make their own decisions. i'm going to keep my mask on, um just to help other people who are still, you know, compromise . we still need to think about them. what was true in the terminal was also true in the air. your member of your mask. but despite the florida federal court ruling, allowing masculine flights, communicable disease expert dr john schwartzberg says otherwise, because the virus will continue to mutate, possibly into forms immune to vaccines. you know how this virus spreads and we know that masks help prevent spread. and wearing a good mask will offer you considerable protection. i asked him if he was on a plane and an unmasked close by passenger was wheezing and
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sneezing. what would he do? the airplane wasn't very full, so i could move as far away from that person as possible. i keep that mask on the entire flight, if at all possible on an inbound flight from new jersey today. there was a mixture of masked and unmasked passengers as well as in the airport, with some folks deciding to keep their masks on. this is new for us, and i didn't know this until this morning. and so i am nervous about being on the flight, whether you missed or don't mask officials asked, you do one thing more than anything else, respect other people's decisions. we know that for a lot of people have gotten used to wearing a mask and wearing a mask, maybe part of what makes them feel comfortable in public transit in settings like airports. we still want to make it optional. we still want to allow both passengers and employees to continue to wear a face mask. the nation's first mask mandate occurred in this early in the pandemic. but uncle
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sam did not order it. san mateo counties. health order imposed it. airports home county. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. it turns out that francisco maybe the midst of another covid surge , according to some researchers , and they say current case rates may be undercounting. the true number of cases doctors, including ucsf infectious disease specialist peter chen, hong says one reason could be that fewer people are getting tested for the virus and in the past another reason could be that people are not experiencing serious symptoms and are failing to report positive test results of the department of public health doctor chen hong says he test positivity is up it's just something to be aware of. but nothing to be afraid of. because again if you're vaccinated and boosted, um chances are you're not going to get really ill even if a new variant comes along for most people. meantime the san francisco department of public health launched a campaign today to make sure people are prepared for the next covid surge or
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variant. the program is similar to others that teach us to be prepared. in case of an earthquake while fire or other emergency. 4 20 tomorrow, so i think everyone just going to come out and have a good time, you know? the unofficial celebration of marijuana returns to san francisco. how this year's event will be very different from years past. and some rain back in the forecast for late tomorrow night into thursday, thursday looks like a pretty wet day, a lot of snow in the mountains and significant rainfall around here. i'll have that after the break first, so ucsf studies alcohol use among high schoolers. the fin (music throughout)
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new ucsf study finds black students who attend schools that are racially segregated as a
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result of neighborhood demographics are more likely to drink alcohol and have other behavioral problems. researchers looked at data on more than 1200 school aged black children across the country from 1991 to 2014, who attended such schools. they found the more segregated the school, the greater the likelihood that black children had behavioral issues or were consuming alcohol. the ucsf study was published this week in the journal pediatrics. well san francisco is gearing up for 4 20 tomorrow, the unofficial holiday celebrating marijuana as ktvu jana katsuyama tells us this year's celebration includes one big change vendors will be selling marijuana products. for some people, the grass is always greener at hippie hill on 4 24 20 tomorrow, so i think everyone's just going to come out and have a good time. you know. this year, the 4 20 marijuana celebration is returning to golden gate park and community organizer spent all day tuesday, setting up the
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main stage and tents were more than 40 sponsors. merchant booths and food trucks will be set up for wednesday's celebration. alexa aquino, the organizer, says this year will feature the special comedy tribute to robin williams. they be renamed this, um middle robin williams veto and so we're doing a dedication to him. what's become a worldwide annual celebration of marijuana on april 20th has drawn tens of thousands of people to golden gate park's hippie hill in years past. but one big change this year because this is the first year where there are legal sales. state law requires us. you will not be allowed in unless you are. 21 parameter will be fenced in so the goldman tennis center nearby will be closed all day and the correct children's playground, which is right behind the main stage will also be closed. that's just fine, with some longtime residents glad to see the city step in with organizers to keep the peace. everybody just gets stoned and stupid. quite frankly , i think it's a great idea that
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they're going to putting some structure to it for others event changes the feel this organized , fenced in the gathering is a little bit more commercial than like what cannabis meant for people in this community park staff, though, said before organizers stepped in, there were problems with parking, sanitation and trash respectful of this very special. l'park. treat it like it's yours and, you know, be kind to the neighborhood and be considerate to each other organizers say they are concerned about potential fentanyl poisoning, so they're urging people not to buy any products off the street. there will be police and park rangers as well as a medical tent here on site the gates open at 10 o'clock in the morning. reporting from golden gate park in san francisco. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. already taking a look at the weather. it's gonna be a nice day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine clouds increased late in the day and then showers develop. in the afternoon late afternoon in the north based spread in overnight into the day thursday and a little bit of the thursday night as well, here's the system. it's
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a nice looking weather system for this time of year. it's got a little bit of everything with it. it looks like i mean, for this time of year, i'd give it a 10 in terms of ability to deliver rain and snow. um and that's that's good. this time of year. we get really weak storms, and this one's a little more than week. it's got a little game and a half of rain possible. that's the heaviest locations. that's pretty good. that means maybe a half inch in san francisco, maybe a half inch in oakland. inch and a half up on mount 10, maybe more. and then that thursday afternoon chance of this widely scattered thundershower rainfall accumulations wind gust of 40 miles an hour and in the mountains suspect perhaps, of foot and a half to 2.5 to almost three ft. of snow just depends where you are, but i think three ft of snow not out of the question. the other thing to note is that winter storm warning stays in effect through friday morning, so that's a kind of a two day or almost a two or almost a three day event. um, counting wednesday afternoon. and that is a lot of time to have a system up there going off. so yeah. three ft of snow possible the forecast for
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tomorrow. the overnight lows will be just where they have been. and then, as we head into tomorrow, this system gets closer. you can already see it pulling in, but its focus is going to be the north and then working its way south over the daytime hours. and so the model does this as we get into 10 o'clock tomorrow night. the showers develop all day. thursday we get scattered showers. you see him? keep going. that doesn't do nice job showing it, but, um, showers keep coming. and then the end on thursday night into friday forecast highs tomorrow will be a little bit milder than today. not much, but the idea of this thing is big time overnight rain breaks off a little thursday morning gets going again thursday afternoon. the evening maybe a sprinkle friday morning , but the bulk of this is right in here winston knight into thursday morning, there's five day forecast, we'll talk again, time it out more or better or differently for you tomorrow. bill. thank you knew at 11. now. in los angeles, a man was sentenced for the murder of philanthropists jacqueline oven
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last year 30 year old aerial maynor was sentenced to 190 years in prison today for that murder and trying to kill advance security guard during a robbery in december. it took place at the beverly hills home of that shared with her husband, clarence, of a music executive. julie haener pleaded guilty to one count of murder and attempted murder and a long list of other crimes, too. the sentence comes as l. a county district attorney, george gascon continues to draw criticism for what some call being soft on crime and made a recent crime wave. there was never any doubt. that we were going to pursue this case. rigorously and aggressively. this case shocked us all. been received a three strikes enhancement of 40 years . authorities have not disclosed a motive for this case. will the ayes and orioles battle in a defensive thriller are joe fonzi with the highlights coming up right after the break, stayed with it chance
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yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. evef dumping their established stars , not much was expected of the age this year, but 12 games into the season there's nobody with a better record in the american league west coliseum fan in camouflage here is the aids hosted baltimore. the orioles had a one nothing lead in the second about trying to add to it. kelvin gutierrez with the drive to right center, where the run run christian panucci tracks it. get to the wall. who cares if there's little bobble? as long as you make that catch that will make your picture happy? something to puff out your chest about? i couldn't still down one other thing in the six that's brown finds the gap in right center off mike baumann. christian bethancourt scores easily from second. here comes elvis andres all the way from first two run double puts the age in front 2 to 1, and that
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was the final the asian angels tied atop the division at seven and five. because of the rain out last night, the giants knew they would play a pair today in new york. they also knew that with max shares are on the mound for the mets and the nightcap. better grab game one if they wanted to avoid the possibility of getting swept. this guy got in without a ticket, but he needs one. josh took a 2 to 1 lead in the third and then added on brandon crawford drilled a two out single to drive in two of tyler mcgill. that was 4 to 1. but the giants missed opportunities to score more, and that hurts them. the mets tied it with three in the fifth to the 10th. they went and looked like the giants had taken the lead. tiro estrada grounds to short lindores throw to first initially ruled to have taken peter alonso off the bag that would have allowed branded belt to score the lead run, but the play was reviewed and overturned. the empire said alonso had maintained contact with the bag. before estrada got their inning over the mets. get that phantom runner at second, and they cashed in and their half of the 10th francisco
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indoor loops wanted to center with the winning run at third. let's come back to take the first game 5 to 4. and walk off fashion. and then they had the perfect formula for a sweeping the nightcap. pretty good matchup on paper logan web against scherzer wasn't as sharp as he's been in his previous two starts. eduardo escobar with a big hit for new york to out shot down the right field line in the third that drove in a pair runs. that was all the ensures it would need, but he got one more, and then he proceeded to mow the giants down. stephen duggar will be one of scherzer's 10 strikeouts in 71 hit innings. the mets get their sweep win in the nightcap. 3 to 1. we only see a satellite this on the ice son heritage night in san jose. as the sharks close out the regular season they were trying to end a 10 game winless streak. san jose on a power play, taking a one nothing lead on columbus. too much traffic in front of the net is noah gregor passes to scott reidy, who finds the net big first period for san jose. sasha shannon. l ski is stopped, but really is there for the
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follow really gets his first career two goal games. sharks win 3 to 2 stopping their longest winless streak in 17 years nba playoff action tonight, the memphis grizzlies looked a little more like the second seed in the west. minnesota had no answer for john moran, who slices his way. and the hope for two of his 23 points of grizzlies win 1 24 96 that even their series with the timberwolves at a game each game three of that one thursday night in minneapolis and chris paul and the team with the league's best regular season record. this sons trying to go up two games on the eighth seed in the west new orleans this is the end of quarter. devin booker with a following shot that sends him to the floor with a fist bump from a toddler. booker had 31 points but left in the third with tightness in his hamstring. the pelicans took advantage, outscoring the sons by 16 in the second half to a brandon ingram 37 there. republicans win 1 25 1 14 even the series of game each. they reconvene friday in new orleans. one other game tonight. miami the hawks. to go up to nothing in that series. so some unexpected results tonight
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didn't be a playoff. alright, joe. thank you. and that will do it for us tonight. thanks so much for joining us. have a good night. everybody back here night. everybody back here tomorrow. honey, what is all this? hey! hey, mom? i'm trying to write this stupid college essay question, and i really don't even know where to start. okay, what's the question? tell me. "what's the biggest obstacle you've ever had to overcome?" didn't my third grade teacher say i had, like, a.d.d. or something? oh, no, honey. she said you couldn't a-d-d, and she put it that way because she also knew you couldn't s-p-e-l-l. wait, slow down... ohh! sweetheart? what's this? we talked about this last week. i said i'm building luke a tree house. you said "fine." you know, sometimes i think you just tune me out. i never told her. she just would have said "no." i don't remember agreeing to this, phil. this is like the time you backed down the driveway with a hang glider sticking out of the car. if you'd let me keep that, those geese would have followed me to the wetlands.


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