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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 20, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. five sta right behind you. sorry. my brother, you
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know, yeah. we know he was in the same. we know that sounds of relief and joy for one family after their loved ones spent three decades behind bars. 61 year old joaquin syria walking out of jail of freeman today. good evening and thanks for joining us at five. i'm julie julie haener andre, senior syria wrongfully convicted of murder in san francisco. ktvu crime reporter henry lee is here now with what it was like for him to get out, henry. honoring julie joaquin syria is relieved and happy and rightfully so. he was wrongfully convicted of murder and has spent half of his life in prison. country. country is made out of people. 61 year old joaquin syria, enjoying his first taste of freedom in 31 years after doing time in state
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prison, syria was released from san francisco county jail days after a judge confirmed he was wrongfully convicted of murder. say thank you, god right people to make this happen. syria which is weeks old when his father was arrested. i don't feel hostile towards the justice system because you know, the justice system is just something that tends to mess up every once in a while, you know, i am joyful that the right people made the right decision. syria was convicted of murder in the 1990 killing of his friend felix best rica, in part because the getaway driver said syria was the shooter. san francisco dhs a boudin said that witness lied on the stand after being pressured by the sfpd to identify syria. bodine launched the innocence commission in his office. syria was the first case that was reviewed eyewitness identification. false testimony. many instances, official misconduct. all three of those common factors were president.
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in this for serious case. this is what we do. our work for these moments are amazing. linda starr heads the northern california innocence project. it should be the norm. we shouldn't have to celebrate that. that should be something that is expected of all district attorney's office is fairly investigated. case taken away from your wife. and your baby, and that is because the system failed. you catastrophically. usf professor laura bazelon chairs, the innocence commission. resilience and persistence finally won the day. and that you now at long last have a chance to take back your life. so, for now, syria is relishing his release in a world with iphones, ubers and self driving cars. but his first order of business, i would like to eat some cuban food. cuban restaurant. yeah d a says. even with all the celebration and fanfare, the sobering reality is that the real killer who fired those shots back in 1990 has not been brought to justice live in
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the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox studios still said that the real killer has not been found yet. have you heard anything that they're going to launch another investigation to find? the actual killer s office did get that question asked, and they're saying they're not talking about it. but the investigation is ongoing. alright, really reporting for us live, henry. thank you. san francisco police are looking for a suspect in the deadly shooting of a 30 year old man in the fillmore district last night. officers responded to a report of gunfire on buchanan street near turk just after 10. pm the victim was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries. anyone with information is asked to call sfpd heading to the peninsula. now police are searching for a shooter after three people were hurt this morning in coma. officers responded to the area, hillside boulevard and lawndale boulevard. they found one person who was hurt, but not from a gunshot wound. he is okay. we're told to people with gunshot wounds were found at local hospital zone. as far as i know that's non life threatening injuries, and that's all we're
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releasing at this point. police say the victim at the scene is helping with the investigation. so far, there is no one in custody. the city of san francisco, goes to trial monday in a lawsuit against drugmakers , including pharmacy giant walgreen's city attorney david chiu says the companies are partially responsible for the opioid crisis that has been plaguing san francisco ktvu evan sernoffsky is here now, with more on the case and a settlement today with one of the defendants, evan yes. julie the city attorney announced today that endo pharmaceuticals will pay san francisco $10 million to get out of this lawsuit. the case still heads to trial next week, and it involves other defendants on every level of the supply chain, including manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies. walgreens halligan, teva and panda created a widespread public nuisance and public health emergency. san francisco city attorney david chu is gearing up for trial next week in a closely watched civil
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case against some of the world's biggest drug companies for allegedly overprescribing pain medication. the defendants in this case each contributed to and created that public nuisance by flooding san francisco with opioids the company's practices , according to the lawsuit, created quote a population of addicted patients who sought opioids at never before seen rates. juice says it led to users seeking out drugs on the street. like heroin and fentanyl , creating dire situations in places like the tenderloin. for example, between 2015 and 2020 opioid overdose deaths went up 478% and in 2020 more than doubled covid-19 deaths. between 2000 and six and 2000 and 14 drug companies doled out more than a 163 million pharmaceutical pain pills in san francisco and the defendants did
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this by making false statements misleading doctors and patients about the risk of opioids and changing the way the broader public viewed or use walgreens and other companies involved in the lawsuit would not comment. the city attorney's office filed the litigation in 2018 and included companies like oxycontin manufacturer purdue pharma. purdue went bankrupt in 2020 and paid out billions in settlements for its role in the opioid epidemic. on wednesday, two announced that another defendant, endo pharmaceuticals , will settle its case with the city for $10 million. there is a line you can draw from the conduct of legal, uh companies, manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies. to the illegal markets that you see today. keith humphreys is a professor at stanford, who has been studying the opioid crisis. he says regulators dropped the ball and let the drug companies run wild. they did, um dodge through . it's not really loopholes but
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gaping holes in american regulation. now in the trial begins next week. expect to hear from witnesses like pharmacists who may shed light on these companies. corporate practices reporting live in the studio. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. thank you. in ohio doctor charged in the deaths of multiple patients was found not guilty today. the jury acquitted doctor william hustle of 14 counts of murder. prosecutors had argued he deliberately killed the patients by ordering a six of amounts of painkillers, including fentanyl. the jury sided with the defense who argued hustle was providing comfort care to dying patients. houston still faces at least 10 civil lawsuits from the family's patients who died while under his care. our developing news right now, verizon says it has resolved an outage that affected some customers across the country today, verizon says a fiber issue in the core of its network caused the problem and wireless customers may need to restart their devices. earlier
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customers were getting an error message when making calls. some were able to make calls but not receive them. those issues were reported by customers along the west coast, atlanta, dc, minneapolis, new york and philadelphia. there are new developments out of washington, where the justice department says it will appeal the ruling out of florida that overturned a federal mask mandate for travelers. the appeal comes at the request of the cdc. the agency says at this time, masking for indoor transportation remains necessary for public health, and it believes the mandate is a lawful order. this comes as many transportation agencies are dropping mask requirements. ktvu sam rubin live now in san jose, where the santa clara valley transportation authority is among them and yeah, reaction down here was definitely mixed. there are those who are very glad to see the requirement go and plenty more who say that they will keep wearing their masks indefinitely. for riders and drivers, vt. a masks just
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became optional. it's got some passengers breathing easier. yes, i'm happy about that. because i don't like the way it makes me feel like because i have all these piercings. just make it work. i can't breathe decision comes after a federal ruling struck down a national mask mandate, leading local transit agencies scrambling to modify their own policies. we wanted to make sure that the agency's overall sort of on the same page and so that passengers wouldn't be confused or disappointed. whatever so we were trying to communicate with each other. for most of the day, there was still confusion but one by one agencies like sf mta , a c transit and caltrain all decided to recommend masks but not require them. the state, which could have kept a mandate in place today announced their masking requirement is terminated, effective immediately. union leaders say they're glad over 90% of our assaults on drivers over the past year and a half where because of the mask mandate and arguing with customers about
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putting a mask on so it relieves a lot of that stress that the driver might have, ta says they did not ask employees to be enforcers of the mask policy. still for this new graduating class of drivers, the change is welcome. i think for the passengers, it's going to be real good. create less conflict . a lot of them don't have a mass and sometimes get upset about it. um for me myself. i'm probably gonna wear my mask just for my own safety and he's not alone. many passengers say they will continue to cover up. at least for now. rather wear the mask until the epidemic is completely gone, because if we don't know if it could start back up again, and it's better to say, be safe than sorry. and within the last few minutes, we just got word that bart is going mask optional as well, though they say they continue to strongly recommend that riders wear them, julie yeah. so many changes coming so quickly.
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alright and ruben reporting live for us tonight and thank you, and associated press poll finds the majority of americans support a mask requirement for flights and other transportation. 56% said they favor the requirement. 24% are opposed. 20% had no opinion poll was taken just before a federal judge in florida struck down that national mandate, and it shows a sharp partisan divide. 80% of democrats support the mandate. but only 33% of republicans supported stay with ktvu for the latest coronavirus coverage. we're following what you need to know when it comes to masking and restrictions. you can also head to the special covid section right on our website. it's all at ktvu .com/ covid. parts of wide receiver deebo. samuel appears to want to take a pass on the 49ers after the break what he has just asked the team to do also ahead tonight, a major development in the battle between disney and florida governor ron santis about the company's ability to remain self governed. the
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pandemic is so skyrocketed the cost of shipping the products that package wine. that it's doing great damage to the industry, and it is time to put a cork in it. and we've got a nice looking weather system headed our way right now. it's going to be a wet one tonight into tomorrow. (music throughout) oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks,
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a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm. jp morgan wealth management. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. has ever repeatedly said they would like to keep wide receiver devo samuel for a long time. but today it became clear samuel and the niners don't quite see things the same way. that's because samuel told espn's jeff darlington, he asked them he asked the team to trade him. the star receiver declined to offer
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specific reasons for requesting the trade, but acknowledged he has informed the team of his desire to leave. samuel is entering the final year of his rookie contract. he joined two of the league's other top receivers and skipping any on field offseason programs until he signed a contract extension. on the assignment over the oakland a's home opener seems to have faded in a hurry. one day later, the team had its worst attendance at the coliseum in nearly 40 years, 3748. that is the lowest number since june of 1984, excluding, of course, pandemic error games with zero fans in the stands. last night was only the second home game of the season. despite the low fan attendance, the one last night it put them in a tie for the best record in the american league. the florida senate passed a bill today that would address independent special districts that effectively allow walt disney world to self govern itself. so what would happen if local authorities take over the district? fox news? valerie boy takes a look. right now. state
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lawmakers are in a special session debating the future of reading creek. it's located here in dizzy property, political analysts say there's a 50% chance of the private government here on disney property could be eliminated. and if that happens , orange and osceola counties would have to take over. why is it fair? that one company gets these special privileges, but the others don't. it's a discussion worth having exactly what representative randy fine did today during the special session. the reedy creek improvement district, which is a private government run by disney was created back in 1967 to help develop disney and bring tourism to central florida. but fine wants lawmakers to consider revamping what disney can and cannot do the ability to go and seize your property without your permission, the right to build a nuclear power plant, which is one of the things they have fine says the local authorities would take over running reedy creek, which has around 400 employees. so what would it cost taxpayers ? we asked the orange county tax collector we have about 438,000
5:18 pm
parcels here in orange county. and so if you divide that out, it's probably $250 a year. you'd literally get no revenue right again because it's an independent taxing district. when that's dissolved. that just goes away. but representative fine, disagrees. this wouldn't have to cost taxpayers anything. the revenues that are currently collected for the reedy creek improvement district could then be collected by the counties as well out to the osceola county tax collector and property appraiser who say they need more time to come up with the numbers. orange county tax collector scott read off, agrees something like this probably needs, you know, a bit more. um you know, studying into before you do something like that science is everyone will have more time to research. even if the bill is approved. nothing happens overnight. nothing happens until after session next year. and again, that was valerie boy reporting. of course, this all started after the ceo of disney spoke out against the parental rights and
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education law, also known as the don't say gay legislation. florida's house of representatives will vote on really creek tomorrow. look out of nurses has begun at sutter health and will continue until this weekend after thousands of nurses staged a one day strike protesting working conditions. the nurses strike was designed to put a spotlight on understaffing. and what they call the lack of progress in contract talks. center officials brought in replacement nurses and guaranteed them five days of work, and as a result, the nurses who staged the strike won't be allowed back to work. until saturday. and the bill is making its way through the california legislature designed to strengthen laws that prevent women from being prosecuted for their pregnancy loss. the bill would let women sue prosecutors for erroneously charging them with crimes related to the pregnancy loss. it passed the assembly health committee yesterday. the bill stems from the case of a california woman who spent four years in prison after prosecutors said her drug use during pregnancy led to the still birth of her child. and
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we've got a nice little forecast for you again. more rain in the forecast. this weather system has a little bit of game two. it's going to drop, perhaps an inch and a half, maybe two inches of rain in the north bay, santa cruz mountains, an inch and a half inch and three quarters, most of us a quarter to a half inch, but that's great for late season storms like this, this one's a good one. it's got snow levels down about 5800. ft will be seeing, um, maybe two. maybe three ft of snow up there and some of the areas, especially central sierra nevada. so good looking storm. it's getting here now. so let's take a peek at how this thing plays out. the thursday forecast is going to be overnight rain tonight. into thursday morning. we could see showers heavy at times, especially in the early morning hours. thunderstorms possible is that powerful cold air gets in here and then the afternoon it's going to clear up pretty quick, so this is mainly an overnight tonight thing into tomorrow morning early and then clearing tomorrow afternoon. these are some of the rainfall
5:21 pm
accumulations and where they lie out and you can see it's pretty equal opportunity from the north bay to the south bay. rainfall will have an impact, mainly on the morning. the late night commute early morning commute. that's what most folks will notice it. there's the weather system. it's a for this time of year. like i've said last couple of days. it's a really nice looking weather system and, quite frankly, on track to be not the we've had some really strong stories remember early in the season? but we haven't had that many really poppy storms. it's going to throw some wind at us a winter storm warning that stays in effective friday morning and significant amounts of rain. it's a good one. it's under scale of 1 to 10 for this time of year. give it an eight for this time of year. not for january or something like that. so there are the rainfall accumulation possibilities. some snow in the mountains. i think two ft. for sure. i think three ft real possibility. and as you look at the sierra nevada that winter storm warning goes into effect in the next few hours, and it stays in effect through the cr through friday morning
5:22 pm
early, and so that's going to have a big impact on folks driving around up there and again. not expected this time of year. for many, many folks go up there think, okay, it's spring weather. i'm going to get out and do some hiking. this is going to drop enough snow down low enough that you're not going to be doing a lot of a lot of warm, hiking or dry hiking anyway, especially i was just saying last through friday, so it starts up there tonight hangs on all day thursday, pretty much into friday and continues on into the friday afternoon. our so good looking weather system right now you can see where it is. it's just starting to show up. those are the current rainfall prediction areas and you can see right here where it is north bay. so when i come back, we'll get it all timed out for you will look at it, and that's not the model. that's the radar. rain is showing up down the north bay. i'll see you back here with the rest of the forecast. killdeer. i feel like there's some kind of drugs in me or something, and i don't know what's happening. weed and a wedding. it's a bizarre tale.
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dozens of guests reportedly drugged with marijuana without their consent, and police say the bride had something to do with it. and coming up at six o'clock. a holistic doctor in the north bay has admitted to selling fake vaccine cards. and now authorities believe she wasn't acting alone the wasn't acting alone the operation they it's still the eat fresh refresh, at subway. and they're refreshing everything. even their italians. woah. you talking italians? jimmy's gonna take it from here. refresh italiano see, subway now has italian-style capicola, and you can try it on top of belgioioso fresh mozzarella on the mozza meat. or, stack on three more italian-style meats with the supreme meats. it's just like my nonna makes when she cooks! i don't cook. wait, what? it's a good thing he's so handsome. it's the eat fresh refresh at subway. and they're gonna keep refreshing and re- this is elodia. she's a recording artist. it's the eat fresh refresh at subway. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting
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caterer facing charges tonight after deputies say several wedding guests were served food laced with marijuana. the bride daniel glennie, and the caterer joycelyn bryant, both facing charges now of tampering, culpable negligence and delivery of marijuana. and what happened february 19th and longwood, florida just outside of orlando , wedding guests told deputies that he felt like he had been drugged after only consuming food and wine. first responders treated several other people who complained of stomach pains and vomiting and reported feeling ill and high. guests speaking out now about what happened at this wedding. we were all like
5:26 pm
distorted and seeing things differently. hearing things differently, like sounds were kind of echoing the very first assumption that people were chattering about is like, are we high? are we stoned? did we get drugged? well that woman you just saw there she shared the results of a drug test showing she had been drugged with marijuana. and now, she says she wants answers to why this happened. 4 20 celebrations return to san francisco today after a two year hiatus because of the pandemic, thousands of people gathered for hippie hill cannabis celebrations. ktvu is christien kafton shows us what took place on this high holiday. collective deep breath in a plume of smoke for 20 on april, 20th was back. organizers say this year's celebration is especially welcome. after a two year hiatus. it's amazing to be back, you know, we're humans. we loved it. we need to gather and see each other. i die and but
5:27 pm
again, another celebration of life and for the plant in medicine. visitors back for in person celebrations say the event has evolved a little bit more commercial, but it's all right. yeah there was a line instead of, you know, people just coming in from all directions and ending up in one space. visitors say they're ready to share space and more with the cannabis community. so i'm allowed to actually give away up to an ounce to anyone over 21 free of charge, so i've actually been giving mugs away to people that asked me. i'm trying to make it last just for the end of the day because be gone in five minutes if i gave everybody a nug but it's just, you know, just a little personal stash. thank you guys. so much thank you. event featured a major change this year for the first time ever. not only can people use cannabis legally at the 4 20 celebration, but it can be sold here as well. what that means is i'd checks upon entry no. one under 21 allowed in. visitors say they love the idea of being able to buy and use right here. liberating honestly
5:28 pm
, because i go to dispensaries. if you feel like it's a lot of security. you have to go through a lot of systems. but here you can just walk up. give your i d and that's it for visitors. what it means is a bump in business and a benefit to local entrepreneurs, especially those who may have been penalized by previous cannabis policies. hopefully, it kind of frees up the people that have been in trouble in the past. because this is the new wave. i mean, it is legal now. and hopefully just opens doors to people to get new careers, well paying jobs in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news and in celebration of earth day for transit agencies in marin and sonoma counties will offer free bus service to saturday. the agencies participating include marine transit, petaluma transit , santa rosa city bus and sonoma county transit. officials encourage the public to hop on busses to attend the earth day festival in santa rosa, the butter and egg days parade the festival in petaluma or the apple blossom festival, and sebesta pull wine corpse are
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taking nearly double the time to get from portugal from a port in portugal to the bay area, coming up the factors in getting those corks onto your favorite bottle of wine, plus as the war in ukraine takes yet another turn. president biden holds a meeting at the white house with his top military leaders on lauren blanchard in what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control-
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mild at sea or sitting in ports instead of being on top of a
5:32 pm
bottle. wine is a big business here in the bay area, but supply chain issues are hitting this marquee industry like never before. ktvu is tom baker spent the day in napa to show us what businesses are doing to try to stay afloat. napa is porta cork is part of the world's largest cork, harvester and processor. of course, almost all imported from portugal. so there's plenty of cork. getting it to the wineries is quite another matter . we used to have on average, a 60 day door to door lead time from our portugal. ah, support to support of oakland. and we have we're averaging around 212 days. right now. that is some 90 million corks stranded at sea or in ports. i have never in my career had as much product ah, that is in route as i have right now, of course containers at the ports for as much as a month because they're buried in a massive containers and trucking
5:33 pm
is not available before the pandemic completely screwed up shipping. quarter court would have bag shipped to it. 5000 quarts each for just $7 a bag today that is $37 a bag times 78,000 bags a year. big picture one container from portugal to oakland pre pandemic ship for $2500. today it is $14,000. we don't have any recourse with the shippers. we don't have any lines of communication with with the port of oakland one ship lined up at the panama canal for oakland was rerouted to virginia and now the continues will be rail shipped across country and it's not just corks after covid. i thought we'd hit the worst of the worst, but it's not gotten better. in fact, it's gotten worse. smith is vice president supply chain napa based delic otto family wineries, a major
5:34 pm
producer of many brands of wine . they also require imported bottles. next leaves and ornate labels all in short supply and long delayed. thank goodness we have great suppliers and partnerships with those suppliers like porto cork. delic kado has over purchased these items, hoping that things will get better. the containers are costing more. the vessels are in short supply. the containers are in short supply truck drivers are in short supply. now it's a sophisticated, high stakes guessing game predict what we need almost 26 weeks in advance for some of the components with much of china's factories and ports in covid lockdowns, things are bound to get worse. tom baker, ktvu fox two news america's small dairy farmers may soon become a thing of the past big businesses that are producing more milk, cheese, ice cream and butter for less money are set to be to blame here.
5:35 pm
last year, wisconsin lost 360 dairy farms. that's about 5% of the total. nationwide the country lost nearly 6% of its dairy farms, experts say consolidation usually means lower prices at the grocery store, but inflation is actually increasing prices. we're looking at historically high milk prices this year, but it costs are going to be also his historically high because cows or replacement cows are getting hard to find. labor is very hard. the rising cost of food, construction materials, gas and labor have made it less profitable for mom and pop dairy farms to operate. their prices have been increasing more slowly than inflation, but the cost of doing business well, that is also up. well none of this. a middle school teacher in san leandro has been removed from the classroom after recordings surfaced on social media that include apparent threatening remarks directed at students. the recording began circulating on social media earlier this week. one angry rant is dressed
5:36 pm
to a student he claims was misbehaving. at one point, the speaker references is a military career. and says that he is shot people who were younger than that student. yeah three tours in combat and the most dangerous places on earth and i have not position the western shipped off that. period just nowadays have shocked kids younger than here. on the same we enter unified school district would not name that teacher but said they are on the faculty at bancroft middle school district, asking anyone with more information about the incident to contact school administration. the san francisco board of supervisors has passed legislation banning the city's crime lab from storing any victim d n a criminal investigative purposes . it is a response to the sfpd using dna from a rape kit against the victim, who was suspected in a robbery case. right now there is statewide legislation that would ban any california crime lab from keeping rape kit d. n a in a
5:37 pm
database. that is unrelated to the sexual assault the families of two men who died at santa rita jail in the last six months say they're still searching for answers tonight. marcos greek bribe died at that jail in january, his father told ktvu still has questions and that nobody has contacted him to discuss what may have happened to his son. last december, larry robertson died at santa rita jail last week, his brother told ktvu that has made numerous calls for answers about robertson's death, but has not received any information. a senior u. s. defense official says training of ukrainian personnel on american howitzers has begun in the european country in another european country outside of ukraine. the action kicks off an effort to enable the ukrainian army to use newly supplied us artillery. in the escalating battle for the donbass region of eastern ukraine boxes. lauren blanchard has the latest president biden and his top military breasts sitting down as the russian offensive in eastern ukraine is ramping up weapons and ammunition are flowing in daily.
5:38 pm
camera seen just how vital our alliances and partnerships are around. the world administration is planning to provide heavier weapons to ukraine, as russia is bent on taking the donbass region that would provide russian president vladimir putin with a strategic win right now, putin still thinks he has a war he can win. out in the east. ukraine stopped putin around kiev, and they have to try to do the same thing in the east. the kremlin says they sent a list of demands to ukraine to end the fighting, but it's unclear what was in the list. the secretary general of the united nations has requested meetings with both presidents of ukraine and russia. meanwhile the humanitarian situation for the ports city of mariupol is dire. everyone who can listen to use those corridors to the maximum possibility. the un refugee agency says five million people have fled ukraine far more than even the worst case estimates
5:39 pm
the pentagon says russia has lost a quarter of the forces. it began the war with tuesday, moscow sent the western warning test launching a huge new intercontinental ballistic missile will have no equivalent in the world for a long time. and will make think twice those who in the heat of frantic aggressive rhetoric tried to threaten our country. the pentagon says they do not consider president putin's words or the launch to be a threat in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news actor johnny depp back in the hot seat for day two of his defamation trial against ex wife amber heard. i'm david spun the story coming up. plus, we're heading to a part of the southern california border, where local residents say migrants are flooding into th
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angeles international airport in connection with the shooting in hollywood last year. the performer whose real name is rocky myers, was detained on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. police say the 33 year old was wanted in connection with the shooting last november that broke out after an argument escalated. myers is accused of firing a handgun at an acquaintance. the person suffered a minor injury and later sought medical treatment. authorities say myers and two others fled. myers records, publicist and attorney did not immediately respond to requests for comment. after an emotional first day on the stand , johnny depp is back in the hot seat. the actor is suing his ex wife, amber, heard after she published a 2018 op ed in the washington post alleging abuse never mentioned depths name, he says. the article severely damaged his career. fox news david spun has today's details. johnny depp returned to the standard of virginia courtroom wednesday in his defamation case against ex wife amber heard and
5:43 pm
the pirates of the caribbean star did not mince words not allowed to be. right, not allowed to have a voice. so at a certain point when that. when it enters your mind. is. you start to slowly realize that you are in a relationship. with your mother. in a sense, he went on to claim the aquaman actress berated and attacked him constantly during their marriage claims his ex wife hurled a large bottle of vodka at him, smashing his hand and severing the tip of his middle finger. during an argument in australia while he was filming pirates of the caribbean five, the actor said heard extinguished a cigarette on his face during an altercation when asked why he stayed in the marriage, said he stayed with his quote, abusive ex wife. because of past childhood abuse and trauma, the actor says the constant stress
5:44 pm
of the relationship wreaked havoc on his mental health and said he often needed to take solace in bathrooms. it's not a happy day. it's not a happy week . it's not happy month when you're constantly being told hor that would an idiot. you are told jurors he wanted to make things work with amber heard, but there were too many lines crossed in fairfax, virginia, david spun fox news. and arizona wildfire exploded overnight, putting hundreds of buildings in harm's way and dry conditions are only fueling more danger. and showers showing up in parts of the bay area. right now we'll look at the radar, the forecast and the five day and just a few minutes. plus there's another unusual story out of florida, unusual story out of florida, and this one involves a canine and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me.
5:45 pm
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overwhelming. flood of migrants
5:47 pm
into arizona. as the weather warms up the wall in huma has three large gaps, making it easier for migrants to illegally crossed into the country reporter jake carroll. lexus joins us live from that wall in human jake. just how much easier is it for migrants to get into the us through these gaps? andre has gotten a lot easier, and the people here in yuma are really concerned. migrants coming from mexico can walk right through the gaps in the wall like the one right here behind me. border patrol stretched thin, and the mayor has been trying to do something about this for a while, as this issue has gotten worse in the last couple of months. it's very taxing on a community that's built for 200,000 to have this. many people show up its doorstep. and need. corey mellon owns a farm close to the yuma arizona border every day he sees migrants crossing through gaps in the border wall. yuma has a hole in the fence. california doesn't
5:48 pm
have any holes. so therefore the shifted here and, um, they started coming through here, and it's made it very easy for them to do. there's three big holes in the wall totalling about seven miles. migrants can walk through the wall at any time of the day. huma mayor doug nichols says it's become overwhelming for border patrol to manage or overworked, they're stressed, they're not even doing the job that they are that they have joined up to do so there. passion their mission is to protect the border to secure the border not to handle irregular immigration, melon and the people he works with on his farm or worried about how many migrants are coming across. he's seeing more on his farm since the new year and says it's not safe for his workers or for the migrants traveling in dangerous conditions. there's definitely people in these groups that are trying to find a better way of life again. we have a legal system to do that. that's what we should be doing. migrants who
5:49 pm
come through yuma try to make it to phoenix and tucson, nichols says. if migrants keep coming at this rate, it could overwhelm the whole system. we're going to get this backlog this pushback. of just the network not being able to handle this flow from other areas. over the last couple of months, the number of migrants only seems to be increasing. we're going to be in the situation where people are on the streets. people are going to be sleeping in parks, they're going to be looking for resources, food shelter, um and eventually transportation. nichols says a normal year used to see between 50 to 80 migrants trying to cross the border every day. in 2022, the daily averages more than 1000 and yuma, arizona . jacare alexis ktvu, fox two news. that is a massive gap in that wall. art jake. thank you so much for that live report. and arizona wildfire doubled in size overnight one day after officials declared a state of emergency flames from the tunnel fire tore through two dozen buildings on the outskirts of flagstaff and forced the
5:50 pm
evacuation of more than 700 homes. this video shot by a local resident, shows the thick smoke in a residential area. and that isn't the only wildfire burning so early in the year. fox news' christina coleman tells us dry weather conditions could keep fueling the flames. flames and clouds of smoke closing in on these homes and flagstaff today, the tunnel fire exploding overnight, expanding by about 11,000 acres. fire managers say the fast moving flames are consuming dry grass pine and brush the conditions driving more than 2000 residents from their homes. i was with my friend who lives down the street. and i said the smokes right over our house. she looks towards my house, which goes? oh yeah, the smokes over your house. the weather service says high winds are further fueling the flames. at times. firefighters are battling gusts around 30 mph. that's all dependent on the weather. you know. so one thing we always base our tactics, not relying on aircraft. aircraft are plus conditions, also fueling the
5:51 pm
crooks fire near prescott, arizona. so far, the flames have burned 1600 acres ready to go with get the order to go. forest service officials are bracing for more damage. all of the people involved here are very worried about the treacherous winds. the fire is burning within the forest. arizona is one of several states out west in an early start to the fire season. the national interagency fire center reports. nearly 2000 firefighters and support personnel are battling more than a dozen large fires in the region. the national weather service says wind and low humidity could further fuel fires throughout the week. in los angeles. christina coleman fox news. alright you are looking at a live radar right now those sweeping arm coming from the sacramento doppler radar, the other sweeping arm coming from mount, um madam, just south of san jose, and that arm that just went through. that's up in the humboldt area around eureka. and there goes the mount ah, minimum sweeps, so
5:52 pm
we're covering it pretty well. you see some scattered showers, mainly in the north. i'm getting reports some scattered showers up around santa rosa around rincon valley, st helena, um, places to the north of us. i haven't seen anything. any reports yet out of san rafael, but i suspect that they're getting some scattered showers as you look in real close and you see that again sweep going through. taking a slice of the atmosphere and depicting where the rain is. this is the kind of the early bands of this system moving onshore american canyon, you're getting a few sprinkles just east of sonoma, mount saint helena. a few scattered showers as well. and then there's the big picture right there. you can see the showers really? right now. this is all about northern parts of the bay area far northern parts of the bay area, but that's going to change as we get into the evening hours tonight into the next few hours into midnight and about 34 in the morning when the heaviest showers come in. here is the first wave. and then here's the second way behind it. you see it there, and that second wave is going to have some cold air associated with it. it's going to have the potential for some
5:53 pm
thunderstorms as well. the current radar again you see where the heaviest rain is falling out. right now it's pretty light. but in those north hills, we could easily see an inch and a half to two inches of rain up around the marine county watershed. live camera looking for sutro for the north bay, and you kind of see that. that's what we're just showing you where it's raining, and you see some at least virga, which is rain that's falling. that's evaporating, but i suspect some of this is hitting the ground. tonight at about eight o'clock, nine o'clock, this thing is going to move into the san francisco redwood city area and not quite redwood city. more sfo area to pacifica heavy showers at times it's sweeps through we get into midnight and then we get another pop around five a.m. scattered showers from midnight into the about five and then we get pretty good. dose of rain there and then we get another way that sneaks through as we head into the morning hours, the morning community wet but probably drive from the sky and then thursday evening. it's kind of moves on out and then you can
5:54 pm
see a few scattered showers, potentially for friday morning. so what? i just showed you i just showed you the computer model that's saying, hey, this is going to hang out tomorrow pretty much for the first half of the day, second half of the day it goes away, but in the mountains that winter storm warning will be around in. i suspect they're going to be having some mountain travel issues. i know they will, as a matter of fact, on 50 and 80. so this main event is going to be overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, and then into the lunchtime, our things will start to back off a little bit, maybe a few scattered showers on friday. this is a weather system . that's a little stronger. the ones we've seen in the past. so i'm looking forward to maybe an inch and a half of rain for many of us, maybe an inch and a quarter maybe two inches, and we're in county three ft of snow is a real possibility up around kirkwood and up around big bear, man. gosh, bear valley. and some of those areas, so there's a five day forecast rain moving into the bay area in the next six hours or so. you'll notice it in san jose, probably after midnight. i'll see you back here
5:55 pm
in a few minutes. thank you. a dog in florida has broken the world record for being the oldest dog alive. the chihuahua named named toby keith achieve the guinness world record title on march 16th at the age of 21 years and 66 days old. the typical lifespan of his breed is normally between 12 and 18 years , toby keith's owner adopted him from an animal shelter when he was just a few months old, the prior record holder for oldest dog alive was an australian cattle dog. who died at the age of 29. this was way back in 1939. all children and copy might sound not sound like a good combination with elementary school students in arizona are proving how the two can actually mix coming up tonight at six, the man accused of stabbing and killing a 15 year old girl at her high school appears in court for the first time, and prosecutors vowed to make him pay. it's just senseless. it is
5:56 pm
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it d graders learn about entrepreneurship. that's because they're the ones running it. foxes. daniel miller shows us surrounded by nature. it's the latest hit at greenhouse montessori school in gilbert. it's a full operational coffee shop, the employees students. yeah, i'm doing cashier. how's the coffee here? um i haven't tasted it, but looks good, but you make it right. you know how to make it? yeah jennifer pap says the coffee shops that well with the school's entrepreneur class, so they went ahead with
5:59 pm
it. they had to interview parents what they would buy. um they put the menu together. they shop. they put the pricing together, so there it's them. these children at seven and eight have life skills that many adults wait to acquire. um and it's just just a nightly going to be in them. so they are establishing people skills collaboration planning. it's just life skills that they'll have at a very young age coffee shop has been the buzz of the school since it opened its a place where parents now look forward to getting their caffeine fix. it's great. the tea is good, too. they just got these new honey sticks. so you, you and this other parent. they're back for their second cup, so it's got to be good. it's pretty good. it's definitely good. they leave plenty of room for cream, which is exactly how i like it. the coffee shop is just for parents and staff now, but the school hopes to open it to the public in the future. daniel miller news. this is ktvu fox two news
6:00 pm
at six drug overdoses a major problem on san francisco city streets, and now the city says it has had enough and is going after the makers and sellers of prescription drugs. the oversupplied opioids that resulted from the defendant's false and misleading statements and from the defendant's failure to control against diversion flooded san francisco. with prescription opioids and created the crisis that we see playing out on our streets every day. the city of san francisco, taking drug makers and pharmacies, including walgreens to court on monday. good evening . i'm andre senior, and i'm julie julie haener. the city is accusing those companies of sharing responsibility for the opioid crisis that has been plaguing san francisco ktvu is evan sernoffsky walks us through the case. walgreens eligon, tba and panda created a widespread public nuisance and public


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