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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 20, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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at six drug overdoses a major problem on san francisco city streets, and now the city says it has had enough and is going after the makers and sellers of prescription drugs. the oversupplied opioids that resulted from the defendant's false and misleading statements and from the defendant's failure to control against diversion flooded san francisco. with prescription opioids and created the crisis that we see playing out on our streets every day. the city of san francisco, taking drug makers and pharmacies, including walgreens to court on monday. good evening . i'm andre senior, and i'm julie julie haener. the city is accusing those companies of sharing responsibility for the opioid crisis that has been plaguing san francisco ktvu is evan sernoffsky walks us through the case. walgreens eligon, tba and panda created a widespread public nuisance and public health emergency. san francisco
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city attorney david chu is gearing up for trial next week in a closely watched civil case against some of the world's biggest drug companies for allegedly overprescribing pain medication. the defendants in this case each contributed to and created that public nuisance. by flooding san francisco with opioids the company's practices, according to the lawsuit, created quote a population of addicted patients who sought opioids at never before seen rates choose says it led to users seeking out drugs on the street like heroin and fentanyl, creating dire situations in places like the tenderloin. for example, between 2015 and 2020 opioid overdose deaths went up 478% and in 2020 more than doubled covid-19 deaths. between 2000 and six and 2000 and 14 drug companies doled out more than a 163 million
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pharmaceutical pain pills in san francisco and the defendants did this by making false statements misleading doctors and patients about the risk of opioids and changing the way the broader public viewed or use walgreens and other companies involved in the lawsuit would not comment. the city attorney's office filed the litigation in 2018 and included companies like oxycontin manufacturer purdue pharma. purdue went bankrupt in 2020 and paid out billions in settlements for its role in the opioid epidemic. on wednesday to announce that another defendant , endo pharmaceuticals, will settle its case with the city for $10 million. there is a line you can draw from the conduct of legal, uh companies, manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies. to the illegal markets that you see today. keith humphreys is a professor at stanford, who has been studying the opioid crisis. he says regulators dropped the ball
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and let the drug companies run wild. they did, um dodge through . it's not really loopholes but gaping holes in american regulation when the trial begins on monday, expect to hear from witnesses like pharmacists. who may shed light on the company's corporate practices. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news no, it's six. investigators have released the identity of a woman who was shot and killed inside of her own home in oakland, the alameda county coroner identifying her as cynthia collier, the 59 year old's body discovered thursday after neighbors called police because he hadn't seen her in several days. investigators say they found shell casings nearby . police have not yet named a suspect. the men accused of stabbing and killing a 15 year old girl outside of high school and stockton appeared in court for the first time today reporter kay received explains the consequences he may face. appearing in a red jail jumpsuit . 52 year old anthony gray tells the judge that he understands the accusations against him, which is murder with special circumstances of torture,
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planning a crime and that he committed this crime as a prior convict that evil individual must suffer the ultimate consequences. there has to be an immediate immediate change in the law right now, not next year or the year after right now, and we can county district attorney is now calling on lawmakers to change the law so that murders committed on school campuses and using a knife in a murder will be considered as a special circumstance that could put convicted criminals away for life in prison. without the possibility of parole right now with great is convicted of his current charges. he does face life in prison. but the d a says she needs more tools to hold accountable. and if this legislation does not give us the tools does not say our children matter and that they should be protected on this campus. then they got another thing coming. as we reported, investigators say grave drove onto stag high school's parking lot monday morning, got out of his car,
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then stabbed 15 year old alicia rain aga multiple times to death. investigators say the attack was random. there is no, i'm not going to go into any details, but there's no relationship. no it was further revealed that gray has an extensive criminal history. his crimes originated out of like santa clara, san jose and napa. they go back a number of years to 1989, according to court records. kcr a obtained gray had faced multiple charges over the last 30 years, including drug possession, public intoxication , second degree burglary, and in 2002 santa clara court ordered that is mental health be evaluated. next court hearing is set for may 16th. and k also tells us several of the girl's family members were in court today and understandably did not want to speak on camera. but they did say they want to make sure that justice is served. police in san francisco investigating the killing of a man in the fillmore district.
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now officers say they responded to a report of a shooting at buchanan and turkey about 10 o'clock last night, and when they arrived, they found a 30 year old man who had been shot at least once. he later down to the hospital. police haven't yet made any arrests in this case. police say a shooting in colma this morning left at least three people wounded and they are searching for the attacker. now police responded to 911 calls of shots fired on hillside boulevard around 3:30 a.m. they found one person who they say was injured, but not from a gunshot wound. he was treated at the scene of released. officers also found shell casings at the scene and decided to search local hospitals. where they found two people with gunshot wounds. as far as i know that's non life threatening injuries, and that's all we're releasing at this point. there's police say the person who was found at the scene is helping with the investigation. so far, though there is no one in custody. the trial for two men accused in the death and disappearance of cal poly student kristin smart back in 1996 has now been moved to
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monterey county judge said last month he doubted an impartial jury could be found in san luis obispo county. paul flores was the last person seen with smart as he walked her to her dorm at cal poly after a party prosecutors say that he tried to kill smart or that he did kill smart while trying to rape her. his father, ruben flores, is charged with helping dispose of her body, which has never been found. both have pleaded not guilty. a 61 year old man is free tonight after spending three decades in jail for a crime he did not commit. joaquin syria was wrongfully convicted of murder in san francisco ktvu crime reporter henry lee takes us through what it took to prove he was innocent. this is a great country. country is made out of people. 61 year old walking in syria, enjoying his first taste of freedom in 31 years after doing time in state prison. syria was released from san
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francisco county jail days after a judge confirmed he was wrongfully convicted of murder. say thank you, god, white people to make this happen. syria, which is weeks old when his father was arrested. i don't feel hostile towards the justice system because you know, the justice system is just something that tends to mess up every once in a while, you know, i am joy for that. the right people made the right decision. syria was convicted of murder in the 1990 killing of his friend felix best rica, in part because the getaway driver said syria was the shooter. san francisco de a chaser, boudin said that witness lied on the stand after being pressured by the sfpd to identify syria. bodine launched the innocence commission in his office. syria was the first case that was reviewed eyewitness identification. false testimony. many instances, official misconduct. all three of those common factors were president. in mr serious case. this is what
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we do. our work for these moments are amazing. linda starr heads the northern california innocence project. it should be the norm. we shouldn't have to celebrate that. that should be something that is expected of all district attorney's office is fairly investigated. case taken away from your wife. and your baby, and that is because the system failed. you catastrophically. usf professor laura bazelon chairs, the innocence commission. resilience and persistence finally won the day. and that you now at long last have a chance to take back your life. so for now, syria is relishing his release in a world with iphones, ubers and self driving cars, but its first order of business, i would like to eat some cuban food. even with all the celebration and fanfare, the d a. says the sobering reality is that the real killer has not been brought to justice. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. all right, switching gears now to a story. we all want to keep our eye on right
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now. this is a live look from our emeryville camera looking at the golden gate bridge. it's been a relatively nice day, but changes are on the way. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now with a preview. of what to expect. starting tonight, bill. yeah, it's been a pretty good april so far for rainfall very unusual to get this much rain in some cases in parts of the bay area. now we're getting another system is coming in. now it's showing up with some showers. in the north bay far north bay at this hour, but they're spreading south and towards san rafael and kent field. those scattered showers have shown up and since and beach and out parts of the western side of mount tam the showers are going to be all night tonight, overnight heavy at times and then they're going to taper off significantly tomorrow mid morning, but in this period between now and 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, there's a chance for a thunderstorm. there's a chance for some heavy downpours, little bit of wind as well. by the afternoon. it's a distant memory . i think, by the afternoon for us, it's a distant memory in the lake tahoe area. they're going
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to have that winter storm warning, staying in effect, and they will be training up on 50 and 80 as you go. so that's tomorrow afternoon. so again overnight tonight, starting about now in the north bay through about 10 o'clock tomorrow morning for the rest of us. it goes off inch and a half of rain possible, maybe two inches in the santa cruz, uh, hills there, santa cruz mountains and maybe an inch and a half, maybe two inches up around. mount tamil pious, so good news for us. we need the rain. it's certainly helps, and it does help a ton with the fire . danger gets those conditions much safer for us out there. let's dry weeds. i'll see you back here in a little bit. with the full forecast. that's just the overview. all right. we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you. lockdowns are being lifted for millions of people in china, but there are lingering concerns about the effects on the overall economy all set. also new data shows more people are trying to cross the southern border into the u. s and some say, a pandemic era policy that is expiring soon. could cause that number to rise ahead tonight.
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more bay area transit agencies are dropping the mass requirements for now, but at least one is thinking about ways to bring it back. plus, we'll have this. thousands of people lit up and laid back this afternoon. hippie hill in san francisco is 4 20 organizers enjoy growing sense of legitimacy. and here's a live look right now at the evening commute on this wednesday night . this is the san mateo bridge the cars on the right heading towards san mateo, a little heavier, coming back towards the east bay and the opposite direction there on your left. you're watching ktvu news at six. we'll be back with more right after this.
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sans of people packed hippie hill to mark the unofficial cannabis holiday. ktvu christian captain shows us some of the changes made in this year's celebrations. collective deep
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breath in a plume of smoke for 20 on april, 20th was back. organizers say this year's celebration is especially welcome. after a two year hiatus . it's amazing to be back, you know, we're humans. we loved it . we need to gather and see each other eye to eye and but again another celebration of life and for the plant in medicine. visitors back for in person celebrations say the event has evolved. it's a little bit more commercial, but it's all right. yeah there was a line instead of, you know, people just coming in from all directions and ending up in one space. visitors say they're ready to share space and more with the cannabis community. so i'm allowed to actually give away up to an ounce to anyone over 21 free of charge, so i've actually been giving mugs away to people that asked me. i'm trying to make it last just for the end of the day because be gone in five minutes if i gave everybody a nug but it's just, you know, just a little personal stash. thank you
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guys. so much thank you. event featured a major change this year for the first time ever. not only can people use cannabis legally at the 4 20 celebration, but it can be sold here as well . what that means is i'd checks upon entry no. one under 21 allowed in. visitors say they love the idea of being able to buy and use right here. liberating honestly, because i go to dispensaries. if you feel like it's a lot of security. you have to go through a lot of systems. but here you can just walk up. give your i d and that's it for visitors. what it means is a bump in business and a benefit to local entrepreneurs, especially those who may have been penalized by previous cannabis policies. hopefully it kind of frees up the people that have been in trouble in the past. because this is the new wave. i mean, it is legal now. and hopefully just opens doors to people to get new careers, well paying jobs in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news yeah. business owners trying to make it in the legal cannabis industry say they are having a difficult time doing so they say they're being undercut by the
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black market while at the same time being hit with high taxes. and if something does not change, they say the legal pot industry may very well collapsed . earlier today we spoke with brooks tags. a reporter at the orange county register who covers cannabis, and she shared her thoughts on this issue. the big problem with federal laws blocking the cannabis industry is that it's stopping banking access and access to capital, you know, for businesses to be able to get the loans and the financing and things they need. they also can't write off regular business expenses, so these taxes are hitting them even harder. earlier this month , the house passed a bill to end the federal ban on marijuana, although it is unlikely to pass the senate polls show a majority of people believe marijuana should be legalized at the federal level. but stax says there is no telling when that day will come. supervisor matt haney is declaring victory in the special election for the 17th assembly district seat in san francisco. returns show haney with a strong lead with 63% of the vote, david campos trails with 37% about 62,000
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votes have now been counted. the director of elections, says voter turnout was expected to be low. the winner will have to defend his seat in the june 7th statewide primary, then again in the november election. tomorrow vice president kamala harris will visit the university of california, san francisco mission bay campus. the visitors part of her effort to address the maternal health crisis while at ucsf, she will be meeting with expecting families. join a group of paternal sessions and speak with members of the maternal healthcare workforce. she will also deliver remarks about the maternal health crisis. tomorrow former president barack obama's heading to stanford university to deliver speech he will talk about changes in the way we create and consume information and the threat it poses to democracy. he is expected to share how social media has played a key role in the divide. mr obama says he has been reading up on the issue sitting down with academics, researchers , industry leaders and former regulators. he says he has also been listening to young leaders
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who are working to make progress. rain starting to move in and parts of the north bay. those showers will spread throughout the bay area overnight tonight into the day the morning hours tomorrow in the mountains. this thing is going to stick around. this is going to be a very productive storm for the mountains are going to see snow levels that are not super low, but they're going to be down around 55 55 100 ft. and we're looking at a winter storm warning that lasts through friday around lunchtime, so they're going to have a couple of days of continuous snow so they could easily see two ft. and that probably see more, i think. when all said and done. i think the mountains are going to be the big winner on this. there are the current rain showers got the radar sweeping. you can see the showers trying to move in along ocean beach. that's more than likely drizzle as you look at san rafael, you see the scat. the heavy shower, not heavy showers and moderate showers of round bellinis force knowles for fairfax mill valley . looks like they're dry right now, senator phil is getting some scattered showers. up by napa. we've got a little bit more going on here. these yellow
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areas representing rainfall rates of near 1/10 of an inch an hour, so it's not heavy heavy. there's a through almost 3/10 of an inch an hour, so there's a cell in that napa area that is producing some fairly significant or moderate rainfall. and then there's that the overall view of this scattered shower rain activity you can see it's all coming in from the north, where it's been raining. for a good part of the day, especially of north. this whole thing moves in tonight into tomorrow morning, and by tomorrow morning we're going to have seen in some parts of the bay area up to an inch of rain, especially in the marine county watershed, so this is going to be an overnight event done by tomorrow afternoon except in the mountains. so that's where it's raining. now. when i come back, we'll take a look at the full forecast. in the five day we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you, holistic doctor in the north bay has admitted to selling fake vaccine cards, and now authorities believe she wasn't acting alone the operation they have uncovered. a bottleneck at the ports, causing a shortage of
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corks for
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call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. sixe charged about 20 people with covid related fraud, some of them connected to a napa dr. julie masi of napa admitted she worked to sell fake healthcare records to more than 200 customers. the department of justice says three people associated with mozzie are now facing federal charges. those charges range from overcharging
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for medical services to selling fake vaccination cards. new developments from washington, where the justice department says it will appeal the ruling out of florida that overturned a federal mask mandate for travelers appeal comes at the request of the centers for disease control and prevention. the cdc says at this time, masking for indoor transportation remains necessary for public health and that it believes the mandate is a lawful order. this comes as many agencies are dropping mask requirements bart and the b to are among the transit agencies that have dropped their mask mandates for now, ktvu s and ruben has a look at some of the latest policy changes. for riders and drivers, vita masks just became optional. it's got some passengers breathing easier . yes, i'm happy about that. because i don't like the way it makes me feel like because i have all these piercings. just make it work. i can't breathe decision comes after a federal ruling struck down a national mask mandate, leading local
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transit agencies scrambling to modify their own policies. we wanted to make sure that the agency's overall sort of on the same page and so that passengers wouldn't be confused or disappointed. whatever so we were trying to communicate with each other. for most of the day , there was still confusion but one by one agencies like sf mta , a c transit and caltrain all decided to recommend masks but not require them. the state, which could have kept a mandate in place today announced their masking requirement is terminated, effective immediately. union leaders say they're glad over 90% of our assaults on drivers over the past year and a half where because of the mask mandate and arguing with customers about putting a mask on so it relieves a lot of that stress that the driver might have vt. a says they did not ask employees to be enforcers of the mask policy. still for this new graduating class of drivers, the change is welcome. i think for the
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passengers, it's going to be real good. create less conflict . a lot of them don't have a mass and sometimes get upset about it. um for me myself. i'm probably gonna wear my mask just for my own safety and he's not alone. many passengers say they will continue to cover up. at least for now. rather wear the mask until the epidemic is completely gone, because if we don't know if it could start back up again, and it's better to say, be safe than sorry late today we got word that bart is going mask optional as well, though they say they will continue to recommend that riders wear them. in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. bart is also considering going one step further. the bar board of directors will consider a proposal proposal at its meeting next thursday to once again require mass on the bart system. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 a growing wildfire, forcing hundreds of people from their homes and arizona. the reason
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firefighters worry conditions there will only get worse. also ahead tonight. 49ers star receiver deebo samuel has requested a trade. joe fonzi has the details a little later in sports, and millions of people in china are no longer under pandemic lockdowns, but there plenty of concerns. our lockdowns meet three moms who each like to bank their own way. luckily they've all got chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both.
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chase. make more of what's yours.
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roua 15 year old girl outside a high school in stockton appeared in
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court today for the first time 52 year old anthony gray is charged with murder. if convicted, he faces life in prison. graze next court hearing is set for may. 16th francisco city attorney gearing up for trial next week in a closely watched civil case against some of the world's biggest drug companies, a lawsuit accuses the companies of over over prescribing pain medication and creating a population of addicted patients who sought opioids at never before seen rates. marijuana celebrations returned today in san francisco after a two year hiatus because of the pandemic. thousands of people gathered at hippie hill in golden gate park for cannabis celebrations. the big difference this year from years past is people could buy marijuana at the event. that means only those 21 over were allowed in. you're watching ktvu news at 6 30 after weeks of lockdown, china's largest city, starting to loosen up its strict coronavirus restrictions. now millions of people in shanghai will be able
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to leave their homes again and return to work. fox news alex hogan reports on how the lockdowns in china or affecting the country's economy. an additional four million residents in shanghai will now be allowed to leave their homes as officials ease covid-19 restrictions. for the first time in weeks. the chinese ministry of health says that in some parts of the city viruses, quote under effective control 12 million of the city's 25 million residents will now be able to return to some form of normalcy since the first round. of easing began last week thingy over the last few days we have focused on carrying out tests and screenings in the closed off management areas, restrictive control areas and prevention areas. we reclassify those areas on tuesday, based on the results of base quinones 14,000 people were discharged tuesday from makeshift hospitals in shanghai. video from one facility shows droves of people getting onto busses that a convention center that was converted into a covid-19 quarantine facility. at
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least 30,000 residents have left facilities like this one in the past several days assigned the country's turning the corner on the current surge. meanwhile the strict lockdown left many factories and businesses closed for several weeks, posing an ongoing threat to the global economy. on tuesday, the international monetary fund reduced its forecast of the chinese growth this year, attributing it to the weeks long lockdown of shanghai to put it very simply. we are facing a major setback for the world economy because the pandemic simp act is not yet over the says that shanghai's lockdowns will have a ripple effect on the global economy, creating supply chain disruptions in the months to come in london. alex hogan, fox news new figures show a sharp uptick in the number of arrests of migrants crossing the border illegally into the u. s from mexico. the wall street journal reports more than a million arrests since october.
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210,000 just last month alone. that is the busiest month for border patrol agents in decades . this all comes amid some reports that president biden maybe thinking rethinking a plan to lift title 42. that is a pandemic era border policy that allows agents to quickly turn away migrants as well as those who seek asylum at a border checkpoint. we have proposed a plan, so that's a plan that is being implemented in terms of any ideas to address immigration , including any delay of title 42 that would require congressional action. the numbers of illegal border crossings include a rise in migrants from cuba and ukraine. almost 5000 ukrainians were allowed to enter the country on temporary humanitarian grounds, primarily at a border checkpoint near san diego. firefighters are battling a fast moving wildfire in arizona. the flames doubled in size overnight, one day after authorities declared a state of emergency flames from the tunnel
6:34 pm
fire tore through two dozen buildings on the outskirts of flagstaff and forced the evacuation of more than 700 homes. and that isn't the only wildfire burning so early in the year as christina coleman report dry weather conditions could keep fueling these flames. flames and clouds of smoke closing in on these homes and flagstaff today, the tunnel fire exploding overnight, expanding by about 11,000 acres. fire managers say the fast moving flames are consuming dry grass pine and brush the conditions driving more than 2000 residents from their homes. i was on the phone with my friend who lives down the street, and i said the smokes right over our house. she looks towards my house and she goes. oh yeah, the smokes over your house. the weather service says high winds are further fueling the flames. at times firefighters are battling gus. around 30 mph. that's all dependent on the weather. you know? so one thing we always base our tactics, not relying on aircraft aircraft are plus conditions, also fueling the
6:35 pm
crooks fire near prescott, arizona. so far, the flames have burned 1600 acres already to go with get the order to go. forest service officials are bracing for more damage. all of the people involved here are very worried about the treacherous winds. the fire is burning within the forest. arizona is one of several states out west in an early start to the fire season. the national interagency fire center reports nearly 2000 firefighters and support personnel are battling more than a dozen large fires in the region. the national weather service says wind and low humidity could further fuel fires throughout the week. in los angeles. christina coleman fox news. an update now on the shooting on the set of the alec baldwin film rust safety officials in new mexico today ordered the production company to pay nearly $140,000 for willful gun safety failures. baldwin was on the set in october when the gun he was holding went off. the cinematographer helena hutchins was killed. the director joel
6:36 pm
sousa, who is from fremont, was injured. officials say production managers took little or no action to address two misfires on set before the deadly shooting. our ocean. investigators have determined that rust production failed in their obligation to provide a workplace free of recognized hazards. so far, there has been no comment from the production company. russian soldiers are ramping up pressure on ukraine and the white house is showing up more support for the ukrainian army. and can you hear me now coming up the outage that left som
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embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today. is n forces in the east, and the situation in the southern city of mariupol is growing critical . more than 100,000 civilians remain trapped there as another ceasefire fails. fox news lauren blanchard tells us president biden is pledging more military aid to help the ukrainians in their fight. president biden and his top military breasts sitting down as the russian offensive in eastern ukraine is ramping up. we have been working with the ukrainians in the ukrainian military to determine exactly the kind of security assistance they need for this stage in the war, the administration is planning to provide heavier weapons to ukraine, as russia is bent on taking the donbass region. that would provide russian president vladimir putin with a strategic win right now.
6:40 pm
putin still thinks he has a war he can win out in the east. ukraine stopped putin around kiev, and they have to try to do the same thing in the east. the kremlin says they sent a list of demands to ukraine to end the fighting, but it's unclear what was in the list. the secretary general of the united nations, has requested meetings with both presidents of ukraine and russia . meanwhile, the humanitarian situation for the ports city of mariupol is dire. everyone who can listen to use those corridors to the maximum possibility. the un refugee agency says five million people have fled ukraine far more than even the worst case estimates the pentagon says russia has lost a quarter of the forces. it began the war with tuesday, moscow sent the western warning test launching a huge new intercontinental ballistic missile will have no equivalent in the world for a long time. and will make think twice those who in the heat of frantic
6:41 pm
aggressive rhetoric tried to threaten our country. the pentagon says they do not consider president putin's words or the launch to be a threat in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. some showers showing up in parts of the north. they'll have the forecast and the five day coming up from bill to go to ktvu heather holmes. now with a look at some of the stores are working on for the seven o'clock newscast over on k t. b plus, heather newt tonight another rally at san jose state to bring attention to student homelessness. we hear from demonstrators who say that the university just isn't doing enough plus asap. rocky now out of jail after being met by police at l, a x. i talked with tmz about the rappers arrest and his connection. to a shooting last year. we'll have those stories and a lot more coming up. live tonight on the seventh, just a few minutes over on ktvu plus, but first they have made the wine but they're missing the corks. how global supply chain issues
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ sold customers across the country today, verizon says a fiber issue in the core of its network caused the problem and wireless customers may need to restart their devices. earlier today, customers were getting error messages when making calls. some people were able to make calls, but then would not not receive them. those issues were reported by customers along the west coast. atlanta washington, dc, minneapolis, new york city and philadelphia. wine is big business here in the bay area, but supply chain issues are hitting the industry like never before. right now, millions of wine corks are stranded at sea or sitting in ports instead of being on top of a bottle. ktvu tom baker spent the day in napa to show us what businesses are
6:45 pm
doing to stay afloat. napa support a cork is part of the world's largest cork harvester and processor of corks, almost all imported from portugal. so there's plenty of cork. getting it to the wineries is quite another matter. we used to have on average, a 60 day door to door lead time from our portugal . ah, support to the port of oakland. and we have we're averaging around 112 days. right now. that is some 90 million corks stranded at sea or imports . i have never in my career had as much product uh, that is in route as i have right now, of course containers at the ports for as much as a month because they're buried in a massive containers. and trucking is not available before the pandemic completely screwed up shipping puerto court would have bags shipped to it 5000 quarts each. for just $7 a bag today that is
6:46 pm
$37 a bag times 78,000 bags a year big picture one container from portugal to oakland pre pandemic ship for $2500. today it is $14,000 don't have any recourse with the shippers. we don't have any lines of communication with with the port of oakland, one ship lined up at the panama canal for oakland was rerouted to virginia. and now the continues will be rail shipped across country and it's not just corks. after covid. i thought we'd hit the worst of the worst, but it's not gotten better. in fact, it's gotten worse. julia smith is vice president supply chain for napa based della kado family wineries , a major producer of many brands of wine. they also require imported bottles. next leaves and ornate labels all in short supply and long delayed.
6:47 pm
thank goodness we have great suppliers and partnerships with those suppliers like porto cork. delic kado has over purchased these items, hoping that things will get better. the containers are costing more. the vessels are in short supply. the containers are in short supply truck drivers are in short supply. now it's a sophisticated , high stakes guessing game predict what we need almost 26 weeks in advance for some of the components with much of china's factories and ports in covid lockdowns, things are bound to get worse. tom baker, ktvu fox two news will tesla is reporting record profits despite slowdowns at its factory in china. tesla says its sales for the first quarter of this year increased to nearly $19 billion, exceeding wall street's expectations. tesla's shanghai factory was forced to close late last month because of coronavirus restrictions. tesla made more than 930,000 cars last year and
6:48 pm
hopes to make 50% more this year . but the fremont automaker says supply chain issues may dent production this year. on wall street. the dow finished the day higher by about 250 points, or three quarters of 1% disappointing earnings from netflix brought the nasdaq down by more than 165 points or more than 1% and the s and p finished the day flat. already looking at the live radar right now, you can see the sweeping radar beams from a number of sites were using sacramento up by davis. we're using the san jose hominum site and then a site out of eureka. so we're kind of triangulating where the rain is. most of the showers now are ending up showing up in the north bay. we've had a few reports of light showers, but not a lot. you know we're scared seeing green, but i'm not getting a lot of reports. i'm sure we're seeing some showers up in the marin watershed. certainly up above stencil beach . they're out by dillon beach, san rafael and then napa. you can see that heavier rain just
6:49 pm
south of their kind in the yellow areas. so there's some rain there widely scattered in the central bay and then nothing for the south. but yet the main event really is after midnight tonight as his system gets closer to us. um maybe an inch and a half inch and three quarters of rain in the marin county area, the watershed and then up around the santa cruz mountains as well, maybe an inch and a half, maybe two inches. so that's kind of good. i mean, that's exactly what we need to see. and then the rest of us by tomorrow lunchtime, we could be looking at a half inch or a quarter inch of rain and many parts of the bay area, so as you look at the temperatures outside, you can see generally, temperatures are in the fifties sixties mid sixties, temperatures are going to cool pretty quick as we go through. the next couple of hours is just cooler weather system moves in and you kind of see it coming together here just caught up with that prefrontal deal and it's back edge. the real energy is coming in. this is going to kind of move over the bay area.
6:50 pm
after midnight and into the early morning hours tomorrow morning. this is all about tonight. tomorrow morning, and then that's kind of it. i mean, there might be a scattered thundershowers tonight into tomorrow morning. but by lunchtime, we're kind of winding down from the steady rate. and again, it's going to rain. it's be you know, a half inch of rain is a lot of rain out. i mentioned a half of rain as a whole lot of rain. it looks pretty good for being on track. so as you look out towards san francisco, you see the clouds thickening up dropping down. that's that next wave coming onshore, centered more or targeted more on the central bay . um tonight into tomorrow morning, so by lunchtime, we get a little bit of clearing and then late in the day, we might see a few scattered sprinkles. you saw the showers for tomorrow morning a great system for this time of year. it's exactly what we need, considering we're in a position obviously behind schedule on rainfall and obviously fire danger. always a concern. these are the temperature forecast for tomorrow. not that warm is that system moves in. and yes, a
6:51 pm
chance of a thundershower late tonight early tomorrow morning. and maybe even again tomorrow afternoon in the mountains that winter storm warning stays in effect through the morning on friday till about 11 a.m. so the mountains are going to get a significant amount of snow. it's a good storm for them to be good storm for us. i'll see you back here at 10 o'clock tonight with the updates, resorts to after getting that snow bill, thank you. pebble beach has been named an anchor site that will keep the u. s open golf tournament returning over the next two decades. the u. s golf association made that announcement today. the anchor site status means there will be six championship events played at pebble beach over the next 26 years, and that's in addition to the already slated 2023. u. s women's open and 2027. u. s open. brandon belt goes deep for the fourth time this season. joe fonzi is here with all the highlights
6:52 pm
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anyone is what's happening tonight in sports. the baltimore orioles have scored a total of three runs in three games this week at the oakland coliseum today made that single run stand up for a win. is there anything better than an afternoon baseball game and cotton candy? if you can get into the bag
6:55 pm
scoreless game in the second inning, seth brown hits his shot down the right field line off the orioles. jordan lyles billy mckinney is going to try to score all the way from first throw will be there. mckinney initially ruled safe by plate umpire greg gibson. you know they're going to review that one. mckinney then is ruled out. he's not happy is the orioles get out of the inning without allowing a run challenge? here is the one run of the game. kelvin gutierrez with the shot up the middle and off the glove of elvis andres trickles into centers. ryan mckenna scores from second, andres was charged with an error and it was a one nothing game. sarah. hi he's just seven hits on five baltimore pitchers. jorge lopez finishes the shutout with a strike out of sierra high product, nicky mcdonald, the orioles make the one run stand up for win same two teams to finish that series tomorrow. giants are trying to bounce back tonight in new york from the doubleheader sweep that they were on the wrong end of yesterday. aids fans remember
6:56 pm
this guy? last year's all star chris bassett bassett facing jaak peterson in the first inning with mike history ski at second strips he comes all the way underscores peterson goes to second with an r b i double brandon crawford up next. hey, it's a shot that peter alonso can't handle it first that scored a single darren rough comes home giants got her third run on a single by wilmer flores to score. and then in the second on his birthday, brandon belt crushed up bassett pitch that's the fourth home of the young season for belt facet, gave up five runs in six innings of worked there in the eighth inning now with the giants leading 5 to 1 we told you yesterday that 49ers receiver deebo samuel declared he won't take part in the offseason programs until he gets a contract extension. today, debo has apparently upped the ante. according to a report today on espn. he's asked to be traded. 49ers have said their intention is to get an extension done for samuel. but apparently there
6:57 pm
hasn't been progress in those talks. samuels rookie contract calls for him to make $4 million this season. this has been a very lucrative offseason for receivers, with eight of them getting contracts worth at least 18 year. samuels also reportedly not entirely happy with the way that 49ers are using him as both the receiver. and running back. the words of nuggets resume their playoff series tomorrow night in denver. after a couple of days off the words would try to take a three. nothing stranglehold on that series that left the nuggets dispirited and arguing among themselves after monday night's loss in san francisco. the biggest challenge for denver is how do you try to solve the mystery of the warriors? small lineup three guard combination of steph curry, klay thompson and jordan pool combined for 84 of the warriors 126 points. that's two thirds of their scoring altitude and denver sometimes takes some getting used to, but steve kerr says his team has said confident as a team can be all things considered. everybody's in a
6:58 pm
good mood, but, um, we're also very wary. of. being in a good mood. if that makes sense, you know, we have to be prepared for what's coming. you you win the first two games at home. you feel great. uh, and then i'll takes us, you know, one game and the momentum changes. and check this out time on a wednesday night. the sun's devin booker had it going for a while and last night's game against new orleans. booker hits this impossible shot, he'll follow the floor and then watch what he does here is a very young fan with whom to share. we found out today that toddlers name is ozzy booker is tough spot after that he suffered a hamstring strain that's projected to keep him out of games three and four in the series and maybe more necessary says to new orleans tied 11, and that will be tough for the sons without devin booker in their lineup. thank you. that'll do it
6:59 pm
for us tonight. thanks, for us tonight. thanks, everybody for joining you know who's got to be the bravest person in the marvel universe? whoever has to give she-hulk a bikini wax. you want to talk brave, how about captain america's undocumented mexican gardener? he's not braver than whoever uses the bathroom after the thing. (chuckles) as usual, you're all wrong. the bravest person in the marvel universe is the doctor who gives wolverine his prostate exam. how about the guy who gets a prostate exam from wolverine? (laughs) now you're just being silly. wolverine's never displayed the slightest interest in helping others prevent prostate cancer. (phone ringing) hello. yes, the elevator's out of order; you'll have to use the stairs. of course you can. pizza dates back to the 16th century, while the first elevator was not installed until 1852. that means that for over 300 years,
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people carried pizzas up stairs. be part of that proud tradition. i'll go get penny while that guy spits on our food. do you think they gave wolverine an adamantium prostate? that's a stupid question. we're having a conversation about probing the heinies of superheroes. there are no stupid questions. yes? oh, um, is penny here? you're leonard, right? yeah. damn, it's good to finally meet you, son. (chuckles) okay, i think a bit of context here might help. oh, hey, leonard. i see you met my dad. oh, good. context. come on in, buddy. take a load off. oh, gee, dad, leonard can't stay. he just dropped by to say hello. thanks for stopping by, sweetie. i'll see you later.


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