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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. roun storm rolling into northern california and bringing much needed rain to the bay area and the weather radar shows which parts of the bay area are seeing rain. now the areas covered in green or seeing light showers. at this hour yellow shows the areas dealing with heavier precipitation. we're finally seeing a storm in our region after historically dry winter.
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good evening. i'm andre senior julie julie haener. it is not just rain. the sierra is expecting significant snow as well. let's go straight to chief meteorologist bill martin with a look at the current conditions, bill. yeah you hit it right on the head, julie. we are going to see some significant snow in the mountains. by the time we get to friday night, they could see three ft. of fresh snow for us. the rain's been coming down pretty heavy in the last hour or so in san francisco and parts of oakland. there's this system, squeaky sweeping through. it's kind of a two part of this is the first wave and then another wave comes through later on tonight after midnight and kind of lingers into the early morning hours. so this is live radar. take a peek at what we see up close. you see the yellows representing the heavier rainfall out along the peninsula in these cells were seeing rainfall rates. of up to a half inch of rain an hour, even an inch of rain an hour in this year about an inch of rain an hour out east or west of portola valley. now this system is moving off towards the west, and
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as it does, it will bring showers into the belmont area into cemetery. oh, area. hayward right now. scattered showers. san ramon these green areas representing rainfall accumulations are rainfall rates of about 1/10 of an inch an hour, still fairly aggressive, very wet. um and then we've got scattered showers out across the bay will come in a little further over towards san francisco, and you can see richmond district. scattered light showers after some heavier showers earlier this evening. and then pacifica. el granada broadmoor district of pacifica, south san francisco, you're seeing some pretty light to moderate showers. there's our weather system. listen, it's going to go through tonight. it's going to set us up with a half inch to an inch and a half of rain and some of the heavier locations as it lingers into the morning hours, so this is an overnight event. morning will be a little bit damp with the heaviest showers are really between about an hour and a half ago and about seven o'clock tomorrow morning. there will be
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showers tomorrow, but the heaviest stuff should be through by then i'll see you back here in a little bit with the full forecast. what you can expect, bill. thank you. meantime palisades tahoe, bracing for some two ft of snow from the system. bringing us rate right now, and that will be on top of the more than three ft that blanketed the upper mountain last week, the resort had announced it extended its season moving its closing day from may 1st to may 15th. but after the first the resort will only be open friday through sunday, officials say if they have the option to extend the season even longer, they'll do so and stay up to date with both the rain and the snow by downloading our ktvu weather app. you can find hourly updates or whether radar at a seven day forecast it is free to download. francisco's golden gate park hosted its 1st 4 20 celebration today since 2019 with thousands of people lighting up this afternoon, and for the first time, there were legal sales of cannabis products on site ktvu is jana katsuyama is outside the park with why some are calling the event and the cleanup that followed. the
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best organized yet, janet. well julie talk about a lucky break the rain held off until after the event ended. and if you can imagine there were tens of thousands of people here at the robin williams meadow and as you mentioned, the city officials said, that everything went very smoothly. there were clouds over golden gate park wednesday, but no rain in the afternoon just people puffing and enjoying the 4 20 celebration of legal marijuana for the first time after the pandemic shutdown. a crowd estimated at around 20,000 turned out at hippie hill. good day to chill in the park. listen to him cubes. it was so much fun , and for the first time, marijuana sales were allowed with some 40 vendors and sponsors instead of taxpayer dollars that likes to make this happen to make it safe and clean. we use funding from sponsorship and donations. from
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you guys. thank you. thank you so much, especially right now, with all the scary stuff like fat and all going around you you might not know with our products and everybody else's products and california are lab tested. also knew only people aged 21 up were allowed in with plenty of security. something many people said they liked the best thing about it was the area. no fine. no violence. this is like my fourth time, and this time i feel more safe. they got the gates going. you feel me. it's no violence, nobody shooting each other. it's all love and positivity and i love it was a little less traffic than last time as well. organizers teamed up with the city's recreation and park department staff in the past. clean up was a big concern . people would leave tons of trash behind in the meadow in the hate this year, though some attendees tried to do their part . we turned around after the show. we just really there was trash everywhere said to throw d when the show ended a line of police on motorcycles and park
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rangers helped sweep the crowd toward the waiting shuttle busses. while cleanup crews followed. it might have been the smoothest for 20 that we've had. the weather was good. we cleared the hulk. the whole meadow by six p.m. which is a which is a new record a little piece well needed, some say during these stressful times with the pandemic and war overseas, there's a lot more more important things happening. but if we can take a little break that such today probably have some people. and chief murphy says there were no arrests and only four medical cases, but they were all minor. they were treated here at the scene, and nobody had to be transported to the hospital back here, live there expecting to have this meadow back to its original condition by friday, the correct children's playground and the tennis center will be back open tomorrow. julie with such a large event. it's great to see that things went smoothly today , jenna. thank you. well, san jose ranks among the friendliest cannabis cities in the country, the online real estate company real estate, which says san jose
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ranks number five, beating out san francisco, which came in at number seven. denver topped the list. the company looked at cities with the most cannabis shops for capita cannabis online sear later tonight to look at other issues surrounding marijuana coming up at 10 45 we heard from a dispensary owner about the unique challenges he's facing to keep his business afloat. northern news tonight tonight, fight over face mass and airports, airplanes and on federal transit. the rules could change yet again, the justice department filing an appeal to monday's ruling that voided face coverings. ktvu marks here is live. mineta san jose international airport with what's next mark? andre tonight , the cdc says it has determined that continuing to face mask mandate is necessary to protect the public health from covid. so tonight the biden administration has filed an appeal with the federal appeals court for the 11th circuit. which in itself
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carries some risks. still 41 1114 remain went to left to take off with airline bookings already on a big summer rebound. planes are packed. airlines and airports were quick to drop the masking requirement after a florida federal judges nationwide ruling striking down the cdc orders, but some passengers say they are going to keep wearing their masks, no matter what. i just feel like it's safer to wear a mask to protect. i have an 11 year old at home. i have a 77 year old mother. they're together right now. so i'd rather be safer than not. it's not required. um and i respect anybody else who doesn't want to wear one, but it still gives me some comfort of safety . still not totally comfortable with where we're at with. the pandemic. to be clear. we are recommending everyone wear masks on planes. that is what the cdc is recommending. the department of justice has filed the notice of appeal to overturn the federal judge's decision that voided the mask mandate. on
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monday. the cdc says keeping the mandate is part of its legal authority to protect the public health. but if it appeals court or the supreme court upholds the federal judge's ruling, it could permanently weakened the cdcs authority to respond to future public health emergencies. i think it's bigger than masks. this issue because i think if you take power away from the cdc, the control public health issues, then that's not good, but traveler austin durham does not agree and hopes any appeal is unsuccessful. i don't feel like that they should be able to mandate me to do to do that. it is it is my part. it should be a choice for the people that whether they want to wear a mask or not. hmm. for now. this appeal does not change the status of mass on airplanes and in airports. they are not required, but they are strongly recommended. the mandate cannot be overturned unless the government actually gets a stay of the judge's order from the
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11th circuit. at this point, there is no indication that the biden administration has actually filed for that stay. if they do, in fact file decision could come within a couple of days. porting live at mineta san jose international airport. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox units continue. all right. thank you. so much. mark and associated press poll finds that the majority of americans support a mess requirement for flight. another transit. 56% said they favored the requirement. 26% are opposed. 20% had no opinion poll was taken just before a federal judge in florida struck down the national mandate. and it shows a sharp partisan divide to 80% of democrats support the mandate. but among republicans number is 33% many bay area transit agencies decided today to drop their mask mandates as ktvu s and rubin reports bart uni and bi ta say they are following the lead of the state, which ended its requirement. yeah. for riders and drivers, vita masks just became optional. it's got
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some passengers breathing easier . yes i'm happy about that, because i don't like the way it makes me feel like because i have all these piercings just makes work. i can't breathe decision comes after a federal ruling struck down a national mask mandate, leading local transit agencies scrambling to modify their own policies. we wanted to make sure that the agencies of all sort of on the same page and so that passengers wouldn't be confused or disappointed or whatever. so we were trying to communicate with each other. for most of the day, there was still confusion but one by one agencies like sfm, t , a c, transit and caltrain all decided to recommend masks but not require them. the state, which could have kept a mandate in place today announced their masking requirement is terminated, effective immediately. union leaders say they're glad over 90% of our assaults on drivers over the past year and a half where because of the mask mandate and arguing with customers about putting a mask on so it relieves
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a lot of that stress that the driver might have, ta says they did not ask employees to be enforcers at the mask policy. really still for this new graduating class of drivers. the change is welcome. i think for the passengers, it's going to be real good, create less conflicts. a lot of them don't have a mass and sometimes get upset about it. um for me myself . i'm probably gonna wear my mask just for my own safety and he's not alone. many passengers say they will continue to cover up. at least for now. rather wear the mask until the epidemic is completely gone, because if we don't know if it could start back up again, and it's better to say, be safe than sorry. and late today we got word that bart is going mask optional as well, though they say they will continue to recommend that riders wear them in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. and bart is also considering going one step further. the board of directors will consider a
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proposal at a meeting next thursday to once again require mass on the bart system. bay area based netflix free falls on wall street after first time drop in subscribers. people are turning away looking for other resources to be able to stream content. after the break. why? experts say netflix is losing customers and how the company can recover and then auto burglary suspect is shot by san francisco police coming up at 10 30 the reason that suspect is
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a hr three quarters of 1% disappointing earnings from netflix brought the nasdaq down by more than 165 points or more than 1. and the s and p finished the day flat. netflix is free fall followed news to investors that your streaming service lost 200,000 subscribers in the last quarter and the company projects millions more to drop off in the next quarter. ktvu sema gasses live outside netflix headquarters in los gatos and emma, what is driving this retreat? andre a former netflix employee tells me the company's main problem is likely. it's quality of content shows just aren't resonating as much with viewers. but netflix is response
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is to consider cracking down on password sharing. shares of netflix plunged wednesday down 35% on the heels of the streaming giant's earnings call, which projected that by june the company would lose two million subscribers. let's say they lose two million. that's not even 1. of the total number of subscribers they have globally which is about 222. million so yes, uh, today was a very bad day for them on wall street. they lost about $40 million in market cap. but i think people really need to keep it in perspective. in terms of the actual numbers. it's more of a warning signal, says melissa camacho, a professor of broadcast and electronic media at san francisco state. netflix has to pay attention to what kind of program do you need to be bringing in? to be able to get people to stay or to get them to come back, and that's a big one. for now, netflix is vowing to crack down on password sharing. the company's ceo estimates. shared passwords are
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allowing 100 million subscribers worldwide to stream for free. the company is also considering rolling out a lower cost option for subscribers, one that for the first time would include adds a major change in the company's direction, according to a former netflix employee base. streamers say they're still paying 15 99 a month for a standard netflix subscription, but it's fallen out of favor as their top streaming service straight away from netflix. just because of my selection of kind of what i like to watch is not really on there anymore. in competition is fierce, max paramount yeah. disney class disney plus for sure, i watched the other ones more than i used to. now for this netflix loyalist still hooked for now, i think we are just got all addicted to it. so i think probably we will. continue subscribing, but i suspect the price that you know anything about $20 a month and kind of start thinking about it. this is
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the first time that netflix has reported a loss in subscribers in 10 years, the company said it's partly stemmed from its decision to withdraw from russia to protest the war in ukraine. also, the early months of the pandemic brought a surge in new subscribers and with more people spending less time at home these days that could also account for the drop in subscribers reporting live in los datos demagogues, ktvu fox two news tesla is reporting record profits despite slowdowns at its factory in china. tesla says its sales for the first quarter of this year increased in nearly $19 billion, exceeding wall street's expectations. tesla's shanghai factory was forced to close late last month because of coronavirus restrictions. tesla says it made more than 930,000 cars last year and hopes to make 50% more this year. but the fremont automaker also says supply chain issues may put a dent in production this year. over rising says of fiber issue in the core of its network
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caused a nationwide outage today . verizon says wireless customers may need to restart their devices to resolve this problem. today, many customers reported getting error messages when making calls. some people were able to make calls but not receive them. the problems were reported by customers along the west coast, atlanta, dc, minneapolis, new york and philadelphia as well. alright it's got some rain coming down throughout the bay area right now. this system the first wave is moving through the central bay. we've had some heavy rain and we're in county nearly three quarters of an inch coming up on an engine parts of the marine county watershed up by not tamil pious. we've seen a quarter of an inch in the east bay hills. even more than that. most of us have seen over a chance of an inch except san jose, which is now just getting in on it. the rain is going to keep going all night tonight into early hours tomorrow morning. here's the current radar and you can see most of it. now of this first wave has focused itself a little further south, the north bay is getting a bit of a break. there's still a little bit of
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activity up there. but this whole area slipping south and as it does so, do the showers. palo alto right now you're seeing some heavy showers just to the north of you. that's a quarter inch to a half inch an hour. rainfall rates portola valley, woodside that's getting pretty heavy. this system moving across towards hayward right now that this heavy sell it'll be at hayward in the next 14 minutes. castro valley in the next 18 minutes as these cells move through now, the plan tomorrow or tonight is for another wave to move in after midnight. that i think it's going to be as strong, if not a little bit stronger and that will set us up with more scattered showers along the peninsula. right now you can see showers and pacifica montara and then down towards, uh woodside in portola valley again, so the rain is coming down. it's good to have it. snow in the mountains of winter storm warning in effect there that doesn't go away until friday, which means we're going to see 2 to 3 ft. of snow easy and we're going to continue to see rain morning commute is going to be a little bit sketchy. we'll look into that when i see you back
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here. all right. we'll see you in a bit. and it is good to see bill. thank you. we are learning tonight. what caused the u. s capitol complex to be briefly evacuated this afternoon. u. s capitol police say they evacuated a number of buildings after identifying an aircraft, they said posed a probable threat. but the plane was carrying military parachutists who are putting on a demonstration for the washington nationals. baseball game. investigators are still working to determine why the event was not coordinated with law enforcement in washington. officials say the aircraft did not have appropriate clearance. house speaker nancy pelosi responded to the incident in a statement saying in part, the federal aviation administration's apparent failure to notify capitol police of the preplanned flyover national stadium is outrageous and inexcusable. the unnecessary panic caused by this apparent negligence. was particularly harmful for members, staff and institutional workers still grappling with the trauma of the attack on their workplace on january six, man wrongfully convicted finally free after 30 years i really want to say thank
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you for coming to god. white people making this happen more from that man and his family and the first thing he says he wants to do. no after the break up first russian shelling continues in areas populated by ukrainian civilians how president biden is taking action and how
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rhythmically said goodbye to loved ones after facing a week of russian shelling and no running water, the u. n says he worsening conflict has displaced more than seven million people within ukraine, with over five million people leaving the country entirely. president biden is expected to announce tomorrow another round of military aid to ukraine is expected to be similar in size to the $800 million package. mr biden announced last week. this all comes as russia continues
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its focus on the country's eastern region. fox news lauren blanchard has more now from washington. president biden and his top military breasts sitting down as the russian offensive in eastern ukraine is ramping up weapons and ammunition are flowing in daily. and we're seeing just how vital our alliances and partnerships are around. the world administration is planning to provide heavier weapons to ukraine, as russia is bent on taking the donbass region that would provide russian president vladimir putin with a strategic win right now, putin still thinks he has a war he can win. out in the east. ukraine stopped putin around kiev, and they have to try to do the same thing in the east. the kremlin says they sent a list of demands to ukraine to end the fighting, but it's unclear what was in the list. the secretary general of the united nations has requested meetings with both presidents of ukraine and russia. meanwhile the humanitarian situation for the
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ports city of mariupol is dire. everyone who can listen to use those corridors to the maximum possibility. the un refugee agency says five million people have fled ukraine far more than even the worst case estimates the pentagon says russia has lost a quarter of the forces. it began the war with tuesday, moscow sent the western warning test launching a huge new intercontinental ballistic missile will have no equivalent in the world for a long time. and will make think twice those who in the heat of frantic aggressive rhetoric try to threaten our country. the pentagon says they do not consider president putin's words or the launch to be a threat in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news treasury secretary janet yellen walked out of a g 20 meeting with russia's finance minister. when he got up to speak. yellen was joined by her counterparts from the uk, canada and ukraine. the protest underscored the increasing isolation russia's experiencing
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on the world stage because of its invasion of ukraine. yellen did not comment on the walk up. but canada's finance minister said quote the world's democracies will not stand idly by in the face of continued russian aggression and war crimes details in the stabbing at a stockton high school that left a 15 year old girl dead, authorities outlined the suspects, actions leading up to the attack. plus. the defendants in this case each contributed to and created that public nuisance by flooding san francisco with opioids. san francisco city attorney addressing the city's opioid crisis, how he says major drug companies and even walgreens contributed as the city takes them to court. children lost parents of covid-19 and later tonight, the lawmaker who wants to help by awarding those children money. and 49ers started. oh, samuel has requested a trade
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fir, investigators have released the identity of a woman who was shot and killed inside her own home in oakland. the alameda county coroner has identified her as cynthia collier. the 59 year old's body was discovered on thursday after neighbors called police because they hadn't seen her in several days. investigators say they found shell casings nearby. police have not yet named a suspect. earning 10 francisco now a man is free tonight after spending three decades behind bars. he was wrongfully convicted of murder. ktvu crime reporter henry lee heard from 61 year old rakhine, syria, who detailed what he wants to do now that he has been set free. take a look. this is a country made out of people. 61 year old walking in
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syria, enjoying his first taste of freedom in 31 years. after doing time in state prison, syria was released from san francisco county jail days after a judge confirmed he was wrongfully convicted of murder. thank you for god, white people to make this happen. syria which is weeks old when his father was arrested. i don't feel hostile towards the justice system because you know, the justice system is just something that tends to mess up every once in a while, you know, i am joyful that the right people made the right decision. syria was convicted of murder in the 1990 killing his friend felix best rica, in part because the getaway driver said syria was the shooter. san francisco de a chaser, boudin said that witness lied on the stand after being pressured by the sfpd to identify syria. bodine launched the innocence commission in his office. syria was the first case that was reviewed eyewitness identification. false testimony. in many instances, official misconduct. all three of those
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common factors were president. in this for serious case. this is what we do. our work for these moments are amazing. linda starr heads the northern california innocence project. it should be the norm. we shouldn't have to celebrate that. that should be something that is expected of all district attorney's office is fairly investigated. case taken away from your wife. and your baby, and that is because the system failed. you catastrophically. usf professor laura bazelon chairs, the innocence commission. resilience and persistence finally won the day. and that you now at long last have a chance to take back your life. so, for now, syria is relishing his release in a world with iphones, ubers and self driving cars, but its first order of business, i would like to eat some cuban food. even with all the celebration and fanfare, the d a. says the sobering reality is that the real killer has not been brought to justice. henry lee ktvu, fox
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two news. new at 10, a man shot by police in san francisco is suing the city. the suit filed this week in federal courts demonstrate an incident last may when an sfpd officer fired his weapon while attempting to take an auto burglary suspect into custody. attorneys for 23 year old javier pittman say the shooting was an excessive use of force and their client was unarmed, compliant and in the process of being handcuffed after pittman was shot in the wrist, san francisco police chief bill scott apologized during a town hall meeting. he said the shooting quite simply should not have happened. while the city of san francisco has been dealing with an opioid crisis, and now city officials are going to court over it. the city filed a civil lawsuit against drug makers and even walgreens, and as ktvu evan sernoffsky reports, the trial is set to start on monday. walgreens eligon, teva and panda created a widespread public nuisance and public health
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emergency. san francisco city attorney david chu is gearing up for trial next week in a closely watched civil case against some of the world's biggest drug companies for allegedly overprescribing pain medication. the defendants in this case each contributed to and created that public nuisance by flooding san francisco with opioids the company's practices, according to the lawsuit, created quote a population of addicted patients who sought opioids at never before seen rates choose says it led to users seeking out drugs on the street. like heroin and fentanyl, creating dire situations in places like the tenderloin. for example, between 2015 and 2020 opioid overdose deaths went up 478% and in 2020 more than doubled covid-19 deaths. between 2000 and six and 2000 and 14 drug companies doled out more than a 163 million
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pharmaceutical pain pills in san francisco. and the defendants did this by making false statements misleading doctors and patients about the risk of opioids and changing the way the broader public viewed or use. walgreens and other companies involved in the lawsuit would not comment. the city attorney's office filed the litigation in 2018 and included companies like oxycontin manufacturer purdue pharma. purdue went bankrupt in 2020 and paid out billions in settlements for its role in the opioid epidemic. on wednesday to announce that another defendant , endo pharmaceuticals, will settle its case with the city for $10 million. there is a line you can draw from the conduct of legal, uh companies, manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies. to the illegal markets that you see today. keith humphreys is a professor at stanford, who has been studying the opioid crisis. he says regulators dropped the ball
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and let the drug companies run wild. they did, um dodge through . it's not really loopholes but gaping holes in american regulation. when the trial begins on monday, expect to hear from witnesses like pharmacists. who may shed light on the company's corporate practices. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news authorities say the man charged with fatally stabbing a 15 year old girl at a high school in stockton initially tried to grab two students 52 year old anthony gray was booked into the san joaquin county jail on suspicion of murder and was arraigned today. stockton school officials say gray pulled into the parking lot at stagg high school on monday and fatally stabbed alicia re naga. she later died at the hospital. the san joaquin county d. a is now calling on lawmakers to make murders committed on school campuses, using a knife and offense that would put convicted criminals away for life. that evil individual must suffer the ultimate consequences. there has
10:37 pm
to be an immediate immediate change in the law right now. officials say there is no known connection between the victim and the suspect. still, a motive is not yet known. it was not immediately clear if the suspect has an attorney who can speak on his behalf. a beloved tradition returning to disneyland coming up tonight at 11 a preview of the return of the theme parks nighttime spectaculars after two year hiatus. and some moderate to heavy rain falling in the bay area, and now moving into the south bay will time it out for you back here with the five day first how the 49ers are getting involved with the upcoming race for san jose mayor (music throughout)
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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money to children who have lost a parent to covid moved forward today, democratic senator nancy skinner says her legislation was approved by the senate governance and finance committee today on a 4 to 1 vote. the bill would create hope savings accounts for california children. we've lost a parent or primary caregiver to covid and for long term foster care. youth up to $4000 would be available for kids up to age nine and up to 8000 for youth ages. 10 to 17. students at centers. a state university held a rally in march today to bring attention to student homelessness. anymore up anymore. demonstrators say despite sjs you signing an agreement with the student homeless alliance to deal with the student housing crisis, little progress has been made a report last year found 4000 san jose state students had experienced homelessness at least once within the year. we had student homeless lions are
10:41 pm
frustrated to say the least at the energy and pace given to helping the thousands of students experiencing homelessness every year. while we recognize the work done by sgs you care so far in helping to bring temporary solutions to students that have actually come forward for help. we are challenging them to do more. the student homeless alliance is asking the university to step up its homeless response. it's asking the college for more transparency about what what it's doing to help on how students they also want students and community members to have major input on solutions to the homeless student crisis, also in san jose, an independent fundraising committee established by the 49ers has donated $300,000 to support me or real candidates. any chavez chavez is a santa clara county supervisor running for san jose mayor in the june primary donations to champions campaign came from the citizens for cindy chavez mere 2022 political action committee. it was put together by the 49ers and the dibartolo corporation, which previously owned the team. vice
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president kamala harris is set to visit the uc san francisco mission bay campus tomorrow. the visit is part of her effort to address the maternal health crisis that particularly impacts black and native american women and women in rural communities. while at ucsf, the vice president will meet with expecting families join a group perry natal session and speak with members of the maternal. healthcare workforce. also tomorrow, former president barack obama will be at stanford university to deliver a speech. he will talk about the changes in the way we create and consume information and the threat it can pose to democracy. he's expected to share how social media has played a key role in the political divisions. mr obama says he's been sitting down with academics, researchers , industry leaders and former regulators coming up sky high hopes of making money from the budding marijuana industry going up in smoke for some people on the sport 20 holiday everybody who tried to go legal is likely to go bankrupt dispensary
10:43 pm
struggling to stay afloat from robberies to high taxes, the challenges they are facing up next and rain hitting the bay area right now. chief meteorologist bill martin
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unog marijuana and people in new jersey will miss the festivities by one day. legal recreational pot goes on sale in that state
10:46 pm
tomorrow. state officials say they didn't want to allow legal sales on 4 20 because of the logistical challenges for dispensaries and city officials having to organize sanctions celebrations. here in california . right now, there are about 900 dispensaries open for business, but for many making a profit can be difficult. ktvu henry lee talked with one dispensary owner in oakland, who has been struggling with a number of challenges. it's gonna be a good day for us for everybody in the bay area to commune and consume this 4 20 tuckey blunt, the owner of blunts and more marijuana dispensary in east oakland has mixed feelings, the ex felon former street dealer says. even as some people celebrate, blunt says he needs to be well, blunt. if i had to just be honest with you if i'm going to same rate i'm going now. in another 2 to 3 years blunt some more won't be here anymore. that's because legitimate marijuana businesses are being taxed heavily. and even though marijuana is now legal in california, it's still a federal crime. yet uncle sam still taxing pot businesses with
10:47 pm
no business tax deductions. we don't get any federal kickbacks . i don't get no write offs. i don't get nothing were deemed essential. i was deemed essential in 2020. and haven't got a federal dollar ppe or nothing we didn't qualify for you know, because we're cannabis dispensaries say they're also coping with getting wrong like blunt was last fall. he is armed guards at his dispensary, and he has insurance. but he says they don't pay up from insurance to taxes to being robbed. it's hard to turn a profit, and i don't i mean business to try to turn a profit on a steep decline now that the pandemic is kind of lifted people a little bit more mobile. we are not seeing an increase in sales. jared kylo is president of the united cannabis business association, he says. instead, the underground marijuana trade is thriving. i think the hardest one right now is competition with an illicit market that has much cheaper prices when it comes to no taxes and no regulations and no permitting fees, taxes must be lower and the other is that there must be more retail. james anthony is an attorney who represents cannabis businesses.
10:48 pm
if you are in the underground market, good for you, you're doing a #### of a job. you're doing great. you're very unlikely to go to prison. everybody who tried to go legal is likely to go bankrupt. remember this was napa auto parts, blunt says his last name is proof he was meant to be in the pot business. he's just hoping he can survive marijuana growers hope that the state legislature at least will lower taxes so that the industry on 4 20 all other days apart in open henry lee ktvu. alright the rain's coming down here is our weather system here and the secondary. here is the primary way are the main the wave going through right now? and then here's a more powerful back end wave here and this is going to slide through after midnight tonight. i think that's going to be a pretty good little center set up for us in terms of some significant rainfall and potential thunderstorm and some hail late tonight or early tomorrow morning, and then it. it burns off quick by by noon.
10:49 pm
this whole thing kind of flattens out for us. there it is. now you can see the two of them, right? you see the first one to back it up again. there's the first one and then the second one now just moving on shore up by eureka. um, and they're both similar except this backwards, got more power with it. it's closer to the engine, so it's going to have more the engine that the motor of this storm and it's going to have more cold air and more wind. it's gonna just be kind of the real deal. right now. we're getting sort of early showers. they've been coming down pretty significantly. redwood city right now. heavy rain upper half inch an hour on these rainfall rates conquer right now you're getting some heavy rainfall rates lafayette out by kind of by san ramon. and then pleasant in some scattered showers. heavier cells and you see these marshals i suspect tonight at about somewhere late in the middle of the night. we're going to see some of these rainfall is really pick up. kind of like we've been seeing earlier tonight so we could easily see some rainfall rates up to an
10:50 pm
inch an hour or something like that, as we head into the overnight hours, so the main event still to come, but we did have a nice little round of rain there up to a quarter inch to a half inch an inch of rain in parts of the marine county watershed. here's the computer model. and it sets us up basically for tomorrow morning and you can kind of see here we are at one a.m. so the system slides through and then here we are in the very early morning. five a.m. more activity. here we are at saying noon it starts to clear out, but then more weather starts to move in. as we go into the afternoon hours and then a little bit kind of pushes back on friday, so it kind of keeps coming in the mountains, so we're gonna get these waves right? the mountains. they're going to just keep going. it's not going to stop up there that winter storm warning stays. in fact, through friday three ft of snow. i think that's not going to be hard to do at all, especially for kirkwood and some of those areas just in the south central sierra nevada. the forecast highs tomorrow will be a little bit cooler as you would expect, and that has, of course
10:51 pm
to do with the with the cooler air moving in from this next system, so the first system kind of sliding through the colder system comes through late tonight about one or two in the morning. scattered showers. thundershowers a possibility thursday afternoon at lunchtime . it's like what happened, and then thursday late afternoon, we might see a thunderstorm. more scattered showers. and then friday, a bit unsettled and in the weekend looks pretty darn nice. there's a five day forecast. i'll see you back here at 11. thank you. pebble beach has been named and anchor site that will keep the u. s open golf tournament returning over the next two decades. the u. s golf association made the announcement today. the anchor site status means there will be six championship events played at pebble beach over the next 26 years. that's in addition to the already slated 2023. u. s women's open. and 2027. u. s open. coming up. the giants try to bounce back after losing two in a row in new york. joe fonzi is here with the highlights. sports is next on the 11 o'clock
10:52 pm
news. the bay area hotel industry still struggling to recover from the pandemic. (music throughout)
10:53 pm
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10.
10:54 pm
through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a fut so again, everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports a nice bounce back for the giants today after being on the wrong end of a doubleheader sweep yesterday in new york fans remember this guy last year's all star chris bassett bassett, facing jaak peterson in the first inning with mike extreme ski at second strength will come all the way around to score. peterson goes to second with an r b i double. brandon crawford was up next and he had his shot that peter alonso couldn't handle it first. that scored a single darren rough comes home. the giants got a third run on a single by wilmer flores. and then in the second on his birthday, brandon belt crushed a basset pitch homer of the young
10:55 pm
season for belt basket, gave up five runs in six innings of work. the giants go on to win 5 to 2 is carlos ridden, improves to two and oh, the baltimore orioles have scored a total of three runs in three games this week at the oakland coliseum. today, they made a single run. stand up for a win. is there anything better than an afternoon baseball game and cut and candy? long as you can get it out of the bag scoreless game in the second inning, seth brown it's a shot down the right field line off the orioles. jordan lyles. billy mckinney is going to try to score all the way from first. here comes the throw. mckinney initiative be ruled safe by plate umpire greg gibson . and you know they're going to review that one. mckinney is then. ruled out as they change. it will not be happy in the dugout. the orioles get out of the inning without allowing a run. here's the one run of the game. kelvin gutierrez with the shot up the middle and off the glove of elvis andres were the mall trickles into center and then ryan mechanic comes around
10:56 pm
from second. andrews charged with an error was the one nothing game. the a's got just seven hits up five baltimore pitchers. jorge lopez finishes the shutout with the strike out of sarah high product, mickey macdonald. the orioles make the one run stand up for win same two teams to finish the series tomorrow. we told you yesterday that 49ers receiver deebo samuel declared he won't take part in offseason programs until he gets a contract extension. today, debo has apparently upped the ante, according to a report on espn. he's asked to be traded. 49ers have said their intention is to get an extension done for samuel, but apparently there hasn't been progress in those talks. samuels rookie contract calls for him to make $4 million this season. this has been a very lucrative offseason for receivers, with eight of them getting contracts worth at least 18 year. samuels also reportedly not entirely happy with the way the 49ers are using him as both the receiver. and a running back. the words of nuggets resume their playoff series tomorrow in denver after a
10:57 pm
couple of days off the words to try to take a three. nothing stranglehold on that series that left the nuggets dispirited and arguing among themselves after monday night's loss in san francisco. the biggest challenge for denver is how do you try to solve the mystery of the warriors? small lineup? the three guard combination of steph curry, klay thompson and jordan pool combined for 84 of the warriors. 126 points. that's two thirds of their scoring. the high altitude in denver sometimes takes some getting used to, but steve kerr says his team is as confident as a team can be all things considered. everybody's in a good mood, but, um we're also very wary. of. being in a good mood. if that makes sense, you know, we have to be prepared for what's coming. you you win the first two games at home. you feel great. uh, and then i'll takes us one game and the momentum changes. joel and being in the
10:58 pm
70 sixers involved the one of three playoff games tonight. philadelphia down one inside three minutes to play in toronto be delivers a 3 60 for two of his 33 points, filling up one they were tied at 95 at the end of regulation, now six years inbound in ot again, tied, catch and shoot by embiid and he's all night at the buzzer. he's calling this the best shot of his career. which is understandable since his career is only six years old. philly wins one of 41 to 1 to one to take a three nothing lead in that series. the six years can wrap it up on saturday. boston's marcus smart, not entering the ring, but the arena and celebrated as the league's defensive player of the year. boston had the chore of defending kevin durant in the brooklyn nets, durant just four of 17 from the field and turned it over six times the celtics starting from 17 downwards. they did smart. gets to up the glass to beat the shot clock late in the fourth quarter. the celtics win win 14 1 oh, seven. they lead that series two games to none, which now moves to brooklyn on saturday night. and aaron rodgers sporting a new
10:59 pm
trimmed up look in milwaukee, where the bucks hosting the bulls. bucks need to stop here late patrick williams misses in the street. but the bulls get the offensive rebound. demar derozan spins. then heads to the hoop, and he makes it a five point game with 18 seconds to play 41 points for derozan, the bulls win 1 14 1 10 evening their series with the defending champs at a game each. check this out time on a wednesday night texas at seattle tonight in the first inning, the mariners jesse winker hits a line drive to first that nathaniel low grabs for one out and then steps on first to double up tie. france adam frazier is straight off second because he thinks the ball was on the ground. but it's a line drive and it's not just a double play. it's a triple play for the rangers, the first one in the majors this season triple play that often, joe. thank you. next at 11 a spring storm, maybe the strongest of the year so far, bringing much needed rain to the
11:00 pm
bay area outside now, pictures from the bay bridge toll plaza show the conditions outside right now, slick roads and this, by the way, is just the beginning. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. rain in the bay area snow in the mountains tonight we needed to after a dry winter that's prolonged california's drought. hello again. i'm andre senior julie julie haener. let's get right to the radar and our chief meteorologist bill martin, who is tracking it all for us tonight, bill. yeah that's right , julie. we've got a system coming through right now. the heaviest rain has been over the last hour and a half on this pull away view. you can see you get a vibe for what's going on. here is the first wave right here. that swept through over the last hour hour and a half something like that, maybe two hours, and then this is a more powerful wave the secondary wave that's going to come through after midnight into the early morning hours tomorrow. this could generate some thunderstorms, not they'd be widely scattered, but what it will generate as some more significantea


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