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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 26, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we s resulted in a positive outcome. three month old baby taken from his home in san jose has found safe how a tip from a good samaritan led to his discovery and what we're learning about the three people now in custody, plus a breakthrough when it comes to covid-19 young children . the treatment approved by the fda for those under the age of 12. and calls for change. john f . kennedy driving golden gate park has not seen vehicles in nearly two years. the push to make that permanent the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach gasia mikaelian let's begin with breaking news out of the south bay. a three month old baby boy was kidnapped there yesterday has been found safe. ktvu james torres has been at the scene all morning and has more on how this all came to an end, james gasol. we're at the intersection of jackson avenue and mather drive here in san
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jose. you can see part of matter, dr still closed off as this investigation continues. we're standing next to canyon springs post acute care. this is like local health care facility and this was crucial when it came to solving the case here today, employees here say they spotted a van that california highway patrol officers. originally said was a potential suspect car a 2011 nissan minivan with a white sticker on the rear window. once a woman who was showing up for work today saw that car and she saw a car seat inside the car, she said. she called police. here's a better look at that van. it was towed away from the scene earlier this morning, along with a white sedan from in front of a home here. we don't really know where those cars play into the investigation here. as police have not revealed that kind of information just yet. this all started yesterday afternoon. police shared this surveillance video from about one o'clock. a man is seen carrying a baby. moments after he was kidnapped from his home. police say this was a planned crime because that
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carrier you see here was brought by the suspect and did not belong to the family officers say while the case may seem closed, this is still very much an active investigation and they still need to proceed. with caution. even though we've found the child, which of course, is the most important thing, and we believe we have people in custody who are responsible. there's still much more for the detectives to do so. i wouldn't want to give any information that could impede that investigation. you now the baby boy we're talking about. this is three month old brandon quill yard, police say someone took him from inside his home as his as his grandmother was unloading groceries. i spoke to a witness here who saw as police made their arrests and began checking out baby braden's health. the suspected suspect was taken into custody. we did see the baby come out. the baby was in good spirits. no crying. no anything and was just in the gurney as they do their procedure, but it
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was great to see that the baby came out unharmed. as far as who is now under police custody officers with the help of staff from the fbi arrested three people. they say those people have some connection to the family, though they're not sure exactly what that connection is. just yet. they believe they've arrested the man caught on camera kidnapping the boy. a second suspect is a woman who went grocery shopping with the boys. grandma who they say was often changing their story with police. officers at this point have not yet released any information about the third suspect. maybe brandon here was taken to a local hospital for a checkup, and they say he will soon be released back to his family. but we can at least now report that he is safe. they took him to the hospital as a precaution, and at some point he'll be reunited with his mother and grandmother as well coming up in the next half hour. we hear more from that from that witness who saw that arrest. and who saw the baby boy getting taken back into police custody and back to safety. we're live this morning in san jose. i'm
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james torres. ktvu fox. two news . great news out of the south bay. alright james. thank you. for that biden administration announced today the first approved covid treatment for young children. jonathan serrie has the story from atlanta. parents now have another way to protect their kids against covid-19. the fda approving remdesivir as the first covid treatment for children under 12 , doctors can now prescribe the antiviral drug to patients who are more than 28 days old who are hospitalized or at high risk for severe covid. the agency had already approved the treatment for americans, 12 and older pediatricians say it's a game changer, especially to out patients, people who aren't sick enough to need hospitalization yet it works extremely well. the fda adds. the treatment is not a substitute for getting vaccinated, but covid shots have not yet been approved for children under five hundreds of parents and doctors across the country have filed a petition calling on the fda to approve
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the covid vaccine for this age group denying children you know an annual flu shots, which pretty severe illness. meanwhile the biden administration announcing new actions to expand covid treatment access, the plan includes nearly doubling the number of locations, providing fighters antiviral pill and setting up federally supported tests to treat sites that offer the drug for those who test positive for covid treatments are really the next phase of this pandemic, where we have to make these treatments. these highly effective treatments widely available, the cdc says. you must begin the antiviral treatment within five days of covid symptoms first appearing in atlanta, john serry, ktvu fox two news. vice president kamala harris has tested positive for covid 19. her office issued a statement after she tested positive with both rapid and pcr test. harris has exhibited no symptoms and plans to isolate and work from her home at this
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time. harris is not considered a close contact of president biden with the first lady. the vice president will return to the white house after a negative test. kennedy drive in golden gate park hasn't seen cars in nearly two years that could become permanent ktvu semantic in town alive in the newsroom with more on the san francisco board of supervisors vote. that could amanda keep that road free of cars? yes, votes still has not happened yet. the meeting started at nine this morning, but public comment is still happening right now. there are a lot of people that care about this and wanted to talk a mile and a half of jfk drive from kiser drive. two transverse drive was originally closed to cars in april 2020 as a way to create a safe space for exercising while we were all social distancing now, some want to see it. stay that way. follow the sound of birds and see where they are and go up that hill and discover there's so much of that park. i had no idea. carol brownstone closing jfk drive two cars helped her see how special golden gate park is exploring in her motorized scooter. that is a
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safe place, and it's one of san francisco's most magical places, really. i had no idea. when i used to drive there. we would just go where we were going. one of dozens of people, including bicyclists, and young children, rallying outside city hall tuesday morning in support of making jfk drive car free permanently. we are here today to make sure that our voices are heard loud and clear. the group's main argument is that the road is safer for pedestrians and writers, they say before it was one of the city's most dangerous streets. years we've had a needed safe haven. is provided the meaningful space for all ages and abilities to our park to be able to walk without the threat of dangerous traffic. and this we need so badly in our city. but it's also about the climate if we cannot take climate change action for a mere 1.5 miles of roadway in our city's biggest park, where where can we take
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climate action francisco board of supervisors special joint meeting between the san francisco board of supervisors in sf mta equity report was presented with results from surveys with local residents seen if they visited the park more if there's enough parking shuttles or access for people with disabilities, but some suggested certain classes and races of people. still don't feel welcome at the park. i know this conversation has been back and forth battle. and some people want to make this strictly about cars versus no cars, but the conversation has always been much bigger than that. there has been a lot of discussion about improving shuttle services and other changes that can be made to make sure individuals with disabilities and the elderly can still access the park. there's also still a competing legislation to reopen about two thirds of that closed stretch. discussion on that argument will continue next month. live in the newsroom. amanda quintana ktvu fox two news. thank you, amanda
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back across the bay new at noon. we're hearing from oakland school teachers who decided to go ahead with a one day strike, according to the oakland education association, 75% for teachers voted in favor of striking this friday. they say they're upset with oakland unified's decision to close or merge about a dozen schools. the changes would impact schools with mostly black and brown students. the teachers union gave more details on why they're planning to strike. we have authorized a one day you lp unfair labor practice strike to let the district know that their refusal to honor agreements and have meaningful conversation about the school closures will impact communities of color is unacceptable. the school district is considering filing an injunction to prevent the teachers from holding the strike . twitter stock is down more than 3% this afternoon. the down day comes just one day after twitter agreed to sell the social media platform. the tesla ceo elon musk for $44 billion
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reporter alexandria hoff has the latest on the big deal. must had maintained that 54 20 a share was his best and final offer, and that is what stockholders will receive. after much debate. twitter's board agreed to the deal yesterday that will take the company private. elon musk launches into a new frontier, the founder of spacex and tesla, who describes himself as a free speech, absolutist, announced his twitter acquisition, saying free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated, he added. on the platform, i hope that even my worst critics remain on twitter. because that is what free speech means to relax content restrictions, increase public trust and rid the platform of spam bots. twitter founder jack dorsey shared his endorsement writing elon's goal of creating a platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is the right one. while conservatives are largely celebrating the $44 billion deal
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, they're going crazy over an electric car maker who supports free speech. democrats have shown reservation no matter who owns or runs. twitter the president has long been concerned about the power of large social media platforms, senator elizabeth warren expressed her disappointment. writing this deal is dangerous for our democracy. the akp's president, released a statement that included mr musk free speech is wonderful. hate speech is unacceptable. they also appealed for must not to reinstate former president trump's account, which was suspended after the january 6th capital riot. trump has so far said he applauds musk, but has no intention to return to the platform. twitter held in all hands on deck meeting yesterday, with some staff threatening walkouts. it was shared that the company will continue with business as usual until the acquisition is finalized, which could take up to six months. in washington. alexandria hoff fox news. still to come at noon. the wildfire season has gotten longer and more severe in the
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past several years, fire officials say about the upcoming season and their biggest concern, plus russia ramps up its offensive in the east while the united states holds a special summit in germany aimed at getting more weapons here to ukraine that finn and lviv and around the bay area this afternoon. partly cloudy skies, little bit of a breeze and temperatures running cooler in most areas have a look at the current conditions and what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up.
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lloyd austin met with defense officials from 40 other countries about getting more weapons to ukrainian forces to help them defend their country against the russian invasion. matt finn has the latest from lviv, ukraine. russian forces taking the ukrainian city of crimea after days of street to street fighting as the eastern offensive intensifies, heavy fighting and shelling is now being reported throughout the donbas region, as the u. s delivers more military aid defense secretary lloyd austin working on beefing up that process, he's hosting defense officials from 40 countries at a special summit in germany aimed at providing more weapons to help stop the russians. austin asking participants to come to quote a common and transparent understanding of ukraine security requirements. so that
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we can meet. the secretary made headlines monday when he said he'd like to see a weaker russia that cannot threaten other neighboring countries. washington foreign minister sergei lavrov, responding on tuesday, claiming washington is fighting moscow in a proxy war and once again raising the possibility of a nuclear confrontation. not the most essentially engaged in a war with russia through a proxy and arms. this proxy, the danger is serious. it's real. it shouldn't be underestimated the pentagon pushing back on those comments, accusing russia of raising tensions at a time when the escalation is needed. this is about russia's unprovoked war inside ukraine, irresponsible for nuclear power like russia to be talking about even the potential of escalating this into the nuclear realm and the u . n. secretary general is in moscow expected to meet with vladimir putin before heading here to ukraine. later in the week in the vive matt finn ktvu, fox two news starting today. through may, 6th, the stanford blood center will contribute $10
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to a blood supplies for ukraine campaign for every blood donation. this is part of a nationwide campaign to get badly needed blood supplies to ukraine . today, east bay months board of directors will meet to discuss the next steps in dealing with the drought. the board is considering raising the districts emergency level now, if this happens, customers could be told to cut back on outdoor water use. they could also face excessive use penalties or a drought surcharge. the district has been asking it's 1.4 million customers to voluntarily reduce water use by 10% if we can't get outside now, enjoy this weather , which is slightly different from yesterday, and that we might need that jacket again. rosemary cooling things down, garcia michaela to both of you. hello to all of you out there. we do have partly cloudy skies temperatures running a little bit cooler. today we have another system later in the week that will drop our temperatures a bit more. but let's focus on what is happening outside our doors at this hour. giving you a live look here from ktvu across the oakland estuary san francisco there in the backdrop
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, giants will host a little bit later today in san francisco. i have a look at that forecast for you in just a moment. let's take a peek at your lunchtime number 66 right now in napa in the north bay in the east bay. we have 67 in walnut creek. around the bay 56 in the city of san francisco, 64 right, now reported in san jose and san jose. you are seven degrees cooler right now than 24 hours ago were down by four in novato , down by six over areas of concord as well as livermore, moving forward into the afternoon. partly cloudy skies will remain dry conditions in place from the tail end of a system. that is moving through again, not bringing us any wet weather, but it's definitely changing the pattern in the way of the cooler air and that bit of breeze as well. the winds in and around the bay area at this time the wind gusting to 24 mph . we've got areas over fairfield , 17 in oakland and napa 12 for you there, novato gusting to 18 in our hills breezy as well.
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mount diablo reporting 26 com right now at big rock ridge, but oakland north and oakland south , reporting anywhere from 10 to 11 mph getting into your afternoon highs for today, right about average to just below in some areas. 73 in santa rosa sixties for san francisco, 66 in oakland, livermore 68, as well as san jose, and a better look at some of these afternoon house. 74 you san rafael along the peninsula 66 for san mateo and for the south bay 70 degrees expected for more gun hill. a look at the forecast for battle of the big going on this evening game time 6 45 cool and breezy upper fifties in the forecast under partly clear skies and a west wind. 20 mph, perhaps gusting to 25 in those wind prone spots will have a look at what you can expect for the rest of the week, including your bay area weekend coming up in just a little bit. the supreme court hears arguments on a case that could have major implications
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for president biden's immigration policies. rivera i
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as d made a busy week of earnings and from the nation's biggest companies, many here in the bay area we see the dow jones is down by two full percentage points. that percentage losses. even greater run snp, which is down by two and a third percent. nasdaq has dropped three and almost one half of percent. so far, we'll stay on top of markets before the close at one
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o'clock. the supreme court is hearing arguments in a case that could determine president biden's power to set immigration policy. madeline rivera is in washington with more on the high stakes legal challenge. the battle over border policies reaching the steps of the supreme court. the justices taking up the challenge tuesday regarding a trump era program that has forced thousands of migrants to wait in mexico while their asylum cases play out. this policy violates refugee law , and it must be stopped president biden's department of homeland security ended the remaining mexico program in june , but republican led states, texas and missouri sued. trump appointed federal court judge sided with them, ordering the policy to be put back in place. the level of lawlessness here is unbelievable from this administration, it's up to the states to push back. the fight over remain in mexico comes as the debate over another trump arab border policy rages on. title 42, a public health order that prevented some migrants
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from entering the u. s because of covid was set to end on may 23rd title 42 public health authority is not an immigration tool, public health authority um , that the cdc has said is no longer necessary and that was the basis of which being lifted . however, on monday, another federal judge temporarily blocked the biden ministrations from lifting title 42. drawing praise from critics who say ending the order would lead to an even bigger surge of migrants at the southern border. elections have consequences and when you put people in charge and high places like in in places where they can interpret law. this is a good thing. supreme court is not expected to make a ruling regarding the remaining mexico program until the summer and washington mala rivera ktvu fox two news. president biden has announced that he's granting the first three partners of his term. in one case, the president is providing clemency to 86 year old abraham bolden, a secret service agent from the kennedy
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presidency who was convicted of bribery. president biden also part into people convicted of drug related charges. one case was in texas, the other in the state of georgia. the president has also commuted the sentences of 75 others for nonviolent drug related convictions across the country. union that represents nearly 20,000 students. workers is holding rallies to protest working conditions at all. university of california campuses. the uc student workers union is made up of tears, tutors and other graduate student workers. they're joining with other unions on campus to push for higher wages as well as better protections. rallies are being held at uc berkeley, ucsf and other u c campuses across the state. this is all part of a growing trend nationwide of graduate students organizing into unions. southern california startup that makes tesla model threes available on a subscription basis is now available here in the bay area. the company autonomy wants to lower the cost of driving an electric vehicle with month month ownership instead of fixed term commitments. customers can use the app to reserve a car in
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as little as 10 minutes and schedule their delivery within a week. a tesla model three requires $4900 down and monthly payments of $490 for a minimum of three months. still to come here at noon, a three month old baby taken from its home in san jose is found safe. how a tip from a good samaritan led to his discovery and what we're learning about the three people now in custody, plus or seeing fire behaviors and conditions that we've never experienced before firefighters preparing for the upcoming wildfire season the outlook for the entire west coast not looking favorable in what firefighters say people can do to protect their own homes.
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okay a three month old baby boy was kidnapped yesterday has been found safe today. ktvu james torres live at the scene all morning and has more on what led to the baby safe return and also talk about the people in police custody. james garcia. some of the things belongs to some people who work at this nearby healthcare facility here. employees were showing up for work at about nine o'clock this morning when they were arriving . they noticed the van that normally isn't part here, a van that was matching some of the description that they heard on news reports earlier this morning. and that's when they called police. we captured the moments that ban was eventually towed away by officers. those
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witnesses say they follow the story for the last 24 hours, the thought of a three month old baby boy. kidnapped is scary, especially for the people who work nearby, who are parents themselves? and since the story broke, one man tells me he was praying for good news and is happy his center can help get baby brandon qanyare to safety. i have kids of my own children, five children of my own and 12 grandchildren and so on. my youngest is about this baby's age, so it was an overwhelming joy that we all had here at our facility. overwhelming joy for the community at large as well. police say they have now arrested three people for that kidnapping. all three are somehow connected to the young boy's family. they have not exactly revealed how police say they've spent more than 20 hours investigating this case. they've had help from the fbi from the santa clara sheriff's sarah clinton county sheriff's office as well. they say that that baby boy was sent to the hospital for a checkup. and once they determine that he is perfectly fine and healthy. he will be
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reunited with his mother and grandmother back home. we're live this morning in san jose. i'm james torres. ktvu fox two news, james. thank you. for that new at noon, bay area lawmakers are teaming up to urge the state legislature to pass a bill to ban police from retaining or using d n a. from rape kits to incriminate victims. the lawmakers gathered today in sacramento, just outside the capital, state senator scott wiener introduced the bill back in february. it followed the san francisco district attorney's office discovery that sfpd was retaining dna collected from sexual assault survivors. it was being kept in a database and at least one case used to incriminate a rape survivor in an unrelated crime. federal law already prohibits the inclusion of victim's dna and the dna index. so it was shocking to learn that there is no corresponding california law to prohibit local law enforcement databases from retaining the dna from victims. in their local
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databases from retaining and for years searching it. the sfpd crime lad stopped the practice and changed its operating procedure shortly after receiving the complaint from the d a s office right now, the bill is in the senate committee. this is day two of the san francisco trial against many of the nation's top drug manufacturers and retailers. the city is suing the companies, including walgreens for their alleged role in the opioid epidemic. gator views. evan sernoffsky was there for opening statements in this closely watched trial. we need to make sure that they're held accountable for the impact to san francisco in california. opening statements began monday in san francisco's federal case against opioid manufacturers, allergen and teva. drug distributor and pharmacy giant, walgreen's outside court, city attorney david chu said he wants those companies to pay up. we also want to make sure that san francisco recoups at least some of our losses. that were
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resulting from the incredible profits that were gained by corporate defendants in their opening. attorneys for the city argued those drug companies went after a new market of customers. beginning in the 19 nineties, attorneys played videos like this one from the drug makers themselves. the window was really open as the whole landscape of pain management and treatment was changing, the city attorney said. the drug companies aggressive salesforce lied to doctors and pharmacists , saying opioids were not addictive, and companies like walgreens filled countless suspicious prescriptions without a second thought. attorney richard hyman said, quote the claims about the safety and efficacy of prescription opioids were false. prescription opioids are as addictive as heroin. it all allegedly helped create a demand that spilled over in places like the tenderloin where illicit drugs like fentanyl have spurred an overdose crisis
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exposure here it's fair to say is a lot of money. professor scott dodson at uc hastings said the case will have widespread implications, he said san francisco's litigation is one of a handful of cases that will set the bar for the liability in thousands of other similar cases around the country. wheels of justice turn slowly but they are turning and i think that we're moving towards a global resolution of all of these cases is in the much nearer term now attorneys for walgreen means and the other defendants are expected to give their opening statements on tuesday. so far, they have not responded to any of our requests for comment in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. a man is in custody after a 17 hour standoff with sacramento police. the suspect came out of the home where he had been holed up. and surrender just about three o'clock this morning hostage also came out of that house
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safely. crisis negotiators had been talking to the suspect, who was believed to be an armed. no word yet on whether or not there is a link between the suspect and the hostage. police lieutenant who was fired last year is back on the job now. fellow officers and friends cheered for lieutenant hermann robinson at police headquarters and arbitrator recently ruled robinson was wrongly fired for allegedly improperly sharing information with former officers. prior to his firing. robinson had served as a member of the police department for 47 years. this week, the city of oakland will seek to end two decades of federal oversight of the oakland police department. according to the chronicle. the city attorney filed the statement with the federal judge , saying they want to begin a one year transition period required to end federal oversight. earlier this year, the same judge said the oakland police department still has a way to go to meet court ordered reforms. the judge is expected to consider the request tomorrow. for the second time
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this year, and i semitic flyers have been found in the east bay town of danville. now police are calling it a hate incident. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with a rabbi about his message to the community. it's frustrating when there's a fringe, you know. voice of hates that comes into that comes into town, rabbi shmuley reitman of the habad of danville was in the middle of teaching hebrew school sunday morning when calls started pouring in from concerned community members. dozens of residents woke up to find anti semitic flyers in their driveways that contained false propaganda. the flyers looked almost identical to the ones that were left at danville homes and in other communities around the bay area just a couple months ago, after he was school finished, i took my kids and we went collecting. we heard which neighborhood it was in, we went collecting. these anti semitic flyers 35 baggies, then threw them away, and i explained to them. this is not danville. this does not
12:37 pm
represent the people of danville . this is not america. this is not who we are. the outpour of support from the community has been overwhelming. danville police said they did document several calls. they are calling this a hate incident, not a hate crime. this means the behavior is motivated by hate, but it's lacking the crime like a physical assault or damage to property. police say they are still investigating and encourage community members to report any other fliers found around town. a post on the danville police department's facebook page reads. these leaflets fly in the face of our values in danville. our town's mission statement focuses on providing services that make people's lives better. in danville. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. a federal appeals court has ruled the state does not have to require a california prison employees to be vaccinated, the court ruled yesterday. california prisons are already taking proper precautions to protect employees from the virus. critics of the
12:38 pm
ruling say they believe state prison workers still need to be fully vaccinated. they point to the large number of covid outbreaks at california prison since the pandemic began more than two years ago. california is still offering free covid testing to people who are uninsured, even though money from the federal government has run out. for now. california is continuing with special coverage for uninsured californians school testing and free tests for clinics, counties and other groups. it's unclear, however, how long the state will offer these free tests. more than $11 million is available for small businesses and nonprofits in san francisco to recover from the pandemic money will be earmarked to bring new businesses into commercial areas. some of the money will also go towards boosting cultural celebrations and events that attract people to the city. applications are due by may 19th across the western united states. hotter and drier conditions are sparking larger and more frequent wildfires. ktvu tom vacar reports from a national wildfire conference in san francisco on fears of an out
12:39 pm
of control fire season this year. the only reason this fire warning sign is on yellows because we've had some rain of light. but in a few weeks, it will be pegged on red. we now know it academically is that these fires apart four times larger we used to have in 2000 and 14 3000 fires across the nation right now in 2020 worth 12,000 fires a year. major fires are raging in new mexico, arizona and nebraska. way ahead of former no longer valid fire season expectations, and it's only likely to get hotter and drier. it's so unpredictable. south based fire scout has created an artificial intelligence system connected to 1000 pg and e cameras. we can get on these fires fast. keep them in an acre to 10 acres, then they don't turn into the huge fires that need massive amounts of manpower. this summer's wildfires forecast in the west is at best grim. mike morgen, chief of colorado's cal
12:40 pm
fire equivalent, says when and where those fires arise is a game changer. now we're seeing fire or behaviors and conditions that we've never experienced before. 9000 ft in elevation in october, which is just unprecedented, that should be there should be. you know, the snow season in colorado, and yet we're experiencing these huge fires. it's not a good recipe for the entire west. what it looks like this year is shaping up as we would have a lot of states that are in extreme conditions at the same time. which is going to take, you know resources that are sparse to begin with and spread them even thinner. and so this is pretty much everyone's last chance to get defensible spaces around their house. and in their neighborhood. because the fire season is likely to be long, hot and very hard. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. still to come at change by the bay area could see even more severe rainstorms in the future. and around the bay
12:41 pm
area. no rain to speak of this week, but we will be cooling things down a better look at what you can expect for the rest of today and the rest of the week coming up.
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don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. why woolite? because its specially formulated to protect your clothing from damage in the wash. like fading, stretching and pilling. woolite has a first of its kind formula that keeps today's fabrics looking like new. woolite damage and darks defense. legt tesla and its fremont factory. the bay area news group reports . a black woman working at the plant filed a lawsuit at alameda county superior court last friday. she said. people
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throughout the facility used racial slurs and that a manager with sometimes agreed employees by saying, quote, welcome to the plantation or quote. welcome to the slave house. she also accuses tesla of retaliation when she complained about her treatment and how her excessive workload injured her. tesla has not commented on the lawsuit. now two new numbers that show fewer teachers are leaving the san francisco unified school district, the district says. as of this month, turnover rates are consistent with last year and lower than pre pandemic levels. 124 teachers have left the district so far this year. that's the same number as the same time period last year in 2020, the district lost nearly double that number two retirements or teachers who quit. san francisco unified says it's been putting more incentives in place to keep teachers working in the district , including a $2000 bonus twice a year daily rates for substitute teachers and para educators have also increased between 2014 and 2019. sf unified says it increased based teachers salaries over 25%
12:45 pm
without decreasing benefits will continue conducting aerial inspection of natural gas lines in the north bay this week, the utility says it's plain will be flying right over sonoma and marin counties. inspectors will use infrared cameras mounted on the plane to check for any problems with the lines. the equipment includes gps to pinpoint the position of those natural gas lines. what we're looking for is anything that could impact the lines such as digging large construction projects, farming projects just to make sure nothing is going to impact the line and also not going to obstruct our access to the line in case we do need to reach the line. inspectors will also be looking at potential sinkholes and landslides that could affect those gas lines. 20 people were arrested in a climate protest at wells fargo headquarters in san francisco. some of the demonstrators chained themselves together inside the bank yesterday on montgomery street, while others protested just outside. they're calling on wells fargo shareholders to approve a resolution at their meeting today to stop financing
12:46 pm
companies that have not adopted a net zero emissions climate pledge. the fact that this resolution is even going to be voted on. it is historic. um, we need the big investors like blackrock, vanguard state street to step up and act on their climate commitments and vote vote. yes, on this resolution. but we think that no matter what happens tomorrow, this is making ripples within the bank. the protesters say wells fargo has invested $742 billion in the fossil fuel industry in the last six years despite the rising threat of climate change. well, the new study indicates the bay area could see a 37% increase in rain. over the next 100 years, the study says the effect of climate change on future storms will be significant, leading to more powerful storms that have more water. researchers say the bay area will see more storms like the one last october, which was the strongest storm in the past 26 years on record. let's see if we can get outside again because we have noticed already a small change from yesterday when it comes to the temperature. there is an even
12:47 pm
bigger change coming, but it's a ways out right rosemary those future models, hinting at the possibility of maybe some rain coming in. next monday. so garcia mark, we will have to wait a while a little bit too far out to bank on that in the meanwhile we do know in most cases, it's a cooler day. we have temperatures anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees below yesterday's numbers at this hour in many, many areas a live look from ktvu across the oakland estuary. and into san francisco. we do have a system moving through the pacific northwest. we are in the southern fringe that has picked up our winds as well as dropped our temperatures just a little bit. but storm tracker to they're showing you it's quiet. we are going to remain quiet when it comes to the wet weather that is going to stick to the north of us. another system kind of very similar to what we're experiencing today, but even a little bit cooler. going to pass through on thursday that will again kick up our winds and drop our numbers a little bit more right now. thursday looks like it's going to be the coolest day of the week. fairfield reporting an onshore breeze at 24 mph, oakland, 17. that core pacific
12:48 pm
air is moving through nevado roya gusting to 16 and in our heels as we showed in the last half hour, a little breezy as well, but not too bad. mount diablo reporting 19, oakland north and south, reporting anywhere from 10 to 15, mph and areas over the north bay also reporting 1uture cast here. there's that whether we're notice how the rounds just much farther than northern california. we are expected to see a little bit of cooler air thursday. then we rebound our temperatures in the weekend and again right now, it looks like we may have a possibility of some wet weather come next monday. temperatures in and around the bay area at this hour 56 in san francisco sixties in oakland for our inland east bay, 63 in livermore. so a cooler day for you, definitely, but brentwood you're holding on at 70. and as we get into the afternoon, any off brentwood area expected to be in the mid upper seventies for today
12:49 pm
seventies for the east bay conquered areas near san ramon in danville. and then as we get into the north bay, 73, expected for santa rosa will go low sixties for san francisco upper sixties in oakland, 68 today for redwood city again going out to oracle park for this evening, i would say, dress in layers, maybe even the warmer coat because it's going to be cool. it's going to be breezy game 5. temperature in about 58 degrees with winds 20 to maybe even 25 mph and some of those windier prone areas. the extended forecast for us into tomorrow. little change expected thursday, a little bit cooler a little bit windier. it doesn't last, though. we began to rebound into your weekend and the saturday and sunday not bad low sixties in the forecast for the coast low seventies around the bay mid upper seventies expected inland back to you rosemary oroczo set to decide whether or not to delay new restrictions on flavored tobacco products and cigarettes. council passed the ordinance last month. since then, city leaders have heard from retailers who want a grace period so they can sell
12:50 pm
out the remainder of their inventory. the american heart association is among the groups arguing there is no reason to delay the measure, citing the health risks tied to those products is too great nations largest retirement plans could soon allow four oh one k accounts to directly invest in bitcoin. fidelity investments will reportedly offered this option beginning later this year . the wall street journal reports employees could set aside up to 20% of their portfolio in bitcoin. without even having to open a crypto exchange account more than 23,000 companies use fidelity for their employees for one k still to come at noon, a very veterinary hospital unexpectedly closes its doors in the east bay. i think everybody got blindsided. there's no winner here. it's infuriating and it's heartbreaking. and i'm sorry for our community. what it now means for those customers as they struggle to find
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
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awes afternoon, celebrating a milestone for the city's kindergarten to college program. the governor says the program has now reached $11 million in savings for san francisco's public school students. governor newsom founded the program when he was mayor of san francisco. it was the first publicly funded universal child savings account program in the history. what ideas? we keep this program going. for decades and decades and decades and only stay in america to do this in order to give you some security give you some financial awareness. the children with governor newsom and san francisco mayor london bring today made deposits in their child savings accounts. the governor has expanded san francisco's concept statewide with now, cal kids $1.9 billion investment to see 3.5 million college savings accounts for california's public school students. a long time veterinary hospital in the oakland hills closed for business without any warning. as ktvu reporter henry
12:55 pm
lee explains, pet owners now have to look elsewhere, while the staff members are now without a job. james o. dowd brought his dog bella to montclair veterinary hospital in oakland for a pesky problem. removal can't get it out. problem is the vet hospital suddenly closed on friday with no advance notice. shock surprise, doubt and bella will have to go elsewhere. i don't know. i'm gonna walk down there and see what's going on some, but not all customers got an email from the vet about the closure friday, employees were told they were out of a job. i think everybody got blindsided. there's no winner here. christina polly had paid his $750 deposit for surgery for chocolate lab lulu for a tumor. little disappointing. i had known that this was brewing. it would have been nice for them to give us a heads up so we wouldn't have continued to book and rely on something as important as removal of a cancerous months, and they need to pay their rent and they need to buy groceries. how could they do this to them? declan says she
12:56 pm
and her family are concerned not only for her dog posey's care, but for the workers who have persevered through the pandemic. despite a staffing shortage. and then just to have the rug pulled out from under them. and it's just, you know, it's just it's infuriating, and it's heartbreaking. and i'm sorry for our community. i have no knowledge of what their finances are, and i and i also have no knowledge of what was the motivation behind. closing the hospital had sold the business four years ago to pathway now called thrive. pet health care based in texas. i hope that there is a way that montclair veterinary hospital can continue to exist and continue to serve. the community thrives. pet healthcare, said this decision to close the hospital was not made lightly. in a statement, it said, in part, despite our efforts to support the practice to the investment in people training and technology for the last several years, continuing to operate, the practice was no longer sustainable. so for customers of montclair vet hospital things around parts as they scrambled to find alternative care. in oakland, henry lee ktvu fox studios.
12:57 pm
facebook's parent company matter, is getting ready to open its first physical store. the store is set to open may 9th metas reality lab campus in burlingame metal released these photos of the boutique shoppers will be able to demo several products, including virtual reality experiences, along with smart glasses. back in the east bay. the new owners of bay street, emeryville, say they're adding seven new restaurants, including a shake shack opened beer garden. arthur max, a pub with a mini golf course and a humphry slocombe ice cream shop. small ownership also hopes to convert the former old navy store into a grocery store their base street, emeryville changed owners just last year warm, buffet says this is going to be the last year that he will be taking part in the annual fundraiser for san francisco's glide church since 2000 lunch with the 91 year old billionaire investor and philanthropist has been a very popular auction item having raised more than $34 million for the tender lauren church and its programs to help the homeless. no word yet on why this will be buffets last year, bidding on lunch with warren buffett is scheduled to take
12:58 pm
place in june. uni says it rolled out a series of bus ads with the performers for this summer stern growth festival by mistake. those ads showed rapper too short and oakland funk band tower of power as the headliners for the concerts. country pop singer leann rimes is also on the bus ads. complete list of reformers will officially be released next week. money is now looking into how those ads where were released earlier than scheduled. the next powerball jackpot for tomorrow has climbed to $454 million. that's after there was no jackpot winner in last night's drawing that makes 30 drawings without a big winner. last time someone actually matched all six numbers was back on valentine's day. legendary bay area athletes are supporting an effort to help improve mental health awareness and services for children. palmer 49ers stars ronnie lud and steve young joined giants legend barry bonds and others at an inaugural golf tournament in menlo park. this event raised money for the child mind institute. it's a nonprofit that
12:59 pm
works to improve mental health for children. these are extraordinary times where we gotta do. we gotta do. we just got to do certain things and you're seeing people doing it and this group of people that are sponsoring this and that are part of this. ah, this is the first time the child mind institute was founded 12 years ago and now has offices in san mateo and new york. studies indicate one in six american children between the ages of six and 17 has a treatable mental health disorder. well tonight, the giants host the a's in the first game of the bay bridge series, gentle coming home after one of the more successful road trips in recent history, a two run homer from jack peterson and a two run shot from rookie luis gonzalez helped the giants beat the milwaukee brewers 42. for gonzalez. this was his first major league home run. giants finished therefore city road trip with an eight and four record. tonight's first pitches. 6 45. are you busy with your children's sports? things are going to be watching the game games tomorrow. okay so the timing is good 6 45 1st pitch. i
1:00 pm
believe good hurlers going for both oakland and san francisco game as well. thanks for watching here, everybody. our next news gasses coming up in four. enjoy that beautiful afternoon.eart out? >> crispy, crunchy cauliflower tacos. >> daphne is dishing up guilt-free tacos that you'll eat up. >> and -- >> this is your protein-packed burger. >> how about a healthy burger a cagey twist. >> this sauce so rich and creamy. look at her. >> gorgeous! >> that's next. ♪ daphne: let's dish. the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's pull the -- full of food and fun. everybody knows me as a


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