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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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gurney as they do their procedure, but it was great to see that the baby came out unharmed. police say the infant was found this morning and three people have now been taken into custody, though there are still plenty of questions about exactly what happened yesterday . good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes and i'm julie julie haener. officers say the baby was found about 20 hours after he was taken yesterday afternoon. police say the baby was found your mother drive in north jackson avenue. that's about six miles. from where he was taken near elm and vermont streets. we begin tonight's coverage with ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary, who has the latest now on the three people taken into custody. the search for three month old brandon quasar ends on a happy note. the baby found safe and sound. he was whisked away to a nearby hospital for a checkup on physical exam. i would be looking for first of all the vital signs, making sure the baby is um, baseline, normal
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temperature. make sure the baby is not dehydrated that the baby , um, wasn't hungry and have been fed. news of a safe conclusion to this search comes after multiple officers swarmed the 2300 block of major drive in east san jose. that's where officers found the baby responding officers arrested at least one person at this scene, impounded multiple vehicles and collected evidence. the move culminates 20, plus hour nonstop search for the infant is appearance. worst nightmare. we are fortunate. that this resulted in the positive outcome early monday afternoon as brandon's grandmother unloaded groceries, a man seen in surveillance video with a car seat, walked into their apartment on elm street and walked out with the baby. local police were joined by county sheriff's deputies and the fbi in the search for the three month old neighbors, interviews and surveillance video aided their investigation. there was a whole bunch of information the neighborhood was canvassed. we
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look for video evidence. we look for witnesses that saw different things. so it was a variety of factors that helped us three people, including the alleged kidnappers seen in the surveillance video and a woman who was with the grandmother on the shopping trip have been arrested. we know that there is some connection to the family, but we don't know exactly what that connection is, and that's something that will be ah, determined during the course of the investigation, efforts by an army of investigators likely hinged on one person who saw something out of the ordinary and was prompted to act. baby brandon, maybe back in his mother's arms, but investigators say their investigation continues. detectives are trying to unravel how the three suspects are being held here at san jose police headquarters know each other who hatched the plot. to take this child in the first place. in san jose, jesse guerry ktvu fox. two news two employees at a health care facility where the ones who alerted police after noticing a suspicious van in the parking lot of their workplace. and one
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of them describe to us what that was like. one of my coworkers noticed a vehicle that seemed out of place and she has children of her own. she said that she was up all night thinking about this incident because of her kids. and as she came in this morning this vehicle is never here. and they gave it description. all news stations gave a description of what the vehicle looked like. well guess what. it's a nissan quest, and so she went and looked inside the vehicle and saw a car seat in there, which time she felt. oh red flags are going off, and she called san jose police department and within seconds, san jose pd showed up. they blocked both the front and the back of the vehicle. your center is the center of the center of attention today. yes, and you know we have the ongoing scene here right now. but overall thank god that the baby has returned safely. you guys were able to help yes, we were. and my coworker in our eyes is a hero. she took action and what i was telling one of the other reporters is more people need to
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get involved when we see things like this happen on in our community. everyone commending that woman for alerting police. chris martinez says he saw the suspects being taken into custody as well as the baby being put into that ambulance and that the little boy appeared to be in good condition. the baby's mother did not want to talk on camera today, but people who live in that neighborhood say they are breathing a big sigh of relief that the little boy has been found safe. ktvu crime reporter henry lee continues our coverage now with that part of the story. a day after a three month old baby boy was kidnapped from his apartment on elm street and san jose. neighbors were relieved and grateful that he's back with his family. think on think that's all i can say is thank melissa diane said she was worried at first that our next door neighbors son was the one who was kidnapped. i am not a parent, but i know in my stepson went missing and what the english we went through. they couldn't imagine. neighbors say san jose police do respond from time to time for various
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disturbances, but that this tree line neighborhood near mineta san jose international airport is fairly peaceful. but yet normally it's super quiet. super quiet. we don't have too many homeless. we don't have too many issues or anything. so it's no, it's crazy. absolutely crazy. no one seemed to recognize the man in surveillance images who was linked to the kidnapping. thankful that the baby was found. i have a 4.5 month old myself, this woman who wished only to be identified only as stephanie said she was overwhelmed with belief when she learned the boy was back with his family. and as i heard baby has been found. i just cried. i'm not gonna lie. i cried like i cried. i text my boyfriend. i was like the baby has been found. and he's just like, oh, my god! good baby boy is safe. still many unanswered questions but went through the mind of the kidnapping to take a little kid away from their parents. and what was their obligation on doing it? for that reason we saw just one san jose police car go up and down the street, a stark contrast to the army of fbi agents in san jose police
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officers who are here today before a sign that this neighborhood is turning back to normal. in san jose henry lee ktvu fox two news, two brothers charged in connection with the deadly gang related shooting, and sacramento earlier this month, appeared in court today. smiley and dendreon martin are being held on weapons charges stemming from that incident that killed six people and injured a dozen others. now, at this point, the brothers have not been charged with any of the murders. cameras were not allowed in court today. their attorneys told the judge that they need to police reports before this case could proceed. they're both being held without bail, and teachers are reminding parents. they do intend to go ahead with a one day strike this week, according to the oakland education association. 75% of the teachers voted in favor of striking this friday. they say they're upset with the school districts decision to close or merge about a dozen campuses due to under enrollment and $50 million budget deficit. the teachers say the changes would
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affect schools with mostly black and brown students. the union gave more details today about why members are planning to strike. we have off the rise a one day you lp unfair labor practice strike to let the district know that their refusal to honor agreements and have meaningful conversation about how the school closures will impact. communities of color is unacceptable. oakland unified calls this an illegal strike and issued a statement on twitter asking all families not to send their children to school on friday. the district says school buildings will be open, but it is not believe it will be able to cover the high number of expected teacher absences. a rally in march, took place at uc berkeley today to protest working conditions at all 10 u. c campuses. the protesters are members of the u. c student workers union. it represents more than 19,000 student
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workers, including teaching assistants and tutors. they say wages are low, and you see policies are bad for workers. rallies are also taking place at uc san francisco, u c. santa cruz and u c. davis the uc system issued a statement saying, in part, quote our overarching goal with each of these negotiations is a multi year agreement that recognizes these employees many important contributions to the uc community with fair pay, quality health and family friendly benefits and a supportive and respectful work environment. right now leaders in san francisco or discussing the future of jfk drive in golden gate park. the road has it been open to cars for nearly two years and the proposal under consideration tonight. can make that permanent ktvu andre senior, is live now outside city hall with more on where this debate stands right now, andre. well how they're just to give you an idea of how hot this topic is. a meeting with the board of supervisors here
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started at nine o'clock this morning and nine hours later. we're still smack in the middle of public comment. i'm a dad in the outer sunset. i rely on the car free route through golden gate park to get my kid to his doctor's appointment to get him to get myself just to work, etcetera. san francisco board of supervisors hearing from the public tuesday, many urging them to keep 1.5 portion of jfk drive. in golden gate park car free for good. thank you for the vote that you're all about to make in favor of the mayor's plan, which, still in my day is permanently protecting pedestrians without the threat of prior to that meeting outside city hall, a rally from supporters of a car free jfk. we are here today to make sure that our voices heard loud and clear opposition just as strong among them, the young museum, saying, quote it negatively impacts significant group of our local community, including people with disabilities, those with 88 placards. the elderly families with infants and young children and others end quote and that
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all members of the community were on board, either. one public comment are signing a recent trip to one of the park's attractions. and when i went to the d young, it was extremely hard. for me to get there for me to park blocks and blocks away. supervisors opposed the proposal, questioning the equity of such a move on walton, previously calling the proposal recreational redlining, saying it excludes people without reliable transportation from areas such as the bayview. visitation valley. the mission excelsior neighborhoods sticking to his opposition on the day of the vote to close down portions of the park. says to a certain geography says to a certain class of people says to a certain race of people here in san francisco. that you weren't welcome before and you're still not welcome a summary of our findings, city funded equity study found that there would be a loss of parking, especially those who are seniors and those with financial hardships, one public comment or forecasting
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possible fallout for the city. if you do vote yes, on this proposal, you should expect a lot of ada lawsuits. as the permanent car free jfk drive prevents disabled older residents from access in golden gate park. so we'll san francisco ban cars in the heart of its biggest park, or that answer could come at any time now, but not until every member of the concerned san francisco community gets to express themselves on it, and when the end of that public comments will happen. that is anyone's guess. at this point. i'm outside city hall in san francisco. i'm andre senior ktvu fox tenors. in that we have an opposition is how do you have a court ordered care plan without force? the governor has a bold new plan to for some homeless people to get treatment later the concerns from some state lawmakers on whether the idea will work. east bay man is already painting a bleak picture for drought conditions this summer. the new call for people to cut their water use it's
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pretty breezy out there right now. temperatures didn't drop off as much as 10 degrees, even a little more in some places. what happens for the rest of the week? i'll have that forecast coming up. but first san francisco city leaders have accused drug companies and pharmacies of misleading doctors and patients about the dangers of opioid it's chevy truck month. and it's time to add the perfect accessories to your new chevy. make it bolder. make it work harder. make it your own. find new possibilities. find new roads. very well-qualified buyers can get 0% financing on most chevy pickup trucks. plus, now during truck month get a thousand dollar accessory allowance toward the eligible purchase of a new chevy truck with accessories.
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acre streets of sacramento today and gathered on the steps of the capitol. they are demanding state leaders pass a budget and wanted to contain significant investments in programs aimed at preventing crime. demonstrators are also calling on lawmakers to expand access for victims so they can get crucial healing resources. the action captain ninth annual survivor speak california conference. that's the state's largest annual gathering of crime victims. opening statements continued today in the san francisco trial against several opioid manufacturers and retailers. and
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this time the drug companies and pharmacies gave their side evan sernoffsky explains how the pharmaceutical industry is pushing back against the city's accusations. this case is way bigger than the city of san francisco and the parties, all eyes in the legal world or on san francisco as one of the most important cases in the country. plays out here in federal court attorneys for drug manufacturers and pharmacy walgreens responded on tuesday to accusations that they helped fuel the city's drug crisis. the results of this case will have ripple effects far beyond just the city u. c. berkeley law professor andrew brought teaches complex litigation, he said. san francisco's case may determine how thousands of others shake out. the goal for these defendants is going to be try to win this case to send a signal. in the rest of the lawsuits, uh , that the claims against them are not going to be worth that
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much. attorney kollie james gave an impassioned defense of pharmaceutical company teva. and its subsidiaries, he said. quote my clients did not mislead doctors. my clients did not receive suspicious orders, and my clients did not cause a flood of medically inappropriate prescriptions into san francisco . in fact, james said his clients were responsible for only 0.6% of the opioids in the market. and never created the public nuisance they're accused of. one day earlier. attorneys for the city played videos like this one. it's from teva's subsidiary, cephalon, celebrating the fentanyl derivative pantora with music and fireworks. the defense conceded the video and other parodies by the drug companies were in poor taste. attorneys for the defendants also argued that opioids are appropriate for certain patients. james said. quote pain is their first companion in the morning and what tucks them in at night.
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these are the stories that people would like you to forget. before the case even went to trial. many of the biggest defendants like purdue pharma and indo cut their losses and agreed to multimillion dollar settlements. so it's totally understandable that some defendants would prefer to roll the dice at trial. while others might say you know, the risks are just too great. we'd rather cut our losses and make a deal. the trial will continue on wednesday when we'll start hearing from the first witnesses , including experts, doctors and former drug company employees in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. a new drug treatment program has drastically cut the number of overdoses in california prisons of the medication assisted treatment program was implemented in 2020. since then, officials say the rate of overdose deaths has dropped 58. hospitalizations were also down 48% the program involves giving
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inmates anti craving medications more than 22,000 inmates have received the drugs. that number is expected to grow to 25,000. and it's pretty breezy out there today, and it's going to stay that way. next few days. we're going to have breezy conditions really windy along the coast really windy at sfo, this shot taken by mark tamayo over and the north bay. earlier today and just gives you a few. and this is down low, right? you're in the trees and you see things moving around so up high up on the top of west peak there on tam. it's today we've been blowing up over 35 miles an hour easy and sustained at times at very high level, so the winds as you would expect in spring, right? spring is sort of, you know that sort of a symptom of spring or the winds and that's what we're going to see the next few days with a wind advisory possible as we head into wednesday and thursday. so with the wind things cool down because you get the onshore flow, right? the cooler air coming off the water. and so those eighties today and fair those eighties from yesterday turned into mid seventies. today
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like valeria was just 71 napa was 74 temperatures tomorrow about the same maybe a little bit warmer. it's going to kind of hover. you'll see that in the five day forecast, but no big changes. you know, we had a week weather system go through this morning. that was the mechanism that cool temperatures off pretty quickly. um, and that's going to kind of back off a little. the wind should die down as we get into the overnight hours, but then another system goes to the north of us. in does the same thing gets us in close proximity to low, you get a pressure rate and you get wind spring. that's what it is. and so in. typically, you know that system that went through this morning had that been two months ago or a month ago, it would be a rain event. but this time of year, they're just weak and they're just they don't do much, but they do enough with the pressure. we're in to get you win and spring. so san francisco tomorrow lunchtime. you're in the upper fifties low sixties 61 degrees for a daytime high. another breezy day tomorrow continues into thursday. i'll see you back here with the full forecast in just a few minutes. all right. we'll see you then. bill thank you. well, summer
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reservations for camping at yosemite will begin tomorrow morning. the reservation system opens at seven o'clock for spots that won't a campground. the most popular campsites typically sell out in just minutes. park officials are warning campers not to arrive at the park without a camping reservation as same day camping reservations are not available, park officials say updates about other campgrounds will come soon. an explosion at a power plant in the east bay last year has state regulators alarmed the action being taken to ensure something like that doesn't happen again. also ahead tonight, the coronavirus infection rate nationwide is ticking upward. the plan from the white house now to get antiviral
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masn hayward last year and what to do about preventing it from happening again. chunks of heavy metal went flying into the air after a steam turbine. blew apart last may at the russell city energy center. alpine owns the plant and blames the blast and fire on equipment design flaws. commissioners voted unanimously to require the plant's operator to make a number of fixes before it can restart operations. the state is also looking at the safety risks of similar power plants. east bay muds board of directors voted today to mandate that customers cut water use by 10% this comes as east bay mud
6:24 pm
reservoirs are only 71% full. ktvu is tom baker monitor the utilities board meeting today and has the details now that affect nearly 1.5 million customers. the east bay municipal utilities district has spent many years encouraging water conservation and spent a whole lot of money contracting for additional supplies. we're still on course to have the driest january through june on record in 2022, this is a chart. you're familiar with the drought management program guys in the east bay mud board, but tuesday afternoon to consider drought related natures. needed to maintain adequate supplies. they were in an advantage because they've secured more extra or supplemental water supplies than many other agencies. not only is 2022 looking this way, but the expectation based on what's happening around the state. is that 2023 will also see very limited supplemental supply, even though east bay muds reservoirs are at 71% capacity,
6:25 pm
they're not expected to fully refill after the spring snowpack melts so the board adopted measures elevating the drought response to stage two that includes only a 10% reduction in water use tightening outdoor water use prohibitions. reinstating excessive use penalties and imposing a drought surcharge on all customers to pay for both supplemental water supplies and costs of the drought emergency itself. the surcharge increase is projected to be a maximum of 10 cents per day, or $6 for each two month billing cycle until the end of the drought. outdoor restrictions reduce watering 23 days a week. no runoff allowed no watering between nine and six pm and no street or sidewalk washing summer is the best window to reduce demand. so taking an action now provides the best opportunity to reduce demands during the irrigation
6:26 pm
season. east bay mud customers residential business and industrials do not respond meaningfully or the drought worsens than more in the way of surcharges and penalties could arise. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. there are new concerns tonight that the effects of russia's war on ukraine or spilling into neighboring countries called by ukrainian leaders for more help to fight off russian attacks round one of the bay bridge series tonight in san francisco are joe fonzi is up a little later with sports with the unique relationship between the teams to managers. but first, forcing people on the streets to seek court ordered care. the debate in sacramento on
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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when baby kidnapped in san jose was found safe this morning and three suspects are now in custody. brandon qanyare was found about six miles from where he was taken yesterday afternoon after two workers noticed a suspicious fan in their parking lot. san jose police say they believe there is some connection between the family and the kidnappers. the oakland unified school district is asking families not to send their children to school on friday due to a planned one day teacher strike. the district says it doesn't believe it will be able to cover the high number of expected teacher absences. the teachers voted to strike for one day to protest the district's decision to close or merge 11 campuses. the district says that
6:30 pm
move was necessary to deal with under enrollment and a $50 million budget deficit in san francisco board of supervisors is still listening to public comment tonight on the proposal to keep jfk drive car free permanently. supporters say a car free jfk drive is safer for everyone and good for the environment. opponents including the de young museum, say it would make it difficult for those with disabilities, the elderly and families with young children to enjoy the park. and the museum. are you watching? ktvu fox two news tonight at 6 30 governor newsom's plan to overhaul the state's mental health began its path through the state legislature today. supporters and opponents of the care court plan spoke during a public hearing at the state capital. our political reporter greg lee, breaks down their arguments. governor newsom is controversial plan to force some people in the court ordered treatment faced its first public hearing, the state senate judiciary committee took public comment for a bill that would establish care court. designed to get the severely mentally ill
6:31 pm
off the streets, offers hope and a path to a better life for thousands and thousands of californians in their families. the proposal would require every county to add an arm of the civil court focused on mental health, which could push people into treatment and housing. the state estimates it could help 7000 to 12,000 people. we need a different on ramp, the things that we've been trying have not been working. in totality away that is more engaging on the upfront away that invites people into the process in a way that collaboratively makes a plan. we don't believe that forced carer. works well for people with mental health disabilities, and we don't feel that there's a good evidence base to support it. proposal faces stiff opposition from homeless and disability advocates. several organizations signed a letter to the legislature, calling the plan unacceptable and raising a number of concerns, including the idea of forced care and racial disparities. let's also make sure there's not an unintended negative consequence
6:32 pm
for african african americans who are disproportionately homeless and disproportionately getting these diagnoses ahead of the hearing, newsome met with planned supporters, including some bay area mayors. during a visit to san francisco. i asked newsome to respond to opponents . he deferred to mayor london breed. she and i share one thing in common. we're not interested in the status quo, and i couldn't be more proud to have her support. this is not about people of color minority civil liberties. this is about basic human decency, and we need to be able to make the hard decisions in order to help people. the governor's office has not released a cost estimate of the plan yet. houston previously said he wanted to sign the bill into law in july in the newsroom gregory ktvu, fox two news more elements of russia's war on ukraine spilling into other countries. now poland and bulgaria say russia's state run gas company is suspending natural gas deliveries to them starting tomorrow. europe imports large amounts of natural
6:33 pm
gas from russia to heat homes and generate electricity. poland and bulgaria's government say they don't expect they'll need to restrict the amount of natural gas people use. as of now, the us is pressing its allies to desperately keep ukraine well supplied with weapons it needs to repel russian forces. but moscow is warning the flow of weapons could trigger a wider war boxes , greg palkot reports now from lviv in western ukraine, on how russian forces are planning another major push into the country. russian forces pounding ukrainian positions in the east and a 62 of the invasion. ukrainian lines are largely holding. the russians have broken through in some areas. now defense secretary lloyd austin is working to beef up arms shipments here, hosting high ranking defense officials from 40 different countries at a summit in germany, focusing on getting more weapons to ukraine as quickly as possible. the secretary says russia has lost a substantial amount of military
6:34 pm
resources and he wants to see that trend continue while also pushing back on claims by moscow that the us is engaged proxy war that could lead to a nuclear confrontation. a nuclear war cannot be won by either side. and so i think, saber rattling and rhetoric like that is just unhelpful. a number of countries announcing new military aid packages, including germany, which will send anti aircraft systems and canada donating armored vehicles. but those arms shipments are being increasingly targeted by the russian military . moscow says they're also having a big impact on the peace process, claiming talks or remain stalled until the west starts sending weapons to ukraine. apparently they are not very interested in talks. they rely on a promise from those who seek to prevent russia from winning and those who seek to conquer and destroy russia. secretary austin also announced
6:35 pm
that a ukraine contact group as it's being called, will meet at least once a month. as long as the fighting continues in lviv, ukraine, greg palkot thanks news. while cooking oil prices have been rising worldwide ever since the pandemic began, and russia's war in ukraine has sent those costs up even more. it is the latest fallout to the global food supply from the war with ukraine and russia, the world's top exporters of sunflower oil. people in some countries are facing limits on how much vegetable oil they can buy it markets restaurants and other businesses that rely on cooking oil or being forced to make the difficult choice to raise prices for customers or absorb the costs themselves. coming up robin hood helped to fuel the online wall street movement a few months ago. now the company is making tough decisions about its future. plus why a barley? why i barely use jumbo jet? excuse me that's never been put into service. it's headed to the
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300 million years ago, there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea. and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting.
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making far feel close. bringing there to here.
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rate city's kindergarten to college program. the governor says that program has now reached $11 million in savings for san francisco's public school students. governor newsom founded the program when he was mayor of san francisco. it was the first publicly funded universal child savings account program in the country. i'm incredibly proud of this city close to 50,000 of these accounts. the $11 million is
6:39 pm
great, but 50,000 opportunities to create a different pathway. and the children with governor loose. um and mayor breed today made deposits into their college savings accounts. the governor has expanded and expanded san francisco's concept statewide with something called cal kids. it's a $1.9 billion investment to set up 3.5 million college savings accounts for california public school students. stocks took a massive hit on wall street today, the dow plunged more than 800 points. nasdaq was down 514 points, a drop of 4% and the s and p fell 120 losses by big tech stocks pulled the nasdaq further into bear market territory. traders are worried about rising inflation, interest rate hikes and the pandemic. lockdowns in china shares an online trading platform robin hood plummeted today after announcing a round of layoffs. the company says it will cut 9% of its workforce. the ceo says the layoffs are largely due to
6:40 pm
what he called hyper growth over the past few years. during that time, robin hood increased its staff from 700 to 3800 employees. after the announcement, stock and robert hood felt at $10 a share the lowest price since the company went public last summer. one of the nation's largest retirement plans could soon allow four oh one k accounts to directly invest in bitcoin. fidelity investments were reportedly offer this option beginning later this year. the wall street journal reports employees could set aside up to 20% of their portfolio in bitcoin without having to open a crypto exchange account. more than 23,000 companies use fidelity for their employees for one k. a plane that is just 10 years old and has less than 50 hours of flight time is set to be dismantled. the saudi royal government ordered a custom made boeing 7 47. that was built in 2012, but the government never flew the plane. instead it's been sitting empty at the airport in basel,
6:41 pm
switzerland, boeing source told ktvu. the plane has now been returned and will be withdrawn from service. the plane is expected to be scrapped at a boneyard in arizona. and we are tracking some windy conditions out there. we'll look into tomorrow what you can expect in the long range after the break. alright let's go to katie's alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news coming up in just a bit over on ktvu. plus heather. thank you coming up new tonight at seven, putting a cap on the price of insulin. what lawmakers on capitol hill are doing to address the high cost of insulin medication that countless americans depend on, plus the untold story behind the murder trial of black panther leader huey newton. we hear from key figures behind the new film on the landmark case that put racism on the stand those stories and much more coming up tonight, live at seven over on ktvu plus alex. thank you. but first after the break, many kids initially managed to not get
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infected with covid 19, but that is changing, coming up the new numbers that show more ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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thrs children have been infected with the coronavirus among americans of all ages. more than half had signs of previous infection. the figures come from a cdc study released today. it looked in the blood of more than 200,000. americans for virus fighting antibodies made from infections , not vaccines. they found that signs of past infection rose dramatically between december and february, when the omicron variant surged among those who had the coronavirus, nearly 60% were infected with the omicron variant. the new findings, which
6:45 pm
go through february of 2020 to highlight just how widely the omicron variant of covid spread in the country, according to the cdc, before the omicron variant took off in the united states back in december, the portion of the population that had been infected was about one in three of the white house's sharing more on its plans to increase access to covid-19 treatments. boxes jonathan serrie reports now from atlanta on how health leaders are trying to get antiviral pills to more people ask coronavirus cases tick upward once again. vice president kamala harris. testing positive for covid 19 today, her office says she's showing no symptoms and plans to isolate. harris will return to the white house after a negative test. at this time, she is not considered a close contact of president biden or the first lady. we have stringent protocols here that go over and above cdc recommendations, even as it relates to how long you stay at home. if you test positive
6:46 pm
nationwide, we're seeing roughly 49,000 covid infections per day up about 50% from two weeks ago. the threat of newam akron strains ramping up has some calling on the fda to approve covid vaccines for children under five years old. we need the fda to get vaccines to our children. that's really what we need right now. we need them to prioritize children. meanwhile there are new efforts to expand access to an effective covid-19 drugs. the biden administration says it will allow thousands of more pharmacies to directly order fighters. antiviral pilpacks low vit, the move will soon increase the number of sites with the drug from 20,000 to 30,000. pack slovin was first authorized by the fda in december, but public health officials say the treatment is still not getting to everyone who could benefit from it. testing vaccines. therapeutics. these are the sort of the pillars of how we manage the
6:47 pm
rest of this pendant. the white house has secured the purchase of 20 million treatment courses of pax lovett in atlanta. johnson siri fox news. new health guidance says most people 60 and older should not use daily low dose aspirin to prevent heart attacks or strokes . that announcement comes from an independent panel of experts that advises the government on health issues. new research shows, while aspirin does reduce the risk of nonfatal cardiovascular events, it also increases the risk of internal bleeding cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the united states. health officials say exercise healthy eating and quitting smoking are important tools to prevent heart disease. alright looking at those temperatures from today it was a little bit cooler, some areas as much as 5 to 10 degrees cooler. tomorrow's temperatures are gonna warm up just a few degrees 75 fairfield today that's down from the low eighties that we saw yesterday in those inland spots. so a big , good, strong breeze really strong winds gusting along the
6:48 pm
coast and that set us up with some milder temperatures and windy conditions are less fo out in the avenue south in the, um out of 19th 19th, but down on the great highway. it's really blowing the sand around today. super windy right along the coast and pacific and happening bay as well. wins will die down a little tonight, but then they kind of get going again tomorrow. so that's sort of the story. 15 mile an hour wind right now, let's sustain that first number is a sustained wind, which just means it's pretty consistent. so a sustained at 22 fairfield, that's pretty significant and then your gusting to 26 but sustained as you know, that's means it's just blowing consistently. ah 35 miles an hour at sfo gusting 23 sustained so it's breezy and it's spring and that's this is exactly the pattern exactly the type of whether i would expect on a day like this. in this time of year . temperatures are cooler. obviously that's onshore flow. we're not seeing the big heat and we're not going to see any real big numbers for a while. the rest of this five day period
6:49 pm
it's going to be mild temperatures relatively mild. and pretty much dry conditions, except maybe early next week, there might be a little sprinkle or something. the reason for the wind is this guy. this is a low pressure center. it's hard to see it's weakened, but as that goes by, right as the logos by the high jumps in behind it, and the wind keeps going, we're going to have a series of those lows. go through at least next couple of days, and that's going to keep the wind going so breezy spring like conditions, flying weather if you will, the forecast highest for tomorrow, yellows will be your seventies and that's what you see tomorrow and i can see any eighties even up in the sacramento valley. it's kind of mild to cool. so 75 tomorrow for daytime high in the warmest spot 69 in vallejo 66 in oakland, 61 in san francisco tomorrow. so then is your basically you're mild day and then temperatures will ratchet up a little bit from there as we go into the five day period just a little bit, and so you'll see thursday a little cooler friday, saturday and sunday. it warms up a little bit. springtown it's
6:50 pm
exactly what you'd expect. grass pollens are kind of trending up a little bit. and so are the weeds, so trees not as bad. i'll see you back here tonight at 10 and 11. okay, bill. thank you. abetting whites. carmel vacation house has sold and it went for way over the asking price. white and her husband built three story oceanfront home back in 1978, her estate listed it at listed it for $7.95 million. it's sold for almost $10.8 million. that's three million over asking. white's estate has also recently listed her home in the brentwood neighborhood of los angeles for $10.5 million coming up in sports clay thompson lighting it up in the playoffs. we'll hear from thompson on what helps him stay grounded and calm amidst all the excitement and expectations. and here is a look at tonight's lineup. right here on ktvu. you can catch the resident tonight at eight, followed by name that tune at nine and then be sure to join myself and julie for the join myself and julie for the 10th and 11 o'clock news righ
6:51 pm
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evening. everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports. it's the time of year when you only have to cross the bay bridge if you want to see your
6:54 pm
baseball team in a road game giants and he's playing tonight in the first installment of this year's bay bridge series. the giants coming home from winning eight of 11 on the road with the second best record in baseball. the aids haven't been bad either . oakland is nine and eight and just a game and a half back in the american league west. sharing the same metropolitan area isn't the only thing that two teams have in common. their managers have earlier history. i think it's 1993 mark cots and i were both freshmen at cal state fullerton and southern california. my memory of gabe was driving up on a rag top five point. oh, black mustang. for practice and parking and augie garrido spot market went on to be a very good baseball player, cal state fullerton and i was politely asked to leave the program, but we were just trying to survive and trying to learn how to become grown men and adults and make good decisions. the giants wrapped up their long trip yesterday in milwaukee, where the lesson might be, don't
6:55 pm
try to get under the skikin of jock peterson trailing one nothing in the eighth inning, peterson came to the plate with two outs and a runner on a fan along the first base line had been vocally riding him. he made note, then hit the next pitch over the center field fence. peterson gets the final say on that one. tied for the major league lead in home runs with six and according to his manager , there's a lot more to what he contributes. think what stands out to me most about jock is not not the performance on the field , not that particular interaction, but. what an extraordinary teammate. he's been today. his demeanor in the clubhouse his demeanor in in the dugout have been cool and calm and collective and second to none in terms of how you want to draw it up. the warriors will try again tomorrow night to wrap up their first round series against denver. they'll do so with the player who's returning to form at just the right time. clay thompson was one of the signature members of the
6:56 pm
warriors, who went to the nba finals five straight years. his return from two separate injuries has been well documented. but in his last seven games he's played as well as at any time in his career, thompson is averaging 30 points a game on 53% shooting overall and 51% shooting from three point range. expectations are again high for the warriors, with the intensity growing by the game. clay knows by now how to keep from getting affected by all that. luckily i have a boat and fishing and being on the ocean. is a great remedy to that stuff, doing other things besides basketball, you know, reading a book go for a walk. you know, there's more life than ah internet and nba, twitter so being able to be out here and play and be free, free minded when i play, it's, uh some i don't take for granted. erik spoelstra in miami, trying to close things out tonight against atlanta, fourth quarter victor oladipo hits a three to put the
6:57 pm
heat up by eight or depot led the heat with 23 points. miami wins by a final score of 97 94. the heat moves on winning that series four games to one. and soccer's champions league semifinals. manchester city hosting real madrid in the first leg between the two teams acquainted with glory, he can be the man city with a two goal lead in the 55th minute. even a cious junior gets real back in the game. he takes the ball all the way in himself finds the net. it's now a 3 to 2 games. but man city answered back. alexander zinchenko taken down outside the box, bernardo silva collects the ball hits real madrid net. manchester goes on to win 4 to 32 teams meet one more time next week in madrid. you're right. champions league fan. this is your time of the year. thompson he really seems like he's struck the right balance, right? i mean, i think one of the favorite things for
6:58 pm
all of us to do. as unfortunate as it was that those two years in a row he was signed by two separate injuries was to watch what he was doing on twitter and all the different things. he was posting. he was out on the bay. he was swimming. he was i didn't see him swimming with the dolphins, but he might as well have been all the various different things that he was doing. but he's very happy that the attention he's getting now is because of what he's doing on the court, not what he's doing in his rehab, interesting to get in the minds of athletes to during the midst of these playoffs, what they do to stake like grounded and right. and like, get that perspective, he says. he goes out on his boat and he comes in with a free, clear mind. i mean, you have to have a such a such a mindset to be able to do what they're doing, and it's interesting to hear how they get there and to have been there before which so many of those warriors have, because the fish bowl only gets more and more intense as the playoffs progress and the national media then becomes part of it and the international media. so the guys that have been there before it helps its physical and mental as well. right, joe. thank you. thank
6:59 pm
you. thanks everybody for you. thanks everybody for joining us. the news at good evening. i'm your guest lecturer dr. sheldon cooper. i was expecting applause, but i suppose stunned silence is equally appropriate. i agreed to speak to you this evening because i was told that you're the best and the brightest of this university's doctoral candidates. hmm. of course, that's like saying you are the most important electron in a hydrogen atom. (chuckles) 'cause, you see, there's only one electron in a hydrogen atom. best and brightest, my sweet patootie. all right, let's begin. show of hands, who here is familiar with the concept of topological insulators? don't kid yourselves. i found another tweet from a student at sheldon's lecture.
7:00 pm
"dr. cooper has taken a relatively boring subject "and managed to make it completely insufferable. plus, he looks like a giant insect." (laughing) look. listen to this one. "does einstein's theory explain why time flies "when you're having fun, "but when you're listening to dr. cooper, it falls out of the sky, dead?" (chuckling) ooh, somebody took pictures and uploaded them to their flickr account. wow. how do you get an entire lecture hall to flip you off at the same time? apparently, if you're sheldon, all you need to do is turn your back. hey, leonard, is your wi-fi down? i can't get on. oh, sheldon changed the password. it's now "penny is a freeloader." no spaces. thanks. what are you guys doing? sheldon gave a lecture at the university tonight. we're reading the reviews. oh. how'd he do? well, picture the hindenburg meets chernobyl meets three mile island meets tron 2. that bad, huh?


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