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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 27, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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police department has agreed to the idea that we want to be progressive. after two decades federal oversight of the oakland police department might finally be coming to an end. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. well a big victory for the oakland police department after a judge signals federal control could in soon. hello again, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat heather holmes today that federal monitor told the judge that the department has complied now, with more than 50 reforms required and settling the infamous riders case in which officers were accused of corruption and fraud. we get more tonight from kdp's jana katsuyama. oakland's mayor and police chief said wednesday that oakland's police department has fundamentally changed from the scandal that erupted 20 years ago. i think this has been a commitment that all of the members of the police department has agreed to the idea that we want to be progressive hearing wednesday, a u. s. district
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judge says he intends to give the oakland police one year of accountability. to prove that they can sustain all of the required reforms that they have made, he said. quote this is the time to show that the reforms, procedures, policies and practices that are required by the nsa are part of the dna of the department. the federal oversight was part of a 2003 negotiated settlement agreement , or nsa, after a class action lawsuit by more than 100. people who claimed four officers dubbed the riders beat up residents planted drugs, falsified reports and committed other acts of fraud and racial profiling. i'm hopeful that this will be a new day, civil rights attorney john burris represented the alleged victims praised police for making the reforms, he says just one is still not completed, creating equal all disciplinary measures for officers. we wanted to make sure that the african american officers or ethnic officers in department were treated fairly. so we had a consistency of discipline. we intend to always hold ourselves
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to a higher standard, and the police chief praised the oakland police rank and file. i really want to recognize them for their hard work. oakland police commissioners inspector general michelle phillips, who just started the new position in january, said she plans to reach out with the commission to the community. transparency and accountability is very important . you need to have conversations as to how we can get out in the community. and communicate with them to hear about what concerns that they may have among the 52 reforms oakland police have completed our better documenting use of force incidents, eliminating racial profiling through new policies, such as ending low level traffic stops and investigating complaints of officer misconduct. the judge plans to issue more details next week on the year of accountability with a follow up hearing coming in september, reporting in oakland, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. at 11 tonight as sonoma county deputy district attorney is on leave after she was arrested on suspicion of driving
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under the influence, allegedly with the blood alcohol level, nearly four times the legal limit. the press democrat reports that jessica pope leonard was arrested april 15th after police say she rear ended the car in front of her. when leonard pulled into a parking garage to exchange information with that driver, she had allegedly hit another parked car . leonard's lawyer called the arrest and fortunate and says that he believes she will return to her job. a second autopsy mario gonzalez, who died while being restrained by alameda police comes to a different conclusion about his death. the law firm representing gonzalez, young son commissioned the second autopsy. and it found gonzalez died last year because of restraint as fixed cia after three officers put their body weight on him now, the initial report from the elevated county coroner's office determined gonzalez died of toxic effects of methamphetamine combined with the stress of being restrained by police. gonzalez's death was ruled a homicide by the corner.
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the alameda county d. a found the use of force by the three officers was lawful and objectively reasonable. they were not charged. city has talked him will soon have a new police chief, and he comes from right here in the bay area. the city of stockton today, maybe in san jose deputy chief stanley mcfadden. as its newest top cop. the city began a nationwide search back in january after former chief eric jones had retired. mcfadden takes over as the homicide rate stockton has spiked in the last year. first day on the job will be june the first and now we go to san jose tonight. we're authorities have charged three suspects that they say were involved in this week's kidnapping of a three month old baby boy. investigators say the linchpin in this crime is the only woman being held. yesenia ramirez is a family friend and was out shopping with the baby's ernoon. investigators say ramirez was in contact in this surveillance video walking into
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a second floor apartment minutee say he walked out with the three month old baby named brandon quasar in a baby carrier. the problem with kidnapping of baby is that you have to have a place to take the baby. you have to have a lot of stuff to support that kidnapped baby to keep it from drawing attention to itself. the suspects suv was found the next morning after a good samaritan got involved. the third suspect, baldabiou sandoval, is also charged, although detectives say his involvement is not yet clear. they'll be branded was reunited with his mother and his doing fine. police, though still trying to determine the motive in this case, possible mountain lion sighting on the peninsula, the belmont police department says someone may have spotted a mountain lion around four o'clock. this afternoon near the dead end of ironically, kitty lane close to maywood drive. if you see about line you're asked to call belmont police and, of course, stay away new at 11. the
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federal government is taking an unprecedented step to keep migrating endangered whales from getting struck by cargo ships between may, the first and december, the 15th coast guard and the epa rsk and ships to slow it down to 11 mph or less slower speeds in areas. from san francisco to point arena in mendocino county will help ships navigate quicker if a whale is in their path. a study shows that more than any whales are killed annually by ships. here on the west coast. well a big night at chase center in san francisco as the golden state warriors win tonight's game five, knocking the denver nuggets right out of the playoffs and moving that moving on to the second round. deb nation pack chase center tonight with hopes of seeing a win. and of course they were not disappointed. katie was amberleigh was there and tells his fans are hopeful that the warriors can take it all the way. yeah i was really excited. i was screaming a lot. almost lost my voice. i thought we were going to lose it for us, and
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we're 10 down, but stuff clutched warriors game five against the denver nuggets is a feast for the senses. the theme for this postseason is gold blooded. complete with banners for dub nation to display fans loud and proud in their gear. just trying to make a statement . gold blooded gold chain. why not love this team? so much little girls? so, yeah, it's definitely been a big warriors hand and my favorite. chase center added lights to enhance the electricity of the playoffs . it's like watching a great muhammad ali fight where all the focus is on. one moment fans from all over the bay area and beyond this couple on vacation from france. tell me they bought a pair of tickets for $800 for the nosebleed section and embraced all things warriors because i like it's very nice
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fans have high expectations for the six time nba champions. to go on to the next round. steph is healthy players solid, at least 25 a game. we're good players play off of like paul is the key. we can do it. i'm not worried. one day dream is to take this hat and put it on draymond green's head. in the championship parade. despite a close game fans left with a lot of confidence in the warriors, they say. bring on round two in san francisco amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. welcome televised . ali is reporting an increase in covid cases following the music festivals the past two weekends. chronicle reports that the coachella valley music and arts festival drew tens of thousands of visitors. to the empire polo club in indio, nearby hotels, resorts and restaurants of the nine cities in the region reported a 71% increase in cases after the first weekend of the festival.
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cases went up another 21% following last weekend's festivities. coachella did not require masks or proof of vaccination at the events and now to a developing story out of the east bay world. firefighters are making progress on a win with fire near the altamont pass, pgd camera show. this grass, fire burning and windy conditions of corral hollow road near livermore. it's in its last update. cal fire said the fire was 40 acres but holding it a road parts of the bay area currently under a wind advisory. by the way that will last through the night, chief meteorologist bill martin will join us. a little bit later tonight with a look at our current conditions. well another san francisco theater, preparing for renovations coming up next to look at the changes coming to the orpheum and new insight into medicine earnings that features medicine earnings that features on instagram and
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has more billionaires than any other state in the u. s according to forbes, 186 billionaires reside here in california. at the top of the list are google co founders larry page and sergey brin. form says half of the states billionaires made their money through the tech industry with much of their fortune made right here in the bay area. that's where about 116 of the state's billionaires live. at revenue from facebook's parent company. meta is at its slowest growth rate since the company went
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public a decade ago. revenue for the first quarter of 2022 was 27 point. nine billion. that's up 6.6% compared with a year prior. but not quite the 28.3 billion analysts had projected but again in users and better than expected net income led to an 18% boost in share price. in after hours trading to ceo mark zuckerberg says the new reels feature now accounts for more than some 20% of the time people spend on instagram reels. is a short form. video featured compete with tiktok. of course, zuckerberg says on facebook video makes up 50% of the time that users spend on that platform. although short form videos do not monetize as well as instagram stories, zuckerberg says he is optimistic about improving this in the future. four candidates hoping to be san jose's next mayor weighed in on issues facing the city in a form tonight is katie's mark sayer
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reports. the event had a big focus on business in the downtown area. over the next 10 years, google will be building in phases its massive downtown campus, which will bring offices , housing, open spaces and what has been called a city within a city. just across the street from the s. a p. center dear daan station may become the grand central station of the west with the bart extension and california's high speed rail any city which is die for what for what we've got. but local businesses, including management of the asap center, are concerned about disruptive impacts over the next decade. so how do people during the construction? what are the mitigation measures? how did the streets work? is there enough parking. four of the leading candidates for mayor took on these issues, expressing concerns and offering some solutions, mostly focusing around coordination between all of these separate projects. what
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this requires is for us to have a construction management plan. for the city that takes in all of those different moving parts into account so it would be no different here west of 87. as we manage and mitigate all of that we need to ensure that people can still get safely to games and events that they can get to work that they can get to the train station. they can get home. quite frankly, of course, we need to construction management plan for downtown west and i know the city public works department is already hiring a point person already to coordinate all those construction activities in this area. and to work with directly with shark sports and entertainment. and i think the answer to that from a city perspective is number one. we need to have a master plan in which we outlined each of the investments that we anticipate moving forward the rough timing the impacts. san jose's current mayor, sam liccardo, is turning out of office at the end of the
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year. the four candidates here along with two others will face off in a primary election on june 7th if no candidate gets a majority of the vote, the top two vote getters will face off in november's general election. reporting in san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox two news. francisco's orpheum theater is getting remodeled. the sf business times reports that theater market street we want to go a half a million dollar remodel, which will feature private club, a new lounge set to open in september. the new owner, telling the paper they want the theater to be an entire experience and not just about the show. you were born and raised here. mr school here like we're in the community to give back. a small black owned business in oakland had not once but three times by burglars growing frustration from the owners of next. it's windy out there on the altamonte pass gusts up to 45 50 miles an hour near that fire will look into
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that will also take a look at the five day forecast and what you can expect. see you back here. all right, bill. thank you for that, and an incredible sight in southern california. yeah new video. they call that a dolphin stampede. we'll show dolphin stampede. we'll show more of that c under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network.
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is n connection with a deadly shooting earlier this month. 24 year old antonio rodriguez have. chico has been charged with murder, along with a series of other felonies in the death of karam sapyta. martinez 31 year old miranda king, also of chico was arrested and charged with being an accessory. please say the investigation is still ongoing, asking anyone that might have information. to give them a call. popular juice bar in oakland has been hit now three times by burglars ever since it opened during the
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pandemic crime reporter henry lee spoke to one of the owners and has his message to those thieves. staff at god juice in oakland's laurel district, keeping busy making juices, shakes and smoothies even as their storefront was covered in plywood, cash register. rambled to the store owner brandon mccoy says someone broke into the juice bar near 38 macarthur a few days ago. it's the third brake in since this black owned business opened two years ago in the middle of the pandemic, apparently tried to #### bastard #### that didn't work. and then came turned right here and just whatever they had in their hands through it directly through the window and jump through. the intruder had one target in mind. the cash register yet again, but the burglar didn't get much, just some loose change in bills . that's because got juice got smart after two previous break ins last year. during the first burglary the thief made off with about $400 is frustrating because oakland natives were born and raised here and went to school here like we're in the community to give back giving back. only they have criminals come back over and over. it
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costs money, it costs times effort. it's an inconvenience, and it's like is shameful. he says he doesn't believe his business should be a prime target juice bar. we don't carry any merchandise. we don't have a drop safe. we don't have anything that's really worth taking. the juice bar now only accepts cards, not cash to ensure safety of its workers of vacant barbershop and spa next door were also vandalized. longtime customers have been flocking to the juice bar to show support. we lose a lot of these businesses here because of vandalism and we don't get to experience we have to go outside of oakland. to get a juice. come on. now. just we want to keep this. it's just really rude and disrespectful and you know it's just our community and we want to keep our community in our oakland stores nice and safe, so we can have access message for whoever is responsible. could you please stop? like we're here . we're trying to make a living. we're trying to provide things for people here from here, and it's like it's setting his back
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. juice hopes there will be no more repeat visits by burglars. anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police department. in oakland. henry lee ktvu backs to news. a wind advisory for the north and east bay this evening. we've got that fire burning out near the ultimate pass and some of the wind gusts out there 45 50 miles an hour. it's really blowing out in that area, but wind advisory station effect through tomorrow morning. these are the areas and it does include that that area where there's a fire latest word on that fire is frank was mentioning is it's there's a little bit of a firebreak. sounds like they're they're stopped it at a road and so they're trying to hold it off. but it is tough to fight fire, and that kind of wind fuel moistures are relatively high. temperatures are low humidities are pretty high, but still it's you know who wants to fight a fire 50 mile an hour wind out in the field, so we'll keep you posted on that. certainly mornings on two will be on that in the morning. hopefully, they'll have it obviously done by then. the winds at the c
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level area like oakland 20 miles an hour right now, that's sustained when it doesn't sound like a lot, but let's say sfo's gusting to 30 sustained at 21. but it indicated sustained when, at 20 miles an hour. that means it's just keeps blowing. a sustained win of 20 is could get your wind gusts to 33 32 miles an hour and out in the ultimate past, which we all know is a wind tunnel. it really is literally a wind tunnel topography out there is such that it funnels right. so the winds blowing out of the west off the ocean and towards the east. well, that that that really that, um funnel there, you know that the road that area , um faces east and west. it kind of runs that orientation that my point is you're getting some eventually effect where the funneling actually speeds up the wind and again. we've all felt it going driving through there, especially this time of night. the forecast is for more of these winds tonight into tomorrow. it's because of that low talked about it last night. it's spring. this is the these are the mechanisms. this is
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classic spring weather, and then we go into back into a high pressure. center that will kind of allow the fog to reform the coastal fog and will warm us up a touch, but it's not gonna be really, really hot or anything. it's going to be seventies low eighties at best, a few clouds out there now is that system slides to the north? you're looking at yellows tomorrow, which will be seventies. no oranges, so it's mostly sixties . i think most of us tomorrow green, which are sixties and even at the coaster, anticipating with the winds, temperatures just in the upper fifties. so 57 pacifica seventies the hot spot in fairfield inn, antioch's so that's tomorrow. it warms up from there, you'll see that in the five day forecast, as we look at right here, you'll see it pop in 76 on friday. that's the warmest spot that's out in livermore 79 out in livermore on saturday and sunday. it drops off a little bit so kind of a real classic. mild spring pattern again that fire zone the winds are really blowing, but the fire conditions outside of the wind are pretty manageable for firefighters in terms of
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heat, humidity and fuel moisture. i will see you back here tomorrow night. let's hope they continue to make progress. all right, bill, thank you. stampede of dolphins was caught on camera by a whale watching group in southern california, and it is something. onlookers estimate there were about $500 taking part in this unison swim . marine experts say the dolphins were either running from a predator meeting up with the nearby pod or racing to catch some food. southern california is said to be one of the best places to catch these mega pieds dolphins would not want to see the predator. no, a lot of dogs. coming up next in sports. worse had that familiar look in their eyes. jason appelbaum will have how golden state got past the
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not easy, but the warriors. they gutted it out tonight against a very resilient nuggets team in game five and are now moving on to the next round of the playoffs. the best six men in nba history. he was back in the starting lineup tonight. that would be stefan currie. the game was physical early. that's san jose native aaron gordon. just plowing over draymond green kind of drops the ball on green. he's not having it. steph has to step in and play peacemaker. curry struggled early, but he woke up late, knocking down multiple threes in the third to bring the warriors all the way back from a 10 point deficit. seconds to go before the end of the third former warrior demarcus cousins had himself a game clock is ticking down and cousins is putting it down a three pointer . the nuggets take an eight point lead into the 4th 19 for cousins came down that final quarter clay thompson with the left. clay had 15 and a team high nine rebounds. 2 30 to go
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nicola yokich with the game tied right here with this little elbow jumper. yogurts had 30 points. 19 rebounds, eight assists. 1 15 to go warriors up to the ball's moving around the shot clock is winding down. gary payton. the second says, hey, this is a good time. to hit the best biggest shot of my career. he had 15 points. his dad is loving it. 35 seconds to go warriors milk the shot clock again and then steph with the lefty dagger and says goodnight , denver. steph had 32 lead the warriors 102 to 98 wins. they take the series four games to one hears gp two on delivering in crunch time match just gives him confidence, you know? that he trusts me out there in big minutes. big moments. and uh, you know, just to make plays and help. you know, my team, you know, get stops in and go the other way and you make place.
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you know, it's just it's really fun just to be out there, you know, crunch time. just what everybody and getting it done. well about 10 minutes after the warriors finished off the nuggets down the street at oracle park, the giants in the age they wrapped up the many bay bridge series. a couple of former grapes grapes represented the ballpark in san francisco fans barely in their seats when this happened, chad pender leads off of the a's with the home run off sam long and it's one nothing is and that would be all for the scoring folks. the giants had their chances. bases loaded the third with one out for brandon belt. but he hits into the inning ending double play back of paul blackburn, who pitched five innings of three hit ball to get the win as the aids take it. one. nothing alright. sometimes you just need to let your kids learn the hard way. here's an example. uh, little something like to leave you on. this is young atlas donna, four year old golfer learning a hard lesson. golf can
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be a very frustrated at the beach, he says. same traps are very say sand traps are very tough. i couldn't have said it tough. i couldn't have said it better indeed they are (phil) councilwoman dunphy, how do you respond to allegations that you look super sexy in your new suit? i haven't been elected yet. come on, kids! we gotta vote! honey, come on. please stop filming. i'm just excited! after today, you are going to be a councilwoman, and i am going to be a first husband. and if you don't stop filming, you're going to be my first husband. all right, everybody, come on! do you know what you're doing, kids? you guys are manning the phone banks. alex, you're in charge of that. why is she in charge? and what's a phone bank? (claire) hmm. that's why. phil. i got it. i will be driving 50 of our finest senior citizens to the polls, assuming, of course, that they remember that i'm coming for them. where you at? (laughs) high-five. old people occasionally forget things. okay. everybody, let's go. let's go. wait! real quick! sorry. everybody get in there. jump in there.


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