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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  April 28, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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generally average 15 miles an hour in the area, slower speeds and areas from san francisco to point arena in mendocino county should help ships navigate around a whale in their path. study shows more than 80 whales are killed every year by ships here on the west coast. children as young as six months old, could soon be eligible for a covid-19 vaccine. how long it could take before the fda authorizes a vaccine for some of the youngest americans plus president biden is seeking tens of billions of dollars more in aid to ukraine. this comes as the united nations secretary general sees firsthand the devastation just outside of kiev. the war. is an absurdity in the 21st century. the war. is evil and no school for some oakland students tomorrow with the school district is asking families ahead of the district wide teacher strike. good
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morning. welcome to mornings thy , april is time marches on here. we are getting close to the end of the school year. i can't believe it. that's san jose, and that is the san jose fairmont, but it's called something else. now. i think it's called hilton something signee abi hilton is what it's called, but i'll always think of it as the san jose fairmont. that's another story, though. mike and garcia talking about masks may be coming back to bart . here is it looks like officials may be considering bringing back mask mandates for riders. bart dropped its mask mandate, of course last week after the federal rule was overturns, which to recommending masks instead. so today, the board of directors will discuss a proposal to reinstate the mask mandate. today's board meeting comes as dr anthony fauci is sort of walking back those comments he made yesterday, implying, perhaps to the pandemic is over. dr fauci now telling npr that he should have
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said the quote acute component of the pandemic phase was over, meaning the worst of it was behind us. course. covid cases rising in the u. s. hospitalizations and deaths remain low when it comes to public transit and masking. we've seen this back and forth cell from bart officials as soon as it was lifted. they said. oh, no, we could put it back. well you know, and i saw that interview. i was watching the news hour and it was a lot more nuanced than what was reported. i mean, i got i got what he meant. but the quote, you know how it is the court's they took from the interview. we're kind of, you know, it's kind of a general thing. but it was like a long interview with judy woodruff and i understood what he meant that the worst of it is over. i think public frustration when it comes to the whole massing is like are we staying? are we going? what are we doing? you know, so if park decides to go back, especially when they you know on planes now. you can take it off. i think a lot of it has to do is just trust yourself if you want to wear a mask on on barred head where the mask you know, it will be interesting. what that decision is later
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today. quick question. garcia when you go to the supermarket that people still wearing masks most of the time, i would say 60% are the first time i saw someone in massive that. oh, my gosh. but now i'm like it's okay. it's cool, so yeah, it's gradually balancing a little bit of what's it like in your neighborhood 2025% but definitely those. it's more of the employees. okay interesting . it's so interesting to watch these changes, isn't it? let's talk about something that i know parents are very young children are focused on this morning this morning, moderna is taking steps to expand access to its covid vaccine. the move could make millions of children eligible for that critical protection. we turned to mike tobin for the latest more kids could soon become eligible for covid-19 shots today, moderna asked the fda to authorized low doses of its covid vaccine for kids younger than six years old, the drugmaker says in a trial two shots triggered high levels of virus fighting antibodies. if given the green light, the move could open up shots to millions of children by the summer if they go with some of their prior timelines. a month to six weeks from now, i think we now have a safe and effective vaccine to be
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able to offer them. currently only kids five years or older can be vaccinated against covid-19 using fighters formula. the fda has not yet ruled on moderna's other pediatric application, citing concerns about rare cases of heart inflammation in teenage boys. chief medical officer says safety data from vaccinations given abroad should reassure parents we've supplemented that with additional data i think there is an important medical need here with these young disc kids. meanwhile doctor anthony fauci appears to be walking back comments he made this week that we are out of the pandemic phase of covid instead . on wednesday, he told the associated press quote. we are in a different moment of the pandemic. what dr fauci was saying is that we are in a different phase of this pet pandemic, and that's absolutely true. but we also know covid isn't over and the pandemic isn't over. the white house is now asking congress for billions in additional funding to help fight the pandemic. in chicago. mike tobin ktvu fox two news is going to be the last day of
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school for many students in the oakland unified school district because of a planned teacher strike set for tomorrow. protesting school closures. ktvu demagogues is live outside. carl b. monk elementary. this is one of the schools that set the clothes, emma. that's right. this school about 228 students is set to close after next school year and this sign out front really tells you how people feel about it says don't slay team dragons save our schools. parents here tell me they've planned to keep their kids home from school tomorrow due to the teachers strike. some are taking time off work to be home with their kids. this grandmother with 1/5 grader with a first grader at carl b. monk is supportive of all efforts to keep the school and other oakland schools open. need to be in their community. and if you merge the schools that takes away the community that they've known other than your families. it's important for them. in the growing process to feel safe and
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look forward to knowing familiar places. i think it's important that this school remains open, as well as the other schools in the school district. tomorrow's one day teachers strike was supported by 75% of oakland education association voting members. picket lines will form at school campuses, starting at 6 30 tomorrow morning, followed by a rally at the lake merritt amphitheater at 11 a.m. school buildings will remain open district wide district is asking families to keep their kids home. because they believe there won't be enough teachers to cover the high absentee rate for teachers who are going to be striking tomorrow. reporting live in oakland. demagogues ktvu fox two news and thank you for that. a new poll shows about four in 10. californians believe the quality of education in the states public schools is worse than it was a few years ago, according to the public policy institute of california poll. just 13% of california and say
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they believe the quality of public school education has improved. 42% say they believe it stayed the same in 42% also say they think it's worse. a fire near the altamont pass pass is now under control. a pg and e camera captured the flames here last night burning in the windy conditions. this was happening off coral hollow road. it ended up burning about 50 acres before firefighters got this one under control. parts of the bay area do remain under a wind advisory. we'll check back in with steve here in just a little bit with a look at those current conditions. cal. fire crews around the state are preparing for what's expected to be a long and difficult fire. season six northern california crews made up of professional firefighters , conservation corps members, inmates in the national guard trained together, so they're ready to fight the flames. they know their lives could depend on the smallest decisions they make while out on the fire lines. in some of the most rugged areas. there is no substitute for a trained and motivated firefighting hand crew trained
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for this all year round, and this is just the easy part. getting get into it. these crews don't know when will be called to the fire lines, but say they will be ready. in the meantime, they will continue to hold drills that serve a dual purpose. they learn to work together as they clear out grass and brush that are green now but could become the fuel for flames to spread. just weeks from now, and farmers in marin county will be getting a new round of financial help to survive the drought. the marine agricultural land trust announced it will allocate another $250,000 to program that helps marin county ranchers and farmers cope with the critical shortage of water. grants of up to $15,000 provide ranchers and farmers with the technical assistance and funding for projects such as developing new water sources, including springs and wells, along with added water storage capacity. we were just talking about fire danger, and the wind is something that really does exacerbate these conditions. steve it does. indeed, thankfully, it's not a northeast . it's more of a west northwest , which has higher humidity. but
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still any win. once you start to get to may, and it's been a dry, mainly a dry year. as you know, it's something to watch here. although it is staying cool. we're not seeing any warm up anytime soon. sean says, steve, i'm freezing. i think i'm ready for some heat any more rain coming now, maybe around the fifth of may but that the systems are trending a little drier, but it is freezing out there. i think she is a firefighter. but you didn't tell me where sean, i have to give you your company there shout out , but anyway, it is cold out there. there's no doubt about that. the wind speeds highest. looks like altamont pass will take on our 61 mph, mount diablo and tamil pass both over 50 last tramples east bay hills, 34. fairfield, sfo twin peaks. billy or between 30 and 32 mile per hour gusts. now if you look north, it's mainly clear, but that's not the case if you go south because there's a lot of cloud cover, especially over san jose. low clouds. areas around the peninsula, santa cruz mountains as well and you can see heading down into the santa clara valley. low clouds mainly around 1400, devon 2800. ft.
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wind advisories out until 11 and there's a there's no doubt about it brisk wind in place, so mix of sun and clouds breezy to cool . the mild, mainly cool, though it's freezing right now. it'll be cold tomorrow morning and sunny and warmer in the afternoon napa, tiburon pierce and carlos santa clare all cooling off. these are really cool temps for the end of april, there'll be in the mid sixties low sixties and a few will be in the upper fifties. one of the reasons is the air aloft is really cold. sonoma mountains. 38 diablo is 34 degrees with the northwest wind almost 50 miles an hour to get your attention, and ben lomond mount is 39 conquered west gusting to 21 oakland 21, nevada west gusting to 36. there's still some pretty good gusts about the 40 mile an hour range here, especially in the higher elevations. sfo's picking up 33 mph saying carlos now gusting to 28. livermore is up to 26. these are cold cold winds here because the temperatures are still only in the fifties. i don't think they'll see some locations get out of the upper fifties, and some will stay stuck in them low
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to mid sixties. i can see some of the cloud cover popping up colder air over the relatively warmer water, even though the water is really cold in the upper forties. in low fifties on monday, we had eighties. we did yes, we did. and today we'll have mainly sixties. this will be the coolest day of the week, so fifties sixties on attempts tomorrow morning. i think we get a lot of mid thirties here, but it will be sunny and warmer. a weak system a little cooler, little warmer, little cool. it looks like the first week of may will be this kind of a pattern. you guys, there you go. alright steve. thank you. president biden is requesting more aid to ukraine coming up here on mornings onto the nine details of the multi billion dollar proposal as ukraine continues to defend itself against russia, also the bay area leading the country when it comes to million dollar home sales after the break. we're talking with the redfin economist for an update on where the housing market in the bay area is headed.
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francisco in june, paypal tells the san francisco chronicle the closure as part of its plan to give employees more flexible scheduling. paypal executive said the company remains fully committed to the bay area and will continue to hire people to work in california. and invest in businesses in the state. people paid $890 million when it bought the market street offices back in 2015. news today that california has more billionaires than any other state in the country, according to forbes, reports 186 billionaires call california home at the top of the list, google co founders larry page and sergey brin says half of the states billionaires made their money in tech. forbes says almost two thirds live here in the bay area report shows that the bay area beats out the entire country when it comes to million dollar home sales data from the inspection support network on cities with the highest percentage of luxury home sales found that the san jose area topped the list with 61% of homes sold for a million dollars or more. that was back in 2020, the san francisco
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oakland and berkeley metro area came in second at 49% the housing market here in the bay area right now is still very hot , despite the rising interest rates, but some real estate experts and economists say the growing inflation and rising rates could put an end to this surgeon housing prices. redfin's deputy chief economist taylor mark joins us live to dive into the bay area housing market. good morning, taylor. good morning. thanks for having me. of course. how about a little true or false right off the bat here highest mortgage rates in 13 years means home prices will go down in the bay area. true or false and why well, maybe not down, but we do anticipate that it will slow the pace of appreciation on prices have been growing double just for a couple of years now in the bay area and across the country. and you're exactly right with mortgage rates and increasing actually their fastest pace in more than four decades. this is going to put a little bit of a slowdown in terms of price appreciation. so while prices may not fall, it
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will have an impact on prices. the term often buyers market seller's market. this is a seller's market. but are the days of those you know multiple offers, and i say multiple, i mean 10 offers on the property. are those going? bye bye. or do you think they're sticking around here? so what we're starting to see from our agents on the ground is that fewer of them are facing competition. there are fewer bidding wars. however we just got done doing the weather report. it's going from a really hot market to maybe a slightly less hot but still hot. still a seller's market still strong competition . but maybe instead of 10 offers on a typical home you only experience five or seven. but still competition is very common in the area. i mentioned those numbers coming into you, um san jose is a hot market. where else in the bay area, you know, i don't know if you know the particular cities but the suburbs outside of the major metropolitan cities, including oakland and san francisco. yeah, that's exactly right. so all planned. still very competitive . still, you know, more affordable relatives. san
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francisco and san jose, which continues to attract people. that's one way of coping with the higher borrowing costs from the rising interest rates is to look to more affordable further out suburbs, especially all the companies in the bay area offering hybrid in remote work. it really is pushing people to the further out suburbs, especially in the northeast. and then even beyond that towards sacramento, and you know, sacramento has gained a tremendous amount of migration from the bay area that's continuing and especially amidst the rise. ah in the affordability crunch from higher interest rates. i mean, houses are so expensive right now, you know for those who bought a house, taylor let's say within the last year is there concern should they be concerned that maybe the cost of the home that they bought will start to go down like not like a bubble bursting like we saw 15 years ago. that's a different story. but should they be concerned that the that the cost they got in won't be the same come next year? you know most people who bought in the last year the
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typical person is staying in their home about 8 to 10 years and so as long as they are not flipping homes, and they're really households that moved into this house, they plan to stay in it for a number of years. they'll be fine amidst, you know, even a slowdown in price growth from higher interest rates. now we do know that a lot of people amidst bidding wars did overpay on some homes and if there are people who are forced to move or have a job change, you know, there might be some people who might not see much gained from their home, maybe even a little bit of a loss if they overpaid significantly a year ago, so that is a rest. what about this? the buying power of high wage earners here in the bay area, you know the speed of all those cash offers right? all cash in ah, that's still king in the market. cash is still king definitely, and we are seeing a rise in cash sales amidst higher borrowing costs, so it makes sense that when the cost of borrow rice you know more caches is prevalent, and so i think people are even looking to do that as well. um, whereas they
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might have jumped on 3% mortgage rate they're looking to put more down into try and avoid as much borrowing as possible. one more for the road here for those looking to buy a home. do you expect inventory at all to increase? we do. we are starting to see some signs of inventory gains. it might not be growing just yet, but we are seeing it moving in a healthy direction. as the market does potentially slow down a little bit. you'll have buyers have more options for homes. so we do expect that that said, we are seeing some sellers even pull back from listing their homes for sale because you know, most sellers are looking to be a buyer also, and if they're trading that 3% mortgage for a 5% that just is less attractive now, so we're seeing a little bit of a deficit start to show up in new listings, hitting the market as well. taylor mar, deputy chief economist of red fan appreciate the conversation. taylor have a good one. thanks for having me. the u. s economy cooled
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significantly in the first three months of the year. the gross domestic product a broad measure of goods and services shrink at 1.4% annualized rate since the beginning of the year. the final quarter of last year. that growth pace was 6.9% this comes as supply chain issues record high inflation and labor shortages. slow pandemic recovery coming up on mornings onto the nine there have been few answers in the search for a missing woman from oakley. alexis gay was last seen back in january. what makes this case so puzzling in what the city of oakland oakley is doing now in hopes of bringing new leads to the forefront? plus a former marine held in russia since 2019 is back in the u. s, and his family couldn't be happier. i'm ch
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mero his parents in texas after being imprisoned in russia since 2019 christina coleman has the story of the prisoner swap that led to
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his release. i'm going to stay home with trevor every day and make him anything he wants. every day. trevor reid is back on american soil, the former marine stepping off the plane early thursday morning, one day after a dramatic prison swap between the us and russia. it took place in turkey, where he was exchanged for this man, constantine yaroshenko, a former pilot and convicted drug smuggler serving a 20 year sentence in connecticut. read was in custody in russia for almost three years, and his family says his top priority at this point is getting his life back on track is going to want to go back to college right away. and so of course we're going to discourage the summer semester and go for the fall, was arrested back in 2019 after russian officials accused him of assaulting a police officer. he was sentenced to nine years behind bars. during that time, his healthy, teary aerated significantly likely due to the conditions at the prison and multiple hunger strikes, respecting not only his his health but also his emotional
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well being and making sure that his reintegration process is going to be a successful release . other americans remain jelled in russia, including nba star britney griner and former marine paul whelan, whose family says he was shattered to learn. he was not being freed. we continue to work because what can you do? you can't give up. can't have paul give up. um we have to do what we can to get him home. president biden says u. s officials have been working on the prisoner exchange to get trevor read back home for months in los angeles. christina coleman ktvu. box two news today . the city of oakley is adding a new incentive to help find a woman who has been missing since january, alexis gave was last seen leaving the home of her ex boyfriend. her car was found with the doors unlocked and the keys still in the ignition. on a street in oakley, where her family says she had no known connection. despite many searches in the east bay, alexis gave has not been found later today, the city of oakley will increase the $10,000 reward fund in hopes of getting more
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information. the coast guard is now suspended its search in humboldt county for a father and son who went missing while boating. scott and josh are ball were reported missing tuesday night. around nine o'clock crews found their boat in humboldt bay, about a half mile from shore partially underwater, but no sign of father and son. the two fishermen launched their boat tuesday morning. it fields landing about six miles south of eureka. they haven't been seen since. the family says they last heard from the two of them about noon on tuesday. the coast guard says the crews have suspended their mission after searching more than 200 square miles for more than 50 hours and again. no sign of the michelin fishermen, university of california academic departments could stop using letter grades, according to ed. source. uc berkeley's college of chemistry. and you see, davis's department of mathematics are considering switching to a pass or fail system rather than grades. some universities are also considering an option to forego letter grades for students first semester to give them time to adapt to the academic demands of college. i like letter grades.
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don't do. hmm coming up next up next common mornings onto the nine the nfl draft today. the san francisco 40. niners are expected to take their picks, and we're getting a look at this season's new jersey plus. president biden is asking congress for more money to help ukraine rivera in washington ukraine rivera in washington with what's in the mu under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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(music throughout) welcome. back to the nine pretty picture the golden gate looking gorgeous on this very cool thursday morning winds are beginning to kick up, so it's going to be a blustery day. let's talk sports round one of the nfl draft is happening today starts at five o'clock tonight in las vegas. the main stage is a floating stage in the bellagio fountains. the jacksonville jaguars allow first pick overall , the niners don't have a first
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round pick, though they could trade into the round. speaking of the niners, they just recently unveiled their new jersey's for this season and they are throwing it back. the 49ers saloon style fought the first debuted way back before any of us were born in 1972 is back there also bringing back the three stripes sleeves. mike, you have an example right here. i love the saloon find because it reminds me it reminds me of the super bowls in the eighties . i mean, this was it, you know, and they're going to have them on the helmets as well. and then the third stripe, too. there was about a five year absence of that third strike. so you into the new work? i am into the old old look. yeah that's this. that's saloon font was around for a long time. i do remember it draft, you know. best pick i think they ever made was 82 montana give it like a driveway. did i see a picture of you on twitter a couple of years ago at the start of the pandemic
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because i was the first live sporting event. remember down in march of 20, so, yeah, my family. i'm gonna tailgate in our driveway for draft looking jersey. great. thank you to the niners. by the way, they are selling all this. so if you want those new look jerseys old look new look. you can go to the 49ers website and start buying sounds good. alright this morning twitter stock is up about 1% after reported earnings are more than $513 million. that's in the first quarter revenue rose 16% to 1.2 billion in the first quarter compared with the same period last year. that was slightly off estimates, but twitter's daily active users were also up 16% from last year, and that is better than expected . musk is pushing for free speech on twitter once his $44 billion deal to buy the company goes through in a tweet yesterday, must said for twitter to deserve public trust. it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right. in the far left equally. this comes as republicans in particular and says that platforms such as twitter and facebook are more pro left and block pro right
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content. elon musk says his goal is to quote maximize area under the curve of total human happiness, which means that 80% of people in the middle, just a short time ago at the white house, president biden announced that he's asking congress for another $33 billion in aid for ukraine. as madeline rivera says ukraine needs more help to defend itself against russia's invasion. in his latest appeal to congress, president biden is stressing the need to provide more aid for ukraine. we need to contribute arms, funding, ammunition and the economic support to make their courage and sacrifice. have purpose so they can continue this fight and do what they're doing. it's critical. this funding gets approved and approved as quickly as possible. after announcing a $1.3 billion security and economic package last week, the president warned if the nearly $14 billion assistance package congress approved for ukraine last month has been nearly exhausted. his request comes at
9:32 am
a pivotal moment as russia steps up its offensive in the east, pounding the ukrainian defensive lines with no end in sight. it's very unpredictable and fragile. situation in ukraine, but there is absolutely the possibility that this war will drag on and lost for months and years. the white house is also announcing a new proposal targeting russian elit are sold off. funds can be used directly to remedy the harm russia caused in their help and help build ukraine. russia meanwhile, is slamming the west, pointing to their support of ukraine as the reason why the war is dragging on. this criminal activity of ukraine against russia cannot be unpunished. the white house says. the new package for ukraine is intended to last until september, 30th and washington rivera ktvu, fox two news president biden will make
9:33 am
his first trip to asia as president next month. he will visit south korea and japan from may 20th to the 24th. in addition to meeting with the leaders of south korea and japan, biden is also said to me with the leaders of australia and india in a gathering of what's called the quad partnership. the united nations secretary general is in ukraine today he plans to meet with ukrainian president vladimir zelensky. this is video of un secretary general antonio guterres, visiting a town outside kiev today where there is evidence of mass killings of civilians by russian forces, he toured an area where apartment buildings were flattened by russian shelling. one c this situations. our hearts, of course. stays with the victim's condolences. with their families. emotions. there is no way to work and be acceptable in the 21st century. look at that.
9:34 am
guterres said he supports the war crimes investigation that is happening in ukraine, and he appealed to russia to cooperate with the international criminal court. san jose authorities have charged three people in connection to the kidnapping of a three month old boy. investigators say one a family friend helped plan the kidnapping. investigators say on monday, you sending ramirez was out shopping with the baby's grandmother, who was watching a little boy and say that's when ramirez contacted jose portillo . they say he's the man seen in the surveillance video walking toward the family's apartment. just moments later, police say portillo left with three month old brandon queer in that baby carrier. the problem with kidnapping of baby is that you have to have a place to take the baby. you have to have a lot of stuff to support that kidnapped baby to keep it from drawing attention to itself. police say a minivan connected to the kidnapping was found the next morning with the help of a good samaritan. a third person,
9:35 am
baldomero sandoval, has also been charged. his alleged involvement isn't clear baby brandon was reunited with his mother is doing well. police still working to learn a motive in this case, the oakland police department has been on federal oversight for more than two decades. gotta go for it. and now the federal judge says the department is on the right track to end that oversight what needs to happen before giving final approval? also a scathing report on mistreatment of certain people by the minneapolis police department. after a quick break, we dive into the ♪ [suspenseful music and sounds] [female narrator] we're being flooded with false information. [water splashing sounds] but together, we can help protect our communities before it's too late. [short circuit] let's care before we share.
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along with some other much needed safety improvements. this sliding this restoration project will install new lighting little receptacles, and he speaks and a safe space for community to enjoy riding bikes and walking along international boulevard. officials hope the project will help to revitalize the area and community right there along international oakland is preparing to pay more than $400,000 to 2 former top officials, according to the chronicle, the city attorney's recommending the city pay $165,000 to former oakland city council member densely brooks, who sued oakland back in 2019 saying the city's actions caused her to lose re election that year, and the city attorney's recommending that oakland paid $268,000 to avoid a lawsuit from sara crane, who was hired by the city in 2020 in the department of violence prevention. she said she was fired after she was she accused her boss of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation.
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there's a new interim chief at the antioch police department. former san francisco police captain steven ford was sworn in as interim chief during ceremonies yesterday. he spent 31 years in the san francisco police department, including time as a commander under sweeping reforms. he says he'll use what he learned from that experience to lead the anti octopus parchment. here i am faced with this incredible opportunity. to positively influence this organization. and to pass on what i deem important. 21st century policing policies, strategies, philosophies and practices. a procedural justice. the mayor says the process to decide of chief four will be the permanent chief will likely take months for it says he's hoping to prove himself as a good leader for the city, a major victory for oakland police after a judge signals that federal oversight of the police department could soon end. ktvu jana katsuyama has more on what this could mean possibly for the future of the police department. oakland's mayor and police chief said wednesday that oakland's police
9:40 am
department has fundamentally frk this has been a commitment that all of the members of the police department has agreed to the idea that we want to be progressive. at a hearing wednesday, a u. s district judge says he intends to give the oakland police one year of accountability to prove that they can sustain all of the required reforms that they have made, he said quote this is the time to show that the reforms, procedures, policies and practices that are required by the nsa are part of the dna of the department. the federal oversight was part of a 2003 negotiated settlement agreement or en esa after a class action lawsuit by more than 100 people who claimed four officers dubbed the riders beat up residents planted drugs, falsified reports and committed other acts of fraud and racial profiling. i'm hopeful that this will be a new day, civil rights attorney john burris represented the alleged victims praised police for making the reforms, he says just
9:41 am
one is still not completed, creating equal all disciplinary measures for officers. we wanted to make sure that the african american officers are ethnic officers in the department were treated fairly. so we had a consistency of discipline. we intend to always hold ourselves to a higher standard mayor and the police chief praised the oakland police rank and file. i really want to recognize them for their hard work. oakland police commissioners inspector general michelle phillips, who just started the new position in january, said she plans to reach out with the commission to the community. transparency and accountability is very important to have conversations as to how we can get out in the community. and communicate with them to hear about what concerns that they may have among the 52 reforms. oakland police have completed our better documenting use of force incidents, eliminating racial profiling through new policies, such as ending low level traffic stops and investigating complaints of officer misconduct. the judge plans to issue more details next week on the year of
9:42 am
accountability with a follow up hearing coming in september, reporting in oakland, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news senator clara county sheriff laurie smith has formally denied corruption charges against her. last december, a grand jury accused the sheriff of seven corruption related acts, including political favoritism and improperly issuing concealed carry weapons permits. the mercury news says smith denied all counts and waived their right to a speedy trial at a remote hearing on tuesday. smith has already announced her plans to retire from the sheriff's office next year if convicted, shall be removed from office. a trial date has not been set. san pedro's swear in san jose will be car free for another year. the san jose city council voted this week to extend the closure of north san pedro street between west santa clare and saint john streets. the street wasoor space for the businesses in the area, which often do rely on foot traffic, especially during those san jose shark games. some businesses told the city council they have been more
9:43 am
successful because of the closure. the vote also means another street closure on post street will could could continue , but only on weekends escaping . report on the minneapolis police department commissioned in the wake of the george floyd killing. it shows officers have long treated people of color differently than whites. the organizational culture at mpd has existed unchecked for resulting in unlawful discriminatory policing. it undermines public safety, and it's been going on for at least the past decade. the investigation by the minnesota department of human rights details how officers in the department stopped searched and cited black people more often than white and subjected them to more force in police interactions. let's talk more about the report in reaction to it by welcoming as we do every week, the host of fox souls the black report. good morning to you, demi lobo. good morning yet again. gasia mikaelian another day. another wonderful topic. i'm happy to join you today. i know that you and your viewers
9:44 am
had long talks about this report, and i'm curious their initial reaction to it. so the initial reaction what i thought for myself and of course, our listeners and viewers. i thought that was really great that they're going to reach out to the community because the minnesota police department has had a long history of violence against the black community. and so this report stating up top is saying that they're going to reach out to community leaders and those in the community to see what should be added to this report, so that was really important. because the community is what matters. a lot of people in minnesota don't really feel safe right now. and honestly, people around the world don't feel safe when it comes to police violence, so knowing that being a part of the community your say could matter means everything. police violence such as the case of george floyd's death, of course, makes headlines nationwide. what do your viewers say about the effect of smaller actions? things like being targeted for traffic stops or searches? what effect does that have on them and their relationship with police? honestly garcia, it is, uh, it's very hard to watch
9:45 am
every day every week. we're talking about another story about a black man or a black woman who was gunned down by white police. and so it's really a shame that in 2022, we're still talking about this, and it's happening over and over again. and so every little step it does make you feel a glimmer of hope. that hopefully we'll get to a day where this won't be the case, but every single police department every single elected official our president, everyone who makes one step closer to making us feel safe in america's black americans. it does. it does feel good. at the end of the day. you're lucky that you have a nationwide really a worldwide audience through your streaming channel. have you heard success stories either from you know, people in the community or law enforcement and saying, hey, we tried this and it worked. so that's what i say every week. my question every week is instead of us just reporting on another death, another death, another death. what can be done? and so there are certain people in the community of that field. hey a smart like you said. something
9:46 am
small can help and what really, really helps is voting in your local elections. and so i know, like in california. we definitely on our show. we tell our california voters specifically and around the world. i won't even specifically say about california but around the world to specifically go out and vote in the local elections because a lot of the people who make those rules that can make or break a rule that a police department can say hey, i was fearful for my life. it comes down to the elected officials that are elected and so one thing that we stress a lot on our show is to make sure you vote in the local elections because that can make or break everything. have you heard from viewers who are in minneapolis who have lived there for 10 years plus who have been able to give personal accounts of what this report is showing. so we have we speak to a lot of the local activists that are in minneapolis in minnesota on the ground because that was when george floyd passed away tragically that shook the world and the world has not been the same ever since. george floyd's death, and so we had to speak to
9:47 am
the people that are on the ground right now, the current moment making changes, and so when we speak to those people, we definitely want to know what is the what is the feeling like on the ground because even george floyd square was the air. area the perimeter where after he passed away all the businesses were affected. a lot of people lost money, the businesses that were surrounding where he passed away, and so we've spoken to the local activists and the people that are just in the city. and so it's very somber right now because you're still afraid for your life because there have been no changes with the minnesota police here. we are still talking about it years later, and there really haven't been a lot of changes. and so the naacp has tried and so many different black organizations, big black organizations have tried and we're all trying to do our part to right the wrongs. but at the end of the day, going back to local elections in minnesota, they're going to have to get out. some of those officials who have been there for a long time and have these awful rules that make it okay for police officers to murder black americans. and not have any charges based towards the
9:48 am
report found very little in the way of police accountability here in minneapolis will will focus more on this report. of course, through the day, demi we have to let you go now. i appreciate your joining us as you do every week, and we'll see you next week again. absolutely garcia. thank you so much for letting us come on to be so passionate about all these topics. we truly appreciate your horse. of course, of course, a quick reminder we could all watch fox soul online and over. fax all dot tv. we can also watch it on the foxhole app for apple and android devices. alright, coming up here on the night
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phoe risk of developing alzheimer's research by washington state university looked at data from previous studies on the illness. it found constant exposure to network radiation could have a strong magnetic and electric impact on the body, which then could trigger reaction in the brain. the scientists say, is a clear sign of alzheimer's. at least six million people in this country are impacted by
9:52 am
alzheimer's disease. scientists say they expect that number to be three times higher by the year. 2050 san francisco sunset neighborhood has a new safety network. san francisco police and supervisor gordon moore have introduced the formation of the sunset safety network supervisor marshes. the formation of the network is especially important now, with the recent increase of burglaries and robberies in the neighborhood. it's really important that we look at how we can prevent crime before it happens and crime prevention, you know, it is just as or even more important than then. um, then than law enforcement. supervisor mark says the sunset safety network will be a coalition of area organizations dedicated to a multipronged public safety strategy. federal appeals court ruled caltrans can remove homeless encampments in the east bay. these camps are on the 27 people right near 80 in berkeley and emeryville. caltrans wants to move the residents because of what it calls critical safety concerns, the court said caltrans does not have to provide other housing
9:53 am
for those individuals. advocates for the homeless say moving the encampments will cut people off from healthcare and other services that they need. caltrans plans to remove those camps early next month, several candidates to become san jose's next mayor, laying out their plans to deal with a major transformation of the downtown area in the next 10 years. google is building in phases its massive downtown campus with offices, housing and open space . just across the street from s, a p center dearden station may become a grand central station of the west with the bart extension in california's high speed rail. four of the candidates for mayor offered their view of the changes at a candidates forum. what this requires is for us to have a construction management plan. for the city that takes in all of those different moving parts into account so it would be no different here west of 87. as we manage and mitigate all of that we need to ensure that people can still get safely to games and events that they can get to work that they can get to this train station. they can get
9:54 am
home. quite frankly, of course, we need to construction management plan for downtown west. and i know the city public works department is already hiring a point person already to coordinate all those construction activities in this area and to work with directly with shark sports and entertainment. and i think the answer to that, from a city perspective is number one. we need to have a master plan in which we outline. each of the investments that we anticipate moving forward the rough timing the impacts. san jose's current mayor, sam liccardo, is being turned out of office. these four candidates and two more will face each other in the june 7th primary election. if no candidate gets a majority of the votes, the top two will face off in november's general election. the golden state warriors beat the denver nuggets last night. i stayed up late for this, and they are now in the nba's western conference semifinals. the warriors won 100 to 2 98 over the nuggets winning their series four games to one step. curry was back in the starting
9:55 am
lineup for the first time since his foot was injured more than a month ago, and he led the warriors who were down eight in the fourth quarter. to come back. curry had 30 points, including 53 pointers, and he ended the game with this drive layup that you see there. you know, fourth quarter is just about can you find a way to just get it done and get enough stops, too? speed up the game a little bit, put some pressure on them. and we're able to do that . obviously, everybody contributed. it just gives me confidence. you know that he trusts me out there in big minutes. big moments. and you know, just to make plays and help. you know my team gary payton, saying that they're back kerry payton came in in the second off the bench and a strong night 15 points. tough defense and his dad. there he is. hall of famer gary payton was there at the court side watching it all. and even before the game started, the wires did put on a show for the fans with fireworks and dancers where your fans came from all over the bay area even from outside the
9:56 am
country. one couple from france here on vacation, paid $800 for two tickets up top. to enjoy the experience of an nba playoff game. my husband or because it's a great great fan so much ever since i was little girls, so yeah, definitely been a big lawyers hand in crafts of my favorite the lawyers now wait to see who wins the minnesota timberwolves memphis grizzlies series, which memphis currently leads three games to two. the chance that the san francisco 40 niners will trade wide receiver devil samuel is one of the biggest storylines in football going into the draft. double cemal is the last in the last year of his rookie contract, and he wants a big payday, but maybe not with the 49ers. samuel seems to be making that clear to various leaks from his camp. that he wants to leave san francisco. samuel has not said much about it, but he did share this tweet saying too real to entertain half the stuff you all been saying, but it's funny.
9:57 am
everyone wants their voice to be heard about the situation. they know nothing about. and just be saying whatever the next person says, have a blessed day when asked about it. earlier this week, 49ers general manager john lynch didn't specify why the boat wants to go, but said the team wants him to stay here in san francisco. someone's about to be a lot richer this morning. there is a winner in arizona for the $473 million powerball jackpot. the winning numbers were 11 36 61 62 68. with the powerball number of four still unclear where exactly in arizona the ticket was sold. the winter also has the option of taking the cash value of $283 million. before we go today on the night we have some very exciting news. we can't wait to share with you, mike. yeah a little bit of an announcement right now, so tomorrow will be my last day right here on mornings on to starting monday. i'm going to be co anchoring the 5 to 6 to 10 been an honor and an absolute privilege to wake up with you every morning to
9:58 am
deliver the news to talk about life to share stories. i know you have options. and i thank you from the bottom of my heart to allow us into your homes day in and day out, moving forward. this new chapter. i'm very excited. ktvu has been a part of my life for nearly five decades, first as a viewer. i remember 13 year old boy watching the ktvu moment creator earthquake coverage in 1989. and that boy said someday maybe you could do that. 16 years later, i came back as a reporter and i started to work as a reporter for that 10 o'clock news, and during those years i learned from the veteran producers and executive producers, the anchors all the veteran reporters, and that foundation started to build. and i thank everyone who i've worked with here over the years. i'm excited for this new journey. and it's about to begin on monday. so let's go. and it's time to roll. that's for youtube
9:59 am
. yes different story. yes, thank you. and thank you. you know, it's very difficult to launch a new newscast, and we did this together as a team. uh we did it right? yeah and it's hard to leave uneasy decision. you're not going far. but you know, i do know different shifts. you know, it's working so closely with you and what i wish our viewers could know about you because they know all of this right? your preparation for what we get to do up here is staggering. you prepare so much to make it look so easy and graceful here, but we all do because i've learned so much from you in the past seven plus years that we've been partners. like i said, we're not going far we'll be in touch. i'm so proud of you. i'm happy for us as a station well deserved. we can't wait. i just feel good when you're here. you know back action. we take time off and but when the three of us are on the desk and we launched at nine o'clock show, i kind of feel like you guys have my back and it's nice to have you so it'll be nice to have you at night.
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but we'll miss you in the morning. we have all of us here, especially i can't say it enough, you know, growing up here in our backyard and working for this shop, so it's a great station. it's a great day. let's go enjoy the rest of that morning geisha and i will see >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ and now, here is our special guest host, michael rapaport. ♪ ♪


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