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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 28, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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when a child is taken from his mother. this is more unusual. and more frightening. from ktvu . fox two news. this is the fourth and good afternoon. welcome to the four i'm jana katsuyama, alex savage, jose portillo. and you, senor ramirez relied on interpreters to understand the numerous charges filed against them. charges that could put each of them behind bars for 11 years. ktvu is jesse kerry live outside the courthouse in san jose, with details on today's court proceedings and reaction from the baby's mother, jessie. alex the presiding judge ordered the names of the three victims. the baby's mother, the grandmother and the baby himself not be used anymore, so we're not going to use those names anymore. however, the mother did speak with us. outside court just a
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few minutes ago. um in spanish. the young mother said she's happy to have the three month old back safe and healthy and that she would never want another mother to go through. a situation like this is senor ramirez and jose patio set a few feet from each other and superior court in san jose thursday afternoon. they're both charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping. kidnapping and burglary. prosecutors say the pair knew each other from church and hatched a plan to kidnap the three month old boy monday. investigators say patio is the man in the surveillance video, taking a trial from a second floor apartment on elm street around one pm that touched off a massive search involving sjp de santa clara county sheriff's deputies, the chp and the fbi nearly 20. hours later, the baby was found near regional medical center. the fact that the police found the child so quickly made it difficult if there had been any plans to move the baby to
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another location suspects in court are being held with no bail and have a restraining order in place. a third suspect, baldomero sandoval, was released from the county jail wednesday after all charges were dropped. police investigators say if new evidence comes to light implicating him in the kidnapping will be rearrested. and coming up in the next hour. we'll talk more about what's going to happen in this case and hear from a grateful mother just happy to have her son back unharmed. we're live outside the hall of justice here in san jose. jesse gary ktvu fox news we'll head back to you can only imagine how grateful she is to have her baby back home. jesse, you touched on it briefly, but initially there were those three suspects arrested in connection with this kidnapping. and then suddenly, one of those suspects was released and not charged. in the case. did we get any more details from the authorities about exactly why? why? that was well, the district attorney wouldn't say why only that, after careful review of both the
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evidence and witness statements and comparing the two they decided to release him typically , or i shouldn't even say. typically legally. district attorney cannot bring a case unless they have evidence to prosecute that case, so there's no not enough evidence to hold this man and bring him to trial for these crimes, so they had to release and they did that yesterday, and so he walked out of the santa clara county jail, but police sources tell me if, as this investigation continues , because it's not over. as this investigation continues, they discover new evidence which implicated him in this crime. he will be rearrested. that makes sense. jesse gary live outside the courthouse in san jose. thank you, jesse. livermore police say they have arrested a 17 year old boy for the shooting death of a 15 year old girl from richmond earlier this month. that girl was found on maritime common and collier kenyon road the night of april 15th. investigators say they arrested the 17 year old suspect in hayward on tuesday. his name is
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not being released because he's a minor. the name of the victim is also being withheld by police say the suspect, and the victim knew each other. authorities say they also arrested 44 year old tamika cremer of livermore for allegedly helping the suspect to avoid arrest. three people are under arrest in connection with the drug bust in hayward. the men were taken into custody by a special unit of the hayward police department. investigators posted these pictures showing the items that they confiscated . officers say they found several guns thousands of dollars in cash hundreds for pad distributing drugs. now to san francisco, where officers have arrested a man who is accused of ramming a police vehicle in a stolen car. investigators say officers trying to stop that man around 9 30 tuesday night there grant and green in the north beach neighborhood. police pursued him into a dead end at union and montgomery, where he rammed one police car.
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authorities say he hit another police vehicle that far away at alta and montgomery streets. one officer was injured. investigators say he drove to columbus avenue and broadway, where he hit another car, injuring people inside. it was finally captured while running near pacific avenue and beckett street. 24 year old robert sansa faces stolen vehicle and weapons charges as well as charges for assault and hit and run. in san francisco. many early childhood educators say they just can't afford to live in the city where they work. but now those educators will be getting raised as ktvu christian captain shows us the city's investing $60 million try and keep those early childhood educators in the city. to busy playing and learning to worry about bills, but many of their teachers do worry about their bills. donnelly has been an educator for 30 years and is now teaching preschoolers timing head start program. is the foundation is like when you
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build a house. they have to have a strong foundation. that's what we did for the children to. they have to have a strong foundation in order for them, and they go to kindergarten. and the middle school, high school and college , she says she's watched as the high cost of living in san francisco has driven others out of the profession. investing in the teachers is important, too, because right now, like a lot of people are leaving this field because we're not getting paid enough. now, the city of san francisco has announced a $60 million initiative aimed at giving those educators raises. the program will make sure educators at tax funded early childhood education facilities received between eight and as much as $30,000. the goal is to make sure that at least every child care provider that we fund through the city is making a minimum wage of $28 an hour, yang executive directorate, qiming says the raises will help him hold onto the best and brightest teachers. they have to choose all i'm going to stay ine
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from the eec department of childhood. really increase, uh, the way i really have to retain teacher and finally the rays will mean she can focus on the kids. not her bills means that my budget is not so tight. i have to come on everybody that i spend. $60 million used to pay for these early childhood educators comes from proposition c funds approved by voters in san francisco in 2018. those funds were held up until last year at court battles in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu , fox two news. bart is bringing back its mask mandate for riders . the bart board of directors approved to temporary amendment earlier today and effective immediately, bart riders and employees are required to wear masks on trains and its station platforms. free masks will be available at all stations, agent booths and from all safety staff
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. for those who need a mask. the mandate is expected to be enforced by bart police. the intention of this measure is to protect those vulnerable communities. people have underlying health conditions, people who are, you know, compromise the kids under five who are still not yet eligible to be vaccinated. bar dropped its mask mandate last week after the federal mask mandate was overturned by a judge before today's decision to require them. bart had switched to recommending masks instead. millions more children could become eligible soon for covid-19 shots. foxes mike tobin explains how the fda is preparing to review moderna's vaccine data for children under the age of five. moderna taking new action today to expand access to its covid-19 vaccine, asking the fda to authorize the shots for children. five years old and younger, pinches right here, and then she's going to
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give you abandon them, but the agency will face some tough questions when it reviews the data in a clinical trial. the vaccine produced high levels of covid fighting antibodies, but it was only 40 to 50% effective at preventing symptomatic covid. moderna officials defended that efficacy data today. the study was conducted really during the period of almost exclusive macron predominance that has a lot of vaccine escape. the fda is facing increasing pressure to approve covid shots for younger americans in february fighter postponed its application for kids under five after finding two doses were not as effective in that age group. it's not a slam dunk at all, and we'll have to in terms of whether we move forward with the two doses or hang out. un for a bit longer and wait for a third dose data. which is what fizer is doing currently. still it's unclear whether parents will opt to get their youngest children the shot, according to the cdc. less than 30% of five through 11 year olds are fully vaccinated. health experts say. while the virus typically isn't as
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dangerous for younger people, some can get severe covid. the evidence is overwhelming that the vaccines protect people of every age that where it's been tested against serious illness and against death. if the fda greenlight's moderna shots, the cdc still must give a stamp of approval before they can be given out in chicago. mike tobin fox news 18 drug overdoses have dramatically increased over the last two years. coming up here on the four today, health experts say. there's a couple of reasons why that is, but more than half of those overdoses are tied to one particularly dangerous drug. and a unique plan to curb the rat population in san francisco. why rat birth control might be the answer. in a very weather today, lots of sunshine, but those winds still a big factor out there. some very strong winds will continue into it tonight. we'll have more your forecast coming up. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs.
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a unique approach to address its ongoing rat problem, which has gotten even worse since the pandemic started. the city's recreation and parks department is using what many people refer to as rat birth control. the liquid contraceptive is put out in city parks, and it is helping to control the rat population in many cases, i talked earlier with tambora barrack abberton from the city's record parks department about this strategy. all right. well hopefully we will hear from tambora shortly, but i can tell you that the rat birth control is being used in parks around san francisco, and it's called contra pest. it was created by a company in arizona called cnn's tech and the company's chief strategy. officer. nicole simpson told me earlier today that this formula contains two active ingredients that help to disrupt the ability of rats to reproduce. we
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describe it as a bit of a milkshake for rats. they love the stuff. it's sweet. it's got lots of fats in it. so this the mixture itself is very tasty to the rats. and rats actually have to consume a very high percent of their body weight in liquids every day, so it also makes our bait particularly good when there's a lot of food source around for the rats because they'll actually go to the contra past because they need to consume liquid. so that also helps us in terms of getting uptake with the counterparts. so essentially, if the rats are drinking it, you know if they come in, and they have some sips of it, and they keep coming back a little bit, they're going to start seeing the effects right away, so it will gradually start to impact. so the more they drink. the more you going to rip. their plane. exactly you know how this how this formula came to be. and how was it that that someone with your company
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figured out that this was an effective way to control the reproduction of rats? sure so we actually have a really cool story and how we began. there were two women, female scientists, and they were actually trying to figure out how to create menopause in rats so that they could sell them or mice so they could sell them to drug companies to do testing for menopausal drugs. and so once they kind of figured that out, it occurred to them that well, if we can, if we can get these mice to stop being able to reproduce, wouldn't it be brilliant if we could turn this into a way to control rodent populations, and so they pivoted at that point and started working towards what is today contrast so again, this product contrast is being used in various parks around san francisco as they see the rat populations sort of rise in particular parks. then they distribute this contra passed and i spoke earlier with a representative from the city's record parks department about how they're using this rat
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contraceptive as one tool. in their arsenal to control the red population. it is a sweet liquid , and we put the bait into, um bait boxes, big plastic rat traps, and but they aren't trapped in there. they just go in there, and it is a sweet liquid and they will eat it if there isn't any other delicious food around renders them sterile for a year, which is great, because that's the average lifespan of a rap in the wild. and you are using this in conjunction with a number of other other tools to try to try to control the rat population using this product with with the other methods that you have. are you starting to see results and seeing the rat population in the parks come down. we are seeing good results. there's no magic bullet. when it comes to controlling the rat population. it's a combination of things.
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vegetation management, um, trash management. communications between our gardeners and are custodians old fashioned snap traps night trapping and, finally, yes, birth control. and the company says contrast is not harmful to rats or other animals higher up the food chain that might eat the rats. it's being been used in san francisco since 2019 in the rec and parks department says it has seen fewer rats in those parks where the liquid contraceptive has been deployed. we have an alert now. for people with allergies, pollen counts are on the rise. some allergy experts say pollen counts are roughly 10% higher than normal. they say it's partly due to pine trees pollinating earlier this year. birch and oak trees also may peek at slightly different times . the peak allergy season depends on where you live and warmer areas such as northern california towards the central valley and the east bay tend to peak more quickly. some doctors
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say, if you know you have allergies, you should not wait until you have symptoms to take your allergy medicine. we're seeing, you know, a large number of people are suffering every day if they can store it a week before and religiously take their medicine. they will have a dramatic improvement when it really hits. the allergist also says, if you are coughing, sneezing or wheezing, day and night, that might be signs of a more severe case of allergies, so you should get checked out by your doctor. and of course, all linked up with the weather last week, of course, we have the rainfall, helping out with apollo levels, keeping things kind of down a bit. but of course of the past few days we've been talking about warmth and some pretty strong winds to blow the pollen around. in fact, it is still windy outside right now, across portions of the bay area, windy day. the wind advisory allowed to expire earlier this morning, but still some very strong gusts out there and some of the strongest winds today altamont pass 61 miles an
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hour. mount diablo 53 sfo 55 miles an hour. not tan 51 san jose and conquered both close to 30 miles an hour. it is still windy out there right now, you can see in a few spots oakland airport right around 22 miles an hour. look at this sfo observation. in fact, they've jumped up to a 54 miles an hour. at last check the winds really accelerating out towards sfo, san carlos and down in the south bay mountain view in san jose, we have winds gusting up above 20 miles an hour. the winds will stick around for the rest of the afternoon. and into the evening hours outside right now, though , we still have lots of clear skies. a few high clouds have been drifting overhead over the past few hours, but still mostly sunny thursday. current numbers out their current temperatures. we have san francisco 56. oakland 59 from sixties and the warmest occasions right around 70 degrees. today should be the coolest day of the week as a little weather system has a moving into a northern california that's also reinforcing the wind. you can
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see all the chop on the on the water here is so some choppy conditions out there and a little bit of some hes looking out toward the san francisco from the oakland estuary. overnight lows will start out tomorrow morning with the temperatures most areas in the forties. fair skies. we could have some breezy conditions into early tomorrow morning, but those winds should be backing up throughout the day. here's our forecast model and into tomorrow afternoon tomorrow will definitely be warmer than today . forecast highs upper fifties to the sixties into the mid to upper seventies, and it looks like this warm up, wants to stick around. into the weekend. we'll have more on on those changes headed our way with your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. all right. thank you. mark the number of teens dying from drug overdoses has increased dramatically over the past two years, and more than half of the overdoses are tied to one dangerous drug. fox's joy anderson joins us live now, with the reasons behind the increase and also what's being done to save those young lives, joy. hi
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jenna. good evening. researchers and advocates say there are several reasons for this unfortunate increase. it includes the solitude that some people went through during the pandemic and drugs being laced with fentanyl, which is cheaper , stronger and more deadly. beautiful and vibrant, passionate, incredible. on july 24th. 2020. my daughter, lydia was 23. was found deceased in her room. lydia's cause of death was an accidental overdose. rene crest says her daughter struggled with addiction but had been sober and in recovery for over a year. we were in the pandemic. and isolation. i think had a big factor. according to a study published by the journal of the american medical association, deadly overdoses among adolescents nearly doubled from 492 and 2019 to 954 in
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2020. there was an additional rise of 20% in 2021 isolated our kids, the more they had, you know, just a two dimensional world rather than actually being out with all the social emotional learning that they need to do. i think that the mental health crisis became so acute anxiety depression. george young blood works with teen and family services in houston, he says kids in their outreach program alone had doubled. in the fall semester. just in one of our school districts. we saw almost 600 kids in crisis, which was an increase from pre pandemic numbers and that school district of about 350, the national institute on drug abuse , says. a lot of the drugs are a lot more deadly huge rise. in illicitly manufactured press skip prescription pills that contains mentally very least 30% of which can have those is that can kill someone. so what are we doing now? what are we doing
4:23 pm
now? in 2021, the el paso sector of u. s customs and border protection seized six times more the amount of internal then seized in 2000 and 18. and last week, president biden released the first ever national drug control strategy addresses untreated drug addiction and drug trafficking in houston, enjoy. addison ktvu, fox two news porting topic there for so many families. thank you so much joy. coming up today. here on the four the u. s government releases a new plan to ban mental cigarettes and flavored cigars when this law could go
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smith has formally denied corruption charges against her. last december, a grand jury accused the sheriff of seven corruption related acts, including political favoritism and improperly issuing concealed carry weapon permits. the
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mercury news says. smith denied all counts and waived her right to a speedy trial at a remote hearing yesterday. smith has already announced her plans to retire from the sheriff's office next year. but if she is convicted of the charges, she would be removed from office. a trial date has not yet been set. and tonight, the vallejo police chief will talk about the number of times officers used force while on duty last year. earlier this month, the police department said the number of use of force incidents were down by one third and credited better training and changes in police department policies. however the police officers union said there were fewer incidents. because there are fewer police officers on the street. if you would like to learn more about this new report, you can join the discussion tonight on the vallejo police department's facebook page at six pm the high school teacher has been arrested for child endangerment after authorities say she was under the influence on campus. this happened yesterday, just before noon at terror. linda high
4:27 pm
school in san rafael. a school employee alerted a school administrator that they believed to teacher by the name of taken . leann hart was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. police were called out to the school, and officers say they later discovered she was more than three times the legal limit. she let her admitted to consuming some alcohol. police say she was also under the influence of a prescription drug and cannabis. if you have a cell phone, you've probably gotten at least one unexpected text message carrying a link that is just begging to be clicked. and now the ftc is warning that those links can be scams that lead to identity theft. faxes, evan brown reports. oh look, a text message from a number. i don't know to a bunch of other numbers. i don't know with a link in it. some people get so many of these, they end up changing their phone number just to be spared. it's called mission mashup of sms, your standard text message format and
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fishing. the act of trying to scam someone using electronic. it's a criminal act. and now the federal trade commission is sounding the alarm, the agency says. texting scams cost americans more than $130 million last year, up from just 86 million in 2020. the practice is so widespread it now accounts for 1/5 of all fraud cases. in the month of march, americans received 42 spam text per person on average, and with the midterm elections just around the corner , regulators are predicting things will only get worse. but you can defend yourself against the scammers. many smartphones and cellular networks offers spam protection, but the simplest thing to do is just stop clicking on links in text messages from strange rouz and block those numbers that send them now the chair of the fcc wants wireless providers to block illegal text messages, but that plan has not yet been adopted by the agency. in miami. eben brown fox news. while the
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state has subpoenaed exxon mobil as part of an investigation into the industry's role in creating plastic pollution coming up the claims, which attorney general rob bonta is making against the petroleum industry. plus president biden sends a massive request to congress to help shore up us support of ukraine
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talk to your doctor or pharmacist about gardasil 9. (music throughout) what counts. when a truck hit my car, what counts. the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. mady for more than $30 billion in new aid for ukraine and foxes
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madeline rivera showing us that the proposal is making it clear that the us does intend to support ukraine for the long haul. with fears growing that the war in ukraine could drag on longer than many have thought need to be prepared for the long term, president biden is asking congress for more money to help ukraine. $33 billion for military, economic and humanitarian support intended to last until september. 30th the cost of this fight. it's not cheap. but k b new aggression is gonna be more costly. if we allow it to happen. request comes as the vital ministrations unveils another proposal to strengthen the united states' ability to investigate, prosecute and forfeit. the assets of russian oligarchs sees their yachts, luxury homes and other it'll be gotten gauged package has broad bipartisan support will make sure the senate prioritizes this important funding package so we can get help. to the ukrainian
4:33 pm
people fast asap needs to put a bill on the floor of the senate. that provides the ukrainian people. with the tools they need to win this. meanwhile the kremlin is blaming the west for prolonging the conflict. it's an allegation the u. s. has denied pointing to russia as the aggressor. as president putin ramps up his rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons, of course, will prepare for every scenario and we will defend the united states and defend our allies and partners. as is required to provide ukraine with more funding could hit a snag in congress if the proposal is tied to a stalled covid relief package. gop lawmakers are pushing for the two to remain separate. and washington mother rivera fox news new gdp numbers out today showed the economy shrank 1.4% for the 4th 1st quarter of the year, adding to concerns that the country could go into a recession. by
4:34 pm
comparison, the economy grew nearly 7% in the last quarter of 2021. analysts say a hefty trade deficit is responsible for some of the shrinking gdp. and consumer spending remains strong , but this comes as supply chain issues record high inflation and labor shortages are slowing the recovery from the pandemic. it's shocking. i really don't want to say it's you know, even below the worst that i thought it might be. i think the chances are at least 50 50 that will see recession over the next year. other economists aren't so concerned, saying the job market remains strong, with low unemployment and rising wages. the federal reserve is set to raise a key interest rate next week to try to cool inflation. the us government released its plan to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars. the fda says the proposed rules released today will help prevent children from becoming the next generation of smokers and help adult smokers quit. researchers
4:35 pm
say mental and flavored tobacco are having an especially deadly impact on black smokers and young people. the proposed ban is only an initial draft. some say it is unlikely to be finalized before next year, and tobacco company lawsuits could delay the ban for several years . hayward oakland and san jose are among cities that have already mental cigarettes . the u. s postal service is being sued over environmental concerns the agency plans to add over 100,000 delivery trucks to its fleet. 16 states and two environmental groups are trying to block that by they claim the purchases of fossil fuel power delivery vehicles will cause environmental harm for decades to come. the lawsuit filed here in california and new york is asking a judge to order a more thorough review of that plan. twitter is revealing in an earnings report that it overstated the number of daily active users that it had between
4:36 pm
2019 and 2021. explaining in 2019, it rolled out feature allowing folks to use separate multiple accounts and that helped them switch back and forth between those accounts. however because of that users with those multiple accounts were mistakenly counted as multiple people. that led to over counting by up to 1.9 million users each quarter. the platform currently has 229 million daily users. amazonlung% today in after hours trading. it happened after the e commerce giant delivered a very disappointing quarter and outlook. amazon's forecast shows that increasing the price for prime membership shipping last quarter may not be enough to prop up its profits. the company says that they expect to lose as much as $1 billion in operating income this quarter and make as much as $3 billion that is down from an operating income of $7.7
4:37 pm
billion in the same period last year. the state has subpoenaed exxon mobil in a first of its kind effort to investigate the company's role in creating plastic pollution. the attorney general rob bonta, made the announcement at dockweiler state beach in southern california. banta accused the company and others have causing a global plastic pollution crisis, bonta said. for decades, the petroleum industry has deliberately deceived the public about the dangers of plastic and falsely claimed the materials can be recycled. the truth is, the recycling rate has never surpassed 9. the truth is the vast majority of plastic products by design cannot be recycled are burned or are released. into the environment. attorney general, banta said. more than 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually, breaking down into tiny
4:38 pm
particles that pollute the oceans and rivers want to set. his goal is to require companies to pay to clean up their waste, which cost california an estimated $500 million a year. so far, exxon mobil and the western plastics association have not commented. san francisco's chinatown is preparing for this weekend's first neon was never brighter festival mayor london breed and assembly member phil ting were among the city and state leaders on hand for the event to kick off this festival. it will be a day long contemporary arts festival to celebrate the history of san francisco's chinatown. today's event took place in front of the building that will eventually house edge on the square, which will be a space for art and education. edge on the square is going to be a contemporary hub. a new icon and a new destination for china, tang and for the city. we are a strong voice for immigrants. a strong voice. for
4:39 pm
new narrative. the neon was never brighter festival will be taking place throughout china town on saturday. it will include 11 art installations and works from 25 local asian artists. while inflation is particularly hitting hard for senior citizens on fixed income coming up the programs and resources they are turning to make ends meet. add in weather, another cold, and it's cool and windy day out there, but we're going to warm things up as we head towards the weekend. we'll have more on your forecast coming
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unprecedentedniors on fixed ince say they're being squeezed by those rising prices, and many of
4:42 pm
them now are turning to local food assistance programs, which could offer some much needed help. fox's stephen gohan has more mary badulla never thought she would need help paying for groceries just four years after retirement, do not have the money to buy what i need. now she depends on donations from a local senior center as the rising cost of almost everything eats away, but she can afford on a social security check. i wish i was still working again because it's so hard. they keep going on the way i'm going on with inflation at a 40 year high, millions of older americans are feeling that same strain. many who live on fixed incomes have been forced to cut back. they have less buying power so that you're really gonna have to watch your pennies a little more. you're going to have to do some budgeting if you're on a income that does not change that much elder index, which measures the economic security of older adults, estimates half 15. you're to live alone already struggle to cover the basics. you're unable
4:43 pm
to maintain the standard of living for those who rely solely on social security. it's a tougher situation after a 5.9% cost of living adjustment this year, the average monthly benefit is only about $1600. january inflation had already increased. 2% faster 2% more than the amount of our cola experts predict a larger cost of living adjustment in 2023. until then, they say, some seniors will take on more debt, and many will seek assistance for the first time. doing what they can to get by because there's so many people going the same way that you are. don't ever, ever, ever be ashamed. now the u. s census reports about 10% of seniors were already living below the poverty line as inflation continues to make that problem worse, but we could see as a result is a rapid rise and senior homelessness in cleveland, stephen golan fox news. as the cost of basic
4:44 pm
necessities goes up, people all across the country are turning to food banks for help. this is the line of cars at st mary's food bank in phoenix earlier this week. officials there say they're seeing a 15 to 20% increase in people looking for help over this time last year, that's another 100 to 150 families per day. people struggling with those higher prices. hard for me to keep up h my bills, gas and, you know groceries are going up sky high, so you know, just doing it to survive since i'm on a monthly income of just you know my disability. now here in the bay area, the alameda county food bank says it's serving 30,000 more meals per day this month than it did in march. well a week ago. at this time, we're
4:45 pm
attracting some showers, some thunderstorms and even some serious snowfall and all that activity last week impacting the drought report this week, which is issued every thursday. and here is the latest version as you can see the maps and some improvement because we were kind of in this area here in the extreme drought, so we right now, most areas as you can see in the in the severe drought, so obviously we're still in drought and there's no real significant rainfall or forecast, but at least it was nice to track those systems last week, which helped us out a little bit with the rainfall and the sierra snowfall. take a look, though we are going to warm things up in your friday forecast. everybody has an up barrel. you're going to notice a bit compared to today's readings. in fact, today probably one of the coolest days of the week somewhere warm things up for your friday and that warm up will continue into the weekend as well. now the winds have been the big story over the past day or so you can see right now. fairfield westerly 23 miles an hour, some stronger winds and some strong winds on this site and these panels as well for san jose mountain view only 14 miles an
4:46 pm
hour, but out toward the coast happened a 17 and look at the stronger winds out toward hayward, san carlos and sfo right now sustained when at 36. gusting to 54 miles an hours. that's a very strong wind right now out toward sfo and also even right around two portions of the bay itself. here is our satellite to this afternoon. we do have mostly clear skies over a good portion of the bay area. some cloud cover up to our north. and current numbers out there for the four o'clock hour right now we have fifties and san francisco santa rosa checking in 70 and some sixties for concord, walnut creek and livermore. here's a live camera looking out towards mount diablo this afternoon where we still have a bit of some haze but still mostly clear skies. still a windy afternoon across parts of the bay area, but those winds expected to back off late tonight into your into a friday morning, so cool start tomorrow morning. most areas will be the forties and the afternoon highs back up into the upper fifties to the upper seventies. this is the current pattern. this system
4:47 pm
up here and also what you can see that northwest flow setting up in the upper levels. also mixing down the surface. this area of high pressure wants to rebuild for tomorrow. so we're going to warm things up in your friday forecast and just some subtle changes in the upper level wind pattern this could bring in a few clouds on saturday, but it's still mild to warm. it's going to be nice weekend here. in in the bay area. here is our forecast model , maybe a few high class or at the afternoon hours on friday saturday because some showers up to the north of the bay area around the north coast, but we'll just have a few clouds drifted into the region as we start off the weekend. forecast ties for tomorrow. san francisco 65 santa rosa 76 getting warm inland in the mid to upper seventies for tomorrow afternoon . this pattern will stick around into the weekend. on monday. we could be tracking a few extra clouds around here, but that's just about it. a slight chance of a sprinkle up in the north bay, and it looks like another springtime warmup that wants to settle in for next week's the weekend will be nice. and warmer temperatures into next week. alright, that does sound good,
4:48 pm
mark. thank you. i knew study of dog behavior suggests the breed is actually a very little importance when it comes to predicting a dog's personality. this revelation comes even as the american kennel club describes the ideal form and temperament of more than 200 dog breeds after gathering extensive behavior data for more than 18,000, dog owners and sequencing the dna of more than 2000 of those pets. researchers found strikingly few links between breed and behavioral traits. based on what we saw in our own data is that we couldn't find any evidence that ancestry from any particular breed actually has an influence on things like whether dogs are reacting aggressively to two things in their environment. and what that suggests to us is that those that that kind of facet of behavior is very shaped by by by dogs, environment and by their life experiences and very little by their genetics. this may come
4:49 pm
as a surprise to many dog lovers as there are both good and bad stereotypes attached to a number of different breeds, the researchers say, rather than buying a dog based on its pedigree, potential owners should spend time with the specific animal and see if it's a good fit. interesting idea. alright well, a former marine is back on american soil after a very dramatic prisoner swap with russia, now families of other detained americans are wondering when they'll see their loved ones again. coming up. we will have the white house and what it says it's doing to bring all of those captive americans back home. also pg and e has increased the price of power bills also increasing the utilities profits for the first quarter of the year. coming up tonight at five o'clock, we're hearing what a consumer advocate says you should do about this. and we'll look at the implications of elon musk steel with twitter if approved for the social media platforms, investors, employees and users
4:50 pm
under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home
4:51 pm
and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
4:52 pm
mist in ukraine are now within safe levels, the director of the international atomic energy agency says plant workers have been able to return to the plant after russian troops dug up the site. i wouldn't recommend anybody to start excavating a place that it's known to have been, you know, subject to hide doses of radiation. there is a risk there, but as you know, this is probably a decision taken by military or security force. i don't know. and what kind of circumstances i don't know. with what kind of protective equipment these are unknowns. for us. but quite clearly, it's not a place to have a picnic or excavate. no. the director emphasized that even though the radiation levels are considered within safety,
4:53 pm
safe parameters, there are still significant health risks. former marine trevor reid is back in america today after a dramatic prisoner exchange with russia foxes christina coleman has more now and how he's adjusting to being back home. trouble reed is back home. he landed at a military base in san antonio early thursday morning after being held in a russian prison for much of the past three years . the former marine appeared frail as he was escorted to the plane that took him out of moscow again. a stark contrast to the man he was traded for drug smuggler constantine yaroshenko, who claimed he was mistreated while jelled in the us. the release came despite deteriorating relations between the us and russia. as the war in ukraine rages on. i do believe that it's something positive to see that there is a line of communication between the united states and russia. meantime other americans are still being held captive in russia,
4:54 pm
including w nba star britney griner, the two time olympic gold medalist, was taken into custody in february after russian officials allegedly found marijuana oil in her luggage and former marine paul whelan is stuck in russia serving a 16 year sentence. after he was convicted for espionage. our objective is to bring all americans who are detained who are held who are away from their families home from overseas. we spoke with paul whelan's twin brother, david, shortly after the release of trevor reid. he says he is happy the russians released read , though he wishes state department officials would communicate with his family. much more sort of have a sense that the u. s government will act in certain cases. and so why didn't they ask in hours and was taken into custody in december of 2018 52 year old is currently being forced to work in a russian labor camp in los angeles. christina coleman fox news. global outbreak of pediatric hepatitis has health officials on alert coming up
4:55 pm
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and good good sauce. ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. order on the jack app today. theatrical. has health officials on high alert, a mystery strain of the illness has been detected already in several u. s. states and close to one dozen different countries. foxes molly line shows us the cdc is implementing a national health alert as they continue to monitor those cases. health officials are on high alert following an unexplainable rise and hepatitis and adina virus cases in children around the globe. outbreaks of the two illnesses first began last october in alabama. since then cluster infections of rare acute hepatitis have been detected in the us, europe and asia. health experts say many of the children who contracted the illness where previously healthy and none had covid-19 in the past. so far, at
4:58 pm
least 169 cases of acute hepatitis have been reported from 11 countries in europe. and in the united states in children aged from one month to 16 years. the outbreak has prompted the cdc to issue a national health alert. doctors are asking parents to keep a close watch for symptoms for both illnesses , which include abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting, among others. hepatitis is often mild in children and can go undetected, but doctors warn that severe cases can require hospitalization and in some cases lead to liver failure. there's always concerned when um , when we see that there's a cluster of some type of infection occurring because we don't know if that means the rise in cases comes as another disease. measles has surged 79% worldwide in children due to vaccination disruptions caused by covid-19 illnesses are real and they can't come back and we can have outbreaks. the cause of
4:59 pm
the spike and hepatitis cases worldwide is not known at this time, but officials have ruled out any connection to covid-19 covid-19 vaccine as most of the children who got ill were not eligible for the vaccine at that time in boston, molly line fox news ktvu fox two news at five starts now. the one time your truck. ramping you know your store. i don't think anything can prevent them to come in. and east bay business owner is searching for answers after two pharmacies that he owns are targeted by crooks after hours and the crimes are all caught on camera. both instances saw a similar result. medications stolen. good evening, everyone and thank you for joining us today at five heather holmes everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. those break ins happen only two days apart in oakland's chinatown are crime reporter henry lee is here now, after talking with the owner of both those stores, henry franken heather. the actual thefts were
5:00 pm
relatively minor, but the damage was in the tens of thousands of dollars. the latest invasions of pharmacies in the middle of the night. surveillance for the shows a u haul truck pulling up to new oakland pharmacy in the city's chinatown before dawn thursday, and soon this happens , the driver repeatedly backs into the business near ninth and webster knocking through its gates at about 3 20 in the morning. the pharmacy forced open in the middle of the night and then six people. you know the line into the pharmacy? here's another view from a camera inside the store. you see the truck, ending up almost completely in the lobby after the fourth ramming before it goes back out burglars they are very, very present has owned the pharmacy for decades. it caters to senior citizens in chinatown as well as the homeless. he spent much of the morning cleaning up the mess and surveying the damage left behind when the truck plowed right through thick bars, two sets of locks and the steel frame the one time your truck. ramping you know your store


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