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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 29, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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schd school district. the impact on campus today as teachers protest approved school closures. also an american killed while fighting in ukraine the questions surrounding his death. then marin county response to an increase in covid cases there the new, tighter safety recommendations being put into place the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach oakland teachers are staging a one day strike to protest school closures. the oakland unified school district did advise parents to keep their children home for the day. and right now the teachers have gathered at lake merritt. they give you sally rasmus joins us live from the newsroom with what they hope to accomplish with this strike alley teachers. we've spoken to say they hope to send a message to the school board and the oakland unified school district. this one day strike is in response to u. s. d s plan to close and merge 11 schools, some of them as soon as the end of this school year. right now. the
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teachers on strike and some of the families and parents who support them are gathering at lake merritt. just minutes ago, we spoke to some parents at the event who explained why they are upset about the district's plan to close 11 schools. this school closure plan was done without any, um, equity analysis, which is something that the district has pledged to do. the school culture plan came out of the blue with very little or seemingly no input from families. don't close the schools until you've heard us until you've listened to us until we have time to talk about this. and in the school board just ignored it and they just moved forward and they have this mathematical basis for closing the schools that hasn't panned out in the past. it does not have to be this way. we're community schools received the necessary funding resources and leadership. we can expect to see higher student achievement and graduation rates. we can expect to see our children and
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communities thriving. we cannot let these school closures happened. the school is basically my neighborhood school . these kids are my neighbors. um, yeah, it's just you know that these kids are going to have a hard transition next year and that the district is not really going to support them, which we've seen with other school closures. and earlier this morning, teachers formed picket lines in front of several usd schools, including parker elementary, which you see here. that's one of the schools slated for closure and just a matter of weeks at the end of the school year, oakland unified school district says these closures are necessary to deal with a steep budget deficit in a statement to ktvu, the district's chief academic officer, says in our district we've been facing declining enrollment for decades. sustaining many small schools stretches our resources thinly across too many schools instead of allowing us to invest more deeply in fewer schools and quote, according to data from the district. parker elementary , for example, has lost about 120 students. in the past five
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years now, the one day strike continues throughout the day, and later this afternoon, the teachers union will join up with members of the longshore workers union for a rally at oakland city hall. garcia and mike back to you. ali rasmus. thank you. a former u. s. marine has been killed in ukraine. 22 year old willy cancel was hired by a private military contractor to fight with ukrainian forces. his mother says he wanted to go because he deeply supported the cause. his family says the contractor notified them about his death. but they have many questions. they don't know specifically how he died and his body was not yet recovered. people fighting alongside cancel say they couldn't retrieve his body because they would risk getting killed themselves. council was originally from new york state. he was married and had a seven month old the russian invasion of ukraine is showing no signs of letting up after a major missile attack rocked the ukrainian capital, just hours after a visit from the u. n secretary general jenkins brings us the latest from kiev, ukraine. russian
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forces are stepping up their attacks all over ukraine on day 65 of the invasion, the russian military making a big push into don boss the country's industrial heartland, but appear to be making only minor gains so far and here in kiev. russian missiles hitting a weapons facility in department building close to where president zelinsky met with the u. n secretary general, a grim reminder that the capital remains a target. mr putin showed his middle finger to us by firing and destroying our homes. putin's goal is not buildings. his goal is people's lives, but we will endure russian forces also intensifying their efforts to eliminate the last pocket of resistance in mario opal. on thursday, they bombed a ukrainian field hospital. they're killing or injuring dozens. of soldiers, officials are now calling for nato to intervene, saying it's the only way to stop the city from falling into russian hands. are allies join in with this war, the sooner we will stop this war, which is now
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destroying our houses and killing our residents and back in washington lawmakers passing a bill that updates the world war two era. lend lease act, which they say will give the white house more freedom to send military aid to ukraine at a faster pace. as war rages in ukraine every minute matters it's about time this strong action can mean the difference between lives saved and lives lost. president biden is asking congress for an additional $33 billion, of which 20 billion will come in the form of direct military aid. in kiev, ukraine, griff jenkins, ktvu, fox two news. here in the bay area. the centers a shark's charity is helping with relief efforts in ukraine. the sharks foundation has donated $100,000 to unicef, unicef, humanitarian efforts are focused on safety and health care and providing clean water and proper nutrition to the people of ukraine. the group also works to safeguard children's rights and plans for a safe future. for ukrainians.
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the sharks foundation is encouraging all sharks fans to donate to unicef usa plan to build student housing right near uc berkeley is getting some resistance. a group of people showed up on campus to protest views. james torres has more on how the university is now responding. first park a little more than a dozen people stood shoulder to shoulder in front of, say, there's gate on u. c berkeley's campus like they're here, like like every month, so it's almost normal. at this point. we're students not fazed by the demonstration, but are living with the message. it addresses cows housing crisis. earlier this year, a judge froze student enrollment requiring school officials to admit about 3000 fewer students until it creates housing that meets its growing population. the state legislature bypass that the city mayor of berkeley is hoping to create more opportunity. you know the campuses set of policy that they will not build on the campus park itself. um and i think they should reconsider that, as there is land that's
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available to build student housing. other campuses built housing on the on their actual campus park itself. the latest proposal 1100 units at people's park about three blocks from campus, but those protesting today say that's not the solution worrying about preserving the historic counter culture of the sixties. and the people who live in tents at the park. we genuinely care about these people. many of us have been organizing here for you know, over years at the park, right? and so we have relationships with the residents here, right? we know them by name. i mean, i personally have been feeding the park every week. you know multiple times a week for over a year. now you see, berkley provided this statement to ktvu saying, in part we appreciate extensive support for the project from city hall. the community business leaders and, according to a recent independent study 65% of our students the campus is also grateful for a partnership with the city of berkley that is enabling us to offer transitional housing and a
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new daytime drop in center for unhappy people who are currently living and or gathering in the park. the university does have a plan to relocate some of the homeless encampment to a nearby hotel, paid for by state homeless grant. the demonstration on campus did see some confrontation. the longer term answer is to create relations. the university says they are moving forward with plans to build this summer while students wait to see how housing continues to play out. i feel like if they could build literally anywhere else, they'd save themselves a lot of trouble in berkeley. i'm james torres ktvu news. do it noon. attorney general rob bonta is in the bay area where he announced new efforts to crack down on organized retail theft. bonta says the chp s organized retail crime task force has taken down a statewide organized theft ring. it was responsible for more than $1 million in debt from stores and nine different counties. two of the ringleaders have entered felony guilty pleas in the department of justice has filed charges against two
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others. the suspects entered stores by breaking and entering through exterior doors and stealing high end jewelry throughout nine california counties from north to south bay area sacramento, including contra costa. fresno kern kings , plaster sacramento, san bernardino, santa clarita and to larry the attorney general also announced the launch of the statewide portal for the public to supply tips related to organized retail theft. it will allow anyone with information, including photos and video to contact the department of justice county is responding to a recent increase in covid cases by tightening safety recommendations for events such as proms and graduations. according to the marine independent journal, the county health department says there's been a big increase in cases following spring break in recent events recently, more than 50. students at redwood high tested positive following that school's prom. earlier this month, dozens of students tested positive
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after school trip to washington , d. c. the county's advising schools to require proof of vaccination, negative covid tests and masks if large events are held indoors. the berkeley unified school district has released new numbers on covid. the data show. new cases tripled to berkeley schools last week compared to the week before. the district says it had 91 new cases last week, likely due to the highly transmissible omicron baron and the loosening of mass restrictions. health department says the increase reflects an uptake in covid cases across the bay area. the fda announced today. covid vaccines could be available for children five and under by june, the fda plans to hold meetings on june 8th june 21st june 22nd to review applications from moderna and fighter for child vaccines. the fda meetings are typically the final step for the authorization of the rollout of the vaccine to come. at noon, thousands of a area families displaced from their homes in the coming months. the threat they face when it comes to rental assistance, plus another report reflecting the surgeon prices,
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but some economists say there is a bright spot. i'm either rivera in washington, with details coming up up to 10 degrees warmer today and throughout many neighborhoods and compares into yesterday, but the change in the forecast for the weekend that you need to know about the full forecast straight ahead is the news continues right here on fox two.
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heln additional $4 billion worth of stock yesterday. that's on top of the $4 billion he sold on tuesday. proceeds from this week's sales covers close to 20% of his $44 billion agreement by twitter. musk tweeted yesterday that he was not planning to sell any more shares at this time. chevron's profits more than quadrupled during the first quarter of this year. analysts say that's due mostly to higher oil and gas prices. chevron reported $6.3 billion in earnings during the first quarter of the year. that's out from nearly $1.4 billion during the same quarter last year. the bad news on the economy just keeps coming with another report closely watched by the federal reserve, showing a spike in inflation. madeline rivera breaks down the data in washington. more clouds on the horizon for the economy report friday, showing prices for goods and services jumped 6.6% in
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march compared to a year ago, saying for months ah the economy was growing too fast. it was too hot that was generating inflation, the higher costs of nearly everything from food to gas cutting into people's wages. personal income did go up 0.5% in march, but it's still not enough to keep up with the pace of inflation when you have an 8.5% inflation rate, that means the rest of the economy has to grow by more than 8.5% just to stay. even still, spending hasn't slowed down, picking up 1.1% last month and keeping the economy chugging along. the data a bright spot after the entire economy shrink 1.4% in the first quarter of the year, raising fears of a recession. no one is predicting every session now that predicting there some are predicting that maybe recession. in 2023. i am concerned about the trickle of tough news painting a gloomy mood for the white house and democrats ahead
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of the midterms would hope one big takeaway from this is he moves the bill back better plan off the table. he moves the tax increases off the table next week, the federal reserve will likely raise interest rates to try and tame inflation that would be mortgages on houses, car loans and credit card debt would become more expensive to in washington. now, the rivera ktvu, fox two news stocks are sliding on this news, putting major indexes back into the red for the week. after a lot of up and down over the past few days. jones is down by 745 points, losing more than two full percentage points. s and p is down by three. nasdaq mike is down by 3.5% drop right there. friday afternoon. not as windy as the last couple of days as we check back in with roberta gonzalez, still a nice spring day. very nice, but the winds they will be increasing later today. all right, so you have been forewarned, especially along the immediate seashore. but it's definitely a warmer day in his mic was alluding to a lovely spring day here in the bay area. it's our live weather camera looking out over the city
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of san francisco. past the salesforce tower. we could see all the way into the eastern and northern portions of the bay area where we have mostly sunny skies. visibility is unlimited at this hour and temperatures have taken a big swing upward. check out their field now at 76 degrees boy compared that with half moon bay at 57 degrees, we're working microclimates here sixties to the north sixties to the south and smack in between. we have hayward now at 59 degrees. i wanted to share the winds with you because they have increased along the seashore 16 mph and these winds will become more notable during the afternoon. our as they become more westerly onshore push 10 to 20 mph and when that wind does blow pressures the pollen around we have the tree count still on the high side, and you can blame it on the alder, the mulberry and the oak trees, grass counties beginning to come into play as well. so here's what you need to know. sunshine today with increasing winds. we have some partial cloudy skies in the
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early evening hours and becoming clear overnight with those winds, 10 to 20 and occasional gusts up to 30 along the media at sea shore and then warmer days ahead for your weekend, even though we have this right here, a couple of different areas of low pressure too cold for as well established in the north of the bay area, our future cast does illustrate that we have increasing cloud cover across the northwestern quadrant of the state, even a few raindrops by saturday night. otherwise we are under the influence of high pressure. until this guy right here moves into the picture on monday, increasing our cloud cover becoming mostly cloudy, but it will be dry. so today and tomorrow, high pressure contributing to warmer temperatures. but with those systems to the north of us, it is breezy with the temperatures span of 58 to 78 degrees, so let's pinpoint your neighborhood forecast. talking about pacifica mid fifties low sixties around the mission district, backing through marina green 74 degrees in santa rosa to napa napa started the morning at 39 degrees. that was a very chilly
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start 75 today and conquered 68 hayward, backing through castro valley and notice the string seventies lining the peninsula to 74 degrees. in morgan hill. now tonight, overnight will dip down to 42 napa will take that instead of that 39 degree reading forties around qatari and windsor, backing through hills, berg and greenville, 47. degrees and piedmont and also in oakland 41 degrees in morgan hill. here's your extended forecast for calling for nothing but sunshine, although will it up a bit and bring down the temperature on monday rebounded to warmer conditions on tuesday. hey, garcia, mike next time around, i'm going to talk about rain back in the picture like the sound of that, alright, thanks, roberta still to come here at noon. it's being called racist and dangerous. what? we're learning about a new game at the center of controversy in the city of venetia and how one student says this hateful
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uh is at the center of a controversy it is called racist and insensitive, and some students say it led t to get some ice cream turned into a traumatic experience for a z. chavez and his girlfriend, allie z, a 16 year old high school student from venetia said they were just leaving the double rainbow in downtown when two cars full of people pulled up beside them. and started to
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verbally harassed them, he said . they shouted racial slurs and someone fired pellets as they tried to walk away. i am disgusted disgusted that within this town that i trusted the town that i have fallen in love with and the town that i have serviced with my own hard work exists. hate. hate for people who look like me. hate for people who look like my partner who was black. this happened the night of friday, april 8th the same night a controversial game called mummy. gra was also being played. many students in the district take part is the slang term for ice, immigration and customs enforcement. the older teens pretend to be the ice agents and go around town trying to catch the younger students who pretend to be immigrants trying to run. this has been something that has been going on for a very long time. and if you do not address it it will be going on. even further. hakeem brown with the chapter of lazio and venetia said there should be no tolerance for this type of
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behavior. the police chief also said it causes problems every time it's played. we have a in dark clothing. we've had reports of kids. hopping fences running in and out of traffic, doing dangerous things. calls for service go up, and they have to bring in additional officers on overtime. but we can't arrest our way out of this problem. unified school district has said it does not condone this game. the game does take place after school hours and off campus indonesia. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. new at noon . us senator alex padilla is in the east bay today, highlighting a new community responders program in oakland, senator petitjean mayor libby schaaf hosted a roundtable at city hall with oakland fire department officials and first responders. much of the discussion focused on the status of the mobile assistance community responders of oakland, or macro pilot program, which launched earlier this month, the first of its kind in oakland have experts in mental health and the escalation respond to nonviolent emergency calls. five am just really proud
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that we made a clear decision to help this program and the fire department and deputy chief brighton leadership with the fire department. had open arms to create this. macron's crews are made up of oakland native some used to be homeless or formerly incarcerated. california's budget surplus now totals a record $68 billion state senate democrats are discussing how to use that money. senate democrats have proposed an $8 billion plan to give $200 checks to every taxpayer who makes less than $125,000 a year and $200 for each dependent. that's in contrast to the governor's $9 billion proposal to give $400 rebates to car owners as well as three months of free public transit to certain people. lawmakers and the governor have until the end of june to approve a new budget for the next fiscal year. starting sunday, a new state law will give adults age 50 or older healthcare coverage , regardless of their immigration status. health equity experts say many immigrants do not go to the
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doctor to treat an illness until it's too late. well, starting may 1st to change the medical removes immigration restrictions. officials estimate about 235,000 individuals will be eligible for coverage. under this change. california is the first state in the nation to offer healthcare coverage to all low income residents, regardless of immigration status still to come at noon, structural engineers called the inspector bridge by lake merritt. what we're learning about the fire investigation and the damage from these flames, plus more states reporting possible cases of hepatitis in kids, um
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. ♪ ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the coast, ♪ ♪ el estado with the most. ♪ ♪ we do tacos from the city to every little town. ♪ ♪ best bites. best vibes. ♪ ♪ california, hands down. ♪ ♪ go on and check my drip. ♪
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prot now the teachers on strike and some of their families, parents and students who support them have actually gathered at lake marriott earlier this morning, teachers form picket lines in front of several schools in oakland, they're upset about the district's plan to close 11 schools. they say the plan disproportionately affects black and brown students in disadvantaged neighborhoods. this school closure plan was done without any, um, equity analysis, which is something that the district has pledged to do. the school culture plan came out of the blue with very little or seemingly no input from families. it does not have to be this way. we're community
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schools received the necessary funding resources and leadership . we can expect to see higher student achievement and graduation rates. oakland unified asked parents to keep their children at home today. the district calls this strike illegal and says the school closures are the result of declining enrollment and it's $50 million budget deficit. a new report reveals that more than 13,000 bay area families have been denied relief funds from the states $5.5 billion emergency rental assistance program, the window for new applications for the program closed at the end of march. and lawmakers have until june 30th to distribute the money, but data from the national equity atlas analyzed for the bay area news group shows 10 to 20% of bay area applicants have been denied so far. alameda county has the highest rate of denials at 21% advocates say more denials will hurt both renters and landlords to people are due
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back in court today to face charges in the kidnapping of a three month old little boy in san jose earlier this week. ktvu jesse gary brings us details on what happened in court yesterday and reaction from the little boy's mother. familiar in spanish. the infant's mother says she wants justice to be done in the case of two people accused of kidnapping her child . we are always incredibly concerned. when a child is taken from his mother. this is more unusual. and more frightening. senior ramirez and jose patio set a few feet from each other in superior court in san jose thursday afternoon. both are charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping, kidnapping and burglary. prosecutors say the pair know each other and the baby's mother through church. the two suspects hatched a plan to kidnap the three month old boy monday following a grocery shopping trip. investigators say patio is the man in this
12:32 pm
surveillance video taking the child from a second floor apartment on elm street. around one p.m. many of us have grown up. seen children's pictures on the back of milk cartons, the children missing and never recovered. and we were very concerned that something like that might happen. in this case, this crime touched off a massive search involving sjp de santa clara county sheriff's deputies , the chp and the fbi. nearly 20 . hours later, the baby was found near regional medical center. the fact that the police found the child so quickly made it difficult if there had been any plans to move the baby to another location. the two suspects in court. they're being held with no bail and have a restraining order in place. a third man bald emilio sandoval, was released from the county jail wednesday after all charges were dropped, police investigators say if new evidence comes to light implicating him in the kidnapping, he'll be rearrested. outside the hall of justice in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox
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two news, structural engineers are keeping a good eye on a bridge in oakland after a large fire shut down traffic. their crews were called to the bridge south of lake merritt, near the kaiser convention center last night. ktvu jana katsuyama spoke with one man who says he lost all of his belongings in that fire. smoke and flames billowed out from beneath lake merritt boulevard, right where an overpass crossed the waterway video from a drone and images posted on the citizen app showed the intensity of the fire when it first broke out. the location under the road was difficult to access. a total of 22 oakland firefighters for engines and a truck rushed to put out the fire column of black smoke was visible from a distance. the fire chief said. they made sure not to use foam so it would not contaminate the water in the estuary. the battalion chief also said one person had an encampment there. he was not injured, but he says all of his possessions there, including materials for an art project were completely destroyed tools and had hundreds hundreds of
12:34 pm
dollars of art material. i had collectible monies. i have ritual items right now. you know , we're just working on finding out if the individual would like additional housing opportunities and anything that we can provide as a department and a city to help them whether their house doran housed definitely our hearts go out to them because we care about everyone, and we care about you know their property. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. across the bay now, where owners of a jewelry store in san francisco's marina district or cleaning up the damage after burglars broke in and smashed the display cases. this is what happened at the margaret elizabeth jewelry store. the owner of the business, says the thieves got away with tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry. the store was also broken into last august. san francisco police are investigating a business owner is searching for answers after two pharmacies he owns were targeted by thieves. ktvu crime reporter henry lee talked with the owner who says the crime was caught on camera. surveillance video shows a u
12:35 pm
haul truck pulling up to new oakland pharmacy in the city's chinatown before dawn thursday, and soon this happens, the driver repeatedly backs into the business near ninth and webster knocking through its gates at about 3 20 in the morning. the pharmacy forced open in the middle of the night and then six people. you know, beeline into the pharmacy. here's another view from a camera inside the store. you see the truck, ending up almost completely in the lobby after the fourth ramming before it goes back out burglart has owned the pharmacy for decades. it caters to senior citizens in chinatown as well as the homeless. he spent much of the morning cleaning up the mess and surveying the damage left behind when the truck plowed right through thick bars, two sets of locks and the steel frame the one time your truck. ramping you know your store. i don't think anything can prevent them to come in. tam is also reeling from another break in at another pharmacy owned just a half block away at about 3 30
12:36 pm
tuesday morning, eight people used a crowbar to force their way into the business, also called new oakland pharmacy. but they were also armed. i think they really want to show that they have a gun because they passed the gun among themselves . in both cases, the burglars didn't get away with much. just a few bottles of cough syrup containing prometheus scene and codeine, which can be abused. but their most suggests they meant business. they come well prepared because we know that they're professionals. they all wear gloves and also the way they park their cars. you cannot see the license plate pharmacies across oakland and throughout the bay area have been hit by caravans of thieves. this video shows a large group of burglars inside wellspring pharmacy on piedmont avenue in oakland back in november, even though the loss was relatively minimal damage was extensive. and so the owner tells me he will not have to spend extra to fortify his stores in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news armed surveillance video in berkeley captured the moment car was burglarized. you can see a man get out of an audi a four and then break into an older model
12:37 pm
of the same car, ransacks the car before getting back into his own car and then driving away. the vehicle's owner says nothing of value is stone, but this is the fourth time his vehicle has been targeted. and we're starting to see new video now from san leandro of an armed carjacking from above the alameda county sheriff's office took this video showing the suspect driving more than 100 miles an hour on city streets. the driver eventually stopped the vehicle and then ran away. but he was caught and arrested. no one was hurt in the incident. police in oakland are still searching for two thieves who opened fire on a woman after she confronted them while they were breaking into her car. this happened early yesterday morning at 19th and broadway right in downtown oakland. oakland police say at least one gunshot was fired at the woman. she wasn't hit. people who live and work in the area, say gunfire tied to car break ins is now becoming more and more common there in downtown oakland. it's gotten so bad that even if you see your car broken into, it's not worth saying anything. police say the two thieves ran to the area of
12:38 pm
22nd and telegraph officers set up a roadblock, but they were not able to capture them. the number of use of force incidents involving vallejo pd is on the decline, according to the police department, new data shows officers were able to limit the use of guns, batons and neck restraints last year even as more suspects resisted officers. we implemented de escalation training that's coupled with crisis intervention training, and one of the key principles is to, um wait for cover and to have additional support before force is applied so it's the data is available on the vallejo police department's website, the police officers union argued there were fewer incidents because there were fewer officers actually patrolling the streets. the company that analyzed the data disputes that and says the data shows an increase in officers president at use of force incidents, not a decrease. public health officials are racing to understand why hepatitis cases are on the rise in children. the world health organization and
12:39 pm
cdc of both issued warnings about the illness this month. alexis mcadams has this report. cases of unexplained hepatitis and children ticking upward and in some cases, causing severe liver damage. health experts now scrambling to figure out a cause. we then looked at all the different, you know, captain causes for why this was happening. couldn't recognize any of those top 10 in wisconsin officials now investigating at least four possible cases of hepatitis around five other states are also reporting the illness, including alabama. california and illinois. doctors say some of these patients have sky high liver numbers. normal liver numbers are around 35. these patients are coming in with levels over 3000. on thursday, the world health organization said about 170 cases have been reported globally so far. that's up from about 75 cases in the uk two weeks ago. in 10% of these cases , children needed liver transplants. health experts say
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no cause has been identified yet that would link all of these cases. british health officials add. some of the patients have tested positive for the virus that causes the cold along with other illnesses. some people think it might be an adenovirus , which is that, you know, kind of common cold virus, but because kids have been not exposed to that they're just not used to it. doctors now urging parents to look out for the symptoms like fever fatigue. week and loss of appetite. i don't think parents shouldn't be overly concerned. but i do think that scientists should be looking very carefully at this, the cdc asking doctors to notify the agency of any suspected cases of pediatric hepatitis in new york. alexis mcadams ktvu fox two news. still to come here at noon, terrifying moments for a family in southern california . what we're learning about a young girl who was attacked by a coyote right near the huntington's beach pier. we have a baseball game in town tonight . so we have that giants forecast plus your weekend weather outlook as a news
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i wa coyote at huntington's beach. this happened last night just before tenure, the huntington's beach pier, her mother and her two children were near the water when the cow d suddenly ran over and bit the toddler. when is the say this isn't the first time they've seen coyotes in the area. on several occasions they have chased both myself and my wife down the road again. i have
12:44 pm
a very bright flashlight and pepper spray that i use just to defend ourselves. but i would say it happens every single time we jog in the morning. officials of the california department of fish and wildlife tracked down two coyotes in the area they euthanized. one of them will use the d n a test to see if it's the same coyote responsible for the attack. the little girl is expected to recover. many of san francisco's preschool teachers say they just can't afford to live in the city where they work. but as ktvu christian captain reports, some will soon be getting a raise, thanks to a major investment from the city. to busy playing and learning to worry about bills, but many of their teachers do worry about their bills, has been an educator for 30 years and is now teaching preschoolers timing head start program. is the foundation is like when you build a house. they have to have a strong family nation. that's what we did for the children to. they have to have a strong foundation in order for them and regularly kindergarten. and the
12:45 pm
middle school, high school and college, she says she's watched as the high cost of living in san francisco has driven others out of the profession. investing in the teachers is important, too, because right now, like a lot of people are leaving this field because we're not getting paid enough. now the city of san francisco has announced a $60 million initiative aimed at giving those educators raises. the program will make sure educators at tax funded early childhood education facilities received between eight and as much as $30,000 raises. the goal is to make sure that at least every child care provider that we fund through the city is making a minimum wage of $28 an hour, yang, executive director at qiming says the raises will help him hold onto the best and brightest teachers. they have to choose all i'm going to stay in my going to find another opportunities. so this increase from the eec department of childhood. really increase, uh,
12:46 pm
the way really have us to retain teacher. finally, the rays will mean she can focus on the kids. not her bills means that my budget is not so tight. i have to come on everybody that i spend. the $60 million used to pay for these early childhood educators comes from proposition c funds approved by voters in san francisco in 2018. those funds were held up until last year by court battles in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. salesforce employees across the country will be able to speak out about harassment and discrimination in the workplace more easily, according to bloomberg salesforce announced today that its entire workforce will not be liable for violating a nondisclosure agreement if they're discussing unlawful activities such as harassment and discrimination. last year, california passed a law called the silence, no more act, which protects employees right to discuss harassment and discrimination, even if they signed the n d. a washington also passed a similar law, but
12:47 pm
it only covered employees in those states. salesforce announced today it will now extend the protection to employees nationwide. alright, let's see if we can't get outside in this gorgeous friday afternoon weather roberta gonzalez the next couple of days look pretty good to the whole weekend. it's going to be spectacular, albeit a bit on the windy side. hey, bear with me for a moment here? yes in town tonight also wanted to give their forecasts. i can't find the new logo for the cleveland team. the guardians, guardians. that's right, but it's going to be 62 degrees. come 6 40 tonight, okay, but on the breezy side, but meanwhile, my story about the giants alec wood is on the mound for the good guys, the giants, but on the washington nationals. we've got aaron sanchez from my hometown of barstow. oh how about that? you got to people? what are the odds of having two people from barstow on tv on the same day valley, right? yeah yeah. so go giants. we've got your forecast for you because it's going to be
12:48 pm
a bit on the breezy side. if you're heading on out to the ballgame tonight. and the first pitch tonight is at 7 15. we will have clear skies. it will not be as windy as it has been in the past couple of nights, but nevertheless you gotta dress in layers with that wind up to 20 and go giants and go a xas. well live weather camera looking out towards the city of san francisco. visibility is unlimited at this. are you looking at the bay waters there where we do have a small craft advisory that goes into place. at three o'clock this afternoon until nine pm some of the winds up to 30 knots very choppy on her bay waters and look at our numbers all the way up to 68 degrees in concord. now in fact , these temperatures at least seven degrees warmer and san francisco compared to yesterday and about eight degrees warmer and conquered, and in san jose compared to 24 hours ago. santa rosa climbing five degrees warmer. this is a big, beautiful area, low pressure to the north of the bay area, bringing some precipitation to the pacific northwest lining the northwestern quadrant of the
12:49 pm
state of california with some high cloudiness. otherwise we have some clouds hit and mists working its way and throughout our forecast, and then on saturday, high pressure still in command. a little stratus around the standard cruise beaches. otherwise that fog will dissipate and monday an area low pressure brings rain showers and throughout humboldt. mendocino county's nothing extremely notable, but nonetheless that storm door is still open, but we are under the influence of high pressure these area of low pressure to the north of us keeping things under control like that high pressure is in building and causing the record warmth here, and we are seeing some breezy conditions as well. 24 mile per hour winds to kickstart your lunch hour on saturday and san francisco over the weekend, up to 23 30 mph and throughout the tri valley, and this is going to be pretty consistent through sunday into monday as he's low pressure systems continue to bear to the north of the bay area. because of pressure gradient on that
12:50 pm
dome of high pressure, and that's why we get the wind. so it is a lovely spring day, albeit breezy to windy, at times temperature span from 58 in pacifica. to 20 degrees warmer and throughout fairfield and travis and mountain house, 70 and fremont and in union city temperatures tonight overnight tumble into the forties 41 in santa rosa and in morgan hill, 42 napa, and that is a lot more tolerable than 39 degrees earlier this morning here is your extended forecast our temperatures kind of up and down, especially on monday with that system to the north of us. and i have to tell you, mike and garcia, looking at the long term computer models looks like may 5th. we could see more rain return here to the bay area. we'll take it. we'll take it. alright roberta. thank you have a great weekend still to come here at noon. many companies are bringing workers back to the office. but now a new surveys revealing what employees really think after they worked from home for
12:51 pm
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lou ensure women that discussing ideas and solutions to accelerate change towards gender equity in our latest voices for change program ktvu greg lee takes us to the power plus summit. he spoke with the organizer nicole mason. power plus summit, bringing together so many powerful talented women, all with the goal of moving towards gender equity. so describe the synergy in this place. well you know, so a lot of times when we think about, um gender quality gender parity. we work in silos like so, um, i usually talk to people on capitol hill policymakers. but i'm not talking to women who work in tech or in business. and so i thought. what would be great is if we bought women together, working across a variety of different sectors to really think about how we might
12:55 pm
move the needle and we got the power plus summit, the pay gap representation access to capital sexism. the list goes on women's faces a litany of challenges in the current situation here. but how important is it to celebrate successes and discuss solutions ? so you know to keep doing this work. we gotta stop and celebrate the progress. the success the winds. um but those winds and contacts and the need to be put into context. we have to understand that, for example , the pay gap is closed 20 cents and 50 years now you can say that's wow. that's progress. or you can say yeah, but that's also glacial and not fast enough because women are you losing earnings actually continue to do this work. so how do we accelerated. how do we close it faster? how do we think about it? and how do we do it? and what are the strategies? in this moment, we take the lessons that we learned in the pandemic that what we had been doing wasn't working systems were broken and
12:56 pm
say, how can we make systems that work for? everyone not just a few at the top, and so but we have to think about. well, how do we do that? what are the strategies? we can't sort of used the old strategies because we know they haven't worked. so what's new? how can we innovate? how can we think differently about these really complex social problems being able to be group in a space of women who are committed, uh to the same issues and figure out okay. what's next? how are we going to regroup? how are we going to get back out there and, um, i think that's what i felt yesterday that we're all in this together and we still have work to do. and i think people women on the stage but also attending said okay. rebecca in which i think is really important for people that weren't able to attend or not able to watch the stream. what do you want your message to be in this conferences message to be about the challenges women are facing. um the message is,
12:57 pm
while we've made progress, there's still so much work to be done and that everyone has a role to play men. women. politicians. policymakers everyday people this is we know these issues impact everyone when a woman is not earning what her male counterpart makes. it impacts the entire family tax the economy of the community. so um, it touches us. all these issues touch us all. we'll share more of our special program. voices for change the last sunday of every month you can head to ktvu .com to see all previous episodes working from home. it really did become the norm for many of us during the pandemic will now a recent survey finds 64% of workers would rather quit their job. then return to an office full time. the feeling is most prevalent among younger workers , roughly 71% of employees aged 18 to 24 said they would consider finding another job if
12:58 pm
their company asked them to return to the office. full time 61% of adults age 35 to 44 expressed the same sentiment. airbnb is now allowing its employees to live and work from anywhere in the united states. the company made the announcement after claiming to have just had the most productive two year stretch in the company's history. all while working remotely. airbnb is also allowing employees to live and work in many places around the world as long as they don't spend more than 90 days in one country, the san francisco based company has more than 200 job openings right now and in a statement, airbnb says quote companies will be at a significant disadvantage if they limit their talent pool to a commuting radius around their offices. the best people live everywhere, and three of the nfl draft happened today festivities being held in las vegas without a pick in the first round of 49ers will be far more active today. they have picked 61 in round two and two more selections in round three. defensive lineman eric armstead will announce the 49ers first
12:59 pm
selection. it appears the 49ers are holding onto wide receiver deebo samuel. they reportedly rejected trade offers, including the new york jets, 10th pick overall. other samuel wants out . the niners are hoping to mend the relationship, and they need him to help trey lance lead the offense. today is arbor day, and santa clara county is launching an effort to plan 1000 trees on and around school campuses. the tree planting is a partnership between the county and the santa clara office of education officials say the goal is to help improve so called trade desserts and encourage a sense of environmental stewardship among children in the county. the guinness certified largest bounce house in the world has arrived in the north bay. the big bounce america's on tour in this weekend will be at the sonoma county fairgrounds in santa rosa. this massive bounce house stands at 32 ft. tall and covers more than 16,000 square feet. tickets are available. leave they begin at $19. but let's do it huge. never too old,
1:00 pm
right? i hope i hope thanks so much for joining us today. have a great afternoon. i look forward to seeing you at ktvu news, 56, 10 and 11 starting on monday. absolutely. see you soon. >> ready for some good dish. >> it is our big baking show. >> tips for making the ultimate chocolate. >> cheesecake. you don't want to over mix the batter. yeah! yeah! ♪go get it go get it girlfriend♪. that's the move. yeah! this is a masterclass in cheesecake. >> and she's a tiktok sensation. grandma babs. she's revealing her number one, baking secret. plus, a genius hack for perfect pound cake. oh, wow. that's next. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world. >> life is more delicious when it is full of food and fun. >> everyone knows we have culinary experts and food on television


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