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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 30, 2022 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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10 o'clock news ktvu box too activists hope a rally outside police headquarters tonight will lead to change. good evening. i'm greg lee. activists who showed up at today's rally, want to see an end to what they call corruption in the east bay. they also want to see more transparency from law enforcement. ktvu is elissa harrington joins us live in the newsroom after speaking with some of those families, alyssa was very emotional. some family members broke down in tears while talking about what it has been like trying to get justice for their loved ones. they're calling for changes within the department and within the county. families impacted by police violence protested outside the eniac police department calling for transparency and accountability . we have been affected by these polices in this community in this department and something needs to be done. they shared
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stories about family members who were killed or injured in custody. catherine wade said her son milad was a victim of police brutality back in 2014, which lead to issues with mental illness. wait said officers involved in that incident were not disciplined. instead she saw them get promoted. i'm still traumatized because i tried everything i could to get justice and get these polices looked at. your reports did not match what happened to my son. police say baldwin was drunk, acting a radically and violently resisted officers. the family of angelo quinto was also there. the 30 year old died in december of 2020 after officers melt on his neck while he was suffering a mental health emergency he was experiencing and mental health crisis that might but he was not violent. did not have any weapons. and was not under the influence of any common substances of forensic
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pathologists, who contracts with the county said his death was caused by excited delirium. excited delirium is a widely denounced not even necessarily pseudoscientific, but junk science diagnosis. family members also spoke in support of a b 16 oh, eight, which would separate the sheriff and coroner roles. he's gotta go also want the contra costa county sheriff to resign last month, sheriff david livingston wrote a letter to stab defending deputy andrew hall, who was sentenced to six years in prison for a fatal police shooting in danville. activists also want the fbi to release names of any officers under investigation. we are here that shows how strong we are because we're not silenced, and we're not letting go of our loved ones. and they are remembered here today. today's demonstrations follows one last month were met many of the same family members and activists rallied outside the contra costa county sheriff's office calling for sheriff livingstone to resign. live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox
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two news. we heard back from any of the agencies in question today. we have not heard back from any of the police agencies involved in today's rally, but i will reach out again tomorrow and hopefully we will hear a response. alright, elissa harrington in the newsroom tonight. thank you for your reporting. thank you. a rookie san jose police officer who died suddenly last month died of a fentanyl overdose. the santa clara county medical examiner's office confirms the ktvu 24 year old dijon packer died of fentanyl toxicity. packer was a former star football player at san jose state and was just finishing up his first year as a san jose police officer. he was found unresponsive in his milpitas home on march 13th. san jose police released a statement reading in part we need to be mindful of the fact that we are not immune to issues that plague society in this case, substance abuse as humans. we are not perfect and mistakes will be made. after wellness is paramount and priority at our agency. we are also learning
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disturbing new details about the death of a 16 year old girl whose body was found on the street in san francisco earlier this year, autopsy records obtained by the chronicle show victoria's moran hilda, go may have been sexually assaulted at the time of her death. the death of the teenager from stanislaus county in february was previously deemed suspicious and was treated as a potential drug overdose. but now office says it cannot determine how she died, despite several drugs being found in her system. authorities in san mateo county are searching for answers tonight following a crash that killed at least two people, one of them a young child. the highway patrol says a pickup truck ran off highway one plunging down into the ocean. u s. coast guard has called off the search for a third possible victim after no one else was found in the area. ktvu james torres tells us what investigators know so far. california highway patrol says a 2012 toyota tacoma came out of
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the town of pescadero drove through the parking lot of the state beach here and came off the hill into the water into the rocks overturned. there they found two bodies, and now the search is on for a third. late friday night, the only cars parked at pescadero state beach are these first responders there figuring out how a 2012 toyota tacoma truck went from highway one. two rocks on the ocean. there's always a crash on highway one more often at devil's slide. but um, yeah, more often a lot on the san mchale coastline. people came out to the coastline to see for themselves by sunrise. chp already removed the truck from the water, but some evidence of the accident remains plastic from the truck. and dirt marks, marking where the truck was towed from. we are looking for witnesses. um hopefully some someone can come up and say that they were, um they saw what happened. or maybe they got there just shortly after. um
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however, we're going to base it on information that we get from the vehicle. um and then at the same time, um, try to do a 24 hour profile under and the people find out who they are. patrol says first responders found two bodies at the scene. a man in his forties. and a young girl. i just wondered if it was anyone local yeah. i don't know who it is. are you afraid to hear about someone or of course . yeah yeah. yeah small community and everybody knows everybody else. now the coast guard is attempting to find a third person think there might be a woman, but we don't know at this time it says to us just into now. chp says accidents do happen often along highway one. they remind all drivers to be mindful and careful on the road, especially at night. in this case, officers don't think the fog played a role in the crash but haven't yet rolled out, distracted, driving or driving under the influence. reporting in pescadero. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. new attends,
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starting tomorrow in the east bay. several trails in lime ridge will be closed due to pg any under grounding lines in the area, moving the power line through line bridge underground is part of pg and e is fire prevention efforts and is expected to reduce the risk of power lines, causing a wildfire. the construction efforts are expected to take two months and will be completed on july 1st. the trail closures include portions of parades. oh trail, a lonely trail and timber leaf trail. in new mexico more than 1000 firefighters backed by bulldozers in aircraft battled the largest active wildfire in the us today, strong winds pushed the fire across some containment lines and closer to a small city in northern new mexico. previous winds were so strong that fire ash was carried through the air and fell on the town of las vegas. new mexico officials say the fire has now destroyed at least 166 homes and charged 100 52 square miles. calmer winds today we're aiding
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the firefight. effort wildfires are also still burning elsewhere in new mexico and in arizona. to the latest in ukraine as russia intensifies its attacks on ukrainian cities and defensive lines. the united kingdom is sending war crimes experts to collect forensic evidence. to bring charges against the kremlin foxes. griff jenkins has more from keith. every night. there is bombardment was huge and heavy bombs. and every day. new desks, buildings reduced to rubble after russian troops launched a missile attack near kiev this week. the massive explosions, destroying buildings and burning vehicles in a parking lot near a railway in the city of fast eve, a large railway hub southwest of the ukrainian capital. the russian missiles flew in the city just hours after russian president
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vladimir putin vowed that his country's war goals will be quote unconditionally fulfilled . putin's remarks come as hundreds of people arrived in heart. kiev ukraine this weekend after being evacuated from the nearby village of roszke a loss of our after being under russian occupation. for more than a month. the evacuation effort in mario opal is at a standstill about 2000 fighters are believed to be holed up in the as of stall steel plant with about 1000 civilians in kiev, demonstrators holding signs and flags gathered to plead for those stuck in the facility. guys are rescuing our people. but who will rescue them? meanwhile the united kingdom is planning to send war crime experts to ukraine next mont to collect evidence they would need to b of making sure justice i done and then also, we call out rape as a use of weapon in war. it's done to
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subjugate women to destroy communities. and we want to see it stopped as the uk holds russian troops on the ground accountable. president biden is asking congress for $20 billion for more military aid, including the heavy artillery needed to stop the russian advance. in kiev, ukraine. griff jenkins fox news as the refugee crisis in ukraine worsens under renewed russian bombing, the humanitarian needs continue to grow in the bay area continues to help fulfill that need. i feel very much overwhelmed because it gives me hope that we are all united to. there's no borders between us, and i believe if we are supporting each other we bring in every day. the victory to ukraine closer also today, the white pony expression pleasant hill gathered food to send to the border of poland and ukraine. ktvu is greg liggins will have more on these fundraising
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efforts later in this newscast. tonight we are mourning the loss of a journalist who brought stories to ktvu viewers. for years. the family of former ktvu reporter craig heaps says heaps died today surrounded by family. heaps worked in the bay area back in the 19 eighties nineties and early two thousands before retiring. he also worked at cnn. he will certainly be missed our condolences to his family. coming up after bill murray speaks publicly for the first time about allegations of inappropriate behavior against him when he says, led to production getting suspended on his latest movie set, plus i'm really excited to be here tonight with the only group of americans with the lower approval ready than i have. president biden headlined the return of the white house correspondents association dinner coming up the jokes, the message and the covid precautions taken tonight. and a barrier weather lots of sunshine
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today, but still some gusty winds are part of our forecast. even as we head into early next week,
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the, ashley said mental illness claimed her mother's life, although an exact cause was not released. fox news is actually divorced and has more on the music icon's life and legacy. the country music world, losing an icon, grammy winning legend and matriarch of the judge family, naomi judd has passed away. in a statement posted to twitter on saturday. actress ashley judd, one of naomi's daughter said. today we sisters experienced a tragedy. we lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness. we are shattered. we are navigating profound grief and know that as we loved her, she was loved by her public. we are in unknown territory. naomi judd was half of the country music powerhouse duo the judds along with her
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daughter, winona. the news comes just one day before the judges were going to be inducted into the country music hall of fame. her publicist released a statement saying that the entertainment icon passed away today outside of nashville. the statement also reads her husband , larry strickland of 32 years will not be making any further statements. naomi judd's family request privacy during this heartbreaking time, no additional information will be released at this time. loudly. every heart understand. judge sang love can build a bridge at this year's cmt music awards in nashville earlier this month. naomi had previously retired from the music scene in 1990 after doctors diagnosed her with the blood disease. hepatitis c the judds reunited since then, including for the 1994 super bowl halftime show and tours in 2000 and 2010. the judges were set to go on tour once again this fall. starting september, 30th. their first joint tour in
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over a decade. there's no word on judd's exact cause of death at this time. naomi judd was 76 years old in los angeles, ashley birkin. fox news. bill murray tonight acknowledging that his behavior on set led to a complaint from a woman in the suspension of filming on his latest movie, the actor and comedian in his first comments about the shutdown of being mortal described the incident as a quote difference of opinion. he declined to provide specifics on what transpired or who had involved. he did say he quote i did something funny, i thought was funny, and it wasn't taken that way and quote, murray said . he and the unnamed woman are talking it through and trying to make peace with each other. no word yet on when or if production will resume and whether he would continue to take part in the film. residents are cleaning up tonight after a tornado ripped through kansas twister struck overnight near wichita fire chief estimates
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1000 buildings were in the path of the tornado. also learning of several injuries. power was knocked out to as many as 20,000 homes and businesses. this was in some of our neighborhoods damage badly enough that the houses were completely blown down. now the good news so far, we have no rescues. outstanding that means we know of no one waiting for us to do rescues. the national weather service says it is sending teams to the region to check out reports of 14 tornadoes in kansas and nebraska. that was quite the severe weather outbreak yesterday for us here in the bay area. we had the gusty winds, the private notes the winds picking up especially coast side and right around the bay. no wind advisories, but i know those gusts were up there. you can see sfo 40 miles an hour. san francisco 39 napa 36. and up above 20 miles an hour for santa rosa hayward and in san jose.
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temperatures once again cool near the immediate coastline, sixties and seventies. around the base of most areas were about the same as yesterday or a little bit warmer, especially inland. some lower eighties out towards antioch's this afternoon . here's the satellite and over the past day or so, we've been watching this system up to our north, the rainmaker up in the pacific northwest, no hope of rainfall for us is becoming closer. right now. we have mostly clear skies. some of the fog from earlier this morning has cleared on out. so clear skies for tonight we are expecting mostly clear skies for tomorrow. it is still breezing if you spots right now the wind at least the reports gusting to 26 miles an hour in the fairfield and some more reports for you step out of the way and show us fo gusting at 32 half moon bay a northwesterly wind at about 21 miles an hour. current numbers out there in the fifties . santa rosa 54 hayward 52 san jose 53 degrees here is our live cameras. you can't see looking out toward oakland, where we
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still have mostly clear conditions. cool start tomorrow morning definitely cooler than this morning so most areas will be in the forties. wanna bundle up for the morning hours? here we are, at seven o'clock but into the afternoon hours. a nice recovery for most of the bay area afternoon highs from the upper fifties, all the way to the lower eighties and the real warming kicks in next week. in our five day forecast, we'll have more on that with your full update. coming up in a few minutes. alright, mark, look forward to it. thank you. quake rattled parts of the north bay today, the usgs reports a magnitude 3.5 earthquake struck at 11 18 this morning. it was centered 19 miles north of windsor, near the geysers in sonoma county, with a depth of two miles. there were no reports of any damage. in san jose. today people came together to help spruce up the home of a world war veteran in need of help. volunteers from sandy's and engineering and land surveying company in silicon valley, partnered with rebuilding together spending the day painting 100 year old edward
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garcia's home. his daughter, lou ann jones, said her father is very grateful for the folks who came out to assist him. today he watched the painting work on his home from his wheelchair. this is a definite honor to be able to help him out. um and help beautify his home and he can sleep at night knowing that people were there to help and people in the community do care. rebuilding together, has branches all over the bay area and assist residents with all kinds of deferred maintenance at their homes. some people organizing aapi heritage month events figured why wait for may coming up? see how they're already celebrating the communities, rich culture, and it was a splashy saturday around the bay for our major league baseball teams. joe fonzi will have that later. in sports. of course i'm like near my friends more but like i tried to balance
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are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. asian american and pacific islander heritage month, the
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nonprofit my sister's house got a jump start on celebrations today with an event in sacramento's japantown performances and activities, including traditional hawaiian and other island inspired music and dancing. organizer's stress. the celebrations are so important especially with statistics regarding asian hate crimes, and especially with a lot of those affecting women. i think it's really important to celebrate the contributions of the diversity and the specialness is that are significant asian pacific islander population in sacramento brings to our community. organizers also say it is important for members of the community to see there are services available to them. lawmakers in washington or back to hitting the road. many of them traveled around the globe in earnest this month for the first time since the pandemic started its boxes. chad program reports this type of travel may yield an important benefit. if this is tuesday, it must be
10:25 pm
belgium, poland or the southern border. lawmakers flocked to far flung locations on official congressional travel. correct i'm standing here in kiev got to meet with a french battalion commander who is working with our striker brigade there and romania. the recess fueled an intensive itinerary for lawmakers for the first time since the pandemic. it wasn't safe to travel. and so now there's a lot of pent up interest in getting together. these junkets drew heat decades ago, members traveled to exotic locations heavy on sunshine light on substance. these days. they are jam packed schedule from eight in the morning until you know 10 o'clock at night. lawmakers don't worry about criticism that they're not working. the fear is the perception that they're not working when they travel. however some trips are designed for photo ops. members of congress are using it to showcase an issue. but what are these trips accomplish these trips and say goodbye to my wife
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and go make these trips so that the military men and women in my community don't have to kiss their spouses and go to war, but people don't step off the plane from a trip to europe with a plan to end the war in ukraine. however the trip sometimes yield an unquantifiable benefit lost during the pandemic amid deep seated mistrust between the sides. lawmakers sometimes build bipartisan bonds during a long flight or a trip to the hotel bar. find out finding out about their children. you're finding out about their college experience, you know that creates relationships inside the congress that go way beyond just the issue at hand, and i have seen legislative deals that were cut. because of long congressional trips, in other words, the most valuable commodity from a trip, maybe forging congressional comedy, which breaks down partisan divides. on capitol hill chad program, fox news. that's the magic. my predecessor came to this dinner. this year. now thal
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coup, but that occurred little tough, huh? the white house correspondents. dinner makes a comeback from the jokes to the special steps the president decided to take. we have tonight's event covered. plus we'll show you how some people hope to beat inflation with new jobs in the trucking business. and bay area organizations stepping up to help ukrainian refugees coming up how they are providing
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on the mozza meat. or, stack on three more italian-style meats with the supreme meats. it's just like my nonna makes when she cooks! i don't cook. wait, what? it's a good thing he's so handsome. it's the eat fresh refresh at subway. and they're gonna keep refreshing and re- 300 million years ago, it's the eat fresh refresh at subway. there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea. and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting. making far feel close. bringing there to here. ukraine worsens under renewed russian bombing humanitarian need continues to grow ktvu is greg liggins shows us what to
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organizations on opposite sides of the bay are doing to help. the foster city lions club set up a stand at the farmers market saturday, part of their humanitarian aid fundraiser that will go toward their refugee and displaced persons fund. this fund will allow lions to purchase and to distribute immediate relief items such as food, closing medicine, sleeping bags, they say they have already exceeded their $15,000 goal, so they have raised it to 25 k. and they're hoping a fundraising dinner on may 6th will help them get their volunteers at the nonprofit white pony express in pleasant hill organized food donations saturday, something the charity was created to do to help eradicate hunger and contra costa county. but the organization aims to do more now and has expanded its efforts to help ukrainians impacted by the war. we're sending things based on what they tell us they need on the border of poland and in ukraine inside their pleasant
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hill warehouse. there are boxes of donated items. these racks of new clothes will go out when the time is right, more pressing right now, medical supplies and items for hygiene. these are photos from ukraine, showing a fraction of the palette loads of goods they've already sent. at this point about 40 pallets, but there are 20 more pallets that we have that we're waiting for the medical supplies that will be going out. steve lopez has helped organize the shipments. it gives me more of an incentive to wake up every day and do what i do every day because i know that it's helping people in other areas of the world and in our county as well, too. so it inspires me. starbucks has partnered with the charity and has boxes inside stores throughout the county to collect non perishable foods. helping those abroad may go beyond the scope of white pony express is original mission. but the executive director says the war compels them to help plan is just to continue. um just to
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continue as long as we feel we're called. the charity says it gets some help from local businesses, but that the vast majority of their donations come from people in the community. greg legans ktvu fox two news. oscar winning actress in one special envoy for refugees, angelina jolie was in ukraine today on a humanitarian mission. jolie visited the central railway station in la vive today to welcome ukrainians fleeing their war torn country. she spoke to refugees and with volunteers about children affected by the war in ukraine and how they are coping. not many kids. from two years portents years. must be. they must be in shock, and they must also. i know how trauma affects children. and so but i know that just having somebody show how
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much they matter how much their voices matter. i know how healing that is. jolie also visited a boarding school in a medical institution. new attended night. a man is hospitalized in critical condition tonight after being shot in oakland earlier today, officers responded to 30th street in oakland shortly after three o'clock this morning. there police say they found a man who had been shot during the investigation. officers discovered that the man was assaulted and shot during a robbery. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police also new attendant napa. police have arrested a juvenile for breaking into a local gas station last night. police say the suspect broke through a window and into the mini mart at the gas station. and still cash in various items from the store . he was later located near hard court after leading officers on an extensive foot chase. he was arrested and booked into juvenile hall. very a law enforcement today took part in
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national prescription drug take back day, the drug enforcement administration teamed up with police departments across the country in an effort to get unused drugs out of homes and off the streets. anyone was able to drop off unused pills and expired medications at those sites, and there were no questions asked back is designed to get those off the street. get him to us. we'll seal them up and then we'll incinerate them and that they're gone for good, and we also make sure they don't get into the water system and other things that they happen to get flushed down the toilet or the drain. the cdc estimates more than 106,000 people in the us died from a drug overdose between november 2020 in november. 2021 that's the most ever recorded in a 12 month period. tonight the white house correspondents association dinner returned to washington, d . c. the annual event took a two year hiatus due to the pandemic. large crowd showed up for
10:35 pm
tonight's dinner with president joe biden, speaking at the event. and cracking plenty of jokes about himself. republicans and former president trump. this is the first time president attended this dinner in six years. yeah, it's understandable. we had a horrible plague. followed by two years of covid. tonight's dinner marked the first time a president accepted an invitation to the event in six years. former president trump never attended while president biden spoke at the event, he did not attend the dinner portion of the event. because of current covid concerns. trevor noah, who you see there, the host of the daily show, headlined the event with a speech about the importance of the fourth estate. i really hope you all remember what the real purpose of this evening is? yes it's fun. yes, we dressed nice against the people that drink. we have fun, but the reason we're here. and celebrate the foth estates. and what you
10:36 pm
stand for. what you stand for. an additional check and balance that holds power to account. and get his voice to those who otherwise wouldn't have one. well they're obviously plenty of light moments. journalists were also honored for their work, including those covering the war in ukraine. the event was created in 1921 by journalists who covered the white house. i think the biggest takeaway is for parents don't take this personally. well it can be frustrating for parents to see kids turn to friends instead of them for advice, stanford researchers say teenagers are wired to do exactly that coming up what they think you can do to stay connected with impressionable kids in the house. and in weather looks like we have more sunshine in your forecast for tomorrow, with the real heat moves in next week in the five day forecast, and we'll have the update after the break. plus job hunters see pay hikes
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gas prices will likely face upward pressure as oil prices remain above $100 per barrel. the average price for a gallon of regular great gas in california. currently $5.72 that is two cents higher than yesterday and a four cent increase from one week ago. the nation's second largest oil companies. reaping huge quarterly profits is gas prices hit all time highs, chevron posted its highest quarterly profits in 10 years as fuel costs surged. driven in part by russia's invasion of ukraine. chevron's adjusted earnings were 6.5 billion for the first quarter. it's almost four times higher than earnings in the same period a year ago. the truck driver shortage in america hit an all time high this past fall, but the industry has changed in recent months. lately some driving schools are getting a lot more applications. is fox news is madison scarpino reports . this comes as wages increase
10:41 pm
and companies offer other incentives. trucking is one of the few occupations that the wages are going up faster than inflation and more applications to these schools, of course, means more future truck drivers on the road with the goal of solving one piece of the supply chain puzzle. the truck driving industry has been facing a massive worker shortage, leaving some store shelves empty, but roadmaster drivers school president brad ball says as supply chain disruptions became more obvious. there's been an application overload at many of the schools. there's a way to get in some of our schools. um a lot more people are interested in the job because they're seeing the benefits. we're seeing that there's no pay gap tied to race or gender. this industry isn't looking for college degrees. they're just looking for people that are willing to work hard. don't hurt either average weekly earnings for truck drivers across uh, the longer haul segments going up at 4.5 times the historical average , so i suspect that is resonating with a lot of folks.
10:42 pm
students at road masters omaha school, say the trucker life is looking pretty good. drink the truck company so i can explore the state the country why they're getting paid for it. being able to travel and be paid for it. you know who can say they do that for a living? you know what i mean from book work to inspections and hours on the road. it takes dedication to eventually become a truck driver . cameo holiday used to be a surveillance officer and was looking for a different career path. this one seems to be the one that needs the most help. so here i am. he admits that supply chain issues were less important to him than the pay rate. but he says if he can help the country get back on track. he's all for it. and so are his classmates. i hope we are solution. get the supply chain going again and get product moving everywhere. it needs to be going driving your truck to daily rest of all over the country. you feel like you're doing something important. you feel like you contribute to something bigger than yourself. even if this new boom in trucking students eases the shortage, it certainly has not gone away and we do have a long way to go. but anytime
10:43 pm
there's new dhing. you also have to keep in mind that trucks them and other factors in omaha, nebraska, madison scarp. we're e breaking news out of san jose. police officers want drivers to avoid the area of capitol avenue near 6 80 were fatal crash has occurred, investigators say vehicle hit a female pedestrian who died driver of the vehicle is cooperating at the scene. this is san jose 17th pedestrian fatality of the year will bring you any updates as we get them. parents sometimes complain talking. they're teenagers feel like talking to a brick wall coming up. stanford researchers layout, the science behind these growing pains. and conditions outside. well they don't get much better than a day like today despite a little bit of wind ktvu meteorologists, mark tamayo will return with a look at how long to expect clear
10:44 pm
sky and warm temperatures to stick around.
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