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tv   FOX News Sunday  FOX  May 1, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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from you tonight on the ktvu news at six and also on the 10 o'clock news get the latest news anytime on our ktvu news app. in the meantime, happy made a happy the meantime, happy made a happy >> recession fears, a border crisis, and a war in ukraine as eitan returned to a beltway tradition carried more of the president's inner circle test positive as the administration attempts to turn the page and return to normal, plus heated confrontations this week over plans to lift a covid era public-health order of the blocked entry for some migrants during the pandemic and over th looming migrant surge. >> do we have operational control, yes or no? >> yes we do. >> we have operational control at the border? >> we will ask alejandro mayorkas about his plan to deal with the crisis. plus.
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>> i'm not concerned about a recession hurt. >> the president struggling to sell his message is the economy 's shrinks, prices remain high and pressure amounts from the left to bail out college students. the white house brushing off concerns it could make inflatio worst. >> what we're talking about her is how to provide people with relief. >> asking congress for more money for ukraine as russia ratchets up that rhetoric. >> no one should be making wild comments about the use of nuclear weapons. >> we will discuss with the chairman of the foreign relations committee senator bob menendez. then were in ohio just days awa from a crucial primary election on the road to the midterms. we will ask our sunday panel about one of the most-watched senate races and the country. that is all right now on fox news sunday. ♪ >> hello again from fox news in
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washington, it is a week of contrasting images, stars joine washington's elite of a high-profile dinner to honor they beltway press corps, but across the u.s. rising prices and concerns about the u.s. economy dominated dinnertable discussions. in ukraine new signs that russi is in for the long haul, and at the southern border of the growing crisis has local officials drained in members of congress in an appropriate in the moment we will talk to the secretary of homeland security alejandro mayorkas. but we begin at the southern border first to alex hoff here in washington. >> covid 19 is still a direct concern and the west wing on friday. white house can munication's directorate that she tested positive, she was in a meeting with the president earlier in the week in days prior to that the vice president revealed she was also positive and remains i quarantine. the white house correspondents dinner return for the first tim
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in three years with the same style in satire. >> whiteley stuut doing this? >> dr. fauci dropped out. >> a new requirement that every single guest be vaccinated and test negative 50 kuiper here to show the country that we are getting through the pandemic per . >> and capped off a week where cabinet members play defense on the hill, attorney general was pressed about crime rates in energy secretary pressed about rising gas prices. >> it is a huge burden. the president is obsessed with this as well pretty cute things got heated when homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas was asked about the plan to lift title 42 at the border, this is a federal judge temporarily blocked the ministration from taking steps to wind it down. >> i get it right you want immigration reform and a big amnesty thing, very unlikely that it's going to happen. >> the white house also on defense over a surprise decline
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and the first quarter gdp. >> some are predicting there ma be a recession in 2023. i'm concerned about it. the white house as recent reports don't paint the full picture intel the job creation in low unemployment rates. in the past several days the president has signaled he may b getting closer to forgiving at least some student debt. loan payments have been paused through august 31st and according to the white house, executive action is on the tabl to extend that positive even further. >> alex, thank you. let's turn to brian on the southern border near the rio grande valley. >> both sides of the border are preparing for an unprecedented summer surge of pressing illegally. adding more constantino wire as mexican state security forces o their presence, still migrants continue to cross illegally in record breaking numbers. the border patrol encountered
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more than 221,000 migrants in march 3rd the highest monthly total into decades. since 2021, more than 689,000 migrants have evaded capture an are now illegally in the u.s., officials in mexico tell us tha they don't have the resources t handle the surge from 50 yards across the rio grande river, officials and eagle pass texas say they to are strained. >> congressman. >> they're the ones that need t do this. we need help. >> one border patrol source say things are eerily calm right now , calming calling it that calm before the storm. >> bret: thank you. >> joining us here in washington , alejandro mayorkas. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> great to be on. >> bret: anchor hearings on the hill last year you testifie the administration has
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effectively managed the situation at the border. but in private with border patrol agents a few months ago you said this. >> r border is the first line o defense, we can't continue like this. >> bret: can you explain the difference between your remarks and public remarks. >> very easily, they are not in conflict with one another at all . we've got 19,000 extraordinaril talented and order patrol agent securing our border. and more are coming. in fact, not only are more coming now, but we have requested that markham in the future the first time since 201 that an administration hade ind
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the border. this is what we do each in ever day. it is very important, and as advice at fort in the plan that we have been executing since september of 2021 to prepare fo the eventual end of title 42, the public health authority, on of the pillars of that plan, on of the border security pillars is to work to the south and really ensure that they manage their respective borders becaus the challenge of migration is not exclusive to the united states. >> bret: when you're talking about effectively managing, the saw the most encounters on the southern border and dhs history. in all of last fiscal year ther were 1.7 billion encounters and already there have been almost 1.1 billion and it's not even mayberry do you have a differen definition of effectively managed?
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>> at not at all, bretz. you know what happens to these individuals? they are either expelled under the title 42 of the cdc, or the are placed into immigration enforcement proceedings. they make their claims under th law. if those claims don't prevail, they are promptly removed from the united states. >> is that the objective of the bite and the ministration to sharply reduce the total number of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border? is that the agenda? >> it's the objective of the by the ministration to make sure w have safe legal and orderly pathways for individuals to access are legal system. we are against irregular migration, against individuals taking a perilous journey and putting their lives and the hands of smugglers and trying t enter the united states in between the ports of entry. that is why we call for
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legislation to fix what everybody agrees is a broken immigration system and why we are rebuilding an immigration system that has been dismantled. >> you call for immigration reform, legislatively a lot, ca you name one thing that would help you deport more illegal immigrants that congress can do? >> what we're talking about whe we talk about legislation is building the orderly legal pathways for people to obtain relief under our laws. >> bret: but you want people to be out of there not supposed to be here, correct? >> absolutely, that's the law. >> bret: do you know how many illegal aliens they have let into the united states since. >> do you know what release means because release doesn't mean just let go into the unite states. it means if we do not detain individuals, they are placed on
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alternatives to detention and they are in immigration enforcement proceedings. and if they do not appear for their immigration enforcement proceedings, they are a priorit for enforcement action. >> bret: with those notices to appear actually show? >> just over 86 percent. >> bret: so the numbers are that according to the u.s. district court which you submitted, the dhs has directly released at least 336,000 alien into the united states since january 21st, then you had that to thousand 207,000 unaccompanied alien children in then you're border patrol estimate somewhere between 200- 400,000 encounters that are not evading apprehension. take it that has been a challenge from the beginning. >> bret: that matches your numbers roughly. >> that's all without title 42 emplace. i mean with title 42 emplace.
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when it's removed, you're going to see more numbers. >> bret: lee very well could we estimate that we will which is why precisely why we have been planning since september o 2021 of the eventual end of title 42. >> bret: do you think it's good or bad for to add illegal immigrants into the u.s. population in that number. >> individuals encountered at the border often make claims fo relief under our laws. if they do not make a claim, there apprehended and if they d not make a claim come that they are promptly removed. if they make a claim, then they have a right under our law to seek to advance that claim before an immigration judge rat if the judge denies their claim they are removed. we do not believe that individuals who do not have a
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right under the law to be in th united states, we do not believ they should stay and the united states. >> you admit that the system is overwhelmed, you don't have the judges and the ability to handle . >> there is that the system is broken which is why i and the administration and so many others continuously call for legislation reform. it is precisely why president biden on day one of his administration submitted a bill to congress. >> can you name one thing you are calling for that helps ice and border patrol deport illega immigrants? >> in the budget for example. in the fiscal year of 2023 budgets, that we just submitted we asked for more resources. more technology. >> bret: we're one number you didn't have at the hearing last week was the status of the people on the terrorist watch list apprehended at the border. take a listen.
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>> homeland security does not know the answer to the status o 40 to individuals who came to our southern border illegally o the no-fly list, you do not kno whether they have been released or not into the country, that i your testimony. >> rankin member, jordan, i sai i would provide you the data. >> bret: do you have that data now? >> yes, and i did not want quantities misspeak in response to his question because we know where those 40 to individuals are. on the ts team beat the terrorist screening database. let me share with you what happens. they can removed they can be placed into custody for crimina prosecution. they could be cooperating in a law enforcement investigation and i don't intend to provide that data publicly if it's law enforcement sensitive. we know where those 40 to our
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her speak to the disposition of each in every one of them, but we know where they are, and we've got our hands on that. >> bret: into the united states? >> no, not necessarily. >> i heard the three things, bu i guess--are they worried about the 42? >> they shouldn't be worried about the 42. we have got a handle on it and when i say we come it's not the department of homeland security alone, it's the federal bureau of investigation, it's our entire enforcement in intelligence enterprise. >> do you think releasing, and the definition of releasing, i understand what you're saying. >> we're not letting people lose . >> bret: settle process and eventually they settle in whatever city they're looking t get to is a magnet for more legal illegal immigration?
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>> i'm sorry, i don't. >> bret: the people they get in and they get to what city they want to. >> i will share what is a magne parade what does a magnet is a misinformation that the cartels spread to individuals in different countries about what our laws our and what our policies are. that is a magnet and that is wh we counter that. >> speaking of misinformation w learned that dhs disinformation governance board was coming out and lisa concerns about free speech. you understand some of this pushback. >> there is no question that we could have done a better job in communicating what it says. let me share with you what this department of homeland security does and has been doing for years. throughout the past administration included. we address disinformation that presents a security threat to the homeland. this information from russia, from china, from iran, from the
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cartels, i will give you a real-life example. the cartels spread disinformation that title 42 does not apply to the haitians. and that, prompts potentially haitians to try to come to the united states and what do we do? u.s. customs and border protection phenomenal enforcement agency, goes on creole language stations and communicates that title 42 does. >> so it sounds a little bit like the global engagement center at the state department, so a little redundant. >> i really need to clarify. this takes best practicesg this information that presents a
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threat to the homeland that our work does not infringe on free-speech commit does not infringe on civil rights, civil liberties, it's not about speech , it's about the connectivity to violence. that is what we need to address. an individual has the free-speech right to spew anti- rhetoric, but what they don't have the right to do is take hostages in synagogue which is where we get involved. >> residence picked to lead thi is nina janco it's which is taking is taking some heat from sums stories. it was called russias is anywhere near objective enough for this particular job? >> yes i do, and by the way,
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highly regarded is a subject matter expert and i don't question her objectivity. there are people and the department who have a diverse range of views and they are incredibly dedicated to mission. we are not the opinion police. she has testified before congress and number of times. she is recognized is a tremendous authority and we are very fortunate to have her. >> was the steel dossier disinformation? >> bret: americans are generally wary of anything that suggests censorship. >> that is exactly why we set u this working group to make sure that our work to address a real threat to the homeland, the threat posed by russian disinformation, the threat pose by chinese disinformation, by iranian disinformation, the wor that's why this working group
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was set up. and we will do a better job of communicating about that. i'm looking forward to you testifying but for the united states senate. >> bret: are you really? >> i am. >> bret: we appreciate you coming in and answering questions. >> if there is one thing i woul like to do on this station is champion are incredible workforce, the border patrol agents, i've visited the border eight or nine times already. i'm in all of what they are willing to sacrifice day in in day out in the service of this country. >> sec. mayorkas, we appreciate you making time. up next, forgiving student loan debt and that is that real relief or a political giveaway? >> fox news sunday is brought t you by ... this is frank. he runs a sustainable camping supply business.
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>> bret: when it's removed you're going to see more numbers
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, right? >> we estimate we will, which i precisely why we have been planning since september of 202 for the eventual end of title 42 . >> secretary mayorkas a moment ago on the plan to deal with. former democratic congressman world ford jr. marc, shorts, and olivia beaver's of politico. what did you think of that inpu or view? >> i thought he was not defensive, i think he acknowledge there are big problems and there is a surge coming and he also didn't seem to deny the tape that he got gotten from the private meeting that we can't just control it a the border. it's a much much bigger problem but what exactly they're going to do about title 40 to is stil unclear because so far they're being saved by a federal judge who has told them not to pull i
10:24 am
off. >> bret: these numbers are really high and effective management. i was trying to get to the difference between the public i the private. you can't look at those numbers and say that's a good thing. >> you're exactly right, enter exec the right to push place them on the numbers. that doesn't include all the unaccompanied minors, so essentially 1 million illegal aliens have been let go in the united states, there confessing the problem is going to get worse and they're so much focus on title 42, but it's the tip o the iceberg. it's been series of policy decisions to tie the hands of ice. at this point, you're deporting about one eighth of the criminals that the trump administration was deporting during our those four years. they're confessing on tv that they have a surge coming and they have no policy to deter it whatsoever. >> olivia, democrat say republicans are trying to use all of this for the election, i is very powerful and emotional
10:25 am
and we saw that testimony in th questioning, but some of it was really aggressive, does that hurt republicans in some way? >> i think the horde border is huge issue going into the election. where even seen moderate democrats coming forward and saying that if you revoke title 40 to there needs to be a bette plan in place. so if democrats our saying we want a better plan in place, we want specifics, it's not just republicans who our saying the border is a problem, you have democrats joining as well because they recognize that in purple states, this might be a huge issue. >> harold, there is a lot of issues for this election coming up. we will talk about the midterms and some of the specific races later that one of them is student loan debt forgiveness. president biden a while ago the idea that you go to pen and you're paying a total of $70,00 a year in the public should pay
10:26 am
for that, i don't agree, but no they are considering some kind of wiping out of student debt what about that issue? >> i went to penn and i wish somebody would have helped me i my parents with our debt. i don't think you can erase it all. we ought to illuminate and relieve some of this debt, but think the larger conversation i would have if i were in the white house around this is why our tuitions going up so much o these colleges and universities? why are colleges and universities able to take advantage of the middle-class families the way they are with these tuition rates. really looking at how much mone they'll get in hedging. i hope they don't turn all that because i agree with senator john kennedy that i think you had on your show last week on special report, he said i believe if you take out a loan, you should pay it back for it could get you people who pay back the loan, you people that don't go to college there is a lot of action of the voting
10:27 am
public that could be on the backside of that issue. >> this is an incredibly asinin policy. 56 percent of all student loan debt is owned by people with graduate degrees. so what the biden administratio is going to say for the people our blue-collar peoples across our country who never had the opportunity to go to college, o going to take your taxpayer dollars and subsidize lawyers, bankers, and people with graduate degrees, doctors acros our country. it makes no sense it's an entirely aggressive policy lessee. >> said several tested positive for including the vice president , they are still pressing for these federal mask mandates, but yet we saw the bi party white house officials not at the white house correspondents dinner last night , listen to trevor noah, the comedian. >> it is my great honor to be speaking to the nation's most distinguished super spreader event spread you told everyone the importance of wearing masks and employing large indoor
10:28 am
gatherings in the second they offer you of a free dinner, you all turn into joe rogan. >> bret: the separation between that, does it hurt? >> think it doesn't also talk about title 42, if covid is over , which a lot of replicants say it is, why should we keep title 4200 covid isn't over, wh are we moving forward with events like that? it's confusing that there is note doubt that covid is moving from a pandemic to an endemic area. >> less than, you talked about the infighting in the leadershi caucus pocket spread has the lack of unity there made republican leaders like kevin m ccarthy a little bit safer in recent weeks? >> it's interesting watching them i think he decided even with the new york times audio, the freedom caucus, either of
10:29 am
them were deciding to delete on him which might have been a whole different world a couple of years ago. they were saying let's focus on unity, we have the election coming up, but you know, this i also a group that knows when to strike, so i think they decided this was not the opportunity to push for concessions, they want more powerful seats and the nex congress. in think if they are having cracks in their unity, it still doesn't mean that mccarthy is going to be safe from some of their pushes for power. >> we will see these january 6 hearings, you've obviously been part of all of this, does this hurt republicans overall? >> when i travel, i think americans are looking forward. i think it's henry six was a sa ut i think where voters are is what were you going to d to help me fix the inflation. what you going to do to help me fix gas prices. there will be a lots of theater here in washington, dc, but i question how much the american people are watching it.
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>> coming up, a live report fro ukraine where just hours ago house speaker nancy pelosi was on the ground to meet with president zelenskyy. bob menendez joins us next to talk about the push for extra aid. ♪("i've been everywhere" by johnny cash) ♪ ♪i've traveled every road in this here land!♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪of travel i've had my share, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere.♪ ♪
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>> early this morning house speaker nancy pelosi in a in a group of lawmakers met with president zelenskyy in ukraine
10:34 am
predict comes days after russia bombs struck byrne while. the emphasize the u.s. commitment to the fight as president biden passes for billions more in aid. we speak with the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee senator bob menendez, but let's turn live to the latest on the ground in ukraine. >> 's surprise visit from the u.s. to kyiv in the middle of this war here. house speaker. since the war started, along with the first official delegation in a three hour meeting overnight, they brought a message of support from the american people. here is the comment we got a short while ago. >> the whole freedom loving world has an interest in ensuring that ukraine is victorious. >> meanwhile, we are watching
10:35 am
that battered city very closely last-ditch effort to get out of there is said to be happening right now the latest report unconfirmed. or getting 50 we're evacuated s far today as thousands remained trapped, 20,000 civilians had t have been killed this as the fighting mark of the eastern part of the country intensifies and russian troops pouring into. the ukrainian troops are busy making some brave counterattack and another surprise visit this weekend here from un special ambassador angelina jolie highlighting the plight of refugees in this region including children, remember more than 5 million people have now fled ukraine due to the fighting. by the way, a message from another congressman after this visit and his words it was all about weapons, weapons, weapons is the u.s. appears to go full in with ukraine against russia. >> greg, thank you barry joinin
10:36 am
us now, the chair of the senate foreign relations committee senator bob menendez of new jersey. welcome back to fox in a parrot. >> good to be with you. >> bret: where do you see the war in ukraine right now, our sanctions working against fled mayor putin? >> well, economist predict that the russian economy in gdp will contract by 15 percent that wipes out 15 years of gain from russia. even russian economists say tha it will have 10 percent of gdp loss. that is a huge blow to russia. europe's latest effort that the hopefully will consolidate this week of having a oil and gas in fargo against russia will be a huge blow, and so someone who's been the author of many sanctio it has a detail to it, it takes some time to have an effect, bu it is having an effect. i think was having an even
10:37 am
bigger effect is the west's commitment to ukraine. this is a test for the west whether or not we will allow ou country, in this case russia, led by putin to violate the international order and erase the boundaries of a country by force. gate that is the british foreig secretary a few days ago. take a listen if you would. >> we are doubling down. we will keep going further in faster to push russia out of th whole of ukraine. >> bret: do you agree, what does winning in ukraine look like? is it pushing russia out? >> it is ukraine keeping its sovereignty and it will be for president zelenskyy and the ukrainian people to decide what concessions they will make. after the horrible acts, the wa crimes that he has committed, it's hard to understand what th ukrainians could accept, but
10:38 am
certainly, it is at the end of the day that ukraine is a freestanding sovereign country that determines its own future tarried what that means and the context of territory, is something for them to decide fo themselves. >> there is some technical weapon or otherwise bred. >> one of my concerns is that ironically, the more success that the ukrainians have, the greater the risk that putin wil do something because he is losing and has to save face at home. so the potential of a chemical biological or tactical nuclear weapon may grow as a result of that. that is a real concern. understand that putin did this in syria, he did the world didn't care about syria, but he used chemical weapons in syria. he used indiscriminate bombing of sites, hospitals, and more, and yet, the world didn't care
10:39 am
at that moment . he is capable of doing that in the course there are a chemical weapon conventions with consequences for the use of chemical weapons if you were to do that. can get a present hit fest in $33 billion in addition to what has been funded. when does the senate consider ukraine bill? >> it would be my hope that it would do so soon. hopefully either this week or the next periods of course if there is consensus, if there is an agreement as you know, anything can go through the senate through unanimous consent . if somehow there is a desire to start picking it apart or havin amendments to it, it could last longer, but time is of the essence. the search that we are providin the ukrainians which is on the grounds already with long-range missile capacity will help them in what is a new phase of the war. all that we can do to help ukrainians fight for themselves and achieve their freedom is
10:40 am
critical because what we don't want is prudent ultimately to think that not only can he win in ukraine, but advance beyond that, and that creates a risk for us in our nato allies. >> do you think of it money wil have to be attached to that ukrainian funding, or vice vers to get that all through? to keep my view is that they ar both important to covid is abou preparing for any new iteration of a new wave, and you element, ukraine is about defending the international order and making sure that we can help ukraine defeat russia so it doesn't advance to country for which we are committed for example under nato which would require our sons in daughters to fight abroad. they are both distinctive, but both essential to the national security when in terms of how security and one in terms of th security of the international order and our ability to defeat
10:41 am
russia there so we don't have t sins our sons in daughters abroad pricking and want to tal about another foreign-policy hotspot and that is iran in the iran negotiations this is deput erie deputy secretary of state lester may have her here on fox fox news sunday talking about that. >> we are very concerned about what iran is doing but imagine these iranians with a nuclear weapon. we need to get that off the table so we can address their maligned behavior in the middle east and we will do all of the above commit, but first we've got to get this deal and it is not yet closed. >> do you agree with that premise first of all. the state department claimed it patients wasn't unlimited when it came to iran in these negotiations, but that was a year ago, so is the administration getting taken advantage of by iran? >> we are all in agreement that iran cannot be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon.
10:42 am
it would change the entire nature of the region, we would have been nuclear arms race and the region in our ally, the state of israel will have an existential threat we can't tolerate that. at the same token, we were told by the menstruation that of the negotiations didn't conclude by the end of february that in fac the time that would be lost and what we would gain would be of very little importance or value to us. now it's the end of april, so i the end of february wasn't goin to buy is what we need, certainly the end of april is not very there returning to the agreements, especially when there's not a one-year break out , but only as six-month breakout doesn't really give us what we need we don't deal with iran's ballistic missiles for which are set, commander says there's overmatched by iran and our praxis and the nation in terms of the number of missiles and places that can fire them against even iron dome in other up our allies and the region. we want to be dealing with the
10:43 am
ultimate threat. we also have to stop their pathway to a nuclear weapon pai there are three elements of tha they already have the missile elements, they are on the verge of having the and unfortunately president trump left without a strategy in than they accelerated that, the third par is to detonation which they don't have that yet. these are the things we must focus on to stop them from getting a nuclear weapon pair. >> what i'm hearing from the answers you want the ministration to pull back from the steel? >> i want the administration to understand that no deal is better than a bad deal and a deal that only gives us six months from my perspective without dealing with some of th other elements, it's 2022. it's not 2014. some of the sunsets of the original deal with all its imperfections, you know i didn' support the original deal are even closer in terms of ending
10:44 am
pathway where iran could ultimately achieve its goal. so for my perspective, unless there are other elements of the deal that would not be a good deal, and you know, lifting of the irg see designation is a terrorist organization i think is also critically important no to take place. they need to keep the designation on and that may be one of the stumbling blocks at the end of the day. >> senator, menendez, good to talk to you. >> good to be with you. >> bret: a game changing into senate primary, fox news sunday is on the road to the midterms next. tending hives of honeybees, and mentoring a teenager — your life is just as unique. your raymond james financial advisor gets to know you,
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♪ >> bret: fox news sunday is on the road to the midterms and that's a busy month in may starting with a wide open senat race just two days from now and
10:48 am
ohio. is the most expensive race and the nation is the top five candidates on the republican side tried to convince voters they have the best shot in november. foxbusiness grady trimble was there as one of the kingmakers hit the ground with his candidate. could get the coveted endorsement brought former president trump to pennsylvania avenue in delaware county, ohio. >> hello, ohio, thank you very much. >> has picked, jd vance. >> author, venture capitalist i prominent former never trumper,. >> i never liked impaired that not doesn't sit well with some people at the rally. he is a flip-flop or in we have too much of that going on. >> what about trump support, does that change your mind at all? >> no, such whiplash, he had to acknowledge it. >> he said some bad [bleep] about me.
10:49 am
but you know what? every one of the others did also . >> the endorsement can't even vance offguard here at the pre- rally tailgate he is soaking an the moment pricking it i was tapping a milkshake with my kid and i got a call from the president. the president is calling saying he's going to endorse you. he's huge for me, but he's also stuck expanding his past comments. you'd called yourself another and never trumper, six years is not never. >> at think people who we're critical of trump early on became converted because he was a great president. >> you benefited from your friendship with peter teal, als if you look at the campaign contributions, a lot of it is coming from out of state and your opponents have seized on that. they have said you're not a candidate because the is coming from elsewhere pretty cute reit raised a ton of money across th state of ohio. the question isn't where you ge the money in your view.
10:50 am
further highlighting the role, the former president is playing in this race. he set up to greet his supporters right by the entranc to the trump rally. >> we knew if i got endorsed we could win we knew if he stayed out i could win and we also and if he didn't endorse me i could win. >> he is the biggest bender of the pack, an investment banker who has thrown more than $16 million into the race. >> other candidates could make the case though that since you are someone who is it gives you an unfair advantage. >> i think it's honorable to spend money. i've already achieved my american dream. i'm spending my own money and i don't agree at all that that's an odd thing to do, but. >> has the courage to stand wit me, gibbons has senator rand paul backing. another profile endorsement comes from senator ted cruz
10:51 am
rallying support for former ohi treasurer josh mandel. he has benefited from millions in spending by the conservative group club for growth. >> do you worry about having burnt abridged with president trump? >> when i win this thing on may 3rd i'm looking forward to working with president trump to beat tim ryan and the democrats in november. i think president trump and i will be working together for years to come. >> i am running to fight for america. >> pro trump former ohio republican party chair jane tipton missed out on his back into, but she does have an her corner the longtime senator's position she hopes to fill. >> i think it definitely gave m a bump, it definitely gave a signal to voters who do senator trust to be the next senator from ohio. >> the only candidates who neve sought the trump endorsement is state senator matt dillon, but he still embraces the former president sprayed a lot of my
10:52 am
opponents are looking backwards at 2020, republicans in ohio want to stop the biden crisis and look forward to 2024. >> without being able to appeal to that republican supporter base or the trump supporter base , is there a viable path to winning the primary? >> you're making a big assumption there as well. go back to where we started. i think when voters start looking at what prompted is a republican president and what matt dolan has done is a republican state senator for ohio, their similarities in policy are striking. >> on the issues, these candidates are similar and many ways it's a race of personality and that is why the trump endorsement became so important but the former president ignore the wishes of 40 ohio gop officials who signed the s can him to stay out of the primary. they were all doing well, competing with each other and competing on their ideas, when the endorsement comes in like president trump, it skews the data.
10:53 am
>> and you if he got involved, then it would sway voters to hi cabinet and i wanted the people to be able to decide and not have somebody tell them who to vote for. >> now, the final push is on, early votes are coming in the rate as primary day draws near, the rest of the country is watching this crowded race and the buckeye state for signs of how others could unfold. in ohio,. >> we are back now with a panel to look at the latest call outs of this race, there has been a shift towards jd vance surging some points here. what does this say, this is one of several races about the former presidents juice on the trail. >> surely the president is a coveted endorsement. part among the primary voters. i think if you look at the race that are ahead in may, i think there's a difference between sa pennsylvania and ohio, or it wa
10:54 am
like a beauty pageant to see wh can get the presidents endorsement. if you contrast that in georgia were governor kemp has run on his record, $1 billion in additional tax cuts, standing u for parents the way he handled voting in what he's done for public safety. the post show him now 20 plus points and pulling away. so i think there is a big contrast between those races an what you basically have a beaut pageant to see where you can ge an endorsement. it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy saying this is what i've done for my constituents. >> back to ohio, where vance also campaigned he has already got trump's endorsement, what i in it for him to do that? >> i think he wants the base, h wants the trump base. he knows based on the interview you just aired, that not everyone in the trump base like him just because he was endorse by trump. this whole will primary, the bi
10:55 am
story is how much is a trump endorsement worth. obviously the georgia governor' race doesn't look like it's worth too much. in pennsylvania, he is not searching the way that jd vance is in ohio. we're going to see what happens but it's mixed so far about how powerful that endorsement is. >> we did seem some indication that matt dolan is moving up an there's another poll that shows him going out further. which is kind of interesting in a late momentum kind of thing i ohio. >> he is not describing himself is a never trump, but he saying let's stop about the election about it being. to see if he has a path forward and the approach that other republican candidates can take great as you mentioned, there i about 40 primaries coming up or trump's endorsements are going to be looking at them seeing wa he successful, was he not and having covered the president is going to be interesting to see which one he claims our wins.
10:56 am
there will be a scorecard there at the end of the primary process. in the meantime the democrats i someone who is pitching center of the road policies. >> tim ryan's campaign looks like i think campaigned for the future, he's a candidate focuse on issues. at campaigned letting america know our real enemy in a real challenge and the 21st century is china and how do we bring vital industries back to ohio. the intel in the partnership, how do you get more of those across pennsylvania and ohio in georgia and tennessee. i think what is good for the republican party, you will get chance to see right now in real time where the party is going t go for november. if his candidates win, the key will be can they beat that moderates in the. >> it's an uphill battle in ohio . >> i will take my bet. >> thank you, panel. we will see you next sunday. up next the final word on the
10:57 am
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