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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 2, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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plaa crash that damaged the toll booth just feet away from another toll booth that was damaged five years ago. house speaker nancy pelosi is in poland today. why some experts say this visit is a push to pass a massive aid package to support ukraine, then covid infections rising again the warning as we head into the summer months. and the new variant that's starting to appear in the united states. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. the ukrainian military says it used a drone strike today to destroy to russian military patrol boats in the black sea video, published by the ukrainian military shows a drone hovering over than striking two boats. the russian navy is not confirmed reports that two ships were hit. today the united nations and red cross are continuing to evacuate civilians from the city of mariupol. russian forces have
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been attacking the ports city they're almost since the beginning of the war. the bombardment has turned maria paul into a wasteland. thousands of people are trying to survive with very little food, water or sanitation. house speaker nancy pelosi is wrapping up her trip in eastern europe. she's now met with the president of poland after leading with meeting with leaders in ukraine, ktvu is james torres tells us why some experts say the visit is a push to pass a massive aid package to support ukraine. first of all, thank you, mr brooks and things all americans, great honor. president vladimir zelensky of ukraine, welcoming speaker of the house, nancy pelosi and a delegation of democratic lawmakers fight is a fight for everyone and so commitment is to be there for you until the fight . is it done? it happened over the weekend on announced, political experts say that's likely to stay out of harm's way. the congressional delegation made the trip as they look to discuss president biden's $33 billion relief
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proposal to support ukraine by indicating that the congressional leadership is on board with this, it sends a signal that the united states is seriously and going all out and providing military aid and related assistance to the ukrainians. among those representatives is east may congresswoman barbara lee. after meetings with president alinsky , the group met with polish president andre duda in warsaw, thinking polish communities for its role in helping ukrainian refugees. and i'm very grateful that we can here and talk abouti released this statement after that meeting this morning, saying, in part, our members discussed our country's continued commitment to ukraine , particularly as the congress prepares to transform president biden's new requests for additional security, economic and humanitarian assistance into legislation. our meeting also focused on reaffirming our nation's joint commitment to further strengthening the u. s polish partnership and the nato alliance. big question here is
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whether there is indeed the congressional support for this idea of not just defending ukraine but actually weakening russia secretary defense austin and other people have talked about in recent days. some people are concerned this might be a kind of mission creek. in the meantime, evacuations are still underway and marry paul, but dangerous seems to be coming down in the capital city of kiev. where officials announced the u. s embassy is expected to reopen by the end of the month. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. repairs are underway at the bay bridge toll plaza, where a crash damage to toll booth a big rig carrying oversized steel girders hit toll booth number 13 last night just feet away from where another toll booth was destroyed in a deadly dui crash five years ago. that crash killed a toll taker. the booth in last night's crash was empty because of the switch to electronic tolling at the beginning of the pandemic. no injuries were reported. and oakland police officers
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recovering after the officers patrol car was hit by another vehicle during an investigation into the shooting has happened around 8 30 last night near the intersection of peralta and 14th street. this video was posted to citizen app. police say a car possibly tied to the gunfire struck the officers patrol car was speeding away from the scene of the shooting. the officer was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. all that we know is that officer is in stable condition. police have not released any details on the shooting that officers were investigating. out of the south bay and a deadly weekend in san jose, where two people died after being hit by cars in separate crashes last night, police say a bicyclist was hit and killed just after nine o'clock near the intersection of capitol expressway and mclaughlin avenue. police say the bicyclist died at the scene . the driver is cooperating with investigators. we're getting more information on a woman who was hit and killed on saturday in san jose. police say the woman was not walking into marked crosswalk when she was hit by two different drivers
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saturday evening near capitol avenue and interstate 6 80. there have now been 31 traffic fatalities in san jose so far this year and now to the covid pandemic. health officials say the united states should prepare for another possible covid surge across the southern states this summer as infection rates are beginning to rise again. according to the cdc. all bay area counties now fall under the high level category for covid transmission. jonathan siri has the latest from atlanta. it's happening again to newam akron variants sweeping south africa have been detected in the us there called b a four and be a five proving the mutations are not slowing down, and a south african studies shows these new sub variants can dodge immunity from past covid infections, meaning it's more important than ever to get those vaccine boosters the fast spread of the sub variants, prompting a former white house covid coordinator to warn of a major new surge across
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the south. heading into the summer are world at counties have lack of adequate healthcare . lack of primary physicians lack of individuals to counsel them about vaccines. things are even worse in china, where the new surge is spreading to the capital, beijing, causing widespread lockdowns there and putting a damper on labor day celebrations on sunday, usually a major holiday. throughout the country couldn't travel for chinese, new york couldn't travel for april, and obviously there seems to be sort of what's happening around about every holiday. meanwhile back home, moderna is reassuring a skeptical public that their shots for children under six currently awaiting approval by the feds are effective in preventing hospitalization, even though they only block about half of our macron infections really consistent with the adult adult, which is very reassuring as the numbers are going up again. parents are getting more nervous. the fda is independent
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advisory board is scheduled to meet in june to discuss giving moderna's vaccine to younger children in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. the height of tourism season approaches in europe, more countries are relaxing covid restrictions greece is ending its policy requiring people to show proof of vaccination, as well as a negative covid test or recent recovery to enter the country. it's keeping rules in place that require masks on airplanes in italy, that country's doing away with its health past system, it was required to enter restaurants, gyms and other venues. starting today, tourists from the united states, canada and more than 50 other countries can visit new zealand for the first time in more than two years. the island nation dropped most of its border restrictions today, people who are vaccinated from those waiver countries, including the united states, are now allowed to visit. tourists will have to be vaccinated and test negative before and after arriving. some of the people who
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were first to come into the country where those in long distance relationships it was about three years between when we saw each other we met in japan and you had already come back to new zealand when we decided to make a go of it romantically and, uh, no, absolutely planned. better not only is this a further sign of normality returning and our interactions with the world but the arrival of our northern hemisphere friends will further propel our economic recovery. new zealand has had some of the toughest limits on entry of any country in the world during the pandemic. here at home and new at noon. becca bill police are sending out a warning. after a bear sighting. a black bear was seen up in a tree in the north orchard area. vacaville this morning officers kept an eye on the bear, while nearby schools were in session. solano county is a natural habitat for black bears. police say they hope the bear will eventually wander back to its home. golden state warriors will continue their series against the memphis grizzlies. tomorrow night, the
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warriors beat the grizzlies won 17 to 1 16 in a thrilling game one of their playoff series in memphis yesterday. clay thompson here to go ahead three pointer with just 36. seconds on the clock amaranth and missed a second layup, a last second layup where his head coach steve kerr, said that he is not surprised his team managed to pull off a victory to begin this playoff season. i was really proud of the guys for, uh really maintaining their poise through , uh, you know, some difficult, uh, adversity and we were confident and determined and the guys stayed with it, and i mean, we're we're just so thrilled to be back in the playoffs back in the hunt back in the mix. a great start to this series warriors victory in game one came after draymond green was ejected just before halftime referee said he grabbed brandon clark's jersey as they both fell to the floor. still to come at noon. reservoir levels remain low water restrictions firmly in place with a drought expert says about these new policies and how they could help conditions
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across our state, plus a powerful tornado leaves behind an extensive trail of damage in kansas. and will dudley and over all have a report coming up. the month of may, is known for its fluctuating weather pattern, and this week will be no different. just how cool and how hot it will be. the forecast is up next as the news continues, right as the news continues, right here on fox two. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club.
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thea powerful tornado. fox weathers will nunley is an end over where hundreds of buildings have been destroyed. the cleanup just beginning here in end over kansas on friday, a tornado ravaged the region carving a path of destruction nearly 13 miles long. the national weather service confirmed the twister was an ef three gosh, for nearly half an hour winds up to 165 mph tour through the wichita suburb. damaging more than 1000 buildings, strong gusts, sending cars and structures hundreds of feet into the air. that could have been my last night with my kids, and it makes you want to turn around and redo everything that you've ever messed up in life. utility crews have restored power to nearly all of the 15,000 plus customers who lost electricity during the storm, but the structural damage left behind is extensive. fire
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officials say it could take years for the town to recover its emotionally changing just to go through that experiment that experience it's one thing that's one thing seeing it, but when you're in it, it's a it's completely different. the storm left at least four people injured, including two firefighters. three university of oklahoma students were killed in a car crash friday evening as they returned home from storm chasing in kansas. oklahoma state patrol says it was raining heavily when their car hydroplaned. they were a huge part of my life. i spent the majority of my time here with them. forecasters say parts of kansas could see even more severe weather before the evening ends in and over. will nunley ktvu, fox two news. mandatory water restrictions are in effect for more than a million bay area customers in response to the ongoing drought. right now, 95% of our state is in severe to extreme drought conditions. the east bay
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municipal utility district implemented mandatory cuts last week and millions of southern californians are under never before seen restrictions that mean outdoor watering is only allowed one day a week. earlier today. on the nine we spoke with janine jones, the drought manager of the department of water resources about ongoing conservation efforts. outdoor water use is has been a key target for conservation programs as opposed to indoor water use, but new regulations are being put in place. that will over time, um reduce the amount of water that people are expected to use indoors. and already great strides have been made with better plumbing fixtures and similar measures such as those jones went on to say the declining snowpack is a serious concern, saying aging infrastructure will need to be re plumbed to accomplish more water storage, taking a peek outside this bay area monday afternoon. we have some really interesting whether coming up i mean roberta gonzalez. even doing this a long time here in
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the bay area. is it strange even for you to report on may is typically a month and what you see a lot of fluctuations, but we're going to see all those fluctuations not during the month of may, but this week alone, so yes, that's the answer to your question. there got cia? what a great observation. we have just a bit about a little bit of everything going on right now from some fog and some drizzle. otherwise some lower mid level cloudiness and definitely some cooler temperatures driven by some fresh strong winds. this is the scene looking out towards sfo. we don't see any flights coming in or arriving or departing, but so far i've been told there's no reports of any airport delays due to the weather. we have a mixture of clouds and sun today sometimes you'll get just that burst of sunshine. then you'll be totally mostly cloudy but definitely cooler in all areas. the winds will continue to increase during the afternoon right now. 54 degrees and half moon bay to 69 degrees in fairfield. so we do have some temperatures approaching the low seventies, which is very
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reminiscent of this time of the year and our inland areas fifties and sixties around the central bay, but in comparison to yesterday at this time, we're averaging 10 and 11 degrees cooler. and it feels like it, especially when that wind does whip up right now. 17 mile per hour winds at sfo and we see those gusts just shy of 30 mph. otherwise the winds are at 12 and hayward 14 napa ending conquered 16 at oakland international airport. no reports of delays there or at manetta, but pick your area and then follow along with the clock. you see that? during the afternoon. we will see those winds pick up to 27 29 mph throughout the livermore area. that's certainly is a scenario during the evening commute, then by midnight hour , winston or inland areas begin to dial back tom to about 15 mph. but during the day we will see some breezy winds but not as gusty as today, and everybody's asking. why is it so windy?
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first off insight slider right here with precipitation associated with the secondary system up here between the two there, causing a pressure gradient. we have high pressure and command some stratus along the coast by later on tonight, the strata still remains well to the north of the bay area. we have mostly clear skies tonight through your tuesday and then here's where the fluctuation begins. well, it is substantially cooler today than yesterday. we will be warmer tomorrow, but not as warm as it will be. on wednesday, but nonetheless, it's windy again today. temperature wise fifties beaches sixties bayside low seventies to the north of us, 70 and morgan hill in 72. 73 degrees are outside number. if you're going to the ballpark tonight, make sure you dress in layers because even though it's 64 degrees that first pitch it will be on the brisk side tonight overnight into the forties 50 degrees in vallejo and your extended forecast. this is what i was referring to gaussian. that roller coaster effect temperatures down today, up tomorrow, warmer wednesday
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down on thursday and a chance of a couple of raindrops on friday . that is a 15 degree swing. roberta gonzalez. thank you. still to come at noon inflation leading to some people rethinking their summer vacation plans. next what experts say you can do to cut
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big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna.
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an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. in loss is still a shaky start to may. following that brutal april we just had in which widespread tech selloff dragged down many major benchmarks. we
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see the dow jones was much lower just minutes ago, but at this point is down by not quite one quarter of 1. that percentage losses similar to what we're seeing over on the s and p. nasdaq is above sea level, gaining almost two thirds of 1. rising inflation has many people rethinking their summer vacation plans. a recent bankrate survey found many people planning trips this year are changing their mind, saying summer travel just doesn't fit into their budget. heather sullivan talked with travel experts who share ways to cut costs when booking your next vacation. well travelers have dreamed of getting away throughout the pandemic. inflation is deflating. some plans were putting off major travels because of the high prices. inflation on gas and groceries. we had planned this trip for about two or three years, so we came. we knew it was going to be expensive and it's going to hurt our budget. but there are ways to still
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, or turo for deals on rental cars, pack stacks or meals to save on food costs, for example , you know, so pack the cooler and that can save you a few bucks when you're on the road search online for free activity. is your family would enjoy and book soon prices rise, the closer you get to departure and airlines are cutting schedules due to stash shortages. sullivan fox news. more seniors are being cheated out of their retirement and life savings than ever before, according to a new fbi report. seniors here in california lost more than $152 million to fraud in 2020, that's the most of any other state. there were more than 12,000 victims over the age of 60, the report says. nationwide there was approximately $1 billion in elder financial fraud in 2020 up 30. from just the year before. commuters are seeing an increase in the cost of driving on bay area freeway express lanes,
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according to the bay area news group. express lane tools are often more than double what they were in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. northbound interstate 8 80 told cost erupt over 100% at an average of $8.30 for the evening commute. southbound 6 80 drivers are paying six times more than they used to pay when the express lane opened back in august. polls as you know, are based on real time traffic conditions in berkeley police are launching a crackdown on double parking on durant avenue. there were several busy restaurants there on durant, just east of telegraph avenue. in recent years, people have taken a double parking on both sides of the street to pick up food from the restaurant. that's led to traffic congestion. busses are running behind schedule. sometimes emergency vehicles are blocked this coming friday and saturday night, berkeley police say they will be out in force issuing tickets to vehicles that are double parked. the santa cruz county office of education held its second annual rainbow flag raising ceremony this morning. the flag is being raised at schools across santa cleric excuse me, santa cruz two. a rights icon, harvey milk.
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it's the kickoff for a series of events this month. organizers say the rainbow flag is a remarkable symbol of hope. when harvey milk was working with gilbert baker to design the rainbow flag, he said that this symbol was not about personal gain. it's not about ego. it's not about power. it's about giving those young people out there, hope the flags are also being raised to celebrate harvey milk day may 22nd which would have been harvey milk's 92nd birthday. still to come at noon. firefighters continue to battle bigger wildfires every year, the new technology being used to help the crews fight the flames more efficiently. plus, it's ridiculous. every other month. they come by the streets, frustration in san francisco surrounding side shows residents are now calling for more to be done to crack down on these dangerous and illegal
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of c berkeley police have just sent out a warning about a fire in the 2400 block of about it street very close to channing way people being told to evacuate if they are in the area again. this is a very, very busy area. we're sending sky fox's he
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wouldn't get you an actual picture of what's happening. they're sending ground crews as well. but again reports of a fire in berkeley this is about a block or so a very busy telegraph avenue in the area of channing and voltage about a block or so up from people's park. this might be at a student services building. there were just a couple of blocks or so off the actual cal campus. but again, it's a very busy area, getting reports of a fire in berkeley about it and channing. we're going to stay on top of this, sending ground crews sending sky fox and also working the phones to get you more information on what's happening there. let's move across the bay here, as people in police in san francisco are very concerned about the growing number of illegal and dangerous side shows , people living and working in areas that were hit this weekend say they want police to do something to crack down on those who participate. ktvu s elissa harrington spoke with one frustrated business owner who says he has left cleaning up the mess that was left behind. sam haba showed us graffiti and other damage to his business.
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gabby's market in delhi in san francisco big mess the family run store is located on the corner of main and harrison streets near the bay bridge. this is what that intersection looked like. in the middle of the night, crowds of people gathered for an illegal sideshow ridiculous every other month. they come by the streets. this is what the street looked like. sunday tire marks, broken glass and graffiti on the sides of several buildings, abbas said. during the sideshow, the burning rubber sent up a cloud of smoke that made it hard to breathe. he lives in the apartments above the delhi people are frightened , you know, i mean, people shaken up. you know, they're saying no, we're in the best neighborhoods, but nobody is doing anything about it. not even our mayor. not even our district attorney, not even our police. we don't know what to do . i reached out to the san francisco police department. they said they responded to the
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area around 12:41 a.m. for a report of stunt driving cellphone video on social media shows. police drive up with lights and sirens. do you want? police then responded to another sideshow about 30 minutes later in the balboa park neighborhood than a third at 13th and south van ness around two a.m. there were no arrests in an email, police wrote. in each incident, the sfpd stunt driving response unit arrived on scene and is conducting investigations for each location. elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. today the pittsburgh city council will start to consider a plan to make it illegal to watch side shows even if they're held on private property, city leaders say, because of crackdowns on site shows on public roads. some drivers have started holding events at privately owned locations, officials say they're still put spectators in danger. supporters of the idea say that benning spectators would prevent people from being injured or
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killed. state law that doesn't allow a ban on private property side shows oakland police are investigating a deadly stabbing after a man was killed near oakland like merit early yesterday morning. officers were called the lakeshore avenue and they found a man with several stab wounds. police have not released the man's name or really any other information about the killing. they do say this is the fourth homicide along that part of lakeshore avenue just the past six months. in a statement on social media, oakland city council president nikki fortunato best said she wants the police department and the city to take more action to prevent violence in the area. she says the city needs to enforce parking restrictions when the park is closed, including ticketing and towing vehicles, as well as increasing patrols in the area. she also called for broader gun control reform nationally and more work to address the roots of violence in oakland. over the weekend. a cause of death for a rookie san jose police officer last month became more clear, the santa clara county medical examiner's office confirmed to ktvu 24 year old officer, dijon packer, died of fentanyl toxicity. pecker was
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a former star football player at san jose state and was just finishing up his first year as a sound was a police officer. san jose police released a statement that read in part, we need to be mindful of the fact that we are not immune to issues that plague society in this case, substance abuse as humans. we are not perfect and mistakes will be made. officer wellness is paramount and a priority at our agency. it's now been almost two years since the police killing of george floyd in minneapolis. since then, police use of force across the country has been highly scrutinized. the incident has also caused greater scrutiny for officers who failed to intervene when they witness excessive force. ktvu investigative reporter. brooks jarocz looks at how police can be held responsible if they simply stand by. we found new laws in 18 states, including california require officers to step in if they witness unnecessary force, and we have the body camera video of
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a bay area case where a jury just found a richmond police officer failed to intervene. it started as a traffic stop, but led to a short car chase. the car was reported stolen, which came as a surprise to a group of friends in the back seat. one by one, they were called out of the car. ricardo hernandez was last warning what you're about to see here this video captures contra costa sheriff's deputies restraining him putting a sleeper hold, but seconds later struck several times by a flashlight. belonging to one of the deputies, who then pulled out his gun and pressed it to hernandez's head. he had no weapons, no drugs, but was charged with resisting arrest. that charge was later dropped. civil rights lawyers sued the law enforcement agencies, and in march, a jury found the richmond officer who didn't intervene cause hernandez injury and harm , hernandez says he still has trouble looking at that video. i
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just started crying because i wouldn't think i wasn't expecting to restore life. when i saw him like i was thank god i'm still alive. trees verdict was substantial and hopefully it'll raise eyebrows across all the police departments in the bay area, and it will report. hopefully it will force him to retrain and make sure their officers you know, do intervene when they see excessive force or otherwise their taxpayers are going to be on the hook. the jury wants to award hernandez more than a half million dollars , but a judge still has to make a decision on that amount. the city of richmond would not comment on the case. but we spoke with longtime police trainer and law enforcement expert he says the officer didn't have enough time to step in and didn't have all the facts about what was happening. tonight. we dig into that gray area, the effectiveness of the new laws and policies and what research shows about the goal of protecting and serving the community our investigation into
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the duty to intervene tonight on the 10 o'clock news. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. new at noon. vice president kamala harris has tested negative for covid nearly a week after she tested positive vice president will return to the white house tomorrow. spokesperson says she'll be wearing a well fitted mask while around others. california lawmakers missed a deadline to roll back the gas tax increase set to take effect on the first of july means we'll all be paying 54 cents a gallon in the state gas tax of three cents from the current 51 cents a gallon. it doesn't include federal or local taxes. i think people complain about this. it is what it is. you still gotta go to work. you still got to go do your thing stupid. it doesn't make any sense. to be honest with george's. why are we paying $6 a gallon for what? the governor's staff says there is the possibility of a gas tax rebate for people who have cars and trucks registered in california. there are still many details to be worked out, including a possible cap on who's eligible and how many cars
12:38 pm
per household will qualify before that could be introduced. according to triple a. the average price of a gallon of gas across the state right now is $5.74, depending more from yesterday and up five cents from last monday. prices have been dropping slowly in recent weeks. san francisco drivers are paying on average $5.90 a gallon prices in san jose and oakland about 12 cents less than that. triple a says a tight gasoline supply is pushing prices higher even though demand for gas was down last week. as fire experts say that climate change continues to create bigger wildfires. various agencies are turning to new tools to prevent fires from becoming firestorms. updated aircraft and new fire prediction . tools are making it possible in many cases to find and put out fires quickly. san jose based al cheragh exes. artificial intelligence software is used to constantly watch over some of pg and e s most fire prone areas. the artificial intelligence algorithm. look through the camera finds anomalies in that pixel like
12:39 pm
smoke and quickly alerts down to it and says, ah, that is smoke that is flame that needs recognition. the fire scout software can tell the difference between harmless fog and small puffs of smoke that can signal a small fire that could explode into a wildfire software can provide the location with pinpoint accuracy dramatically reducing response times. some of contra costa counties. busiest hiking trails will be closed for the next couple of months. pg nay started burying power lines in parts of the lime bridge open space area between concord and walnut creek utility says moving those lines underground will help prevent wildfires and will produce public safety outages. this means people who walk or bike along lime ridge can't use sections of the aloni trail. the parade so and timber leave trails until the work is complete. a new promoter and the grandson of the man who founded the gilroy garlic festival or going back and forth about a new festival, the ceo of the san joaquin asparagus festival says it will host the garlic festival. he posted a message on
12:40 pm
social media saying, quote we heard the extremely sad news that the gilroy garlic festival will not be holding their annual big garlic festival. we just couldn't let that happen in a chatty group says it will host the garlic festival this year. no other details have been released. the group said it would announce more information soon. this morning, however, we received a statement from the original founders of the gilroy garlic festival that seems to contradict those plans. the garlic festival founder says no one from the new chetty group has contacted them about holding the festival in a statement, they said, quote it looks like the new chetty group at best, is ignorantly trying to use a news cycle to promote a future stockton based garlic event and at worst is using the national press surrounding my grandfather's and my hometown's legacy. to self promote. still to come at noon, hitting the slopes in may. next the enjoyment for skiers and snowboarders at one resort in tahoe this past weekend and how much longer they will have the chance to ride the mountain wax
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up those skis and boards, right. hey, we have rain back in the forecast will pinpoint the data expected as the news continues. right here on fox two
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we hear uc berkeley police has sent out a warning about a fire in the 2400 block of about it street, which is near haste. at this point, we do not know which building is on fire this time, but we did get confirmation from
12:44 pm
berkeley fire that they are working a fire in progress as they call it. this is a very busy area to residential and student services building just a couple blocks away from people's park, a block or two off of telegraph av. so again keep this in mind if you make your way around this part of berkeley very close to the university there were sending sky foxx also have ground crews headed that way working the phones for you as well. we'll get you more information about this breaking news of fire in berkeley as soon as we have it. stanford and packard nurses have ratified a new contract after an agreement was reached to end an ongoing strike. 83% voted to approve contracts that offer safe staffing measures across the board. wage increases improved access to mental health support additional vacation time. measures to recruit and train nurses for high acuity areas and more. the union was colleague for better working conditions and for management to address staff shortages. the nurses are expected to head back to work tomorrow. amazon warehouse workers rejected a union bid today, dealing a blow to organizers who last month pulled
12:45 pm
off the first successful us organizing effort in the retail giant's history. both were still being counted. but ballots cast against the union were enough to fend off a second win for the nascent amazon labor union ballots that were challenged by either amazon or the al. you were not enough to sway the outcome. hundreds of young people cycled through the streets of san francisco to help raise awareness for an important nonprofit in their community. ktvu is access has more on the mission behind this event. hundreds of young people taking to the streets of san francisco . amazing to go and take all these young people. 1300 plus to go all the way to the city and just lay on the grass for a minute and get some sunshine with just amazing. these part of what makes roberto hernandez is pandemic born nonprofit, so special families who live in overcrowded housing were feeling anxiety. and so parents said, roberto, can you do some of these kids? and so now mission
12:46 pm
food hub not only operates as a neighborhood food pantry, and also helps to get kids out of the house and active, working with other community groups like north cal pedal gang by the kids bikes and get them riding, trying to get the kids out, having a good time not stuck on their phones, not on social media. reality having fun out here with smiles and everything , and so far, it seems to be working. just get stuff off my head. most of the time. it doesn't matter where we go. it's just really fun. sunday's ride kicking off in the mission also helping to raise money for the more than 9000 families who mission food hub says it delivers groceries to every week. everybody's going through something. and so here. we don't ask questions. make sure everybody eats we even better make sure they take a bag of food home and with spiking gas prices inflated food prices, fernandez says the role his organization plays in the mission is as important as ever . people think that the pandemics over but it's not a lot of people are still
12:47 pm
unemployed. got no cash, and so we're still feeding our community and this is one of several events emission food hub will be holding this month on thursday, will be holding a fundraiser and art show here in the mission in san francisco's ktvu, fox two news. palisades tahoe is extending its season after april snowstorm brought new powder to the mountain resort says thetorms dumped several feet of snow in the sierra. so instead of closing yesterday, as was the plan, result is staying open on weekends until memorial day monday, may 30th people at palaces. tahoe. we're happy to get in some runs this late in the season. honestly i've never been springsteen before, so i think it's really exciting to be out here with the sun shining and you know you're not freezing cold, so i'm really excited. i mean, we might make it up one more day, then for another quick cold day trip. stafford palisades are excited about the opportunity to stay open. they say grooming teams will go out and move snow from closed areas to other parts of the mountain that are still open to try to maintain the best conditions. they can nothing like skiing or
12:48 pm
snowboarding and a t shirt. roberta gonzalez, and i think many of us have done just that. and just think this wednesday. the temperature is going to be flirting with 70. they're crazy bikini. skiers maybe there will be a couple there always is. but then on saturday, there's a slight chance of snow. how about that? there? it's a month of may . it's springtime in the bay area with the fluctuating weather pattern. beginning with right here right now live whether camera looking outdoors , sfo. what a difference. in the past 30 minutes where we were shrouded in a deck of fog. now the ceiling is roughly about 20,000 ft. no reports of arrival or delays on departures, even though those winds are increasing. it's going to be a very gusty afternoon, right there along the peninsula, current air temperature stands from 56 cool degrees in san francisco. otherwise we're pretty much in the sixties, and this is a good 10 and 11 degree difference from 24 hours ago. it is much cooler driven by a westerly wind. check out sfo.
12:49 pm
those wind gusts have been up to 30 mph. we currently have the winds under 10 in the tri valley, but that will change. buchanan field in concord sports winds up to 22 mph guts 14 now at napa, and these winds have led to a small crack advisor until nine o'clock tonight for our own local bay waters, and this does include the estuary with some of those wind gusts up to 30 knots. now if you want to play along at home, this is the easiest way to do it. pick your location, like for example, calistoga or been loman or maybe even the tri valley. and watch the wind speeds fluctuates. so as we take a look at these wind speeds, the gusty assess and the windiest part of our day will be this afternoon into the early evening hours, and that's certainly is assuring the pollens around. my eyes have been watering all day. i know you probably suffer from the allergies as well. we have the tree count on the high side. so high pressure still in command, but we have this insight or butting up against that ridge of high pressure. therefore the very windy conditions but tomorrow that will exit and we
12:50 pm
will have some warmer conditions, but it won't be as warm as it will be. on wednesday , backing it up a bit today breezy and cooler right now on the high sierra. we're talking about temperatures in the forties and fifties 52 degrees, which is pretty typical for this time of the year, but we have a wind advisor in place through this evening. it is a monday with madness. we have fluctuating whether in fact roller coaster temperatures yesterday it was 78 degrees in napa today, coming down to 71. temperatures are anywhere from 5 to 9 degrees cooler today than yesterday. we're talking fifties sixties and low seventies away from the bay tonight, make sure you dress in layers if you're heading on out to watch jeffries on the mound for the good guys, it will be breast temperatures tonight. overnight forties and fifties. enjoy your day. roberta thank you will swing back to our breaking news in uc berkeley as we excuse me in the area of uc berkeley as we now have these first live pictures, thanks to sky fox over the scene of a fire that was reported in the past hour or so very close to the cal
12:51 pm
campus. uc berkeley police sent out a warning about a fire in the 2400 block about it street near haste. at this point, we don't know exactly which building is on fire, but as we zoom in here you can see that some streets are blocked off. was he? a good number of fire vehicles? brookly fire confirms they're working and active fire . we haven't seen any active orange flame coming from any buildings in the area, but still, law enforcement's responding. firefighters are there. so it's enough for you to make a note of it if you plan t. berkeley campus this afternoon, this area is just a couple blocks from the school when block off telegraph. very close to people's park again. people being told to avoid the area. we're going to keep sky fox up ahead overhead. we have ground crews heading to the scene as well. working get you more information on this fire in berkeley as soon as we have it, you'll get it here during this newscast and, of course, online immediately. still to come at noon, some big name athletes joining forces this week next, how they're bringing focus to a challenge for people worldwide
12:52 pm
with a charity golf
12:53 pm
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as d and straighten access to abortion services for out of state women county supervisor cindy chavez and susan ellenberger, asking the county to fund up to $3 million for health services at planned parenthood. will be used to increase abortion services for women from states where abortion access is restricted. chavez anticipates there will be more patients here in california as the state becomes a sanctuary state for women seeking abortions. that abortion rights are more fragile than they've been in decades in this country. in states other than california lawmakers are increasingly passing strict bans on abortion as a supreme court reconsiders the scope and existence of this constitutional right. the county board of supervisors will consider the proposal for funding at its meeting tomorrow
12:56 pm
. some teachers in daly city should soon have an easier time finding affordable housing close to their jobs. the jefferson union high school district just opened up affordable staff apartments on ceremony boulevard. they say the redford staff is significantly lower than market rate. the new apartments opened yesterday, and they have enough units to house about 25% of the district's employees. some pretty well known. 49ers along with other athletes were part of an important cause on the peninsula this week, ktvu joe fonzi reports. when it comes to bay area sports figures, it's hard to find a group more high profile than the one playing in a charity golf tournament this week. baseball's all time home run hitters and football's all time touchdown leader. we're in the same place throw in another football hall of famer concerned about the unprecedented mental challenges the whole world and especially young people are
12:57 pm
experiencing. we've gone through a lot, and we've gone through a lot because covid is just pushed through a lot. and so you think of that also the last three years. and you think of why those last three years have been tough. uh they're going to need resources. the golf tournament was a benefit for the child mind institute. it's president as a simple explanation for why the work the institute does is so important. there's a crisis in the united states, the suicide rate and the suicide attempt. rates of teenagers in the united states has gone up by 25 to 50% and covid has only made it worse. so it's really important for people to recognize that the most common set of illnesses for children, adolescents and mental health disorders. we do know that social media is having a negative effect on some kids, but not on every kid. so what can big time athletes do? they come from a world that's just starting to address mental health issues back in the day. you know that was a form of weakness. athlete gave into
12:58 pm
something like that. but, you know is different times now. man social pressures and the social media. there's a lot there's a lot to handle for these kids, and it comes out and really fast, and sometimes they don't know how to take care of it. and this will disorganization does social media everything? i try to stay away from all that as much as possible. but it's hard. i mean, if they're not in it, then they're behind. if they're in it, then they're consumed in it, and it's tough for this generation. with all this technology, you know, you just try to lend. lend your voice or lend your hand and say, hey, it's going to be okay. whatever challenges they come, they have to deal with and hopefully, we're there to hold and pick them up, hold their hand and say, hey, it's going to be okay. and if that's not enough star power behind a cause, not many of these tournaments feature guys who have been fitted for the green jacket. you know, i have two daughters that have kind of struggled with mental health themselves. so anytime you get a chance to support what a great cause this is, we all rally behind it. the group has
12:59 pm
to be the favorite, though. well we might be i gotta i gotta sharpen up my game here to help out the child mind institute as a relatively short history in the bay area. but with the need for its services increasing you couldn't ask for a better group to improve awareness and contribute to its healthy growth . joe fonzi ktvu fox two the a's will begin a series against the tampa bay rays tonight at the oakland coliseum. cleveland guardians defeated the a 7 to 3 yesterday to complete their first sweep in oakland. in 22 years, the a's have slipped to fourth place in the american league west with 10 wins and 12 losses for the season. council begin a series against their longtime rivals, the los angeles dodgers in l. a. tomorrow night yesterday, the washington nationals routed the giants 11 to 5 to take two games out of the three game series. the team is battling a covid spike. five giants have tested positive for covid in the past week, including brandon belt and mike. extreme ski as we leave you today at noon final pictures here of a fire that's burning very close to the u. c. berkeley campus. the fire is at the c. we
1:00 pm
have sky fox up above. this is in the area of channing bowditch in haste, keep it in mind. we have more information for you as soon as we have it at ktvu .com and the ktvu news app o >> they're not your mother's microwave meals. >> we are showing you the best ways to microwave all day. >> from a delicious breakfast. >> so simple right? this is nice. >> to a crowd. pleasing dinner. >> it's beautiful. it's lovely. you're expecting popcorn out comes an enchilada, yes we are hitting this out the park today ladies. >> and tik-tok star eitan bernath is dishing up his own microwave magic. >> that is a dangerous situation. delightful. that's next. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it is full of food and fun. >> everyone knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television, but also i'm a


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