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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  May 2, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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november. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener mike mibach, all four homicides took place right there along a stretch of lakeshore avenue. it's a cold, a sack near lake married. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joins us live tonight with more on the cases and reaction from the police union, henry, mike and julie three shooting deaths and one stabbing four lives lost along and normally serene neighborhood near lake merritt. police say they have stepped up patrols, but that and at least two cases , the violence erupted after they left the area. it's happened yet again. 1/4 homicide along the same cold, a sack at the edge of lake merritt in oakland. by day, the stretch of lakeshore avenue was a popular spot for joggers and dog walkers. by night, though it's a haven for mayhem and bloodshed. senseless acts of violence of homicide will not be tolerated. we all deserve safe neighborhoods. the most recent killing happened at about three in the morning on sunday when a man was stabbed to death on that block. in april, devin stanford was assaulted, robbed and
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dragged by a car before he was shot. he died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. on christmas eve, ricky gusteau's was shot and killed. emanuel gardner craft who was known for aggressively selling marijuana on the block, police say was arrested and charged with murder . and in november bonnie michelle limon, the mother of a five year old daughter, was shot and killed during a robbery attempt. to mandala sean. price and torn. do clay have been charged with murder. it's the job of opd to enforce the laws that are on the books. oakland city council president nikki fortunata bass represents the eastlake neighborhood where the killings happened. she says police need to crack down on loiterers in 2020, the city designated the cold a second overnight, no parking zone and installed speed bumps. they can use a bullhorn to tell people to leave. the park is closed. and if people don't leave, then they can take action. proactive enforcement, she says, could save lives that could be ticketing that could be towing and that could help to tear some of this very late night activity that has, unfortunately led to
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four people dying over the past few months. now i'm going to post on facebook. the oakland police union blasted the council president and set her priorities were misplaced. the union said that instead she should demand no bill for those arrested for violent crime and help victims by making sure that justice system holds those suspects accountable. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox do need three people charged so far. hopefully more tips will start to filter in so that police can make an arrest. indeed in this most recent case, henry lee live there in the newsroom, henry. thank you. in oakland police officer is recovering after the officers patrol car was hit by another vehicle during an investigation of the shooting. this video of the scene comes to us from citizen app. oakland police say officers witnessed a shooting at peralta and 14th street in west oakland at about 8 30. last night, the shooter ran into a nearby home and around the same time a vehicle possibly involved , drove away from the scene and hit the responding police vehicle. one officer was taken to the hospital and is now in
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stable condition to pg and e employees were hurt after a water pressure test on a gas line failed in calistoga. the utility says it was friday afternoon when the utility workers we're making sure the line along highway 29 could safely take the pressure of natural gas flowing right through it. at some point, something went wrong in the workers were injured. they were taken by a chp helicopter to an emergency room. this is not video of this incident. p genie has not released specific details on the injuries or the condition of the workers. early reports that there was an explosion were denied by the utility and there was no fire or release of gas people had to be rescued from a fire at a uc berkeley office building around noon today, berkeley fire crews say cruz got the call at about 11 55 this morning for a structure fire in a building at about it street near hay street. cal police sent out an emergency evacuation notice for people in that area. when berkeley fire arrived. they say they saw several people who were leaning out of an upper window. in route
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we did multiple reports that people hanging out the window and report up to four people, which, indeed when our first units arrived on scene did find for people needing rescued from the second story with fire behind them. fortunately crews were able to get those people out without injury, and it took crews about 20 minutes to put out the fire. they believe it started on the exterior of the building, but still no word on an official cause. now to pittsburgh, where fire crews controlled a brush fire that burns seven acres this morning. the two alarm fire was reported at about 10:30 a.m. near west leland and golf club roads. contra costa county fire crews had it contained by about noon. no injuries reported and no structures were threatened. the cause is being investigated. beauty writers will not be hit with a fare increase. the most recent budget for the transportation agency ensures this ktvu christian captain joins us live from the city and christian not just money here. money promising passengers a cleaner and safer system as well. that's exactly right. mike moody is following what it feels are the passengers and what it's
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heard passengers top priorities . those are improving speed frequency, reliability and safety. san francisco's municipal transportation agency passed its latest two year budget money anticipating cost to run the transit agency between 1.3 and $1.4 billion for each of the next two years. the agency receiving an infusion of cash from the federal government to help recover from the pandemic, meaning uni will not have to increase the cost to ride thanks to the generosity of the federal government, and we've been able to hold fairs flat for two years. keep free money for all youth while retaining for immunity for seniors and people with disabilities. writers say improving reliability and speed are critical to get them to regularly ride. the agency is pointing to system wide improvements, including the new van s bus rapid transit project as proof they're working hard to make the busses and trains run on time. and we've been able to get up to a 30% travel time savings and dramatic improvements in reliability. passengers say another major
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concern is safety. i wouldn't say i feel safe on it most of the time. it really just depends on who's on the bus and stuff like that. the agency says the new budget pays for high resolution cameras on all moony vehicles and a new gender safety equity initiative. money is also bringing on more eyes to watch the system and keep writers safe. we're also hiring an additional new 22 transit ambassadors. these are community people trained in de escalation techniques that will be throughout the system. writers also say cleanliness is a major concern. what i see is like this. beauty is not safe immunity is not clean needs director says the agency will keep the best practices that learned during the pandemic to keep the busses and trains clean . we're sustaining a lot of the covid era. extra cleaning of our busses. the transit agency now has two years to look for a fix for the structural deficit, structural budget deficits that
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have been covered by this one time covid recovery infusion of federal funds that new budget set to be in place by july. 1st we're live in san francisco christien kafton ktvu fox. two news cleaner, safer, no boosting fares. that's good news coming out of money as long as it delivers. on the promise christian thank you. for that. caltrain began reducing the number of trains in operation today to accommodate electrification work on its rail system. for the next three weeks, caltrain has dropping its weekday service to 88 trains. per day through may. 20th caltrain usually operates 100 and four trains a day baby bullet service will also be suspended during the work period . trains will be single, tracked through the broadway burlingame , sam or dale hayward park in hillsdale stations. gal trains regular schedule will resume on monday. may 23rd hopes of a return for the decades old gilroy garlic festival have been dashed due to a financial roadblock. but now there is some new hope that could actually saved the event this year. ktvu jesse gary live now in gilroy and jesse, there's a catch.
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isn't there always there would be benefactor is willing to use the gilroy name but move the iconic festival elsewhere. that proposal, raising eyebrows as many here say, thanks but no thanks. it's a bit of a vulture feeding up the wounded corpse. it's a bit of a parasite. it's a bit of a tick. can christopher unabashedly and passionately defends his family's legacy? this year's installment of the gilroy garlic festival shelved over dispute about greatly increased insurance premiums after 2019 deadly mass shooting , it's it is a frustration and because we know we have the same passion and we know what it represents to gilroy, but also like you say. the greater bay area and the surrounding throughout the state. it's also a disappointment for long time. gilroy residents festival everyone loves it. people come from all over. you know, i've been going to it for 30 something years to getting
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garlic to the summer menu may come from an unlikely source and be laced with a side of asparagus. not here to steal their festival. i'm here to help out things alive. by phone. potential benefactor tony nasiri says gilroy's famous festival can go on. he's already hosting the asparagus festival this coming weekend in, stockton said. he says his experience with nonprofits available land and in place organization can pull off the gilroy garlic festival, too. with the caveat that take place 110 miles away in stockton's works with college festival in the past. but i guess there's some other ones up the ladder. their little upset. maybe maybe they will be because i'm more than happy to work with people. christopher rejects the offer, saying the issue isn't garlic but 40 plus years of hometown heritage that should stay in south county. we're here to promote garlic everywhere. if stockton wants to have the stockton garlic festival, we are
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100% behind it. the problem is he tried to use our hometown and my grandfather's legacy to self promote. although there is no festival, at least not yet. gilroy plans a couple of, uh, items this summer to serve as a bridge for a possible return in 2023. mr no city says he's going to have a news conference on thursday to better hash out his plan to have the festival which is normally here. way up and stopped. alive in gilroy. just again. ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you in oakland. it would have a different flavor in stockton's so jesse. is there any idea as to when they have to make the decision whether or not to go with this other group? mm i don't think it's a question of , uh, time sensitive like you gotta tell me right now. it's some floating this idea out there if you like it great. and if you don't like it he's got his asparagus and he's all set and hopefully have their their
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garlic a year from now. maybe a lot of people do love to go to that. gilroy garlic festival. all right, jesse. thank you. between february 2021 february, 2022 used car prices shot up in the stanek 35% well, that trend has now shifted back into reverse. and house speaker nancy pelosi meeting face to face with the president of poland, and he calls on allies to step up sanctions on russia coming up more details on the house speaker's trip to eastern europe. also coming up at 5 30 as other states moved to prevent abortions, the bay area has become a safe space for women in need. and those windy conditions today brought a drop in temperatures. a good 10 to 15 degrees in some places. what's degrees in some places. what's that mean? for the next couple oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires.
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infy economists are saying inflation may have reached a peak, which would be great news for many who have felt the financial pain ktvu tom baker joining us live tonight from alameda, with more on the signs that prices could soon be coming down, tom. well you take a look at the prices here. there's certainly different than they would have been a few months ago. up until february. used car prices were skyrocketing. the average price will be used car went from $28,000 way up to 35,000. but prices may have peaked now, because since that time it is quite a different story. four indicators suggests we may have seen the peak of inflation first used car prices, a major inflation indicator. prices
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began falling in february and continue to do so but still remain above pre spike prices. prices of core goods driven by automobiles. outright fell second fewer sticky inflation items. those are things that only slowly adjust downwards such as education costs, public transit fares and car insurance prices are just much slower. third real signs that supply chain bottlenecks and delays are easing. some of those prices may begin to retreat. uh has in fact were able to resolve some of the supply disruptions already shipping rates from shanghai, china to the u. s west coast or down about 28% over last year's peak prices. that's also true for europe to the east coast prices. delivery times are beginning to shorten the reason that we could be close to peak inflation is because it really
5:16 pm
has been goods inflation that has been driving the extraordinary pickup inflate and inflation fourth and finally, americans are now buying fewer goods overall, which reduces the demand that increases inflation. we're now finally starting to see the pivot away from goods, inflation and towards services inflation, consumers are now opting more for services such as hair stylists, nail care, health care, repair services, insurance, and so on. because services are rising more slowly than goods that helps restrain inflation but not eliminated. core services prices when up more than we have seen in decades. it will still be some time before inflation reduces to what economists see as desirable in the 1 to 2% range, just as we saw that number for about two decades. before the pandemic, but it's starting to turn around . now we'll see if it continues
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to things that could get in the way or the ukraine, of course, and more problems with the shipping and supply chains. tom baker ktvu parks jr. alright tom. thank you for that. on wall street stocks rose across the board after a major sell off last week. investors are recouping some of those losses. this comes before the fed is expected to raise interest rates tomorrow. here's a look at the numbers. the dow gained 84 points, nasdaq rose 201 and the s and p was up. 23 u s small business administration administrator isabella guzman was in the bay area today to talk about the positive contributions to american life made by small businesses. guzman is here to help kick off small business week she attended a roundtable discussion at google san francisco office. she says president biden is committed to helping small businesses succeed. president biden has been really committed to making sure that we can create a more productive economy, and we know that small businesses are at
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that core. they they make other products and deliver the services that we come to depend on every single day. today guzman also launched the building a better america through entrepreneurship bus tour, it is being done in support of small business week. marathon's martinez refinery, and the philips 66 refinery in radio are looking to convert to renewable biofuel facilities. but there is opposition, the contra costa county board of supervisors will hear appeals tomorrow. more than a dozen environmental groups and individuals are appealing the decision. they say the project's own environmental impact report points out, there will be some unavoidable negative impacts, such as significant carbon emissions and odors created by the construction of the new facility. well, you're not going to be able to access some popular hiking trails in the east bay for some time now. pgd started work today to barry power lines in walnut creek is lime ridge open space area. the project is part of the company's fire prevention efforts. the company says putting lines underground will help prevent
5:19 pm
wildfires caused by its equipment. pg and e. says its goal here is to bury 10,000 miles of power lines. people who hike in the lime ridge area can expect closures along the money trail and timber leaf trail. those closures will last for two months. alright windy day out there, and those winds set us up with some much lower temperatures for daytime highs. good 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. that's what wind will do also stirs up the bay. we've got lots of color out in the water as the sediments from the shore line on the lower tides get spun up into the into the bay, so it's got loses that really chris blue. look to it. you notice when you go over the bridge is on windy days like this could be windy again. tomorrow there's a live camera shot. kind of nice to see some green on diablo. we did get rain last week, and that's enough to keep us a little bit green. that's going to change quickly. we do have a chance for a sprinkle. she's coming up in the five day but i don't think it's gonna be enough to green that back up. we're getting to that time of year, right where it's.
5:20 pm
it's not not happening for rain forecast. here's another live camera shot. you can see the texture of the bay that represents the wind. when you see that kind of, you know, glistening this like that. the winds are blowing out of the west. great highway closed today. both ways because of the blowing sand. i mean, it was going off out there and again. you got gale warnings right along the coast right up to the golden gate bridge, and we don't that doesn't happen all the time we get during big storms will get a gale warning right to the near shore, but usually they're offshore, a mile or so out more towards the fair lawns. but not that the cakes today with some really strong winds continuing along the coast. that wind advisory stays in effect in the north bay. you see that area in blue, especially point reyes. that's one of the windiest places in the state that's going to go on until about 10 o'clock tonight or nine o'clock tonight, and then the winds died down a little bit, but then there'll be some wind again tomorrow. these are surface winds. this isn't up high. so this is when you see 36 mile an hour gust at santa rosa that's down in at the airport there, down near near town level elevation, napa's gusting to 25. oakland sustained at 20. that's breezy now. sfo is the one
5:21 pm
you've been waiting for, because that's the one that's got the big numbers 38 miles an hour gusts right now, 30 mile an hour sustained and then down san jose 25 mile an hour ago, so it's just a windy day. a breezy day. maybe you're bothered by the grass pollens in the weeds and some trees. but really, the weeds and grasses are coming on. and when you get wind like this, it really stirs it up. so here we are. midnight tonight and what? i wanted to point going to back it up a little bit. so we look at the arrows. right so the arrows kind of come more northerly. watch what happens, they start to switch. yeah, they go that way. i'm sure so that's a warm up right and said, keep going the wednesday down, but look at the arrows that's north northeast wind. warmer on tuesday, warmer on wednesday, the warmest day and then watch what happens on thursday. watch the arrows right this. it's that simple, right? as soon as those arrows switch as soon as the winds come, onshore temperatures cool. so tuesday wednesday warming up thursday. those arrows going back onshore like you see here, breezy conditions , coast site, classic spring and we cool down. we're going to see temperatures into the mid eighties, maybe even a low 90 as we go into the next 48 to 72
5:22 pm
hours, i'll have the complete forecast. that's just kind of a broad brush of everything, but we'll look at the complete forecast back here in just a few minutes. a massive sigh of relief has dozens of civilians who are trapped in the besieged city of mario people are evacuated to safety jenkins in kiev, ukraine, have got the details coming up and more on rust in the oakland unified school district. prominent school board member has resigned coming up at six o'clock. why, she says she left the position. much s
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in d the democratic delegation met with the president of poland and warsaw today after their surprise meeting with the ukrainian president over the weekend. he spake congresswoman barbara lee is among the delegation. today speaker pelosi thank poland for its role in helping ukrainian refugees and affirmed the u. s commitment to the nato alliance. the president of poland expressed appreciation for the u. s support. i'm very
5:25 pm
grateful that we can in here and talk about our relations about. you're a plant if isis and especially about the situation in ukraine how to help them. what kind of support they need. speaker pelosi released photos of the delegation laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in warsaw. it pays tribute to those who gave their lives for freedom. poland is calling on its european union partners to impose sweeping sanctions on russia's oil and natural gas sectors, calling them urgent and an absolute step. also ukrainian civilians who have been trapped for weeks inside a steel plant in mariupol have now been evacuated. fox news griff jenkins has the details from keith. tearful reunions as hundreds of ukrainians arrived in separate asia on monday after being evacuated from the stall steel plant in the besieged city of very opal. it was risk. there
5:26 pm
was a risk, but they wanted to get from opals. hundreds of civilians and soldiers remain inside the plant, the last remaining stronghold of ukrainian forces in the city. dozens of elderly women and mothers with small children were able to flee, some recalling their horrific experience as they were holed up inside bombs falling all around them. we survived something that god forbid happens to anyone else. we need some long therapy us and the children to evacuees make their way out of mario opal. the state department is sending diplomats back into ukraine move , the acting ambassador says, sends a strong message to russia. you failed. ukraine is still standing. the government is still functioning and we're going back to libby first and then keep to help. the government comes as house speaker nancy pelosi, the highest ranking american official to visit ukraine, wraps
5:27 pm
up meetings in ukraine and poland to discuss the u. s s commitment to the war torn nation. america stands with ukraine. we stand with ukraine until victory is won. as part of that commitment. president biden will travel to alabama tuesday where he will visit a lockheed martin facility that manufacturers javelin antitank missiles. in kiev, ukraine, griff jenkins. fox news. dozens of women unable to get an abortion in their home state have been coming to the bay area to get one. now. south bay supervisors are working to expand the support. also a switch to electric tolling prevented a crash at the bay bridge from leaving anyone hurt . so what does the future of toll booths look like?
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throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. theg 15 year old girl. magali marquez was last seen wednesday evening near the 7 11 store on central avenue. she is described as five ft four inches tall and weighs about £100. the team was last seen wearing a blue t shirt, black pants and carrying a small black backpack. anyone who knows where she is, is asked to contact fremont police this week, the santa clara county board of supervisors will consider approving $3 million for planned parenthood as a growing number of out of state women have been coming here for abortions. ktvu zan rubin tells us the fans would allow the
5:31 pm
region to expand services. because we know that abortion rights are more fragile than they've been in decades in this country as other states move to restrict services. california's planned parenthood branches hope to expand there's already the marmont region encompassing half of california and much of nevada has seen 80 patients come from out of state since last july. 29 of them from texas after sb eight went into effect, and they're projecting this is just the beginning. we're going to see about 3000% increase of patients into california, which is about 1.5 million patients. it's going to take all of us to take care of those patients. and so santa clara county supervisors cindy chavez and susan ellen berg are proposing an influx of funds to help about $3 million. this money will help us do what we do better and more broadly and reach more people and particularly reached the folks who have the least access
5:32 pm
and the least ability to get this very much needed care. the money would go towards additional training for doctors , expanded facilities in testing services and a bigger telehealth program. we are ready to take care of these patients. we are a sanctuary state. it's just being able to have the staffing and the resources to be able to do that. some like this protester who asked we not show her face strongly disagree with giving more money to planned parenthood. well, that's wrong because they can use the money for better things. but the supervisors say this is necessary both to help local women and those coming from out of state. they say they took action when federal funds were restricted during the last administration, and they feel the same responsibility again. we had to step in, then. will step in now will step in as long as we're not needed. the proposal is now set to go before the santa clara county board of supervisors at tuesday's meeting in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. a former weather
5:33 pm
underground radical who served more than two decades behind bars for her role in a fatal 1981 armored truck robbery has died. kathy boudin died of cancer yesterday, surrounded by family. she had lived in new york city since her release from prison in 2000 and three bodine had expressed remorse for the infamous brinks robbery in which a guard and two police officers were killed north of new york city kept a low profile after her release and continue to work on behalf of inmates and former inmates. her death was confirmed by chasing boudin, her son, who was san francisco's district attorney, kathy boudin, was 78 years old police in san francisco are investigating two home invasion robberies that took place just an hour apart with similar suspect descriptions. officers say three men in their twenties invaded a home around 8 40 friday morning on gavin street. right near barn veld avenue in portola neighborhood. police say a woman was held at gunpoint as the men ransacked the house. the same thing happened to another woman
5:34 pm
just about an hour later on executive park boulevard in the bayview no arrests have been made. in either case. work crews are making repairs after a truck crashed right into a toll booth at the bay bridge toll plaza. the big rig carrying oversized steel girders hit the booth last night. the booth was empty because of the switch to electronic tolling. no injuries were reported in earlier today on the four john goodwin from the metropolitan transportation commission said this type of accident is rare. we don't see them often. but the point being made that the toll booths can be a distraction and having this slow down to squeeze through a couple of booths. yeah is an obstacle. it creates a bottleneck. he says toll booths on the seventh state owned bridges will be disappearing next summer, starting with the anti oxbridge next year work to remove the boost from the bay bridge will start in 2026 teenager was killed in a solo vehicle crash along 13 in oakland, ch b says that happened
5:35 pm
last night just around eight o'clock. right near the park boulevard. exit investigators say the driver, a 17 year old boy from oakland, went off the road and was then ejected from his vehicle. they say speed likely played a role in that crash. police in san francisco are investigating a number of illegal and dangerous side shows over the weekend. there were three early yesterday morning, people said burning rubber from the sideshow sent up a cloud of smoke that made it hard to breathe. there was also a lot of broken glass left on the streets and storefronts near the side shows were tagged with graffiti . police responded, but did not make any arrests. people living and working in that area. tell us they want something done to crack down on those who participated. people are frightened. you know, i mean, people shaken up. you know, they're saying oh, when the best neighborhoods but nobody is doing anything about it. not even our mayor. not even our district attorney, not even our police. we don't know what to do. san francisco police say
5:36 pm
officers from its stunt driving response unit arrived at each side show and are conducting investigations for each location . pittsburgh city council is discussing creating an ordinance that would be being a spectator at a sideshow on private property against the law. the proposed ordinance would also provide notice as to one activities are lawful and unlawful and identify penalties for violations. california law currently prohibits side shows and racing on public streets, but it does not cover enforcing sideshow laws on private property where many of the events occur. some words of warning from vacaville police there is a bear wandering around neighborhoods. the black bear was seen in a tree in the north orchard area of vacaville this morning, officers kept an eye on the big animal, while nearby schools were in session. if you didn't know solano county is a natural habitat for black bears and police are hoping the bear will eventually wander back to its home. after months of dropping covid numbers,
5:37 pm
california saw a 30% jump in cases last week compared to the week before. hospitalizations are also up by 7% san mateo county has the highest covid case count in the state, followed by san francisco san mateo county health officer says he expects a surge in cases and hospitalizations but he does not believe it will be as severe. as last winter's omicron wave. vicepresidente kamala harris is heading back to the office after contracting covid last week, a statement from her office reads. today the vice president tested negative for covid-19 on a rapid antigen test. the vice president will return to work in person tomorrow following cdc guidelines. she will wear a well fitting mask while around others through the 10 day period. a nationwide manhunt is underway for an alabama corrections official and a man considered extremely dangerous. she is accused of helping him escape. and now both of them have gone missing and a kansas community in ruins after a powerful tornado judges down we're heading live for the recovery
5:38 pm
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or r of assaulting a capitol police officer during th u s. capitol riot, the court rejected thomas webster's claim that he was protecting himself when he tackled the officer and grabbed his gas mask. webster was the first capital rioter to be tried on an assault charge. he testified that the capital officer punched him in the face. the officer denied the allegation. webster will be sentenced in september. authorities are searching for an extremely dangerous murder suspect who escaped from a jail in alabama and the prison guard who they believe may have helped with the escape. the inmate, 38 year old casey white, was scheduled for trial next month on a capital murder charge, corrections officer vicki white told coworkers she was taking the inmate to the courthouse for a mental health evaluation, but
5:41 pm
no such evaluation was actually scheduled fox's steve harrigan as the story from atlanta. wide as you've heard me say, over and over. there's an extremely dangerous person. and we need to get him located and get him off the street authorities in alabama are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture of escaped inmate casey and missing corrections officer vicki white. the two are not related. the pair was last seen friday after the officer left the detention center in lauderdale county, saying she was transporting the prisoner. this case is now a major case for the united states marshal service. which helped to facilitate the reward. for information up to $10,000 for information leading to location. either one of these particular suspects or subjects, authorities say the prison officer claimed she was not feeling well and was going to seek medical attention after transporting the inmate to a mental health evaluation. but no
5:42 pm
evaluation was scheduled that day. vicky whites vehicle was found several hours later in a parking lot. officials are now confident she played a role in the escape. casey white had been jailed and capital murder charges. we're in hopes that will get some much needed breaks here in the next few hours, uh few days that will help us locate them. those of us who worked with vicki white and have worked with it for years. this is not the vicky white we know. arrest warrant has also been issued for vicky. white officials say both are armed and dangerous. in atlanta. steve harrigan, fox news how can you tell if your smart phone has been hacked? we are sharing safety tips from security experts and the new wave. 49ers faithful can show off their red and gold support, but what needs to happen before these license plates can get made. and it was definitely cooler out there today and windy as all get out,
5:43 pm
especially right along the coast where, as i mentioned the great highway closed both ways for a time and that has to do with the wind gale warnings along the coast that changes tonight changes coming on the warmer side. in the what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. (music throughout)
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yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. tora suburb of wichita, kansas on friday. this generated winds up to 165 mph and left a path of destruction. nearly 13 miles long for people suffered minor injuries and more than 1000 buildings were destroyed. caroline elliott live for us tonight with an update on how the community of handover is looking to clean up and rebuild. caroline. good evening. good evening, mike. as you can see from these homes behind us, this was a close call for hundreds of families that live in this area . rescue crews say if this tornado would have changed its path by even an eighth of a mile
5:46 pm
that it could have wiped out an entire apartment complex that didn't have the storm shelters or basements, and that could have easily made this mass casualty event. kansas will remember the and over tornado as a miracle tornado affected up to 1000 buildings across 11 miles, but it didn't kill a single person. i mean, you would think that there will be people buried under the rubble. um i can't explain it. how would you describe the way your neighborhood looks? um i would say a war zone. i've never experienced that either thinking this, but that would be what i would think. it almost looks like bombs went off. um. it is very much just that, in and of itself is emotional. the ef three tornado through cars 165 mile per hour winds destroyed the local y m c. a and the city's elementary school
5:47 pm
children were inside the tornado crumbled the building. moments later, phone service shut down in many parents panicked. my last thought was is this going to be my last phone calls with my kids is hearing them in there crying that the ceiling is caving on there. you can't stop. you can't help them. all you keep thinking is this our last moment? is this gonna be it? there were many other factors that help families survived. this event. not only did the national weather service issue early warnings, but this tornado happened moments before the sun went down, and it wasn't writing so you could clearly see the tornado coming. rescue crews say those warnings and that visibility likely saved hundreds of families that night. and end over kansas. caroline elliott fox two news, tesla is recalling 48,000 model three's performance versions because of an issue with the speedometer. the
5:48 pm
electric carmaker says the car's speed may not be properly displayed when it's in track mode. tesla says a firmware update in december, inadvertently removed the speed unit from the interface. the recall includes model threes made between 2000 and 18 and 2022. a software update will be sent directly to the car. security experts are warning about some things to look out for if you think your phone might have been hacked, the experts say, if apps are taking longer than usual to load your phone might be affected. faster battery drains can also indicate malware running in the background. users should also watch for sudden pop ups while browsing. if you think your phone is compromised, they suggest downloading are reputable antivirus app. the santa cruz county office of education today held its second annual rainbow flag raising ceremony at its headquarters. you are gay rights icon harvey milk. he was the state's first openly gay elected official may 22nd is milk's birthday and has been designated as a day in california to remember the
5:49 pm
activist. there will be events all month long in santa cruz county to recognize milk work and the importance of the rainbow flag. when harvey milk was working with gilbert baker to design the rainbow flag, he said that this symbol was not about personal gain. it's not about ego. it's not about power . it's about giving those young people out there, hope many schools and other school district offices in the county will also hold their own flag raising ceremonies. milk would have been 92 later this month. part of the great highway in san francisco, remains closed this evening because of wind whips sand that is now piled up on the roadway there. the city's public works department shared this photo on twitter this morning alerting drivers at the great highway was shut down in both directions. work crews reopen the northbound lanes a few hours later, but the southbound direction remain closed. crews are hoping to clear the sand from the rest of the roadway tomorrow. if the wind died down , commuters are seeing an
5:50 pm
increase in the cost of driving in the bay area's freeway expressly change the express lane tolls. are often more than double what they were at the start of the pandemic on northbound 80 tolls are up more than 100% at an average of $8.30 for the evening commute on south 6 80 drivers are paying six times more than they paid when the express lanes were first opened in august. tolls are based on real time traffic conditions. 49ers fans could soon show how faithful they are to the team with their license plates and support state parks in the process. plates with the team logo were unveiled today to raise money for state park programs. the niners need 7500 drivers to pre pay for the plates before the dmv will print them. they cost $50 or $103 for personalized plates. alright it's been windy out there and the gale warning along the coast with wind gusts last night up in san francisco and the outer richmond into the thirties and 40 mile an hour range, blowing the sand all along the great
5:51 pm
highway now we talked about all the time if you don't go down there that often you know used to the great highway. it's a lot of traffic travels on that thing, but when the sand gets in there you get six inches, a foot of sand blowing across it. it takes a while to plow it. it's not like plowing snow. and you can remind you if you look at the mount diablo east bay, but remind you, you know the avenues were sand dunes, man all the way right for basically from oh, there it is. that's a great shot. it doesn't it was just sand dunes. my dad grew up in was portal. he told me back and when he was around in the twenties that it was sand dunes all the way up. so even though they built homes on all this stuff you've got the sand that is underlying. so when the wind blows, it gets going and talk to anybody who lives out there on caravelle or antara. they'll tell you the same thing. it's just been. it's something, so that's what's happening today? they're still close as we mentioned and we're looking for less wind as we go into tomorrow night, so that should help. there's a live camera shot. i think that that shots interesting only because people don't really seem to know that the great highway gets covered in sand a few times a year like
5:52 pm
that, and it's a major thoroughfare. a lot of people travel on that, you know. so the wind advisory north bay that is going to be dropped this evening, but it's still going to be breezy. there's a weather system to the north. that's going to create more more wind, but not as robust. i don't think we'll see a gale warning again to our wind advisory. these are current win wind gusts and santa rosa 36 miles an hour 25 mile an hour napa and, of course. that's your photo on this wind direction. is the place that gets blowing, so it's at 38 gusts. yeah and it's not hard. the other day we had gusta 50 out there, so there's northwesterly wind, not a fire wind, not an offshore wind, not a heat event, not you know, it's not this kind of wind coming from the northeast. we have a whole different set of, um, looks at what were you know concerns for fire temperatures today to drop its cooler by what ? 16 degrees in fairfield 10 degrees and live more. and that's because the arrows are taking all that cool. that's a big ocean. it's cold oceans like 49 50 degrees right now, the surface temperature of the ocean and so when it blows hard, man, it's getting up into fairfield minus 16 from where they were
5:53 pm
yesterday. overnight lows tonight, mild or kind of mild not that cold, not as cold as they have been. and then another system is going to tweak through to the north after this one does and we'll see a little bit more wind, but it's further away. so the pressure gradient is less. so what i just say it's going to be a pretty nice day tomorrow, and we're going to climb out temperatures tomorrow be a little bit warmer. significantly warmer on wednesday when we could see some low nineties and then temperatures will trend down as the winds come back onshore on thursday, so it's a nice week ahead. but the cool the wind that's kind of going away today and tomorrow be slightly breezy but warmer. and then there's the five day forecast and you see the temperatures in that top area there that top panel shows wednesday up to 90 in a place like conquered or out towards clayton. so good looking week ahead a little cooler on the weekend. let's pop in sunday, there is a slight chance for something friday night and saturday in the north bay. hopefully, that will happen. if it does, it won't be much, but it's something. i'll see you back here at six. all right, bill. thank you. safari west in
5:54 pm
santa rosa. they're celebrating some new members to its family. the wildlife preserve showed these photos introducing four new warthog piglets. three males and a female. born early last month. safari west officials say the timing of the piglets arrival was just right as the facility recently moved its warning residents into a new habitat. on its 400 acre grounds , a 12 year old yorkshire terrier named rex is back home with his original owners after being reported stolen 11 years ago. police say an animal control officer in massachusetts found rex after responding to a report of a dog running loose. you then reconnected him to his long lost owners after scanning his microchip. police say rex had a great night being back home and reuniting with members of the family. lights camera autism back in the spotlight after the break how a southern california autism society spent the weekend showcasing special artists and in oakland school board members resigning and she lays the blame for the districts. dysfunction on teachers coming up at six
5:55 pm
o'clock tonight. why, she says she's unable to do her job. also ahead after more than 150 years of growth. california's population has declined yet again. what new numbers show about the states declining population and how state authorities explained the drop. ♪ ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer... are living in the moment and taking ibrance.
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5:57 pm
is t over the weekend in southern california. the event took place at uc san diego as foxes liberty , zavala reports, one of the artists included a star from autism's got talent. artistic talent can come from artists of all different shapes, sizes or abilities, doing art for such a
5:58 pm
long time i started drawing when i was five and paintings and so i was 11 artists. joel anderson's creations are featured in this art exhibition , which also showcases 23 other artists with autism. joel says he finds his inspiration everywhere look at art books and history and video and everything . society of san diego teamed up with mainly mozart to put on this worth annual lights, camera autism back in the spotlight event. we're so grateful and really honored to be partners camera autism this year where we look at genius under different lenses, even the businesses showcased at this event, including the one that provided the floral decor employees. autistic workers really showcases a variety of talents across the autism spectrum. we have visual artists. we have film artist. we even have a caterer's here that are on the autism spectrum. so really
5:59 pm
trying to showcase everyone's talented netflix documentary called speed. cubers max park also attended to support his fellow artists on the autism spectrum, showing there is no limit in talent or creativity among those with disabilities. it's really the first time that these individuals have a chance to really have that spotlight shone onto them and something where ah, you know, they are really the focus of everyone's attention, so it's something they deserve and something we're happy to provide. fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. after four decades, organizers announced the end of the gilroy garlic festival. now there's a new proposal from a man outside the city to revive it. festival organizers aren't sold on the idea. the unfortunate reality is no. one from the garlic festival association, nor from the city.
6:00 pm
no one from my company and north my family has ever heard of this gentleman. the proposal is to host the gilroy garlic festival and use the gilroy name but in a different location. good evening, everyone i'm julie haney mike mibach, the organizer of the asparagus festival in stockton says he has the capacity to bring the gilroy festival back in stockton. but as ktvu jesse gary reports, not everyone in gilroy is quite on board. it's a bit of a vulture feeding up wounded corpse. it's a bit of a parasite. it's a bit of a tick. can christopher unabashedly and passionately defends his family's legacy? this year's installment of the gilroy garlic festival shelves over dispute about greatly increased insurance premiums after 2019 deadly mass shooting, it is a frustration and because we know we have the same passion and we know what it represents to gilroy, but also like you say. the greater bay area and the surrounding throughout the state. it's also a disappointment for long time


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