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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 2, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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rouz ktvu fox two. back supporters of abortion rights clashed with opponents tonight outside the united states supreme court after a document has leaked, indicating the justices may overturn the landmark 1973 case. roe v. wade should have court justice. decide what we should do with our bodies within. you know, days we would have half of the states would have lost their right to an abortion. the future of abortion rights in question tonight. good evening, everyone . i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. the supreme court is poised to overturn the landmark ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. this is according to what politico says. it's a draft majority opinion. that report has sparked a huge outcry tonight from abortion rights advocates within hours of the breaking news protesters, both in support of and against
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the draft opinion gathered outside the supreme court in washington, d. c. holding signs and chanting and a small group of abortion rights advocates started gathering in front of the federal building in oakland just about an hour ago. that's where interviews. jana katsuyama joins us live with our coverage on this breaking news, janna. free mike and julie. that group has grown a little bit and they are still here outside the federal building. many of them say that they were not surprised by this draft document from the supreme court that was leaked, but they say that they are ready to fight all the way to try and see that abortion rights are preserved in california. the supreme court has not issued a ruling on a mississippi law seeking to ban abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. but monday a stunning leak of a 98 page draft opinion suggests a majority of supreme court justices is prepared to strike down the landmark roe versus wade, which legalized abortion
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in 1973. and the 1992 planned parenthood versus casey that reaffirmed abortion rights, justice samuel alito writing for the majority says in the draft opinion document quote. we hold that row in casey must be overruled. the constitution makes no reference to abortion and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provisions. justice samuel alito also states quote row was egregiously wrong from the start, its reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences. experts say the leak of a draft document is unprecedented and the drafts often differ from final opinions . everybody has the opportunity to weigh in to say i don't agree with this or that. can you change certain things? um so undoubtedly the details in this draft? uh well, look different when we ultimately see an opinion, probably in june, but the core of it is probably what we will see when it comes out
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officially decision that reflected largely. what is in that draft would be a glorious thing for the united states of america. abortion opponents celebrated the draft document some gathering outside the supreme court building monday night. also outside were abortion rights advocates who vowed to fight any threat to abortion access for women. but we need to do right now is we need to be on the streets when you to speak with our feet? we need to be out there saying this is not right. we need to stop sitting back and hoping everything will be ok, because it's not okay. planned parenthood of california responded, saying research indicates more than 36 million people will lose access to abortion if the u. s supreme court overturns roe versus wade . in a statement, the ceo jodi hicks said quote planned parenthood health centers across california will remain open. they will remain willing to help and we will do all we can to continue to provide abortion services. to all who need it or seek it here in california. and back here live at the oakland federal building. if the supreme
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court does overrule the two decisions growing, casey, you might see many more rallies like this one. that's because it will then be up to state and federal lawmakers to decide about abortion access of the supreme court spokesperson was asked about this draft tonight and said that there was no comment from the supreme court. jana katsuyama thank you. well for more now on this breaking story. joining us live is ktvu political analyst brian sobel, along with san jose state political science lecturer donna crane. thank you both down. i'm going to begin with you. although brian, i will have you chime in as a follow up to this question. justice alito argues in the draft opinion that roe v. wade was an ill conceived in deeply flawed decision that invented or right mentioned nowhere. in the u. s constitution. donna, is that a valid argument? i don't think it's a valid argument, but it is a commonly heard argument the right to choose roe versus wade has been embedded in the right
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to privacy. and although the word privacy doesn't appear in the constitution, it is almost universally acknowledged that that we do possess a right to privacy that the constitution protects. so we have the right to raise children the way we wish we have the right to decide who to marry. we have the right to use contraception and many, many other right? that flow from this right to privacy that the founding fathers wrote into the constitution. so that used to be something of a fringe argument that there was no right to privacy, but it has become more and more mainstream and the very conservative wings of political thought. and now we're seeing it appear and in this draft supreme court opinion, it's been a sort of a stunning movement toward what used to be a fringe opinion about 30 years ago, brian your reaction real quick to that argument. well this is a law that's been in existence for 49 years. now it is highly controversial, highly political
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and in essence, but this is saying if we can uh, i believe that this is the document and why wouldn't we? it was like politico. is that the right to abortion would be returned to the states. and each statement, uh, decide in their state legislature or through a vote of the people what their states view on abortion would be that's what took place here, so there's the federal and the state's argument, and we in america have been arguing states' rights versus federal law since the inception of this country. in the history of the u. s. supreme court. donna to your knowledge has a draft opinion ever been leaked before an official opinion has been rendered by the court. no never to my knowledge . it is also worth saying they're just in response to the last comment that this is not an issue that would quote unquote just be returned to the states. congress regularly debates uh,
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legislation that would restrict abortion rights, and, in fact, many restrictions on abortion rights already exist nationwide , so california women would not be quote unquote safe. if the issue was returned to the states, congress can legislate on this and can restrict the right as well. brian going back to the leak that basically sent shockwaves through this country . what does this mean for the sanctity of the court, and if the leaker is identified, what consequences could that individual face? hard to say, julie, uh, you know, this is unprecedented, and, um, but it's in a political contacts were in an election year. we have the midterms coming up, and this will undoubtedly be a issue that will be debated across this country and certain legislative districts that are up for vote. will be arguing about this and indeed, um, it will be returned to the states for a decision that the congress can say
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something. but eventually, if the idea is that there are states rights states are going to weigh in on this california, for example, we'll have protections for a woman's right to choose irrespective of what goes on. brian i gotta follow up with you on that one. you know, polls have consistently found that a solid majority of americans oppose overturning roe v. wade with that resistance, extending well into the republican coalition. if this decision to overturn roe v. wade actually does become final. i mean, you touched on it, but what is the number one ramification for this year's upcoming elections? there is going to be a platform issue, probably in every district where democrats and republicans are somewhat even in republican districts. this won't be an issue in highly democratic, uh, see with highly democratic seats and not an issue. it's going to be about the swings states, the
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swing district, where members of congress will have to have to have a position on this. and a lot of people in congress move around this issue, and this, i think november election. donna with the volatility and polarization of this decision, basically hanging in the balance . now what are the chances the justices could change their votes before final opinion is handed down. that is indeed very possible, and it has happened in the past. in the webster decision in 1989, famously justice kennedy i believe it was moved, changed his position and saved the roe v. wade decision at that time, so the way this works is the justice to sort of take a straw poll after they hear oral arguments, they figure out generally where they're likely to land. someone is assigned to write the opinion. and then depending on what the opinion what the draft opinion looks like. this is also private . of course, the justices decide whether sign on or not, i did
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see some passages in there that i think are intended to appeal to certain justices. so it seems to me that that is the process that's happening right now. certain justices. i'm curious. what do you think the chief justice himself will fall on this? and that is the question that sort of $64,000 question. by my count. it's either a 5 to 4 or 6 to 3 count to reverse or if you w with chief justice roberts being the unknown, but it may not matter if my numbers are correct, grain , brian syllable appreciate the conversation. thank you both. absolutely. thank you. thank you. well reaction is pouring in from local and state leaders in a tweet governor, gavin newsom said. our daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers will not be silent. the world is about to hear their fury. california will not sit back. we are going to fight like #### house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer put out a joint statement tonight saying, in part if the report is accurate,
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the supreme court is poised to inflict the greatest restriction of rights in the past 50 years, not just on women, but on all americans. the republican appointed justices reported votes to overturn roe v. wade would go down as an abomination , one of the worst and most damaging decisions. in modern history and conservative group, the article three project put out a statement denouncing the leak itself, saying over the past several years we have watched the radical left become increasingly brazen in their attempts to deal delegitimize and bully our nation's highest court. this unprecedented leak is a stunning, shameful and likely and illegal attempt to obstruct the court's deliberations on a pending case even before the leak of the draft ruling bay area women's health advocates were working to support abortion services today , santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez and susan ellenberger proposed spending about $3 million to help planned parenthood. the nonprofits clinics in the mar mani region, which makes up half of california. they say they've
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already seen 80 patients from out of state since july. 29 of them came from texas after new restrictions went into effect. we're going to see about 3000% increase of patients into california, which is about 1.5 million patients. it's going to take all of us to take care of those patients. the money would go towards additional training for doctors, expanded facilities and testing services and a bigger telehealth program. the proposal is set to go before the santa clara county board of supervisors tomorrow are roe v. wade coverage continues right now at ktvu dot com. you'll find a reporting and updates right there on the front page. scrutiny over police use of force across the country. coming up new at 10 30 will take a closer look at the call to hold officers accountable, who failed to step in when they see excessive force from fellow officers. and the wind advisories have been dropped. it's kind of chilly out there and we're heading for a warming trend pretty noticeable tomorrow and wednesday. all have that forecast coming up and unusual
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residential neighborhood in vacaville. this happened in the area of north orchard avenue, prompting nearby schools and residents to take precaution. ktvu is elissa harrington joins us now live with an update as to where that bear is now and how officials plan to keep the community safe. alyssa well, first of all, if you see any movement behind me, definitely let me know because as far as we know, this bear is still in the back yard of this home on north orchard avenue. this certainly is not the area where you would expect to see a wild animal. you can see. this is a busy street. we are surrounded by family homes and schools. officials though, are giving the bear some space at this time. they hope that it makes its way back to its habitat on his own. it's exciting and sad, poor little bear unexpected visitor in this vacaville neighborhood, a young black bear seen wandering through yards, hopping fences and climbing trees, looked out the back porch windows and saw police in our backyard. so i said, what's going on? and they just pointed up in the tree? and there was a bear up in the tree.
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i was a little shocked. i'm like, wow. but i also thought it was really cool cell phone video shows the bear in willis shepherds front yard, she said she was inside knitting. when a neighbor called to alert her. he was just running around the yard . i think he was trying to figure out how to get out of the yard because it is fenced. and he went down to the grapefruit tree and stood up on his back. legs comes courtney wiltse shot this video on her phone. she was watching a two year old when they spotted the bear out the window. she just thought it was the coolest thing. she went to the zoo last week, so i kept answers like being at the zoo, polio with the department of fish and wildlife, said the bear is most likely a juvenile male around 2 to 3 years old. in £250 black bears do live in the hills of solano county, and the bear may have come down in search of food or other resources since the spare hasn't acted aggressively. we're going to kind of back off and we're going
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to give it the chance to go back to its habitat on itself. by late afternoon, the bear had settled down for a nap in the back yard of a home. police were monitoring the area and officers were on the campuses of nearby schools. polly has said they do not consider this a threat to public safety. but if the bear does not go home on his own, you know the next option would probably be something like tranquilizing the bear, you know, darting it and then and then we'll take it back to its habitat. and polio told me that the bear is likely after garbage or dog food. anything that could be left outside, so he urges people to secure those items and keep anything away that might attract the bear reporting live in back of bail. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, alyssa. thank you. the pittsburgh city council voted tonight to make it illegal to watch side shows on private property. state law already prohibits side shows on public streets but doesn't address site shows on private property and those who come to watch the pittsburgh ordinances aimed at
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prohibiting spectators at side shows with the goal of significantly curbing criminal activity. we have had the community come out and talk to us about donuts. um you know, long crestview side shows, you know, home depot parking lot target shopping center, and it just needs to stop. i mean, we need to keep people safe. violators would face a misdemeanor charge, which carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail, and $1000 fine. oakland school board member has decided to quit her posts with a scathing resignation letter criticizing the oakland teachers union. shanti gonzales supported the controversial oakland school closures and mergers since then , she said, opponents have protested outside her home and says that she's been called racist anti black and a white supremacist. the oakland school board president called gonzalez dedicated and thanked her for her seven years on the board. but the oakland teachers union had a different message. the oakland education association president released the statement . reading director gonzalez will
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not be missed. we hope the next director will listen to and keep their commitments to district six students and families rather than closing their schools. all right, taking a look at the weather out there. we've got kind of a progressive pattern. that's whether well to the north of us. we're seeing the byproduct of that which is a pressure difference. a gradient that gives us the wind that we had today. here is the next system there and drawing in the jet stream here. here's this little system today that brought the wind and then you kind of see this next system out down towards kansas. and that used, you know, probably the tornado and the concerns they had out there. these storms are going to continue to follow this route over the next few days, so they're going to stay out of our area, but they're going to set us up with potential for a little bit of wind. we'll see that tomorrow but more of a north northeasterly wind. but the big story will be out in the plains and the ohio mississippi valley, where those storms will fly out and create severe weather. most certainly so that's going to be their their struggle for the next two or three days. our struggle will be
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to get these temperatures up. these are the highs today. highs tomorrow will warm about mm. seven or eight degrees. i think we're gonna see some low eighties tomorrow. so much warmer day, especially along the coast and at the bay, where the winds are not going to be as robustly onshore. we're going to see more of an offshore kind of light offshore flow and then temperatures peak. on wednesday , maybe some nineties and then we kind of cool off and maybe a sprinkle. i'll tell you all about that when i see back here in a few minutes, all right, we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you. a former weather underground radical who served more than two decades behind bars for her role in a fatal 1981 armored truck robbery has died. kathy boudin, the mother of san francisco de a chaser. boudin died of cancer yesterday, surrounded by family. she had lived in new york city since her release from prison in 2003. bodine had expressed remorse for the infamous brinks robbery in which a guard and two police officers were killed north of new york city. bodine kept a low profile after her release and continue to work on behalf of inmates and former inmates. kathy boudin was 78 years old,
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coming up signs that inflation may be leveling off as investors speculate the fed will once again raise interest rates later this week. plus new numbers do show california's population. is declining. how many people left the state and what some say played a role also ahead tonight for deadly attacks on the same cultist sack in just a matter of months. oakland city leader says police c
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300 million years ago, there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea. and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting. making far feel close. bringing there to here.
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in in west oakland that led to a police officer being injured last night. oakland police say the shooting suspect is now in custody. video here from citizen app shows the scene right near the intersection of peralta and 14th street's police say a car driven by someone trying to escape the gunfire. hit the officers patrol vehicle and a high rate of speed. the officer was not seriously hurt. oakland city leader is calling on police to do more to prevent crime near lake merritt. her request comes after the fourth deadly attack all in the same area. the latest
10:24 pm
homicide happened shortly after three a.m. on sunday morning on lakeshore avenue. our crime reporter henry lee tells us what oakland city council president thinks police can do about the problem. it's happened yet again . 1/4 homicide along the same cold a sack at the edge of lake merritt in oakland. by day, the stretch of lakeshore avenue was a popular spot for joggers and dog walkers. by night, though it's a haven for mayhem and bloodshed. senseless acts of violence of homicide will not be tolerated. we all deserve safe neighborhoods. the most recent killing happened at about three in the morning on sunday when a man was stabbed to death on that block. in april, devin stanford was assaulted, robbed and dragged by a car before he was shot. he died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. on christmas eve, ricky gusteau's was shot and killed. emanuel gardner craft who was known for aggressively selling marijuana on the black police say was arrested and charged with murder . and in november bonnie michelle limon, the mother of a
10:25 pm
five year old daughter, was shot and killed during a robbery attempt. to mandala sean. price and torn. do clay have been charged with murder. it's the job of opd to enforce the laws that are on the books. oakland city council president nikki fortunata bass represents the eastlake neighborhood where the killings happened. she says police need to crack down on loiterers in 2020, the city designated the cold a second overnight, no parking zone and installed speed bumps. they can use a bullhorn to tell people to leave. the park is closed. and if people don't leave, then they can take action. proactive enforcement, she says, could save lives that could be ticketing that could be towing and that could help to tear some of this very late night activity that has, unfortunately led to four people dying over the past few months post on facebook, the oakland police union blasted the council president saying that instead she should be demanding no bill for violent offenders. henry lee ktvu fox studios. a new report shows. california's population declined for the
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second year in a row. the california department of finance says the state lost more than 117,000 people last year, a drop of 0.3% several bay area counties that among the largest percentage decreases. napa county saw a drop of 1% decline was 10.9% in both san mateo and marin counties and san francisco saw 0.8% dip. officials say covid played a role. like a lot of things with migration and immigration. things were put on hold because of covid. nobody went anywhere because you couldn't go anywhere. didn't want to go anywhere because of the lockdowns in the concern over catching the virus once those pressures ended in the in the conditions got better. a lot of people who may have been waiting to move to other parts of the country chose to do so. state officials say slumping birth rate and an increase in the death rate, especially among the baby boomers, also played a part. violent police encounter in the east bay, drawing
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criticism, not just for what one officer did. but what another didn't do. the fact that no one including officers from richard p. d did anything to stop him. also shows that they're liable for this comment. the calls for accountability for officers who stand by when they witness excessive use of force and a big step forward for the a's proposed waterfront ballpark. the recommendation that project earned today possible day off with the warriors as they gear up for game two tomorrow night against memphis or joe fonzi later, with the team's reaction to the league's if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear:
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excessive force. it's about stopping it. the actions of police officers have been called into question. time and time again, but now, so are there in
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actions. new laws require police to intervene if they witness excessive force. and if they don't they, too may be held responsible. attend ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz looks at one bay area case where a jury just found an officer failed to step in and stop what appears to be a police beating. we have the bonnie camera video of that incident, and for some, it's disturbing to watch. it has been nearly two years since outrage over george floyd's murder in minneapolis. the actions of the officers there who didn't stop derek chauvin has sparked duty to intervene laws and policies across the country. as we found communities are now calling for accountability officers simply stand by. what started as a traffic stop led to a car chase , ohio no traffic ending here on south eighth street in richmond back in 2018. the car was
10:31 pm
reported stolen, which came as a surprise to a group of friends in the back seat, says ricardo hernandez, who was one of them. do you feel that you did anything wrong that night? um no . i don't feel like it didn't side with your hands up. he was the last one called out of the car air face away from us. stop that's the voice of richmond police officer brandon hodges, whose body camera video captured contra costa county sheriff's deputies, restraining hernandez . one of them put him in a sleeper hold. he's out. he's out a warning. what happens next is hard to watch. your hand struck several times by a flashlight at the hands of deputy brandon battles, who then pulled out his gun and pressed it to hernandez's head. deputies charged hernandez with resisting arrest. that charge was later dropped. there's no way to whitewash this. what deputy battles did was wrong and
10:32 pm
egregious and the fact that no one including officers from richard p. d did anything to stop him. also shows that they're liable for this conduct . civil rights lawyers sued the law enforcement agencies claiming excessive force and failing to intervene, court records show contra costa county settled for $260,000, but the city of richmond fought it. wouldn't they know what they did in this case? hernandez in his attorney, say officer hodges did nothing to stop excessive force. department policy. states and officer shall intercede to prevent the use of unreasonable force and report observations to a supervisor in march, a jury ruled that didn't happen and the officers conduct cause hernandez injury and harm. thanks for god, i'm still alive. he's one of the he was there with me and protecting me because in my perspective, i would have been dead. all officers are trains
10:33 pm
that they have a federal constitutional duty. to intervene when they are observing another officer, using what they know to be excessive. force attorney josh parker with the policing project at new york university, says strides have been made to revise use of force policies and strengthen requirements to intervene, according to the national conference of state legislatures . at least 18 states, including california. now have laws on the books. only time will tell if they have teeth. it's vital that agencies follow the law and have this policy. but also that they adhere to it consistently imposing serious discipline, including potentially terminating the employment of officers who failed to intervene when they are obliged to do so. still research shows that's only part of the solution. police culture, anti retaliation and training has to change to nonpartisan think tank council on criminal justice officers are more likely to step in when
10:34 pm
encouraged by a supervisor, seeing fellow officers intervening in similar cases or witnessing peers rewarded for stopping unnecessary force. calling into question incidents like this hard for hernandez to watch. even now, jurors clear in their view, officer hodges should have done something did tell him that i forgive him. from now intervening. um i told him that but retired police officer and longtime law enforcement trainer don cameron says hodges didn't have the knowledge or enough time to act without all the facts of what's going on. and you've got a lot of officers. you've got the guy. obviously fighting don't know whether he's armed or not, you know? would i want to step in and say, hey, stop that and pull the guy away and then have the guy come up with a gun and shoot both of us. just something that you you can't do it. you can't second guess what's going on. i don't think the city of richmond would not provide an interview and said it could not comment,
10:35 pm
but court documents argue officer hodges is entitled to qualified immunity. giving him breathing room to make reasonable but mistaken judgments and saying he wasn't aware of the need to intervene or didn't have a realistic opportunity to do so. you see them at the end of the video. they're just nonchalant about everything, man. how are you another day at the office, and that's the thing. this jury sent out a message. it's no longer another day at the office. the jury wants to award hernandez more than a half million dollars in total damages for the harm caused by hodges conduct. the judge still has to make a decision on a judgment. the officer's attorney did not provide any comment. neither did the richmond police officers association. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. a new report found evidence of officer bias and some of california's largest police departments. the report by the california state auditor's office looked at the san bernardino, san jose and stockton police department as
10:36 pm
well as the sheriff's department and the california department of corrections. state auditors say they found evidence of officer bias against women, people of color immigrants and l g b t q people and found that none of the departments had a clear plan to address the bias. the report gave the department several recommendations, including a thorough check of the social media accounts of perspective, hires. 60 men and women graduated today from the alameda county sheriff's office training program. this was the 173rd academy to graduate from the 28 week program this year, officials acknowledged officer jacob goddard ng for the top gun performance, performance, testing, achievement and overall achievement. the graduates will now go to work for more than a dozen law enforcement agencies, including the oakland and berkeley police departments coming up at 11, a daring space launch, find out how a company attempted to grab part of iraq it in midair shortly after today's liftoff. alrighty those winds have died down pretty
10:37 pm
significantly still breezy out there, but not like last night's gonna be warmer tomorrow and as we head into wednesday, all happens, forecast and the five day coming up at first more missile strikes in evacuations in ukraine as russia's attacks continue t
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(music throughout)
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new reports tonight suggest that russia plans to annex large areas of eastern ukraine and stage fraudulent fraudulent elections. the u. s says it believes moscow could make those moves and just a couple of weeks. meantime russia has resumed bombardment of a steel plant in the southern city of mario pole, where dozens of civilians were evacuated just yesterday. negotiations are continuing to get more people out of the ruined city as some families had tearful reunions. it was risk risk about. they
10:40 pm
wanted to get from opel. constant shelling during the day at night, the house were damaged in the basement. more russian missile strikes continued across the country today, including in the southern port city of odessa . ukrainian officials say a 14 year old boy was killed and a 17 year old girl was seriously injured. interest rates could be on their way up in an effort to curb inflation. investors expect the federal reserve will announce a half percentage point increase in its benchmark interest rate during its meeting wednesday. there are fears continued interest rate hikes could push the economy into a recession, former fed vice chair roger ferguson said today. a recession at this stage is quote inevitable, and there are some signs inflation may be leveling off, at least right here in the bay area, one sign is the price of used vehicles. prices began dropping in february and continue to do so but still remain above pre spike prices. there are also indications
10:41 pm
supply chain bottlenecks and delays are easing shipping rates from shanghai to the west coast of the united states are down about 28% over last year's peak prices. that's also true for europe. to the east coast. prices and delivery times are beginning to shorten the reason that we could be close to peak inflation is because it really has been goods inflation that has been driving the extraordinary pickup inflate and inflation. americans are now buying fewer goods overall, which reduces the demand that increases inflation on wall street stocks did rise across the board. after a major sell off. last week, the dow gained 84 points. the nasdaq was up more than 200. and the s and p 500 saw that 23 point increase the modesto home that once belonged to scott and lacy peterson has sold according to zillow. the three bedroom, two bath home on covina avenue in modesto, was listed for just shy of $460,000 on march 31st. it's all three weeks later for 510,000. this is the home where
10:42 pm
the couple lived in 2000 and two when scott peterson was accused of murdering lacey and their unborn son. he was arrested a year later and remains in san quentin for life without the possibility of parole for the murders. the problem is he tried to use our hometown and my grandfather's legacy to self promote. a debate over the future of the gilroy garlic festival why organizers are pushing back after another city offers to revive it. also a breezy day today, but warmer weather is on the way. chief weather is on the way. chief meteorologist bill martin it's still the eat fresh refresh, and now subway's upping their italian sandwich game! we're talking the new italian-style capicola. it's savory, smoky, and spicy. man, this is the triple-threat of deli meat! subway keeps refreshing
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and refreshing and refreshi- under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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10:45 pm
efft our terminal got a thumbs up today by staffers of a key state agency, the staff of the san francisco bay conservation and development commission recommended that the commission approved the a's request to build a waterfront ballpark as well as housing offices and retail space. there are reports said that the aids project would not detract from the region's capability to meet the projected growth in cargo. the commission is scheduled to vote on june 30th hope that the gilroy garlic festival could be revived after the organizers of the asparagus festival have offered to host the event. but in stockton's as ktvu is, jesse gary explains. now, many in gilroy are not open to that idea. it's a bit of a vulture feeding up the wounded corpse. it's a bit of a parasite
10:46 pm
. it's a bit of a tick. can christopher unabashedly and passionately defends his family's legacy? this year's installment of the gilroy garlic festival shelved over dispute about greatly increased insurance premiums after 2019 deadly mass shooting the path to getting garlic to the summer menu may come from an unlikely source and be laced with a side of asparagus. not here to steal their fastball. i'm here to help out things alive. by phone. potential benefactor tony nasiri says gilroy's famous festival can go on. he's already hosting the asparagus festival this coming weekend in, stockton said. he says his experience with nonprofits available land and in place organization can pull off the gilroy garlic festival, too. with the caveat that take place 110 miles away in stockton's works with carly. but i guess there's some ireland's up the ladder. their little upset. maybe maybe they
10:47 pm
should be because i'm more than happy to work with people. christopher rejects the offer, saying the issue isn't garlic but 40 plus years of hometown heritage that should stay in south county. we're here to promote garlic everywhere. if stockton wants to have the stockton garlic festival, we are 100% behind it. the problem is he tried to use our hometown and my grandfather's legacy to self promote, although there's no festival, the city of gilroy says to hold a couple of events over the summer to serve as a bridge between now and 2023, a possible return of the festival. mr rossetti, says the hold a news conference on thursday to better hash out his plans for taking the festival that usually here and moving it way up into stockton. in gilroy, jesse gary ktvu fox two news campaign is now under way to raise money for the restoration of a mural considered invaluable historical and cultural asset to san francisco's castro neighborhood. the mural is known as hope for
10:48 pm
the world cure. it's located at 16th and market. it was painted nearly 25 years ago and defaced by graffiti last year ago fund me campaign seeks to raise $55,000 to pay to have it restored so far, it has raised more than $3300. already hope you had a nice day out there today. it was cooler. first thing i noticed this morning when you got up. it was kind of windy, obviously, especially along the coast, but some clouds and cooler today's highs were these or were like these. these are them fairfield 71. antioxidant e one tomorrow is gonna be warmer by a good 5 to 8 degrees. so today it's going to be the coolest day we've seen in a while. and then temperatures come up tomorrow. tuesday and into wednesday. we'll see the potential for some low nineties and that's because we can get a wind shift. the winds are gonna start coming out of the east, which isn't warmer direction for us, not off the water. look at the camera. it's not really bouncing around. as i said, it bounces around. it's breezy out there. but it's not like it was last night. last night was crazy, crazy wendy, especially on the coast in today. here's a
10:49 pm
long range model. i just like to click through this so you can see what's going on and what's not certainly not rain. there's thursday morning. that's a chance for drizzle on the north coast. and then as you get into friday something right? that's that's as close as it gets. and basically the biggest thing is friday and sunday will notice cooling whether as as systems get close to us, it's the time of year. quite frankly, we were to see rain is going to be very lucky. very fortunate. not definitely. something that can be guaranteed this late in the season tuesday. tomorrow 11 am about 65 degrees in san francisco and san francisco ends up in the upper sixties at the end of the day, so compared to last couple of days, upper fifties upper sixties. that's a good 10 degree bump. you'll notice that downtown tomorrow you'll notice it in sausalito. you notice a lot less wind. now it's still breezy in santa rosa at 17, but not like last night. and not like today. i mean, sfo last night. this time was 38 miles an hour right now it's sustained at 16, so the winds have died down and that onshore flow is going to turn to an offshore flow tomorrow morning,
10:50 pm
and that begins the warm up. when the winds go offshore. the air sinks in the air sinks, it warms. it's not quite that simple, but it's kind of that simple. the forecast overnight lows not bad above freezing, obviously, and then on the jet stream and some of necessarily, but see the jet stream lining up. these storms are going to go right over the top of us. and they're gonna keep heading out into the plains and towards kansas had the tornado today. the big problems here. there's a conveyor belt of these storms. that's heading that way going to miss us going to miss us going to go right up over the top. but it will shoot out across the plains and that's where they're going to have some more severe weather, not just tomorrow. but the next day the next day, probably about 72 hours, maybe even longer worth of severe weather in that area. the forecast overnight lows. as i said mild, the daytime highs tomorrow. yellows are seventies oranges or eighties. hello some low eighties so tomorrow is going to be warmer day wednesday. the warmest day of the week. this is tuesday and wednesday that 85 in fairfield could easily be alone 90, and then it cools off when the wind
10:51 pm
shift again as we go into thursday, and that's clouds. i showed you may be a chance of a sprinkle friday and saturday night. friday night into saturday morning. so nice spring pattern exactly. you'd expect grass, pollens and tree pollens are trending tree ponds are not high grass ponds and weeds are starting to trend up there. so if you're bothered could be that i'll see you back here at 11. we'll see then, bill. thank you. the santa cruz county office of education today held its second annual rainbow flag raising ceremony at its headquarters to ensure gay rights icon harvey milk. he was the state's first openly gay elected official. may 22nd is milk's birthday and has been designated as a day in california to remember the activist. there will be events all month long in santa cruz county to recognize milk's work. and the importance of the rainbow flag milk would have turned 92 this month. coming up in sports. can chris paul in the sun's overcome april 45.9 from lucca dodges to take game one in phoenix joe fonzi with your nba playoff action coming up next on
10:52 pm
the 11 o'clock news. see what's being done at the us capitol
10:53 pm
300 million years ago, there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea. and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting. making far feel close. bringing there to here.
10:54 pm
goos what's happening tonight in sports, the aids were hoping a new opponent might change their fortunes as the tampa bay rays made their way to the colosseum tonight example of why you bring your glove to the ballpark. it's an easier catch as well. when you have a whole section of the ballpark to yourself. here's housing started out for dalton, jeffries and oakland this evening. the raison d leads off the game and times of breaking pitch puts it over the left field fans very quickly. one to nothing has got to run in the second to pull even. but the rays went back in front of the third wander franco's single to center. turns into a lot more when it goes off the glove of christian petit while
10:55 pm
rolls diaz comes all the way around from first to score his second run of the game, the rays got one more for 3 to 1 lead. and then they added on the fourth mike zunino, it's an o and to pitch, senator score. manuel margot ray's got one more in that inning. they go on to win 6 to 1. the ayes have lost four in a row. the grizzlies had two day to regroup after that hard fought and emotional game one of their series yesterday. that's all the warriors squeak out at one point when practicing today in preparation for tomorrow's game two was a variation of the three guard lineup that basically carry the team again yesterday. this time it was jordan pool coming up the bench to score 31 points in a game in which steph curry had 24. but clay thompson struggled before making that late three that put the warriors ahead. adding to the storyline was the fact that draymond green was called for a flagrant two foul on this play late in the first half. green makes contact with brandon clark appears to be trying to keep clark from
10:56 pm
falling hard to the floor. the league reviewed the play today and upheld the flagrant two. that means of green gets another one during these playoffs will be suspended for a game. the words potentially have a lot of postseason to go, and green was asked today if the prospect of a suspension might change the way he plays. i'm never going to change the way i play basketball. it's gotten me this far has got me three championships for all stars defensive player of the year. not going to change. now my reputation is a badge of honor. not everybody can earn that reputation. so life goes on good thing about what we do, and hopefully with draymond can do is just put it behind him continue to be himself play his game impact the game like he knows how to do, uh, but it's obviously not shocking. the sun's chris paul coming off a game in which he did not miss a shot as felix hosted dallas in game one of their series. mavs have luca dante's. she's all net with the three on the way to a monster game. 45 points. 12
10:57 pm
rebounds, eight assists, but the sun's jumped to an early lead and really controlled the tempo throughout. paul somehow gets this circus shot to fall despite the foul by dwight powell. tell mike contend that paul ran into him. either way, phoenix takes game 11 21 1 14. those two teams go at it again on wednesday earlier, the 70 sixers open their series in miami with james harden healthy joel and beads still out the pictures up three early in the third, adding on hardened lobster. deandre jordan's five point lead, though, was the biggest of the night for the sixers. the heat turned it on the rest of the quarter and again in the fourth. tyler herro knocks down one of his 43 pointers and four for six shooting beyond the arc. he went for 25 off the bench. miami wins one of 6 92 game two of that series wednesday night. couple of days after the draft of 49ers went back to work today, rounding out their roster today they signed 14 undrafted free agents, much bigger signing was the one year deal they agreed to with cornerback jason verrett after battling back from
10:58 pm
numerous injuries, verite had yet another setback in the very first game of last season when he tore his a. c l then underwent another surgery. when barrett has been healthy that 49ers consider him a solid nfl cornerback. his best season in his seven year career was 2020 when he played in 13 games with the 49ers. nascar in dover on a monday after rain out yesterday . this isn't supposed to happen . left cars head to the pits. denny hamlin's tire comes off on the run and his entire racing each other. the guys in the pit crew are supposed to be a well earned machine, and their reaction will tell you all you need to know about their analysis of their performance battle for the lead with 60 laps to go. that's chase elliott on the inside, going back and forth with ross chastain. elliott finally gets by and takes the lead for good. he takes the checkered flag and performs the perfunctory burnout. that's elliott's first win of the year moves him into third place in the standings and byron there was 22nd today remains this series leader. it is check this
10:59 pm
out time on a monday evening. they call this the i 70 series the cardinals against the royals, andrew kissner with the drive for the cardinals and royals. michael taylor after it . does he get it? yes, he does. take a look. a few times. you can see what an incredible effort this was, by taylor, that is your basic snow cone ice cream cone. cardinals one, by the way, one nothing and in case you missed it over the weekend, oakland coliseum foul ball in the stands. one thing did not make the catch an entire different things to not make the catch and absolutely drenched your partner. come on, come on. got to make that catch doesn't have a glove much more impactful when you see it in slow motion, does it not the tale of two different catches. right andrews catch non catch. what? you didn't want to catch joe. thank you. next at 11 julie haener. hey. developing tonight,
11:00 pm
passionate protests from people on both sides of the abortion debate as the leak of a supreme court documents suggests, some justices are considering overturning roe v. wade. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach protest tonight from the east coast to hear out west over a leaked draft opinion suggesting the united states supreme court is poised to overturn the landmark 1973 case . politico published that document tonight. the largest rallies we see got underway in front of the supreme court building in washington, d. c. where barricades were quickly set up. a small crowd also gathered in oakland tonight. that's where ktvu is. jana katsuyama breaks down reaction to this unprecedented fleet. hours after the news broke, a group of abortion rights activists joined together at the oakland federal building to protest we're not sho


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