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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 3, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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oh k abortion ruling that gave women the right to choose could be on the verge of getting overturned after half a century. protesters reacting to the draft by the courts, conservative majority we break down what it means and what could come next. also a dangerous scene in san francisco streets blocked off as a person climbs the salesforce tower. what we're learning about his reason for climbing and what happened when he got to the top. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian will begin with breaking news in san francisco, where a man was just arrested for climbing the salesforce tower. ktvu christian captain live at the scene to tell us what we've learned so far about this. yeah this whole incident really drawing to a close in just about the last half hour or so, after starting at around 9 30 this morning traffic in the area at first and market your salesforce tower was closed down
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for more than an hour and a half. as this incident unfolded, a man scaling the side of salesforce tower that man now in police custody. it's going rad. its not going good. i just wish i had a little water. as you can see, that is the man who apparently was scaling salesforce tower, posting videos to instagram during his ascent. now his message was opposed to abortion, calling out one doctor in particular in washington, d c is apparently a skilled climber and had what appeared to be rock climbing gear to aid his climbs. neighbors in buildings around workers. were watching his ascent from both inside salesforce tower and from neighboring skyscrapers in the area. everyone really holding their breath very nervous as they watched this man ascend the side, climbing hundreds of feet up into the air. those crowds watching again holding their breath as the man used the outside structures of that tower to climb to the top. it's more
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nerve racking for me than for him. he seems relaxed up there over here. worried about him, but, yeah, i mean, i don't know there's other ways of protest abortion or whatever you want. it appears that the tactic that san francisco police and firefighters and first responders here in the area took to this was to simply allow him to continue climbing. taking him into custody near the top of the building were also at the garage , exit to the building and saw a man who looked like the one from the video in the back of a squad car taken away by san francisco police. and we've also heard that he was in communication with sfpd during his ascent and said that he'd give them no problems once he reached the top of the building. at this point, there is still a lot of questions that are outstanding right now. we're hoping to learn more about that man. his name. ah more on why he climbed and whether he has done similar stunts to this in the past, whether he has some sort of statement to offer again. he did talk on instagram posting
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stories to his instagram stories about his reasons for wanting to climb and again they were and anti abortion message. we're hoping to talk with san francisco police a little bit later on to get more of this detail again. although we do have his instagram handle. we are still learning. want to learn his name and learn more about him and are hoping to get a lot of that more of that information over the course of the afternoon. for now, we're live in downtown san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news wanted to get attention, and he did, christian. thank you. reaction has been swift and strong to news of a leaked draft opinion that shows the conservative majority of the supreme court has the votes to overturn the 1973 landmark roe versus wade decision. the supreme court released a statement today calling the draft authentic. the leak prompted chief justice john roberts to ask for an investigation into the breach. ktvu james torres breaks it down and shows us what's next. this opinion draft is from february and although it's authentic,
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it's not final, so that means votes and opinions could change before the final opinion is published, but supporters of abortion rights say they are preparing for the worst. will protests in front of the supreme court chambers and washington d . c. this group in favor of overturning the 1973 case of roe v. wade legalizing abortions nationwide, so i am very excited to hopefully see the overturning of roe v. wade. i'm excited to be a part of the first ever post road generation in america. but many in america hope row doesn't go. senate democrats angry at conservative justices serving on the court, several of these conservative justices who are in no way accountable to the american people have lied to the u. s. senate. ripped up the constitution. and defiled both president and the supreme court's reputation. even some senate republicans like lisa murkowski of alaska, expressing
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disappointment, she voted to confirm conservative justice amy comey barrett and now says she feels rocked and misled during the confirmation hearings, but most congressional republicans are speaking in favor of the opinions represented in the draft document. congressman brian masse from florida tweeted as a soldier, i've seen what true evil looks like, but as a father, i've seen pure innocence . there's no doubt in my mind that every heartbeat of an innocent child is worth protecting. and a joint statement led by house minority leader kevin mccarthy calls the leak of the draft and attempt to severely damaged the supreme court. this decision holds it's really quite a radical decision , political experts say if the supreme court moves forward as planned, then there is only one way to save roe v. wade congress codifying legal abortions into law. such a law has been proposed and has already been passed in the house. the problem is in the senate. right now. it would take 60 votes in the senate, and those votes are not
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there. president biden now calling on americans to vote in probably warsh in politicians, governor gavin newsom says he and the state legislature are looking at enshrining laws into california state constitution. to protect abortion rights. meanwhile throughout the rest of the country, 13 states have trigger laws waiting to ban abortions immediately if roe v. wade is abolished as for the unprecedented leak itself, republican lawmakers as well as chief justice john roberts are now calling for a full investigation by the marshal of the court. as for the final opinion, what we actually happened for the ruling of roe v. wade that won't be fully published until the end of the summer. in the newsroom. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. supporters of abortion rights are planning to gather in san francisco tonight. several rallies and marches are happening across the bay area in response to that leaked draft report from the supreme court that reveals the high court is prepared to strike down roe v. wade. ktvu sally rasmus has been speaking with organizers of tonight's event. she's live in
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our newsroom with details within hours of the news about that supreme court draft opinion, abortion rights groups started mobilizing across the nation in here in the bay area to express their outrage later this afternoon at five o'clock, several groups plan to rally in front of the federal building in san francisco, golden gate avenue and larkin streets. it should be the rallying car i for a majority of americans who really believe that this would not happen. abortion rights supporters hope to see a large turnout at various rallies and protests planned for tonight. to participate act that federal protections for legal abortion may be eliminated. it's in response to a leaked draft opinion from the supreme court, in which a majority of justices said that abortion rights decisions like roe v. wade have no constitutional basis and should be struck down. what are we going to do about this? we've got to get people out. to take a stand because it's not a final decision. yet nancy cattle is with the national mobilization for reproductive justice, one of several political groups hosting
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the rally at the san francisco federal building tonight. i would love to see that we have large numbers mass numbers of people out here, saying we're not going to sit sit by the you know, on the on the sidelines for this issue. this is an issue that people care about, and we're going to show it by coming out and making a scan of planned parenthood. northern california will also be at the san francisco federal building this evening. the group's ceo, says she also hopes supporters make sure they are registered to vote in this year's midterm elections . she urges advocates to contribute to the california abortion access fund, set up last year to help women from states with limited access, like texas come here to seek abortion . worst case scenario, which is the draft that we saw yesterday the california could experience a 3000% increase in patients coming to us. organizers of the national women's march foundation are urging supporters to gather at federal courthouses in buildings near their homes across the country wherever they live. but the event in san
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francisco involving several local groups is scheduled to start at five o'clock tonight, garcia ali rasmus. thank you to the south bay now, where the santa clara county board of supervisors will consider a new plan to support abortion services hours before the leak of that draft ruling provides er , cindy chavez and susan ellenberger proposed spending about $3 million to help planned parenthood. the non profit clinics and the more monte region, which makes up half of california much of nevada so they've already seen 80 patients from out of state since july. 29 of them came from texas after new restrictions went into effect there. we're in a sea about 3000% increase of patients into california, which is about 1.5 million patients. it's going to take all of us to take care of those patients. the money would go towards new lab and medical equipment. additional training for doctors, expanded facilities and additional telehealth services. new at noon . former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords is in san francisco, this noontime with their national campaign against
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gun violence this morning, giffords and mayor london breed attended a memorial at hermann park in the financial district. the memorial is serving as a reminder of the thousands of people who have been killed by gun violence. giffords was severely injured in a mass shooting in tucson in 2011. she's calling on federal, state and local lawmakers to approve tougher gun laws. when people care for each other and work together, progress is possible a better world is possible. but change doesn't happen overnight . we can't do it alone. join me move ahead together. tonight giffords was set to attend a candlelight vigil in san francisco with attorney general rob bonta and gun crime survivors. so they come at noon for deadly attacks in the same call the sack near like merit in just a matter of months. how one oakland city leader says police can prevent more violence in the area plus how do we prioritize people spend time with the
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people we love made decisions about where we put our time. energy attention addressing the impact of social isolation and loneliness during the covid pandemic. the message from the u. s. surgeon general. so it was warm on sunday cooler yesterday warmer today, but what's in store for your wednesday the full report as the news continues, right here on fox two.
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in d infections spiked by 30% last week, hospitalizations are up 7% statewide. the cbc now says all bay area counties are returning to a high level of transmission. health officials fear a new wave of infections is coming. san mateo county is that has the highest positivity rate in the state, followed by san francisco. the u. s surgeon general was in san francisco, addressing impact of social isolation and loneliness during the pandemic is ktvu amberleigh reports, he said. many people are struggling and there are consequences. feels nice to be together with people in person. i missed this a lot. us surgeon general vivek more earthy, addressed an audience of about 200 in san francisco's mission neighborhood . he describes the isolation and loneliness made worse by the pandemic as a social recession and called for building a social revival. how do we rebuild connections in our lives? and
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rebuild communities across america, and i think it's the most urgent public health issue that we're dealing with the says the social isolation during covid affects not only older people but spans all ages. audience members tell me they came to see what they can do to help themselves and others for all of us. i was living alone during the pandemic, so that's definitely something that like a lot of personal touch to me as well. there's a huge gap right now between the community that we used to rely on the community that we're left with. so i'm hoping to find ways to help bring people back together, the surgeon general says. there's a shame that comes with loneliness and that it can cause physical health problems. how do we break that cycle? because more shame. you feel the less worthy you feel, which makes it harder to interact and engage with other people, which is why loneliness is a downward spiral more the tells me, the changes need to come from individuals and institutions. such as workplaces in schools, he says value should be placed on fulfilling meaningful relationships over wealth, power and fame. how do we prioritize people spending time with the people we love
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made decisions about where we put our time? energy attention based on the people we care about in our lives, the surgeon general says workplaces can design environments that promote and support human connection and that schools should help children build a strong foundation. for social and emotional learning. amber lee ktvu, fox two news, let's run outside and get a good dose of sunshine. we can see the oakland estuary is just glowing in the sun, roberta gonzalez and you're glowing with your pink you look so spring light. gorgeous weather is a gorgeous day. today. we just have so many fluctuations in the month of may , but this month of may is going to see a bunch of fluctuations in just one week alone. in fact, yesterday. we were cool. and now take a look at this. the sun splashed sunshine over sfo a little bit of a breeze, but no delays on arrivals or departures at any of our international airports, which does include oakland and also manetta in san jose. check out the temperatures
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right now it's 67 degrees in san francisco. let me repeat that. 67 degrees in san francisco. when yesterday we only topped off at 59 degrees in the seventies away from the bay. otherwise if you want to compare today to yesterday, just 24 hours ago, we're up to 13 degrees warmer. so with the sunshine today and in north and then northwest breeze, we will become windy in the higher elevations like mount diablo mount tam, a pious as well as mount hamilton's. but otherwise not a cloud in the sky wins. 17 mph at sfo. 15 mineta we have a word with a slight breeze and oakland is seven mile per hour wind, but these winds will pick up during the afternoon 10 to 20 and usher the temperature up as well. check it out. santa rosa 11 degrees warmer today. oakland menlo park in san jose, all at 10 degrees warmer than what we were on monday. yesterday's problem was this area of low pressure right here to inside slider, taking more of a north easterly track. it was banging
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up against our ridge of high pressure. so that is out of here. it's easing up on that pressure gradient but upstream. let's keep our eyes focused on that play along at home and watch our clock tick on by and you see absolutely nothing going on a hint of strategies off the santa cruz coast that will build on your wednesday morning and then venture up the coast. sign all the way up. tremendous scene. oh, here comes that shield of cloudy. penis to the north of us. we will become mostly cloudy by thursday into friday with a slight chance of a couple of sprinkles on friday. just sprinkles. that's about it . meanwhile let's back it up and take it one day at a time. sixties beaches today seventies around the bay up to 84 degrees are outside number that will be unfair field. mountain house and in travis, and with that breeze today will back off just gently later on tonight. 5 to 10 mph otherwise numbers there you have it. 60 seventies around the central bay to the mid seventies around the peninsula, looking good in atherton and in woodside in the mid seventies we're
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talking about 82 granville, qatari windsor, 78, american canyon and in vallejo and 82 degrees in antioch today. a little bit warmer than that, and discovery bay as well as in brentwood. tonight's overnight lows with the clear skies and the breezy wind in the forties and the fifties and next time around, we're going to talk more about your extended forecast and which casa. i got a day to talk about that's going to hit 90 degrees. wow all right, we'll see you in a few. roberta gonzalez. thank you. new at noon . former san francisco supervisor matt haney is officially now the newest member of the california assembly. haiti was sworn in this morning in sacramento at the state capitol. he won last month's special election to complete the term for the assembly's district 17 seat vacated by david chu, who was appointed by mayor london breed to be sent francisco city attorney player has not yet named. the replacement for haney is board of supervisors seat. children come at noon, a big step forward for the proposed waterfront ballpark in oakland next by a key state agency now publicly
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backing the plan and the meeting happening right now.
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det. assistance the united states is providing to ukraine russia's once again ramping up its attacks in mariupol. the assault comes just days after humanitarian corridors were opened. trade jinxed has more from ukraine. thick smoke rising from the ashes of star steel plant in mario, pro russian
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backed forces continue their assault on the mill appearing to fire rockets in its direction. bear attacks are picking up after a partial evacuation of more than 100 people sheltering beneath the plant. russians continue to pound mary opel from the air. so mary opal. the fighting in mario was not done not certainly not from what we can see, because they continue to bombard it. ukrainian forces say dozens of elderly women and children are on their way to safety after the evacuations with help from the u. n and the red cross. ukrainian officials report. negotiations are underway with russia and international organizations to establish more safe corridors. past attempts to free people have broken down, leaving some 100,000 people still sheltering in the city. many are running out of food, water and medicine. you wake up in the morning and you cry. you cry in the evening. i don't know where to go at all. i am not alone. imagine everything is destroyed.
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meanwhile russian officials saying today forces struck a military airfield near the city of odessa. russia claims the attack destroyed missiles and ammunition supplied by the u. s and european allies. the assault coming after new video claiming to show ukraine destroying russian patrol boats near snake island in the black sea. in kiev tray angst, fox news the search continues this afternoon for a missing teenage girl from fremont 15 year old magaly marquez, who's a student in washington high hasn't been heard from in nearly a week. she was last seen at the 7 11 on central avenue in fremont at about seven o'clock wednesday night. her friends told police she may have met up with someone they don't know anyone with information or senior is urged to call police in oakland school board members resigned after issuing a scathing letter criticizing the oakland teachers union. shanti gonzalez supported the oakland school closures and mergers, she says her opponents of protested outside her home and called her racist, anti black and a white supremacist.
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the school board president called gonzalez dedicated and thanked her for her seven years on the board, the oakland education association president released this statement. reading director gonzales will not be missed. we hope the next director will listen to and keep their commitments to district six students and families rather than closing their schools. a new ordinance in the city of pittsburgh now makes it illegal to watch side shows on private property. state law already prohibits side shows on public streets but doesn't address site shows on private property or those who come to watch. pittsburgh ordinance approved by the city council last night is aimed at prohibiting spectators at side shows with the goal of significantly curving criminal activity. we have had the community come out and talk to us about donuts. um you know, long crestview side shows, you know, home depot parking lot target shopping center, and it just needs to stop. i mean, we need to keep people safe. violators would face a
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misdemeanor charge, which carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1000 fine . oakland city leaders are meeting right now with executives of the oakland a's and their latest discussion of plans for a new waterfront ballpark. yesterday a key state agency publicly announced its support for the plan to build a new $12 billion stadium at howard terminal near jack london square, the staff of the san francisco bay and conservation development commission studied the proposal. it found the ballpark would provide an economic boost for oakland without having a negative impact on business at howard terminal or the nearby purport of oakland. still chief says he's disappointed with the cr of some officers in his depar a historim the supreme court has abortion rights activists fired up and conservatives calling foul lauren blanchard outside the supreme court will
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foro this morning is now under arrest . video taken from someone inside the building and posted to twitter shows the men working without ropes or any other safety devices. he was taken into custody at the top of that 60 story building. according to a message posted on social media . he identified himself as a protester who used the self proclaimed nickname pro life. spider man claims to have
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climbed other skyscrapers in an effort to generate attention for anti abortion causes. an unprecedented leak is rocking the legal world as a report last night showed the 63 conservative leaning supreme court could be ready to overturn roe versus wade. the supreme court released a statement today calling the draft authentic. the league prompted chief chief justice john roberts to ask for an investigation into the breach. lauren blanchard has the very latest. a historic leak. a draft opinion from the supreme court shows the justices are leaning towards overturning nearly 50 years of abortion protections. protesters to politico, says the 1973 decision in r. wade was agree. gis lee wrong from the start and must be overruled. written by conservative justice samuel alito in february, the majority opinion argues, there's no constitutional right to abortion. it is time to heed the constitution and return the issue of abortion to the
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people's elected representatives . president biden reacting to the report, decision holds it's really quite a radical decision . if the draft becomes finalized , there would no longer be a federal guarantee to abortion. instead it would be a state by state decision marked draft one. it is part of the supreme court's decision making process on a mississippi law that sought to ban abortions after 15 weeks. the republican appointed justices reported votes to overturn roe v. wade will go down as an abomination. one of the worst. most damaging decisions in modern history. a draft opinion has never been leaked before many conservatives see it as a partisan move. this is just so outrageous that this draft opinion was leaked. it's clearly an attempt to influence the outcome. this is only a draft and could change, meaning it's not official until the supreme court publishes their final version, which could happen sometime in june or july
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. outside the supreme court. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. the leak of that draft ruling from the supreme court. it's a rare occurrence. in a message to staff, political leaders said they stand by the authenticity of the draft reaction to news of liquids swift, with court watchers, saying they're worried for what it means for the courts trust internally. 13 states have so called trigger laws that will bet abortion immediately versus wade is to be overturned. five states lab pro ro bans on the books in additional three laws have passed that would restrict some or all abortions. state lawmakers held a news conference just a short time ago here. state senator toni atkins called for reproductive rights in california to be protected. i will be introducing a constitutional amendment that will make it crystal clear that reproductive rights in california, including and specifically abortion are protected. we will not back down. we will double down. governor gavin newsom and leaders of the state senate and assembly released a statement
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saying in part, california will not stand idly by as women across america are stripped of their rights and the progress so many have fought for gets erased. we will fight california's proposing an amendment to enshrine the right to choose in our state constitution, so there is no doubt as to the right to abortion in this state. nationwide polls show a majority of americans still favor some type of abortion protections. a gallup poll released last year found, 48% said they think abortion should be legal under certain restrictions. 32% said abortion should be legal under any circumstance, 19% said abortion should be illegal are row versus wade. coverage continues at ktvu .com. there you will find our latest reporting and updates on our homepage. new at noon. san jose's police chief says he is disappointed with the criminal behavior of some officers in his department. just minutes ago, the police chief anthony martinez, singled out a rookie officer who died of a fentanyl overdose. and another officer who is on leave for drinking alcohol on the job. last month,
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martha also revealed another officer is on administrative leave accused of sexual misconduct. this morning, chief mata apologize to the community. i will not. tolerate. in the problem behavior. or criminal conduct. when an officer violates the problem. public's trust they will be held accountable. chief martin said the police department will share any relevant information about the accused officers with the santa clara county district attorney's office now to san francisco, where the city has lost a legal battle in its effort to keep suspected drug dealers out of the tenderloin. a state appeals court ruled the city does not have the legal authority to ban suspected dealers from a 50 square block area of that neighborhood. the court said. those individuals are innocent until proven guilty. the city first made the effort in september of 2020 was designed to keep 28 suspected dealers away from the tenderloin neighborhood largely considered
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the center of san francisco's illegal drug trade. across the bay. one oakland city leader is calling on police to do more to prevent crime near lake merritt request comes after the fourth deadly attack in that same area . the latest homicide happened just after three a.m. sunday morning on lakeshore avenue. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us what oakland city council president says police can do about the problem. it's happened yet again. 1/4 homicide along the same cold a sack at the edge of lake merritt in oakland. by day, the stretch of lakeshore avenue was a popular spot for joggers and dog walkers. by night, though it's a haven for mayhem and bloodshed. senseless acts of violence of homicide will not be tolerated. we all deserve safe neighborhoods. the most recent killing happened at about three in the morning on sunday when a man was stabbed to death on that block. in april, devin stanford was assaulted, robbed and dragged by a car before he was shot. he died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. on
12:36 pm
christmas eve, ricky gusteau's was shot and killed. emanuel gardner craft who was known for aggressively selling marijuana on the block, police say was arrested and charged with murder . and in november bonnie michelle limon, the mother of a five year old daughter, was shot and killed during a robbery attempt. to mandala sean. price and torn do play have been charged with murder. it's the job of opd to enforce the laws that are on the books. oakland city council president nikki fortunata bass represents the eastlake neighborhood where the killings happened. she says police need to crack down on loiterers in 2020, the city designated the coldest second overnight, no parking zone and installed speed bumps. they can use a bullhorn to tell people to leave. the park is closed. and if people don't leave, then they can take action. proactive enforcement, she says, could save lives that could be ticketing that could be towing and that could help to tear some of this very late night activity that has, unfortunately led to four people dying over the past few months post on facebook, the
12:37 pm
oakland police union blasted the council president saying that instead she should be demanding no bill for violent offenders. henry lee ktvu fox studios. new at noon california how we patrol officer, state leaders and loved ones gathered in west sacramento for the first fallen officer memorial since 2019. 28 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in the past three years, along with eight officers from the distant past were honored ats morning. goverr gavin newsom spoke at the ceremony. he sent his condolences to the families and thanked current officers for their heroism and sacrifice is it's the long shifts the endless stress. to all of, you know, fame no fortune to a few moments. too few moments with the people you love, too few thank use. from the public you serve, and every day you go off to work, knowing there's a credible chance that you'll be
12:38 pm
called to risk your life in the defense of others. detective mary lou armor from the santa rosa police department was among those honored today. she died in march of 2020 was the first california police officer to die of covid. mew knee riders are learning the new budget for the transportation agency ensures there will not be a fare increase, ktvu christian captain tells us. the agency is also promising passengers a cleaner, safer system. san francisco's municipal transportation agency passed its latest two year budget money anticipating cost to run the transit agency between 1.3 and $1.4 billion for each of the next two years. the agency receiving an infusion of cash from the federal government to help recover from the pandemic, meaning uni will not have to increase the cost to ride thanks to the generosity of the federal government, and we've been able to hold fairs flat for two years. keep free money for all youth while retaining for immunity for seniors and people with disabilities. writers say
12:39 pm
improving reliability and speed are critical to get them to regularly ride. the agency is pointing to system wide improvements, including the new van s bus rapid transit project as proof they're working hard to make the busses and trains run on time. and we've been able to get up to a 30% travel time savings and dramatic improvements in reliability. passengers say another major concern is safety. i wouldn't say i feel safe on it most of the time. it really just depends on who's on the bus and stuff like that says the new budget pays for high resolution cameras on all moony vehicles and a new gender safety equity initiative . money is also bringing on more eyes to watch the system and keep writers safe. we're also hiring an additional new 22 transit ambassadors. these are community people trained in de escalation techniques that will be throughout the system. writers also say cleanliness is a major concern. what i see is like this. beauty is not safe immunity is not clean needs
12:40 pm
director says the agency will keep the best practices that learned during the pandemic to keep the busses and trains clean . we're sustaining a lot of the covid era. extra cleaning of our busses. the transit agency now has two years to look for a fix for the structural budget deficits that have been covered by this one time covid recovery infusion of federal funds. the budget is said to be in place by july, 1st. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. state senator scott wiener of san francisco, provided details on california's role in a new program involving more than a dozen u. s. states it's designed to provide a safe place to live for transgender youth and their families. it's in response to recent actions in some states directed at transgender children. we're saying states such as texas, alabama and others who are claiming, um whether by executive action or by legislation that allowing a trans youth to receive gender affirming care is quote unquote child abuse. threatening to
12:41 pm
arrest the parents and incarcerate them and then remove the kids from their parents and in foster care. senator weiner says 18 other states, along with california are taking steps to provide similar protections to transgender youth and their families. still to come at noon and just weeks from now, the school year will come to a close and many parents will turn to summer camp for their children why those camps will likely cost more this year. the day in which we could see 90 degrees here in the bay area, and the day we could have some rain drops the full forecast coming up on the other side of this brief time out.
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cons where contra costa value county crews are at the seat of a grass fire that we are told, is threatening. some structures typically homes. it's happening in the 100 block of chelsea way. this is in pittsburgh just to the south of highway four, not far at all from los madonna's elementary school pretty close to the railroad avenue exit. if you're traveling there on four, we're sending sky fox to the area. we know people are being told to avoid the area will give you more information as we get it, but again. contra costa county fire crews responding to a vegetation fire just to the side of highway four at chelsea way in pittsburgh, right before you get to railroad ave will keep you posted on this breaking news. let's run over to stocks
12:45 pm
here and show how stocks are edging higher on wall street investors still awaiting an upcoming decision by the federal reserve on interest rates. you see some up and down for sure. at this point, the dow is just below sea level after marking some decent gains earlier in the session. a lot of up and down as well over on the s and p and the nasdaq school year is winding down, and some 26 million children are expected to be enrolled in summer camp nationwide this year. the scams could be a lot more expensive, though. the american camp association says fees could jump up to 15% this summer compared to last most of its demand driven. many summer camps were forced to close during the pandemic, and a number of them are still closed this summer. experts say that soaring inflation is also a factor. after 40 years, organizers announced the end of the gilroy garlic festival. now there's a new proposal to revive by a group by by a group other than the original family who ran the event. the proposal here is to host the gilroy garlic festival and use that gilroy name but in a different location. ktvu jesse gary shows us how not everyone
12:46 pm
is on board. it's a bit of a vulture feeding off the wounded corpse. it's a bit of a parasite . it's a bit of a tick. can christopher unabashedly and passionately defends his family's legacy? this year's installment of the gilroy garlic festival shelled over dispute about greatly increased insurance premiums after 2019 deadly mass shooting the path to getting garlic to the summer menu may come from an unlikely source and be laced with a side of asparagus. i'm not here to steal their fast. well i'm here to help out things alive by phone potential benefactor tony nasiri says gilroy's famous festival can go on. he's already hosting the asparagus festival this coming weekend in stockton. said he says his experience with nonprofits available land and in place organization can pull off the gilroy garlic festival two with the caveat that take place 110 miles away in stockton. i've spoken to some bullets works
12:47 pm
with college. but i guess there's some ireland's up the ladder. their little upset. maybe maybe they should probably because i'm more than happy to work equal. christopher rejects the offer, saying the issue isn't garlic but 40 plus years of hometown heritage that should stay in south county. we're here to promote garlic everywhere if stockton wants to have the stockton garlic festival, we are 100% behind it. the problem is he tried to use our hometown and my grandfather's legacy to self promote, although there's no festival, the city of gilroy says to hold a couple of events over the summer to serve as a bridge between now and 2023, a possible return of the festival. mr rossetti, says the hold a news conference on thursday to better hash out his plans for taking the festival that usually here and moving it way up into stockton. in gilroy, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll swing back to our bay area weather and swing it as an important word.
12:48 pm
because roberta gonzalez, we were way too cold yesterday, but we're about to be way too hot in some places, right? and then especially tomorrow it will be the warmest day of the work week on wednesday. let's take it one day at a time because it is just lovely outside right now. hi, everybody. this is a scene looking out towards sfo. you know, every time we take a look at this beautiful picture it kind of gives me wanderlust. you kind of want to just jump on and planning. go somewhere, but why? it is beautiful here. in fact, our temperature in san francisco has already topped off at 69 degrees when the average highs 64 yesterday. we were only at 59 degrees san jose sporting 73, 64 san carlos and also 73 degrees in santa rosa. the differences in the wind the wind has rotated around now out of sfo. 14 15 in san jose. so yeah, it's breezy 21 mile per hour winston happened, then it will remain on the breezy the windy side along the coast but nonetheless. these winds are not as vigorous or as strong as it the pollen around.o
12:49 pm
if you suffer from allergies and really who doesn't anymore, that tree count remains on the high side and speaking of highs, temperatures are going up by good 11 degrees in santa rosa. 10 in oakland, menlo park and also in san jose, where the advertised 74. so we have high pressure right here, diverting the storm check while to the north of the bay area, but watch what happens here. this is future cast and you can play along at home by watching the clock tick on by and what's going on here on tuesday. absolutely nothing. just a little stratus in the form of some fog off the senate cruz coast. that's about it. but look there for our wednesday we start to see more of an organized deck of low clouds and fog gathering around the seashore. that'll keep the temperatures down there as we forge ahead into our wednesday, and that's the warmest day of the week. and then we have this shear cut of clouds that will roam into the bay area for thursday and even friday. so we will refer to it
12:50 pm
as mostly cloudy at that time. rain to the north. what does that mean for us? well, there's a side chance of not even so much rain, but a few raindrops in the santa rosa area to the north, and that would be on friday. otherwise it's kind of an unsettled weather pattern for the weekend. we'll get to that with our five day outlook, but meanwhile, it is a terrific tuesday. bright sunshine. it is warmer with the northerly breeze . temperatures sixties beaches seventies around the central bay. to the eighties in our inland areas yesterday was only 66 in livermore. today 80 degrees 80. four's are outside number of fairfield, low eighties to the north and 79 degrees in morgan hill with 80. and garlic country of gilroy. if you're heading out to the ballgame tonight, again, it's always advisable to dress in layers. we do have a west wind at 10 game time temperature at 69 degrees at the oakland coliseum. go eight. meanwhile here's your extended forecast. we are calling board the budgets of sunshine on wednesday with our outside number of 90 degrees . that's what garcia was
12:51 pm
alluding to very summer. like conditions, then the more fog cooler conditions look at that sharp drop in temperatures from wednesday to thursday, a chance of a few rain jobs on friday. otherwise it will be breezy and cloudy. and cooler over the weekend. but enjoy your tuesday from flip flops back to jackets. roberta gonzalez, thank you to come at noon. the playoffs continue for the golden state warriors next with the team and fans are doing to prepare for tonight's game two against
12:52 pm
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thaa residential neighborhood in vacaville. ktvu elissa harrington has this update, including how officials plan to keep the community safe. it's exciting and sad, poor little bear unexpected visitor in this vacaville neighborhood, a young black bear seen wandering through yards, hopping fences and climbing trees, looked out the back porch
12:55 pm
windows and saw police in our backyard. so i said, what's going on? and they just pointed up in the tree? and there was a bear up in the tree. i was a little shocked. i'm like, wow. but i also thought it was really cool cell phone video shows the bear in willis shepherds front yard, she said she was inside knitting. when a neighbor called to alert her. he was just running around the yard. i think he was trying to figure out how to get out of the yard because it is fenced. and he went down to the grapefruit tree and stood up on his back. legs out. here he comes. courtney wiltse shot this video on her phone. she was watching a two year old when they spotted the bear out the window. she just thought it was the coolest thing. she went to the zoo last week, so i kept answers like being at the zoo, polio with the department of fish and wildlife, said the bear is most likely a juvenile male around 2 to 3 years old. in £250 black bears do live in the hills of solano county, and the bear may have come down in search of
12:56 pm
food or other resources since the spare hasn't acted aggressively. we're gonna kind of back off and we're going to give it the chance to go back to its habitat on its own. by late afternoon, the bear had settled down for a nap in the back yard of a home. police were monitoring the area and officers were on the campuses of nearby schools. polly has said they do not consider this a threat to public safety. but if the bear does not go home on his own, you know the next option would probably be something like tranquilizing the bear, you know, darting it. and then, um, and then we'll take it back to its habitat. elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. happening today, the california assembly will consider a bill that would allow social media companies to be held responsible for harming children. if passed, the bill would allow parents and guardians to sue social media platforms they accused of addicting children through advertising push notifications and design features. basically we're focusing on addiction and
12:57 pm
the fact that social media platforms in particular are addictive to kids, and it will impose financial liability financial accountability on the major platforms who continued to design products that addict children. the legislation is retroactive, which would put the company's at legal risk for any past damage their products caused for teens and younger children. a proposal in the legislature to bring a four day work week to california appears to be on hold. california california lawmakers missed a deadline to pass it through a key committee, which means it won't happen this year. would have to pass it would it would have required companies to start paying workers overtime after 32 hours a week instead of 40 supporters said it would bring a better work life balance, but critics say would cost businesses too much money. the author of the bill, says she's disappointed and wants to continue the discussion about a four day work week, the golden state warriors will face the memphis grizzlies tonight in game two of their playoff series. the warriors worked out in memphis yesterday, getting ready for tonight's big game
12:58 pm
following their thrilling victory in game one. on sunday, thompson hit a go ahead three pointer with just 36 seconds on the clock during pool scored 31 points as the warriors beat the grizzlies won 17 to 1 16. that victory came despite draymond green's ejection just before halftime, the referees threw green out of the game after he grabbed brandon clark's jersey as they both fell to the floor. green made it clear the ejection will not affect his play tonight or any other time in the future. i'm never going to change the way i play basketball. it's gotten me this far has got me three championships for all stars defensive player of the year. not going to change now. yesterday the nba upheld the ruling against green, which was determined to be a flagrant two foul. this means green would be suspended for one game if he gets another one of those fouls during the postseason. about to an optical illusion on youtube. this has it. it's hidden images can reveal a lot about a person's personality depending on what you see first and take a look at your screen. tell me what you think you see in this video created by bright side, there's a narrator says people
12:59 pm
who first see a woman with dark hair. have keen observational skills and a focus on detail and they're more likely to be reserved and introverted. the narrator then says. people first see a face with kind of a wide jaw area down to the bottom or focused on the overall picture and less so on details. they say they're likely outgoing and enjoy spending time with others. let's swing back quickly to the breaking news we have for you in contra costa county live pictures here. you can definitely see some smoke rising from the area. it's a grass fire that's threatening some residential structures in the 100 block of chelsea way again in pittsburgh, this is just to the south of highway four. it's near los madonna's elementary school very close to the railroad avenue exit. people being told to avoid the area. if there is any good news in this is that we have no word of any injuries or actual homes burning. it's certainly not quite as windy as it was yesterday, but temperatures are beginning to rise. we're staying on top of this. we have sky fox headed that way, as well as our ground crews will bring you more information on this grass fire burning in pittsburgh just as soon as we have it, but again. a
1:00 pm
small but important reminder. there really is no such thing as fire season here in california. we have to be vigilant all year round. i thank you for joining us at noon, we'll meet you back here for our next newscast. that's it >> we're dishing up a twist on your favorite bar foods. >> how to take them to the next level. dip it low and slow. >> how about a nacho and chicken wing mash up? >> say it again. oh. oh, wow. >> and it's all about the cheese sauce. >> look at that melt together. my taste buds are like having a rave party right now. why don't we mash up chicken wings and nachos more? that's next. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world, because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. [laughter] >> everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television, but also i'm a mom trying to get dinner on the table.


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