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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 3, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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thex two. choice everybody choice. rallies and protests nationwide and here in the bay area, with abortion rights activists vowing to fight if the supreme court moves forward with overturning roe versus wade. disheartened disappointed, frustrated and ready to be part of a movement that can do something about it. demonstrators taking to the streets one day after a supreme court draft opinion was leaked, suggesting the court could end abortion rights. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener mike mibach multiple cities in the bay area were home to demonstrations in san francisco. hundreds of people gathered right in front of the federal building in a second large group marched through the mission district across the bay. there
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was a similar scene as a group protested in front of the federal building in the city of oakland. and back east, thousands of people descended on new york city's fully square, outraged over the draft opinion , and protesters on both sides demonstrated throughout the day in front of the united states supreme court. in washington, d c. we have live team coverage of the battle over abortion rights. ktvu is jana katsuyama tells us about the outrage in the nation's capital over the leak. the first we go to our amberleigh live in san francisco tonight, where demonstrations have wrapped up at this hour, amber that's right. julie with attendant marches and rallies, one in oakland, two in san francisco. one ended here in the castro all we're passionate but peaceful. shortly before eight o'clock tuesday night, abortion rights supporters marched through the intersection of marketing castro in san francisco, followed a rally that started at the federal building hours earlier. world forced to
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give birth organizers say protests are the way to tell the u. s supreme court justices they do not have the right to deny women abortions and that they're here to defend and expand. roe versus wade. i can say here in california that we're doing everything we can to protect everyone from providers from patients coming in gut punch. i wanted people to know that they're california attorney general stands with them will fight with them and that i will use the full authority of the law and the full power of our office to protect the constitutional right to an abortion. at the same time, there was another rally in march that started downtown and went up market street and into the mission neighborhood. i'm extremely angry at the draft decision that was released and i'm extremely concerned for my and my daughter's future. protesters say their frustration led to their desire to take action found out about it. maybe
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an hour before on instagram took the end and joined because i can't sit at home when this is happening, and we will fight. and demand justice for every woman. across this country, no matter where she lives at the federal building in oakland, leaders with labor unions and community groups were joined by hundreds of people having been a mother this past year. i couldn't imagine anything being forced to go through pregnancy organizers say reproductive freedom is linked to economic freedom. that an attack on women's reproductive rights is a direct attack on all workers work with patients every day who are giving birth and it's important that they have that choice and i think at the end of the day abortions are part of healthcare. we all deserve quality healthcare. organizers are urging people to vote during the midterm elections. they say they're taking their fight from the streets to the ballot box. julie mike reporting live for us tonight in san francisco. amber.
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thank you. abortion rights advocates also gathered in san jose today. mhm. a few dozen people held a protest outside san jose city hall this afternoon, they held signs and waved passing cars. we spoke with one woman who says if this draft opinion becomes a final ruling, it will degrade the legitimacy of the u. s. supreme court. i want to say that if they want to be legitimate body of law, they need to uphold the president that's been set for 50 years. that protester says she has demonstrated before four abortion rights and can't believe roe v. wade may soon no longer be the law of the land. the draft opinion as part of the court's review of a mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks. the leak is an unprecedented break with protocol that caused an uproar in washington d c just today ktvu jana katsuyama here now with that part of our coverage,
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jenna mike. the supreme court usually has very strict privacy rules so that justices can debate among themselves before anything is made public. this leak is already opening up questions over legal and political consequences. chief justice john roberts confirmed tuesday that the leak supreme court draft opinion was legitimate. the draft document reported to be written in february, indicated a majority of the justices on the high court favor overturning the landmark 1973 roe versus wade decision that legalized abortion. about 1000 people gathered outside the court tuesday clash between those who support taking down roe v. wade i am so excited and so optimistic, and i really hope it sticks and those who support keeping it in place. this is part of our fundamental freedoms , people the right to privacy, i believe is right under the constitution. a new fox news poll shows a vast majority of
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registered voters 63% believe roe v. wade should stand compared to 27% who say it should be overturned. president biden called the draft opinion radical and a violation of rights to privacy decision was correct because there's a right to privacy limitations on it cannot be denied the leak itself was a breach of a long held protocol of privacy around supreme court deliberations. they really work in complete privacy of its just the justices and their clerics. they exchange opinions, and we know that these drafts can change. legal experts emphasized. the draft opinion is not final. so at this point there probably continuing to exchange dissenting opinions. concurrences the majority opinion, they're editing it, i think, frankly, as a result of the leak, and this could be part of the purpose of the leak. it's less likely that we will see changes now, loyola law professor jessica levinson says
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key to the decision is how chief justice roberts himself ends up voting. we've talked in the past about the affordable care act decision where, at the last moment the chief justice changed his vote, and that changed the outcome of that case. on tuesday , the chief justice called for an investigation into the breach. and some say whatever the court's final vote, the draft opinion reveals a great deal about chief justice roberts influence on the supreme court. he wasn't yet with the majority . he wasn't yet with the three liberal dissenters. my guess is he's going to write separately. but it's quite clear that i think this is no longer chief justice john roberts court in the sense that he can't hold the center, he can't hold the conservatives together to go his way. the news outlet politico, which first obtained the draft opinion would only say it came from a person familiar with court proceedings. typically only about 70 people would see such draft, including the justices and their clerks, who have to sign pledges of
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confidentiality. the court is expected to issue an official ruling before summer recess in late june or early july. mike interesting to see just how far this investigation goes into determining exactly where this leak came from. all right, janet. thank you. for that. political analysts say the league has vast implications for this year's midterm elections earlier today on the floor, we did speak with donna crane, political science lecturer at san jose state university. i think this leak drops a hand grenade right in the middle of the midterm elections. i think it's going to greatly agitate both sides it made possibly increased turnout on both sides , the conventional wisdom and certainly my experience was that when there's a when the issue of reproductive freedom gets dropped into the middle of a campaign, it tends to benefit the democratic pro choice side more. we'll see if that pattern holds. crane added that she expects to see both democrats and republicans scrambling to make sure their positions are
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known. leading up to the midterms. tomorrow morning, gavin newsom will travel to los angeles, he is set to discuss the proposal that would protect the right to abortion here in california. today senate president pro tem toni atkins joined members of the women's caucus and planned parenthood at the state capitol. the lawmakers say they will move quickly on introducing a constitutional amendment to make abortion protections permanent in this state. california has long, long recognized the fundamental right to privacy and to control over one's own body. the legislative women's caucus is also introducing a bill that would help women from outside california obtain abortions in the state if more bands are put into place. we don't want to leave women in in desperation and we do not want deaths, so we are going to do our best to create a welcoming and safe environment with the ability to support them. in march, governor newsom signed a bill eliminating
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out of pocket costs for abortions. it's part of a package of 13 total bills focused on making abortion more accessible and protecting providers and patients. be area lawmakers say they support a woman's right to choose partly because they have faced that decision themselves here. their personal stories coming up tonight at 10 30 tonight, flags were lowered to half staff right outside city hall in san jose to honor norman mineta, the former u. s transportation secretary and mayor of san jose, died at his home in maryland. as ktvu zan rubin reports, monetta is being remembered as a leader and consensus builder during his two decades in congress. norman mineta was many things the first asian american mayor of a major city cabinet leader and house committee chair among them, but he never forgot where he was from, and to the people of san jose's japantown. he was simply norm. i don't recall anybody saying mr mineta was norm norm, you know to him. ah that was
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that was the way he liked it to warren hayashi norm was like an older brother, one who had an easy charm and who never forgot a name skills that later benefited him in politics. just see that he was ah, one step ahead of everybody. after a stint as mayor of san jose mineta served in congress for more than two decades, then held cabinet positions in both the clinton and bush administrations . he was the secretary of transportation on 9 11 and is responsible for bringing the planes down. he also worked to establish the was one of the chief architects of the americans with disabilities act and helps get reparations for japanese americans who had been incarcerated during world war two as he had been, i think they meet up a big difference in, um this nation's understanding that you do not incarcerate people just because they look like the enemy enormously from this common leadership style. his
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deadpan humor. and his sincere love for public service. i always think of him as his happy warrior. because every time i would see him he always had a wonderful smile on his face a testament to his accomplishments . san jose's airport has been named in mineta's honor. and in japan town, you can visit his childhood home. his friends hope he'll be remembered not just for his leadership. but for doing things the right way remarkable job. he's going to be a legend of all times. mineta is survived by his wife, denny, his children and 11 grandchildren. memorial arrangements have not yet been announced in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. norman mineta is also being remembered for his community service, volunteering countless hours to help with events in the japanese american community tonight, the japanese american citizens league national president spoke about mineta's legacy. i think
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his legacy is really about the fight for civil liberties, which is obviously the core mission for j. c. l secretary mineta was truly a pillar of the community . and he you know, no matter how busy he was always seem to find a way to be a regular attendee at our programs, whether it was our annual conventions. uh leadership summit in d. c. you know we have all sorts of events and he would always make sure to come out and speak a few words to us. so he met so much. he always gave that personal touch , and i know so many people across generations in our community really looked to him as a mentor. and our coverage of mineta's life and legacy continues right now at ktvu .com . look for it right there on the front page. pandemic restrictions rolled back in the east bay. today's decision on vaccine mandates in oakland and the requirement that's been added in its place. a significant warm up today. temperatures tomorrow warm again . it's going to get into the low
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nineties warmest day of the week. we'll have that and then a cool down coming after that, in the five game, i'll see you back here. also candidates for contra costa county sheriff and district attorney face off how they addressed a number of
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. san leandro man is in critical
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condition tonight after he was attacked with a skateboard has happened around eight o'clock last night on east 14th street in san leandro. the sheriff's department says. this man there on your screen caused major damage to the victim's face and skull, including a brain hemorrhage. investigators say the suspect has been arrested for attempted murder in that his name will be released once he is officially charged in alameda county sheriff's spokesman says the attack was random. with no known motive candidates for sheriff and district attorney in contra costa county. faced off tonight in a public safety forum event was held at diablo valley college in pleasant hill. that's where we find ktvu s elissa harrington. she's standing by with more on the story, alyssa. that's right. this was r s v p only, and members of the public could write in questions. incumbents tonight met face to face with their challengers. contra costa county sheriff david livingstone faced tough questions at a public safety candidates forum about use of force and some recent high profile cases at
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this forum held at the dbc campus and pleasant hill, livingston and his challenger, benjamin tariel, spoke about deputy andrew hall. the x danville deputy who was sentenced to six years in prison for police shooting, where he fired into a slow moving car and killed 33 year old timer arboleda. it's reprehensible. in my opinion, the first officer charged in contra costa county, livingston defended hall and called the charges political. the officer felt his life was in danger. that's why he fired the shots that he did. we did a thorough investigation and we found he was within policy. 2.5 years later, district attorney back then decides to charge. this officer, meanwhile, said the deputy should have never been in that position and blamed leadership in the department policies that come from the top. and transcend down at the bottom to the deputies actually have to do the work. sheriff livingston is running for reelection
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holding that position since 2010 realty is a richmond police officer and leads the richmond police officers association. if you haven't been on the ground as a law enforcement officer in the past five years you have no idea what it's like out there. another big issue was crying everything from smash and grabs two catalytic converter theft to organized crime rings. district attorney diana beckton said the da's office is partnering with other agencies to crack down. to use the 80 person nordstrom theft and walnut creek as an example of action taken those who have been apprehended by law enforcement have been charged with serious crimes, including organized retail theft and robbery for their crimes, and they are proceeding as we speak . challenger mary knocks, a prosecutor in the d a s office said she helped organize a retail theft task force will continue to work as i am right now. um with all other counties and investigators to actively and proactively, um, identify
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and prosecute these organized retail theft cruise in our county. and these candidates will face off for that election in june. reporting live i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. alright alyssa. thank you. former san francisco supervisor matt haney is now officially the newest member of the california assembly was sworn in this morning in sacramento at the state capitol. he won last month's special election to complete the term for the assembly districts. 17th seat. vacated by david chu, who was appointed by san francisco mayor london breed to be city attorney . the mayor has not yet named a replacement for heaney's board of supervisors seat. alright it did warm up today. it was real noticeable after yesterday's big wins cooler, lower temperatures , today's temperature's came up 10 to 15 degrees less wind. there's still little breeze, but less wind and more of an offshore direction, so the winds are kind of going north northeast. that's a hoping it's warm up. it's getting us a
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little patchy fog, so i haven't seen a lot developed yet, but we're expecting the models are expecting coastal fog. by tomorrow morning, we'll see how that goes. in the meantime, it's warmer tomorrow. tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. you're going to find temperatures a good five degrees warmer. today was the big jump, right? so you noticed big heat up tomorrow is going to be warmer, but it's not going to be hit you in the face. 79 in santa was a today tomorrow they go to 85. so there's that 6 degrees bump, their lowest. our warmest inland spots will be in the low nineties. perhaps some pretty nice. the wind shifts are everything. there's the offshore wind. that's tomorrow morning wednesday. this is wednesday afternoon. the winds kind of back down a little bit. so tomorrow is our warmest day. watch what happens after much the arrows, which way they go? look at that right onshore after it wednesday into thursday, so does it mean yeah, cooler. so when that zero shift on thursday, a significant cool down coming our way with a few clouds as well right into the bay area weekend, i'll put it all together with the five day forecast back here in just a few minutes. you soon, bill thank
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you. the city of oakland is ending its requirement for people to show proof of vaccination or negative test results before entering most public places. that means you can now go into restaurants and bars, james rec centers, museums and concert venues in oakland without showing any documentation. this requirement , as approved by the city council, now applies only to assisted living centers and senior centers. the proof of vaccine requirement went into effect in february, and some council members said they had concerns about lifting it. one of my concerns is that we are not kind of experts here. we can certainly read. articles and understand some statistics that are that are published. but the sort of the public health agency decisions seemed to go one direction and we're going to a different one. the council also voted to add a mask requirement at indoor spaces where at least 2500 people are gathered. the food and drug administration, says covid-19 vaccines for the
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youngest children may be available next month. children under five are the last remaining age group not yet cleared for the shots. the fda is outside panel of experts is set to meet on june 8th and again on june 21st and 22nd to review applications from moderna and fight, sir. these are typically the final meetings before an official rollout. the shots could then be available by late june. coming up elon musk reveals new information about his potential twitter takeover. why the company may not be private. for long under his ownership and divination rallies behind the team, even when they're playing away tonight's
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notr long under the ownership of elon musk. the wall street journal reports that musk is telling investors he could hold a new hippo for twitter as soon as three years after buying it. sources say. the billionaire ceo of tesla has been talking with private equity firms and people
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with high net worth for outside funding to help him in his $44 billion purchase of twitter looking for a job well, there are plenty of openings across the country. the latest numbers from the bureau of labor statistics show there were 11.5 million job openings in march. that's about two job openings for every person who is unemployed. today's report also found that 4.5 million americans or 3% of the work force quit their jobs in march. economists say many workers are quitting those jobs in favor of others which offer better pay and quality of life. linkedin has settled a pay dispute involving hundreds of female employees. the company has agreed to pay $1.8 million in back pay. to nearly 700 women at its san francisco and sunnyvale offices to settle a discrimination complaint. the women accused linkedin of systemic gender based pay discrimination. they say they were paid noticeably less than men. in the same or similar job roles. linkedin says it's still does not agree with
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the labor department's claims and denies it discriminates when it comes to employee compensation. well hundreds of warriors fans gathered at chase center tonight to see the team take on the memphis grizzlies. team held a watch party during this away game where fans watch the action on a huge tv screen outside the arena. it was a party like atmosphere that drew diehard fans and families with young kids. i'm out here with my two sons. so i got my five year old and my two year old. we're just starting them young dub nation at its finest. the team has held watch parties for previous away games during these playoffs grounds and are joe fonzi will have all the highlights from tonight's game coming up a little bit later in sports. plus, the giants beat the dodgers for the first time since last year's playoffs. joe will have all the details on how it all went down in l, a also ahead clearing san jose's largest homeless camp by the city says it needs more time to
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move the homeless to comply with federal guidelines, also much more on the backlash following the leak supreme court opinion on roe v. wade after the break a live report from washington, d. c. operate full day of protests and here at home in apparent anti abortion protester pulls off a dangerous stunt in san francisco, how he managed to scale the salesforce tower
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rather uphill street at fifth, and this is what we have found. you see lapd here with a abortion rights protest in downtown los angeles turned a bit chaotic tonight. police say they asked a small group of stragglers to disperse. the protesters responded by throwing rocks and bottles at the officers. one officer was injured. several arrests were made as police tried to force protesters to leave. and then
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just about an hour ago, lapd declared a citywide tactical alert. and i go, okay. outside the supreme court crowd of protesters grew throughout the day and was estimated at more than 1000 people at one point people on both sides of the issue chanting holding signs and facing off fox's madeline rivera. joining us live tonight from washington, d. c and madeline, you were out there earlier in the day for most of the day, for that matter. how would you describe the scene the mood outside the court and were there any confrontations between both sides? screaming mike. yes, we had to move inside because it's currently raining outside. but there were several groups of people outside of the supreme court, abortion and anti abortion advocates and at one point, the crowd outside of the supreme court numbered a few 1000 people and the mood was definitely divided. emotions certainly ran high, and there was certainly outrage in both sides. but i will say the anger was directed towards different issues, with abortion advocates
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, vowing to do more to vowing to take action should roe v. wade be overturned. anti abortion advocates, on the other hand, are condemning the leak. mike some u. s senators were out there with this crowd protesting. is there. concern in washington, madeline not just among lawmakers who are out there. but others at the protests that the legitimate c of the supreme court is at risk due to someone leaking this draft opinion. absolutely but i will say the people, antiabortion advocates rather are much more fired up about this issue, much more so than the abortion advocates. their antiabortion advocates say that this could compromise and undermine the credibility of the nation's highest court. but make no mistake. this was certainly an unprecedented move. no draft memo like this has ever been leaked. to the public before and it will certainly raise distrust and suspicion among members of the court. only a small group of people have access to draft opinions like this, the justices
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and their clerks so it will no doubt affect the trust in the collegiality of the members of the court, which is so crucial to how they work, mike. what about president biden? madeleine was his name brought about there . among the protesters were there calls on the president to offer his support to changing senate rules as people, you know, demand federal protections for abortion rights. the recalls among abortion advocates for democrats over all to do more on this issue. in fact, one of the chance i heard outside of the supreme court was that some of the abortion advocates won't vote for democrats and democrats unless they do something particularly defying rovi wade into law. and so this certainly leads to a bigger issue about how this will affect democrats in the midterms. many democrats , of course, will use this issue to galvanize their voters to galvanize and rally up. their base, especially leading into the midterm elections, where they were highly suspected expected to face major losses in the house and potentially the
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senate as well, mike long day for you, madeline rivera, we appreciate the time tonight. thank you. what we're hearing from bay area lawmakers about their own experiences with abortion. our political reporter greg lee spoke with congresswoman jackie speier and barbara lee about their personal stories. i'm one of those women he spoke about just now in 2011 . south bay. congresswoman jackie speier became the first person on the house floor to tell her own story of having an abortion. spear says the message gave other women power to share their experiences. harrowing moment i was trembling when i finished and i went to the back of the chamber, and it was john lewis, who met me there and said. with tears in his eyes that it was a powerful speech when the draft opinion leaked showing the supreme court is poised to overturn abortion rights, speer said, it felt like a gut punch. as much as we thought. precedent mattered to the supreme court were now being let in on a really bad piece of
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information, which is that they're going to ignore. ignore precedent. it's very personal, but i don't want this to happen to other people. what happened to me? congresswoman barbara lee has previously described her decision to go to mexico for what she calls a back alley abortion at age 15. it was horrible, but i had to do it. that was my decision. but you know what? i survived so many black women during that period didn't survive because of coat hanger abortions. if this supreme court draft ruling becomes final, she warns abortions won't stop. what i worry about now is we're gonna go back to where abortions are gonna be illegal and unsafe congresswoman are urging the senate to pass the women's health protection act, which would make abortion access federal law, but democrats don't have the votes right now. congressional republicans have focused much of their response on the leak. this is just so outrageous that this draft
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opinion was leaked. it's clearly an attempt to influence the outcome as the country waits for the high court's final ruling this summer. house republican leadership led by minority leader kevin mccarthy, released this statement. house republicans are committed to upholding the sanctity of life, and we will continue to fight to be a voice for the truly voiceless. there is nothing more special, extraordinary and worth fighting for than the miracle of life, one of the few republican senators who supports abortion rights, senator susan collins of maine, said the draft opinion is quote completely inconsistent with what justices neil gorsuch in, brett kavanaugh said in confirmation meetings with her. gregory ktvu, fox two news anti abortion activists say they are cautiously optimistic about a potential ruling to overturn roe v. wade. it is a turning point in america's history. and yet you are absolutely correct that for those of us here in california and other states that are so extremely promoting abortion, our challenge has
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gotten even more difficult. wynette sills with california's for life, says that overcoming support for abortion in california is a challenge, but that change is possible. i think the demand for abortion will continue to decline as we have seen across our country, even in the bluest state like california. a recent poll found that more than two thirds of likely california voters say they do not want to see the supreme court overturned the way an anti abortion activists who climbed the salesforce tower today and downtown san francisco is now under arrest at 22, year old man from las vegas began scaling the 61 story building just before 9 30 this morning, a video taken from someone inside the building and posted to twitter shows the man working without any ropes or any other safety devices. according to a message posted to social media. he identified himself as a protester who uses the self proclaimed nickname pro life
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spider man. a crowd on the street below was fixated on this dangerous stunt. it's more nerve racking for me than for him. he seems relaxed up there. i'm over here. worried about him, but, yeah, i mean, i don't know there's other ways protest abortion or whatever you want. police officers were waiting for the man at the top of the building. he was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest coming up at 11. it's been six years since half a dozen homes split right down the hill in san francisco. the settlement has been reached with pg and e over the incident. there we are tracking a warm up today. it did warm up quite a bit tomorrow warms up another five or six degrees be the warmest day of the week and then temperatures go the other way towards the weekend. five day forecast is next. dozens of ukrainian citizens who are trapped in the besieged city of mario. people reach safety. i'm trey angst in
10:38 pm
out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too.
10:39 pm
these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
10:40 pm
he'y were civilians had been evacuated hours earlier, as many as 2000. ukrainian soldiers may still be holed up inside boxes. griff jenkins reports president biden today praised the u. s workers building missiles that are crucial to ukraine's defense. president biden, visiting one of the world's largest military and aerospace companies in troy, alabama. today the lockheed martin facility produces javelin anti tank missiles that have been key to ukraine's defense. the united states is leading our allies and partners around the world. to make sure that crazies ukrainians who are fighting for the future of the nation, have the weapons and the capacity of ammunition and equipment. the u. s has delivered more than 5000 of those weapons to ukraine since russia's invasion began. meanwhile the u. n says dozens of people have been evacuated from besieged steel factory in mario pull, the city's mayor
10:41 pm
adds more than 200 civilians remain inside. according to ukrainian fighters, russian forces have started to storm the plant, mounting an assault with armored vehicles and tanks, civilians who were evacuated arrived in the ukrainian controlled city of separation today. medical teams were on standby, ready to treat people suffering from burns and malnutrition. you can't imagine how scary it is when you sit in the shelter, which is bouncing shaking. ukraine's military continues to be supported by western military aid. today british prime minister boris johnson spoke to ukraine's parliament announcing an additional $375 million in radar drones and armored vehicles. this is ukraine's finest hour. that will be remembered and recounted. for generations to come. the uk says russia's military appears significantly weaker after suffering losses in this war in keith tree angst, fox news congresswoman barbara
10:42 pm
lee just returned from a trip to ukraine and poland, she said vladimir putin must be stopped at all costs are worried about moldova and other countries where i visited several times in the past. uh if putin, you know , wins and ukraine which country is next? congresswoman leads chairs the subcommittee that is drafting legislation to send $33 billion in aid to ukraine. she also said the refugee crisis is causing an overwhelming strain in poland, and she's concerned about the impact of the war on food insecurity around the world. still to come. new housing for the homeless could be coming to the east bay plus i found this conduct. to be both offensive and dangerous. san jose city leaders very angry after they say a police officer was intoxicated while working a recent kidnapping case, also a sunny day around the bay chief meteorologist bill martin is
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back after (music throughout)
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was planned for oakland. the city council tonight voted to analyze the feasibility of using the former oakland army base to house 1000 homeless people. the 22 acre property is at the port of oakland. if this is approved , it would almost double the number of shelter beds in the city. in 2019, a homeless count
10:46 pm
showed 4000 people were living on oakland's streets. city officials say that number likely grew during the pandemic. new attend. san jose officials want the faa to give them more time to clear out. the city's largest homeless campus site sits directly under the mineta san jose international airport flight path. the agency says that's unsafe and has threatened to withhold millions in federal funding if the site is not cleaned out by june 30th, but officials say they need to push the deadline to september 30th partly defined transitional housing for those living there. there are still about 130 people camping on the site, which is right near the guadalupe river park. frustration and anger tonight from san jose city leaders after accusations that one of their officers was impaired while on the job. ktvu is jesse gary tells us about the changes the mayor wants to make to prevent it from happening again. as san jose police frantically searched for kidnapped baby last week. one of their members is alleged to have been working the case legally
10:47 pm
impaired. the unnamed patrolman's blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit will not make any excuses. with a criminal conduct of our police officers. we are and should be held. to a higher standard department chief anthony morrow says he's dismayed by the development officials say an fbi agent assisting in the search for baby brandon notice the impaired officer as he canvassed for clues. it's unknown. why fellow s j p d officers didn't see the problem and take action. i found this conduct. to be both offensive and dangerous. this revelation forced from the department due to media reporting comes on the heels of the dijon packer incident. the former sjs you football player and rookie s j p d cop was found dead in his milpitas apartment in march. the santa clara county coroner says the 24 year old suffered a fentanyl overdose. san jose mayor sam liccardo calling for department wide drug testing of all officers, not
10:48 pm
just those in specialty units doing so well enable. the department to identify those officers who need help. need to get treatment. and critically. keep those officers. off the street command staff says the department has crisis management and peer support units and e. a p and a substance abuse counselor. union reps say they're open to adding blanket drug testing and contract negotiations with the city. it's important to talk about each different thing that may be involved to ensure that the process is transparent, fair. and equal department revealed a second investigation of one of its officers this time for alleged sexual misconduct while on the job police commanders declining to provide more specifics. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news all right, lot different tonight than last night. we had all that wind. remember that wind advisories up north augusta, 40 50 miles an hour, down to sea
10:49 pm
level and places wednesday down temperatures warmed up fog, not really a thing, but it's supposed to come back late tonight, early tomorrow morning. and these guys are going into the city and these guys are going to berkeley. or maybe they're going to oakland bridge looks quiet temperatures today. like i said, we're warmer and it was a big jump to the big jump 10 to 15 degrees. tomorrow warms up still further, but it's their subtle jumps like 56 degrees tomorrow along the coast of swell is going to get pretty good size wise giant right now. south shore, hawaii's having a big south swell event. in that south swell southwest wales going to move into our coast and we're going to see a little bit of west well, combined with that, and it's not a high surf advisory. but it's a beach warning. it really is about rip currents out there, especially ocean beach and sharp park. so especially in south wales to their their messed up because they have a huge interval between them. they're coming from such a long distance away that they go flat for a while, and then all of a sudden waves show up and that tends to be when people get in the most
10:50 pm
trouble. so with the warmer weather tomorrow, yeah, at the coast to still be in the sixties . be careful out of the coast, please. and this is tomorrow it starts. but the real event is thursday and friday. that's what i should be telling you tomorrow. it's getting it'll grow thursday. fridays at its biggest done, giant, big this calls us off as we head into thursday and friday, so tomorrow is the warmest day low gets close. wind shift temperatures cool down so temperatures tomorrow with these light winds and this northerly northeasterly flow just now developing are going to increase current temperature. is this sort of interesting as noticed? necessarily. brentwood 66 fairfield 59. so not quite that compression, all heating getting into the brentwood area where you see the yellows. that's where it's starting to happen. if i showed you that map in three hours, you'll see a few more yellow showing up, even though it's later is that high bill jim. the forecast for tomorrow does have a little fog in the morning in the afternoon to ride along the coast will be patchy and then forecast highs. the reds are nineties oranges or
10:51 pm
eighties so beautiful day warm day. and then a significant cool down after that forecast highs cities where near where you live in one of the warmer days, we've seen that we will see for a while, and then we'll certainly the warmest day of this week. and again just be safe at the beaches. i always kind of there's so many people now that have, um, different schedules. you know, they have time to get out to the ocean. take a laptop and with the five g do their work and a lot more people at in areas where they can get into some trouble so again with those swell, especially on thursday, friday, be safe. there's the five day forecast. i'll see you back here at 11 reminder there. all right, bill. thank you coming up in sports here why? warriors head coach steve kerr said memphis player broke the code. when it comes to physical play joe fonzi sports next then on the 11 o'clock news, more reaction to the supreme court draft opinion on roe versus wade . one san francisco lawmaker wants to help women from out of
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
recall chesa boudin now. eves happening tonight in sports game one of their nba series put us all on notice that the warriors and grizzlies would play physical and emotional basketball. they turned it up a notch tonight in game two new the memphis fans would be on draymond green from the opening whistle. and you knew john morant was a key to the grizzlies hopes of winning this game just three minutes in with the warriors looking for their first score. gary payton gets hammered by the grizzlies. dillon brooks. peyton left the game with what was later learned was a fractured elbow. brooks was called for flagrant two foul, which meant ejection. and his night was over as peyton's headed to the locker room. then later, green went down after taking it inadvertent elbow to the face from xavier tool mixed green was finished for the rest of the first quarter, but he
10:55 pm
returned after getting stitched up. in the locker room knows step aside battle from behind most of the game, andrew wiggins sees a lane and slashes through the hoop for two of his 16 points. the words within two wiggins also had nine rebounds is he got his bench fired up, but here's the guy who was the different morant with a spinning move with 11 seconds left handed up with 47 points as the grizzlies took a five point lead to the locker room fourth quarter. now they're tied at 77. jordan's pool sees his. where did the hoop the warriors have their first lead pool went for 20 off the bench. the warriors shot just 18% from three point range. a mystery by clay thompson starts a wild sequence here. the warriors keep it alive , and then steph curry hits a three off the glass the warriors by three inside the five minute mark. now the warriors are down one. it's curry to the hoop with the layup that will rim the hoop and fall words in front 99 98, but that would be their last lead down one. the warriors need
10:56 pm
to stop here. you know memphis is going to marin with the floater that goes to put the grizzlies in front by three with 30 seconds left. in addition to his 47 points, moran had eight rebounds and eight assists. the grizzlies get this 11 oh 6101 to even the series at a game each as it heads to san francisco on saturday. steve kerr not happy about the play that took peyton out early. i don't know if it was intentional, but it it was dirty. and um, there's a code that players follow. you never put a guys season slash career in jeopardy by taking somebody out in midair and clubbing him across the head. he broke the code on brooks broke the code. milwaukee's yonas onto the capo owned the celtics in game one of their series. he had 28 tonight, but in this one boston looked like a different team. jalen brown fakes grayson allen off his feet knocks down two of his
10:57 pm
30 points at your basic ankle breaker. brown this time dishes to jason tatum, who's very open for a 3 29 points for tatum, the celtics win 109 86 that series tied 11 and now heads to milwaukee on saturday. the giants tonight got their first look at the dodgers since that fateful game in october in san francisco that ended on a check swing couple of giant fans proud to be representing in the southland. carlos gordon has been money for the giants and every start. this was the only time the dodgers got to him tonight. two on two out in the second, michael taylor inside out to redon pitch to score both runners other than that redundant was largely flawless, giving up just two runs on three hits in six innings. julio arrays is always a tough mystery for the giants to solve the fans warmer floors with a nasty breaking ball in the fourth, six shutout innings for a race, the giants had the tying runs on base in the ninth, with craig kimbrel working to luke williams. williams grounds into a force to end the game. the dodgers win 3 to 1. same two
10:58 pm
teams tomorrow to conclude that miniseries in l. a the a's and raise tied 11 in the first inning at the colosseum, kevin smith played against ryan yarborough with the bases loaded , they are loaded, no more only question fair or foul. that is a grand slam in the have a 5 to 1 lead. he is lead the entire way. they took a 5 to 3 lead to the ninth. it was up to kirby's need to try and nail it down. face mike zunino with the runner on just like that the lead was gone. ninos two run homer sent the game into extra innings with the phantom runners still in play extra innings are #### shoot these days, and the rays got five runs in the 10th two of them scoring on this single by isaac paretti is managed to in their half of the inning. but that wasn't enough. tampa wins 10 to 7 and in the age their fifth straight loss. one member of the champions league finals has been determined that european soccer liverpool that vila real and the second leg of a semifinal series 22 in the
10:59 pm
74th minute, not a good decision by the villarreal goalie around about ruling to come out of the net domain gets past him has an easy goal for the game winner. liverpool wins this game and also wins the aggregate score 5 to 2. liverpool will move into the finals against the winner of the real madrid manchester city series. let's check this out time on a tuesday night, we see a lot of nasty stuff in sports stadiums these days. here's something nice. aaron judge hits a tape measure home run, he's from london high school by the way, blue jays fan ends up with the ball. there's a young fan in the stands who's wearing a certain number? 99 players jersey the toronto guy gives the kid exact move right there. oh, canada! get some tears right there. so happy to have that ball about that warriors play saturday, saturday saturday joke. thank you, and next at 11. it's going to take organizing. i think it's going to take all of us getting together and feeling
11:00 pm
some power that we actually have anger and determination pouring out on the streets across the country as supporters of abortion rights vowed to fight the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now of demonstrations across the nation after indications the u. s. supreme court could overturn roe v. wade. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in washington , d c. are vowing to get to the bottom of how a draft opinion was leaked in the first place. fox news medal in rivera reports now from washington, d. c. fortune is a russian hours after the release of the supreme court draft opinion showing a majority of justices are ready to vote to strike down roe v. wade. activists from both sides of the abortion issue rallied outside the high court to make their voices heard. they want to take away our freedom document leak is creating an uproar on capitol hill, which came as a shock


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