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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 4, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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arek of the supreme court draft opinion hammerin blanchard in washington. i'll have the latest reaction coming up plus californians and the governor are responding with state leaders are doing about the possibility of seeing roe versus wade overturned. then the cdc is out with new masking guidelines for public transportation will take a look at the new recommendations and the information on vaccines for young children. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian claudine wong. we begin with breaking news out of san jose. that is where a school campus is currently on lockdown. now this is all happening at the empire gardens. elementary school officers say there was a man armed with a knife on that campus. we do have a crew on their way to the scene right now , and we will bring you more information as it becomes available. it's a warm spring day for much of the bay area, many areas seeing temperatures
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above average, we caught up with a bunch of people enjoying the mild weather over at lake elizabeth. and free month this morning, something you don't see every day we found one couple taking their cat out for a walk. it's beautiful. it's very nice. the you know the wind is stopped , and we have some sunshine. perfect day to be outside fremont is expected to see temperatures in the high eighties today, but it is a different story out by the coast. let's swing out to ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo detail who's feeling what mark yeah. hi there, gaussian. we are definitely seeing those microclimates. today you're either shivering at the coast or enjoying the warm sunshine well, inland and today will be probably the warmest day of the week for those inland neighborhoods. no heat advisories when i talk about any record breaking temperatures, but still somewhat of a warm up , but that started yesterday as we take a look at the overall forecast for today. the beach is not warming up too much only in the fifties sixties. later on this afternoon bay will just call it nice seventies to the
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eighties and temperatures inland around 85 to maybe flirting with 90 degrees later on today, but this looks like the middle of summer, doesn't it? with the fog hanging out near the coastline, it really resurfaced overnight and keeping it cool right near the immediate shorelines with that onshore breeze. so probably yesterday was the warmest day for the coast and even for san francisco. current numbers out there right now, you can see half moon bay only 54 degrees conquered. 81 san jose. a pleasant 78 degrees, and here is our live camera looking out towards downtown san francisco where we are in the clear, but that fog is hugging portions of the coastlines of the enjoy the warm temperatures today away from the shore line, because things cool quite a bit as we head towards the weekend, and we'll have more on that with your forecast coming up in a few minutes, mark. thank you. the fallout continues from the league of a supreme court draft opinion indicating the court may be ready to overturn roe v. wade lauren blanchard has more from washington, d. c. abortion is front and center in the national discussion. still the future of
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federally protected abortion rights won't be decided for a couple more months. for two generations, women have been able to make their choices about when and if they want to have children, and this completely ignores the reality of women's lives was agreed to flee, decided on principles that weren't held the constitution and it's time that that's reflected in the unborn are given an equal right to life. the unprecedented leak of the supreme court draft opinion on overruling roe v. wade. quickly showing how divided the nation is nearly 50 years after the 1973 landmark case, what are the next things that are going to be attacked democrats now hoping to get their base to unify over the possibility that roughly half of states will put in place bans or restrictions on abortions? we need to make sure that we are doing everything we can at the ballot box and in the streets. republicans say the problem is the leak and many agree with the majority opinion writer justice samuel alito that the government
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should not be making abortion laws for the states. let the states make decisions of massachusetts wants to pass abortion laws. it's up to the up to the people of massachusetts to make that decision if texas wants to pass more restrictive laws they can do that congress could always buck the supreme court and pass a law protecting abortion rights. but despite all of the passion on the democratic side right now, they simply do not have the votes. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox two news. and californians are reacting to that leaked draft opinion. ktvu amanda quintana shows us what protesters and state leaders are doing about the possibility of seeing roe v. wade overturned. governor gavin newsom is releasing a new ad. california women and planned parenthood support gavin newsom, a lifelong defender of the right to choose going at the gop wednesday in front of planned parenthood. he expressed his outrage. this never happened in our lifetime. they're taking away rights. that have been affirmed over and over again and well established. they
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are taking them away. wake up america. this comes a day after a leaked draft decision from the u. s. supreme court shows there are enough votes to overturn roe v. wade reigniting the debate over abortion rights. so people are forced to get first. many people immediately took to the streets tuesday some of the bay area's biggest marches in san francisco, oakland and san jose . they say they're frustrated, and this is their way of demanding the u. s. supreme court defend a woman's right to choose. i'm extremely angry at the draft decision that was released and i'm extremely concerned for my and my daughter's future. i work with patients every day who are giving birth and it's important that they have that choice and i think at the end of the day abortions are part of healthcare . we all deserve quality healthcare governor newsom says state leaders have been anticipating this and will continue to treat women regardless of where they're from, or their ability to pay.
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and while it's well established and statutes and 22 that we are reproductive freedom state. we are going to enshrine that codify that as we should in the state constitutional amendment on the ballot this november. other leaders agree when i wanted people to know that there are california attorney general stands with them will fight with them, and i will use the full authority of the law and the full power of our office to protect the constitutional right to an abortion. but the archdiocese of san francisco released a statement saying california's attempt to protect abortion rights will quote, destroy lives, families and significantly limit the ability of the catholic church in california. to protect the unborn, newsome insists if roe v. wade is overturned, the supreme court won't stop there. you think for a second same sex marriage? is safe in the united states america. give me a break. ktvu, fox two news. the covid
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outbreak isn't over yet as cases continue to climb around the country, it's prompting the cdc to reiterate guidelines on masks in public. jonathan siri has more from atlanta. these coverings are required in the terminal. more confusion and debate over masking as the cdc reiterates its travel guidelines , the agency strongly recommends passengers over the age of to keep those face masks on while traveling on planes, trains and busses. there was a federal mandate in place for public transportation, but it was struck down by a judge last month. some travelers say whether it's required or not, they still plan to mask up until the outbreak is over everything to do. it takes a second. it doesn't cost anything. it's a piece of fabric. but others say the cdc needs to be better about communicating its guidelines. some say they were unaware of the recommendations. it's a perfect example that we're finding out now from you that that's even the case. meanwhile there's also movement on vaccines. fizer announcing it
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expects to submit data to the feds on doses for children by june ahead of an fda meeting on whether to give the vaccine to kids under the age of five. also in june, maduro china says it expects the first results from its clinical tests vaccine targeting macron and its variants. and if all goes well, it could be given on an annual basis similar to the flu shot. i would hope that we get to the point where the immunity will last long enough so that you only intermittently would need to be boosted. i don't see the necessity of every four months. moderna has already submitted a request to the fda to authorize its vaccine for kids six months. to six years old in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. for the oakland city council ended the requirement for people to show proof of a covid vaccination or negative test result to enter most public places. and that means no one has to show a vaccination card
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or test results to go into restaurants, bars. gems recreation centers, museums or concert venues in oakland, but not all council members supported that change. one of my concerns is that we are not kind of experts here. we can certainly read. articles and understand some statistics that are that are published. but the sort of the public health agency decisions. seemed to go one direction and we're going a different one. the council did leave in place. the vaccine and test results requirement for assisted living centers and senior centers, and it also added a mask requirement for indoor spaces and events with more than 2500. people still to come at noon, dave chappelle attacked running on stage tackling the comedian to the floor at the hollywood bowl. the latest on the investigation.
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jose that we've been following for you. that's where the school campus is currently on lockdown . this is all happening at the empire gardens elementary school , and that's where jesse gary is live with what we know so far. jesse. claudine investigators say the man that they are trying to talk to and persuaded drop the knife that he has is on the campus of empire gardens, which is behind me. you can see san jose police are here. they
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blocked off. this area of north 21st and empire. also san jose fire department is here as well. i talked to one neighbor who says the man has a very large knife, maybe like a machete. i asked how large and he said the knife was in the proximity of the length of my arm elbow to fingertips. so from about here to here large knife says the man was waving it around in the area of the dumpsters at the school. that's when people call police and as you can see, see, san jose police have arrived. right now, an officer tells me they are on campus trying to work with the man. they called their crisis team in murder team to try and persuade him to put down the knife. but the resident here who saw the man said he looked to be in crisis having a mental health crisis. and so police are called. the students are sheltering in place inside the school. and they have blocked off the area to area motorists will stay here. we'll give you an update. if we can before the
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end of the newscast, we're live in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. all right. thank you. the judges accepted a plea deal for former minnesota police officer derek chauvin. chauvin pleaded guilty to violating george floyd civil rights and will be sentenced to 20 to 25 years in prison. last year, he was convicted in state court of killing. floyd was sentenced to 22 years. he is appealing that conviction. federal plea deal means chauvin will probably spend more time in prison that he faced under his state sentence. state prisoners in minnesota typically spend one third of their sentence on parole, which would mean 15 years behind bars. los angeles police are confirming the men who attacked comedian dave chappelle was armed with a weapon that fires a knife blade chapel was performing last night at a netflix comedy concert at historic hollywood bowl. when it to same men climbed to the front area, then tackled chappelle on stage. several people rushed to help him, including security guards and actor jamie foxx. video of the aftermath was posted on social media. police are still looking for a motive.
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the man arrested is recovering from superficial injuries. alright, let's check in with ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo talk about what this day has in store for us. it sounds a little windy out where you are mark. yeah. the afternoon breezes picking up here in the backyard , and that's going to help moderate moderate temperatures near portions of the bay shore line, but inland it's not gonna be a hot hot day. but still temperatures notable warmup, especially compared to what when we start off the week on monday, as far as the temperature warming today should be the hottest day of the week for comparison, taking a look at the graphics for you right now, you can see the highest from yesterday and everybody at least on these panels having an up era with those temperatures going up just slightly across the region , the one area that will not warm up in fact, we actually cool off and you probably already know if you've been out toward the coast will be the shore line here because the fog really decided to make a comeback overnight, so still some pockets of some thick fog out there having a big impact on temperatures for the beaches and
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also keeping those temperatures and check right around the bay. we still have a pretty good onshore breeze. out there having a big impact on temperatures. in fact, san francisco right now only in the lower sixties, santa rosa in the seventies and eighties, beginning to sneak on the maps here for the 12 o'clock hour for walnut creek and livermore, san jose in the upper seventies. so here's our live camera. we still have mostly clear skies, but still some thick fog hanging out near portions of the coastline. this stuff feels like the summertime forecast. we recycle each and every day for june and july with the fog in the morning, clearing back to a near the immediate coastline here, you can see that the overall weather pattern this area of high pressure wants to rebuild and this is the source of the warming away from the coastline. so today we'll boost those temperatures inland. close to 90 degrees. what will happen pretty quickly, beginning tomorrow and into a friday cooler forecast more clouds. and by friday, there's the possibility we could have some drizzle or a few sprinkles up in the north bay. and this pattern kind of remains in place as we head into the weekend, so the
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cool down will continue. and then on sunday, of course, her mother's day there's a slight chance of a shower that would be favoring the north bay. here's the forecast models. we put this into motion as you can see here. this is this afternoon once again no big change from the current pattern out there and then into a thursday will bring in a few extra clouds. definitely a drop off of those numbers. same deal by friday with the possibility i have a few sprinkles up in the north bay and definitely cooling things off as we head into the weekend. so take your pick with temperatures. you can either be cool with the coast. temperatures there right around 60 degrees head inland. those readings back up into the mid to upper eighties. so today the warmest day of the week inland. we cool things off for your thursday, maybe some drizzle on a friday and then into a sunday definitely more clouds for mother's day and cooler temperatures and we might have to throw it at least that slight chance of a sprinkle or shower. favoring the north base would be great to get outside on sunday, of course, to celebrate all the moms but might want to do that, at least with an umbrella up in the north bay. okay thanks. mark
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will still to come the company behind the turbo tax filing program will pay $141 million to customers across the united states will tell you what we're learning about a settlement. signed by all 50 state attorney generals, and we'll tell you how much customers are set to receive.
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. a new wave of missile strikes
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across ukraine. the attacks come as european countries way new sanctions targeting russian oil. matt finn has the latest russia is ramping up its assault on eastern ukraine in the donetsk region, officials say attacks on tuesday left 21 people dead. further south ukrainian defenders report russian forces are storming a besieged steel mill and variable dozens of people have been rescued from the area. so far, the city's regional governor says more survivors left on busses today, ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky says by storming the mill. russian troops have violated an agreement for safe evacuation. we need everyone who is still there, both civilians and soldiers. there wasn't any day when we did not deal with this issue here in the region. three electrical substations were hit on tuesday, causing widespread outages and damaging critical infrastructure. at least two people were injured. the city's mayor says these attacks are deliberately targeting civilian areas. russia
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aggressor attack civilian people civilian infrastructure. on the civilian infrastructure. meanwhile western countries are ramping up pressure on moscow today, a top european union official called on the 27 member states to ban oil imports from russia and target the country's biggest bank. some of those countries are landlocked and rely on russia for energy supplies. it will not be easy. because some member states are strongly dependent on russian oil, but we simply have to do it. and in the u. s. president biden is asking congress for $33 billion in additional ukrainian aid in lviv. matt finn ktvu fox two news. the president touted his administration's effort to bring down the deficit. in remarks at the white house today, the president emphasized how strong job gains have increased incomes and tax revenues, which in turn has improved the government's balance sheet. he said he has a plan to trim $1.5 trillion off the deficit by the end of the
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year. that would be the one year biggest drop in u. s history. as a result of these and other economic recovery plans. we recovered faster than projected. record 6.7 million jobs created last year. the most in the first year of any president in american history. in the fastest economic growth in any year in nearly four decades. the reduction in debt happened as interest rates are rising on us treasury notes, which is the federal reserve's effort to help produce the highest rate of inflation in 40 years. today, the fed reserve raised its key rate by a sizable half percentage point. let's take a look at the markets that, move by the fed. we see the dow jones is up well over over two full percentage points. i think 700 plus points to its roster s and p up by almost two and a quarter. nasdaq up by two and one third of a percent. the company behind the turbotax tax filing program will pay $141 million to customers across the country. this comes after those customers were deceived by
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misleading promises of free tax filing services. under the terms of a settlement signed by the attorneys general of all 50 states mountain view based intuit inc will suspend turbotax is free, free free ad campaign and pay restitution to nearly 4.4 million taxpayers. consumers are expected to receive a direct payment of approximately $30 for each year they were deceived into paying for filing services county's first homeless navigation center project is getting a new infusion of cash. congresswoman jackie speier this morning delivered a check for $500,000. two cemetery county supervisor don horsley that is going to be used for the construction of the new $55 million facility in redwood city . the money comes from the house appropriation committees, community project funding. it allows members of congress to target federal funds towards projects in their congressional districts to address the most significant needs facing communities. it's a way of saying what we know to be true, and san mateo county, which is
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that we are compassionate people. that we are committed to making sure that everyone who needs a place to call home will have a place to call home and say mateo counties navigation center will provide individual living pods and support services to help people transition into permanent housing. and demonstrators are camping out at the city college of san francisco to protest planned layoffs and school cuts, several ccs f faculty members have set up tents in front of the chancellor's office. and they're calling it an occupation. this friday, the city college of san francisco board of trustees is set to vote on faculty layoffs over 200 faculty members could lose their jobs as a result. the protesting teachers say staff, layoffs and cuts will hurt students. so 200 faculty members would would lead to cuts to classes that would push tens of thousands of students out of seats in classes. so we've already seen you know that our
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enrollment declined after the administration began aggressive class cuts starting in 2019. i mean, we don't want to see more students pushed out of an education. the teachers say they plan to continue their camp out indefinitely to protest the potential staff cuts still to come at noon, remembering norman mineta, the impact left behind by plus. it's very personal, but i don't what happened to me? very lawmakers opening up sharing their personal experiences with abortion, why they support a woman's right to choose.
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out of san jose, where school campuses currently on lockdown. this is all happening at the empire gardens. elementary school officers say there is a large knife, a man armed with a large knife on that campus. there now our own jessica carries on the ground right now monitoring the situation, and he says witnesses told him that the night was the length of a forearm and says that they say that man was seen near the dumpsters on campus, and that's why police recalled. when we last checked with him, those students were still locked down in their classrooms. waiting for the situation to be resolved.
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san jose police right now are talking to the man and we'll continue to follow this story and we will bring you more information as we get it. reaction continues to come in from across the country after a supreme court draft opinion to overturn roe versus wade wade was leaked. the unprecedented leak is showing how divided the nation is on abortion. nearly 50 years after that landmark 1973 case, many republicans agree with the majority opinion writer of the brief justice samuel alito that the government should not be making laws for states. president biden says of abortion rights are struck down . it may be the beginning of the stripping down of other constitutional rights for americans. what are the next things that are going to be attacked? because this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. in recent american history. some congressional democrats are calling on congress to pass a law to protect abortion rights. nationwide demonstrators quickly
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gathered to send a message against the leaked draft opinion . hundreds of people gathered in the cities of san francisco. and in oakland, ktvu is amberleigh has that story. shortly before eight o'clock tuesday night, abortion rights supporters marched through the intersection of marketing castro in san francisco, followed a rally that started at the federal building hours earlier. world forced to get first. organizers say protests are the way to tell the u. s supreme court justices they do not have the right to deny women abortions and that they're here to defend and expand. roe versus wade. i can say here in california that we're doing everything we can to protect everyone from providers from patients coming in a gut punch. i wanted people to know that they're california attorney general stands with them will fight with them and that i will use the full authority of the law and the full power of our office to protect the constitutional right to an
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abortion. at the same time, there was another rally in march that started downtown and went up market street and into the mission neighborhood. i'm extremely angry at the draft decision that was released and i'm extremely concerned for my and my daughter's future. protesters say their frustration led to their desire to take action. i found out about it. maybe an hour before on. instagram took the end and joined because i can't sit at home when this is happening, fight and demand justice for every woman. across this country , no matter where she lives at the federal building in oakland , leaders with labor unions and community groups were joined by hundreds of people having been a mother this past year. i couldn't imagine anything being forced to go through pregnancy organizers say reproductive freedom is linked to economic freedom. that in attack on women's reproductive rights is a direct attack on all workers work with patients every day who
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are giving birth and it's important that they have that choice and i think at the end of the day abortions are part of healthcare. we all deserve quality healthcare. organizers are urging people to vote during the midterm elections. they say they will take their fight from the streets to the ballot box in san francisco, amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. congressional democrats are expressing outrage overresentatives barbara lee and jackie speier also sharing their own very i'm one of thosen he spoke about just now in 2011 . south bay. congresswoman jackie speier became the first person on the house floor to tell her own story of having an abortion. spear says the message gave other women power to share their experiences. harrowing moment i was trembling when i finished and i went to the back of the chamber, and it was john lewis, who met me there and
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said. with tears in his eyes that it was a powerful speech. draft opinion leaked showing the supreme court is poised to overturn abortion rights, speer said. it felt like a gut punch. as much as we thought precedent mattered to the supreme court were now being let in on a really bad piece of information , which is that they're going to ignore. ignore precedent. it's very personal, but i don't want this to happen to other people. what happened to me? congresswoman barbara lee has previously described her decision to go to mexico for what she c at age 15. it horrible, but i had to do that. that was my decision. b women dd didn't survive because of coat hanger abortions. this supreme court draft ruling becomes final , she warns abortions won't stop . what i worry about now is we're gonna go back to where
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abortions are gonna be illegal and unsafe congresswoman are urging the senate to pass the women's health protection act, which would make abortion access federal law, but democrats don't have the votes right now. congressional republicans have focused much of their response on the leak. this is just so outrageous that this draft opinion was leaked. it's clearly an attempt to influence the outcome as the country waits for the high court's final ruling this summer. house republican leadership, led by minority leader kevin mccarthy, released this statement. house republicans are committed to upholding the sanctity of life, and we will continue to fight to be a voice for the truly voiceless. there is nothing more special, extraordinary and worth fighting for than the miracle of life. one of the few republican senators who supports abortion rights, senator susan collins of maine, said the draft opinion is quote completely inconsistent with what justices neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh said in confirmation meetings with her. greg lee ktvu fox two news investigation is underway into a
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deadly shooting in berkeley last night. investigators say it happened on channing way near san pablo avenue. police tell berkeley side they responded to reports of gunshots at about 10 39 30 last night. police say they initially started investigating it as a suicide, then quickly determined it was a homicide. this death marks berkeley second homicide of the year. a number of people were shot in san jose last night. in separate shootings, two men were shot around 11 o'clock on williamsburg drive san jose campbell boundary. another shooting happened around 11 30 last night on gramercy place in the alum rock neighborhood. police say all three victims had non life threatening injuries. no one's been arrested. police say they don't think these shootings are related. police say a 75 year old san leandro man is in critical condition after someone attacked him with a skateboard. this happened around eight o'clock monday night on east 14th street in san leandro. sheriff's department officials say that a man caused major damage to the victim's face and skull, including a brain hemorrhage. investigators say that person has been arrested for attempted murder. county sheriff's spokesman
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called it a random attack with no known motive. three people face multiple murder charges in connection to a mass shooting in downtown sacramento. last month , the sacramento county d. a s office says smiley martin and his brother, deandre martin both faced three murder charges for the deaths of three bystanders killed in the shooting. investigators also charged and tula peyton with three counts of murder. he has yet to be found. police say the three others who were killed have been confirmed as gang members involved in the gun battle. when individuals. are involved in a gun battle. and they kill innocent bystanders. all participants in that gun battle. are responsible for the death of those innocent bystanders. it doesn't matter whose bullet killed who six people died in the shooting 12. others were injured in the early morning hours of april. 3rd the d a. says this is an ongoing
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investigation and that more charges could be coming. former south bay congressman and u. s transportation secretary norman mineta has died. he has been remembered as someone who broke ethnic barriers. he was the first asian american and many roles, including on the san jose city council and as mayor and all the way to the white house cabinet. but he is also being remembered for his humor and his human touch as much as his groundbreaking political career. i don't recall anybody saying, um, mr mineta was norm norm, you know to him. ah, that was that was the way he liked it. as a child. veneta and his family were among the thousands of japanese americans the u. s government sent to internment camps during world war two. that experience helped spark his drive to help others facing discrimination. they meet up a big difference in, um this nation's understanding that you do not incarcerate people just because they look like the enemy
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enormously from this common leadership style. his deadpan humor. and his sincere love for public service. in congressman eta was responsible for nearly 500 bills and is more than 21 20 years, including the americans with disabilities act, he served as transportation secretary for president george w. bush, and during that time he oversaw the creation of the following the september 11th attacks. the san jose airport was named in his honor. the oakland city council will study whether a former oakland army base could house about 1000 people who are currently homeless. if it's approved, it would almost double the number of shelter beds in the city in 2019 account of homeless people in oakland, showed 4000 people were living on the streets. city officials say that likely that number likely grew during the pandemic. staying in oakland here, city leaders have met with executives again and their latest discussions and plans for a new waterfront ballpark, a new report by the staff of the san francisco bay conservation and development commission found the $12 billion stadium at howard
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terminal would provide an economic boost to oakland and would not have a negative impact on business at the ports of oakland. is president dave cavil says the report is a good step forward. think we're on track with the c d. c. we're kind of off track before when you had the advice committee. uh, you know, saying no. and so i think that puts us in a great position for the june 2nd hearing. where there'll be a lot of public comment, additional dialogue and debate. following the june 2nd hearing. there will be a vote on june 30th by the bay conservation and development commission on whether to remove howard terminal from a seaport plan. an affirmative vote would allow the aids in city to move forward with the stadium project. this morning on mornings onto libby, chef the mayor of oakland, of course, said that she is optimistic the aids will get their stadium. but how are terminal, she said. she's watching the process very closely. they need someone who is watching this deal and making sure that it is going to deliver for oakland ear's for generations to come. and i believe that is the project. we have. in front of the city
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council coming up very, very soon. mayor shaft went on to say she thinks all the necessary votes and approvals will be done by the end of the year. still to come at noon. san francisco's teachers protest outside district headquarters the message about the issues they're facing when it comes to those paychecks. adding weather a nice little warm up today across most of the area, but we do cool things off beginning tomorrow, and especially by the weekend, we'll have the update coming up.
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go e protesting outside district headquarters to highlight some issues with their paychecks. teachers say they have been ongoing payroll problems after san francisco unified switched to a new pay system. problems include teachers not getting paid the correct amount. the teachers union says it wants to work with the district to fix the payroll problems. love more on these payroll problems and this protest coming up for you this afternoon at four. okay it's been sunny here all morning long into the afternoon, but different story in different parts of the bay area mark yeah . you know, it's one of those things when i go to the beach to surf and people are thinking it's going to be a beautiful hot day and they show up in a car and they show up to a big fog bank and all of a sudden they kind of just retreat just as fast as they drove to the beach. so don't be surprised. i guess
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if you're heading to the coast today think it's being warm, hot, beautiful day because the fog is making a comeback. but of course, the fog is beautiful in its own way as well. so we have a big temperature range here in the regions either cool with the coast 60 all the way to the upper eighties to right around 90 degrees inland, so patchy fog for the beaches today will be the hottest day inland. close to 90 degrees. here is a satellite and we had clear skies yesterday, but that fog really making a big comeback overnight, so this looks like a june or july weather pattern with the fog hanging tough out toward ocean beach portions of the marin headlands as well. but of course, just a few miles away from this. we have lots of sunshine and temperatures are warming up. in fact, you can see half moon bay only 54 degrees right now. san francisco 61. and the warmest locations inland right now, in the lower eighties on tractor reach at least the upper eighties by about three or four o'clock. here's a live cameras. he can't see clear skies in this particular perspective. but if you look out to the west of we just showed you the satellite. we do have a cloud cover to talk about this big area of high pressure has
12:46 pm
been building in. so this is the source of the warming. remember it was sunday. monday we were on the cooler end of the temperature spectrum, but we have been warming things up. today though, we have the classic microclimates out there from near 62 near 90 degrees for today, and then we will cool things off across the entire bay areas. the energy moves in from the north. for thursday and friday so more clouds a sharp drop off from those numbers, and by friday, there is a chance we could have a few sprinkles, or at least a few at least maybe some drizzle out there, especially for the north bay coastline. here is the forecast model today not showing you too much change. in the current pattern out there and then into your thursday more clouds because he some shower activity to the north of the bay area, and maybe a few sprinkles friday kind of favoring the north bay neighborhoods. into the weekend . it looks like this cooler pattern kind of gets reinforced. more cloud cover some gusty winds, and there is a slight chance of a shower on sunday that would be once again favoring the north bay. so kind of a it's not going to be a warm up this weekend. in fact,
12:47 pm
temperatures dropping off each and every day between now and then take a look at the numbers for this afternoon, san francisco 67 santa rosa 84 degrees warm around the bank getting getting little warm inland in the mid to upper eighties. once again, these temperatures checking in between about three and four o'clock this afternoon, a sharp drop off in those numbers for tomorrow. the cooling will continue when your friday into the weekend looks like a sun cloud mix, possibly some more clouds in your sunday with that slight chance of a shower for mother's day. so if you like the warm temperatures make the most of today because temperature is definitely cooling off, especially by friday and saturday. alright thanks mark. more than six years after home slid down a san francisco hillside. there's a settlement in the lawsuit over that disaster. san francisco supervisors have approved a nearly $7 million settlement offer from the pg and the related slide of the 2016 slide in this sherwood forest neighborhood, the city claimed pgd performed shoddy work when installing a new gas line on casitas avenue and that led to a
12:48 pm
city water main breaking the city paid more than $6.5 million to the property owners, as well as a million dollars. in other costs. francisco repairs to stern growth concert metal were almost complete, should be ready in time for the 85th annual music festival. he always popular stern growth festival is the bay area's longest running outdoor concert series. it etcetera turned june 12th to the park. the final concert last season was canceled after a water main break sent hundreds of thousands of gallons of water into the park. the show that was to be featured at the end of last year. oakland superstar tower of power is set to play this summer on june 12th every sunday concerts run through august, 14th. still to come at noon for puppies from the bay area are headed to florida the unique training they're going to receive before coming back home to help
12:49 pm
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meae school campuses right now on lockdown. we're talking about what's happening at the empire gardens elementary school. let's show you those live pictures right now, because jesse gerry standing by our live camera and the man at the center of it all is right there, as you can see, as the camera zooms in. we're talking about a man with a knife on a school campus in elementary campus. jesse, what can you tell us about what we're looking at? we've moved around to the other side of the scene audience were over by fred watson park on north 22nd street near empire, the other side of the school. you see the man they're sitting on a wall. neighbors have told me that he is ranting and babbling incoherently in spanish . different things. i hate dogs under president think of that nature, obviously mental help crisis, but another neighbor says that he has a knife as long as my arm elbow to fingertips. it's like a machete type of, so
12:53 pm
he was seen waving that around on the dumpsters of the empire gardens elementary school school of about 2 to 300 tasting fifth graders. students are in lockdown inside the school, so they are safe. police are here. they have a gentleman surrounded one officer warning there talking to him. trying to get him to put down the knife and surrender, but he is continuing to babble incoherently in spanish. and so it seems at this point that the police are just going to try to wait for him to choose to give himself up as opposed to try to force the matter and they have to use higher degrees of force. deposit the knife again. this is the other side of empire gardens elementary school over now on north 22nd street on this area, also being blocked by san jose. police officers unrelated to any of this. there is a fire here in san jose, just off to my east, just letting, you know. show you real quick and i just mentioned this happened. black smoke.
12:54 pm
there is fire campus over there for sure. check on that as well. but anyway, we'll try to figure out what's happening with the fire as soon as we can. but right now you saw the homeless gentleman who is behind me on a ledge still with the knife. we will stay on the story and have more if you coming up at four o'clock, we'll live in san jose. just see gary ktvu fox back to you before we let you go. can you tell us are you seeing parents showing up there as well? i mean, this has got to be a very scary situation for them as they wait for this prove resolved and worry about the safety of their their children. i have not seen parents show up their neighbors that are here. i saw one employee that was here. ah, who came to the school said she comes once a week and had no idea this was going on. but not parents yet. like i said, the children are are on lockdown.
12:55 pm
inside the school, the school classrooms. the man with the knife is outside the school. as you can see on that legend, there's plenty of police officers here. to make sure he doesn't move towards the classroom. but right now they're just trying to talk him into surrendering. and can you tell us are the dumpsters on the other side of that wall? i mean, it looks like he's at an elevated position. it looked like when we are looking at live pictures earlier that we could see that knife you were talking about in his hands and i'm looking at his hands now and i can't really see anything obviously were too far away and can't make any judgment on that. but but do you know if the dumpsters that you said the neighbors saw him near are in that area or has he moved to a different location? vatican because i'm not familiar with the camp to the campus. to that degree, i know that it kind of kind of makes an l shape on 22nd as you move over towards 21st, but exactly where the dumpsters are on the campus. i'm not exactly sure. jessica and ask real quick. i know that you're there. and you say that the man is just essentially rambling,
12:56 pm
speaking somewhat in incoherently, have you been able to hear what police are saying to the man and also is this person known to police? or is this the first time they had contact with him in this school setting. i'll answer the second part of the question. first there is a homeless encampment by a creek that is just behind the school. do me a favor and pants left. ah 30 degrees. and you can see there are two san jose police cars just down that embankment behind those freezes campus and so neighbors say there are a lot of home was in the area. this is the first time they had something like this happened, but they are close to this area. and it is a concern for neighbors, so no, they don't know the individual but from experience being down here in the south bank and a lot of times on how residents have mental health crisis. whether there by the creek bed or underneath the freeway overpass, etcetera. as far as what police
12:57 pm
are saying i could. i could hear the bullhorn, but i couldn't make out exactly. you know definitively what was said, but i just know that they are using a bullhorn to try and communicate with with the man, but i don't know precisely what they're saying. i'm too far away and jesse. i know that we have covered these situations before . just in general. what could be prolonged situations? are you getting anything from what you're seeing in terms of police activity out there? it looks, you know, from what? our vantage point that everyone is kind of taking their time and letting this playoff out and terms of negotiations and maybe trying to talk to this man who may be having some kind of mental health crisis. is that the what? you're getting from out there that they are going to take as much time as i need to get him off that campus. exactly because they there's no rush. he's not directly threatening children. they are safe and inside locked classrooms. um and there are you know multiple officers, i would say at least a dozen san jose
12:58 pm
police vehicles and then more probably more officers than that because some vehicles carried two officers. so there are plenty of officers here. now he's standing up on the ledge. um i don't know if he's going to jump down, but he's standing up on the ledge. but there are plenty of officers. so unless he try to do something violent, like hurt himself with the knife and again. the knife is a long knife. elbow to fingertips. can you see him if he's holding it right now, because it appears that he's not holding it to us. it says my photographer david toronto, is saying he's not holding the knife, but he has a better okay now i can see. no, i don't see the knife. is that the only weapon that police have confirmed he has jesse? is there any possibility he's armed with something else as well? or are they confident? it's just that one long knife? work working on the working on the premise that he is an in house residents from
12:59 pm
the homeless encampment that's near the school, which is logical. um most homeless or on house residents i've come across do not have firearms. they will have a knife or a bat or something like that for self defense, but not a gun. so we don't have any indication that he has a firearm, just the knife and again, he's not directly happens to be on the campus, and he may not even know he's on the school campus. um so they are going to take as much time as they can. they don't have to move immediately. they can just let him, you know, do whatever he's doing, and try to talk to him and try to get him to put down the knife so they can go and take him into custody and get him the treatment he needs. all right, jesse. thank you very much. we'll have to leave it there for now. but of course, we'll continue to follow it. you'll be there and will also be watching this online and on our
1:00 pm
social media platforms so you can stay up to date with what's happening there. very harrowing situation there in san jose. empire gardens. more news as it happens that katie .com and the ktvu news app hoping for a peaceful resolution for all involved. thank yo >> share your favorite chain restaurant meals. >> we are showing you how you can easily make copycat versions at home from. >> a delicious mongolian beef. >> oh, just give us a little look at that. we bring this to the table. i might give you a tip daphne. >> to another crowd pleaser. >> creamy cajun pasta with chicken and shrimp. >> and we're dishing up a divine ricotta gnocchi with fashion legend isaac mizrahi. darling, that looks amazing. that's next. >> let's dish. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world. life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. >> everybody knows me as a culinary expert. also, on my mom trying to get


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