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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 5, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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sufr being attacked at school cause by parents for the school to step in and stop the violence, plus as protests continue over the possible overturning of roe v. wade. new security measures are being taken and lauren blanchard outside the supreme court. i'll have the latest on the investigation into the leak and kobe cases on the rise again the warning as we head into the cinco de mayo and mother's day holidays. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian everyone up, frank melich. oh and we begin this new with some breaking news out of san jose. police are on the scene of a deadly industrial accident happened on 1200 block of linen way, which is near newport avenue. san jose. police say a work truck. struck a worker. the victim was taken to the hospital where they died. we will continue to follow this story and bring you some video hopefully coming up in just a
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few minutes. 13 year old boys in the hospital now with life threatening injuries after an attack in san francisco, we've learned that 13 year old student was seriously injured during an assault on monday at everette middle school in the city's mission district. as ktvu s amberleigh reports. there are parents who say they want the school to step in and stop the violence. ktvu has learned that a 13 year old student was attacked inside everette middle school in san francisco's mission district monday afternoon around 2 45. the school district has confirmed that it was an altercation between two students. police say they met with the parents of one boy who is currently being treated at a hospital with life threatening injuries. i was really sad because i have been advocating for help and support to prevent this from happening. colorado is co chair of the pita and her 13 year old son attends the school. she says violence at everette is an ongoing problem. it has been happening since the
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beginning of the school year, the school district said in a written statement quote when a serious incident occurs, we attend to the immediate safety of students involved. communicate directly with their families and determine the appropriate supports interventions and consequences. we went to the district. we had meetings with them, and nothing happened and nothing changed. this 12 year old student is suffering from a swollen eye after being beaten by another student wednesday, and he is not alone on the kid was trying to defend himself when they were talking him. this mom with the help of a translator tells me her son has been beaten by other students twice, she says the school has not addressed. the problem is that we are going to have a meeting with another parents, then you know with these kids. and until now we haven't had that meeting students and parents tell me at least nine teachers have left
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since the beginning of the school year. colorado tells me to music teachers who quit. told her they were overwhelmed by students misbehaving and one teacher said he was attacked. now we have a kid in the hospital, and we are afraid to send their kids to school for the student who is hospitalized with serious injuries. please tell me so far. no one has been arrested. the principal declined to speak with me. colorado says she wants a town hall meeting with school in district officials to address safety concerns in san francisco, amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. a massive fire at a mountain view apartment complex left one person dead, four others injured in about 50 people displaced that fire was first reported around one o'clock yesterday afternoon at a 1 42 unit apartment complex on the square to avenue. several people had to be rescued. the fire caused extensive damage in destroyed about 18 apartments. a dog was also killed in the fire. the cause is still under investigation. covid cases are
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on the rise into a busy weekend where we could see a lot of gatherings today for cinco de mayo and sunday for mother's day ktvu is amanda canton is in san jose with what health officials there are saying to people who want to celebrate. 1/6 wave of covid infections is hitting the bay area, but these waves are going to become the norm. never going to get rid of covid. unfortunately it's just not ineradicable infectious diseases , but we have to keep our streets of severe disease low and that's what we're watching, and we're very grateful they're staying low. luckily that's what we're seeing. dr monica gandhi at ucsf says the macron sub variant to blame for this surge is more contagious. probably the most transmissible omicron variant we've seen to date. but it's not more severe and nearly 90% of bay area residents are vaccinated so well. case numbers are going up. hospitalizations are still low. these vaccines and boosters work really, really well. and so it's really the
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risk of people to get sick with covid and i mean sick, hospitalized with covid after your three shot series is being over 75 with four comorbidities , according to a large city c study here in santa clara county data shows that they didn't get much. of a break after that last big macron surge. before they started to see cases rise again and you can see there where we hit the low spot in mid march, but we didn't stay there for long before we started, um drifting up in a presentation to the board of supervisors this week, health officer dr sara cody said santa clara county is seen similar case numbers to what they saw back in february. the take home message here is that we do need to continue to pay attention. the pandemic isn't over, and fortunately, we are continuing to see new variants. um emerge and spread. so if you're going to see your
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mom or grandma this weekend, the recommendation is that the elderly and those who are immunocompromised mask up indoors and people over 70 should get their second booster shot. in san jose amanda quintana ktvu, fox, two news tamayo and people across the bay area and beyond, are expected to be out celebrating today in public in groups for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic in san jose restaurants in san pedro square, expecting a very busy night. they've added extra heat lamps to the outdoor seating to make sure no one's cold. we also saw some people out selling mexican flags for a celebration that could stretch well into the weekend. big day over here friday and saturday. yeah on sunday were mexicans in that's a cool show. the mexicane demio celebration without any stay at home restrictions or mask requirements since the beginning of the pandemic, let's swing over to stocks here
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because it was a dire situation earlier on for the dow, throughout mornings on two, and here we are again. a rough day for the dow. it's now down by 1250 plus points. it's dipped below that 1000 mark a couple of times and that is where we find it. now, jones is down by well over 3.5% tech stocks are suffering some of the deepest losses. the nasdaq is down by more than 5.5% points. the selloff follows some big gains yesterday afternoon after the fed announced it was going to raise interest rates. but still we haven't seen numbers like this in a long time. also watching the s and p index is down by four full percentage points will keep our eyes on stocks before the end of the session. coming up at one our time. tough day. okay well, the mystery over who leaked a draft opinion from the supreme court is baffling the nation's capital. also has raised concerns over security for the court ahead of a final ruling lauren blanchard reports from outside the supreme court. the supreme court, now behind a wall of fencing has emotions remain
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high over the leaked draft opinion, suggesting the justices may overrule roe v. wade in the middle of the night, workers put up non scalable fencing and pro choice activists plan to protest outside the d. c area homes of the six conservative justices publishing their addresses online. senator john cornyn filed a bill wednesday to give justices and their families around the clock security protection. my sense is that this leak was a strategically planned one primarily to try to intimidate these justices of the draft was a historic first. so it's unclear exactly how far the investigation will go into who did it. my concern really isn't hunting down. my concern is making sure that this does not go through great upset in authority, and i believe that there does need to be district repercussions on the leaker. chief justice john roberts tasked the marshal of the court to find the leaker, but some in
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congress are calling for other agencies like the justice department to get involved. the problem is the draft wasn't classified information, and there is unlikely to be any criminal charges. obviously, it's up to the department of justice to determine what if any action they will take. our focus is on highlighting um what? what what? the content in there, uh, would risk but would at risk for women across the country? the final ruling by the supreme court isn't expected until june or july. it is unclear if the fencing will stay in place until then. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox two news. total come at noon. new video here from that on stage attack against dave chappelle. what we know about the attacker and security changes at the hollywood bowl. plus his drought conditions continue to worsen the bay area water district that's now making temporary restrictions permanent. and a burial. whether they're cool down has arrived. we have more low clouds and fog, and the cool down will continue as we head into the weekend and maybe some
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shower chances. here's a look at the fog and we'll talk more about this with your ful
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pels afternoon to celebrate the opening of a new,, supervisor hn and other dignitaries are in the mission district at the grand opening of casa adelante. it's on 16th street between folsom
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and south bend nest. the eight story building has 143 affordable homes for people and families with low incomes in san francisco. it also includes ground floor space for mission based nonprofits. this place is about respect. respect for the tenant. it is 100. affordable housing is just a remarkable thing is about dignity. and how lovely it is. where the tenant thank you, everyone who was part of this effort. you're all amazing, and let's do it again and again and again and again until every child and every family had this safe, affordable , spacious home to live in the building also has on site support services for tenants, as well as community rooms and a rooftop urban farm. for fresh produce. some of the drought rules of the marin municipal water district that were
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expected to be temporary or permanent. the water board unanimously approved limiting the use of sprinklers to just two days a week. irrigation will be allowed three days a week. all pool owners have to cover their pools. all those rules were put in place. last year, the board did lift a ban on washing cars at home and will now allow water allow water connections for new landscaping. severe storms hitting several areas in the southern plains, leaving homes and business owners with quite the mess to clean up box. weather correspondent robert ray has a look at some of the damage and little rock, arkansas. extensive damage left behind after a tornado hit oklahoma heavy rain flooding parts of neighboring arkansas on wednesday. drone footage shows roofs ripped off of homes and businesses flattened in the town of seminar oklahoma after an ef one tornado swept through leaving a trail of destruction in a city that was still cleaning up after a tornado. just days before we started seeing debris. we gotta
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sell her at the top, and we had people up in the cellar. it just come in just pouring rain, and then you can just start seeing step. start falling. and we just pulled the door closed. one school in the district was hit directly. the academy of seminole taking to facebook to announce it will be closed in order to assess the damage. the american red cross has set up a shelter at the local state college to help residents affected by the storms. just over the border. residents in arkansas had to deal with the flooding in their area. in one instance, emergency services had to get creative by using small inflatables to help rescue a driver after their car was trapped in water. these roads are going to go back underwater . if we get two or three inches that they're talking um we'll be back where we were. the national weather service says additional rainfall is on tap for thursday afternoon and the downpour will worsen conditions so officials are asking people to remain alert. and stay off the roads. there is a flash flood warning
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for eastern oklahoma and northwestern arkansas on thursday in little rock, arkansas. robert ray ktvu fox two news here in the bay area thursday afternoon. did about 1 80 from where we were yesterday mark, expecting the clouds to come back in full force, and that's what we have for today, accompanied by a big drop in temperatures and get used to this cooler weather pattern because it will stick around for quite some time into the weekend. and into next week, so definitely and no heat in our forecast at all. you heard about that story of the severe weather showing up for parts of the country. here is the radar imagery over the past 24 hours, moving through oklahoma and out to the east and but right now, you can still see some activity still showing up. it's not completely in the clear, especially for just outside of texas and also moving into oklahoma approaching tennessee as well this afternoon. for us. we have this the clock the clouds, low clouds and then the higher clouds and you can see some rainfall up to the north of the bay area. it's not out of the question that we could have
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a sprinkle or two in your friday forecast, but the main activity will remain to the north of the bay area over the next 24 hours. but right now we have partly cloudy skies. mostly cloudy skies and the winds are picking up in a few spots, in fact, right now, fairfield southwesterly 21 miles an hour, so a bit of a breeze out there on these numbers will likely go up over the next few hours. take a look at some more sites with sfo westerly 17 miles an hour. and san jose reporting to north wind at about 12 current numbers out there. it is chilly in san francisco only in the fifties. right now, some sixties up in the north bay and the warm spot in the seventies for san jose livermore and in concord, really not expecting much in the way the eighties for today, of course, yesterday, the warmest day of the week. inland here's a live camera looking out toward the industrial or you can't left. you are excused from cloud cover out here and also a chop a little bit of a texture on the surface of the water, a good indication that we do have some breeze out there. zero of high pressure. this warmed us up
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earlier in the week. it's beginning to move out of town. so for today, more clouds, the cooling begins and you can see which developing up to our north. this wants to kind of settle in at least this pattern wants to settle in. for your friday forecast with a slight chance of a few sprinkles. mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow, which interesting this is going to actually stick around over the next few days and into the weekend, so the cool down will continue. and then by sunday for mother's day, there is a slight chance of a shower that would be favored the north bay right now, the timing might be pushed back until sunday evening. in the sunday night. so here's the forecast model. this is this afternoon thursday and then into your friday still mostly cloudy skies that chance of, uh sprinkle or two and then in a saturday partly cloudy skies, you can see what's happening to our north. this is early sunday morning, some rain up here and this is what we'll have to keep an eye on for sunday. for mother's day. definitely cool down the expected and some breezy conditions all weekend long forecast highs this afternoon no . one eighties, getting close to 80 out toward fairfield and
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antioch. oakland mid sixties san francisco will go just 61 the coastline, mainly in the upper fifties. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast and some cloud cover for your friday partly cloudy skies by saturday and then on sunday. we do bring in that chance of a shower could be favoring maybe the latter portion of the day by sunday evening and maybe some shower chances into monday. what's interesting with this forecast? we're talking about the possibility of a shower the sierra they could be talking about some snowfall. maybe sunday and into monday. so what looks like a winter may want to stick around for the next few days. snow this late in the year. alright, mark. thank you. still to come at noon. more ukrainians evacuating from maria paula's. russia launches new attacks next the latest on the war between russia and ukraine.
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pictures of what's happening in san jose police at the scene of a deadly industrial accident. sky fox is up above the 1200 block of lenin way very close to newport's avenue, not far at all from the willow glen middle school campus. we understand that san jose police say the accident happened at a homework site. clearly, this is a residential area. w with san jose police. they tellt home there that was under construction. as that truck was backing up, it appears it struck a worker who was standing behind the truck. the worker was taken at the hospital. that person has since died. we know cal osha is
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coming out to investigate because it did happen at a work site. construction work happening here at home, so clearly, it's a it's a delicate situation. there is a long investigation to be launched. we want to let you know what's happening here in the area of lenin way right near willow and middle school. the investigation just in its most beginning stages after a worker there has been hit and killed by a work truck will stay on top of this breaking news and bring you more during this newscast as we get it. and we're also receiving word out of israel that at least three people are dead. four others were wounded in a stabbing attack in a town near tel aviv. police say they suspect it was a militant attack they believe and that the attacker left the area in a vehicle. roadblocks have been set up, and so far no one has been arrested. today is independence day in israel, but there's no word on if the attack is related to that holiday russia, meanwhile, is launching more strikes across ukraine today as forces are ramping up fighting in memory of paul as
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ukrainian officials try to evacuate more civilians there. fox reporter greg palkot has the latest, including the support coming from the u. s. training forces in mariupol remained in a standoff with russian troops, according to the red cross. more than 300 people were evacuated from the city and the surrounding area yesterday. hundreds more still sheltering inside the cold, dark tunnels of a steel plant. ukrainian fighters say there is heavy fighting going on in the area. russia now claims it will temporarily paused military action near the plant to allow for more evacuations. police the most painful topic to discuss we keep fingers crossed that we can evacuate more civilians from maria both over the past 24 hours, russia launching a fresh wave of strikes in the donbass region. killing at least five people and injuring more than two dozen. russian forces also keeping up their bombardment of railway stations across ukraine in an effort to disrupt
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shipments of western made weapons, pentagon says despite the attacks, western arms are getting into ukrainian hands, the flow into the region continues. um, at an incredible pace. and the flow of materials from the region in the ukraine also continues every single day , meanwhile, citing senior u s officials in your times reports intelligence shared by the us helping ukrainian forces target and kill as many as 12, russian generals on the record. the pentagon says it won't speak to the details of the report. it says it's simply provides intelligence for ukraine to defend itself. us officials say they plan to ramp up training sessions with ukrainian troops. as russia continues to attack in kiev, greg palkot ktvu fox two news new at doing the restoration is underway for the historic hangar one at moffett field. the landmark hangar will be restored to the point where it can be used once again and could include space aviation and tech research. the restoration
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work follows years of toxic material clean up at the site. google has a 60 year lease at moffett field and plans to repurpose all three airship hangars there as laboratories for developing robots, rovers, drones and other technology. the u. s navy built hangar one back in 1933. helping mafia to become the largest space for dirigibles here on the west coast. still to come. at noon, dozens of students sick following a covid outbreak at a kind of outbreak is becoming more and more common plus it was very tough loss for me because he was one of my best friends something to remember his brother by now a families devastated after the ashes of their beloved son were stolen their plea to have them returned. no questions a
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san jose sky fox up above a neighborhood where there has been a deadly industrial accident at a residential work site. this is the scene above lenin way it's right near newport's avenue, a couple blocks from willow glen middle school. police say that the truck was bringing some equipment to a work site at a home and that as that truck was backing up, it hit a worker who was standing behind the vehicle . that worker died at the
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hospital. we know that cal osha is heading to the scene to investigate. there's been a little bit of movement, perhaps moving of the actual truck that hit the worker has sort of been pulled out of the driveway now. clearly investigation is in its most beginning stages. we see the areas taped off with red tape. it's a home that was having some work done in the don't know if it was perhaps a mechanical situation. if there was some sort of miscommunication, human error, it is all up for investigation. keep this in mind if your travels take you in this part of san jose in the area of lenin way newport avenue. we'll keep following this story. we're working to get you more information, and we'll bring it to you here in this newscast and online immediately. some more fencing is going up around the u . s. supreme court building in washington, d. c. ahead of more protests expected this weekend. this includes a security fence that can't be climbed similar to one that was put up around the capitol building after the january 6th riot. just days after his opinion was leaked. justice samuel alito has decided not to attend the fifth circuit
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court of appeals conference today. justices john roberts and clarence thomas are expected to speak at a similar conference. we don't yet know if they will there is growing concern that the supreme court overturns roe v. wade it will set the stage for other legal battles involving privacy rights. ktvu is jana katsuyama tells us why legal experts say same sex, marriage or contraception could be affected. draft opinion suggesting the supreme court might overturn roe versus wade has anti abortion activists already looking beyond state abortion bans to federal bands. i would like to see all abortion abolished across the entire unitederica. no exceptions. long term many of te rights that we have obtained in the last 50 years. like the access to consensual same sex, gay marriage access to contraception. justice samuel alito draft majority opinion represents a fundamental shift in the court's interpretation of constitutional
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protections, according to erwin chemerinsky, dean of the uc berkeley school of law, justice, alito's draft opinion says that are right should be protected by the constitution. only that stated in the text was clearly part of the original meaning of the constitution, or there's a long tradition of protecting it. well there's so many rights that the courts protected that don't meet those criteria. chemerinsky says. those other rights go far beyond the issue of abortion, the right to marry the right to procreate. the right to custody of one's children the right to keep the family together. the right appearance, control the upbringing, their children the right to purchase and use contraceptives, legal experts say past supreme courts have seen those rights and others as protected under the 14th amendment with a right to privacy, including the rights for same sex, marriage and rights to use contraception. chemerinsky says alito's opinion would leave abortion up to state and federal lawmakers and the political process. congress could adopt the law protecting
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the national right to abortion. or prohibiting abortion for the whole country. and should congress do either of them, then no longer be left to state governments. jana katsuyama ktvu , fox, two news, san francisco supervisor hillary ronen is proposing the city give financial help to women who want to come to san francisco to get an abortion supervisor ron it says a safe abortion access program. will pay for the travel accommodations and safe access to abortion services for women who live in anti abortion states. board members are looking into how that program could work and how much it might cost. i am positive that we would have the support of the board in the mayor's office. you know, san francisco is staunchly pro choice city. we believe that abortion is healthcare, and we know that this is something that but majority of the city will be behind. if ronan's proposal is approved by the board, san
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francisco would pay the travel costs for 1000 women that come to san francisco for abortions. levi strauss and company based in san francisco, will reimburse its employees for the cost. nevada state travel to get an abortion. the company in a statement title protecting reproductive rights, business imperative, says access to reproductive health care, including abortion has been a critical factor to the workplace. gains and contributions women's have made over the past 50 years. levi strauss also says women make up 58% of their company's global workforce. for the first time in months, daily hospital admission levels and new covid cases and deaths are projected to increase . jonathan siri has the latest from atlanta, including the push for more people to get boosted. covid is still with us in the cdc is predicting the next few weeks could be tough. nationwide covid hospitalizations are up 20% in the past seven days, with emergency room visits, jumping about 18% the hardest hit state
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in new york, where covid related admissions have tripled in the last month, but we're still nowhere close to the levels seen during the last search, and most doctors say the new ah mccrone sub variants driving the spike in cases are more contagious, but not as dangerous as the original but disappeared. that be a four and five are somehow evading prior immunity, but not causing severe illness and nearly the rate and we should expect that the cdc is projecting at least 42 states will see a jump in hospitalizations and deaths in the next four weeks. we're currently averaging about 66,000 new cases every day in the us has health officials work on getting the most vulnerable americans protected more than 250 million americans have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine. and two thirds of adults over age 65 have gotten a booster shot. meanwhile a new study by the world health organization shows almost 15 million covid related deaths worldwide since the start of the pandemic. the white house says
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that underscores the need for congress to approve more money to fight the outbreak shines a light on why we need more funding, not just domestically but internationally, so that we can continue to be the arsenal vaccines for the world. there's still no votes scheduled in congress on a $10 billion covid compromise funding bill in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news the mercury news reports at least 65 students and nine staff members at los gatos high school have tested positive for covid in the past two weeks, school officials sent out more than 2000 exposure notices that's almost the entire student population. last month, there was an outbreak at sema te'o high school school officials say about 100 students there tested positive shortly after the prom. santa clara county public health officer says most of the cases are in breakouts at schools and businesses. investigation underway into a deadly shooting and galileo last night, the police confirmed that happened about 11 30 last night and hazelwood st investigators telling us they found a man
12:37 pm
inside of car who had been shot. he was pronounced dead at the scene. they are not releasing his identity just yet. the alameda county sheriff's department facing a lawsuit by people who took part in george floyd protests in oakland. the demonstrators in the civil rights lawsuit argues the sheriff's deputies use of tear gas, rubber bullets and other items was indiscriminate, illegal and should never have happened. a similar lawsuit filed against the oakland police department in 2020 is now approaching a settlement. the sheriff's office has not commented on this lawsuit. the trial for father and son charged in connection to the 1996 disappearance and killing of cal poly student kristin smart is set to take place in salinas trial is set to begin may 31st after a judge granted a change of venue paul flores is accused of killing smart during an attempted sexual assault. his father, ruben, is charged with helping to dispose of her body, which has never been found. livermore family is heartbroken after a necklace with the ashes of their son was stolen from a gym. i just i just want to back.
12:38 pm
it means a lot. you can take any other necklace. just give me that's my brother's necklace. santa's mind. ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke with the family who says they want the ashes back. no questions asked. i'm sorry, i has meaning to me. it's priceless, really. 18 year old tyler leone's of livermore and his family are broken hearted after a thief stole a necklace with his brother's ashes while he was at the gym, literally try and wear it every single day when i sleep, just take it off because it gets hot. that's the only reason why other than that it's always on me. it happened monday night as tyler was at this 24 hour fitness in livermore. he left his necklace and unlocked locker when he went to the sauna . when he came back, it was gone the theft, adding to his grief. his brother devon, died of cancer in 2013 at the age of 16. tyler was only 10 years old. it was very tough loss for me because he was one of my best friends, relatives. even the family dog have all kept devon's ashes on their necks. we all carry devon around. on our
12:39 pm
bodies to keep him with us to keep him present. angie silva is devin's mother. a little bit numb a little bit. violated would you feel if someone went to the cemetery and dug up your mom and stole her merely owns his tyler's mother, and was devin step, mom. it just opens up a wound and to think that piece of him is not in the right hands. devin had always been a fighter. he was born two months premature and endured many open heart surgeries. he was diagnosed with cancer on his 14th birthday. i want him remembered as the great and inspiring boy and that he always wanted to be. devon always knew his life. big cut short, devin and tyler share the same father . the two women weren't always close, but they say in sickness, devin brought the two mothers closer. he looked at her and he told her i got cancer to bring you and my mom back together again. and that is why we are the strong family that we are
12:40 pm
just i just want to back. it means a lot. you can take any other necklace. just looking at me. that's my brother's necklace. the family is asking anyone with devon's ashes to return them. no questions asked to the gym or deliver more police. in livermore, henry lee ktvu fox studios come at noon, it's national travel and tourism week, several cities have seen a big drop in revenue due to the pandemic, the efforts by leaders to show the importance of reigniting tourism here in the bay area. and a very of weather definitely cooling things off board today, more low clouds and fog and it's cool down. we'll stick around into the weekend and possibly in the next week, we'll have your
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fole police are at the scene of a deadly industrial accident that happened at a home where there is some work being done by fox still over the area of lenin way near newport avenue, a couple blocks away from willow glen middle school, you can see a number of emergency vehicles on the scene, and investigation is just beginning into exactly what happened. police have told our crews there that a truck was bringing equipment to a work site at a home as that truck was backing up, it hit a worker who was behind the truck. that worker died at the hospital. kelo shows on the scene beginning to investigate. keep this in mind if this is your part of town there in san jose, clearly, very, very sad, upsetting what happened at this home a number of questions as to what caused the accident. we don't know if it was some sort of a malfunction by the truck,
12:44 pm
some sort of human error or anything in between again. the headline here is that one worker has died in an incident that happened at a home that was having some work done. we're following the story for you up on top of sky fox. we have crews at the scene as well will bring you more information as we get it. but many comedians say they are now on edge following an onstage attack on dave chappelle at the hollywood bowl this week. some new video of the incident shows a man police have identified as 23 old isaiah lee rushing the stage and tackling chappelle. police say he was holding a fake gun with a real knife attached to it. he did not use the weapon in the attack this morning. there are growing questions about how we got into the venue with the weapon and then got up on stage. we actually went and sonic forgot. see last night, and the first row of the show was like 40 ft back, and i was confused by it. but now it makes sense. then it does. lee was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon. recent social media
12:45 pm
posts from lee showed him rapping about going after chappelle. please have yet to give an official motive. travel and tourism week. officials say they are celebrating americans getting back on the road traveling again. today the american hotel and lodging association is joining with local hospitality and business leaders in san francisco and san jose for two events. they're discussing the importance of reigniting travel in the state of hospitality and tourism in the bay area. this all comes as hotels in san francisco are on pace for a nearly 70% drop in business, the sharpest decline of any major u. s city. if we've learned anything over the last couple of years is that when americans don't travel, it has a significant impact on both them and the jobs that are in our industry. a new report from the american hotel and lodging association, find hotel and travel revenue this year is projected to be down 23% or $20 billion before pre pandemic levels happening right now in san francisco, something called the city skyline challenge is
12:46 pm
underway. people are repelling down the side. of the hilton hotel in san francisco, all to raise money for a very good cause. ktvu ali rasmus shows us all the action. we are on the 20th floor of the hilton in san francisco. and from here we have a view. 300 ft up. people are repelling down the side of this tower at the hilton from the 46th floor. they're raising money for a nonprofit called outward bound california. how was it? still trying to get my breath? i'm still trying to get get my constitution backed. it was amazing, breathtaking experience and view. beautiful gorgeous. we live in an extraordinary place. it's a beautiful area of wonderful city and oh, my goodness. it's just you can see from miles and miles from up there. abraham simmons was one of the first people to repel 300 ft down the side of the hilton in san francisco for the city skyline challenge about 70 people in the companies they work for. raised money to take the plunge from the nonprofits, staff members to the sisters of
12:47 pm
perpetual indulgence to bay area personalities like sour dough. sam the mascot for the 49ers repelled down these 26 floors in costume. they're doing this to help kids in california enjoy the great outdoors. we changed lives through challenge and discovery. we take young people out and we use the outdoors and to build character, leadership and service. pardew is the executive director of outward bound to before the pandemic. 20,000 school kids in california took part in the programs from backpacking, rock climbing and hiking trips. to weeklong camping trips, experiences that many kids haven't had in the last two years of the pandemic. this is an important time to get youth outdoors to build that sense of connection to one another two thirds of the kids in the outward bouncy a programs are there on scholarship, and that's what fundraising events like this helped to pay for in san francisco, ali rasmus ktvu. box two news back outside the bay area, noontime. i know a lot of us are sort of chile when we step out now, but as we look ahead to the next couple of
12:48 pm
days, we're kind of going even deeper into that trough. that's that's right, guys. you're getting technical there with the with only thanks to you go. yeah notes. serra mark. nice nice nose. nice notes. nice coverage there of the weather. yeah, we do. have that trough a setting up that will really cool us off as we head into the weekend, especially and even into the next week, so if you want heat it's not a part of our forecast at all. in fact, we've carved out this day so trough here this little animation that's going to settle into northern california, especially this weekend, so more clouds cooling things off. there is a slight chance of a sunday shower in the best chance would be to the north of the bay area , but maybe by sunday late afternoon sunday evening will be going to bump up those chances. some gusty winds. and as you can see here, some chance of sierra snowfall that is going to be on sunday as as that could move into the area. that would be later sunday afternoon and sunday night as that snowfall could develop. here is the satellite for today, though, where we do have a big batch of high clouds in addition to the low clouds and fog hanging out
12:49 pm
near the coastline, pushing locally back into the bay as you can check out the current radar coverage, some rainfall, some showers up to the north of the bay area, but right now we are dry. there is a chance for tonight into tomorrow morning, we could have a few sprinkles that would be favoring. the north bay current winds. now the winds will be a reoccurring issue each and every day we do not have any wind advisories, but it will still be windy out there. fairfield southwesterly 21 miles an hour. some more reports for usf westley 17 half moon bay about seven and these numbers will likely accelerator increase over the next few hours, especially by about 34. or five o'clock current numbers out there right now, remember, it's a cool down no more eighties for today because see the cool spot out toward the coast towards san francisco. lots of sixties and the warmest locations right now, in the lower seventies, here's a live camera looking out towards the golden gate bridge, where we have lots of low clouds that some higher clouds working their way back into the region. so yesterday we had the fog that
12:50 pm
shallow deck of kind of sneaking sneaking underneath the span of the bridge. but that marine layer has deepened quite a bit and then we also have the high clouds moving in as well. so here's this big area of high pressure. that's a really warm this up over the past couple days. not for today, though we have that onshore breeze. the cooling trend begins for your thursday and then as we take this into your friday, this system this will kind of be the this set up. not only for tomorrow but into the weekend, so we'll be tracking some more clouds. maybe if you sprinkles for tomorrow, primarily for the morning hours, with partly to mostly cloudy skies. here's the forecast model. here we are today, so we're going to have some clouds roll into the area and then for your friday not a lot of action to show you. some showers up to our north. saturday will be partly cloudy and breezy and then on sunday. this is early sunday morning, some action up here to our north and be watching out for this later in the day on sundays, beginning bring in at least a slight chance of a shower. that would be favoring the north bay temperatures for tomorrow will
12:51 pm
be actually this afternoon in a few hours will be in the sixties and the seventies. temperatures for tomorrow will be cooler than today. so most areas we're not talking about nineties. we're not talking about eighties a little bit of a drop off in those temperatures for your friday saturday partly cloudy skies or is it chance of a shower? it's a slight chance that that could be on sunday, probably better chance. up in the north bay and maybe unsettled into next week and that cooled out it wants to stick around for quite sometimes , if you want barrier heat, it's not a part of our forecast over the next five days. probably not not part of our forecast into next week. mark thank you. come at noon, embracing the future. how california is taking steps to create regulations for crypto currency.
12:52 pm
when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search.
12:53 pm
big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports for your betting planruction. they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
12:54 pm
treg rally markets. just assessing the looming fallout from the fed's decision to step up its
12:55 pm
fight against inflation. increasing interest rates yesterday by one half of 1% the dow is just about the lowest it's been all session, losing almost 3.5% points down by almost 1200 points. the s and p is down by almost four full percentage points. but the nasdaq here is the star if you can say it that way, it's down by five and a third percent. nasdaq losing almost 700 points again. we haven't seen numbers like this in quite a while. we'll stay on top of what's happening in the markets will have more information for you coming up on the floor. california is the first state to start the process of adapting to cryptocurrency governor newsom's executive order has state agencies working with the federal government to create regulations for digital currencies. cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain database technology. the governor's executive order also calls for officials to look at incorporating broader blockchain computer coding into government operations. famous northern california caviar producer has become the target of anti
12:56 pm
russian harassment kitchen views . immigrants spoke to one of the owners of czar nikolai, who is trying to clear up the confusion over the russian sounding name. czar nikolai caviar may sound russian, but it was actually started by a swedish family. back in the eighties, the current owners say sales have plummeted amid russia's war in ukraine. ukrainian flags are front and center at nicolae caviar cafe gourmet outpost inside francisco's ferry building support for the war torn country, also to defend the business. recently the cafe has become the target of hate mail and disparaging online comments. blasting the sustainable california caviar producer by people who mistake it for russian company california 100% american owned and operated, but we have gotten a lot of you know , let's say hate mail and chat enquiries and, uh, instagram messages that are pretty nasty. a swedish family in san
12:57 pm
francisco named the company after the founder's grandfather , nicolai, and they added to give the brain some old world eastern european flair. back in the eighties california farm wouldn't garner the same respect as say the caspian sea for having world class sturgeon. what started as an amazingly advantageous thing. in the last couple of months has turned into you know, a center of, you know, uncomfortable conversations for a lot of our staff miller chee says he's received intimidating letters, one telling the owners to go back to russia that's prompted the business to up their security measures, including installing new cameras at the cafe. online sales have taken a massive hit two dropping by 50% since russia invaded ukraine. the company president often responds to angry online messages with details on the brains history. some commenters end up leaving an apology. you know it's baby steps and ukrainian owned restaurant nearby is facing similar harassment by people who mistake it for a russian business. so the owner is changing its name
12:58 pm
no longer wanting to be associated with the iconic russian writer and poet alexander pushkin. linux name mollica means stork in ukrainian czar nicholas president has considered a temporary name change to the initials t. n c. but isn't ready to go there yet. i think ultimately it's part of the brand's identity. nikolai caviar plans to continue to educate customers about its history and has no plans to change or abbreviate its name reporting in san francisco. emma gauss, ktvu fox two news. members of san francisco's asian american community came together last night for the annual napa heritage awards. the awards ceremony and celebration was put together by the asian american and pacific islanders association honors organizations that have reached major milestones and serving the community assembly member filtering spoke at the event, saying he was honored to recognize api heroes and elevate asian successes. may's aapi heritage month and today we're spotlighting the very asian foundation, which was started by
12:59 pm
a news anchor in the st louis area. michelle lee was doing a segment on what americans eat on new year's day, she added. her own tradition said she ate dumpling soup. you had a lot of support about that inclusive moment, but the station also got a racist voicemail in response from a viewer who said they were offended. the very asian foundation raises money for organizations such as the asian american journalists association and stop a p i hate well, a season is not over for injured warrior guard gary payton, the second at least not yet. nba insiders reporting that mri revealed slight ligament damage along with the left elbow fracture. peyton is expected to miss 3 to 5 weeks. the nba finals start on june the second, which is exactly four weeks from today, a month away. paper was injured tuesday night on a foul by memphis grizzlies forward dillon brooks brooks. was ejected from the game and recently has been suspended for game three against the warriors , which by the way is in the friendly, comma confines chase center. on saturday nights,
1:00 pm
bringing it back to the bay. finally alright, let's do it. thanks so much for joining us. it's a cool great day outside will have you covered weather and news wise on our next newscast. we can see you until then. over on the k >> it's cinco de mayo. >>we are celebrating with delicious dishes from all over mexico. salud. >> starting with the classic. >> taco norteno, the chipotle and beer marinated skirt steak. >> if you slice it correctly, it should just melt in your mouth. and don't forget the cheese. oh, my goodness. >> i don't have words. >> plus, a delectable side. >> butter roasted corn with poblano and chile. the arbol. wow!. that's next. >> the kitchen has always been at the center of my world because the world is more delicious when it is full of fun and food. >> people know me as a


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