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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 6, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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post overturning roe v. wade will take a look at security measures being put into place. also people camped out overnight at city college of san francisco on campus. the message they're hoping to send when it comes to layoffs and budget cuts. plus. the latest job numbers are out what they show and what economists are warning if inflation isn't brought under control. i'm lauren blanchard in washington, with the latest on the numbers next. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian i'm ali rasmus. the supreme court expects more protests in the next few days over the possibility of the court, overturning roe v. wade enforcement agencies have put up a security fence all around the supreme court building. but protests won't be happening just there. one group also plans to hold demonstrations outside the homes of six of the justices as well. the u. s. senate will vote next week on a federal law to protect abortion rights. the bill most likely will not get
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the 60 votes needed to prevent a republican filibuster. but democrats want senators of both parties to go on the record on the issue of abortion before the midterm elections. next week, the american people will see crystal clear. that when given the chance to right this wrong the republican party will either side with the extremists who want to ban abortion without exceptions. or side with women. the group called ruth sent us named after former supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has circulated an online map of the homes of what it calls six extremists. justices. calling for protests at their homes, and some lawmakers now want new protections for the supreme court justices in his first public appearance since the leak of that draft opinion by the supreme court, chief justice john roberts called it quote absolutely appalling. he made the comments at a judicial conference in atlanta. he also called the leak quote betrayal of the confidences of the court
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end quote. and he ordered a full investigation. lawmakers on the peninsula are urging the senate to pass the women's health protection act, which would codify the right to abortion into law while directly addressing justice. alito's draft opinion that shows the high court has the votes to overturn roe v. wade. the justice says that the constitution does not explicitly state privacy or abortion. mr justice when the constitution was first written, women were not even in it. representatives anna issue and zoloft grin just spoke in mountain view. city hall are among the many democratic congress members supporting the women's health protection act, which was introduced earlier this week. it's already passed the house but won't have the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster in the 50 50 senate attorney general rob bonta is highlighting existing protections and rights under california law as abortion rights could soon be reversed. bonded joint state and local leaders in southern california
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today to discuss the state's efforts to further support access to reproductive health care in a news conference in long beach, bound to ensure the community that is committed to using the full force of the law to defend californians, productive writes the demand and the need i will not change. um but we do know that this law if it becomes final will lead to a reduction in access to safe abortions. people will get hurt health will be harmed. people will die. and so we're raising our voices to fight and we're raising our voices to say, um hell, no. pond. his efforts come as state lawmakers introduced new measures to protect abortion rights in our state assembly member buffy wicks just wrote a new bill to protect women from prosecution if they have an abortion, including those women visiting california. a new at noon, tesla has announced it will cover travel costs for employees who must go out of state to seek an abortion. the company released its 2021 impact report today it announced the electric carmaker will expand
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its safety net program and health benefits. employees will now be reimbursed for any travel and lodging expenses for medical services unavailable in their home state. you'll remember. tesla moved its corporate headquarters last year from silicon valley to texas, which passed a law banning abortions at roughly six weeks of pregnancy. we're following a developing story out of cuba, where a powerful explosion badly damaged a five star hotel in the capital of havana today. officials say at least eight people died. efforts are underway to rescue those who may still be trapped in the collapsed building. the explosion happened at the hotel saratoga and 19th century structure in old havana, early, reports say. the explosion was caused by a gas leak. no tourists were staying in the 96 room hotel because it was undergoing renovations. officials say much of the hotels outer wall was blown away, exposing interior rooms with clouds of dust billowing into the sky. if you're at home, hundreds of teachers may be on the brink of layoffs at city college in san francisco. protests continue on the campus
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, some of which have ended in police arrests. ktvu james torrez previews a board meeting vote that's expected tonight. tents camped out in front of san francisco city college campus. they've been here all week long beyond tired. tired was about 48 hours ago. mary brave woman represents the local chapter of the american federation of teachers, the union representing the teachers in these tents. her relationship with city college goes back 32 years first as a student now as an algebra and calculus, professor, this college serves the community in so many ways that is desperately needed. are and i just cannot imagine. the nail in the coffin that this these cuts will give to city college, so it will be devastating. this protest is ahead of today's special meeting among the board of trustees leading city college. some of these demonstrations became tense earlier this week. san francisco police confirm officers arrested 11 people for
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civil disobedience among the people in the tents is the student representative on the board here because we don't want any class cuts. we don't want any cuts to any of our programs, and we definitely don't want any of our faculty or staff. to be laid off. the college is attempting to make up for a $7 million budget gap. last year, leaders agreed budget cuts and layoffs would be the best option so far, 50 teachers have received pink slips and these protesters worry more than 100. others could be on the chopping block. if these cuts go through , i am am deeply terrified for what it will mean cuts go through. teachers say more than 20,000 students will be robbed of ample learning opportunities. i did reach out to city college in each member of the board of trustees for comment, but they've not responded. the board of trustees are expected to meet later this afternoon at about four o'clock protesters here say for every yes vote to go forward with the layoffs. is a no vote for the four seats up for re
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election in november. reporting in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. we're learning new information about a car that went through a fence in over a cliff near the sutro baths in san francisco. police responded to the scene around three o'clock this morning on point. lobos police say the car was traveling north on point lobos. when the vehicle crossed the center lane went through a fence. and plummeted down to the bottom of the cliff. four people were inside, ranging in age from 17 to 23 years old. the fire department says the car is now about 40 yards down the cliff buried in the sand. firefighters took four people before people rescued to the hospital. two of them remain in critical condition. the latest jobs numbers are out and they show continued strong job growth. but as lauren blanchard reports, there are still a lot of concern over inflation. strong hiring news, the latest jobs report showed the us added 428,000 jobs in april. if you're looking for a job right now, right now, folks get one right now because there's i don't think there's ever gonna be a time again
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anytime soon. we're gonna have this strong labor demand for 12 consecutive months, the u. s has added more than 400,000 jobs a month the biggest gains in april in leisure and hospitality as more people are taking trips. the unemployment rate remained unchanged from march at 3.6% what parts of the country can we do better? at what part of the country we have more people engaged in the work force despite hourly wage increases, the participation rate slightly dipped from march to april. now at 62.2% they are raising wages . they know that they have to do that in order to get the talent. employers are really struggling right now. economy is adding jobs. the inflation rate is adding up for consumers at the register in an attempt to bring down inflation. earlier this week, the federal reserve raised interest rates by half a percentage point and will likely continue to hike them. there are fears that could lead to a recession if you want to prevent
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a recession. you need to prevent inflation. inflation was at 8.5% in march, the next consumer price index, or inflation report will be out on wednesday next week. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox two news. stocks are swinging wildly as wall street struggles. how to interpret that strong jobs report amid worries the fed may cause a recession in its drive to halt inflation. very little time spent above sea level #### for the dow. at this point, it is down by more than one full percentage point losing almost 300 points s and p is down by almost 1.5% nasdaq is down by a full 2% points. still to come at noon, cracking down on violent retail crime, the push to get more federal law enforcement officers involved in those investigations plus it's a big step back for johnson and johnson's covid-19 vaccine. i'm jonathan. syrian atlanta details coming up. and i'm tracking cooler, unsettled weather for your mother's day. sunday i'll have a look at what you can
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expect, afford today and the rest of the weekend
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youg to head let's say from oakland and san francisco. a live picture here on the bay bridge. a truck is stuck in one of the toll booth lanes. we see a chp car right next to it. so at this point, those two lanes are essentially out of commission. the good news is, you can
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clearly see from these pictures that all the other lanes are clear. smooth sailing, maybe a bit of a backup leading up to this, but just so you have it in mind. there are at this 0.2 lanes blocked right there. at the toll bridge toll booth. the approach to the bay bridge. keep this in mind, be prepared for some possible delays. i'm sure that chp and other crews will work. to get it out of there. what we're seeing here is that toe truck would just stop before the actual big truck that stopped right there where you're fast track transponder would go beep beep, so if you really focus and sort of the top left quadrant of your screen, that's the big truck that's stuck there in the toll lane. we had an accident happened earlier this week. i believe we're part of a toll language actually damaged. but remember, there is no one anymore in those tollbooths, so i can't imagine anyone is hurt by this, but this may be causing delays. as right now at least two lanes right there on the approach to the bay bridge are out of commission will keep you posted throughout this newscast. federal regulators say they are limiting who can get the johnson and johnson covid vaccine because of concerns about a rare blood clotting complication. jonathan serrie reports from atlanta. americans could soon
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have one less option to choose from. as the covid vaccination effort continues, the fda steering folks away from johnson and johnson's vaccine, saying the shot should only be given to those over 18 who can't or won't get a vaccine from another manufacturer. the new guidance prompted by concerns about a rare but potentially fatal blood clotting syndrome found in some people who got the johnson and johnson shot. the number of cases is still low, but it's growing and it follows the december recommendation. from the cdc prioritizing shots from fighter or moderna. but health officials are also reassuring those who have already gotten the johnson and johnson vaccine they're likely not in any danger . all of those rare events happened in the first couple of weeks after you've gotten vaccinated, so if you're more than a couple of weeks out you're in the clear. the announcement comes as officials scramble to avoid another surge . the daily average of new cases has more than doubled in the past month. it's now at 69,000,
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the highest number since february. cities and states have been reluctant to reinstate covid restrictions, but the spike is prompting some schools to bring back mask mandates, hoping to stop any new outbreaks before they happen for me. implementing the masks again is it is what it is anything to keep the children and the staff and the teacher safe and the says covid infections have jumped more than 50% among its staff since nationwide mask mandate for public transportation was lifted in atlanta, johnson siri ktvu fox. two news. more dangerous springtime storms are in the forecast this weekend for people in many parts of texas and oklahoma. the system is already spawned several powerful tornadoes that have caused widespread damage to businesses, homes and schools. tornadoes have also caused major damage in parts of texas. so far, though, no reports of any deaths in those two states. here in the bay area. we're preparing for a little bit of a change. come this mother's day weekend
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rosemary oroczo. we really have to focus on the back half of the weekend, don't we? you're right. we're actually going to cool things down. it's going to even feel perhaps a little winter like as we get into early next week, more on that in just a moment. hello, garcia and allie and happy friday to all of you. we are looking at a partly cloudy skies around the region even have a nice, beautiful shadow over the bay area where we have mostly blue skies. we do have mostly cloudy conditions along the coastline and partly cloudy to partly sunny around the bay area and some drizzle that had fallen overnight. perhaps a little bit along the coastline in our hills. even at this hour. here's a look at storm tracker two or you can see we do have high clouds out there. we have a mid level clouds and even a little bit of low cloud cover still along the coastline here is the system that is moving through, bringing some rain in high elevation snow over the areas of washington, oregon. clipping northern california all the way down about mendocino for today, we are looking at again. just a little bit of drizzle. not much going on out there, but we do have the onshore breeze fairfield reporting 21 mph right
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now conquered, reporting 14 and nevado gusting to 14 so we'll call for a partly cloudy, breezy afternoon temperatures right about average and even a little bit warmer right now than where we were 24 hours ago in most spots. by five over half moon bay about five in hayward, palo alto, up by seven you get into the north bay center prison nevado some of these areas that had a little bit of drizzle and struggling still, with some cloud cover a little bit cooler. 62 in novato. cool 63 for you, santa rosa, you go inland east bay, though 70 and conquered 70 in livermore so wide span on the numbers right now. 65 in oakland , 64 over san francisco. here's a look at the future cast model, and what we can expect for the afternoon today will remain mostly cloudy along the coastline will go partly cloudy for the bay and inland areas that rain again sticking pretty much to the north of us tomorrow morning, waking up with some fog , partly cloudy skies and then we break away to mostly sunny conditions for your saturday afternoon. and temperatures are going to be relatively mild, very seasonal for this time of
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year, then the bigger change that we talked about. this also happens to be mother's day sunday notice 10 a.m. and we're even seeing the possibility of some light rain to start the day . so if you have outdoor plans for your morning, maybe a hike, maybe breakfast, maybe brunch. definitely something we're going to have to watch for outsider doors for the afternoon today, right, about average slightly below for some 68 in santa rosa will go 64 san francisco opera sixties and oakland 74 in livermore, 74 over san jose. better details on the afternoon highs for today, the rest of the weekend and the possibility of some snow for the sierra. coming in the extended forecast back to you, rosemary. native and martial arts martial arts icon bruce lee. courage. honor strength. there was so many things that he shared and that i picked up from the movies and new, colorful and interactive mural on display in san francisco's chinatown.
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and who are out dealing with side shows. this first one was at an intersection in uptown oakland near the ninth street, bart station around nine o'clock, then, just about half an hour later, another sideshow happened in the area of international boulevard in 29th avenue in the fruitvale district. this one caused a major traffic jam as people were trying to leave at both the son of squealing tires filled the air as police tried to break up
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the sideshow. the oakland police department says it towed 60 vehicles issued 17 citations, made two arrests and recovered one gun up in santa rosa. police say one person was shot during a sideshow in the neighborhood. at one point, police say they were about 700 people there watching the sideshow. investigators say the victim was taken to a nearby hospital after being shot a number of times in his lower body. police say he is in critical condition and expected to survive colorful mural now on display at a historical center in san francisco's chinatown. it honors martial arts legend bruce lee during asian american pacific islander heritage month. ktvu is in, burleigh says. this work of art is a collaborative effort by bay area artists who've been fans of bruce lee for a long time. right looking at our bruce lee mural mural of bruce lee is on display at the chinese historical society of america in san francisco. chinatown it is collaborative
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and intricate work of artists using drawings, technology and music to bring the cultural icon to life to tell his story. he is the bridge. that we need people who are bridges in our society to connect us mural artist marina perez wong says lee is a symbol of unity, bridging the gap between the west and the east. born in san francisco to chinese parents, he embraced his asian and american heritage. this is representative of china , the mountains here. the mural depicts the important places in lee's life. the people in the mural included those who inspired lee and those he inspired. it also illustrates his use of his martial arts skills to teach students of all ethnicities, including kareem abdul jabbar, childhood superhero. of mine. for years, dinkins helped create the music for the mural. movies and philosophy were his inspiration.
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courage. honor strength. um. there was so many things that he shared and that i picked up from the movies. you use your mind more so just using your body. surrounded by a dragon, his chinese name, lacey, you long means little dragon. he was born in the year of the dragon. we use technology to align the animations on top of the mural to kind of make it like seamless is one of three artists who created the animation that made the mural and immersive experience experienced the art and like, three dimensional way they can look at one. one side of the wall and another side of the wall and have a different experience. the life and legacy of a legend who embraced inclusion celebrated people to take away this idea of kinship of solidarity of. coming together. the mural will be displayed here at the museum for
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at least five years. but the artwork is designed to be mobile , so artists hope to eventually turn it into a traveling exhibit to be displayed across the country. in san francisco. chinatown amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. as the warriors are preparing for their game tomorrow against the grizzlies, that chase center we are now learning how bad warriors player gary payton two seconds. injuries are as well as the nba's punishment from memphis forward dillon brooks. following what steve kerr called a dirty foul in the last playoff game. you remember this? peyton was going in for a layup early in game two, when brooks collided with a midair, causing pain to come down awkwardly on his left side. brooks was given a flagrant two foul, resulting in ejection. brooks has now been suspended for game three saturday at a center doesn't matter. i mean, gary's out, carries out for the next, you know, foreseeable future for weeks he's bombed. he's got a huge brace on his arm, and he's gonna be out for a long time and
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he's crushed. you know, he's 66 years toiling away in the league, as i said the other night. um in the spotlight, you know, playing in the playoffs, playing a huge role playing well , um, that's all been taken away from him. so that's we all feel terrible for gary. he deserves better. our crew saw peyton at practice yesterday. he had an mri wednesday, which confirmed the fracture as well as ligament and muscle damage to his elbow will be re evaluated in two weeks. still to come. at noon, thousands of people filled the streets of san jose, we take a look at this year's cinco de mayo celebrations. and explain why some business owners told us the crowds seem to be smaller than in previous years, plus more civilians are rescued from a ukrainian steel plant as the fighting continues
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth.
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they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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tese behavior with his students. 60 year old dean walker taught at pine hollow middle school in concord, as ktvu elissa harrington explains, investigators want to hear from more students who may have more information on the case. these pictures posted on dean walkers, facebook page show him rafting and spending time with family, the 7th and 8th grade robotics
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teacher linked his social media to his official classroom page at concord, pine hollow middle school. now he is being held at the contra costa county jail. concord police took walker into custody thursday morning on a warrant for lewd and lascivious acts with a minor. they say this involved students at the school where he taught this is something that we will not tolerate and that we take extremely serious superintendent adam clark with the mount diablo unified school district. said they first heard allegations back in march when multiple students came forward. walker was put on administrative leave the district launched an investigation and contacted police. he was placed on leave in march. that's when we that's when we um, got the report this year that, um, you know that there was some students who are feeling uncomfortable by him. the superintendent would not say what exactly? walker is accused of doing his information and linked to his teacher pages still on pine hollow's website, although clark said they are in
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the process of parting ways and ending his contract. clark emailed a letter to the school community, letting them know about the arrest. he said he is committed to providing a safe learning environment. our highest priority is keeping their students safe while they're in our care. and we have very high expectations for all those who work for us whenever we have traumatic events like this, we always provide extra counseling and psychologists at the at the school police are asking other potential victims or anyone with information to come forward in concord. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. new at noon, a bay area lawmakers meeting with the fbi to push for help in the fight against organized retail crime. representative eric swalwell spoke with fbi officials at the phillip burton federal building in san francisco this morning for an update on those efforts in the bay area. representatives well, also sent a letter to attorney general merrick garland and the fbi director christopher wray, asking the bureau to re
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prioritize efforts to limit these crimes by working with state and local law enforcement. at the end of the day, either criminals are going to run our communities or law and order will and this letter seeks to make sure that we are all safe in our communities that commerce can thrive. and that no one is affected by retail crime. representative swalwell went on to say the fbi prides itself on local partnerships, and he's confident the agency will find ways to help prevent further trauma and harm to local investments that have been caused by the rise in violent retail thefts. oakland police are searching for three people caught on camera, robbing a restaurant owner and his friends at gunpoint. surveillance video here shows a number of armed men converging on three victims in a parking lot. in oakland's diamond district. it happened behind la perla, puerto rican cuisine on fruitvale avenue, just above 5 80 around seven o'clock wednesday night. the restaurant owner, gabrielle ortiz, was with two friends just
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minutes before closing time. see you guys just come out from the side of the truck with the gun to my buddy's face. i stepped back and i got a gun to my back and i was getting ready to pull my firearm and his guy was right right behind me. so it was already a tussle for him knowing that i had a gun, he said, get his gun his gun. so that was a game changer. the men's store cash and gabriel ortiz is gold necklace. now to the south bay, where thousands of people filled the streets of downtown san jose last night in celebration of single gemayel. there's a lot of people out here celebrating. it's like even though they're not a hispanic, you know, it's like appreciating the support, you know for my people. the streets were packed with cars and pedestrians in a celebration that began just after dusk and continue to the early morning hours. many downtown restaurant owners say that business was still slow compared to past cinco de mayo celebrations. likely due mostly to the pandemic. the year before 2000 and 19. by this time was back. people were lying up. percent as
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a police department and more than 200 officers patrolling downtown in an effort to make sure it was a safe celebration. there were some brief side shows and some reports of public drunkenness. police across the bay area head extra officers on patrol last night to prevent drunk and impaired driving. video posted on social media shows one driver on the peninsula racing away from a dui checkpoint. girl. this was the scene in san carlos. you can see the driver backed into a ditch, turned his car around before pulling up to the after pulling up to that checkpoint. the driver then raced away traveling the wrong way down the street. it's not clear whether san mateo county sheriff's deputies were able to catch up with an arrest the driver ukrainian forces continue to fight russian troops in tunnels beneath a mario paul st steel plant, while hundreds of civilians remain trapped inside trading angst has this report from ukraine. heavy fighting is raging in the tunnels beneath a mario post
12:35 pm
steel plant today outnumbered ukrainian troops are holding out against russian forces as they stormed the area on foot and with tanks. for weeks, civilians and thousands of ukrainian fighters have been holed up underneath the plant today. a third rescue operation is underway. ukrainian president below the mere zelinsky says his team will do all it can to ensure the safety of those still inside. currently russian shelling and the assault on his style do not stop. but civilians still need to be taken out. women children, many children remain there. just imagine this health, ukrainian officials say russians were able to get inside with the help of an electrician who showed troops how to access tunnels leading to the factory. so far, the kremlin has denied troops are storming the plant, but some believe moscow could use next monday or victory day to declare triumph over mario people. there are russian leaders in the city of marib poll preparing for some kind of announcement and celebration there as well as in moscow. meanwhile there are new questions about intelligence the
12:36 pm
u. s has providing ukraine pentagon spokesperson john kirby says the u. s. did not provide the specific intelligence that led to ukraine sinking russia's flagship vessel in the black sea. ukraine combines information that we another partners provide with the intelligence that they themselves are gathering on the battlefield. this weekend, first lady jill biden travels to romania and slovakia to visit with ukrainian families displaced by the fighting. and keep trading angst. ktvu fox two news. big area. humanitarian aid groups say they have seen a drop in the number of donations. they're getting to help people in ukraine. they say they were getting a lot of donations at the beginning of the war, but now 70 days into it. those donations are starting to slow. eight organizations are holding several events this weekend, including multiple concerts to try and raise money for people who are now living still in that war zone. news moves on so quickly or that people's attention moves on so quickly. so i feel that having this very inspirational concerts or just let people know that that that
12:37 pm
concern is still there. the un says there are as many as 5.7 million people who have fled the war in ukraine as refugees. we have a list of the events going on in the bay area to help them. that's on ktvu dot com. new at noon, a celebration in mountain view today marked the grand opening of a new 71 unit. affordable housing community. congresswoman anna issue joined the mayor of mountain view this morning for the opening of alta housings new luna vista apartments. the location was previously a taco bell 100% affordable housing community. residents must earn 30 to 70% of santa clara county's median income congresswoman issue, says more needs to be done to provide more affordable housing in the bay area and beyond. housing. is the number one concern. it's the number one concern. and. on the one hand, we live in one of the most spectacular places in the entire country and the world.
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but because it's so spectacular , it's so expensive. there were 15 apartment reserved for adults with developmental disabilities . there's also public art on display designed by adults with developmental disabilities. alameda county is now facing a lawsuit over its pandemic related eviction moratorium. the california apartment association filed the suit in federal court yesterday. the group alleges the moratorium violates the fifth amendment, which prohibits the government from taking private property without just compensation. alameda county approved the eviction moratorium during the early days of the pandemic back in april of 2020 to help renters who are having trouble paying the rent. the berkeley city council took a big step towards changing the way police there respond to 911 calls. berkeley is already working on a plan to send teams of social workers and civilians to respond to some mental health and homelessness calls. last night, the council voted to support the mayor's proposal to create a new community safety department made up of city employees, and they will oversee
12:39 pm
those efforts. some children in california could soon be able to get a covid vaccine without their parents' permission. a proposal in the state legislature that would let children ages 12 and up get vaccinated on their own, cleared its first hurdle yesterday. right now, children can't be vaccinated without their parents' consent unless it's a vaccine to prevent an std, such as hepatitis b or hpv. the proposal from san francisco state senator scott wiener still has to clear the full senate and then the assembly still to come at noon, some elementary school students can now call themselves authors. the ideas behind a newly published book that you can find here needs to be taught . some people don't know when they're being biased, and we need to teach them to be anti bias. how the book uses each letter of the alphabet to represent the concept of anti bias. partly cloudy, mild conditions in store for your baby area friday saturday before we see bigger changes come our way on mother's day. better details on what you can expect
12:40 pm
for the weekend and t
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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ends recovering much of their steep losses earlier today, as wild swings happening on wall street people interpreting that strong jobs report countered by the feds efforts to halt inflation. we see the dow jones at this point is down by just 100 points, losing about one third of 1% s and p is clawing its way back up as well done by one half of a percent. nasdaq is still down by about one and a quarter
12:43 pm
percent, but better than where it was. several fourth graders in the east bay can now call themselves authors ktvu andre senior, shows us their newly published book called anti bias. abc s what were you doing in fourth grade? i wrote you matter , and you met her in this world. and you have alex more important because you you can change it has the wall can always yeah, a little better teacher ryan, brazil published the book titled anti bias. abc talk a lot about anti bias and social justice, so it just kind of made sense. it kind of came to me very quickly authored the pages inside. everyone needs to be taught. some people don't know wonder being biased and we need to teach them to be anti bias of v. students at the athlete named love elementary. each used a letter of the alphabet to represent an anti bias. evelyn hotch chose a letter f is like we can do stuff. like we can't
12:44 pm
even speak. we can get jobs you can love other people use for upstairs ordered. it means upstate standing up for people. that are different. townsend chose the letter b to be an ally means to support and advocate for people who don't come from the same group as you the central message in this book, turning the page on the issues that divide to the issues that unite each letter also contains a drawing of the word training it by writing them by rainy outlined before coloring them in. i like drawing. i like doing also done by the students themselves, and just this means to do things right and fair and also means to three others that same way that they treat you the pages filled with topics that can be complicated at any age. victor chavez tackled are for racism. people think who a watcr
12:45 pm
people. or a different kind of race. besides humans, it is, of course, often children that can take big topics and distill them into the simplest of terms. we almost have hope in order to achieve what we want to achieve, like stop racism, make this world a better place and have lots of human kindness. the kids will be doing a reading and signing of anti bias abc s on thursday, may 19th at books and books in alameda. and that will happen at two pm if you cannot make it there, you can always purchase a book at that location or amazon target or many other retailers in the newsroom. i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. and you can also buy anti bias. abc s online. we posted a link on our website under the web link section at ktvu dot com. let's swing back to rosemary oroczo here because a lot of people rosemary oroczo a for mother's day, and now we're all sort of re juggling or at least questioning those outdoor
12:46 pm
activities. yes it's going to be cooler. it's going to be breezy, and there is a chance of showers in the forecast for sunday. happy friday to all of you for today, tomorrow, little change in the forecast. here's a beautiful view over the bay area where our inland cities are enjoying some blue sky also have a picture behind me that the areas over san francisco into the west, mostly cloudy conditions and starting out with some drizzle this morning. some areas still experiencing a little bit of drizzle, although it's falling below the radar being so hard to tell exactly where it's at could have. some along the coastline could have some in the north bay because farther north we have a system that is moving through washington, oregon, northern california all the way down to about mendocino county, seeing some scatter shower activity so areas over the north bay reporting some early this morning as well as in our hills as well as along the coastline, not much in the way of accumulation. unfortunately the future cast here shows you that we will remain mostly cloudy along the coastline. for today. partly cloudy for the rest of
12:47 pm
the bay area getting into tomorrow, starting out, with some fog starting out with some party cloudy conditions and then as we get into the afternoon will go mostly sunny with very seasonal attempts were now into sunday, also mother's day and if you are going to be celebrating, we will continue to watch this, but it looks like a wave moves through in the morning hours, and there could be scattered shower activity behind it. so we will again. watch that for you, but just be prepared for not only the possibility of some wet weather, but temperatures going to cool off quite a bit and it is going to be breezy will show you that in just a moment. tahoe is expected to get snow on sunday. blue canyon right now. 54 degrees south lake tahoe reporting 62. as we get into saturday below freezing to start the morning fifties in the afternoon, so temperatures do begin to cool on saturday, but saturday is going to be a dry day sunday temperatures only struggling at about 40 degrees in the afternoon, and those snow showers are expected to develop. could see 123 inches over areas of lake tahoe so something to
12:48 pm
definitely consider if you are thinking about heading up to tahoe for the weekend temperatures in and around the bay area right now low sixties at the coast to low seventies in brentwood. we've got nice, mild weather out there very seasonal a little bit below average in some spots, but not by much. 64 in san francisco for the afternoon will go upper sixties for san rafael, low seventies for areas over fremont and 74 expected for concord today. if you're going out to see the giants play, bring along the extra layers or the jacket, maybe even the blanket. it's going to be cool. it's going to be breezy. mostly cloudy skies the west wind about 15 mph. 57 degrees when the game starts at 7 15. here's a look at your extended forecast notice. temperatures do come down tomorrow and then another notable drop on sunday. for all those outdoor festivities. it's going to be breezy. it's going to be cool. you may even need the umbrella and then scattered showers remaining in the forecast, with the cool conditions lasting monday into tuesday. back to you. all right, we'll be prepared. thanks rosemary. birthday wishes going
12:49 pm
out to giants great willie mays. he turns 91 years old today. in the past, the giants have celebrated his birthday with special events, including large cakes and a car ride at oracle park. but will his health has declined in recent years? it's unclear if he will be able to visit the ballpark for tonight's game against the st louis cardinals. it is a big weekend overall for giants players. the team will have a buster posey day celebration tomorrow. still to come at noon. san francisco's newest performance is a love letter to the city, the story of the husband and wife performers from china and how their act brought them on stage here in the bay area.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
asi, and we continue with a love story from the city by the bay ktvu is claudine wang introduces us to two performers in the club fugazi production of deer, san
12:53 pm
francisco and shows us how they're special connection brought them here to the bay area. dear san francisco is a love letter to the city. a show with breathtaking feats of skill and strength, but this show is about much more. they come prepared for acrobatics and to be wowed by the physical accomplishment, but they're not prepared for the story, and they're not prepared that that story moves them. moved by the stories within the story and when we talk about two performers in the show, song and pan, their story is without a doubt a love story. what do you feel when you watch her? beautiful. what a beautiful woman. it seems these two may have always been meant to be on stage and in life. their story starts in china. both were recruited by the same circus school. we have to live in the school. we don't live with our family. we eat at school. we
12:54 pm
sleep with the like, you know, like a classmate. yeah, it's like army and you are how old she was 80 years old. i was 11 years they never met there but 10 years ago while they were both performing for different groups in canada, their paths crossed. it was during her rehearsal, my creation for different products. then we just met. we had a dinner with the two of other friends, then we just like to say that way. find love, and that's when they realized something needed to change. we realize we want to be together, so we have to learn something together. like the same act. that's why starting started learning chinese you you're from her. so that you could eventually be together. yeah, that was the idea. it's called the diablo traditionally only performed by women and so
12:55 pm
pan needed to teach song recorded herself how to do it sent to me. i know where that ho my god. very serious help. i don't remember how many times i was like, okay. i want to give up. i can't. it's too hard. it's too hard. that's why juggling is easy. but when you want to be the level like high level is too hard. i want it. i don't know how many times like, probably like 100 times out like i don't want to do this anymore. but did you feel like if i can't get this? i can't be with her. that's why that's why i can't give up. otherwise it for sure i'll give up easily. it took three hours a day, he says. five days, sometimes seven days a week for five years until he says he was finally good enough to perform it on stage. but even then, they still have to figure out how to do it together like there's like specific trick. it's like a ping pong after through to her that she points to me. they just be like, oh, you didn't throw good enough.
12:56 pm
she said. oh, no, you didn't cut. you didn't kind. good enough. no, it is. it's just like threat to hand. yeah it's crazy. but success on stage allowed them to be together. it meant getting married to play. let's do it and these two beautiful children. it is all part of what you see when you watch them perform on the stage of club fugazi to performers who separately perform amazing feats from the west, a neighborhood the worst in the neighborhood is the best juggling hats. balancing umbrellas. and diving through hoops. but when they share the stage together, face oy gave me a life of my own family products. to you. there
12:57 pm
is just something more. i feel now life is complete with her on stage with me. love story forever entwined in this love letter to san francisco. dear sam francisco. nowhere was my home on t u i met you love this city and the city has loved them right back. in san francisco. claudine wong ktvu fox two news. hmm. we are following a developing saga involving the gilroy garlic festival, the official gilroy organizers this week said once again, they have canceled their popular event. no question about that a man behind the asparagus festival in stockton that has been lobbying to bring the event to the delta. tonino said. he says he'll set up his own garlic festival, august 13th and 14th at the san joaquin county fairgrounds and stockton's he does not have the gilroy garlic festival branding he is inviting vendors from that
12:58 pm
event. the gilroy garlic festival organizers say it's just too expensive to hold the event there due to liability concerns and the high cost of insurance safari west wildlife foundation gives kids who are hospitalized a chance to experience a safari online from the comfort of their rooms. it's a program called safari west live. it gives kids a chance to see the wildlife through a camera lens remotely experiences free too many children in need. in order to raise money for the program. safari west will host a fundraiser next saturday called stars of the sonoma serengeti. you can join in person tickets are limited or you can join virtually for free. there is no specific price. organizers just ask that you make a donation. it's been a joy that be able to see these kids that don't have access to this. get to see something really special. but this program is provided free of charge to kids in hospitals. um, and it's we're able to do that simply through donations from members of our community. last year, safari west live gave an
12:59 pm
online safari experience to more than 55,000 children at hospitals in 32 states. the global supply chain crisis is now reportedly impacting graduations. many students at north carolina central university, said the company they turned to order their caps and gowns is cutting it way too. close graduation is this weekend . some haven't even shipped out yet the company's blaming the shortage on labor and supply chain issues. now the university and its graduates are bending together to get those grads dressed before their big day. like alumni's helping us out. we're all trying to just make it work so we can walk. so that's just the best part about it. honestly it sucks, but we're gonna get it done ordered over a month ago. and trying to reach them now, are you getting to recording? the company herff jones says it's offering customers a full refund for late caps and gowns. in the meantime , university is altering gowns that already has to fit the students affected by the shortage. hopefully they can get those much needed caps and gowns very soon. i know there's a lot of graduations that will be
1:00 pm
happening in the next couple of weeks. hopefully the weather cooperates or keeping an eye on that figures crossed fingers crossed. thanks so much for joining us here at noon. our news continues always a ktvu .com and the ktvu news app. have a >> let's dish. >> happy mother's day to all our fellow mamas. >> and the best way to celebrate? with a mother's day brunch, yes please. starting with the perfect drink. >> i declare this is the best mint julep i've ever had. >> it's brown. >> butter, blueberries, snacking cake, beautiful. >> plus. it's going to be gorgeous. chef tyler florence is dishing up his delicious ham and gruyere frittata. >> mom is going to love this. that's next. the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. [laughter] >> everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television but also a mom trying to get dinner on the table.


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