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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  May 6, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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thursday night has businesses in oakland's uptown district on edge as this month's first friday. festivities get underway in oakland. oakland police recovered a firearm from the late night sideshow on cinco de mayo and made two arrests. they also tweeted these pictures showing some of the 60 vehicles towed pretty long night at tierra mia cafe nearby, made to middle of the night checks on the business after getting security system notifications on his phone. banging on it. there is kind of trying to get in, but thankfully, nothing was harmed to rosa police got anonymous tips that car caravans, some coming from oakland were involved in a 750 person side show the same night. around 11 o'clock, one person was shot. several shots were fired. we know that the victim was hit multiple times in his lower extremities, underwent surgery
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at a local hospital, and, um it was in critical condition but expected to live at world of braids along telegraph avenue in oakland. the threat of side shows isn't worrying and a hoyt she's been busy braiding hair for high school problems this weekend. is a concern all over, but that is something you cannot stop. it's not worrying. locals either. always gotta be mindful of what's around you, but definitely feel safe. i feel like if you just have you come prepared and you make sure like maybe take the bar. if you don't want your car broken into, you know, you can really make it a good time. oakland police officers dedicated to illegal sideshow activity will be out this weekend, joined by regional law enforcement partners to curbside show activity first friday. tonight goes until nine o'clock, frank i bet they're out there in force. okay. immigrant us live for us in oakland, emma. thank you. meantime extra officers patrolling the peninsula to prevent drunk and impaired driving. video posted
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on social media shows one driver racing away from a dy checkpoint. girl. quite a chaotic scene right here. this was the scene in san carlos last night. watched the driver back into that ditch turns the suv around moments after pulling up to that checkpoint. the driver then raced away traveling the wrong way down the street. it is still not clear whether cemetery oh county sheriff's deputies caught up with that driver in total 720 cars were screened, and one driver was arrested for driving under the influence, and four people were rescued after car went about 40 yards down a cliff near the sutra, bass and san francisco police arrived to help around three o'clock this morning on point lobos. they say the car crossed the center lane and went through a fence before plummeted down to the bottom of the cliff. the people inside were between the ages of 17 and 23. the car is now buried in the sand. below all four people were taken to the hospital. two are in critical condition. the details for you now of a story
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we told you about yesterday. $1000 reward in the theft of a necklace continue the ashes of the livermore teenager. devon died of cancer back in 2013. the 16 year old family put his ashes inside lockets, and they've been wearing them ever since. his brother tyler put the necklace in a locker at the 24 hour fitness on monday night where it was stolen. the person who has that necklace can return it to the 24 hour. fitness gym. no questions asked. area lawmaker meeting with the fbi to push for help in the fight against organized retail crime representative eric swalwell, speaking with the fbi officials. at the phillips burdened federal building in san francisco this morning to get an update on crime fighting efforts here in the bay area representative swalwell also sent a letter to u. s attorney general merrick garland and fbi director christopher wray. asking the bureau to re prioritize efforts to limit these crimes by working with state and local law enforcement. at the end of the
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day, either criminals are going to run our communities or law and order will and this letter seeks to make sure that we are all safe in our communities that commerce can thrive. that no one is affected by retail crime. representative swalwell went on to say the fbi prides itself on local partnerships, and he's confident the agency will find ways to help prevent further trauma and harmed a local investments that have been caused. by the rise in violent retail thefts. our communities across the country, bracing for demonstrations from those who are both for and against the possible repeal of roe v. wade here in the bay area, more than a dozen politicians and leaders all gathered to rally voters to action. on defense of women's right to choose ktvu is jesse gary shows us this is an assault on women's rights. in mountain view friday, more than a dozen political and community leaders all but one women and all united in sounding a clarion call to
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action. for the very first time in the history of our country. the supreme court is poised to take a right away that pronouncement from south bay congresswoman anna issue comes after sunday's leaked draft from the high court. it indicates justices may overturn roe versus wade, the 1972 landmark ruling that women have a constitutional right to abortion, but the draft indicates the court would leave the issue up to individual states. and if you think that the states are going to be able to protect women think again because if the republicans take control of the house and the senate, they will pass a bill outlawing abortion in every state women will be hurt. women's health will be undermined people's lives could be lost. the push now is to mobilize for what some say is the most important political and social fight in two generations . it is appalling to think that
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my two teenage daughters may be denied the same rights and freedoms that women have rightfully had for close to 50 years. some south bay political leaders have already earmarked funds. to provide services due to an increase in those seeking abortions even prior to this announcement on monday, they started to see an increase in the number of patients looking for patient care. folks are coming here because they know that they can get the care that they need, and we will not back down. the other front in this fight is legislative the house has passed the women's health protection act, and next week the senate will take up the issue. we must codify the rights established by roby by roe v. wade but the senate stamp is uncertain due to a near 50 50 split. so the ultimate power brokers, the people are being urged to step up and take action. if 70% of the people think one thing and the congress does something else. they can be replaced in mountain view. jessie gary ktvu fox to lose a
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national study shows little support for total bans on abortion, despite a push in many states to ban it ahead of the expected supreme court ruling. now a pew research survey found . just 10% of u. s adults say abortion should be illegal in all cases, 27% say it should be illegal in most cases. 61% say abortion should be legal in most or all cases. california governor gavin newsom vowed to make california a sanctuary for women from other states who are seeking abortions. a statewide abortion fund, called access reproductive justice has already raised $25,000 since monday, when the draft ruling from the u. s. supreme court was leaked. planned parenthood is also prepping for an increase in patients by renovating and building new facilities across the state. tesla announcing it will cover travel costs for employees who must go out of state to seek an abortion. the electric carmaker is expanding its safety net program and health benefits. employees will now be reimbursed for any travel
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and lodging expenses for medical service. unavailable in their home state, tesla moved its corporate headquarters. last year from the silicon valley to texas, which passed a law banning abortions at roughly six weeks of pregnancy and stay right here with ktvu for the very latest developments on this story. we also have updates on ktvu .com. francisco district attorney chase aberdeen visited chinatown, updating businesses and business owners there on legal action to block what he calls frivolous lawsuits targeting chinese american businesses. as katie bs christian captain tells us this evening with a recall election a month away, he's visit highlights divisions between the d eight and the chinese american community. san francisco's chinatown is still recovering from the pandemic, and many businesses say they've been targeted by unscrupulous attorneys shaking them down. the district attorney last month filing suit saying that the law firm potter handy out of san diego uses the americans with disabilities act to pressure
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small businesses into settling lawsuits, often paying as much as $10,000. while the chinese chamber of commerce welcome the district attorney protesters outside had a different message for him, saying his office is focused on issues important to chinatown, including the suit to stop the 88 shakedowns. it is also a major step in our effort to get you back. the money. that this law firm has taken from you improperly. the district attorney reaffirmed his commitment to the case and said his office is working to prevent similar cases working also to get the court to impose fines on the attorneys filing those cases and trying to get them to return the money. the chinese chamber, saying it appreciates the action taken by the ah deliver on the on the point that you're gonna investigate and find thoughts. protesters urged the people of san francisco to vote yes, on aged to recall chaser boudin as for his appearance in chinatown to update the community about the suit, i think it's really
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performative. this is not a criminal act. so what's what's being done? is these lawsuits they should be. these are civil matters and this should be the job of the city attorney's office, not the district attorney's office arguments, saying despite the allegations that he's not doing enough to combat crime in chinatown, he is committed to the community. i know what a difficult couple of years the pandemic has been. and i will continue to deliver on promises i've made to the chinese community and to all of san francisco mail in ballots have gone out to voters in san francisco, they will now have a chance to decide the future for district attorney chase a boudin with proposition h the deadline to turn in those ballots or vote in person. is june seven. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. kidnapping and homicide at a south paid church coming up at 5 30, disturbing details of what investigators are calling an exorcism gone wrong. newsom is looking to ease your pain at the pump coming up the idea he's
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floating involving the dmv be and what the governor says his idea is better than the one being tossed around by some state legislators. bridal boutiques or where the marriage the marriage magic actually happens, but that's getting more and more expensive. nonetheless we're going to have a record number of marriages this year in the united states. gorgeous you have the city right behind me. we have a little bit of drizzle falling from those clouds at this hour. i'll have a look at what you can expect for the rest what you can expect for the rest of t ♪ ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer... are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections.
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of weddings as people delay getting married during the pandemic, or added to the many
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now deciding to tie the knot. but like most other things, supply and demand are driving up costs. ktvu is tom baker joins us from jeanine's bridal boutique east alameda, a wedding gown retailer with what bay area couples are facing if they want to get married, tom good evening. well it's expensive, but i got to tell you something . a lot of people think it's worth it. record numbers. now this place is a wedding wonderland because not only did they sell designer dresses here, they design and fit their own designs in their own factory. in this very same building, it is truly a wedding wonderland. as her mom. nancy watched kelsey esop made the final decision on her wedding gown at janine's bridal boutique in alameda address not to be seen in public until her wedding day dresses is one of the things you think about growing up these days that comes at an ever increasing price. stephanie heinz is ceo. of janine's with bridal shops in
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alameda and san francisco, as well as the nearby groom shop, robert paul in the city. people are still going to get married. they still want that, but now it's working with budgets right . the budget will change with how they are in the world in 2020 the year the pandemic started the average wedding cost just over $20,000. by 2021. the average was $27,000 this year. the wedding report says that the u. s will have 2.5 million weddings, the highest number in 40 years. that's a huge pent up demand for the still recovering wedding industry. facing shortages and supply chain delays had contacted so many vendors for different things make up and hair and most of them had already been booked a year out. so you feel the pressure and that also weighs on your budget and her fiance cut some corners. so it was just kind of talking about what are some things that maybe we can be okay without and some things
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that we know that we need for sure we're not naive. we know what prices are. so once we made the commitment, we knew we were going to have to roll with it, having says her biggest challenge is not to raise prices. we tried to withhold as much as we can. but there are times that we have to pass it on to the consumer kill. she and her fiance had to make one other big decision. whether to have a wedding at all. whichever way they wanted to go if they would rather have the money towards the house or the wedding, and they talked about it. we really ended up going with a wedding just because it's one of the very few times that you can have all of your loved ones in one place together at the same time, especially because you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. now the way this year is shaping up, it is quite possible that this could be the biggest marriage boom since the soldiers came home from world war two. reporting live. tom baker ktvu. channel two news. i bet it is. alright, tom. thank
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you for that. all right. tom mother's day is this sunday and, according to data collected by the national retail federation spending is expected to hit record levels, officials expect the total to come close to $32 billion this year, and that is up. 3.6 billion from 2021 record, researchers say consumers are planning to spend $25 more this year on mother's day purchases. they're also expected to spend a record average of $245 governor newsom and state lawmakers are still debating how to provide financial relief to california drivers who continue to pay the highest gas prices in the country. newsome s proposed spending up to $800 in gas tax refunds. the vehicle owners in the form of debit cards issued by the dmv that could arrive this summer. now democrats in the state legislature are considering funding checks or refund checks through the french franchise tax board. newsom tells the bay area news group. that idea could delay the rebate for months since the board is busy right now with tax season
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or the celebration in mountain view today for the grand opening of a new, affordable housing community congresswoman and ask you joining the mayor of mountain view for the opening of the 71 unit, luna vista apartments. this is at 9 50 west. el camino real and the location was previously a taco bell residents must earn 30 to 70% of santa clair counties. area median. income congressman issues says more needs to be done to provide more affordable housing units in the bay area and beyond. housing. is the number one concern. it's the number one concern. and. on the one hand, we live in one of the most spectacular places in the entire country and the world. but because it's so spectacular , it's so expensive. there are 15 apartments reserved for adults with developmental disabilities. there is also public art on display designed by adults with developmental
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disabilities. or the western ports, including oakland are bracing for more congestion is china is expected to lift covid restrictions in the coming months. officials with the court of oakland say they've hired more dockworkers and have opened an additional yard just for agriculture. at the wall street journal reports more congestion at western ports is a concern when export hubs such as shanghai resume full shipments just before the back to school and holiday shopping season. port of oakland maritime director brian brandy says shoppers should plan ahead the supply chain, you know correction is really an adjustment and it is going to be here to stay with more goods. you know, being delivered directly to our homes i would recommend you know if you want something, and you see it, you buy it. well, brandi says the portal oakland is still congested and what they really need is for those importers to actually pick up their cargo at a faster rate. massive restoration project is underway to transform moffett field's
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historic hangar one. in mountain view by year 2025. today we are given a bit of a sneak peek at the beginning phase of that work google inked at $1.6 billion.60 year lease with nasa. that was back in 2015 to take over the site. tech giant plans to repurpose the three airship hangars. they're turning them into laboratories for developing robots, rovers and drones along with some cutting technology. oh, nice day around the bay area . mostly cloudy along the coastline, partly cloudy elsewhere and all sorts of clouds. we've got some stratus out there. we've got a little bit of fog at the coast we've got even some cumulus and lenticular clouds there. in the in the view, we've got san jose there we are looking at a little bit of blue sky mixed amongst all those clouds and here's another view this one storm tracker to showing you a lot of cloud cover across the bay area. the onshore breezes with us despite all that happening, temperatures right now very similar to yesterday and very
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mild for inland communities. a little bit of drizzle out there falling below the radar beam. even this will continue as we get through the evening hours as the system moves south and easter east as we see northern california, the pacific northwest areas over washington or again the green on the screen there, but for us just the cloud cover and the onshore breeze mixed with just a little bit of drizzle, the fairfield station reporting a wind gust about 31 mph out at travis. we have napa reporting 15 16 and conquered 13 a bit of a breeze if you're going out to the giants game we're looking at a cool one out. there. again. all that going on, we have temperatures four degrees former right now in nevada, as well as sfo, up by three and concord as well as hayward temperatures right now in areas over conquered 70 degrees in the north face 66 for you, napa upper fifties san francisco. half moon bay do expect temperatures to be in the upper fifties for the giants game starts about 7 15, the onshore breeze. 15 mph, maybe
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even a little bit stronger in some of those windier prone areas, and we're looking at mostly cloudy skies, so it's going to be a cool one out there for the evening game. the future cast will show you as we get going tomorrow morning. we will wake up with partly cloudy skies. then we'll break away to mostly sunny skies for tomorrow afternoon. it doesn't last, though. here comes sunday. also mother's day nine a.m. it looks like a round of rain there for the north bay and then by 10 o'clock or so moving through the central bay 11 o'clock 12 o'clock, perhaps for the south bay. the time he could change on this, but again, the takeaway is we could start mother's day a bit soggy. better details on this system and what you can expect for the rest of the weekend in the extended forecast coming up rosemary. thank you. well cartels using california as a drug shipping hub after the break. we're hearing from an undercover detective tasked with tracking down those trafficking deadly drugs coming up at six o'clock and ice cream seller and stockton's robbed at gunpoint stockton's robbed at gunpoint and this was not the first time.
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putting on it. drug cartels currently operate across the u. s and some worry with title 42 set to end in may. it's just another way that dangerous drugs could get into the country illegally. boxes giovanni luigi joins us live from sacramento giovanni. you spoke with a cartel insider. what's their concern about this? andre well, that's absolutely right. and the issue is, you know, you can go to a street corner and by this drug, whether it be here in sacramento or over there in san francisco, and he says that more could be coming into the u. s and the coming months and california is also a main shipping hub because of the major interstates and highways. this is i 80 right behind me. it connects sacramento san francisco. this is one of the drug corridors is what they're calling it. 911 what's your emergency? these emergencies are becoming more common for first
5:26 pm
responders. fentanyl overdose, okay, what we're doing cheap for the cartels to make. this is an undercover detective who works in california. he tracks down cartel members responsible for trafficking drugs. the profile of them is very small so they can smuggle large quantities at a time. um in the profit margins on those is extreme. california has a vast network of interstates and highways systems that stretch across the country for them to further criminal organizations. for them to push more of these drugs onto the streets to make it available on every corner. detectives say. this is why drug cartels use california as a shipping hub. all of these have a victim and they go far beyond the person that's killed with fentanyl, according to the d. e, a more than two dozen states like texas, new york and florida. also have active cartel
5:27 pm
operations. accidental overdoses are almost exclusively fentanyl now to say we were blindsided is a real understatement. this is laura did earlier in this was her son, zach. you ready? me too. zach's dad just said to me. computers that are baby's gone. zach was a young athlete and a straight a student. he died two days after christmas in 2020 after an accidental fentanyl poisoning. he took what he thought was a percocet, but it was laced with fentanyl that there needs to be strengthened laws around fentanyl. and tonight, the dea is also warning of other possible mess overdose events across the country. recently in florida, there were spring breakers who took what they believed was one thing, but it was actually laced with fentanyl. here in sacramento. giovanni luigi ktvu, fox, two
5:28 pm
news overdoses among americans at record pace right now, giovanni. thank you. up next child crime concerns coming from a san jose church when we come back the court documents revealing disturbing details of what family members were trying to do to a three year old before she died. summer plan travel plans, maybe around it. what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't!
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kidnapping and safe recovery of a three month old boy in san jose. well, that made headlines two people his mother knew from church where ultimately charged in that crime tonight. we're learning some new information regarding that church. police say they are investigating another incident that happened back in september involving the death of a three year old girl. ktvu s and ruben joins us live. outside the courthouse with more and. yeah according to court documents, the death occurred at that small church on second street, while family members were trying to read the girl of an evil spirit. in recent months to crimes have rocked one small san jose church, leaving members here really, let me tell you, it's very hard as a mother to look at the woman who took your baby there was the kidnapping of a three month old in april and then last september, a homicide both brought police to the doorstep of the glacier in angelica's apostasy, prophetic
5:32 pm
church operates out of the back room of a house, often posting their sermons on youtube. but it was a private matter and exorcism of sorts, court documents say that resulted in the death of a three year old girl. her mother told police she thought the child was possessed by an evil spirit. because quote the victim would wake up and scream or cry periodically. court documents say she brought the child to church where she and two family members quote held the victim around her waist and neck to help her throw up, which she believed would help her. get the spirit out. this went on for about 12 hours, leaving the child with injuries around her eyes, face, neck and chest. the medical examiner says . ultimately the child died of his fix cia due to suffocation. police add quote after the victim died, they did not perform any medical assistance and they did not call 911. the mother, claudia hernandez, was arrested and is being held on charges of felony child abuse. she declined our request for an interview. san jose. police are
5:33 pm
not commenting on the case. they say that it remains under investigation, frank alright and ruben live for us in the south bay and thank you. alright so new details now about the man accused of attacking comedian dave chappelle, isaiah lead pleaded not guilty to los angeles courtroom today. cell phone video appears to show the 23 year old tackling chappelle on stage. during a performance at the hollywood bowl tuesday. lee has been charged with misdemeanor battery and possession of a weapon. the san francisco department of public health and mayor linda breed today announced the opening of the office of coordinated care. it's all part the expansion of mental health and substance use services in the city. targeted outreach will provide those in need of behavioral health services with a far more robust and proactive support system office will help people access and remain in care so they can avoid falling back into a circle of crisis in the last year, san
5:34 pm
francisco is that 400 treatment beds and deployed a street crisis. response to hundreds of teachers at city college in san francisco, are waiting to learn if their hard fought efforts to avoid cut off cuts and layoffs has paid off the board of trustees holding a special meeting and a vote is expected at any time teachers have been camped out. in front of the college all week long in protest . the college says it is trying to make up for $7 million budget shortfall, and so far 50 teachers have received pink slips. and there is concern that more than 100, others could be on the chopping block. this college serves the community in so many ways that is desperately needed. are and i just cannot imagine. the neil and the coffin that this these cuts will give to city college, so it will be devastating. if these cuts go through, teachers say more than 20,000 students will be robbed
5:35 pm
of ample learning opportunities . we will, of course, continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest information as it becomes available. after a national search, the berkeley unified school district has announced a new superintendent from just across the bay. the school board has selected and ford more fell to lead the district. her appointment is expected to be approved. later this month at the board meeting. she is currently deputy superintendent at the san francisco unified school district. she will replace outgoing superintendent brent stevens, who left in march to lead the lafayette school district. wall street stocks ended their losses for the week . investors weighing a strong u . s jobs report with worries of federal reserve may cause a recession and it's pushed to cool inflation by raising interest rates. now the dow was down 98 points the nasdaq off by 173 and the s and p down 23 points. this is the fifth week
5:36 pm
in a row of losses for the markets. alright, so the latest jobs report as we mentioned before the us added 428,000 jobs in april. the biggest games were in leisure and hospitality as more people are taking trips. the unemployment rate remained unchanged from march at 3.6% president biden was in ohio today, where he vowed to boost domestic manufacturing. pandemic and the economic crisis that we inherited. and putin's war on in ukraine. have all shown the vulnerability when we become too reliant on things made overseas. president is also calling on congress to pass the bipartisan innovation act, which would pump funding for semiconductor manufacturing and industry currently facing a global shortage right now celebration for a 100 year old but not because he reached the century mark walter ortmann has worked at the same textile company in brazil. for 84 years. that is a guinness world record for the longest time at the very same company, walter turned 100 last
5:37 pm
month, says he has no plans of slowing down you go, walter. one thing that might slow down your summer travel plans because of the cost. fox's ashley soriano joins us now in las vegas and ashley. for some. it's the first time they're traveling. and at least a couple of years. well frank. that's exactly right. but i have two words for you. book now. plane tickets are the highest this summer than they've been over previous summers for the last decade. that's according to hopper travel booking site. so what's pushing these prices up well hired jeff fuel prices stemming from inflation and higher travel demand. as the pandemic eases up , economists predict prices will go up even more and plane tickets for destinations within the u. s. will cost on average $383 in 2019 before the pandemic , it was about $287. that means that airfare for summer trips
5:38 pm
it's going to cost about $100 per ticket more than the last summer that most travelers got out. you think about a family of four traveling before the pandemic, and now that's almost $400 more on airfare and well over $1000, which is a lot for families. hotel and rental cars are also more expensive and average of $154 a night for a hotel in about $60 a day for a rental car. despite the higher price is an economist with hopper says this likely won't keep people from traveling, although more people are flying domestically than internationally, compared to 2019, because it's cheaper. and people are eager to get back to those annual family vacations or weekend getaways. but before you do, try to find some ways to save, try flying out on a tuesday or wednesday, as opposed to those peak travel days. try checking into your hotel, maybe
5:39 pm
on a thursday as opposed to a friday or saturday and be sure to check out those different travel booking sites to find the best deals. in las vegas. ashley soriano, ktvu fox two news. quick question. it doesn't look too crowded behind you on the on the luggage spin a rama there, but is vegas picking up or people coming back? oh yeah. vegas is picking up. i know this baggage claim behind me is a bit empty, but you can see travelers all around. in fact, hopper predicts about 2.4 million people flying each day and the. vegas is vegas is back. let me tell you okay, good to know ashley soriano live for us in las vegas. thank you. our moms and dads across the country, sounding the alarm about low supplies of baby formula. they're sharing their stories and pictures of baby formula shortages across social media in a panic, they're demanding governors and the biden administration do something about this. the severe formula
5:40 pm
shortages stem from supply chain issues and recalls by formula maker abbott laboratories following four infant deaths. many stores now have limits on formula purchases. russia tightens its grip on mary opel as officials rushed to evacuate civilians. i'm trading in kiev. i've got the details coming up. at car swept away by powerful winds. so wild sites all caught on camera because of dangerous weather coming up.
5:41 pm
under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way
5:42 pm
to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. it's still the eat fresh refresh, at subway. and they're refreshing everything. even their italians. woah. you talking italians? jimmy's gonna take it from here. refresh italiano see, subway now has italian-style capicola, and you can try it on top of belgioioso fresh mozzarella on the mozza meat. or, stack on three more italian-style meats with the supreme meats. it's just like my nonna makes when she cooks! i don't cook. wait, what? it's a good thing he's so handsome. it's the eat fresh refresh at subway. and they're gonna keep refreshing and re- ladd mother's day with the families displaced by the war in ukraine. today she visited romania as part of her visit to eastern european countries. dr biden also meeting with us and nato leadership today and plans to also visit slovakia. the two countries combined have taken in
5:43 pm
more than a million ukrainians since the russian invasion. meantime another rescue operation is underway mariupol where thousands of civilians and ukrainian soldiers are sheltering in a steel plant. russian forces continue to bombard the plant by foot and with tanks, foxes tray yanks as the latest another rescue operation taking place inside the ukrainian ports city of mariupol. it marks the un's third effort to evacuate civilians trapped inside the city and the besieged steel plant, the u. n says previous evacuations in the area 500 people to safety. it relies on the russians and their goodwill and then actually make, you know , making good on their word to allow these people to get out. in recent days, officials in moscow agreed to a temporary ceasefire at the steel plant. however, russian forces continued to bomb the factory from above. some 2000. ukrainian fighters remain holed up with civilians in the maze of tunnels, but so far they refused to surrender. british intelligence says russian troops could try to completely sees the
5:44 pm
plant before celebrating victory day next monday. there is nothing bad to fall apart. it is already devastate. that is no place. there is no structure. meanwhile russian forces are struggling to make gains in other parts of ukraine. ukraine's military says its troops have prevented nearly a dozen attacks in the donbass region. in addition, they're also pushing russian fighters further away from the key city of heart. certainly what is happening to his russian forces , their stalled again in the second offense, and they are being systematically depleted once again, ukrainian officials say russian forces stormed the mario opel plant with help from an electrician's who knew the layout. and keep tree angst. fox news the warriors playoff series shifting to san francisco for game three. but before tomorrow night's game, we caught up with the players to find out their mindset after some physical play their last time out, and we'll tell you why these penguins could be gone for good in a
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
thea big happy birthday, willie mays turning 91 today. in the past, the giants have celebrated his birthday with special events, including large cakes. car rides at oracle park. really is in good health at 91, but it's unclear if he will visit the ballpark for tonight's game against the st louis cardinals. tomorrow, though another big day for the giants team will host and salute buster posey. memphis grizzlies in town today as they prepare in oakland for game three of the western conference semifinals versus the warriors. that game is tomorrow at chase center. still the most talked about storyline in this is a flagrant foul by dillon brooks on gary payton, the second well that resulted in one game suspension of brooks and today, draymond green was asked if the warriors need to be careful while managing their emotions as the physical series continues.
5:48 pm
as a player. you want every bit of emotions. you can have it and playoff series. uh somebody won't smoke. you gotta want smoke or you lose so no. i'm just saying about putting on emotions aside or not letting your emotions get the best of you. if your emotions get the best thing they should. it's the playoffs. you're playing for all the marbles your emotion and should get the best of you and you adjust from there. so our crews peyton in practice yesterday he had an mri wednesday, which confirmed both of fracture as well as a ligament and muscle damage to his elbow. he will be re evaluated in about two weeks or something. alright tomorrow, the first saturday of may, so it's time to saddle up. 148th running of the fame. kentucky derby kicks off and louisville tomorrow afternoon, the first leg of the triple crown horse racing circuit. and will be the first time in three years the race will run in front of a full house foxes. lydia who joins us from churchill downs with a preview. it's back. the kentucky derby were turns this year and
5:49 pm
for the first time in three years, no covid restrictions are in place, and fans are thrilled . back in 2020. they held the kentucky derby, but fans were not allowed here at churchill downs to watch last year. capacity was capped at about 52,000 people this year. we can expect to see about three times as many filled the stands at churchill downs. all of these people want to see the most exciting two minutes in sports, and this year it's not just the pinnacle of american horse racing. this is also where american dreams are being realized. we talked with saffy joseph jr. he's a third generation horse trainer who came from barbados years ago with just two horses to his name. but after years of work, he broke into american horse racing and an hour has 150 horses in training tomorrow, his horse white, a burial will take part in the run for the roses dream. that's where i came from barbara. that's the kentucky. my
5:50 pm
dream is to win the kentucky it every thursday. if you work hard, and you do right that people will give you the opportunity and thank god god bless us, and now we're here in the position where the sky's the limit. it's a $3 million prize at stake and tomorrow's kentucky derby race. but before we get there today, up first we have the kentucky oaks happening later this evening. that's the race of the three year old fillies, female horses, and that's why we wear pink today. louisville, kentucky. i'm lydia, who with the fox business network. we are seeing some dramatic new video tornadoes that swept through and over kansas last friday. wow surveillance video showing the moments of tornado passes by an elementary school, the powerful winds, tossing to breathe through the air and swept away. a parked car in another shot from inside the school you can actually the wave of debris as the wind blows sideways through the parking lot. more than 1000 buildings were damaged, but amazingly, officials say nobody was injured. how that does
5:51 pm
amazing video. meanwhile outside our doors, a mix of sun and clouds a little bit of drizzle out there this afternoon. we'll get mostly clear after tomorrow before a storm brings in some rain. it looks like mother's day morning. how about that? come fly away with me? we're in the clouds up above. i believe san francisco. the low clouds along the coastline and across the bay will continue into the evening hours. here's a look at storm tracker to if you are going out to the giants game, it's cool. it's breezy. it's cloudy. make sure you have your jacket pulling back here. the system moving through areas over the pacific northwest and clipping northern california all the way down about mendocino county. we have a little bit of drizzle out there. but really, it's just about the cloud cover and the stronger seabreeze onshore breeze out there this afternoon . lake tahoe is dry at the moment, but like tahoe also going to get in on some wet weather. in the way of snow. so blue canyon south lake tahoe mostly cloudy right now in the low fifties, tricky reporting a
5:52 pm
partly sunny skies and 54 tomorrow is going to be a dry day tomorrow. temperatures will warm into the low to mid fifties over areas of tahoe. but take a look at sunday, a dramatic turn . it's going to feel like winter over areas of tahoe by sunday was scattered snow showers. temperature starting out in the low twenties and for the afternoon only going to about 40 degrees, and it's a trend we're going to see for a few days. i'll show you that in the future cast, or i should say the extended forecast. here's a look at the future cast. tomorrow morning. we'll have partly cloudy skies and then as we get into the afternoon, calling for mostly sunny conditions as we get into sunday morning, starting out with mostly cloudy skies and by 89 o'clock, it looks like a little bit of rain falling over areas of the north bay. then it shifts into the central bay by about 10 o'clock shifts again into the south bay by about 11 o'clock or so it doesn't look like a whole lot, but definitely enough to get you wet if you have outdoor plans for the morning hours. afternoon looks to be scattered shower
5:53 pm
activity but cooler and breezy temperatures in and around the bay area right now fifties from half moon bay over towards san francisco lot of sixties around the bay area in a few areas, still enjoying the low seventies 70 degrees right now, in concord , 71. in brentwood tomorrow morning, a chilly start in santa rosa mid forties for you there. 51 for san francisco along the peninsula 50 degrees in redwood city, as well as the inner east bay of concord and then into the afternoon. temperatures are going to be very similar to today sixties in san francisco upper sixties in vallejo seventies expected for concord as well as the north bay of santa rosa. the extended forecast a big drop in temperatures on sunday. we do expect it to be a lot breezier and that chance of scattered showers for mother's day monday tuesday, holding onto that cool air and the possibility of some unsettled weather. we dry out. we warm up on wednesday back to you taking notes. watch the weather on mother's day sunday, rosemary. thanks and for a penguins living in an article in dangerous and dangerous extension, we're told researchers at the argentine
5:54 pm
antarctic institute believes that because of climate change the endangered species might disappear within 30 to 40 years . emperor penguins rely on marine ice to survive. it's where they reproduce and raise their baby chicks as global temperatures rise and the ice breaks apart and melts. the chicks die because they haven't developed waterproof feathers, yet leaving them vulnerable to the frigid temperatures. and water. up next new clue in a massive manhunt after the break what officials revealed today after more than a week of searching for an alabama inmate and the corrections officer believed to have help him escape. and coming up on new at six o'clock, well known ice cream vendor robbed a gunpoint in his northern california neighborhood, his calls to hold his attacker accountable. plus california's energy grid has been put to the test the last few years. the new serious concern now over whether the state is ready for the summer.
5:55 pm
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folt least two people have been killed in a plane crash in the marin headlands. good evening, everybody. we'll get to that in just a moment. first let's start with this. there are new images of an inmate casey white and corrections officer vicki white. both went missing last week. from alabama's lauderdale county detention center. yes to that story in a moment, but state and local officials have discovered a car they drove in central tennessee. steve harrigan. fox has the very latest now in that manhunt. search for inmate casey white and corrections officer vicki white has now entered day eight office contacted agents with the u. s marshal speech active task force last night between 11 and midnight. and
5:58 pm
told him that the car had been located there. sorry about three hours, three hours and 50 minutes after they left. florence, alabama, they abandoned that vehicle are not related have not been seen since last friday after they disappeared from alabama's lauderdale county detention center. since then u. s marshals and the fbi have both joined the case and are asking the public for any information leading to the capture. i think this was a very well thought out plan. and you know so and her knowledge is, you know, sort of put us uh huh. with the word i'm looking for. you know, we're we're sort of at a loss. investigators also released photos of being made displaying a number of tattoos, some of which may be connected to white supremacist gangs. officials say the pair may attempt to alter their physical appearance in an effort to evade capture. the u. s marshals have also shown what vicki white could look like if she changed
5:59 pm
her hair color to a darker shade. authorities warned the pair could be in possession of multiple firearms, including a shotgun and then a r 15 casey white was at the lauderdale center after confessing to stabbing a woman to death in 2015. officials also say the corrections officer was communicating with the inmate for possibly up to two years prior to the escape in atlanta. steve harrigan fox news this is ktvu fox two news at six. we're following some breaking news. at least two people have been killed in a plane crash in the marin headlands. good evening. i'm frank mallicoat. andre senior. here is what we know. right now. authorities with the national park service said the crash was in the back country area north of the councilman road area in the marine headlands. they see an emergency beacon was activated at about 2 15 this afternoon. two people found dead at the scene. we're told their names not being released while their families
6:00 pm
are notified. the ntsb says the plane was an experimental vans, rv 10 aircraft. the faa and other agencies are also investigating will keep you updated ktvu .com. community is cross country are bracing for demonstrations from those who are both for and against the possible repeal of roe v. wade case here in the bay area, more than a dozen politicians and leaders all gathered to rally voters to action and defense of women's rights to choose ktvu is jesse gary shows us this is an assault on women's rights. in mountain view friday, more than a dozen political and community leaders all but one women and all united in sounding a clarion call to action. for the very first time in the history of our country, the supreme court is poised to take a right away that pronouncement from south bay congresswoman anna issue comes after sunday's leaked draft from the high court. it indicates justices may


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