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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 6, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. on y are the reason that the schools working, it's functioning because of that can't function without them, but they may have to, despite protests from students and teachers faculty at san francisco city college need to brace for layoffs. good evening. i'm andre. senior. everyone i'm frank mallicoat protests over this issue landed some of those teachers in jail. ktvu sexist joins us live from san francisco, where tonight's decision was made. to move forward with those planned layoffs. zack. yeah well, it
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certainly wasn't the decision that students and faculty here at city college had wanted to hear. in fact, ahead of tonight's vote. they camped out overnight to make sure that their feelings were heard loud and clear. it's very heavy. it's really painful. um i am, you know, concerned about my own future. i'm concerned about the future of my students. amina khan among the faculty members at san francisco city college will soon be looking for a new job. this is not an easy recommendation to bring forth as outlined in accreditation standards and board policy is the recommendation of the chancellor to move forward with the adoption of the resolution. college chancellor david martin , speaking shortly before the board's vote, martin pointing to us $7 million budget gap, threatening the colleges accreditation status. as a key driver behind the decision. 5 to 1 vote the motion does carry
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colleges board of trustees voting to lay off 38 full time faculty members and more than 130. part time teachers. you seem to be telling us that you don't want our students to gain those critical thinking, reading and writing skills that are essential to success in college and success in life. the board approving the motion, despite more than four hours of public comments, all against the layoffs, countless friends who've taken night courses here i know people who have graduated from ccs f it is a staple is community especially for people who are, you know, learning english as a second language students now worried about how the decision will position the college for the future. and i see the power of how city college actually helps people actually get employed, be a part of the community start businesses. we can't get discounted. it means helping all of san franciscans get the education that they deserve. and those attending tonight's rally say they'll be making their
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feelings known during the next election in november, there will be making sure that they that those rather excuse me. those layouts will be going into effect ahead of the fall semester in august. live in san francisco, zach sauce, ktvu, fox two news and zach. do we know if those teachers will get any kind of severance when this happens? those details were not made available tonight. certainly something will be following up on saxon reporting for us live in san francisco, zack. thanks layoffs are certainly tough, well, david martin, chancellor at the san francisco community coajor song. that package says the layoffs are step in the process of identifying quote, sustainable path forward for the district. the colleges had deficit spending of more than $65 million since 2017. new at 10 tonight. surveillance video shows flames as a man walks away from a bars park lit in san francisco. and while there is damage could have been much worse. if not for a quick thank
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you bartender and some workers at nearby businesses. police in san francisco are now searching for the person. you set that part lit on fire. ktvu is elissa harrington spoke with the witnesses and the bar's owner tonight. alyssa frank. this happened at the blue line on union street right at the bar was closing down. the bartenders used fire extinguishers, even buckets of water to douse those flames. they're worried, though this arsonist could strike again. crazy we had a arson attack athenee, owner of the blue light in san francisco's cow hollow neighborhood, shows us damage to his bars park lit the wooden beams scorched windows melted. this fire blew up. it was so bright and powerful. the fire broke out just before midnight sunday. matheny blames an arsonist. he shared this surveillance video that shows a man wearing sunglasses, walked to the corner of the park lit and crouched down. when he walks away. there's flames just really puts an eerie feeling in your first
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of all i felt violated then i felt scared for more businesses than me because this guy is still running around. david marshall was bartending that night in that surveillance video . you see him notice the fire, then russian side to call 911. i heard a snap, and i thought i heard someone say something. but i just turned and the windows were just lit up. within minutes , flames engulfed about a quarter of the park lit employees at neighboring bars and restaurants saw what was happening and ran over to help. we're just superstars ran over helped. we are just buckets of water are fire extinguishers. and they were too went to work. firefighters arrived and put out the fire. we got a chance to speak with neighbors walking by who were surprised to see the damage and concerned the fire may have been intentionally set a little a little nervous. i'm also sad like this is a local business. they deserve our support. horrible these are hardworking, small business
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owners. who have actually been here for the entire community during the pandemic. athenee does not recognize the man in the video, but hopes somebody else does. nobody was hurt. i reached out to police. they tell me they are investigating and have made no arrests. the bar's owner said that it's also going to cost a lot of money to make repairs reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news were any other businesses damaged at all by the fire. there is a lululemon right next door where the pain was damaged. it was still bubbling when we went by today, and there was a very large tree that cover two businesses that did burn but again. luckily, those flames did not spread. well, hopefully they could not catch that arson. that's okay. elissa harrington live in our newsroom. thanks. thank you. icu investigators are working tonight to figure out what caused a plane crash that killed two people in marin county. the national park service says the crash happened around 2 15 in the back country area north of councilman road in
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the marin headlands you could see conditions were pretty foggy as investigators surveyed the crash site late this afternoon. they have not said yet whether the thick fog was a factor in that crash. ntsb investigators say the plane was a single engine vans, rv 10 aircraft. other agencies, including the faa, are also involved in the investigation. the victim's names have not been released just yet. or at four people in a car that plunged about 40 yards down a cliff near sutro bands in san francisco, where rescued that car crossed the center lane at point lobos sometime before three this morning before plowing through a fence and driving off that cliff. the people inside were between the ages of 17 to 23. the car is now buried in the sand. four of the victims are set to be in critical condition tonight. well, seems like this happen all over oakland. all the time side shows erupted at two separate locations in the city last night . oakland police now say they
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will be at the ready to crack down this weekend with help of regional law enforcement partners. ktvu demagogues spoke with people in the community about living and working near these dangerous displays. is not seen on citizen video thursday night has put businesses in oakland's uptown district on edge as this month's first friday. festivities get underway in oakland. oakland police recovered a firearm from the late night sideshow on cinco de mayo and made two arrests. they also tweeted these pictures showing some of the 60 vehicles they towed pretty long night manager at tierra mia cafe nearby made to middle of the night checks on the business after getting security system notifications on his phone. banging on it. there is kind of trying to get in, but thankfully, nothing was harmed to rosa police got anonymous tips that car caravans, some coming from oakland were involved in a 750 person side show the same night. around 11
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o'clock, one person was shot. several shots were fired. we know that the victim was hit multiple times in his lower extremities, underwent surgery at a local hospital, and it was in critical condition but expected to live at world of braids along telegraph avenue in oakland. the threat of side shows isn't worrying and a hoyt she's been busy breeding here for high school problems this weekend. is a concern all over, but that is something you cannot stop. it's not worrying. locals either. always gotta be mindful of what's around you, but definitely feel safe. i feel like if you just have you come prepared and you make sure like maybe take the bar. if you don't want your car broken into, you know, you can really make it a good time. oakland police officers dedicated to illegal sideshow activity will be out this weekend, joined by regional law enforcement partners reporting in oakland, emma cost ktvu fox two news. new attend tonight on martinez man has been arrested on suspicion of a fatal
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shooting of fairfield last month . investigators say anthony fauci motto was shot to death on april the 21st in an area of laurel drive and manzanita avenue. the suspect has been identified. as 51 year old richard klein. investigators say an argument had occurred prior to that shooting. basically declaring the city of oakland as a sanctuary city for anybody who would like to get an abortion here, doubling down on reproductive rights coming up. plans take shape for vote to make oakland century city the winds are dying down. the fog is forming and the changes you need to know about in the weekend forecast that's still straight ahead. and the south bay church that operates out of a home gets linked to the death of a child coming up. court documents suggest church members did to deal with complaints about an evil spirit. from a child's evil spirit. from a child's mother coming up. under district attorney gascón,
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i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, to klaminate and vinyl.afe. this hardwood is beautiful. this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable!
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but when it comes to everything our family needs... this one is... perfect. now this store is the real deal. at floor and decor, there's plenty of room to explore. because with everyday low pricing on quality in-stock products and on-trend styles, you can really bring your living room to life. discover floor and decor today! citr the city to declare itself a sanctuary for women seeking an abortion. ktvu is jana katsuyama joins us live now with details on that, and the larger panel brewing on the state. and local level, jenna. frank and andre. legal experts say this is just
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the beginning if the supreme court does overturn roe versus wade, they're expecting a new flurry of laws and legal battles in state houses and city halls. as the nation waits for the u. s. supreme court's official ruling on the mississippi abortion ban and whether to overturn roe versus wade. states and cities are moving quickly at a local level. on friday, oakland city council president pro tem xiang tao introduced an emergency resolution calling for oakland to declare itself a right to choose sanctuary city. we are signaling to the rest of the nation to all the women out there that we are a sanctuary city for you and that if you come out here, we will protect you. and you can have the services, which is health care services. that you need. the resolution comes as california governor gavin newsom and top democratic lawmakers are seeking to make the state a sanctuary for women by protecting abortion access under the state's constitution authorizing more medical providers to perform abortions and preventing other states from accessing some california medical record. you
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think that this is a backwards motion for the state of california and even for individual cities. jonathan keller, president of the california family council, which opposes abortions, says if roe versus wade is overturned, then california should provide more resources to support pregnant women and ban abortion in all cases, except when a mother's life is in jeopardy, continuing to enshrine and promote abortion across the country is just really unfortunate given all the tools we have at our disposal today, legal experts say sanctuary city resolutions have little legal weight. totally symbolic. uh it just it just doesn't mean anything legally. hastings law professor david levine says cities and states do have the ability to pass public safety laws protecting abortion provider. you can't trust pass on somebody's private property that you can't block somebody from going about their business lawfully, levine says well, congress could pass a nationwide ban on abortion, the federal
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government would have limited legal authority to enforce such a ban in states that decide not to comply. federal government could not force the state of california to enforce a ban on abortion clinics. they could give them incentives, but they can't make them do that under the 10th amendment. back here in oakland house says that even if it might be just symbolic, she feels that her resolution presents an important message. and she's hoping that the city council will vote to approve it when it comes before the board on may 17th. frank alright. jana katsuyama live for us in oakland. jenna. thank you. there's more security now for the supreme court justices tonight after the home addresses of the six conservative justices were posted online by pro choice activists. the group which calls itself ruth sent us published the address. they're not encouraging violence, but they are calling for people to do walk by demonstrations outside the justices holmes today a stronger police presence could
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be seen outside those homes. and barry lawmakers call the expected ruling on roe v. wade and assault on women's rights. appalling to think that my two teenage daughters may be denied the same rights and freedoms that women have rightfully had for close to 50 years. that's coming up later tonight, the call to action by elected leaders and how the bay area is reaching out to people who may need help if abortion is banned in their states. mm hmm. okay we'll take a look and a listen on how hail pounded parts of north carolina today. someone posted these images. social media. severe weather hit the town of moore's burrow. that's west of charlotte. the damage caused there is just a fraction of what people across that state or dealing with tonight it's not confirmed, but several people called 911, saying they saw funnel cloud in that area from overhead. you can see the heavy wind damage buildings and snapped trees and half
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fortunately, there are no reports of any injuries, but lots of cleanup to be done. they're all part of a storm front that brought unsettled weather from south alabama to coastal virginia. so locally now fog the story of the day here and we capture check this out images of it. blanketing san francisco late this afternoon, making the city pretty much unrecognizable, at least from this vantage point. conditions started to clear up around 6 30 tonight. alright ktvu meteorologists roberta gonzalez end tonight to talk about the weekend and what's coming our way. a lot is coming our way. apparently i remember is known for the fluctuations in the weather pattern, and this makes no different except it's all happening in one week instead of a whole month, but we did have the very foggy conditions earlier today, producing condensation. in the form of drizzle and then it cleared out and it is back now, when the fog forms when the temperature and the dew point is equal, for example, it's now 55 degrees in half moon bay, and the dew point
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is also 55. so we will have some morning overcast conditions right now the temperature is 58 degrees in oakland with the dew point at 55, so you can see the distance there. a bit of a haze 56 degrees in napa. we will wake up to some cloud cover and santa rosa tomorrow morning currently in the mid fifties and is now 61 degrees very mild and san jose due to that wind at 12 mph coming out of the north, but it's a westerly at sfo at 13 mph same and throughout many far inland areas like livermore and in napa. otherwise oakland international airport with the 16 mile per hour winds. these winds will remain with us throughout the evening hours. now this is the deal saturday will become sunny after the fog dissipates on sunday. we will have a passing shower from this strong trough, and then by monday, we have a chance of showers that could produce an isolated thunderstorm containing small #### let's back it up a bit. tonight with the areas of
10:19 pm
fog, mainly some clear skies. but with the fog, some coastal drizzle will exist temperatures into the forties and into the fifties 52 degrees and fremont through union city tomorrow. once the clouds lived, we will experience temperatures in the mid fifties at the beaches. a couple of degrees cooler around the central bay, 72 conquered clayton walnut creek back in through alamo into danville, 66 . degrees around castro valley and 67 degrees in redwood city. we're talking about a forecast that is changing. it is unsettled. we do have the passing shower in the sunday forecast for mom's day. that chance of an isolated thunderstorm on monday chance of lingering showers on tuesday than a drier weather pattern by midweek, but we're going to pinpoint exactly when you should expect those rain showers for your mother's day brunch plans that's coming up a little bit later in the broadcast, gentlemen. well the man crews in havana, cuba are searching for people possibly trapped in the rubble of a luxury hotel hit by
10:20 pm
natural gas explosion. the blast ripped off the facade of the five star hotel saratoga. at least 22 people killed her 74 injured. officials say a large group of people are missing right now. the historic hotel was under renovation at the time . cuban state tv says a truck carrying natural gas for the hotel cause that powerful explosion. most people assume the water they get from the tap is safe. but one new assessment of water systems across the state show hundreds of systems need improvement. coming up. the bay area systems flagged in that study. and find out what the man accused of attacking comedian dave chappelle has to say for himself during his out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits.
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to help keep you both comfortable all night. it's also temperature balancing, so you stay cool. it's so smart it knows exactly how long, how well, and when you slept. sleep number takes care of the science, all you have to do is sleep. don't miss our weekend special. save $500 on the sleep number 360 c4 smart bed, queen now only $1,299. lowest price ever! plus, no interest until january 2025. ends monday. twoe failed to deliver safe drinking water. the state water resources control board analyzed more than 3000 water systems in california and found 346 failed to meet criteria. for delivering clean
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water in 2021 here in the bay area, the largest water system listed as failing is operated by the city of st helena, due to disinfection byproducts found in that water. nearby howell mountain mutual water company and napa county is also listed as failing for the same reason. california energy officials announcing today that the state is preparing for an energy shortfall and what's expected to be another hot and very dry summer. now officials say threats from drought, extreme heat and wildfires are creating challenges for energy reliability. experts warning of an energy shortfall equivalent to what it takes to power about 1.3 million homes. when demand is at its peak in the hottest months of the summer, they say rolling black cocks blackouts rather are a possibility. and we got an update from a cdc regarding a mysterious hepatitis outbreak involving children. health officials say they're looking into more than 100 cases
10:24 pm
. right here in the u. s is meddling. rivera has more now from washington. new details from the cdc regarding a hepatitis outbreak and children health officials now looking into more than 100, possible cases of the liver disease reported in the us five of the affected children have died. overall more than 90% of these patients under investigation were hospitalized. 14% received liver transplant. two weeks ago, the cdc alerted health officials across the country about a cluster of hepatitis cases in nine children in alabama from october to february, the agency still working to figure out how 109 children got hepatitis, more than half had adenovirus infections, which typically causes mild cold or flu like symptoms or stomach problems. by the cdc says it's too early to say of the virus is a cause evolving situation and we're casting a wide net to help broaden our understanding some
10:25 pm
of the signs and symptoms of hepatitis include fever, fatigue , loss of appetite and nausea. important to remember that severe hepatitis in children is rare. even with the potential increase in cases that we're reporting today, for now, health experts are advising parents to be vigilant and monitor their children's behavior when there's a sudden change in apparent consent, that something's not right. that's when it's a good time to call a pediatrician. the outbreak is not just impacting the us the world health organization says nearly 300 probable cases have been reported in 20 countries. in washington. mather rivera fox news. call render is the latest east bay city to ban the sale of flavored tobacco and all vaping products. menthol cigarettes also included in the span. merchants who violate the ordinance could be cited. city officials say the bend is intended to discourage smoking among miners who studies have shown more tracked it to flavored tobacco. the band is scheduled to go into effect in
10:26 pm
june. and we're following a disturbing story in the south bay. coming up at church gets tied to crimes involving two children plus. sounds of support . one bay area city hosting a concert tonight benefiting those living more than 6000 miles away in war torn ukraine and later in sports giant today's trying to snap out of losing skids. we've got the highlights from our area baseball teams coming up shortly. plus can the fbi helped by organized retail crimes in the bay area coming up? the call to get more help from the feds
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sano disturbing crimes involving children in april, the
10:29 pm
kidnapping and safe recovery of a three month old boy made big headlines to people that his mother knew from the church were ultimately charged with the crime. as ktvu is in rubin reports. police say they're now investigating another incident linked to the church involving the death of a three year old girl. in recent months to crimes have rocked one small san jose church, leaving members here really, let me tell you, it's very hard as a mother to look at the woman who took your baby there was the kidnapping of a three month old in april and then last september, a homicide both brought police to the doorstep of the glacier in angelica's apostasy, prophetic church operates out of the back room of a house, often posting their sermons on youtube. but it was a private matter and exorcism of sorts, court documents say that resulted in the death of a three year old girl. her mother told police she thought the child was possessed by an evil spirit. because quote the victim would wake up and
10:30 pm
scream or cry periodically. court documents say she brought the child to church where she and two family members quote held the victim around her waist and neck to help her throw up, which she believed would help her. get the spirit out. this went on for about 12 hours, leaving the child with injuries around her eyes, face, neck and chest. the medical examiner says . ultimately the child died of his fix cia due to suffocation. police add quote after the victim died, they did not perform any medical assistance and they did not call 911. the mother, claudia hernandez, was arrested and is being held on charges of felony child abuse. she declined our request for an interview. san jose. police aren't commenting on the case. they say the matter remains under investigation in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news well. new town of san jose man is under arrest on suspicion of killing a 24 year old woman in morgan hill back in march. now the woman was found dead in a home on monterey road by
10:31 pm
officers doing a welfare check. investigators say they found items in the bedroom that led them to consider her death suspicious. and detectives took 31 year old jordan's low into custody in san jose yesterday on suspicion of murder. san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin visited chinatown today and was greeted by protesters. boudin was there to update business owners nasuti filed last month that accuses a law firm out of san diego of using the americans with disabilities act to pressure small businesses into settling lawsuits. now, while the chinese chamber of commerce welcome the d, a outside protesters urged the people of san francisco to vote yes. on h two recall chasin booty. the performative. this is not a criminal act. so what's what's being done is these lawsuits should be. these are civil matters and this should be the job of the city attorney's office, not the district attorney's office arguments, the district attorney says despite the allegations that he is not
10:32 pm
doing enough to combat crime in chinatown he has committed to the community. we'll get him back to all the fallout over the leak of that u. s supreme court documents suggesting the court may overturn roe v. wade communities all across the country are bracing for demonstrations, both for against and possible repeal of abortion protests. yeah here in the bay area. more than a dozen politicians and leaders gathered today to rally voters to action in defense of a woman's right to choose. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary has a story now from mountain view. this is an assault on women's rights. in mountain view friday, more than a dozen political and community leaders all but one women and all united in sounding a clarion call to action. for the very first time in the history of our country. the supreme court is poised to take a right away that pronouncement from south bay congresswoman anna issue comes after sunday's leaked draft from the high court. it indicates
10:33 pm
justices may overturn roe versus wade, the landmark ruling that women have a constitutional right to abortion. but the draft indicates the court would leave the issue up to individual states. and if you think that the states are going to be able to protect women think again because if the republicans take control of the house and the senate, they will pass a bill outlawing abortion in every state women will be hurt. um women's health will be undermined people's lives could be lost. the push now is to mobilize for what some say is the most important political and social fight in two generations . it is appalling to think that my two teenage daughters may be denied the same rights and freedoms that women have rightfully had for close to 50 years. some south bay political leaders have already earmarked funds. to provide services due to an increase in those seeking abortions. even prior, um to this announcement on monday, they started to see an increase
10:34 pm
in the number of patients looking for patient care. folks are coming here because they know that they can get the care that they need, and we will not back down front in this fight is legislative the house has passed the women's health protection act, and next week the senate will take up the issue. we must codify the rights established by robbie by roe v. wade. but the senate stamp is uncertain due to a near 50 50 split. so the ultimate power brokers, the people are being urged to step up and take action. if 70% of the people think one thing and the congress does something else . they can be replaced in mountain view. jessie gary ktvu, fox two news so you can look for extensive coverage the nation's growing over the nation's growing debate over access to abortions on our website. our digital coverage includes a breakdown of how lawmakers from the bay area are getting involved at the state and federal level. bay area lawmaker meeting with the fbi to push for
10:35 pm
help in the fight against organized retail crime. representative eric swalwell from the space spoke with fbi officials at the phillip burton federal building in san francisco this morning. to get an update on crime fighting efforts here in the bay area representative swalwell also sent a letter to u. s attorney general merrick garland and fbi director christopher wray asking the bureau to re prioritize efforts. to limit these crimes by working with state and local law enforcement. at the end of the day, either criminals are going to run our communities or law and order will and this letter seeks to make sure that we are all safe in our communities that commerce can thrive. that no one is affected by retail crime. representative swalwell went on to say the fbi prides itself on local partnerships, and he's confident the agency will find ways to help prevent further trauma and harm the local investments that have been caused by the rise. in violent retail thefts. nothing sweet about what happened on 81
10:36 pm
year old ice cream vendor robbed at gunpoint tuesday outside of a stock at home. he is uninjured. fortunately but thieves got away with $300. police say these kinds of assaults are reported in the city each year. oftentimes street vendors are targeted because they work alone and they carry a lot of cash on them, and some thieves consider them easy targets. the vendor says he's sharing his story with the hope that more can be done to prevent this type of activity. coming up at 11 injuries and a mess following a southern california construction site collapsed, see the damage left behind. i'm sure you've heard by now it will be damp mother's day, but just how much rain and when will it rain that's forecast is still coming up. that's beautiful music for a very good cause. coming up how those sounds will help the people of ukraine stay with us
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who. conquering hate. a ukraine benefit cancer taking place tonight at middle well mill valleys. sweetwater music hall. the sold out event is being put on by sarah and andy kurtz sig of the reason foundation and features several popular bay area artists. to date. the reason foundation has raised more than $304,000 to help. the ukrainian people. russian troops are still trying to wrap up their seat on mariupol in ukraine, this as ukrainian troops make their last stand and evacuation efforts resume. foxes trade yanks has the very latest now from keith. russian forces
10:40 pm
bombed the as off steel plant in the ukrainian city of mariupol inside ukrainian civilians and soldiers are trapped in nuclear bunkers. currently russian shelling in the salt of still plans do not stop. civilians still need to be taken out. women children, many children who are still there. just imagine this #### the united nations says 500 civilians were able to leave the facility over the past 48 hours, but others still need to be rescued. ukrainian officials worry they're running out of time as russian leadership looks to claim a military victory. we understand there's no logic in putin's actions. he has this first for victory. he has the ninth of may. that's upcoming when he needs to bring somebody's head for his people and show his victorious dennis morning starsky serves as ukraine's minister of internal affairs. he believes the russian military will escalate their attacks on ukraine if a victory
10:41 pm
can be claimed by victory day next week. this week, the russian military ran through a rehearsal for their victory day celebrations in the capital of moscow. with fighter jets overhead and troops in the street. russian president putin is looking to project an image of strength. this period will be larger than the previous one. we will show the powerful strength of our country. the preparation comes as wartime rhetoric reached new heights this week with russia warning nato against supplying weapons to ukraine and nato leadership, pushing back like the polish prime minister, who called putin a war criminal. russian presidential spokesman dmitry peskov quickly responded to the statement. the fact is, there has been very, very hostile rhetoric coming out of poland in recent months, peskov explained, and the fact that the territorial integrity of ukraine can be threatened by poland also are obvious facts. officials in the capital of kiev are increasing security measures amid continued tension and ahead of victory day on monday in key trade angst, fox news next. an
10:42 pm
appeals court weighs in on california's fog watch band coming up how you can experience the dish legally. and had light up live outside on this wonderful friday night looking at the sfo right there, meteorologist word gonzalez will get us ready for a shift in the temperature over the next over the weekend. and she'll also
10:43 pm
300 million years ago, there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea. and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting. making far feel close. bringing there to here. it's still the eat fresh refresh, at subway. and they're refreshing everything. even their italians. woah. you talking italians? jimmy's gonna take it from here.
10:44 pm
refresh italiano see, subway now has italian-style capicola, and you can try it on top of belgioioso fresh mozzarella on the mozza meat. or, stack on three more italian-style meats with the supreme meats. it's just like my nonna makes when she cooks! i don't cook. wait, what? it's a good thing he's so handsome. it's the eat fresh refresh at subway. and they're gonna keep refreshing and re-
10:45 pm
feen the state's ban on focaccia. state lawmakers passed a law in 2000 and four benny, california farmers from producing agua. the ban went into effect in 2012. critics argue that force feeding ducks and geese to enlarge their liver. was animal cruelty of federal judge ruled in 2020. that sale of guagua doesn't violate state law if it's produced outside of california and delivered to those individuals. an appeals court upheld that decision. or on wall street stocks added to their losses from yesterday's big sell off the dow was down 98 points and nasdaq fell. 173 and the s and p down 23 points. now, this is the fifth week in a row of losses. for the markets, and this comes as the latest jobs report shows the us added 428,000 jobs last month. the biggest gains were in leisure and hospitality is more people
10:46 pm
are taking trips. the unemployment rate remained unchanged from march at 3.6% president biden was in ohio today, where he vowed to boost domestic manufacturing. pandemic and the economic crisis that we inherited. and putin's war on in ukraine. have all shown the vulnerability when we become too reliant on things made overseas. the president is also calling on congress to pass the bipartisan innovation act, which would pump funding into semiconductor manufacturing and industry currently facing global shortages. well man accused of attacking comedian dave chappelle made his first quarter appearance today. his name is isaiah lee. he pleaded not guilty in an l. a courtroom. cellphone video appears to show that 23 year old though tackling chappelle on stage during a performance at the hollywood bowl that's happened on tuesday night. lee has been charged with misdemeanor battery and possession of a weapon. this person went. a tackled another
10:47 pm
human being, and he had a replica gun and apparently a knife in his hands. the tax will alone was quite violent. i think that was could be construed as an assault with the intent to commit great bodily injury. i think it was worthy of a filing . then you test your evidence in court. babies convicted, lee would face no more than 18 months in a county jail. it was a pretty seasonal spring day here in the bay area, and then the fog rolled in, producing some pretty heavy drizzle that tapered off by 6 30, then clear skies and now check this out. the fog is rolling back into the city of oakland, where the distance there you can see the ronald dellums federal building and u. s courthouse standing 268 ft. tall, you can see the bright red lights blinking and above it, a lowering ceiling. due to the low clouds and areas of fog temperatures right now in the fifties except san jose at 63 degrees due to a north wind
10:48 pm
concords at 61. the wind is westerly at sfo. temperatures tumbled into the low fifties, their mountain view with a fluctuating wind and a gust up to 13 napa 13 oakland international at 16 mph. and these winds will continue to be pretty consistent throughout the overnight hours. 10 to 20 mph so you can see this big, beautiful area of low pressure pushing onshore zoom in and we see we have some light rain showers right now and crescent city with the wind gusts up to 23 mph, eureka, light rain cloud cover and yukiya. now that's just, um, is already enhancing our marine layer. but as we forge through the overnight hours tomorrow morning setup is at 607, and with it, the stratos remains across the santa clara valley. the immediate seashore, but it is backed off our inland areas and then look what happens tomorrow afternoon. absolutely nothing. it's sunny. it's bright . it's beautiful, but it will be breezy with the approaching front that will scatter some rain showers across the north
10:49 pm
bay by nine o'clock. on mother's day than the frontal boundary moves in throughout the central bay and streams into the eastern portion of our region by 10 o'clock and then during the afternoon hours, we do buy a break except we will see a scattered showers late day. this is what i'm concerned with its a lot of unsettled air mass. and on monday, this will roll into the bay area, producing a scattered showers. nothing significant as far as precipitation is concerned. but we could see an isolated thunderstorm. so i'm backing this up a bit. it will become sunny saturday a passing shower on mother's day. then monday that chance of showers containing isolated thunderstorms, which could contain some small hail. so what does this mean for the high sierra? it means that we will see some snow. developing by sunday. now we don't expect significant snowfall, but it will be snowing and the month of may. and tahoe, all right back at the ranch forties and fifties overnight lows with areas of fog and coastal drizzle, then
10:50 pm
tomorrow 56 at the sea shortage 71 degrees in santa rosa. these numbers are just a couple of degrees cooler than today, accepting gilroy tapping off in the mid seventies, down from 81 degrees today, 72 conquered through walnut creek. here is your extended forecasts again. we will have those passing showers. on mom's day that threat of a isolated thunderstorm on monday, a chance of a lingering shower tuesday. we dry out by midweek, but again to just put a bow on it. here it is your mom's day forecast 50 40 64 degrees, much cooler, windy with that scattered shower, gentlemen. all right. thank you so much, roberta. well scientists in england sea birds are breeding earlier than before and that climate change is to blame in a force next to oxford university researchers are tracking the change. in behavior . studies of the local bird population has been going on for decades now and over time, they have noticed that birds are laying their eggs earlier than ever, and this year it happened a month earlier than they did
10:51 pm
back in the 19 forties. experts said the findings reveal how spring has moved forward whole calendar month over the time of the study, on average, have shifted by three weeks, so populations breeding three weeks earlier than it used to do in the 19 forties. so that's a big shift. really, if you think about it. and the researchers say that the caterpillars are also hatching earlier, they eat leaves, which are growing much earlier, too. up next in sports . on the eve of game three of the worries playoff series against the grizzlies, draymond green talks about the emotions fans can expect chase center tomorrow night. and with so much technology out, there may be hard to imagine how some people find it hard to stay plugged in across the bay area at 11 see what's being done to close the digital
10:52 pm
fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
e ie here with a look at your sports , we start with baseball covid in the clubhouse and a number of injuries. the major causes for the giant's woes. they have lost six of seven and fourlouis. thes trying to give willie mays w on his 91st birthday, harris running back for the steelers and bay area native in the house. tonight we take you to the action. top five. harrison bader takes alex cobb deep for the two run shot now the plate was reviewed because you can see the fan there for fan interference. call stands cards lead to nothing. bottom half of the inning. darren rough, the base hit to right off genesis cabrera, joey barton, luiz gonzalez coming in to score. we are all tied at two. how about this? this is for frank. the giant sean jelly comes in to pitch in the seventh, stating six ft. 11 ties the record for tallest pitcher in major league history. with john rauss jelly,
10:55 pm
pitched a hitless seventh inning for his debut in front of his family and friends. 25th birthday tomorrow, take you to the ninth, dylan carlson hits a liner of camilo divall. this will bring in brendan donovan cardinals top the giants 3 to 2 giants have lost five straight. seven of their last eight is buster posey day tomorrow. the oakland a's trying to snap a losing streak of their own. they have lost six in a row as they open a road trip in minnesota today. perfect 70 degree weather in minneapolis says the age take on the twins. bottom 41 oh twins, gilberto's celestino rocks zach loge pitch to deep center, but christian pash a the great hustle catch the end the inning. that'll get your hands from your picture. great play by the young outfielder. fifth inning now. same score. byron buxton drills one into the bullpen, offload solo bomp ashes not getting to that one. buxton. fired up after that twins up to nothing to the sixth. now jed
10:56 pm
lowry hits one into the gap of josh winter or so we thought, gilberto's celestino wanna catch the a's get a run on the play button, man. lowry really thought he had that one for more ninth inning. we go bases juice for the a's against emilio pagan and he strikes out to end the game. twins beat the h 2 to 1 losing streak grows to seven. to the nba. the countdown to game three at the chase center is on. the warriors are back in the friendly confines of the bay area, the team getting ready to host the grizzlies with the series tied one piece, one piece in front of what's sure to be a raucous crowd tomorrow night. the warriors getting their work in today. tomorrow's game three their first home game in this second round matchup against memphis. they want all three of their home games in the first round. the dubs, hoping to get back their offensive rhythm at home so far as you know this series plenty of physical play gary payton, the second spotted at practice, hiding his injured left elbow. had an mri on
10:57 pm
wednesday, which confirmed both a fracture as well as ligament and muscle damage. he will be re evaluated in two weeks. today draymond green was asked if the warriors need to be careful. while managing their emotions as the physical series continues. you want every bit of emotions you can have in a playoff series. uh somebody won't smoke . you gotta want smoke or you lose so no. i'm just saying about putting on emotions aside or not letting your emotions get the best of you. if your emotions get the best day they should. it's the playoffs. you're playing for all the marbles your emotion and should get the best of you and you adjust from there. all right. in the other western semis, luca don chicks and the dallas mavs and a two nothing hole against the top seeded phoenix suns. second quarter pay attention dodging misses the turnaround jumper follows his own shot. the nice and one touch up the glass. that's fundamentals. 26 points. 13 boards fourth quarter mavs leading minute left sons nearly get it away, but dodge it's
10:58 pm
again the right place. reggie book, the corner dagger. three bullets scored 15 now is win one. oh, 3 94. they get one back at home now trail the sons 2 to 1 in the series game four on sunday on the other side of the bracket, joel embiid back in the lineup for the 70, sixers, sporting a carbon fiber protective masks. after suffering an orbital fracture in round one game three against the heat and bead to the finishes with the slam the mask, not bugging him. their fourth quarter we take you now philly leading by nine and bead with the handles at the top of the key gets the tough and one jumper to drop. 70. sixers takes the 12 point lead after the free throw and beat scored. 18 points . 11 boards 70 sixers win 99 79 miami still holds a 21 series lead game. four. on sunday. all right, it's friday night. so how about some fun? how about some check this out from our friends
10:59 pm
at the kansas state wildcats? is up. rejected kick some balls. oh, no long snapper, random plattner holder, jake bloomer walked around campus in full uniform, of course, asking students and staff to kick some field goals or at least try in their flip flops. getting advice , like, be short. be fast, smooth for reference. they could use some help. the wildcats were second to last in field goal percentage and the big 12 last season. you cannot fault them for trying to be creative recruiting. that's right, trying to find the next big one. maybe this guy can do it. this is wrinkle. excuse me, this girl wrinkle that marathon running duck or red running shoes. she made an appearance. the long island marathon flapping her wings because she's excited. i don't know how fast he ran, but she got a medal. and was obviously there for lots of photos. very talkative afterwards. yes yes. couldn't shut her up. where those red shoes on there. oh, yeah, she was ready, and she's a star. she's done it before. not her
11:00 pm
first time around and collect me up. alright. thanks, greg. next at 11. education side protests from students and teachers failing to save some san francisco state city college faculty. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again. i'm andre senior tonight , a number of faculty members at san francisco city college need to brace for layoffs. ktvu axis shows us what led up to a vote tonight to eliminate some jobs. it's very heavy. it's really painful. um i am, you know, concerned about my own future. i'm concerned about the future of my students. amina khan among the faculty members at san francisco city college will soon be looking for a new job. this is not an easy recommendation to bring forth as outlined in accreditation standards and board policy is the recommendation


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