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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 6, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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first time around and collect me up. alright. thanks, greg. next at 11. education side protests from students and teachers failing to save some san francisco state city college faculty. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again. i'm andre senior tonight , a number of faculty members at san francisco city college need to brace for layoffs. ktvu axis shows us what led up to a vote tonight to eliminate some jobs. it's very heavy. it's really painful. um i am, you know, concerned about my own future. i'm concerned about the future of my students. amina khan among the faculty members at san francisco city college will soon be looking for a new job. this is not an easy recommendation to bring forth as outlined in accreditation standards and board policy is the recommendation of the chancellor
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to move forward with the adoption of the resolution. college chancellor david martin , speaking shortly before the board's vote, martin pointing to us $7 million budget gap, threatening the colleges accreditation status. as a key driver behind the decision in a 5 to 1 vote. the motion does carry board of trustees voting to lay off 38 full time faculty members and more than 130. part time teachers. you seem to be telling us that you don't want our students to gain those critical thinking, reading and writing skills that are essential to success in college and success in life. the board approving the motion, despite more than four hours of public comments, all against the layoffs, have countless friends who've taken night courses here . i know people who have graduated from ccs f it is a staple is community especially for people who are, you know, learning english as a second language. students now worried about how the decision will
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position the college for the few er. and i see the power of how city college actually helps people actually get employed. be a part of the community start businesses. we can't get discounted. it means helping all of san franciscans get the education that they deserve, and those attending the rally say they'll be making their feelings known during the next election in november. the layoffs go into effect ahead of the fall semester in august. in san francisco's axa's ktvu, fox two news. tonight investigators are working to figure out what caused the plane crash that killed two people in marin county. the national park service says the crash happened in a back country area north of councilman road in the marin headlands. and you can see in this video. we're about to show you conditions while they were foggy at the time. investigators are surveying the crash late this afternoon. they have not said yet whether they think fog was actually a factor in the crash. ntsb investigators say the plane was a single engine vans rv 10 other agencies, including the faa, are also
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involved in this investigation. the victim's names have not been released yet. well new tonight at want an act of violence captured on camera surveillance video shows flames as a man walks away from a bars park lit in san francisco. and while there is damage, it could have been much worse, if not for a quick thinking. bartender. and workers at other nearby businesses. people are now on the case release are now in the case, searching for the person who set that park lit on fire. ktvu is elissa harrington spoke with witnesses and the bar's owner. she joins us now with more alyssa. that's right. you know that surveillance video appears to show a man set the fire, then walk away. the bar's owner told me this fire could have been so much worse. crazy we had a arson attack athenee, owner of the blue light in san francisco's cow hollow neighborhood, shows us damage to his bars park lit the wooden beams scorched windows melted. this fire blew up. it was so great and powerful. the fire broke out just before midnight
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sunday. matheny blames an arsonist. he shared this surveillance video that shows a man wearing sunglasses, walked to the corner of the park lit and crouched down. when he walks away. there's flames just really puts an eerie feeling in your first of all i felt violated then i felt scared for more businesses than me because this guy is still running around. david marshall was bartending that night in that surveillance video. you see him notice the fire, then russian side to call 911. i heard a snap, and i thought i heard someone say something. but i just turned and the windows were just lit up. within minutes, flames engulfed about a quarter of the park lit employees at neighboring bars and restaurants saw what was happening and ran over to help. we're just superstars ran over helped. we are just buckets of water are fire extinguishers. and they went to went to work. firefighters arrived and put out the fire. we got a chance to
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speak with neighbors walking by who were surprised to see the damage and concerned the fire may have been intentionally set a little. a little nervous. i'm also sad like this is a local business. they deserve our support. horrible these are hardworking, small business owners who have actually been here for the entire community. during the pandemic. athenee does not recognize the man in the video, but hopes somebody else does. nobody was hurt. police have not made any arrests, and they are asking anyone with information to come forward. the bar's owner also told me he will have to spend a lot of money making repairs. live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news business owner affected by senseless violence. listen, thank you. martinez man has been arrested on suspicion of a fatal shooting and fear field last month. investigators say anthony fauci amano was shot to death on april 21st in the area of laurel drive and men's anita avenue. the suspect has been identified as 51 year old richard klein. investigators
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saying argument had occurred before the shooting dead. oakland police officers say regional law enforcement partners will help them crack down on any scenes like the one you see here over the weekend side shows erupted at two separate locations in the city last night. ktvu immigrants spoke to people in the community about living and working near the dangerous displays. seen on citizen video thursday night has businesses in oakland's uptown district on edge as this month's first friday. festivities get underway in oakland. oakland police recovered a firearm from the late night sideshow on cinco de mayo and made two arrests. they also tweeted these pictures showing some of the 60 vehicles towed. is pretty long night manager at tierra mia cafe nearby, made to middle of the night checks on the business after getting security system notifications on his phone, banging on a door is kind of trying to get in, but thankfully
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, nothing was harmed. police got an anonymous tips that car caravans some coming from oakland were involved in a 750 person side show the same night. around 11 o'clock, one person was shot. several shots were fired. we know that the victim was hit multiple times in his lower extremities, underwent surgery at a local hospital, and it was in critical condition but expected to live at world of braids along telegraph avenue in oakland. the threat of side shows isn't worrying and a hoyt she's been busy braiding hair for high school proms this weekend. is a concern all over, but that is something you cannot stop. it's not worrying. locals either. always gotta be mindful of what's around you, but definitely feel safe. i feel like if you just have you come prepared and you make sure like maybe take the bar. if you don't want your car broken into, you know, you can really make it a good time. oakland police officers dedicated to illegal sideshow activity will be out this weekend, joined by regional
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law enforcement partners reporting in oakland, emma cost ktvu fox two news. part look for oakland to weigh in next week of the nation's growing debate over abortion. coming up plans take shape for a vote to make the city essential, very for those seeking to terminate a pregnancy. and see the mess left behind in long beach following a construction site collapsed and injured several people.
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become a sanctuary for women seeking abortion access. ktvu jana katsuyama has more on that plan and the potential legal battles that could be down the road if the supreme court overturns roe versus wade. as the nation waits for the u. s. supreme court's official ruling on the mississippi abortion ban and whether to overturn roe versus wade. states and cities are moving quickly at a local level. on friday, oakland city council president pro tem xiang tao introduced an emergency resolution were signaling to the rest of the nation to all the women out there. that we are a sanctuary city for you and that if you come out here, we will protect you. and you can have the services which is health care services that you need. democratic lawmakers are seeking to make the state a sanctuary for women by protecting abortion access under the state's constitution authorizing more medical providers to perform abortions and preventing other states from accessing some california medical records. think that this is a backwards
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motion for the state of california and even for individual cities. jonathan keller, president of the california family council, which opposes abortions, says if roe versus wade is overturned, then california should provide more resources to support pregnant women and ban abortion in all cases, except when a mother's life is in jeopardy, continuing to enshrine and promote abortion across the country is just really unfortunate given all the tools we have at our disposal today, legal experts say sanctuary city resolutions have little legal weight. totally symbolic. you see, hastings law professor david levine says cities and states do have the ability to pass public safety laws protecting abortion provider. you can't trespass on somebody's private property that you can't block somebody from going about their business lawfully, levine says well, congress could pass a nationwide ban on abortion, the federal government would have limited legal authority to enforce such a ban. federal government could not force the state of
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california to in force a ban on abortion clinics. they could give them incentives, but they can't make them do that under the 10th amendment, oakland tao says that even if her resolution is just symbolic, she feels it is important, and she hopes that the city council members will vote to approve it when it comes before the council on may 17th. in oakland, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. no 11 3. people are recovering tonight after a large steel frame collapsed at a construction site in long beach . the incident happened around two this morning or two this afternoon, rather at the ports of long beach authorities say one person was seriously wounded. after a steel beam fell on them. the cause of the collapse now under investigation. well, none of this ukrainian military report its forces are engaged in intense battles with russian troops in several northeastern cities. ukraine's forces are having some success now that it has more powerful weapons supplied by the west. there was another rescue operation to taking place inside the ports.
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city of mariupol today marks the un's third effort to evacuate civilians trapped inside the city, and it was sieged steel plant there. the u. n says 50. more civilians, including 11 children were rescued in the latest operation. for closing the digital divide in oakland coming up what's being done to help students who need to get connected and see how politics come into play in the battle over lawsuits, some call frivolous in san francisco's chinatown. it's an unsettled weather pattern, and now we'll talk about the day rain is back in the forecast. all this as the news continues right here. on ktvu.
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. oakland undivided says it hopes to give internet access to 90% of the estimated 36,000 unconnected households in the city. the group first began its efforts to make sure oakland school children had access to a computer, the internet and tech support during the pandemic, which many did not, and by the end of 2021 2020 2021 school year, web access had been raised from 12% to 98% among public school students from low income families. the group also gave away more than 29,000 laptops and more than 10,000 hotspots. well. san francisco district attorney chasing nadine visited chinatown today updating business owners on legal action to block what he calls quote. frivolous lawsuits targeting chinese american businesses. as ktvu christien kafton tells us with a recall election a month away. his visit highlights divisions in the chinese american community over the d a. san francisco's chinatown is still recovering from the pandemic, and many businesses
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say they've been targeted by unscrupulous attorneys shaking them down the district attorney last month filing suit saying that the law firm potter handy out of san diego uses the americans with disabilities act to pressure small businesses into settling lawsuits, often paying as much as $10,000. while the chinese chamber of commerce welcomed the district attorney protesters outside had a different message for him, saying his office is focused on issues important to chinatown, including the suit to stop the 88 shakedowns. it is also a major step in our effort to get you back. the money. that this law firm has taken from you improperly. the district attorney reaffirmed his commitment to the case and said his office is working to prevent similar cases working also to get the court to impose fines on the attorneys filing those cases and trying to get them to return the money. the chinese chamber, saying it appreciates the action taken by the d a deliver on the on the point that you're gonna investigate and find thoughts.
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outside protesters urged the people of san francisco to vote yes, on aged to recall chasing boudin. as for his appearance in chinatown to update the community about the suit, i think it's really performative. this is not a criminal act. so what's what's being done? is these lawsuits they should be. these are civil matters, and this should be the job of the city attorney's office, not the district attorney's office arguments, saying despite the allegations that he's not doing enough to combat crime in chinatown, he is committed to the community. i know what a difficult couple of years the pandemic has been, and i will continue to deliver on promises i've made to the chinese community and to all of san francisco mail in ballots have gone out to voters in san francisco, they will now have a chance to decide the future for district attorney chase a boudin with proposition h the deadline to turn in those ballots or vote in person. is june 7th in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. so today marks 140 years since the
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signing of the chinese exclusion act, president chester a author signed the bill into law on this day back in 18 82. now that law effectively banned entry of chinese citizens into the u. s for a period of 10 years and prohibited them from becoming u . s. citizens with the law remained in effect until 1943. a coalition is planning a program at recession in san francisco tomorrow from the chinese cultural center to portsmouth square. well san francisco is expanding services for those suffering from mental health issues and drug abuse. today the city announced the opening of the office of coordinated care case managers will be there to help connect people with mental health and drug use disorders, too. care and treatment. city officials say the purpose of the offices to give people consistent support all in one location and prevent them from going back to the streets. temperature span across the bay area today, a very cool 61 degrees with blustery winds and half moon bay to 81 degrees and
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gilroy with plentiful sunshine. this is our live weather camera looking out towards jacqueline in square, which you sit at situated right there next to the estuary. you can see the flag is on the fly the westerlies a kicked into 15 mph. current air temperatures spend anywhere from the mid fifties and fog and half moon bay 37 degrees in oakland were still in the sixties and san jose, also in brentwood, discovery bay and in concord. okay here's what you need to know about tomorrow. it's going to be a delightful day. i'll be it breezy. we will have the winds kicking up to 20 mph and clear skies. by the time the sun does set, we do have this area of low pressure. this is the frontal boundary, and it has been slicing across the northern half of the state of california enhancing our marine layer. we currently have some light rain around crescent city with the south breeze at 15 mph. so while we do have the fog bank right now, tomorrow morning officials sanabis at 607, and with it will
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still have some stratus around the santa clara valley, the peninsula back in through castro valley. and then what do you see happening in the afternoon hours? nothing is going to be sunny and bright but again breezy. and then here comes an area of low pressure that promises some light rain showers on mother's day by nine a.m, then traversing into the santa clara valley by 11 o'clock, so that's how you can plan your morning brunch outdoors. it's not a complete washout your afternoon luke spine, and then it hit and miss scattered shower during the early evening hours. but this is what concerns me. look back here. a lot of unsettled air mass, and that's when we'll see that scattered shower on monday. and the potential of an isolated thunderstorm. so let's break it down like this tomorrow becomes sunny that a passing shower two on sunday and a chance of a shower with this isolated thunderstorm on monday, and that thunderstorm could contain some small house. alright let's back it up a bit. your saturday
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daytime highs a couple of degrees cooler than today difficult at 56 degrees. 65 degrees in hayward backing through san leandro and san lorenzo 70 in sonoma and napa mid sixties a mountain view we will start off with that fog, then the sunshine, then the passing shower on mom's day, much cooler and windy conditions. there's that chance of an isolated thunderstorm on monday, so we'll break it down like this for mom's day on sunday 54 to 64 windy and cooler , but don't cancel your outdoor plants. not just yet. just a passing shower. have yourself a good night and during a great weekend great news. you too happy mother's day to find it. see it. alright mother's day this sunday expected to be the most expensive on record, largely because of inflation and product shortages now flowers they continue to be a staple, but expect to pay top dollar for them. we spoke to the owner of ashby flowers in berkeley, marry simon. she says the price of shipping and crops damaged by bad weather. has caused flour prices to soar. more expensive.
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rose has been valentine's day. which is the first time we've ever experienced that and we've been doing this for 30 years, so it's crazy. the national retail federation estimates the average family will spend $245 on mother's day this year. massive restoration project is underway , the project will transform moffett field's historic hangar one in mountain view by 2025. today we were given a stink peak at the beginning phase of all that work. over the years, my friends there has been it's been a rocky road. but all along, there were people of vision and commitment. and that's why today this is a great celebration. in 2015. google agreed to pay $1.6 billion for 60 year lease with nasa to take over that site. tech giant plans to repurpose the three airship hangars,
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they're turning them. into laboratories for developing robots, rovers and drones along with other cutting edge technology. hobart says it has restored full service along the red and orange lines in march, a faulty cable between the el cerrito and ashby stations forced the agency to reduce service. bart had been running only five car trains on the orange and red lines because the agency said there wasn't enough power to operate full length trains. bart says it's continuing to work to replace the cables across its entire system. coming up next in sports and tall order for the giants, trying to snap a four game losing streak, their relief pitcher making history and highlights from their 300 million years ago, there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea. and today there is still a force connecting those
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your sports. we start with
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baseball covid in the clubhouse and a number of injuries, the major causes for the giant's woes. they have lost six of seven and four in a row. game two of the home stand against st louis. the giants trying to give willie mays a w. on his 91st birthday, top five harrison fader takes alex cub deep for the two run shot. now the plague was reviewed for fan interference. but the call stands cards lead to nothing. bottom half the ending. darren rough gets the base hit to right off genesis, cabrera. joey barton, luiz gonzalez coming to score. we are all tied to. all right. how about this? the giants sean jelly comes in to pitch in the seventh, standing at six ft. 11 inches ties the record for tallest pitcher in major league history with john roush pitched a hitless seventh inning for his debut. front of his family and friends. he turns 25 tomorrow. happy birthday night bidding. dylan carlson, a liner of camilo duval that will bring in brendan donovan.
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cardinals. top the giants 3 to 2. giants have lost five straight seven of their last eight is supposed day tomorrow. the age trying to snap a six game losing streak of their own on the road in minnesota today, fifth inning. one twins byron buxton drills one all the way into the bullpen off zach loeb. for the solo bomb. christian per se is not getting to that one. buxton's fired up twins up to zero to the six now jed lowry hits one into the gap off josh winder, gilberto's celestino lays out to make the catch the a's get a run on the play button, man. lowry knows he was this close to more ninth inning now bases juice for the a's against emilio pagan. he strikes out chad pinder to end the game . twins beat the ace 2 to 1 losing streak gross to seventh. we are just hours from the warriors game three against memphis at the chase center, the second round playoff series coming back to the bay area tied at one apiece. tip off at 5 30 tomorrow in the other western
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semi lucas magic in the dallas mavs and a whole against top seed phoenix and chris paul. second quarter dot misses the turnaround j but follows his shot finishes with a nice and one touch off the glass. dodge it scored. 26 13 boards nine assists. fourth quarter mavs up with a minute left sons nearly get the steel but dodging again there finds reggie bullock in the quarter for the dagger. three bullock scored 15 mavs win one. oh, 3 94 they get one back at home now. travel sons 2 to 1 in this series game four on sunday. all right, friday night a little bit of time. let's have some fun. how about some check this out from the kansas state wildcats? it's up. rejected. kick some balls. oh, no snapper red plattner hold her jack boomer walked around campus full uniform, asking students and staff kicks and field goals kicked them giving advice along the way for reference here. the wildcats second to last in field goal percentage in the big 12
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last season, so they're looking for help. maybe they find a little secret. right there in their roberta, i'd like to see you do this. you can do it is not going to happen. the giants pitcher jelly. is this bubble head like this big just wondering everybody.k up the ba. or we can save five hours and go around the corner to baby town. what are you doing all day? jay! it's fine, mom. no, it's not fine. today's manny's birthday. aw, jeez. i'm sorry, kid. don't worry. reuben's family's taking me for a birthday lunch. you see? even the reubens remembered. we'll be back at 6:00, and we're taking you to a special birthday dinner. okay? we are? jay! i'm sorry, kid. i wasn't sorry. it was a setup. we're throwing him a big surprise birthday party. and he totally fell for it, the little jerk. i mean, that's the whole point of a surprise party. you take someone who you really love and you play 'em like a fool. that's not the whole point of all this. manny has been feeling a little bit neglected, and i wanted to give him the most special day.


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