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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 8, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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oclock news on ktvu fox. two mother's day turns into a day of protest over reproductive rights across the country. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach, the most recent bay area protest over a u. s. supreme court draft opinion suggesting the court could overturn roe v. wade. wrapped up late today in the city of san rafael. that wasn't the only place demonstrators gathered around the bay area today to protest in support of abortion rights activists also gathered for a rally in berkeley there among groups of people on both sides of the issue protesting from coast to coast and these protests intensify as congress gets ready to weigh in on this very issue later this week, here is a live look at the u. s. capitol. where senate majority leader chuck schumer intends to call for a vote on wednesday
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that vote would be designed to codify abortion rights into federal law. senator schumer says he understands the vote would likely be symbolic because democrats do lack the needed 60 votes to overcome a republican filibuster. despite that, he says, members of both parties need to go on record about where they stand. ktvu zach sauce live in the newsroom tonight with more on that rally in san rafael, as people look to send congress and the u. s. supreme court message, zack. mike this was very much a grassroots born rally, one woman from marin county eager to publicly share her own views on roe v. wade, inspiring a whole other group of people to do the same body is up poverty's majority draft opinion by the u. s. supreme court appearing to strike down roe v. wade mobilizing this group in san rafael sunday, absolutely heartbroken organizer medal and larson organizing the rally after a friend reached out, unable to find a pro choice event in her munity. my friend on tuesday just texted me and was like, do you know of
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anything in the area, and i said no. and so i just made a flyer for tuesday. we had about 30. people show up, and i said this would be a really powerful thing on mother's day. larson says she never expected the turn out to be this large in the crowd of andres del. we're going backward in time instead of forward still vividly remembers the day the landmark decision from the nation's highest court came down in 1973. a decision that would directly impact your own life. yes. i have made a choice to have an abortion, so i know what people go through. it's not. it's not a flippant choice. it's very personal choice, and some people don't want to go that route. people need to make their own decisions nearby ashley einhaus who says she awesome received an abortion after complications during pregnancy, i needed that abortion. and i can't imagine what it would have been like if i was denied that rally continuing for hours outside the marin county civic center, families like the block
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, setting aside mother's day plans to make their views on abortion known can't imagine a better way to spend it. truly truly, i think it's really important to support all the women out there with this going on. we think it's so important to advocate and just down from the blocks a harris with this message for the u. s. supreme court. think of these women as people and that people can have their own autonomy to make their own decision. simple as that. 2028 people ahead of the last presidential election around 69% of voters indicated that they wanted the supreme court to leave roe v. wade as is, organizers from today's rally say they're hoping to hold more events soon, mike exact sauce live for us tonight. they're in the newsroom. zack. thank you. prize for abortion rights for abortion rights. and supporters of abortion rights also took to the streets in berkeley, organizers say supporting a woman's right to choose is no
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longer enough and that they are urging people to be active. some of the large group that march right through an event and martin luther king jr civic part one demonstrator said the fight to preserve roe v. wade is a fight to prevent the rights of women from regressing. police departments across the us are stepping up patrols after hearing abortion rallies may target catholic churches, churches in chicago washington, d. c austin and new york asked police to provide extra patrols after activists called on americans to protest the possibility. the u. s supreme court could overturn roe versus wade services at st patrick's cathedral in new york city went uninterrupted, but the nypd was on standby just in case. in virginia, the attorney general says anyone who interrupts a catholic mass could face legal action. actual federal law that you're not allowed to directly intimidated, interfere with somebody in the house of worship their ability to worship god and worship their lord. and so this has been brought to my
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attention. we've taken it very, very seriously. the national catholic advocacy group is calling on president biden and leaders in washington d. c to condemn groups that try to interrupt catholic mass and you can use our app and website to stay up to date on this debate are online coverage includes legal analysis on the draft opinion. new attend. indonesia city officials are calling on all residents and businesses to reduce water use by 30% after a pipeline break at the water treatment plant. that break happened overnight, and workers are still trying to make repairs. right now it's still safe for homes and businesses to use the water while those repairs are being completed. the city says that 30% mandatory requirement means no car washing or landscape watering and cutting other water usage. wherever possible. the conservation request can last for the next several days. a temperature drop across the bay area forced many people to grab their coats as they dined outdoors for mother's day. gusty winds came along with today's change in conditions, but the
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big cool down didn't seem to bother most people. we talked with today as they celebrated moms in oakland. ktvu chief meteorologist, bill martin joins us now with a look at what to expect next. bill cole's gonna stick around julie. we have a winter weather advisory that stays in effect for the next hour or so up around lake tahoe, where they've had some pretty significant snow amounts to 23 inches. by the end of the next 48 hours, they could see a foot of snow up there. maybe even more. this system right here. it's kind of just a cut off last night really cut off. it's just a low pressure center from the north. you see the rotation? it's slowly going to migrate out of here and as it does, we start to warm up, but that's not until wednesday. this system drop down. it's a cold system, so it's coming from the north. that's why we're not seeing a lot in the way of precipitation from this system. right. it's cold snow levels pretty low, too. i mean, it's been snowing down to 4000 ft. 5000 ft in parts of the foothills so you can see the current radar sweeps showers possibility tonight and then again into tomorrow morning but really widely scared tomorrow. it's going to look a
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lot like today. except when you wake up. it's going to be pretty chilly. the winds are still blowing, but not as significantly as this time. are as six o'clock this evening. pardon me where the winds were up to almost 48 miles an hour at sfo, the windsor way down, but 24 miles an hour at nevado 22 mile an hour gust and i suppose the winds have died down, but the system is going to stick around. when i come back, we'll talk more about that. we'll time it out, and we'll get the five day forecast up so i can take a look at that. all right. we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you. well more snow is falling in lake tahoe tonight and all that new snow cut a lot of people off guard earlier today as they prepared to go boating rather than sledding. i'm wearing shorts, some real little short socks, so, yeah, i wasn't expecting it. snow fell at about 5000 ft. up to eight inches is expected by tomorrow. reporter liz amy tree will have more on how travelers are coping with the snow coming up a little bit later on in tonight's newscast. we'll know. tonight the state is
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giving oakland millions of dollars to improve conditions at one of the city's largest homeless encampment. lamonica peters live tonight in oakland and lamonica. you spoke with one business owner hopes that money will have a ripple effect on the surrounding community. that's right, mike. i talked to the owner of sound wave studios who says the money should be a big help but enforcing the regulations that are already in place is key to cleaning up the encampment. just last month, an audit show the city of oakland was unprepared to handle its homeless crisis. oakland would need more funding resources and better management. now the state says it will allocate $4.7 million to help improve conditions at the encampment on which street we could use help, we could use help from the city to maintain a buffer zone and they passed a law. but that doesn't seem to be, um, getting enforced in october. 2020 oakland city council implemented and encampment management policy
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, which includes strategies to help mitigate health and safety risks and encampments. right now . there are at least 300 people living on wood street intents under the freeway in rvs and surrounded by trash and burned out abandoned cars. we have a lot of lot of abandoned vehicles that's really apocalyptic. landscape and some money could be spent removing those um, i believe money should be spent, uh, establishing and enforcing a buffer zone, so the businesses and residential properties can operate and function. since march of last year, there have been about 90 fires at the wood street encampment, and one man was found dead in an rv after a fire broke out last month. we have to coexist. we have to find a way we have to set some boundaries. we have to set some rules so we can all be down here together. oakland is one of 19, california communities that will be receiving a grant to help
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provide shelter and housing for those experiencing homelessness in oakland, lamonica peters for ktvu fox two news, monica thank you for that. also new, attended man has been arrested in connection to a hit run crash in san pablo. they killed a 68 year old bicyclist 30 year old jesse doughboys of richmond was booked into the contra costa county jail on suspicion of felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter. police say security cameras help officers find the boys. after he left the scene of the crash early yesterday morning in the area of rum, real boulevard and 19th street. police say the cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene . his identity has not yet been released. police arrested a man early this morning after an armed standoff at a hotel in emeryville, officers say 29 year old michael torino's threatened several guests and employees with a shotgun. at the semester hotel. police say the suspect pace through the hotel lobby and ground floor carrying a modified shotgun authorities sent in a drone and the suspect was located asleep on a couch in the
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lobby. police were able to safely enter the lobby and make the arrest. the suspect was then booked on multiple weapons and assault charges, and alameda county sheriff's deputy was injured early this morning after a suspected drunk driver crashed into the deputies suv. it happened at 16th and foothill avenues in oakland at about 4 30 this morning, the sheriff's office says the driver was speeding, ran a red light and then collided with the deputies vehicle. the driver was then arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. the deputy was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. in a tweet . that sheriff's office said quote we are thankful nobody died in richmond police days. suspected drunk driver who was speeding is responsible for crashing right into an officer's motorcycle last night. police say the officer was conducting a traffic stop and was not on the motorcycle at the time of the crash. police say the driver took a breathalyzer test the result more than three times the legal limit. great. by u two's
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bono visits war torn ukraine in a show of solidarity with the people of that country, coming up how he pulled off a benefit concert and also find out why it may take a little bit longer than you think to get your car than you think to get your car back under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. it's still the eat fresh refresh, at subway. and they're refreshing everything. even their italians. woah. you talking italians? jimmy's gonna take it from here.
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refresh italiano see, subway now has italian-style capicola, and you can try it on top of belgioioso fresh mozzarella on the mozza meat. or, stack on three more italian-style meats with the supreme meats. it's just like my nonna makes when she cooks! i don't cook. wait, what? it's a good thing he's so handsome. it's the eat fresh refresh at subway. and they're gonna keep refreshing and re- people near truckee tonight.
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here's a live look of what the newest spring storm to hit this year is leaving behind us here along 80 right now chains are required both on 80 and 50. for those who are heading up to the mountains and from the look on this video posted to social media conditions have been rough, really all day for drivers. chp warning everyone to be prepared for winter like conditions on the roads. for another couple of days, and that's because another four inches of snow, if not more, is expected to hit parts of this year. overnight and into tomorrow. reporter liz amy tree shows us how travelers are coping. while the wind blew the snow sideways. it was tough to see. but you could hear the squish of sandals are gender. ram walked and then picked up the pace a bit to get back to the warmth of the cabin of his truck after a quick stop at the donner pass rest area, he's headed to salt lake city, and he wasn't the only traveler along interstate 80, who wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion. we saw this guy making a run for it, and we met danny
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doctor from reno d o c k t. e. r. that's the way doctors should be spelled. he's no stranger to snow, but this spring storm caught him off guard. i'm wearing shorts, some real little short socks. yeah i wasn't expecting it. derek hoeg, on the other hand, knew exactly what was coming. we've been watching the weather because i work outside all day, so it doesn't it doesn't matter what we do. he stopped at the gas station off the nyack road exit earlier today before the snow really started to pick up preparing fuel mixture. my generators all full before it gets any worse. i used filled it up this morning and anticipation. so might as well come and fill up the can. so i don't have to worry about it later. he's staying in a travel trailer in the area ready with plenty of fuel, food and firewood for the night. alright. you guys be safe, warm, take care. and again, that was lizzie mitri reporting. strong winds
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are also hitting the east coast . someone posted these images out of avalon, new jersey to social media this morning. you can see when picking up sand along the beach and big waves out there. in addition to the wind, people in that area are getting some rain. officials say coastal flooding could become a problem over the next few tide cycles back in chief meteorologist bill martin. not just breezy day, man it was it was howling, howling, wendy. it was very cold. yeah, we could go. we had temperatures in the seventies and eighties, and you know, it's been a pretty warm winter. for the most part. and today felt just like winter. it felt like december today and this evening. it's going to be cool one temperatures today got to the sixties. it looks, you know, the coolest spots were clearly around the bay 62 in oakland, 61. and hayward little bit warmer inland, but it was howling down through the central valley out through sacramento and fairfield and vacaville winds are going to be blowing again on well, tomorrow, kind of breezy all day and then they're
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gonna get ramped up on wednesday as that system clears out, so that system i showed you earlier. it's hanging out. it's going to be here. tomorrow which doesn't mean it's a washout. it just means going to stay cool. it's going to stay breezy, and there's a slight chance for sprinkle or a shower or or of that nature in the mountains. of course, it could equate to more snow, and it will they could see up to a foot by the time we get to wednesday morning wednesday afternoon. live camera shot. can't really see the camera bouncing around. the winds have died down there almost cut in half in many places, but it's going to remain breezy tonight and with those breezy conditions that will set us up with with a less than windy conditions, not as windy. it will be a little colder right because when the wind blows, it can keep things warmer and stirs up the surface winds. and now we're going to have some wind around so it won't get to freezing. otherwise it could. here is the model. the long range. see that watch the spinner right off us see the blues and then kind of rotates in a little bit. that's monday afternoon. and then a little bit into tuesday, right? it's not a big deal, but if you notice the
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mountains still going on, so that's a long range model and then click it all the way through the week. you see that little thing tweak through so pretty much not gonna be heatwave this week. we are going to warm up, but we're going to stay on the cool side. the next 48 hours with the snow in the mountains continuing, i'll see you back here with full forecast in just a few minutes. all right. we'll see then, bill thank you, well, strong, gusty winds complicated work for firefighters in northeast new mexico today as they battle to major fires and at certain times in the day. those winds were clocked at 50 mph as foxes, max gordon reports. firefighters are doing what they can to protect property and lives during what is described as a massive wind event. this multi day wind event is tough for several reasons. first members can be carried by the wind up to a mile away from the main fire, sparking new spot fires. second firefighters might not be able to get the air support that they need. because firefighting aircraft like air tankers and helicopters won't be able to fly the hermit speak calf canyon fires a combination of two separate fires that merged the hermit speak fire
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started as a prescribed burn more than a month ago, but firefighters lost control when the winds kicked up the canyon fires origins are under investigation. now the combined wildfires burning northwest of las vegas, new mexico and the pecos wilderness. so far, 172 homes are confirmed to have been burned with thousands of residents evacuated really sad to see all the people that lost their homes and lost a lot of stuff and he you know, i know we lost them. building and stuff, and i mean, i don't know i haven't been to my house shelters for both people and their livestock have been set up throughout the area around 1500. firefighters are trying to get the blaze under control their biggest challenge over the next few days. brutal winds could gust up to 60 mph and extremely dry conditions. we've had wind of its you know, we've seen wind events they last a day or two. this is an unprecedented wind event. this is a bend event of 56 days here 60 hour red flag event is just really unheard of in this part of the world for sure, protecting houses and
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other buildings is a main goal for firefighters during this wind event, but it's a tough task. this area's drought stricken in his prime to burn with the wind, sending embers high into the air. in las vegas, new mexico max gordon fox weather. yeah. a rampage in a shopping center in oregon caught on camera. on thursday, a truck crashed into 12 cars and two businesses at a shopping center in oregon city. the driver was injured and taken to the hospital. he's been charged with dui and reckless driving, among other crimes. still no word why the truck driver slammed into so many cars. investigators working tonight to determine how three americans died at a resort in the bahamas coming up with their learning about the tourist time on the island and coming up in sports reports are surfacing that warriors assistant coach mike brown has landed a head coaching job. joe fonzi will
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have all the details, plus the rest of sports coming up. we're gonna give her flowers. she wants to go up to moran to have some oysters. everybody's gonna be hanging out with the family, so that's going to be nice. and how did you celebrate the women in your life on this mother's day coming up? we'll show you how people across the bay area are saying thank you to mom.
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thet out and celebrate mom without covid restrictions. as ktvu james torres reports, it does seem people had no problem spending a little more money on that someone special. a report from the national retail federation says americans are going to spend up to $32 billion on flowers. this mother's day and folks that we spoke to this morning say they are more than happy to shop without worrying about any covid-19 protocols. hundreds of flowers color the
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floors of the san francisco flower mart and people are buying them all up. just a couple of flowers. just you know the usual grandmothers and t last minute shopping is on for mom, the top selling flower. these bright peonies. for many of these shoppers, it's step one of the plan. we're going to give her flowers. she wants to go up to moran to have some oysters. everybody's gonna be hanging out with the family so that that's kind of nice problems. problems hoped to be kept to a minimum, according to recent data from the california department of public health. we are seeing a slight rise in covid-19 cases, the state reported 14 cases per 100,000 people last week. that's up from mid march, when that number was about five cases per 100,000. those numbers aren't enough to keep shoppers from buying, and vendors say they're happy to run the market without covid-19 requirements, like vaccines or masks. it's good to see the joy of people like just
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getting by smell the flowers or by recognizing their faces. it's been like more than two years with mass so definitely using more people coming into the market. some shoppers opted to play it safe. queasily like to go out and eat and you know be around crowds. but for the last 23 mothers days, we've just been just keeping it amongst us. maybe 34 people. and just have dinner at the house, the house or out, moms across the bay will be celebrated, and for many comfortably for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. she picked out the restaurant. she loves oysters. she loves shopping, so it's like perfect where we're going. reporting in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. we'll be back speaking, shelled out at movie theaters this mother's day weekend. yeah.
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the summer movie season is after a blockbuster start, thanks to doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. the superhero extravaganza grossed an estimated $185 million in ticket sales in its first weekend. it is the biggest opener of the year ahead of the batman, which pulled in $134 million, the second biggest of the pandemic behind spider man far from home , which raked in $260 million. still ahead tonight, rescue teams in ukraine scrambled to find survivors who may be trapped underneath rubble following russian shelling coming up the g seven takes new action to put pressure on russia to stop the attack. investigators taking on the case of the mysterious deaths of three americans in the bahamas straight ahead what one doctor says may fanduel and draftkings,
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two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. 300 million years ago, there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea. and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting. making far feel close. bringing there to here.
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in . we're a body has been found in the area of tilden park. police say officers recovered the body at about seven o'clock this evening on grizzly peak boulevard, not far from the steam train children's ride. police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the death and have not released any information about the person who died. anyone with information is asked to contact the oakland police homicide unit. icu. sand by u two's bono and the edge hope, transforming a kiev subway station into a surprise concert venue will lift the spirit. of the people of ukraine. this concert comes as search and rescue teams searched the site of a school. that's where ukrainian officials fear dozens of people died in a russian attack. boxing's greg
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palkot is in key with the latest on the russian invasion. we have heard a few rounds of air raid sirens during the day here in kiev. no word on anything hitting near here. but we are getting reports that the key black seaport of odessa was struck again by russian missiles. as ukraine waits for vladimir putin's next move. russia is busy on several fronts today, they bombed overnight at a school used as a refugee shelter in the ukrainian town in the east. 30 civilians were rescued. 60 it is feared are dead under the rubble. others were killed in other parts of that very hot combat area. meanwhile in the battered city of mario opal russia's deputy prime minister and another regional russian official toward what's left of the place. the last of the civilians have evacuated from that steel mill, where they were sheltering many as 2000. ukrainian fighters, including injured remain there. they're calling for rescue. they're not surrendering the russians keep bombing. and keep
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today what u. s officials are telling us is a soft opening of the u. s embassy shuttered since february since before the russian invasion. us charge aid affair christina convene and other officials coming back to engage in diplomacy in advance of the embassies, formal opening leader this month. return time to go inside with victory in europe day when the west recognizes the defeat of germany in world war two. also in ukraine today a surprise visit to a border town refugee center in the west by first lady jill biden, who has been touring the region. she met with president talansky's wife, ukraine's first lady elena zelensky. joe biden also met earlier with refugee mothers and children and neighboring slovakia on this mother's day in the war zone. as sirens sound once again in kiev this evening, russia marks the defeat of germany and what they call victory day tomorrow. a parade and speeches are planned for red square and elsewhere.
10:32 pm
perhaps some offensive action. that's what we're looking for tonight. and the message sent out on the eve of the holiday, vladimir putin is quoted as saying. as in 1945 victory will be ours. we will see in kiev, greg palkot. fox news. tomorrow president biden plans to sign into law the ukraine democracy defense lend leased act of 2022 . the new law will allow the u. s government to streamline the process of lending or leasing military equipment to ukraine. the g seven displaying unity with ukraine. leaders from the group of seven have pledged to phase out or banned the import of russian oil. the pledge was made today the day known as victory in europe day, which marks germany's surrender in 1945. the u. s also announced new sanctions against russia. they include cutting off western advertising from russia's three biggest television stations, banning us accounting and consulting firms from providing services to any russian an
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additional restrictions on russia's industrial sector. the average price for a gallon of regular gas in the united states has jumped 15 cents over the past couple of weeks. the average price is now 4 38 gallon, just a nickel shy of the highest ever. average gas is up a dollar 36 a gallon compared to this time last year nationwide, the highest average prices right here in the bay area at $5.85 a gallon. the lowest is in tulsa, oklahoma, at 3 80 a gallon in san francisco, code pink mark this mother's day with a call for peace, the group held its annual golden gate bridge walk in peace rally. code pink uses mother's day as a called action for peace every year and today the focus was on the russian invasion of ukraine. the event drew several dozen people, including abortion rights activists and members of other peace groups. to send a message we don't want the united states and the uk and western europe to go to war with russia. um the sanctions are punishing there's years before this in the russian
10:34 pm
invasion of ukraine, so much could have been done and so much was blocked. that could have led to negotiations and a settlement. could pink is a women led grassroots group working to support peace, justice and human rights and redirect tax money to human needs. an american woman is now being treated at a hospital in miami after becoming sick in the bahamas, and that woman started feeling sick. on friday, the same day three other american tourist mysteriously died. at the sandals, emerald bay resort foxes. christina coleman has the story. investigators with the royal bahamas police force say it's not clear how these individuals died, but that their death was sudden. police were notified friday morning shortly after nine a.m. by staff at the sandals emerald bay in exuma. that a man was found unresponsive on the bedroom floor of his villa and a second man and woman were found unresponsive at another villa. officers say the couple complained of illness that
10:35 pm
previous evening went to a local medical facility received treatment and return to their lodging officer said both individuals showed signs of convulsion, but no signs of trauma. all three individuals were pronounced dead by a local doctor. here is what the bahamas minister of health and wellness said on saturday. it all started , uh, day before yesterday, where there was some signs of individual presenting to the clinic with nausea, vomiting and some symptoms. they were eventually seemed to and subsequently discharged themselves are investigations were up too late last night, and we feel that what we are seeing is an isolated case associated in a particular area, the u. s state department released a statement saying. in part we are closely monitoring local authorities investigation into the cause of death. we stand ready to provide all appropriate consular assistance out of the respect for the privacy of the families. we have nothing further to add at this time. also the bahamas, acting prime
10:36 pm
minister says, although the cause of death is unknown foul play is not suspected 1/4 person . a woman was also airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment . fox news medical contributor dr marty makary says her condition might provide some answers. this appears to sound more like an environmental exposure, a pollutant or a toxin. could have come from an industrial source. i've heard of so many different sources of rare toxins that that's certainly one of the plausible explanations. spokesperson with the royal bahamas police force says they're waiting on the autopsy report to determine the exact cause of death for the three resort guests as part of this ongoing investigation reporting in los angeles, christina coleman fox news. i would say, on average, maybe from three to maybe six months, depending on the type of part and auto parts supply shortage impacts more than just drivers who need their cars repaired coming up how it's also impacting people who need rental
10:37 pm
cars. it was a cold day today. pretty cool out there. it's gonna be cold one tomorrow morning. in the next couple of days, we'll talk about that. and look at the five day forecast after the break. what do you feel when you watch her? beautiful. what a beautiful woman. and see how a love story plays out on stage in the bay area as we mark asian american pacific islander heritage month.
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outn gate bridge, where it is smooth sailing on the sunday night mechanics, though, have a word of advice for drivers. they say, be proactive about keeping your car in good working condition or risk being without one for longer than you might expect. mechanics say they're keeping cars longer than usual because they just can't find the parts
10:40 pm
they need to complete the repair jobs as liberties. of all the reports. one mechanic shows us how he's dealing with this ribble effect. of supply chain problems typically, does it take you to turn around a car repairing depends on the damages that it might have repairs. shops are struggling to fix cars in a timely manner because there are just not enough parts to go around shortage in parts from all the different manufacturers. and what's going on is that it's just delaying the repair times over on everything, herrera santee says supply chain issues from the pandemic are doubling their turnaround time on an average maybe from three to maybe six months, depending on the type of part that's causing a ripple effect across the auto industry. even rental car dealers are feeling the pressure. when the car maker does not have a microchip to build their cars, so mm hmm. by
10:41 pm
the fact the demands goes up because new cars and not coming to the market, karimi of perfect budget rental says he has reduced inventory and higher customer demand as people stay longer in rentals waiting for repairs. demands is up, but we don't have damaged vehicles provide demand and low supply is also forcing him to raise his prices. i don't like it down much, because, um, two years ago, i had 60 cars for rent. now i have 20 cars for rent, so just compare it my price going up. but i don't rent. i don't call it how much money mechanics repair shops are busier than ever, they say for the average repair it used to take about seven days. but now due to the pandemic, it has jumped to 21 days for now, here in satti liberties of allah. fox five news story takes center stage at
10:42 pm
club fugazi and north beach, but the audience may not even realize it coming up. we continue our coverage of asian american and pacific islander heritage mount with a closer look at the story behind the performance, and chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us how long we can expect the chilly, windy condi for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yv not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. 300 million years ago, there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea.
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and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting. making far feel close. bringing there to here.
10:44 pm
a lk asian american pacific islander heritage month tonight as ktvu is claudine wang reports, the story of two performers is warming the hearts of many who go to see the production of dear san francisco. dear san francisco is a love letter to the city. a show with breathtaking feats of skill and strength, but this show is about much more. they come prepared for acrobatics and to be wowed
10:45 pm
by the physical accomplishment, but they're not prepared for the story, and they're not prepared that that story moves them. moved by the stories within the story and when we talk about two performers in the show, song and pan, their story is without a doubt a love story. what do you feel when you watch her? beautiful. what a beautiful woman. it seems these two may have always been meant to be on stage and in life. their story starts in china. both were recruited by the same circus school. we have to live in the school. we don't live with our family. we eat at school. we sleep with the like, you know, like a classmate. yeah, it's like army and you are how old she was 80 years old. i was 11 years they never met there but 10 years ago while they were both performing for different groups in canada, their paths crossed. it was during her
10:46 pm
rehearsal, my creation for different products. then we just met. we had a dinner with the two of other friends, then we just like to say that way. find love, and that's when they realized something needed to change. we realize we want to be together, so we have to learn something together. like the same act. that's why starting started learning chinese you you're from her. so that you could eventually be together. yeah, that was the idea. it's called the diablo traditionally only performed by women and so pan needed to teach song recorded herself how to do it sent to me. i know where that ho my god. very serious help. i don't remember how many times i was like, okay. i want to give up. i can't. it's too hard. it's too hard. that's why juggling is easy. but when you want to be
10:47 pm
the level like high level is too hard. i want it. i don't know how many times like, probably like 100 times out like i don't want to do this anymore. but did you feel like if i can't get this? i can't be with her. that's why that's why i can't give up. otherwise it for sure i'll give up easily. it took three hours a day, he says. five days, sometimes seven days a week for five years until he says he was finally good enough to perform it on stage. but even then, they still have to figure out how to do it together like there's like specific trick. it's like a ping pong after through to her that she points to me. they just be like, oh, you didn't throw good enough. she said. oh, no, you didn't cut . you didn't kind of good enough. no, it is. it's just like threat to hand. yeah it's crazy. but success on stage allowed them to be together. it meant getting married to play. let's do it and these two beautiful children. it is all
10:48 pm
part of what you see when you watch them perform on the stage of club fugazi to performers who separately perform amazing feats from the west, a neighborhood the worst in the neighborhood is the best juggling hats. balancing umbrellas. and diving through hoops. but when they share the stage together, faced oy gave me a life of my own family brought us. to you. there is just something more. i feel now life is complete with her on stage with me. love story forever entwined in this love letter to san francisco there, francisco nowhere was my home on
10:49 pm
t u i met you. they love this city. and the city has loved them right back in san francisco. claudine wong ktvu fox two news. dear san francisco performs that club benghazi in north beach, the former home of beach blanket babylon, and tickets are available through labor day weekend. alright was kind of cool mother's day out there today, even if you showers showed up widely scattered most folks didn't see anybody in the mountains of winter weather advisory, in effect that should get dropped here in the next few minutes or so. but they do have changed as we mentioned earlier on 50 and 80. and it's snowing. it's going to snow up there for a couple of days, probably snow right through wednesday with potentially up to a foot of snow, maybe more than that. accumulated over that amount of time. we're going to keep this cold air around. these are the highs from today highs tomorrow will be very similar. maybe a little cooler in some cases, less wind but still breezy wind kicks up on wednesday was similar temperatures. so the next 48 hours very similar to
10:50 pm
what we've been seeing. so monday, tuesday and into wednesday as well, so 72 hours, not that warm and then it starts to warm wednesday, you'll notice the temperatures turn around. cameras bouncing around. it's still windy out there. winds gusts earlier we're up to 40 50 miles an hour in places not up in the peaks, but down low. there's the system will take a peek at it. you can see it kind of just sitting right over. it's a small one. it's a cold one. that's why we're not looking at much in the way of rainfall or anything right, because when they come from way up here they just bring a lot of cold air. that's the characteristics and that's why there's a chance for a thunderstorm, too, as we get into, probably on tuesdays, our best bet and again widely scattered showers. it's just been one of those deals where you're looking off in the east and you see a big cumulonimbus cloud, and it's popping off in modesto or something like that. that's the way it could be on wednesday. in the meantime, get ready for potentially a shower. the winds have died down in santa rosa quite a bit, but still breezy. i mean, 17 miles an hour and conquered sfo down to 22 on the gus. they were up
10:51 pm
over 45 miles an hour earlier. winds are dying down, but still breezy enough that overnight lows. as cool as they're going to get won't be as cold as they could get. it weren't for the wind that senator, i think we'd see freezing temperatures all throughout parts of the north bay and the east bay. so with that in mind a cool start to your day tomorrow. here's the forecast. tomorrow through the day. see the green kind of slide through there? not much going on. really? but just something you gotta you gotta put a shower in there because they're in their watch. what happens on when? on tuesday afternoon, these guys wrapped back around those would be your thunderstorms, and that's that low trying to leave. but there was stuff that moisture wraps back around and just around four o'clock when the daylight heating is the sun's heating is the most vigorous that's from those things could pop off mainly in the east bay, north and east bay. forecast highs tomorrow. no yellows, those would be seventies. um this is going to be all about the sixties tomorrow for most of us and fifties, so even the warmest spots tomorrow are going to be in the low sixties 59 santa rosa tomorrow. 54 pacific after cool start the five day forecast slight chance of rain, but it's
10:52 pm
not going to amount to much chance on tuesday, not going to amount to much. maybe offenders from tuesday afternoon breezy on wednesday, trying to warm up and then it warms up pretty significantly as we head towards the bay area weekend. there you go. see you back here at 11. all right, bill. thank you straight ahead in sports and the giants turn their series around and split four with the cardinals. joseph next with that, and the rest of sports, then on the 11 o'clock news comedian dave chappelle weighs in on what should happen to the person who attacked him during out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more.
10:53 pm
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good evening, everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports. it was a nice little bounce back for the giants, who managed to split their four game series with the cardinals after losing the first two games kind of sites around the ballpark you would expect on a sunny but blustery mother's day in san francisco. giants down to
10:55 pm
nothing in the second getting even with one swing of the bathroom. lamonte wade wade gets into a dakota hudson pitch with a runner aboard. welcome back late night. lamont giants got one more in the inning for 3 to 2 lead, sixth inning. now it's 33 genesis cabrera on for the cardinals. here's how michael's chomsky says hello. that one gets wet. splash hit number 93 in the history. the ballpark number two on the season for your strengths key. five giant pictures made that stand up for a 4 to 3 win with camillo duval picking up his fifth saved the rockies come to town now for the first of three tomorrow. the a's desperate for a win losers of eight in a row and trying not to get swept today by the minnesota vikings or twins. that is ramon laureano back with the team after his suspension that span two seasons. the game tied 11 in the third one. seth brown pulls one down the right field. line up, cody stay shack. that's a two run single for brown and the other 3 to 1 lead, but these are not good times for oakland. it's a 3 to 2 game in the bottom of the third one. jorge polanco
10:56 pm
singles of dalton jefferies, two runs will come home to cap a three run inning. and that makes it 4 to 3, minnesota twins have taken the lead, is then had two on with two out in the ninth. pagan gets christian patch to hit a little blueprint to short center that is snagged for the final out of the game. the twins went 4 to 3 is the age dropped their ninth in a row, and they had to detroit now. for five games. the warriors in grizzlies will resume their series tomorrow in san francisco, with golden state up two games to one. according to the grizzlies. john moran is doubtful for the game after aggravating a knee injury last night. well he hopes not to be joining them until june. but according to report tonight, warriors assistant mike brown will be the new head coach of the sacramento kings was announced a few days ago that brown was a finalist for the job. for the last seven years. brown has been sitting next to steve kerr on the warrior bench. in the king's. you'll have the challenge of a job of taking over a team that has missed the
10:57 pm
playoffs for 16 straight years, the longest playoff drought in nba history. pathetic sands running into luca down in dallas today, with chris paul in company leading the series two games to one maps up by 11 in the fourth quarter, adding on they run the floor dumps the ball for dorian finney smith, who hits three of his 24 points and maps close to putting it away. and this one does it for sure. dancing working and working and getting two of his 26 point. sweet move by don check in the game in which paul was in foul trouble. much of the way the mavs went 1 11 101 that series even at two games each and now headed back to phoenix. on tuesday. james harden in the 76 years, trying to even their series with miami. the sixers are a different team with joel and beat who hits this shot or getting knocked down. that puts his team up 10 after the free throw. he had 24 points. and 11 rebounds and now harden well covered, but still hits three of his 31 points. that series, all
10:58 pm
even at two each after 1 16 1 away win by philly game five tuesday night. back in miami. big day for formula one fans in the united states with the inaugural running of the miami grand prix that'll make for to f one races in the u. s this year on lap 41 pierre ghastly gets into the back of lando norris. and that sends norris spinning. look from gasoline car as he runs into north and then there is a tire on the loose polo mint . after taking the lead early, max verse stop and finished quite a ways ahead of charles leclerc for the win the third win of the year. her first happened in five formula one races. look, work is the overall points leader. and nascar at its oldest race in this series in darlington, south carolina, 33 laps to go. joey logano was in the lead. martin truex gets sideways behind the leader and starts to pile up that involved nine drivers bush and bubba wallace, among them. what he
10:59 pm
said. it wasn't going to be the last. you see it now, from the perspective of bush's cars, he gets rear ended by eric jones and then goes spinning with two laps to go. lagana was trying to chase down will byron. here's one way to take the lead, bumped the guy out of the way and then go take the checkered flag. lagana wins for the first time this season, the 10th different winner in 12 races. byron or ended up 13th. today is still the points later. case now, but mom and i will see you at 11 20 on sports wrap. thank you coming up next at 11 breaking news in san francisco, where firefighters are battling a fire burning inside a hotel. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. we do begin tonight . with that breaking news out of san francisco. firefighters have been working to knock down a one alarm fire at a hotel located south of market video posted to citizen app. gives you a sense
11:00 pm
of what that scene looked like, just about 15 minutes ago. you can see the ladder truck there on scene. firefighters said they do have this fire under control right now. that hotel is located on the 100 block of sixth street. no injuries have been reported. people are being asked to avoid the area. still the cause of that fire not yet known, and as we get more information about this one, of course, will bring it to you. we are also following some breaking news in oakland. right now we're a body has been found in the area of tilden park. police say officers recovered the body at about seven o'clock this evening on grizzly peak boulevard. not far from the steam train children's ride. police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the death. no other details have been released. and anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police homicide unit mother's day turned into a day of protest over reproductive rights across the country. views access joins us now live from the newsroom with the message from one group of protesters in san rafael. zach julie. this was very much a grassroots born rally


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