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just about 15 minutes ago. you can see the ladder truck there on scene. firefighters said they do have this fire under control right now. that hotel is located on the 100 block of sixth street. no injuries have been reported. people are being asked to avoid the area. still the cause of that fire not yet known, and as we get more information about this one, of course, will bring it to you. we are also following some breaking news in oakland. right now we're a body has been found in the area of tilden park. police say officers recovered the body at about seven o'clock this evening on grizzly peak boulevard. not far from the steam train children's ride. police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the death. no other details have been released. and anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police homicide unit mother's day turned into a day of protest over reproductive rights across the country. views access joins us now live from the newsroom with the message from one group of protesters in san rafael. zach julie. this was very much a grassroots born rally. one woman from marin
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county, eager to publicly share her own views on roe v. wade inspiring a whole other group of people to do the same. our body is up our party's majority draft opinion by the u. s supreme court appearing to strike down roe v. wade mobilizing this group in san rafael sunday, i was absolutely heartbroken organizer medal and larson organizing the rally after a friend reached out, unable to find a pro choice event in her community. my friend on tuesday just texted me and was like do you know of anything in the area, and i said no. and so i just made a flyer for tuesday we had about 30 people show up. said this would be a really powerful thing on mother's day. larson says she never expected the turn out to be this large. in the crowd of andres del. we're going backward in time instead of forward is still vividly remembers the day the landmark decision from the nation's highest court came down in 1973 decision that would directly impact her own life. yes. i have made a choice to
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have an abortion, so i know what people go through. it's not. it's not a flippant choice. it's very personal choice, and some people don't want to go that route. people need to make their own decisions nearby. ashley winehouse, who says she awesome received an abortion after complications during pregnancy, i needed that abortion. mhm. and i can't imagine what it would have been like if i was denied that rally continuing for hours outside the marin county civic center, families like the block setting aside mother's day plans to make their views on abortion known can't imagine a better way to spend it. truly truly, i think it's really important to support all the women out there with this going on. we think it's so important to advocate and just down from the blocks j. harris with this message for the u. s. supreme court. think of these women as people and that people can have their own autonomy to make their own
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decision. simple as that. and as for how the wider american public may stand on all this and the 2028 people ahead of the last presidential election around 69% of voters, indicating that they wanted the supreme court to leave roe v. wade. as is, organizers from today's rally say they're hoping to hold more events soon. alright zack sauce reporting in the newsroom tonight. thank you. for abortion rights. supporters of abortion rights also took to the streets in berkeley, organizers say supporting a woman's right to choose is no longer enough, and they're urging people to be active. they assembled a large group that marched through an event at martin luther king jr civic park. one demonstrator said the fight to preserve roe versus wade is a fight to prevent the rights of women from regressing. the u. s. senate has scheduled to vote on legislation to codify abortion rights into law later this week. the move is in reaction. to the league draft opinion indicating the supreme court is poised to overturn roe
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v. wade. senate majority leader chuck schumer said that he does expect a vote on this in the senate on wednesday, schumer called the draft opinion and abomination, saying choice is a woman's right. new tonight in venetia city officials are calling on all residents and businesses to reduce water use by 30% after a pipeline break at the water treatment plant break happened overnight, and workers are still trying to locate the break and repair it as soon as possible water for use in homes and businesses is safe for use while repairs are being made. the city said that 30% mandatory requirement means no car washing or landscape watering and cutting other water usage wherever possible. the conservation may last over the next several days. well we are coming off very chilly mother's day out there as we give you a live look at it. the golden gate bridge. some cool temperatures out there, along with some strong, gusty winds. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now these winds sticking around later this week here, bill they're going to be around the next couple of days, mike,
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but they're they're going to be much less. you know, like today, they kind of maxed out tomorrow there will be it will be breezy, but i don't think we're going to see 48 mile an hour gust at sfo, but it will be breezy. and it will continue kind of cool right through wednesday as this system kind of this guy right here, you can pick it out. you see the clouds? obviously it's just gonna hang out. it's gonna be slow to leave. and with that, that's an air mass things. so it's a this thing started. from way up here right around the gulf of alaska brings all that quote there down here. it's modifying, obviously, as it goes to lower latitude, but it's still relatively cool. so it's essentially somewhat volatile or conduct our potential for rain and snow and we are we have a wind weather advisory up around lake tahoe that should get dropped pretty soon here if it isn't already but the changing up on 50 and 80. they're going to see up to a foot of snow. everything is a couple of days and for us just a few scattered light showers, not a deal breaker for anybody by any means, but what will be noticeable will be certainly the
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breezy conditions, but i think more than anything is how cool it's going to be the next few mornings. temperature's gonna get down there into the upper thirties, mid thirties, so when i come back, we'll take a look at that, while the five day forecast as well all right. thank you, bill. well chp officers want to drive want drivers to be prepared for winter like conditions on roads in the sierra through tuesday. this is a live look right now at some of what the region's newest storm is leaving behind. right now, chains are required on both interstate 80 and highway 50 reporter lizzie mitri shows us how travelers are coping with this big change in the conditions. while the wind blew the snow sideways. it was tough to see. but you could hear. the squish of sandals are gender. ram walked and then picked up the pace a bit to get back to the warmth of the cabin of his truck after a quick stop at the donner pass rest area, he's headed to salt lake city, and he wasn't the only traveler along interstate 80, who wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion. we saw this guy making
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a run for it, and we met danny doctor from reno d o c k t. e. r. that's the way doctors should be spelled. he's no stranger to snow, but this spring storm caught him off guard. i'm wearing shorts, some real little short socks. yeah i wasn't expecting it. derek hoeg, on the other hand, knew exactly what was coming. we've been watching the weather because i work outside all day, so it doesn't it doesn't matter what we do. he stopped at the gas station off the nyack road exit earlier today before the snow really started to pick up preparing fuel mixture. my generators all full before it gets any worse. i used filled it up this morning and anticipation. so might as well come and fill up the can. so i don't have to worry about it later. he's staying in a travel trailer in the area ready with plenty of fuel, food and firewood for the night. alright. you guys be safe, warm, take care. and again, that was was a
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mitri reporting another 4 to 8 inches of snow are expected to hit the sierra tomorrow tonight . a man has been arrested in connection to a hit and run crash in san pablo that killed a 68 year old bicyclist. 30 year old jesse doughboys of richmond was booked into the contra costa county jail on suspicion of felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter. police say security cameras did help officers tracked down two boys. and where he left the scene of the crash early saturday morning in the area of rum real boulevard in 19th street. police say the cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. his identity has not yet been released. county sheriff's deputy was injured early this morning after a suspected drunk driver crashed into the deputies suv. it happened at 16th and foothill avenues in oakland at about 4 30 this morning. the sheriff's office says the driver was speeding, ran a red light and then collided with the deputies vehicle. the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. the deputy was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. in a tweet
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, the sheriff's office said. quote we are thankful nobody died. and in richmond, police say a suspected drunk driver who was speeding is also responsible for crashing into an officer's motorcycle last night. police say the officer was conducting a traffic stop and was not on the motorcycle at the time of the crash. only minor injuries were reported. police say the driver provided a breath alcohol sample of more than three times the legal limit. new tonight. the state is giving oakland millions of dollars to improve conditions at one of the city's largest homeless encampments, views lamonica peter spoke with one business owner who hopes the money will have a ripple effect on the surrounding community. just last month, an audit show the city of oakland was unprepared to handle its homeless crisis. oakland would need more funding resources and better management. now the state says it will allocate $4.7 million to help improve conditions at the encampment on which street the safety of
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everybody here. the fire trucks can't drive down the street that's fires a lot of fires in october, 2020 oakland city council implemented and encampment management policy, which includes strategies to help mitigate health and safety risks and encampments. right now . there are at least 300 people living on wood street in tents under the freeway in rvs and surrounded by trash and burned out abandoned cars. we have a lot of lot of abandoned vehicles that's really apocalyptic. landscape and some money could be spent removing those, um i believe money should be spent, uh, establishing and enforcing a buffer zone, so the businesses and residential properties can operate. and function since march of last year, there have been about 90 fires at the wood street encampment, and one man was found dead in an rv after a fire broke out last month. we have to coexist. we have to find a way we have to set some
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boundaries. we have to set some rules so we can all be down here together. oakland is one of 19, california communities receiving grants from the state. to help provide housing and shelter for those experiencing homelessness. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. analysis of flight tracking data offers clues to what happened before a small plane went down in marin county, killing two people coming up with investigators are now learning. also ahead, find out what comedian dave chappelle thinks should happen to the man who attac
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about friday's fatal plane crash in marin county tracking data shows the plane made loops over the golden gate bridge before it went down in the marin headlands reporter erin heft. as the story. questions now surfaced regarding the investigation on how this sacramento area plane crashed, taking the lives of the two people inside. our plan is to document the records. before authorizing its recovery to secure facility in sacramento. kcr a learning. one of the two aboard the plane was sacramento area mother, jennifer fox, better known as j. j this fixed wing single engine vans, rv 10 crashed into the hillside near the golden gate bridge friday. just after noon. what we did is we immediately start working with our investigation partners. to sort of seal the scene and
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then contact the faa a, according to the flight records from the aircraft adsb system that automatically transmits the plane's location and movement. the craft took off at the sacramento executive airport flew just over 40 minutes to the bay and crashed here but directly before the crash, took two loops over the golden gate bridge. several aviation experts told casey are a the loop over the bridge directly before the crash seems sharp. yesterday's weather on friday was extremely foggy, according to records obtained from flight aware the aircraft was relatively new from 2017 sat four people and is classified as experimental, which, according to the faa, is issued to kit built aircraft, which are quote assembled without the supervision and quality control of the production certificate, holder and quote. according to the faa , a kit built aircraft are not uncommon. it's important to note investigations involving the faa
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and ntsb can take several months up to five years. and that was aaron hef reporting the identities of the two people who died in that crash has not officially been released. comedian dave chappelle wants the man who attacked him on stage to face more serious charges, apple's lawyer told the new york post. it is a travesty that l. a county district attorney, george gascon, is refusing to prosecute the case as a felony suspect, 23 year old isaiah lee was charged last week with four misdemeanors. the d a says lease acts did not rise to the level of felony. chappelle was performing at the hollywood bowl when lead jumped on stage and attacked him. prosecutors say lee was armed with a replica handgun and knife about 60. ukrainians are feared dead after a russian bomb destroyed a school sheltering people in eastern ukraine. the governor of the luhansk province said today that 30 people were rescued from the rubble of the school, but
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many more did not survive. elsewhere more explosions rocked the black seaport of odessa. meanwhile, ukrainian soldiers making a last stand at a steel mill in the besieged city of mary ople said they would not surrender following the evacuation of civilians. from the sprawling site as the largest european conflict since world war two turned on canadian prime minister justin trudeau and us first lady jill biden made surprise visits to ukraine. union pacific workers have cleared the railroad tracks and pomona near the 71 freeway after debris and appliances were found scattered there. the l. a county fire department had responded to an outdoor fire last night and found this scene dozens of washers and dryers, some brand new in boxes and some open with parts strewn apparently stolen right off of the trains. railyards from east l. a to the city of industry have been getting hit by cargo thieves for several months now. alrighty then today was kind of a cool one. tomorrow will be very, very
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similar to what we had today. let's win. still be breezy, though, and less opportunity for showers, but there's still a chance so it's going to be a you know, today was kinda nice day. really, if you get behind and get away from the wind and how cool it was. i mean, there's a lot of sunshine for all these were the hives from today. tomorrow's hizo match, these probably as well as tuesday's. the system i'm talking about is right there. it's coming from the north, so it's cold now expecting a lot of rain, not a lot of moisture being held in there. but the cold air is in our proximity and it's going to hang out for a couple of days. it's just going to stick around. so tomorrow morning starts off pretty chilly and then it ends up mild or not even mild, less than mildly low sixties for this time of year. and then tuesday does the same thing. and then wednesday will start to warm up a little bit. we do have a chance of a shower each day, though. on monday and into tuesday, maybe a thunder shower on tuesday, but again, it's one of those. don't change your plans over it. these are the rain or the wind numbers from right now. yellow numbers are the sustained winds, the numbers
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and white below the arrow. those are the gusts. and you can see they look pretty breezy for this time of night. quite frankly, but they are way down from last , uh, 12 hours or so. 15 hours. sfo was gusting up over 45. now there. gusting to 25 something like that. these are the current temperatures and they're running behind where they were last night in tonight's going to be chilly one of the cooler nights we've seen in a little while because it's been so darn warm. if you do have kids heading off to school tomorrow, you'll be wearing jackets most likely, beautiful. cool night out there. winds still exists, so the winds are going to keep temperatures a little bit milder. i mean, if it weren't for the wind these are freezing numbers. santa rosa is going to be 33 32 degrees. this is the model for tomorrow. so you see what we got? you see all the greens and blues go through and they're just all over the map, so the chances of thunder schwimmer are pretty weak or shower pretty pretty slight, but up in the mountains. same thing on tuesday, so it goes through here. but the mountains is sort of hangs on up there, so they're going to get snow pretty much on
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and off for the next 48 hours and then on tuesday afternoon, this moisture wraps around our way, and that's your chance for a thunderstorm. you see it kind of getting the napa county it's a long, long way to go, and it's a long shot that that's going to happen, but that's in the forecast. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, upper fifties sixties and the five day forecast which we had real rain to talk about, but snow in the mountains is good. just be safe driving up there. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. sounds good. all right, bill. thank you. scientists in england say birds are breeding earlier than before and that climate change is the reason behind it and a forest right next to oxford university researchers are tracking the change in behavior. studies of the local bird population has been going on for decades. over time. they have noticed that birds are laying eggs earlier this year, it happened a month earlier than they did back in the 19 forties. experts said. the finding reveals how spring has moved forward a calendar month over the time of the study. on average, they've shifted by three weeks. so populations breeding three weeks earlier
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than it used to do in the 19 forties. so that's a big shift. really, if you think about it. the researchers also say that the caterpillars are hatching. earlier they eat oak leaves, which are growing much earlier as well. our families across the bay area gathered today to celebrate mother's day. i have my beautiful daughter, who was flown in from the east coast. and my awesome husband. many families chose to get together at lake merritt in oakland, which looked like a picture perfect spot for mother's day brunch. the celebrations included good food, flowers and reflections on motherhood. being a mom is the best thing in the world. i waited a long time and it's made me the happiest i've ever been. and i had a wonderful mother who gave me one as a role model as a woman and as a mother. and as a citizen of the world, and i'm hoping to pass that on to my babies. after brunch. many families continued
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their day with a stroll around the lake. alright sports wrap coming up at 11 30 looking at what joe and jason are working on. we'll get you ready for the warriors. grizzlies game four tomorrow night. well, hopefully putting the jordans pool negate nonsense to bet. alright, and we've got the latest on the giants and the a's who seem to be going in opposite directions , plus buster posey back at the ballpark and honored by the giants. it is a full half hour coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap. but first after the break some fourth graders in the east base celebrate becoming published authors
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because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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now themselves authors they helped put together. a newly published book called anti bias. a bcs ktvu. andres senior, spoke to the students behind it. what were you doing in fourth grade? you matter, and you met her in this world and you have alex nor important because you you can change it has the wall can always yeah, a little better teacher ryan, brazil published the book titled anti bias. abc talk a lot about anti bias and social justice, so it just kind of made sense. it kind of came to me very quickly authored the pages inside. everyone needs to be taught. some people don't know wonder being biased and we need to teach them to be anti bias. empathy means when you see
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someone else's point of view. students at the athlete named love elementary. each used a letter of the alphabet to represent an anti bias. evelyn hot shows a letter f freedom is like we can do stuff like we can t speak. we can get job. you can love other people. you was for upstanding word. it means upstairs, standing up for people. that are different. townsend chose the letter b to be an ally means to support and advocate for people who don't come from the same group as you the central message in this book , turning the page on the issues that divide to the issues that unite each letter also contains a drawing of the word, straining it by writing them. by rainy outlines before coloring them in like drawing. i like doing also done by the students themselves , and just this means to do things right and fair also means
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to three others that change way that they treat you. the pages filled with topics that can be complicated at any age. victor chavez tackled are for racism. people think who are racist? watching the um african americans, asians, um and other people. or a different kind of race. besides humans, it is, of course, often children that can take big topics and it's still them into the simplest of terms . we almost have hope in order to achieve what we want to achieve, like stop racism, make this world a better place and have lots of human kindness. the kids will be doing a reading and signing of anti bias. abc s on thursday, may 19th at books and books in alameda. and that will happen at two pm if you cannot make it there, you can always purchase the book at that location or amazon target or many other retailers in the newsroom. i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. fourth grade published authors picked the
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words. they also did the illustrating all the drawings. congratulations creative. thanks for joining us tonight, everyone sports wrap with joe and jason is coming up next, so stay tuned. a lot more lot of sports on tap tonight. weekend yep. goodnight, everybody. thanks for joining us.
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thee grizzlies in game three, but all the talk is about knee gate hit the ball and i was going for the ball and i was here. i want to see anybody get hurt the play that triggered this update on john marantz status for game four. from the splash brothers to splash hits as young as and the giants are heating up. the a's would like to get back on track after losing their ninth straight game sports wrap swinging for the fences. while always striving to strike the right balance. so take a seat and relax. it's all next. whatever money i gotta pay for diapers, do sports wrap starts now. yes happy mother's day to all the moms out there we still have. what about a half hour left in the day to celebrate? listen, jordan's pool is not a dirty player. hello, everybody. welcom


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